Jungle Mask vs. Freddy Fever; Asian Invasion defends the TV Championship against Davey Scott

[Ed and Biff open the show, before much happens, Ricky Hype comes down to the broadcast booth and presents Biff with ‘Fate’s Pipe’ bronzed. Biff thinks this is the greatest thing. We start the first match]

Tom Tomorrow vs. Shogun

Shogun starts off quickly, however, Tom Tomorrow takes advantage with several high impact moves.  Shogun mounts a comeback, however it’s Tom Tomorrow with a cradle and the pinfall.  Biff is happy about his gift, though he thinks Hype is just a loser trying to gain attention.

Harvard Earl

Harvard Earl is dressed quite casually sitting on a fine leather chair.  Across from him is a reporter for the wrestling insider who is dressed like an average Joe)

Reporter: Good day folks, I’m here with a future OWA wrestler and current LAW superstar Harvard Earl.  Hello Mr. Earl.

Harvard Earl: Yes… I really question what my servants were thinking when they let someone as shabbily dressed as yourself into my home.  Why you look about as classy as Tom, Dick, or Harry. I suppose the trash of this federation would be proud.

Reporter: I don’t see how putting me down accomplishes anything Mr. Earl.

Harvard Earl: I was not out to accomplish anything.  I was merely stating the simple facts.

Reporter: How do you think you will fair in the OWA?

Harvard Earl: Did you see that PPV of theirs?  They had a man named Biff and another named Bagel, this is the kind of trash I am out to rid the wrestling world of.  Back to how I will fair, did you see (cough) “Endurance Evil Challenge”?

Reporter: Well yes, why?

Harvard Earl: It was a laugh riot Mr….

Reporter: Ro..

Harvard Earl: I do not care about your name you nobody.  As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, they took so long to pin each other and the moves were nothing more than mediocre.  I will have no trouble competing, no, decimating this federation.

Reporter: Any background on yourself Mr. Earl?

Harvard Earl: I grew up in Baltimore as the luckiest child in the city.  I got everything his heart desired and I was educated at the highest levels.  Because I was so fortunate I was the victim of many mindless put downs from my peers, I decided I wanted to fight back and I hired the best trainers and coaches in the country to teach me how to wrestle.  When I went to Harvard I joined the team and won the NCAA records, do not even bother to check the records, it is a fact.  I am sick of seeing all the bums in professional wrestling earning big money while being uneducated twits so I am coming in to make sure that this injustice is stopped.  It is that simple.

Reporter: Well I’d like to say it was a pleasure.

Harvard Earl: Jeeves, escort this “man” out of my home.

Joe B Jobber vs. Harvard Earl

Harvard Earl attacks Joe. B. Jobber before the bell. Harvard Earl hits him with an elbowsmash and follows it with a Northern Lights Suplex.   Harvard Earl executes the double chickenwing submission. He breaks the hold after 17 seconds. Harvard Earl lifts up his nose and shouts “You people are the worthless scum of society!” Harvard Earl attempts an elbowdrop of the second rope, but Joe. B. Jobber counters it with a roll away. Joe B. Jobber misses with an elbowdrop. Harvard Earl executes the thumb to the throat. He lets go after 19 seconds. Harvard Earl attempts to whip Joe. B. Jobber to the turnbuckle, but Joe. B. Jobber reverses it.  Joe. B. Jobber charges into the corner and Harvard Earl hits him with the clawhold. He lets go after 13 seconds. Harvard Earl throws Joe. B. Jobber out of the ring. Harvard Earl executes the Road to Manners dive to the outside. Harvard Earl sets up a table. Harvard Earl excites a jawbreaker. Harvard Earl faceslams Joe. B. Jobber through the table. The table is broken in half. Harvard Earl throws Joe. B. Jobber back into the ring and goes for the pin. The cover one.. two.. three.

Lord Wolfgang Von Richter

[Scene opens outside a very grandiose mansion; manicured lawn, marble statues dotting the enclosed compound.  Two moor hounds can be seen chasing down a black squirrel, as a squire leads a magnificent stallion to the stables.] [Scene cuts to a lavish dining room, the white marble table crowded with many elegant dishes.  At the head of the table is The Baron, Wolfgang Von Richter, enormous even when sitting.  Next to him, an OWA reporter.]

Reporter: We’re here with OWA newcomer Baron, Wolfgang Von Richter.  Welcome to the OWA Baron.  How did joining the OWA come about for you?

[The Baron, in a deep aristocratic voice]

Baron: Before I can return to my homeland, I must demonstrate my worthiness to my people by bringing back something of great renown and magnitude. Placing myself in combat against the consummate warriors of the OWA and winning would be the equivalent of scaling the summit of Mount Everest solo, and would bring my people great respect.  A clash of strength and wills culminating in championship gold is the trial that will let me return to my beloved country.

Reporter: Is there a timetable for your…

[The Baron, cutting the reporter off]

Baron: Enough of this.  There will be time to learn of my family and the motherland.  Now let me show you some of my prized stallions I have brought with me.

[The Baron stands towering over the reporter, drapes his arm around the shoulders and leads her out through the colorful garden towards the stables.]

