The fallout from Caged Fury; Traci Lane takes on Anthony Hazard for a shot at the main event of Crime Spree; TV Champion Shogun takes on Davey Scott; Danny Bouchard battles Gustaffson

Previously at Caged Fury

Biff: She’s pulling something out from under the ring. Lane comes up behind, reaching over the ropes and grabs a hold of that mask to try and pull Jungle Mask back into the ring. Mask just nailed Lane with. Whatever it was and Lane flies backwards.

Ed: The referee completely missed that and Lane is down and out! Jungle Mask slithers back into the ring and. what is she doing?

Biff: Mask pulls off her mask and.

Ed: OH MY!!! That’s… That’s… That’s…

Biff: What the hell?!? That’s Monica Brant!!!! She covers Lane! One. two. three! We have a new OWA Champion in Monica Brant! What the hell does she think she’s doing? She was a Femme!

Ed: Monica Brant is Jungle Mask! She applies the Fashion Statement sleeper to Lane! We’re going to need some help out here. And here comes the Femmes and Brant grabs the title and hightails it out of there. She goes through the audience and she’s outta here.

Biff: What the hell?!? What the hell?!? Monica Brant?!?

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and the NEW OWA Champion.

There’s a pause as the announcer confers with the referee.]

Announcer: Monica Brant!

A black screen flashes the date, “February 15, 1996. A black and white picture moves slowly. Anthony Hazard lifts up Traci Lane and delivers the Reverse Power Slam and goes for the cover. one. two. three!! Hazard gets to his feet and lifts his arms in the air. The referee hands him the OWA Championship and the motion stops then shatters, leaving the OWA Championship Wrestling logo. ]

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. Over a year ago. Anthony Hazard defeated Traci Lane to become the OWA Champion and with the exception of a rematch, these two have never stepped into the ring against each other one on one. Tonight, just as it was on February 15, 1996, Traci Lane will battle Anthony Hazard. However, it will not be for the OWA Championship as you saw at the open of the show, Monica Brant is our new OWA Champion. It was revealed that for weeks, she was the one who put on the charade of Jungle Mask and now she’s the OWA Champion. So, tonight’s main event will be a rematch from over a year ago. Will Anthony Hazard derail Traci Lane’s battle back to the championship, or can Traci Lane avenge her loss of over a year ago and defeat Hazard. We already know that Monica Brant will have to defend her OWA Championship against Pretty Boy Monty as one of the competitors in the Triple Threat Ladder match main event of Crime Spree. The winner of this match between Traci Lane and Anthony Hazard will be the final participant.

Biff: Traci Lane has improved immensely as has Anthony Hazard but I’m not here to talk about that. I’ve seen the web page and if you think I’m getting into the ring with Little Ricky you’ve got another think coming, pal.

Ed: The contract has been forced by the OWA Board of Directors.

Biff: Screw that. I have a court ordered injunction that states that I will NOT be in any one on one encounters in the OWA. There’s no way they can do that to me. I’m a retired wrestler and I am now an announcer. I am not getting back in the ring. So Ricky? Bite me, pal.

Ed: Hype must have heard you Biff, here he comes.

Ricky Hype

Camera shows Ricky Hype walking towards Ed and Biff, then stopping in front of their table]

Ricky Hype, reaching out and shaking Ed’s hand: Hi Ed, nice to see ya. [Hype then turns to Biff, and then grabs the Fate Pipe: I should’ve wrapped this around your head for a present, then stuffed it down your putrid mouth. You don’t deserve a gift from anyone! That’s why I can’t understand why you have given ME such a nice present.

Biff: I didn’t give you ANYTHING loser!

Ricky Hype: You jest Biff OLD boy! Remember CRIME SPREE? The SHOW vs. The CLOWN! Ringling Brothers are coming out to watch me Hyper Drive that big red nose of yours into the mat. Of course you’re such an illiterate, ignoramus, know-nothing, blockhead, numskull, dullard, simpleton, dunce, fool, bonehead, duffer, dolt, turkey, twerp, imbecile, cretin, moron, dimwit, JERK! What was I saying? Anyway, you’ll probably back out like the wimp you really are.

Ricky, turning to Ed: Sorry Ed. Have a nice night.

In total disgust, Ricky takes the Fate Pipe and walks back to the locker rooms]

Biff: Idiot and he didn’t hear the good news about the injunction. Dream on Little Ricky. You’ll never get me in the ring. Ever.

