Colt defends the North American Championship against Ricky Blood and Amazon Woman defends her OWA Championship against Traci Lane just before their big matches at Wintertime Massacre.

Goddamned network executives. I guess this is what I signed up for. At least they are footing the bill for all this new equipment we’re going to need to put on a Pay-Per-View. Let’s just hope they don’t fuck it up. 

Traci Lane/Denise Duncan 

The show fade in on a glass aquarium, inside which is a small branch extending over a gravel surface. As the camera comes into focus, the viewer can distinguish a large black spider on the branch, with a red hourglass plain on its back. It slowly advances toward a webbed insect, which it suddenly leaps upon and begins to subdue. The camera then pans up, to show an exquisitely beautiful brunette woman, wearing a cropped athletic half-top with an hourglass cut out over her cleavage. 

As it says focused there, the image of Traci Lane begins to speak, “Most people are terrified of spiders. They fear their cunning, their predatory nature…their sting.” Lane walks out from behind the aquarium. She also wears a pelvic leotard, elbow-length gloves, kneepads, and knee boots. Her body is a fusion of muscularity and feminine curvceousness. Behind her is a posh-adorned study, sporting oak-paneled walls and a brass-and-crystal motif and she continues to speak. “I, on the other hand, have always felt a certain…kinship with them. After all, I’m cunning,” flash to a shot of her in the recent North American Championship tournament tournament, stalking a downed opponent, “predatory,” footage of her slamming and stomping away on various victims, “and I most CERTAINLY have a sting.” 

Footage rolls of her applying the northern lights bomb to Figaro and getting the three-count. “Of all spiders, I believe the black widow manifests the qualities I admire most, especially the way she disposes of her male counterparts. I consider the ring my web. I lure you in, trap you, stalk you, “ she smiles, “then I sting you.” 

She puts her hands on her hips, weight shifted to one side. “My name is Traci Lane, better known to some of my victims as the Black Widow. I’m here to capture the biggest championships the OWA has to offer. Colt, reversing my sting into a small package may have gotten you by me THIS time, but rather than taking the opportunity to challenge Amazon Woman for title, you took the coward’s path and grabbed the first belt they paraded before you. Your mistake. Now *I* get the opportunity to crush the OWA champion and win that belt for myself. So rest assured, Colt, that I am by NO means through with YOU. And as for Amazon Woman,” Traci slowly flexes an arm, which swells with obvious power, “I think you can see the writing on the wall. You’ve kept the belt well-polished and safe for me, and now it’s time to surrender it. You can either do so willingly…or notice that it’s gone when you awaken. Your choice.” 

She walks to her left, and entering the frame now is an equally beautiful redhead, her body a combination of femininity and muscularity, wearing a red T-shirt with cut off sleeves and red t-backed bottoms held up by suspenders. A black skull and crossbones is centered on the shirt. Another familiar face. Traci continues, “During the recent tournament, I had the opportunity to meet all caliber of opposition, and found only one to be worth my respect. Allow me to introduce my newest, closest friend, “Deadly” Denise Duncan. Denise, do you have a few words for our guests?” 

Denise gives a smile, “Thanks, Traci. My only regret in the tournament was that I had to fight the class of the league in my first match. No excuses — we had a terrific match and Traci took it. During the course of that match I developed a respect for this woman, and we’re almost as close as sisters now.” Denise’s expression hardens, “Now as to the rest of the so-called wrestlers in the OWA,” at that, she laughs. “There’s no one else in my class. Colt, you were so lucky. Hold onto that belt REAL TIGHT, pal. Keep it nice and shiny. It’ll be around MY waist soon. Amazon Woman, the Black Widow’s going to sting YOU and take that belt. And who’s to say Traci and I won’t take the tag team championships as well? We’re serving notice here and now that we are the Femme Fatales, and we’re going for the belts. And when “the Black Widow” and “Deadly” Denise go for something, we usually get it.” 

Traci resumes speaking, “So as you can see, we’re both prepared to do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the OWA. Well, truth to tell, we’re already there, and now it’s just time to demonstrate that fact. Whether we’re capturing all the singles belts, or taking the tag championships as the Femme Fatales, you may rest assured that the OWA is near to experiencing dominance like it’s never felt before. Any last words for our adoring fans, Denise?” 