Virgo vs. Mr. America

America attacks Virgo before the bell and hurts him good on the outside.  He grabs the mike and challenges Tom Tomorrow.  Tomorrow rushes out to ringside and a brawl ensues.  Lots of damage to both competitors.  America uses a Tom Tomorrow t-shirt to choke down Tomorrow.  Tomorrow comes back and nails America a good one.  This brawl lasts several minutes.  They are separated by numerous security officers, Tomorrow gets the mike and says anytime anywhere.

Danny Bouchard

(Inside a Trois-Rivieres liquor store, Danny Bouchard and three or four friends stand, telling jokes.  Bouchard is still dressed in the undershirt and pants, only now with shoes and a ratty leather jacket.)

Bouchard: So the man says, you wanna see a [CENSORED]?  I got two of them in the backseat!  And the woman says, [CENSORED] the [CENSORED]!  I just wanted to see the hockey game!

(The group explodes into laughter.)

Friend #1: Pretty funny, Dan-O.  Pretty damn funny, eh?

Bouchard: Yeah, that’s a good one.  Did you hear the one about the whore and the bishop?   I tell you later.  It’s a [CENSORED] riot, you know?  HAHAHA!!!  Hey, listen up, you stupid Anglophones.  Speaking of riots, it’s gonna be another on watching me go through the competition here. Experience?  That’s another word for old, my friends.  I don’t see much separating me and a title here.

(A liquor store employee comes up to Bouchard.)

Employee: Excuse me sir, but you’re not allowed to smoke here, and if you aren’t buying anything, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave.

Bouchard: I will leave when I [CENSORED] choose to leave, it that all right with you, [CENSORED]? HAHAHAHA!!!

Employee: Well, uh… I…

Bouchard: Yeah, get out of here, [CENSORED] Anglo… like I was saying, best get the [CENSORED] out of my way,  because when it comes to wrestling, I’m the Pride Of Trois-Rivieres, and what the [CENSORED] do you expect to do about it?  HAHAHA!!!

Jobber #1 vs. Danny Bouchard

Danny Bouchard comes down to ringside in fleur-de-lis short tights. When the jobber attacks him, he hits him with a kick to the midsection, followed by a kick to the head.  He then executes an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle.  After a minute or so of slaps and kicks, Bouchard hits a brain buster, then goes to the top and hits a flying kneedrop. He picks the jobber up, and executes the Leaping DDT.   Just then, he notices a fan harassing him in English.  Bouchard leans over the top rope and starts cursing at the Anglophone in French, then he hits the Leaping DDT again, gets the pins, and goes outside to go face-to-face with the fan before he is pulled away.

Winner Danny Bouchard

Mr. America

[Mr. America comes out, with two security officers right behind.  He asks the commissioner to come out.  The commissioner comes out and Mr. America demands a match with Tom Tomorrow, pushes the mic into the chest of the Commissioner and walks out of the ring.  The commissioner agrees to a match for March 2nd.  He also states that since Mr. America and Tom Tomorrow are so bent on getting to each other, they are now considered draws #1 and #2 for Caged Fury the match.  They will be in the cage 5 minutes before any of the other competitors are allowed into the ring.  He walks off]

Michelle Cox

[Camera opens on “Nature Girl” Michelle Cox sitting in a hot tub in her Jacksonville, Florida home.  She is quite relaxed.  She sits up and claps her hands.  A butler appears.]

Cox: [smiling] Pierre, won’t you get me a bottle of wine.

Butler: My pleasure Madame.

Cox: Thank you.

[The butler walks out of camera view.]

Cox: [sighs] Ah, this is what it’s all about.  Sitting her soaking in the Florida sunshine and living the life.  Soon, I’ll have dozens of guys coming in and being all they can be to please me.

That’s not what I’m here to talk about though.  I’m just one week away from making my debut here in the OWA.  I’ve got a new territory to conquer, and I plan on doing it quickly.  Right to the OWA title. I plan on being the champ, and no one can stop this wrecking machine from getting there.  It doesn’t matter what I’ve got to do or who’ve I’ve got to beat because I will be the OWA champion.  Bank on it.

[Cox winks at the camera as it fades to black

Jungle Mask vs. Freddy Fever

Match starts out wildly.  Mask with a cheap shot gains the advantage.  And holds it for quite a while.  She goes to the top turnbuckle, and Fever throws her off the top to the outside.  Fever nails with a double axhandle off the turnbuckle.  More action outside before Fever leaps off the apron to be caught with a powerslam by Mask.  She hotshots him on the guardrailing, busting him open around the mouth area.  She rolls him into the ring and clamps on the cobra clutch.  Fever bleeds profusely from the mouth and he goes out quickly.  Mask releases the hold before the ref can count out Fever and nails him with a running powerslam and gains the pinfall.  After the match she again nails him with two running powerslams and applies a cobra sleeper.  Stacks Coltrain makes the save.

Winner: Jungle Mask


[In a dark room, Shelly Marks can only be seen because of the light from the camera]

Marks:  Hello everyone, I’m here with the OWA’s newest wrestler.  I would tell you his name, but he is so new, I do not have that information yet.