Ed: Can you dig yourself in any deeper? On today’s card, we’ll have a recap of last week’s Caged Fury as we’ll as more information about Crime Spree. In fact, I’m told we’ll have a startling announcement in regards to a match between the Tag Team Champions and the Extremists that is being set up for Crime Spree.

Biff: I’ve heard rumors but nothing’s been substantiated. But I have a feeling this one is going to be good.

Ed: We have a lot in store this week. Before we go to ringside, let’s hear these prerecorded comments from Danny Bouchard.

Biff: Are the censors ready?

Danny Bouchard

(Trois-Rivieres. Danny Bouchard stands in front of a Trois-Rivieres bar, cigarette in hand.)

Bouchard: Stupid [CENSORED] no-smoking bylaws. you know, I just thought I’d relax a bit tonight, what with the big match tomorrow against that [CENSORED] Gustaffson, and all I wanna do is maybe have a beer, have some fun, you know, [CENSORED] like dat, and they tell me I can’t [CENSORED] smoke a [CENSORED] cigarette! Goddamn hell. So I guess after thins, I go back home, rest up for the big match. Me against Gustaffson. The Pride Of Trois-Rivieres against some stupid Scandinavian [CENSORED] who still needs help putting his clothes on the right way. You been awful quiet the last couple a weeks, eh, Gussy? Starting to think maybe it wasn’t such a [CENSORED] good idea to put Danny Bouchard in the hospital after all, am I right? I’m not like the other morons in the OWA, I don’t fear you, and maybe you can’t handle the fat that some guy has come waltzing into your federation just as you lost the title, and he put some pressure on you, and even putting him in the hospital couldn’t stop him from [CENSORED] up your shot at the title, am I right? I think, my friend, that I am, eh? I tell you what, you’re a big man, a couple of leaping DDTs, you’re going to feel very small, my boy. I can only wait with the greatest of anticipation for our match up. Have a nice [CENSORED] day, scumbag.

Danny Bouchard vs. Gustaffson

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, already in the ring, weighing in at 255 pounds. Here is Danny Bouchard! And his opponent. Coming down the aisle. Standing 7. 2” and weighing in at 367 pounds. Here is the giant. Gustaffson!

Ed: This one is underway already. Bouchard nailed Gus as he entered the ring and is stomping him down.

Biff: Haha. As much as I think the big guy is a great competitor. He’s not all that bright. A couple of kicks to the head by Bouchard and a DDT. cover. one. Kickout by big Gus. Bouchard with a lariat and another cover. one. t. kickout by Gus.

Ed: Bouchard’s got his work cut out for him. He’s going to have to get the former OWA Champion in a more compromising position. Bouchard with a kick to the midsection and a short lariat. Whip by Bouchard but Gustaffson just runs him over with a massive running forearm smash!

Biff: The crowd is getting behind the giant now. A hard elbow and a DDT! Gustaffson sets him up and POWERBOMB! Cover. one. two. thr. Kickout by Danny Bouchard. Gustaffson with a dragon suplex. Gustaffson cracks his knuckles and. he applies a full nelson. Bouchard is in serious trouble here. I don’t think anyone in the OWA is as strong as big Gus.

Ed: The referee is asking for a submission and OH!

Biff: That’s one way to get out of it.

Ed: Bouchard lifts up his back leg and nails Gus with a low blow. Gus is in a lot of pain. The referee is questioning Bouchard who denies any wrong doing.

Biff: Like he’d admit to it. This is not preschool. This is the OWA! Bouchard with a chokehold. one. two. three. four. He breaks and applies it again. one. two. three. Four and again the referee is in Bouchard’s face.

Ed: Bouchard setting up Gus. He’s going to finish him off with the Leaping DDT! NO! Gustaffson with a backdrop and a choke slam! Cover. one. two. thre. no. Bouchard gets his foot in the ropes.

Biff: Gus is going for another choke slam but Bouchard with an eye gouge and a hotshot! Cover. one. two. three!! Bouchard beats Gustaffson!

Announcer: The winner of the match in 20: 11, Danny Bouchard!

Ed: That’s what I would call an upset of sorts. I don’t think anyone expected Bouchard to take this one. Let’s go to Myers Watterson with our Crime Spree update.

Crime Spree Update

Myers: Thanks guys. I’m Myers Watterson with your first official Crime Spree update.

