OWA TV Champion Mariko defends against Shogun; Traci Lane goes one on one with Stacks Coltrain; Rainbow Warrior tangles with Mr. America and the fallout for Monica Brant after Behind Enemy Lines

Last Week at Behind Enemy Lines

Shelly: OWA Commission came up from behind Monica and she laid him out with that chair. And it appears that most of the LAW fans have been wanting to see that one. Here come the Femme’s Traci Lane, Consuelo Salyards, Rachel Ryan, Mariko. They’re all here.

Elaine: Finally someone getting control of this situation.

Shelly: Monica Brant and the Femmes have left the ringside area. Executioner is finally to his feet. He has no idea.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. Due to outside interference, the winner of this match as a result of a DQ, is the North American Champion Monica Brant. However, the title does not change hands on a DQ, so still the OWA Champion, Executioner.

Monica Brant

(Monica Brant stands in front of a huge building. Anyone who’s been to Edmonton, Alberta will recognize the West Edmonton Mall. Monica is decked out in the latest elegant-yet-casual fashions, and looks ready for a day of shopping. She walks inside, followed by the OWA cameraperson, whose job it is to follow OWA superstars around, hoping to get a spontaneous flash. The footage seems to jump ahead a little in time, to see Monica, her arms loaded with packages, walking past an electronics store. She watches the display TVs for a few moments, and the camera moves in in order to pick up Asian Invasion’s “The Way it Is”. Monica smirks and chuckles as she listens.)

Now, the man that made doctors unwire his jaw just so he could eat pizza.

Monica: And bore us to death.

This match certainly taught me one thing too, that FATE is the world’s biggest PUSSY!!! He goes and puts his hands on the WONDERFUL Biff Franklin, when he was just doing his JOB!!

Monica: Can’t argue that one. Of course, cold cocking his partner wasn’t exactly bright either. And someone should tell Fate that the grunge look is gone.

4. Monica Brant chained against a wall.

Monica: Ooo, now you’re talking my language.

We’ll see how she likes getting hit with a chair 40 times.

Monica: (Pouts) Darn! (Monica turns toward the camera, which she apparently knew was there the whole time.) Well, Asian, allow me to retort. What I think should happen, now that this whole LAW/OWA business is over, is that someone should come into your hospital room, late at night, when you’re heavily sedated and won’t wake up, and shave you bald as Kentucky Fried Chicken. You see, Asian, then you’d know what it was like to be humiliated and helpless, just because you chose the wrong friends. That’s what Amazon Woman felt like. (Monica smiles) Freddy just made the mistake of making it personal, really personal.

I also wanted to talk about the regrettable incident with the commissioner during Behind Enemy Lines. As many people know, I have a bit of a temper. I don’t always think straight when I’m angry. I share that trait with many pro-wrestlers. That’s not an excuse, just an explanation. I’m sorry for any injuries I may have caused you, sir. And I wanted to declare, publicly, that I’ll be paying for any and all hospital bills you may have incurred. Again, my deepest apologies.

(Monica takes a deep breath, looks around, and then looks straight at the camera.)

Monica: Ever been to the Hard Rock cafe?

(The camera shakes back and forth, as if someone was nodding no.)

Monica: Well, come on! And, do be a dear and carry these for me, will you? (The camera shakes and is cut off as Monica hands her packages to the cameraman.)


Scene opens in a hospital room. The OWA Commissioner is sitting up in a bed]

Commish: Thanks for joining me for this time. I have a couple very important announcements.

First, I want to thank everyone involved for a wonderful PPV this past week. The numbers are astounding and I can safely say that the proceeds from the PPV will get LAW back on its feet. Therefore, the OWA will no longer fund LAW. LAW has proven its worth and with the 50 percent of profits going to that organization, they’ll be more than able to carry on.

Next, as announced previously, the next PPV is Holiday In Hell. The winning team will be allowed to pick partners and become the 6-man tag team champions. The last and final team for Holiday In Hell will be: Team “Debut”: Fast Fighter, Ricky Hype, Samantha Tanner and Tom Tomorrow. This will be their debut in the OWA.

Next, I’d like to address Johnny Fate. Manhandling an announcer will not be tolerated in the OWA. I realized you were provoked, so this is the only warning you get. If you have a problem with Biff, then handle it verbally. The only exception is if he lays his hands on you first. Another incident like the one at the PPV will result in suspension.