[Shelly looks around the room]

Marks:  Umm…Are you in here?

[A man dressed in a black poet’s shirt, white baggy pants and black wrestling boots walks into the light.  He is of a tanned completion and has long white hair] [Startled, Shelly jumps back a step] [Marks, attempting to gather herself] Oh my!  Uhh…and you are?

Man: I am what wakes you up in a cold sweat at night.  I am what makes your heart race when you turn down your lights.  I am the demon alive within all of you.

[Shelly is trying to keep from shaking as the man moves closer to the camera]

Man: I have been woken from a long and peaceful sleep.  And now it is once again time for you remember the fear and embrace it for what it is.

Marks:  Ok, so what do you…?

Man, interrupting: I am Nightmare!  Fear not, I am within all of you and at your side always.

[Nightmare walks backward out of site]

Marks:  Umm…Nightmare?  Are you still here?

[She looks to the camera then around the dark room]

Marks:  Nightmare…You’re gone?  Ok then, there you have it everyone.  Nightmare, the newest wrestler in the OWA.  Sounds kinda scary to me, but kinda out there too.

[The room goes black

[Elaine Bryant reports on commotion in the locker room.  Virgo charges into Mr. America’s locker room and before Mr. America can do anything, Virgo nails him with a vicious clothesline.  Faceslam on the concrete by Virgo and America is out.  Virgo spray paints a large ‘V’ over Mr. America’s flag.

[Scene quickly changes back to the broadcast booth where the OWA Commish makes another appearance.  Biff tries to kiss butt, but the OWA Commissioner tells him to can it.  Commish states he’s tired of this crap that’s going on in the OWA.  Cheap shots and damages.  He says that on March 2nd, Virgo will be put in the ring with Mr. America and Tom Tomorrow in a triangle match, and the Virgo has just drawn #3 for Caged Fury.  The Commish storms off very angry.  Ed points out that America, Tomorrow and Virgo will have a tough night at Caged Fury.]

Nightmare vs. John B Jobber

[The lights go out in the entire arena.  A few seconds later, they come on with Jobber in a sleeper hold by Nightmare.  Jobber is just about out of it as the bell sounds to start the match]

Nightmare throws Joe B. Jobber into the corner and follows him in with a running forearm smash

Nightmare picks Joe B. Jobber up and throws him across the ring with ease

Joe B. Jobber nails Nightmare with a flying clothesline, but Nightmare didn’t go down

Nightmare hits Joe B. Jobber with a short clothesline

Nightmare has him setup for his double underhook piledriver.  He reaches to the sky, then wraps Joe B. Jobbers arms and nails him with it

Time of match is 4:37.

Caged Fury Report

Myers: I’m Myers Watterson and this is your first Caged Fury report. 

Before we run down the other matches on the card, let’s take a look at Caged Fury: The Match.

Imagine War Games and the Royal Rumble combined.

25 names are put into a barrel and two are drawn out. They enter a two ring cage complete surrounded. No way out. The only way in is through a door. The first two wrestler for 5 minutes. At the Five minute mark another wrestler is drawn and allowed to enter the cage. Every two minutes thereafter, another wrestler enters the ring. It’s every person for themselves. There can be no eliminations until all 25 wrestlers have entered the ring. Once all 25 are in the ring, then the eliminations can start. Pinfall, submission or referee’s discretion will results in someone being eliminated from the cage!

The match continues until there is only one wrestler remaining in the cage and that person is the winner. That person will also get an OWA Title shot at Press Your Luck in May.

Now, 10 names have already been announced: Mariko, Johnny Stallion, Tom Tomorrow, Virgo (replacing Chaos), Mr. America, Miguel Thunder, Freddy Fever, Pretty Boy Monty, Gustaffson (now in place of Traci Lane) and Stacks Coltrain!

This week, we have 5 more names to add to that list:  Anthony Hazard, Executioner, Shogun, Taleis, and Mike Mustang.

We already know that draws 1 to 3 have been selected by the OWA Commissioner as Mr. America, Tom Tomorrow and Virgo.  The other number will more than likely be drawn randomly prior to the event.

Now, other matches have been signed:

Newly crowned OWA Champion, Traci Lane will be allowed to pick her challenger for the OWA Title.  Her selection has not yet been made.

OWA Tag Team Champions, The Extremists, will be taking on the team of Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker.

North American Champion Rainbow Warrior will defend against Billy Smith.

For the OWA TV Championship, Asian Invasion will be challenged by Consuelo Salyards.

All this excitement, brought to you by the OWA.  Catch it on PPV on March 9th

OWA TV Championship: Asian Invasion vs. Davey Scott

See saw battle.  Scott takes an early lead with high impact and quick maneuvers.  Scott misses a dive and Invasion takes over.  Invasion dishes out quite a bit of punishment for about 15 minutes.  Scott rallies a comeback, however time expires.  Scott delivers the Spinning Piledriver and cover, counting to three himself.  However Asian Invasion retains the title on the draw.

Match is a draw.

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