With the success of Caged Fury right at our heels, we’re looking ahead to May 4th as the OWA Presents Crime Spree, only on PPV. Let’s run down a few of the matches that have already been signed but first, announced earlier this week.

Ricky Hype was scheduled to face off with announcer Biff Franklin. However a court ordered injunction produced earlier today by Biff Franklin has put this issue on hold. The OWA Board of directors are fighting the injunction.

The North American title will be on the line at Crime Spree in not one but three matches. Current champion, Billy Smith will take on Taleis in the first match and if he’s successful hell be going on to meet Davey Scott in the second. And if Billy Smith makes it past Scott, he’ll take on former champion Rainbow Warrior in the last match. The title will be on the line in each of the three matches.

Another match that was signed is a roof match, pitting Mr. America against Virgo. With the injuries sustained by Tom Tomorrow in Caged Fury, it appears that Tom may be able to compete at Crime Spree. However, as it stands, America will take on Virgo. On top of the arena, a cage will be put up all the way around the building. However, there will be a 6-foot opening along one wall of the cage. The object? To push your opponent through that 6-foot opening out off the roof. Never fear, below an inflatable mattress will be set up, just like they are used in movies to catch the stunt actors. Next week, Shelly Marks will have a special report from the site of Crime Spree regarding this match.

The main event will be a Triangle Ladder match. Newly crowned and controversial OWA Champion Monica Brant will defend her title against Pretty Boy Monty, who won the Caged Fury event last week. The main event of tonight’s card will tell us the third competitor in the match as Traci Lane battles Anthony Hazard to fill that void. Now, I’m told we have Elaine Bryant standing by with information on another match signed for Crime Spree. Let’s go to her now.

Scene changes to what looks like a bar. The location is unknown at this time]

Elaine: Thanks Myers. I’m standing here in Kyle’s Bar and Grill in downtown Seattle Washington. This establishment has been here for over 50 years, and in about 6 weeks time will close the doors once and for all. In fact, May 3rd, Kyle’s will be closing its doors forever. What does this have to do with the OWA and Crime Spree? I didn’t know until I got here and received a fax from the BOD of the OWA. Let me read from this statement: Dear OWA Fans and wrestlers. The actions of The Extremists and the Femme Fatale during our last PPV, Caged Fury, was completely out of line and over the line. We feel that considering they both wrestled a grueling match at Caged Fury, they had enough energy to perpetrate 2 attacks on each other. Therefore, in order to release their hostilities in an environment that is more suitable for them, on May 4th, during Crime Spree, the Extremists will battle the team of Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker in a match to take place at Kyle’s Bar and Grill and to be shown live during Crime Spree. This match is sanctioned as a Seattle Bar Room Brawl. There will be no rules. The match will go until both members of the opposing team cannot respond to a 10 count. No spectators will be allowed in the building. Providing that one of the two teams holds the OWA Tag Team Championship, it will be on the line. However, this match is between The Extremists and Ryan/Ryker, regardless as to their status as champions. Play by play will be done remotely. The only other persons that will be allowed to be present will be the camera crew, and an official for the sake of signifying when this match is over. We feel this match will serve as a way to conclude the hostilities displayed to each other by both teams. Simon Simone III OWA Board of Directors Member.

Elaine: There you have it. An actual Bar Room Brawl set for Crime Spree. Let’s get back to Ed and Biff.

Biff: What the hell is going on around here? What is this Board of Directors thinking? Crime Spree is going to be a blood bath. Murders will be committed.

Ed: You’re overreacting.

Biff: Overreacting?!? They want someone to throw someone off the roof of an arena!

Ed: We have comments from the OWA TV Champion.


(Shogun is practicing his fighting stances. After a few moves he stops and says. )

Shogun: Davey, there will be no war between you and I. There will be only one battle, and after Sunday you will be no more….Remember there is strength in numbers. So don’t give that I’m don’t believe in stables crap!!! The problem is Davey, that you are such a useless wrestler that nobody wants you in their Stables!!!! The fact is, the Family rules the OWA and Sunday you will feel our WRATH!!!!!!

OWA TV Championship: Shogun vs. Davey Scott

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First, coming down the aisle, weighing in at 280 pounds. Here is the challenger. Davey Scott! And coming down the aisle, being accompanied to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty, weighing 230 pounds. Here is the OWA TV Champion. Shogun!