Finally, in regards to the incident involving Monica Brant from last week’s PPV. While I take partial responsibility for approaching her from behind, there is still no excuse for what happened. She was out of control. It is the decision of the executive committee to suspend Monica Brant for 60 days. In doing so, they also strip Monica Brant of the North American Championship. The North American Championship will go on the line on Feb 2nd at Endurance’s Evil Challenge. The winner of that tournament will be the new North American Champion. Monica Brant will not be eligible for that tournament. While I regret losing a very talented athlete, rules have to be laid out in order to keep control of things. Also, Team Fashion will not have the services of Monica Brant, instead she will be replaced by Wendy Ryker. Stacks Coltrain will be the new captain of that team.

It’s been a long week, but things are looking strong for the OWA. Thanks for your time.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling, and joining me for this broadcast, Elaine Bryant. Biff Franklin not able to be here this week, due to circumstances regarding Johnny Fate. Welcome to the show, Elaine.

Elaine: Thanks. What an announcement from the OWA Commissioner. OWA no longer associated with LAW and the suspension of Monica Brant, stripping her of the North American Title.

Ed: That was a major announcement, though rumors have been flying around the OWA to that extent, we finally have the official word from the Commish. On today’s card we’re going to see Mack Truck take on Davey Scott, and in a big match, Traci Lane will be tangling with Stacks Coltrain. Also, for the OWA TV Championship, Mariko will defend against Shogun, in what I believe is his third chance at the championship.

Elaine: Should be a great match. We’re also going to have the pairings for Holiday In Hell PPV. Let’s go to the ring for our first match.

Rainbow Warrior vs. Mr. America

Announcer: This match is one fall. Coming down the aisle, along with Pretty Boy Monty, weighing in at 280 pounds. Here is the Rainbow Warrior! And his opponent, weighing in at 275 pounds. Here is Mr. America!

Ed: Here we go. Mr. America tries to attack before the bell, but Warrior is watching, has him up for the bodyslam. Warrior with a belly to belly suplex. cover. one. Kickout by America.

Elaine: Great start by Rainbow Warrior. Warrior into the ropes. He misses an elbow, but immediately sets up for an atomic drop. America counters by going for a bulldog but Warrior counters that with a throw off. Warrior whips America into the turnbuckle, and charges in, but America gets his foot up.

Ed: America with an elbow. America with a doctor bomb. America places Warrior on the second turnbuckle and belly to belly superplex. Cover by America. one. two. Kickout by Warrior.

Elaine: Mr. America with a back suplex. He’s setting up Warrior for the Made in America piledriver. No. Warrior reverses with a Frankensteiner! One. two. three!!! Warrior with a pin.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 7: 05, Rainbow Warrior.

Ed: Looks like Warrior’s been doing his homework and was ready for that piledriver.

Freddy Fever

(Freddy Fever approaches the desk. )

Freddy: Here. Play this tape. This is my newest and most dangerous protégé. She will take the Plague into the next century! Play it!

Wendy Ryker

The camera cuts to a locker room where we find a very attractive, young brunette sitting on a bench lacing up her boots. She looks up and grins at the camera. Her long, brown hair is pulled back in a ponytails, and she is wearing a black two-piece outfit which leaves her arms, midriff and legs bare. Her boots are black as well. She is also wearing a ripped and faded denim jacket with “Wild Child” scripted on the back with metal studs.]

Wendy: Well, well. Looks like the OWA camera boys have decided to pay little, old Wendy a visit. Come on in, boys.

She smiles and motions for the camera to come closer.]

Wendy: So. Next week, I make my debut here in the OWA. Gonna be seen by all those couch potatoes out there in TV-wonderland. Whoop-de-freakin. -do.

Wendy smiles.]

Wendy: Ya know what? I’m not here to get the approval of the Couch potato-brigade. I’m not here to be a nice girl. I’m not here to give the suits another fan favorite name they can sell to the kiddies and put on the cereal boxes. I’m here for one reason, and that’s to beat people up and get paid for it.

Wendy grins and stands up, showing off a body with the right curves in all the right places.]