Denise flexes her arm showing a bulging muscle. “It just doesn’t get any better than this, boys and girls. Bring all you’ve got. Bring all your friends. Bring everything you think you’re gonna need. IT WON’T BE ENOUGH TO STOP US! So say your prayers. Take your vitamins. It won’t help!” 

“There you have it. Traci “the Black Widow” Lane and “Deadly” Denise Duncan, the Femme Fatales. The names to watch for excellence in the OWA. You should all be afraid.” Traci finishes and turns back to Denise for the final word, “…and if you aren’t now, you will be!” 

The OWA opening sequence plays to start the show and once completed Ed Bagel is seen at his typical place behind the podium, “Welcome to this action packed episode of OWA Championship Wrestling. We have two title matches set for today and the promoter has decide to start right off the bat with the OWA Championship match to make sure we have enough air time for the complete match.” 

The screen behind Ed shifts from the OWA Championship Wrestling logo to the Wintertime Massacre logo. “And if you’re trying to get tickets for the Meadowlands’ supercard Wintertime Massacre, don’t bother. That event has sold out in record time. There are no more tickets to be purchased. However, we have exciting news for those all across the country. For the first time in the history of the OWA, Wintertime Massacre will now be available on a pay-per-view basis. Contact your local cable provider because next week, Wintertime Massacre can be seen in the comfort of your living room.” 

“You saw at the top of the broadcast that “The Black Widow” Traci Lane and “Deadly” Denise Duncan have formed some sort of pact and they are calling themselves “The Femme Fatales.” Speaking of which, it’ll be Traci Lane of the Femme Fatales getting a shot at the OWA Championship after Amazon Woman agreed to give her a title shot right here last week on this broadcast. Let’s take a look at this clip.” 

The tape rolls recapping the encounter between Traci Lane and Amazon Woman from the previous week and Amazon Woman agreeing to put her championship on the line and the agreement of the promoter to allow it to happen. 

OWA Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Traci Lane 

When the tape is finished, the shot goes back live to the studio, getting a shot at the ring where Myers Watterson, referee Calhoun, Amazon Woman and Traci Lane are already in the ring and Myers begins his introduction. “Ladies and gentlemen. This match is one fall with television time remaining. It is for the OWA World Championship!” The capacity crowd inside the studio erupt in cheers. “First the challenger in the red corner, she hails from Palm Beach, California. She is a member of the newly formed Femme Fatale. This is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane! Lane!” She raises her hand up in the air and then turns and gives a gesture to the studio audience that would be considered unfriendly. “And in the blue corner, she is the reigning and defending OWA Champion. She hails from Parts Unknown. She is known the whole world over as the “Amazon Woman”!” She removes her championship belt from around her waist and Amazon Woman steps forward and raises it high, perhaps even more directly towards her challenger as she stares at Lane across the ring. She hands the belt to the referee before removing her robe and placing it outside into the arms of an attendant. Before turning around and moving to the center where Calhoun gives them instruction. 

“We’re allotting the entire broadcast to this match. If it finishes early, we will have stand by matches, including a North American Championship match between Colt and Ricky Blood.” Ed chimes in as both wrestlers return to their respective corners and the referee calls for the bell. “This is the first time these two competitors have ever stepped into the ring against each other so almost without a shadow of a doubt, they will have to do a little feeling out process to get an idea of what to expect from each other.” They lock up in the ring and Lane starts to push Amazon towards the ropes but Amazon turns the table and pushes Lane backwards. It’s a back and forth process with neither getting an advantage until Lane forces the break and backs away from Amazon. “Amazon Woman has worked hard to keep her identity a secret. The simple mask she wears just over her eyes, works just enough to keep her private life private. She doesn’t even reveal where she is from.” 

There’s another lock up, this time Amazon whips Lane into the ropes and lifts her high with a back body drop and Lane grimaces in pain as she slides out of the ring and holds her back. “She went high in the air and she’s going to take advantage of the ten count outside the ring to try and shake it off. Lane is definitely an impressive athlete, her attitude however doesn’t endear her to the fans at ringside. Lane climbs back into the apron and enters the ring, but Amazon Woman hits her with a clothesline and a roll up by the champ, but only a one count and again Lane moves to the outside.” 

