In This Episode: Amazon Woman defends the OWA Championship against Dangerous Dunk.

What a week. Had to listen to Fever whine all week about being in tags with Major Threat. Serves him right for skipping out last week on our first show. Fucking prima donna. I guess he got the last laugh on that one.  

I’m trying to figure out what I do with a seven foot tall giant who showed up on my doorstep like an abandoned baby. This is a goddamned multi-gender wrestling company and he’d kill everyone. I’ll figure something out. 

At least the Meadowlands had a good crowd and the show got great reviews. Maybe we will even sell out the upcoming supercard.  

I guess I better get inside.  

Where the fuck did all these people come from? 


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this edition of OWA Championship Wrestling featuring the premiere stars of the Online Wrestling Alliance. I’m Ed Bagel, your host. We have some footage we’re going to show you from this past week’s show at the Meadowlands that has tremendous impact on our Wintertime Massacre supercard because we have new OWA Tag Team Champions. In addition, we will see the OWA World Championship match between Amazon Woman and Dangerous Dunk that was also held this past week at the Meadowlands. However, live here today we will see the network debut of “Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion, Anthony Hazard and Denise Duncan return to the show. We will determine the number one contender for the North American Championship which we crowned last week. Ricky Blood will battle Sabin Figaro for the right to fight Colt at Wintertime Massacre for the North American Championship. Finally, we’re going to have the debut of the largest athlete I have ever seen, and you do not want to miss this. Stay tuned and we will be right back for our first contest.” 

As the show goes to commercial, Ed Bagel takes a drink of water as wrestlers come from the back and head to the ring. He turns and talks to the producer for a few moments as Myers gives the mic a one-two check in the middle of the ring. “That was a pretty long winded introduction, perhaps we should find some way to divide it up,” notes Ed as he goes over his notes with production. Someone cues them that they’re about to go live once again and when the show comes back live, the first shot is of the ring, a close up on Myers Watterson for the announcement. 

Johnny Stallion vs. Anthony Hazard 

“Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling.” Myers speaks into the mic as he turns to face the wrestler on his left, “In the red corner, he comes to you from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Welcome “The Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion! Stallion!” One might think that with a name like Stallion, Johnny would have a cowboy gimmick but that isn’t the case. In fact, Johnny Stallion looks more like he was an extra in the cast of Grease. Black leather jacket, white t-shirt, hair slicked back and blue jeans. The only thing that really would characterize him as a wrestler would be his black boots that stick out from underneath the pant leg of his jeans. He turns towards the crowd and spits out his gum, showing his disdain. The crowd begins to boo. 

Speaking of crowds, last week the first episode had roughly forty five people, but this week there was standing room only as they were able to cram two hundred fans into the studio with some clever engineering. The first few rows had chairs, and those without formed a human wall behind the chairs and everyone seemed happy to be there, standing or sitting. Word has spread and there were people turned away at the door. 

“And in the blue corner, from Dayton Ohio, with his manager, Sir Goodwin, this is Anthony Hazard.” Hazard gets the cheers as he walks out and raises his hand and acknowledges the cheers. “This match is one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit.” Myers leaves the ring as both wrestlers meet in the center and the Referee Calhoun gives them a few instructions before sending them back to their corner and Goodwin also exits the ring, but stays close to his man’s corner. “This is our second look at Anthony Hazard who gave an excellent showing at last week’s North American Championship tournament,” Ed comments as the referee calls for the bell. “Everyone should be familiar with Johnny Stallion, or the “Pretty Boy” as he likes to be called. He’s a former Tennessee heavyweight champion and has been around the OWA for a number of years now. He came very close to winning the OWA Championship just a year ago this week. There’s a lock up now as the wrestlers struggle for position. Stallion with an Irish whip and Hazard ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes and Stallion, the veteran, backdrop him and Hazard went high into the air on that one.” Hazard groans and holds his back as Stallion grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet. 

“Don’t forget that later in the show, we will have an update on the Tag Team Title situation as we do have new champions, but that’s not even the end of the story. Hazard makes a comeback, nails a neckbreaker on Stallion and now he’s going to the top. Stallion is slowly getting to his feet and Hazard with a double axehandle and Stallion goes down again. Tremendous effort here by Anthony Hazard. His manager is cheering him in the corner.” Hazard pulls Stallion to his feet and nails him in the gut, getting a warning from the referee. “Drop kick by Hazard and he goes for the pin, but Stallion quickly kicks out. Hazard is on a roll here as he nails Stallion with a drop kick, but Stallion side steps the second drop kick attempt and Hazard crashed hard to the mat.”  