Ed: The OWA TV Championship is on the line. There’s a bell and I think this is the first time these two have locked up. Speaking of lock up. Scott and Shogun lock up. Whip by Shogun. Scott with an armdrag takedown. Scott with a whip and Shogun ducks a clothesline and Shogun nails him with a flying karate chop.

Biff: Shogun with the advantage. No. Scott with a spinning mule kick that staggers the TV Champion and a superkick and Shogun is down. There’s a cover. one. two. Kickout by Shogun. Scott off the ropes. He goes for a flying clothesline but Shogun ducks and Shogun nails Scott with a thrust kick to the head.

Ed: Shogun with a yakuza kick. Shogun attempts an octopus hold but Scott with a hiptoss. Scott misses an elbowdrop. Shogun with a dragon suplex. Scott to his feet. Shogun off the ropes and Scott nails him with a kick to the midsection and a DDT!

Biff: Scott slaps on a figure four and Shogun is in a world of hurt. He reaches towards the ropes, but they’re a long way off. He tries to scoot backward. He slumps to the matt. one. two. Shogun with a shoulder up and again he reaches back for the ropes.

Ed: Finally Shogun with the ropes and Scott breaks the hold. Scott goes to the outside and sets up a table. He climbs back into the ring and whips Shogun then backdrops him out of the ring and through the table! OH MY!

Biff: Shogun in a lot of trouble here. Scott rolls outside and throws Shogun back into the ring, then goes to the top and he leaps off but WHOA! Shogun nails him with the Palm Blow as he came off. cover. one. two. three!!!

Ed: Shogun retains the TV Title.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 8: 35, and still OWA TV Champion. Shogun!

Ed: Let’s go to comments from Asian Invasion.

Asian Invasion

(The camera opens up with several shots of country sides around America, which appear to be shot from a moving vehicle. Finally, it stops at an Aamco gas station. The shot then cuts to the outside of the bus, which then reveals a bus with the words “The Way It Is. “ painted on the side, and Asian Invasion pumping some gas. At this point, some elaborate music begins to play, and you see old shots of Asian Invasion hosting the show, attacking different OWA wrestlers from behind, and holding the TV Title. It then finally cuts to inside the bus, where Asian is sitting in a chair.)

Invasion: Well, well, we’ll OWA, Asian Invasion is now back to tell YOU (points at the camera) the way it is, here on a special edition for OWA Championship Wrestling. The only reason I am doing this is to actually expose the truth, since all you dim-witted fools out there wouldn’t let Biff do it, instead you let PUNKS like this Ricky Hype run around like wild monkeys!!! Anyway, I’m gonna make this quick, since you cheap snots aren’t gonna pay me for my time. Let me show you a little thing I like to call, “The Other People Besides Me In The OWA”.

(The words The Other People Besides Me In The OWA flash onto the screen, and a nifty jingle is played.)

Invasion: Ahem, first, we have Shogun. Look, you beat me this time, and again, you are the TV champ, so what??? Don’t get too used to it though, I don’t plan on sitting around belt-less for along. Next, Billy Smith, BILLY SMITH??? Oh, hold on, isn’t he the, yeah, somehow, this boy is North American Champ!!! Oh, That’s funny (begins laughing hysterically) Ah, excuse me, anyway, Smith. Ah forget it. And what’s up with all the new kids in town??? Danny Bouchard, Harvard Earl, Michelle Cox, Wolfgang Von Richter, Nightmare, what did the Commish do before he joined the circus, take a recruiting trip to Slippery Rock Junior High??? Hey, if any of you kids can get out of day care long enough to come wrestle a REAL match, please do. And next, Mariko, Consuelo Salyards, and Wendy Ryker. Another sign of how much intelligence flows through the Femmes camp. We’ve got one woman who I don’t think I’ve ever heard talk, one woman who thinks she Spanish because she used to work at Taco Bell, and one woman who has to be one of the dumbest broads in the world. I’d love to get a shot at those three, I would like to find some decent partners, but most of you guys are scrubs anyway. And finally, I’d just like to remind everyone out of three things, ONE, I deserve, and will get a rematch for MY TV Title. TWO, Shogun, I’ll be watching you closely, trust me. THREE, I’m Asian Invasion, and That’s The Way It Is!!!

Ed: Strong words from Asian Invasion. Doesn’t look like he’s interested in making any friends in the OWA anytime soon.