Amazon follows her out and Lane starts to run, sliding into the ring and hitting Amazon with a knee to the back when she follows her inside. Lane stomps onto the fallen champion and then pulls her to her feet. “Lane lifts her up and body slams her hard onto the mat. Lane rolls the champ over onto her stomach and then applies a camel clutch! Referee Calhoun is right there asking Amazon if she wants to submit.” The crowd begins an “Amazon” chant that picks up and soon the studio is full of them. “Amazon Woman refusing to submit and Lane fishhooks Amazon’s mouth and pulls back hard and the referee is putting the count on Lane who finally releases the hold at the count of four.” 

Calhoun gets right into Lane’s face and tells her to cut out the rulebreaking, and Lane pushes past him as Amazon tries to get to her feet. Lane knocks her back hard with a lariat, “She practically took off the champions head with that one. Lane with a handful of hair pulling the champ up to her feet and then whips her into the turnbuckle and charges in with a hard avalanche and Amazon Woman crumbles down to the mat. Traci Lane has taken control of this match. We will keep the cameras rolling and if there’s a decision during the break, we will show it to you on replay. Don’t go anywhere!” Ed tosses it to a commercial while inside the ring the action continues. 

Lane rolls Amazon over and goes for a pin with her feet on the ropes for leverage by Calhoun catches her and gives her another warning and Lane jawjacks with the official. A couple of well placed stomps to the head of Amazon and Lane runs into the ropes and comes off with a knee drop to the forehead of the champion with causes Amazon to clutch her head in pain and slowly roll out of the ring and land hard on the concrete floor. 

When the show return from commercial, Ed catches everyone up on what occurred during the break and Traci Lane follows Amazon out to the floor. Lane pulls up Amazon and tries to whip her into the ringpost but Amazon reverses it and Lane runs her shoulder into the steel post and Amazon slowly rolls back into the ring. Lane is hurting, but she also rolls back inside and both women are on the mat. 

Lane slowly moves to a standing position against the corner and Amazon charges in and Lane moves out of the way, Amazon Woman hits the turnbuckle hard and collapses down on the mat. “We could be seeing the beginning of the end of Amazon Woman’s OWA championship reign right here. Lane looks like she’s going for the Northern Lights Bomb and if she hits that, it’ll be over for Amazon Woman.” 

As Lane brings her over, Amazon lands on her feet, spins around and scoops up Traci Lane and, “Running Power Slam by Amazon Woman and a cover.” The referee hits the three count and the bell rings as Amazon rolls over onto her back in the ring. “Winner of the match and still OWA Champion, Amazon Woman!” The referee leans over Amazon and gives her the title while Traci Lane rolls out of the ring. Denise Duncan comes to ringside and they walk back together, disappearing off view. “That was a tremendous match and no doubt, Traci Lane will get other opportunities but Amazon Woman is just not ready to hand over the belt just yet.”  

The referee has helped the champ up and she walks over to the podium with the title, sweat on her face as she is out of breath. “Ed, I’m ready for Wintertime Massacre. We were just informed that we will be on pay-per-view and I hope everyone is ready for.. Excuse me,” She is struggling to catch her breath. “Sorry. I hope everyone is ready. I don’t care if it’s North American Champ, Colt or Tennessee Champion Nightmare. Bring it. I plan to hold this title for a very long time.” She leans over and coughs a couple of times. “Traci Lane, you brought it today. And perhaps one day, you’ll beat me. You’re that good. But my time is not over. I’ve knocked down every contender. TigerLily, Fever, Threat, Dunk, Lane, Monty. All had their chance and I’m still standing. All I ask is that the OWA keep bringing them. Thanks.” 

“Amazon Woman,” Ed says as Amazon turns and makes her way to the back. “When we come back we will have footage featuring the number one contender’s to the OWA Tag Team Championship, Freddy Fever and Major Threat as they take on the team of “The Enforcer” and Tennessee Champion Nightmare. We’ll be right back.” 

Footage: Fever/Threat vs. Enforcer/Nightmare 

During the commercial break, Ed goes over some production notes with the staff and they prepare the footage they plan to show. After a few minutes, they count back down to being on the air. “Welcome back. We still have one more title match to bring you that will have ramifications for Wintertime Massacre, but before we do that, we’re going to go to footage from this past week in Pittsburgh when Freddy Fever and Major Threat took on the team of “The Enforcer” and Nightmare. 

The raw footage is show and the match is in progress. Ed is doing voiceovers, “As you can see here, Fever has Enforcer in a headlock on the ground. He’s cranking back hard, bending his opponent back as far as he can. He is close enough to his corner he can reach out and tag Major Threat who comes in and sends a series of stomps to the forehead of the Enforcer while Fever holds him and the referee begins to count to five. On four, Fever releases the head and rolls out of the ring and onto the floor. 