Stallion pulls Hazard up to his feet and gets behind him, “Pretty Boy Slam!” The “Pretty Boy Slam” is a reverse power slam, slamming his opponent flat on his face on the mat. “Cover by Stallion and this one is over.” Stallion gets to his feet as the bell rings and Referee Calhoun raises his hand, while Hazard slowly rolls towards the edge of the ring to his manager, who helps him to the back. “Winner of the match, “Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion!”  

Stallion turns to grab his jacket from the ringpost when from behind he’s smashed into the corner avalanche style, “That’s Pretty Boy Monty! What’s he doing here? He’s not even on today’s card.” As Stallion slumps to the mat in the corner, Monty begins to stomp the crap out of him as he holds on the ropes for leverage and just nails stomp after stomp after stomp. Monty is not even dressed in wrestling gear but street clothes. It was wearing a button up dress shirt and slacks with dress shoes and using those shoes as a weapon as he rains down on Stallion with stomp after stomp after stomp. “Pretty Boy Monty is being relentless here and I have no idea why he’s even here!” Ed notes as Monty finally steps away from Stallion and raises his hands in the air and screams, “I’m the Pretty Boy in the OWA!” 

Monty leaves the ring and heads to the back, “We’re going to need to get someone to help Stallion out of the ring. Let’s go to a commercial break and when we come back, we’ll talk about the OWA Tag Team Championship situation. Don’t go anywhere.” 

During the commercial, the referee and a couple wrestlers come out to help Johnny Stallion out of the ring. The promoter comes out and has a few words with Ed Bagel until the producer gets them the warning. Childs stays where he is when the on-air light turns back on. 

“We’re going to try and get an update on the condition of Johnny Stallion before we go off the air, but that was a tremendous attack laid out by Pretty boy Monty. To address this situation, here is promoter Steven Childs.” Ed holds the microphone for the promoter, “We can’t have these types of attacks here in the OWA. I realize that it’s part of our business, and I’m not one to lay down heavy when things like that happen as you’ll see when you address the Tag Team Championship situation.” Childs monotone dialogue continues, “What I am going to do is sign a match between Pretty Boy Monty and “Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion for our Wintertime Massacre supercard and let the better man win.” 

Ed resumes the conversation, “Speaking of the OWA Tag Team Championship situation, as we announced at the top of this broadcast, we have new OWA Tag Team Champions coming out of our event at the Meadowlands this past week. This entire situation started when Amazon Woman defeated Freddy Fever to become the OWA Champion just over a month ago. Bylaws of the OWA forbid someone from holding multiple titles and Amazon Woman, who was at the time, teaming with TigerLily, forfeited the tag team championship in order to defend the World Championship. Now that set off a feud between Amazon Woman and TigerLily, however that left the OWA Tag Team Championship vacant.” 

Ed continues to explain the situation as he talks about the randomly paired partners in a tournament to crown new Tag Team Champions that were eventually one by the team of Asian Sensation and Rocket. “Monday night in Albany, Rocket and Pretty Boy Monty defeated the team of Asian Sensation and Demon Knight to win the championships. However last night at the Meadowlands, Exterminator and Firefly defeated Rocket and Monty to become the new OWA Tag Team Champions once again, however the story doesn’t stop there. I will note that what you are about to see is graphic. I recommended that children and the squeamish stop watching at this point. Let’s take you to the footage.” 

Post-Match: OWA Tag Team Championship

Scene shifts to a live to tape recording of the in ring celebration of Exterminator and Firefly as they finish celebrating their title victory and exit the ring. The camera follows them down the long aisle back towards the dressing room and just before they are able to open the door they are attacked. Freddy Fever and Major Threat enter the scene and pounce on the champions. Fever runs Firefly face first into the locker room door and Firefly slumps to the floor and that leaves Fever and Threat to double team Exterminator. They force him to the concrete and begin to run his face back and forth across the floor and a smear of blood begins to form on the floor. As they pull him back to his feet and press him against the wall, Major Threat holds him in place as Fever takes several steps back and then Disco Kicks Exterminator hard, with the back of his head slamming into the wall behind him, leaving another patch of blood and he is finally allowed to collapse to the floor. Security finally arrives and pushes Fever and Threat from the area, but not before they get a few more kicks on Firefly before they are finally out of the area as paramedics arrive to attend to the beaten and bloody champions. 