Biff: Bah. Friends. Who needs em? They just leach off ya and then forget to flush.

Ed: That’s quite enough.

Biff: Sheesh. I’m only telling the truth.

OWA Trio Tag Championship: Consuelo Salyards/Mariko/Wendy Ryker vs. Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades/Shocker

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is for the OWA Trio Tag Championship. First, entering the ring, weighing in at a total combined weight of 763 pounds. Here are Johnny Blades. Danny Maxx. The Shocker, collectively known as The Elite! And introducing the champions. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at a total combined weight of 442 pounds. Representing the Femme Fatale. Here are Consuelo Salyards. Mariko and one half of the OWA Tag Team Champions. Wendy Ryker!

Ed: This one is for the OWA Trio Tag Championship. So. Biff. You’re afraid to get into the ring with Ricky Hype. Is that it?

Biff: Listen up Cosell. I’m just giving the kid a break. I mean. Why embarrass him so young in his career.

Ed: That’s what I thought. You’re scared.

Biff: Shut up.

Ed: There’s the bell. Looks like it’ll be Mariko starting out against The Shocker. There’s been a lot going on between these two teams. It wasn’t that long ago that the Femmes and the Elite were allies against the Family. And now they are at each other’s throats. A little conferring on the part of the Elite and the Shocker steps in.

Biff: Lock up. Whip by Mariko and a flying headscissors takedown. Snap mare by Mariko and she drops an elbow to the top of the head of Shocker. Mariko with a whip. She goes for a spin kick but Shocker holds on to the ropes and tags in Danny Maxx.

Ed: Maxx with a whip. Reversal by Mariko. Spin kick by Mariko. She tags in Consuelo Salyards. A double whip by the Femmes and they nail him with a double kick to the midsection and a double team face slam. Mariko leaves the ring and Consuelo nails Maxx with a flying fistdrop.

Biff: Salyards with a small package. one. two. Kickout by Maxx. Salyards tags back in Mariko. Hmm, wonder if Ryker’s injured. She’s not getting into the action here. Salyards with a spinebuster and Mariko with a flying karate chop. Good teamwork by the Femme Fatale.

Ed: Consuelo leaves the ring. Mariko with a springboard legdrop but Maxx with a roll away. He nails Mariko with a bodyslam. Shoulderblock by Maxx and a moonsault bodyblock. one. two. Kickout by Mariko. Cross corner whip by Maxx. He charges in by Mariko with a knee staggers the Extremist member.

Biff: Mariko now tags in Ryker. Ryker holds one half of the OWA Tag Team Championship, as we’ll as one third of the Trio Tag Title. However, will they still be champions when this one is over? Maxx makes a tag to Johnny Blades. Blades quickly with a double ax handle and a spin kick but no. Ryker ducks the kick and nails Blades with a headbutt.

Ed: Ryker with a whip but Blades comes off with a huge clothesline. He’s off the ropes again but Ryker nails him with a kick to the midsection and a DDT! Out of nowhere. cover. one. two. thre. NO! Maxx makes the save. This one was over. Here comes Mariko. She nails Maxx and in comes Shocker and Consuelo.

Biff: The referee is trying to gain some control here. He’s trying to get Mariko and Salyards back out of the ring and OH! Double DDT by the Extremists on Wendy Ryker. This one is over. The ref sees Maxx and Shocker still in the ring. Mariko in with a Spinning Crescent Kick on Blades! And she rolls Ryker over on top of the unconscious Blades.

Ed: Referee with the count. one. two. three!! Femmes have retained their titles. Let’s get the official decision.

Announcer: Winners of the match and STILL OWA Trio Tag Champions. Mariko, Wendy Ryker and Consuelo Salyards!


(camera opens in on a man wearing a long, brown trench coat that is closed, black pants, and black boots. The man has long, white hair that is tied at the bottom of the back and there are two small braids on either side of his head in the front corners, which are held together by a small, metal clip. The man walks along a dark, city street at night. Rain pours down from above and it hits the ground making splashes in the puddles. The man lifts his head up to the camera and you can see that he has a very pale skin tone, his eyes are cold and dark, and his smile is menacing and reveals two sharp canine teeth on each side of his mouth. As the man walks down the street, the street lights flicker as he passes them. The man stops, standing on top of an overpass and begins to speak with a dark, raspy voice)

Man: O. W. A. (he pauses for a brief second). I’ve been all over the world. I have witnessed what they had to offer and each time the result came out the same. No challenge, no competition but the thing they all ran out of the quickest was blood. My name is Blackout, but that is something that could have gone unsaid either way. (Blackout looks over the overpass with his hands placed on the railing)

Blackout: Much like these very streets. The OWA shall feel my presence, but in due time. The only reason that I am even here is to quench my never-ending thirst for blood. It’s the one thing I crave, whether I drink it or it just gets on my skin. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, hell, it doesn’t even matter if it’s my very own blood. Unfortunately for you, my blood doesn’t taste as good to me as someone else’s, especially if it’s fresher.