On the ring apron, Nightmare is leaning over begging for a tag. Threat pulls up Sanchez and while Freddy distracts the referee, nails a very intentional low blow to the Enforcer who doubles over immediately, collapsing on the ground. Nightmare enters the ring and starts to rush over to his partner, but the referee stops him and urges him back outside of the ring. Threat takes this second distraction to separate both of Enforcer’s leg and makes another deliberate stomp on the groin of the former champion, which causes him to cry out and curl up in pain. 

Nightmare on the other hand is watching this all unfold and getting angrier and angrier as he tries to help his partner. Finally, he just drops down onto the floor and runs around the ring and tries to pull his partner out. Fever moves around the ringpost and tries to kick Nightmare in the face, but Nightmare grabs Fever’s leg and pulls him down onto the floor and they begin to brawl. “Here you can see Major Threat pulling something out of his tights and putting it into a fist. He pulls up Enforcer who is still doubled over and.. Hold on! It’s Exterminator and Firefly! They’ve hit the ring. Fever and Nightmare are still on the floor, but Exterminator and Firefly whip Major Threat into the ropes and double clothesline him! The object flies out of Major Threat’s hand and lands in front of the referee who is calling for the bell. The announcement from Myers is faintly heard across the arena, “Freddy Fever and Major Threat have been disqualified. Winners of the match, Enforcer and Nightmare!”  

Fever is up and stumbles around the ring and Executioner and Firefly whip Threat again, but Fever grabs his leg and pulls him out and they staggers towards the back. “The OWA Tag Team Champions are not backing down from Freddy Fever and Major Threat.” They tape stops rolling as the studio comes back on screen. “That match is coming to Wintertime Massacre. As we mentioned at the top of the program, that even can now be seen live as it happens on a pay-per-view basis and all you have to do is call your cable company and tell them you want to see the OWA. We will be back right after this.” 

North American Championship: Colt vs. Ricky Blood 

Ed is back on screen when the commercial break is over, “Another match that is signed for Wintertime Massacre is an eight person lotto match. The match starts with two with everyone else on the ring apron. The wrestlers inside can tag any wrestler on the outside and the wrestlers on the outside can try and tag in as they see fit. Wrestlers are eliminated when they are pinned, submitted, counted out or disqualified. We are now ready to announce the participants. Rocket, Dangerous Dunk, Traci Lane, Ricky Blood, Gustaffson, Devastator, Cuban Rafter and The Enforcer. I’m being told there will be some sort of reward for the winner of this match. Let’s go to the ring for our second title match.” 

Myers is in the ring, as is the referee along with Colt and Ricky Blood. “This match is scheduled for one fall with TV time remaining as the time limit. It is for the OWA North American Championship.” Crowd cheers. “In the red corner we have the challenger! From San Diego, California. This is Ricky Blood! Blood!” Blood steps out and raises his hands to the cheers from the audience. “And in the blue corner, he is the current reigning and defending North American Champion making his first title defense. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Colt! Colt!”  

Colt gives the longhorn salute to the audience who also cheer for him. “Two favorites here going for the North American Championship. The referee is holding up the title and hands it off to ringside and now calling for the bell. This match is underway. This match has important ramifications for Wintertime Massacre. If the belt changes hands here, we will have some changes to the card. There’s a shake of hands, a sportsmanlike move and here we go with a lock up. Colt scoops up Blood and slams him on the mat and Blood pops right back up.” As Blood pops back up, Colt just nods his head as if saying, next. They lock up again and Colt pushes Blood into the ropes, Blood returns and flies into the air with a cross body block and gets a one count, “Colt is certainly not ready to be pinned yet. He has just barely one that title and he’s not ready to let it go just yet.”  

Another lock up, Colt pushes Blood off again, this time he drops down and as Blood floats over backs against the ropes. Blood with another cross body, but Colt ducks and Blood flips over the ropes and lands hard on the concrete floor. “Hard fall by Blood, but he’s getting back up onto the apron. Colt meets him and suplexes him back into the ring. Cover.” Referee only counts to two and Blood kicks out. 