Scene goes back to the podium and standing next to Ed Bagel and the promoter are Exterminator and Firefly. Both are dressed in normal street clothes, jeans and t-shirts and wear the OWA Tag Team Championship around their waist. They both are wearing a few bandages on their faces. Exterminator speaks first, “You know, Ed Bagel. In all my time in professional wrestling, I have never been laid out and left for dead like I was last night in the Meadowlands. It should have been a time for celebrating and partying, but instead we spend the night at the Emergency room until the wee hours of the morning.” FireFly chimes in, “That’s right! Fever and Threat, you want to attack us, beat us bloody and send us to the hospital and expect to just walk away without a scratch.? Well let me tell you scumbags something. Exterminator and I won the OWA Tag Team Champions and this isn’t the first time we’ve held these championships. We know what it’s like to be the champs. But you crossed that line and with the promoter Mr. Childs here we are demanding a match against the two of you son of a-” 

Exterminator stops his partner from saying anything further, “What my partner is trying to say is that we want them in the ring. Today, tomorrow, or every day this week. We want Fever and Threat. So Mr. Childs, whatever we have to do to get them in the ring, we will do it.” 

Ed moves to address the promoter who nods his head, “I’m not one to levy fines and suspensions. I prefer to let the wrestlers sort it out themselves and if you want Fever and Threat, I’m going to make a match for Wintertime Massacre for the OWA Tag Team Championship in a best two out of three falls match.” It looks like he’s about the finish, then turns to add, “And if Fever and Threat pull any more attacks, I’ll take the tag titles option out of the match.” And with that, Steven Childs leaves the podium area and heads to the back. Exterminator and Firefly high five each other, then Firefly leans into the mic, “Fever. Threat. You’re going to get what’s coming to you.” 

Denise Duncan vs. Gustaffson 

Ed tosses it to a commercial break as they prepare for the next match. A commercial airs for the supercard, promoting the two newly added matches as well as something called the eight person lotto match. As the show comes back from the break, Denise Duncan is already in the ring, along with the referee and Myers Watterson. “The following contest is one fall with a ten minute time limit.” He points towards the woman already in the ring, “In the red corner, coming to you from Seattle Washington, this is Denise Duncan! Duncan! And coming to the ring at this time..” 

The crowd seems to get to their feet as coming in front of the view of the camera is a very tall man. “He stands at seven feet tall and comes to you by way of Germany. He is making his OWA wrestling debut. This is Gustaffson! Gustaffson!” The tall but slender man reaches up to the ring post and steps up onto the apron. He steps over the top rope and enters the ring. He easily dwarfs Duncan by more than a foot. “I’m still in shock at what I’m looking at here. I saw this man in the back earlier and could not believe his size. I’m not sure what Denise Duncan thinks she can do with a man like this, but we do have a match.” The referee calls for the bell and Duncan runs over and begin to punch and kick at the giant, “Duncan trying everything she can to get an upperhand against this monster, but Gustaffson just pushes her down to the mat. Duncan quickly gets back up and charges to the turnbuckle and climbs to the second rung and she punches Gustaffson in the side of the head, perhaps even hitting his ear and the giant staggers back, holding the side of this head.”  

Duncan moves back in, but Gus grabs her around the throat and the referee begins to count. Gus releases the hold and starts to whip her across to the corner but stops, reversing the momentum and brings her hard into his corner. He backs up and just squishes her into the corner with the weight of his entire body. “Gus just pancaking her in that corner.” Gus walks over and jaws at the crowd, “I hope he doesn’t take Duncan lightly because she is getting to her feet. She runs up behind him and tries to roll him up, but Gus is not budging and he drops his weight onto her, pinning her to the mat and the referee counts while Duncan kicks her feet, but she cannot move the man as the referee counts to three and the bell rings. This one is over.” “Winner of the match is two minutes and thirty four seconds, Gustaffson!”  

The giant gets to his feet and steps over the turnbuckle and walks off the view of the camera as the referee helps Duncan to her feet, “That was an impressive debut by the giant Gustaffson and I’m sure we’ll see more from him in the future. We have to take a break but when we come back, we will see the OWA Championship match from the Meadowlands last night in it’s entirety! You do not want to miss this.” 

OWA Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Dangerous Dunk 

Returning from the break, Ed tosses it to the video footage from the previous night’s card, “This was the main event last night, let’s go to it.” The video begins with the introductions have already begun and Ed’s voiceover is heard, “This was a best two of three falls match for the championship. Your champion, Amazon Woman is taking on the number one contender, Dangerous Dunk.” Dunk has a basketball player gimmick, fresh with basketball shorts and a tank top with the number 1 on the back, followed by the word DUNK on the top. The front of the shirt has ‘Dangerous Dunk” written in logo fashion, as if it were a basketball franchise. Across the ring is the champion, Amazon Woman. While she is known as Amazon Woman, she doesn’t seem to play to her name’s potential gimmick. She’s dressed in a typical women’s singlet with a short skirt around her waist. The fans seem to nuts when she’s in the ring and she’s definitely treated by the fans as the franchise player in the OWA. The only difference is that she prefers to wrestle without any footwear, as she circles the ring in her bare feet.  