Wendy: Ya see, I may be smaller than the men here. I may be smaller than some of the women here. I may not be the strongest, or fastest or most technically accomplished in the OWA. What I am though is a girl with a “rip yer face off and feed it to ya” attitude. What I am is a girl who has fought big men in all out bar brawls, and trust me, there ain’t no rules to keep ya safe in a bar brawl. What I am, is your worst nightmare come to life once I step into that ring with ya. And hey, you never know who might be watching the Wild Child’s back. In fact it might even be. Whoops. No. Now that would be telling. Wouldn’t it? Can’t do that. You’re just gonna have to find out in due time like everyone else.

Wendy smirks as she walks towards the door.]

Wendy: Well, boys, that’s all the time I have for tonight. See ya round.

Wendy winks and blows a kiss at the camera, then leaves.]

Ed: Sounds like the Plague are getting stronger. Though, there were some harsh words from Executioner this past week, in regards to the Plague.

Elaine: I never thought that Executioner fit in with that group of slu.. er.. guys and gal, I guess. But he remains in the group, so he says. I hope he’s not distracted going into Holiday In Hell, or Traci Lane will be walking out as the new champion.

Ed: Let’s go to ringside for the debut of Billy Smith.

Billy Smith vs. Joe B Jobber

Announcer: This match is one fall. Already in the ring, weighing in at 250 pounds, here is Joe. B. Jobber! And his opponent. Making his OWA debut, weighing in at 245 pounds. Here is Billy Smith!

Ed: Billy goes after Jobber right at the bell, but Jobber quickly nails Smith with a punch. Clothesline by Jobber.

Elaine: Smith is not doing so we’ll in his debut. Oh. Well. Jobber with a shoulderblock, but Smith just nails him with a clothesline. Smith with an atomic drop.

Ed: Smith applies the Texas Cloverleaf and Jobber wastes no time in submitting.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 3: 33, Billy Smith!

Fast Fighter

(Fast Fighter is sitting in his radio studio)

FF: Crud, I can’t believe that after the ratings my special edition got they dropped my show. That isn’t right. They replaced it with some late night talk show. We’ll gawddamnit! I’ll show them. I busted my butt in these leagues, and they always gave me a raw deal. Then to act like they liked me and give me a belt for a week, then have me lose it at the PPV that was pure cruelty. Well, I’ll show them.

FF: Hey OWA, You’re probably gonna be suspicious of me, being that I come from the UEA and LAW is a UEA member, but they screwed me one too many times. They took away my radio show, they made me job in a LLT to a punk psycho-path loser god who killed my best-friend, then they forced me to job my title away in a week. So I have no loyalty for them. I want my revenge.

FF: No, I’ve never wrestled females before, but I sure as he’ll ain’t gonna take ‘em lightly like those punks at LAW are. As far as I’m concerned, you’re all my friends until you prove otherwise. Only after we destroy LAW and prove to them that they are the training ground not only to here, but to the rest of the UEA also will I go after the OWA belts.

FF: A little background real w\\quick, I was a 4-time all American in College. I got my nickname in college. I know almost every suplex in the book. Okay, enough history for now.

FF: Finally, all you heels out there better watch your backs. I may be a fan-favorite, but I sure as he’ll don’t take any sh*t from you morons. You even take a step toward me, and you’ll meet my friend here (pats hockey stick). So like I said, right now I’m calling you all friends until you prove otherwise.

Ed: Fast Fighter will be making his debut at Holiday In Hell. He’s part of Team Debut as announced earlier by the OWA Commissioner. With that, let’s go to ringside, where Shelly Marks is about to announce the pairings for Holiday In Hell, as we’ll as next week’s matches.

Holiday in Hell Update

Shelly: Thanks Ed. I’m here to announce the first round pairings for the Holiday In Hell tournament. Remember, the winners of the tournament will be crowned the first OWA 6-man champions. Here’s the pairings.

Team Fate: Captain Johnny Fate, Mack Truck, & Brawlers Inc. (Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel) will take on Team “Debut”: Captain Fast Fighter, Samantha Tanner, Tom Tomorrow, and Ricky Hype.

Team Plague: Captain Freddy Fever, The Chiefs and Asian Invasion will be going up against Team Femme: Captain Rachel Ryan, Consuelo Salyards, Mariko & Gustaffson

Team Fashion: Captain Stacks Coltrain, Amazon Woman, Wendy Ryker and Tara Quinn will be tangling with Team Thunder: Captain Miguel Thunder, Xyz, Davey Scott & Billy Smith

and finally.