(Blackout chuckles and then begins to walk along the street again. He walks into a back alley. There is a bum sitting against the building with long scraggly brown hair. Blackout stops a little ways in front of the bum and continues)

Blackout: As much as I would like to keep this interview going, dinner beckons me, if you catch my drift. (chuckles) See you soon, OWA. (the camera switches to a view outside of the alley and as it fades to black you can hear the sound of a man’s scream in the night’s air and then a dark and low pitched laughter to follow. Black.)

Ed: Blackout is on his way into the OWA.

Biff: That guy gives me the creeps.

Ed: Earlier we got some comment from former OWA Champion, Traci Lane.

Traci Lane

(Traci Lane is sitting in her den, watching a big-screen television as it replays her last World’s Title match with Anthony Hazard: )

Anthony Hazard hits Traci Lane with a clothesline. Anthony Hazard takes her down with a legdrop. Traci Lane runs into the ropes. Traci Lane misses with a clothesline. Anthony Hazard executes a dropkick. Anthony Hazard nails her with a legdrop. Anthony Hazard nails her with a cobra clutch. Anthony Hazard lets go after 17 seconds. Anthony Hazard is going for the pin. Referee counts: One, two, kickout. Anthony Hazard takes her down with a flying kneedrop. Anthony Hazard nails her with a double-axhandle chop that sends the champion out through the ropes and to the floor. Freddy Fever has come to ringside and has attacked the champion, whipping her into the ring post. Fever tosses Lane back into the ring. Monica Brant has hit ringside and attacked Freddy Fever. Anthony Hazard executes the Reverse Power Slam and goes for the pin. Referee counts: One, two, three.]

(Traci shuts off the tape, and turns to the camera.)

Traci: Outside interference notwithstanding, that was one of the great matches in OWA history. Time and again, Hazard has shown everyone the kind of character and fortitude that all beltholders must have to be the best. He’s earned the right to consider himself a legend. As for me, frankly, the last time I was champion, I wasn’t ready, and I didn’t understand that. I’d trained, studied my opponent, and done all the usual pre-match preparation that had worked before. But I’d never faced a legend, and that was the difference. Even as we stood in the ring before the match, facing one another, I felt like I was facing the champ, not the reverse. It threw me off my game, and I suspect that even if Fever hadn’t shown up, I’d’ve been lucky to walk away with the strap.

Traci: That’s not the case now. The roles aren’t exactly reversed, but now I’ll be facing him as an equal, a shot at the greatest prize in all of professional wrestling is at stake. When we’re in that ring together again, under the lights, eye to eye, you’ll be what you should have been the first time, Anthony: the challenger. The one who has to BEAT the champ to BE the champ. And that may happen. But I intend to defeat you, Anthony, and I proved recently that I know how to do so. The onus is on ME to put my strategy into effect.

Traci: I’ll admit that I’d considered filming this flash amidst a crowd of my fans, the “Little Widows”, as it were, but realized how strange that would look. Granted, I do perform charity work and sign autographs, but doing so for public display isn’t my style. That’s not intended as a slam, mind you; what Anthony does is very noble. But I prefer to carefully control the circumstances of my public exposure. Be that as it may, I hope the young man in the wheelchair won’t be too terribly disappointed if win. Perhaps we can both visit him afterwards, regardless of the outcome. (Traci clasps her hands together.)

Traci: So, it’s once more unto the breach, dear friend, as we battle for the proudest trophy in professional sports. Bring your best game, Anthony, as you KNOW I’ll bring mine. (She winks.) Don’t forget–dinner’s on the winner.

(The camera moves past her, to where the OWA Championship had been previously displayed and fades out.)

Cameraman: You’re supposed to talk about.

Traci: Not today. Not yet.