“They lock up, Amazon tosses Dunk into the ropes and she leapfrogs him as he comes back as she charges to the opposite side and she hits him with a cross body block for a quick two count, and Dunk takes a powder to the outside.” What he doesn’t see is Amazon climbing the turnbuckle behind him and as he turns around, he catches her as she dives off onto him however, as he falls, she hits her head into the guard railing on the outside. “At this point in the match, it looks like she may have knocked herself out as Dunk rolls her into the ring and covers and gets a surprising three count in the first of this three falls match as you hear the ring announcer giving Dunk the first fall.” There’s a cut to the midway point of the second fall and Dunk is still in control as he tries to pin her again, but she kicks out. “You can see that shot to the head has cut her open and she’s bleeding rather profusely here. Dunk is motioning to the crowd, who are all behind Amazon Woman, as he picks her up for a powerbomb. This is his finisher, the Double Dribble. He drops her onto her head, but holds on as he picks her up for a second, but Amazon shifts and drops Dunk onto his head with a hard DDT!” Amazon Woman drapes her arm, covered in her own blood over the body of Dunk and gets the three count. “This ties everything up at one fall each with one more fall to determine this match.” There’s another cut, going further into the third fall and the crowd has picked up an “Amazon! Amazon!” chant as they rally behind their hero as Dunk has taken control once again. He lifts her up, perhaps going for his finish one more time, “Amazon Woman rolls over him, down his back and flips him over and the referee counts to three as the bell rings and Myers’ voice is heard over the sound system, “Winner of the third fall and still OWA Champion, Amazon… Woman!” 

Amazon Woman

As abruptly as the video starts it ends there going back to the studio and Ed Bagel and Amazon Woman are at the podium. She is also sporting the classy bandage on her forehead as she places the OWA Championship on the front of the podium. “Amazon Woman has joined us here on the show,” Ed announces the obvious as he holds the microphone for her to speak. She’s dressed very casually today, white blouse, blue jeans and her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. “Thanks, Ed. Dangerous Dunk gave me a battle last night, however I came through victorious and now I’m looking for my next challenger. I’m not going to sit by and watch everyone else get their spot to shine on our new television show. I’m not a dormant champion. I want the best..” 

Traci Lane

“Wait, wait, wait one second!” Amazon Woman is interrupted by the voice of another woman and on the opposite side of the podium, “The Black Widow” makes an appearance as Traci Lane comes face to face with the champ. “I just want to say congrats on your win last night. You and I have not had the pleasure of formally meeting.” She reaches out her hand towards Amazon Woman across the podium, “I’m Traci Lane. Also known as “The Black Widow.”  

Amazon Woman pauses a moment, looking at the outstretched hand of Lane before glancing at the studio audience as if asking if she should shake hands with someone known as “The Black Widow.” She reluctantly accepts the handshake and then asks, “And what is it you felt necessary to interrupt my time on this program. What do you want?” 

“A title match, of course. Did you not watch the show last week when I made it to the finals of the North American Championship tournament. I mean, I was robbed, of course. I should be the North American Champion, but perhaps I’m meant for larger game.” Traci’s gaze falls on the OWA World Title that is proudly displayed. 

“You want a title match against me?” Amazon Woman asks, as if she’s not certain Lane knows what she’s asking for. “I’ve no problem with that. In fact, let’s do it right now.” Lane seems taken aback from that statement and quickly counters, “I’m not sure there’s time on the show this week, but perhaps we can have that match next week on this show.” Ed interrupts as Promoter Childs enters the fray, “Mr. Childs, we seem to have a potential match up for next week on this program.”  

Childs nods his head, “Did I hear you say you’re willing to put the OWA Championship on the line against Ms. Lane here next week on this program?” Amazon Woman looks out at the standing room only crowd as they chant her name, “What do you think, Amazon Nation?” The crowd responds in the affirmative, “You know, Mr. Childs, that I do not back down from a fight from anyone. If Ms. Lane wants a shot at this title, then let’s make the match for next week and we will see what she has.” 

The grin on Traci Lane’s face almost seems to give away her pleasure at this announcement, “Next week then. Until then, enjoy the fruits of your labor, Amazon Woman. Next week, they will be mine.” Lane turns and leaves as Ed reiterates, “So next week on this program, for the first time the OWA World Championship will be defended as Amazon Woman takes on Traci Lane. We will be right back!”  