Team Family: Captain Pretty Boy Monty, Rainbow Warrior, Jetstream, & Shogun will be going up against Team Elite: Captain Anthony Hazard, The Shocker, and the Extremists

Next week on OWA Championship Wrestling, one wrestler from each team will wrestler in a one on one bout. Those wrestlers have been selected randomly. Here are those matches.

Sabin Figaro vs. Fast Fighter
Mike Mustang vs. Gustaffson
Tara Quinn vs. Xyz
Jetstream vs. The Shocker

Also next week, OWA Champion Executioner will be defending his title against Anthony Hazard. That’s all from here. Back to Ed and Elaine. Oh. Get well, Biff!

Mack Truck vs. Davey Scott

Announcer: This match is one fall. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 399 pounds. Here is Mack Truck! And his opponent, weighing in at 280 pounds. Here is “Sexy Boy” Davey Scott!

Ed: Scott opens up quickly with a spin kick and an ear ringer. He misses a dropkick as Truck moves to the side. Truck with a whip. Reversal by Scott. Scott misses an elbow and Truck with a takeover suplex.

Elaine: Truck doesn’t seem to we’ll in spirits today. Truck with a shoulderblock. The phone’s ringing?

Ed: *picks up the phone* Hello?

Biff – on the phone: Guess who! That’s right, the “Voice” Biff Franklin. Let me tell you something. I’m lying at home in a neck brace thanks to that turkey Johnny Fate. That loser. That idiot. That moron. If he thinks he can get away with that. Let me tell you what. I’ve been on the phone all week with my lawyers and we are going to sue him for everything he’s got and everything he’s going to get. I may as we’ll OWN you Johnny Fate. I’ll be there next week. I’m not afraid of that idiot! GOOD. BYE! *click*

Ed: Sheesh. A guy can’t get in a word edgewise. During that interruption it’s been all Mack Truck. However it’s Truck missing with a flying clothesline. Scott gets the big guy up for a piledriver.

Elaine: Scott with a cover. one. two. kickout by Truck. Scott with a DDT and another spin kick. Scott goes for a crucifix, but Mack isn’t selling it. He falls back with a Samoan drop.

Ed: Mack off the ropes and spinning elbowdrop. Mack with another spinning elbowdrop. cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 16: 42, Mack Truck.

Elaine: Great win for Mack Truck. Unfortunately, he’s on the same team as Johnny Fate in Holiday in Hell.

Samantha Tanner

{Camera fades onto Samantha Tanner getting a rub down by a big muscular guy.}

Sam: Ohh. A little bit to the left. Ahhh right there!!! Now as you can see I’m preparing for my debut here in the OWA!!! I’m going to prove that I’m the sexiest woman alive, and that even the hottest of women can get a World Title!!! Soon Amazon Woman. You and I will meet!!! Samantha Tanner is going to pin you for the One. Two. Three!! There’s nothing. Absolutely nothing you can do about it!!! Ya know. Amazon. I’ve been watching you a lot lately, and you remind me of someone!! I can’t put my finger on it, but it’ll come to me. Let me think. Uhh. YEAH!!! It’s my fourth grade P.E. teacher!!! She was such a man!! Have you ever seen the skit called “PAT”??? We’ll it’s about this girl, and everyone doesn’t know if she’s a girl or not!! We’ll I couldn’t tell if it wasn’t for your name!! See I don’t have that problem. I’m perfect!!! I’m a 10!!! I’m 100% pure Sexy!!!! Now American boy or whatever your name is. I’m sorry, but the reason you’re so uptight is because you’re too busy with America!! What has American done for you that I can’t? You know since you had to go a put me down, it’s gonna be war but it didn’t have to be!!! Besides you couldn’t handle a woman like me!!! I’m sure that Amazon Woman wants to though, but sorry babe. I don’t swing that way!! So see ya until my debut!!!

Stacks Coltrain vs. Traci Lane

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, being led down the aisle by Pretty Boy Monty. She weighs in at 185 pounds. Here is Stacks Coltrain! And her opponent, weighing in at 185 pounds. Being led to the ring by the giant, Gustaffson, here is Traci Lane!

Ed: This is one match that a lot of people have been dying to see. Apparently these two grew up together and remain friends to this day. However, they are part of different stables. Two stables that have feuded with each other intensely.