Biff: All that talking and not once did she address the betrayal of Monica Brant?

Ed: Can you blame her? She’s only had a week to let it sink in. Let’s go down to ringside for our main event.

Traci Lane vs. Anthony Hazard

Announcer: This match is one fall with the winner advancing to the main event of Crime Spree to battle for the OWA Championship. Coming down the aisle, accompanied to the ring by Sir Goodwin. He weighs in at 207 pounds. He’s a former OWA Champion. This is Anthony Hazard! And his opponent making her way down to ringside. She weighs in at 194 pounds. She’s also a former OWA Champion. Here is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane!

Ed: Ring introductions are out of the way. This is for the big one. A shot at the OWA Championship on the line. Now, I’ve been told next week we’ll have two championships on the line. First. Shogun will defend his TV Title against Mr. America and Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker will be defending their OWA Tag titles against the Chiefs.

Biff: I think the BOD is going buck wild on the title shots, partner but hey, title matches seem to bring out the best in the wrestlers of the OWA.

Ed: Referee has finished giving instructions. A hand shake, which seems more of a formality, than out of any kind of friendship. They go to their own corners and the referee holds high the OWA title signifying that the winner of this match will walk out with that belt.

Biff: And finally we have a bell. Lock up. Hazard with a whip. Lane off the ropes and nails Hazard with a shoulderblock. Lane with a fisherman suplex but Hazard counters it with a small package. Kickout by Lane even before a count begins.

Ed: Both are to their feet. Lane off the ropes and Hazard with a powerslam. Headlock by Hazard but Lane with a back suplex. Lane with a fist to the midsection and a swinging neckbreaker. Lane brings Hazard to his feet. Whip. Traci goes for a backdrop, but Hazard nails her with a jumping side kick. cover. one. two. Kickout by Lane.

Biff: Hazard drives a knee to the back. Hazard with a spin kick, but Lane ducks down. Clothesline by Lane and she turns him over and applies a Boston Crab. Hazard in a lot of pain here. He slowly inches towards the ropes. Finally he’s close enough and the referee calls for the break.

Ed: Traci with an elbowdrop. She picks up him and bodyslams him down. She pulls him up and executes a nice vertical suplex. Whip by Lane and a spinebuster slam. cover. one. two. thr. KICKOUT by Hazard. Lane with another whip and a second spinebuster. cover. one. two. three. NO! Kickout again by Hazard.

Biff: Lane with a dropkick but Hazard ducks and Lane nails the referee, who falls out of the ring. Hazard hits with a clothesline and a legdrop and a kneedrop. He picks up Lane and nails his Reverse Powerslam. Cover. Where’s the ref?

Ed: The referee is still down! Hazard counts to three and looks around for the referee. Sir Goodwin is over there trying to revive the referee. Here comes a second referee. He slides into the ring. one. two. th. Kickout by Traci Lane and Hazard doesn’t look happy with that.

Biff: Hazard with a kick to the head of Lane and a double ax handle. Hazard with a whip. He goes for a backdrop but Lane nails him with a swinging neckbreaker. cover. one. two. t. Kickout by Hazard. Lane with a side suplex. cover. one. two. th. Kickout by Hazard. Lane with a fistdrop. No! Hazard rolls out of it and Lane hits the mat.

Ed: Hazard with a clothesline. cover. one. two. Kickout by Lane and Hazard clamps on a sleeperhold and he’s got it on tight and… what? He let go and he nails with another Reverse Powerslam and we have our second challenger for the championship. one. two. three. NO!!! I cannot believe it. Lane got her shoulder up at the very last moment!

Biff: Hazard off the ropes and Lane uses the momentum to lift him up and Gorilla Press Piledriver! She nailed it! Cover. one. two. thre. KICKOUT by Hazard. These two are giving everything they’ve got. Lane with a rolling cradle. one. two. Hazard reverses it. one. two. Kickout by Lane.

Ed: Hazard with a devastating clothesline. He signals again for his finisher and goes for the Reverse Powerslam. NO! Traci turns it into a Frankensteiner! One. two. three!!!! It’s over. Lane is in the main event of Crime Spree!

Announcer: The winner of the match in 16: 36, Traci Lane!!

Ed: It’ll be Monica Brant defending the OWA Championship against Pretty Boy Monty and Traci Lane at Crime Spree! We’re out of time for this week. Next week, a big TV and Tag title defense. Don’t miss it!

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