Blood gets to his feet but is met by Colt who goes for a crucifix slam, but Blood wiggles out and rolls up Colt for a two count. Colt gets up, Blood gets up and they turn into each other and crack their heads together and both fall to the mat. “Nasty collision there and the referee is starting his ten count. If neither men get to their feet by the count of ten, this one is over with.” Calhoun reaches six when they both rise to their feet. As Blood is bent over before standing, Colt leaps over him and bring him over with a sunset flip that only earns him a two count. 

“Pinfalls are coming quicker now as both competitors want to claim this championship.” Ed says as he watching this match intently. “Colt is up again and lifts up Ricky Blood for a second attempt at a crucifix slam, but Blood drops down behind.” When Colt turns around, Blood is waiting for him, “Heart Punch! Ricky Blood has nailed his Heart Punch! Colt is down and cover..” The referee counts to three and the bell rings, “Ricky Blood has defeated Colt for the North American Championship.” 

“Winner of the match and new North American Champion, Ricky Blood!” Myers announces as the fans go crazy at ringside. Colt comes around and is finally starting to realize what happen and he slams his hands on the mat in frustration. “What a match right here on television.” Ricky walks over and offers his hand to Colt, helping him stand up. Those watching can see him tell Colt that he’ll give him a shot as soon as he can and Colt returns the handshake and leaves the ring to the new champion. 

“This changes the lineup at Wintertime Massacre as Ricky Blood will take on Tennessee Champion Nightmare to unify the titles and see who faces Amazon Woman for the OWA Championship in the main event. We aren’t sure where this leaves Colt at the moment, but we will try to get word. We’ve gotta take another break. I do believe we have a standby match, yes, yes we do. We will have that for you when we return.” 

Demon Knight vs. Big Dawg Rich 

During the break, Ricky Blood walks around the ring and high fives everyone in the audience before heading to the back. Promoter Steven Childs comes out and confers with Ed Bagel before heading backstage and by the time the show is back on the air, Ed is ready. 

“I’ve just been informed that Colt will take Ricky Blood’s spot in the 8 person lotto match at Wintertime Massacre. Let’s go to the ring for our standby match.” Ed says before passing it to the ring where Myers is ready to make the announcement. 

“This match is one fall or to a TV time limit. Introducing in the red corner, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. This is Big. Dawg. Rich! Rich!” Rich is a rather large man, wearing very simple clothing. Not even wrestling gear. Overalls, no shirt, though he does wear a pair of black wrestling boots. He waves to the crowd as Myers turns his attention elsewhere. “And in the blue corner, coming to you by way of Parts Unknown. Please welcome, Demon Knight. Knight!” Boos from the crowd as the announcement of Demon Knight. “Fans not taking too kindly to Demon Knight here in the studio. There’s the bell. We have about five minutes of television time remaining. We will see if one of these wrestlers can get a pinfall before the time limit expires.” 

Knight immediately kicks Rich in the gut, doubling him over and then grabs a handful of hair and nails him in the side of the head with a punch. The referee gives him a warning, “Punches are not allowed in professional wrestling. Rich rubbing at the side of his head where he was struck.” Knight raises his leg and kicks Dawg right in the side of the head with the flat of his boot and Dawg goes down. “Demon Knight doesn’t tend to play by the rules, and the referee is giving him “what’s for” here.”  

Rich rolls over, trying to get back to his feet and Demon Knight grabs him around the neck for a headlock, then turns away from the referee and punches Rich right in the face. “The referee didn’t see it but he suspects something was amiss here, but Knight denying the closed fist that we all saw.” Demon Knight with another headlock and he turns away from the referee and is about to strike again when Rich grabs his tights and pulls him back, rolling him up while keeping his hands firmly full of tights and the referee counts to three! “Rich wins the match! Knight was breaking every rule, and Big Dawg Rich sure can play dirty right back.” 

“Winner of the match in 4 minutes and 40 seconds, Big Dawg Rich!” Myers announces as we get a brief glimpse of Demon Knight kicking at the bottom turnbuckle as Rich raises his hand on the outside of the ring, before turning and heading to the back past Ed.  

“That’s all we have for you this week. Do not forget that next week is Wintertime Massacre live on Pay-Per-View. We will have an action packed card including a title unification match between Ricky Blood and Nightmare and the winner will face Amazon Woman in the main event. Tag team titles will be on the line and there’s an 8 person elimination match.” Ed is handed a note, “One more match has been added, signed by promoter Childs. It’ll be “Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion against Pretty Boy Monty and the winner of the match can no longer call themselves “Pretty Boy!” We are completely out of time! We will see you next week!” 


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