Elaine: There’s a handshake between the two and there’s the bell. Let’s see where this goes. Lockup. Stacks quickly with a dragon suplex, however, Lane blocks it. Lane goes for a back suplex, but Stacks maneuvers herself to fall right down on Lane with a cross body block. cover. one. kickout by Lane.

Ed: Not really a close pin, but Stacks put Lane on the quick defensive on that one. Stacks hits Lane with a flying dropkick. Stacks with a jumping neck snap. Stacks with a whip. Traci tries for a kick, but Stacks nails her with a kick to the head.

Elaine: It’s been all Stacks since the beginning. Lane is going to have to mount some offense, especially since she has a shot at the OWA Title in a couple of weeks. A loss here would not be good. Stacks with a front facelock.

Ed: Stacks releases the hold and sets up Lane for a piledriver but Lane counters it with a backdrop. Stacks off the ropes and Lane nails her with a spinebuster slam. Lane sets up Stacks and chokeslam!

Elaine: Lane with a body slam and a jackknife power bomb. Cover by Lane. one. two. thr. kickout by Coltrain. Whip by Lane and powerslam off the ropes. Lane with a swinging neckbreaker and a Gorilla Press.

Ed: Lane off the ropes, Stacks catches her with a side suplex. Stacks goes to the top but Lane is up and throws her off the turnbuckle. Lane sets her up and Gorilla Press Piledriver!

Elaine: Cover. one. two. three!!

Ed: Hold on. Stacks foot was in the ropes, but no one saw it.

Elaine: I don’t think that Stacks even knew. There’s a sportsmanlike hug from the two and Lane raises Stacks hand as well. Great match. I’m sure once this tape is shown they’ll both want a rematch.

Tom Tomorrow

The camera opens on an abandoned warehouse, lit by beams of sunshine coming from between the slats of wood that cover the windows. The only movement comes from a few rats scurrying around. The camera pans to a spot, however, where the dust begins to stir inexplicably. We hear a low humming noise, soft at first, then growing louder. Slowly an object materializes before the camera. A glowing purple ellipsoid sphere, about 7 feet tall and four feet across at its widest point. Suddenly the front of the egg-shaped object pops open, and a strange blue mist pours out. But there is something else inside. A man. At first we only see a shadow, but as he steps out of his cocoon we see his full 6. 6” of height, his chiseled physique, his silver wrestling tights, his jet black boots, his close-cropped hair, his stern expression, and his steely gray eyes. He turns to inspect his surroundings, and, recognizing that he has arrived in an empty warehouse, gives a sneer of disgust.]

Man: So this is what the 1980s looked like.

He turns and stalks out of the camera’s view.]

OWA TV Championship: Mariko vs. Shogun

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the OWA TV Championship. Coming down the aisle, along with Pretty Boy Monty. Here is the challenger. He weighs in at 230 pounds. Here is Shogun! And his opponent. Being led down the aisle by giant Gustaffson, weighing 157 pounds. Here is the OWA TV Champion, Mariko!

Ed: There’s the bell for this title match. Lock up. Shogun with a chop. Mariko hits back with a chop. Shogun goes for a facebite, but Mariko nails him with a knee lift.

Elaine: Shogun promised to go for the face but Mariko is on guard now. Mariko with a thrust kick to the head and a double axhandle chop. Whip by Mariko. Reversal by Shogun. Mariko off the ropes with a shoulderblock. Snap mare by Mariko and a jumping side kick. No. Shogun ducks and is trying for a dragon suplex. Reversal by Mariko as she nails him with a clothesline.

Ed: Mariko with a flying bodypress. one. two. kickout by Shogun. Mariko with a piledriver. cover. one. two. kickout by Shogun. Mariko throws Shogun out of the ring. She runs him into the ringpost, then into the guardrail.

Elaine: She rolls Shogun back into the ring. She’s setting him up. She goes for the Spinning Crescent Kick but Shogun ducked. Shogun with a swinging neckbreaker and he nails her with the Palm Blow!

Ed: Shogun falls for the cover. one. two. three!!! We have a new TV Champion! Shogun has defeated Mariko.

Elaine: That was a great match.

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW OWA TV Champion. Shogun!

Ed: We are out of time for tonight. We’ll see you next week!


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