Ricky Blood vs. Sabin Figaro 

Returning from the commercial break, Myers is in the ring as is two wrestlers that were on the program last week. “This is our main event for the evening and is scheduled to be one fall or to a TV time limit. This match will determine who will face Colt for the North American Championship next week. Introducing first, in the red corner, coming to you from San Diego, California. This is Ricky Blood! Blood!” Ricky Blood steps forward and acknowledges the cheers from the capacity crowd before stepping back into his corner. “And in the blue corner, he hails from Detroit, Michigan. This is “Gangster Power” Sabin Figaro! Figaro!” Figaro removes his hoodie and tosses it outside of the ring, where an attendant picks it up and carries it off. He turns to the crowd and tells them to shut their mouths while moving to the center to meet Ricky Blood and get instructions from the referee. 

“Not only will we have an OWA Championship match next week, we are going to have a North American Championship match as well as the winner of this match will get a shot at the title right here.” Ed states as the referee turns and calls for the bell, starting this match. “There’s a lockup and Figaro drops down and fireman carries Blood over onto the mat, but he holds on the arm and jerks Blood to his feet and nails him with a short arm clothes. Figaro is off to a hot start today. He certainly knows what is on the line here.” Figaro turns to jaw at the audience again and when he turns around, Blood is there to nail him with two dropkicks in a row, the second sending Figaro outside and to the floor. “Blood is following him out. Figaro tries for a punch, but Blood blocks it Blood scoops up Figaro and slams him on the concrete floor.  

“The referee trying to get both men back into the ring. Blood pulls Figaro up and rolls him back inside, then follows him back in. Figaro with a knee to the side of the head as Blood tried to make his way into the ring through the ropes.” Figaro drives several knees down onto the head of Blood. He pulls him up and sends him across the ring and backdrops him back onto the mat. “Figaro is already saying this match is over.” The sound of Figaro’s voice saying “He’s done!” several times rings in the studio. “Figaro pulling Blood back up to his feet and pushing him into the corner. We certainly know what he’s planning here, but wait Blood with a hard elbow to the side of Figaro’s head spins him around. Blood with a waistlock and a hard back suplex!” Blood points to the turnbuckle and begins to climb up as Figaro slowly staggers to his feet, “Figaro has no idea where’s he’s at right now. Blood on the top turnbuckle and he leaps off with a cross body block!” The referee immediately drops down and administers the three count, calling for the bell, as Ricky Blood gets to his feet and leans against the ropes. 

“Winner of the match, and the number one contender for the North American Championship, Ricky Blood!” 

“Wait a second,” interrupts Ed as Colt makes his way to the ring, while the referee is helping Figaro out of it. Colt is not dressed to wrestle, wearing a cowboy hat, plaid shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots. He holds onto his hat with one hand and the North American title that is draped over his shoulder with the other as he climbs into between the ropes and gets into the ring. “We’ve had plenty of surprises tonight, but this was not expected.” 

Colt walks over and repositions the title on his shoulder, almost intentionally before reaching out to offer a handshake to Blood. Blood looks out to the crowd, almost hesitant before he finally accepts and the two shake hands. “A show of sportsmanship just a week away from the match for the North American title between these two. Don’t forget also next week, the OWA Champion Amazon Woman will be in action for the first time live on this broadcast as she defends her title against “The Black Widow” Traci Lane. Freddy Fever and Major Threat will be in action and we will have more to announce in regards to our supercard, Wintertime Massacre. If you have not gotten your tickets, get them now. You are not going to want to miss any of this action. Until next week, I’m Ed Bagel and this has been OWA Championship Wrestling.” 

Childs is walking back to his office after the show. Another show in the can. I still can’t believe the crowd we had here tonight. And what the fuck did I just see. Traci Lane and Denise Duncan talking to that giant. I still don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do with that guy. At least we have things lined up for next week. Just let me sit down for a moment and catch my breath, I hate fucking being on TV.  

The phone rings. What now? He picks it up, “Childs speaking.” A brief pause as whoever is on the line has their say before Childs speaks again, “Pay-Per-View? I am not sure we’re ready for Pay-Per-View, sir. I mean, we literally just finished our second episode.” More silence, “What about ticket sales? Sold out. We’ve never sold out the Meadowlands. Are you sure you have your numbers straight?” 

“I’ll catch the first flight in the morning.” 

Wintertime Massacre has sold out. They want to put the show on Pay-Per-View.  



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