Anthony Hazard defends the OWA Championship against Sabin Figaro; Colt gets hit chance to regain the OWA TV Championship from Rachel Ryan.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. OCW features the top names in the OWA. Joining me today is E-wrestler, Stevie Cheesecake. Welcome to the broadcast booth, Stevie…

Stevie: Well, someone has to keep you in line… why else would I be here?

Ed: That is a good question.. we should get down to ringside for our first match

Traci Lane vs. Raekwon

Ring Announcer: This match is one fall: First.. accompanied by Gustaffson, a member of the Femme Fatale, here is the former OWA Champion, Traci Lane! And her opponent, making his way to ringside, accompanied by Pretty Boy Monty and a member of the Family.. here is Raekwon!

Ed: They lock up… Who you picking on this one, Stevie?

Stevie: Hey.. no problem.. I have my I mean, I am sure that Raekwon is going to take this one all the way.

Ed: Hmmhmm.. back to the action… Lane into the ropes and Raekwon missing with a clothesline.. no two clotheslines… Lane with a clothesline and missing, Raekwon hitting with a side suplex.

Stevie: There ya go! Raekwon applying a camel clutch, but Lane makes it to the ropes. Come on… get her…

Ed: Lane fighting back with a European uppercut, and then a piledriver… Lane goes to the second turnbuckle… she dives off and Raekwon slams her face into the mat. Raekwon picks her up and whips her across the ring… Lane reverses and Raekwon sails over the top rope and crashes to the floor… Lane goes out after him and smashes him into the ringsteps…. Lane is back in the ring now… Raekwon follows… Lane with a bulldog… Lane whips Raekwon into the ropes and catches him with a fist to the midsection… Lane is showing off all her stuff… she applies a Boston Crab and she has got it locked… Raekwon reaches the ropes, but the damage is done… Raekwon with an eyerake, as Lane steps back.. Raekwon with a powerslam… he follows it up with a belly to belly suplex… and a pin.. 1… 2…. th.. Lane kicks out… Raekwon sets up for another belly to belly.. but Lane reverses and nails him with a belly to belly of her own…

Stevie: DOH! Come on…. whip into the ropes by Lane, she misses with a clothesline.. Raekwon misses with a clothesline, Lane misses a kick… DAMN! Raekwon misses a shoulderblock and crashes to the mat… Lane with a swinging neckbreaker! GET UP!

Ed: It is Lane with a piledriver… and a cover.. 1… 2… Raekwon kicks out…

Stevie: YES!

Ed: Lane with a Russian legsweep..and another cover.. 1… 2… 3!!!!

Stevie: NOOOOO!

Ring Announcer: Winner of the match in 22:14; Traci Lane

Ed: Lane goes to Caged Fury with a victory and momentum in the Caged Fury match and it is now announced that Lane will BE in the Caged Fury match! Hold on.. Gustaffson is arguing with Pretty Boy Monty… Lane attacks Raekwon and piledrives him again!

Stevie: Well.. he deserved that.. er.. I mean.. I think she is just teaching him a little respect. As far as Caged Fury goes… Lane is definately a top contender, I believe she is still the #1 contender for the OWA Championship… But.. Raekwon will be getting another crack at her as he has also been signed for that mega steel cage encounter.

Ed: That she is… let us get down to ringside for our next match

The Fireman vs. Gustaffson

Ring Announcer: This match is one fall: First coming to ringside with Pretty Boy Monty, here is The Fireman! And his opponent, being led to the ring by Traci Lane, here is Gustaffson!

Stevie: Whoa.. Fireman attackattacks Gustaffson before the bell… Fireman with a suplex on the big guy… but Gustaffson is up with a double ax handle, knocking the Fireman to the mat.

Ed: The Fireman blocks a German suplex attempt by Gustaffson and nails him with a couple of punches… it is the Fireman into the ropes, but Gustaffson nails him with a kick.. Gustaffson goes to the top turnbuckle…. The Fireman is up and catches him.. he tosses Gustaffson off the top turnbuckle… Fireman missing a stomp as Gustaffson rolls away… The Fireman with another suplex and then a dragon suplex and a cover… 1… 2… Gustaffson kicks out…

Stevie: Fireman with a whip into the turnbuckle..wait.. Gustaffson reverses it…. Fireman tries for a drop kick, but Gustaffson side steps it as Fireman crashes to the mat…. The Fireman with an eyerake… Gustaffson is whipped into the corner, and Fireman rushes in… Gustaffson catches him with a knee pull up… Gustaffson places Fireman on the top turnbuckle… Gustaffson nails him with a superplex… that looked painful….

Ed: We have a count.. 1… 2… Fireman kicks out…. Gustaffons goes for a spinning DDT, but Fireman reverses it with a backdrop… Fireman catches the big guy with a power bomb… we have a count.. 1.. 2… and kickout! Gustaffson off the ropes.. NO WAIT.. Monty just tripped him from the outside… Lane is after Monty as they begin to brawl on the outside.

Stevie: Fireman hurts Gustaffson with a neck snap… Fireman backs him into the corner and places him on the turnbuckle.. he is going for his finisher….

Ed: Fireman with a SUPERPLEX!!! and a cover.. 1… 2…. 3!!!!!!

Ring Announcer: Winner of the match in 18:13, The Fireman!

Stevie: The Fireman continues his winning streak, but will he make it to Caged Fury.. we have two more to announce, but that comes later….

Ed: Freddy Fever, a former OWA Champion on two occassions, has taken a trip to Europe this past week to learn a bit about his heritage. Let us take a peek at a portion of video that he has provided for us.

Vignette: Freddy Fever

[Scene: On the streets of England.]

Fever: Well well, here I am.. I thought I would come to England and search for my roots. I never met my father but I do know that he is from England, so I thought I would snoop around and see what I could find out, ya dig??

[Scene: Inside a hospital records room]

Fever: Here we are… Frederick of Wales… that dude was my very hip father… very trippin.. *blink* Now THIS is far out….

[Scene: The Royal Hall]

Butler: Your Majesty, Freddy Fever of America is here to see you…

Fever: Thanks.. thanks.. let me though.. how ya doing, toots. My father was Frederick of Wales..

[The Queen of England holds up her hand as to stop Fever.. the scene switches to Fever on his knees before the Queen as she is knighting him]

Queen: Frederick, your father was near royalty in his time. Therefore, I dub you at this time, Prince Frederick.

[Fever looks into the camera and gives a sly grin as the scene fades]

Stevie: Oh my….

Ed: You have that right. Let us head back to ringside for our next match!

Mariko vs. Prince Frederick

Ring Announcer: This match is one fall… first accompanied to the ring by Gustaffson, this is Mariko! And her opponent, now residing in London, England… he is now known as Prince Frederick!!!

Stevie: Well take a look at that.. the polyester is gone and he is actually wearing a crawn and a robe… he is prancing around the ring…

Ed: He sure does have that smug look down…

Stevie: He sure does.. I kinda like it… wait.. Mariko and Gustaffson are complaining about the length of time Fever.. err.. Prince Frederick is taking to disrobe…

Ed: Frederick now finally has his robe off.. the bell has rung some time ago… this match is technically underway…

Stevie: Frederick has removed the crown and is now ready to wrestle, I guess… they lock up, Mariko quickly with a side headlock. Frederick with a whip into the ropes… Mariko misses a clothesline, and Fever nails her with a knee to the midsection. Frederick quickly nails Mariko with a hotshot, Mariko is hurt early on in this match….

Ed: It looks that way, Stevie… Frederick with a piledriver, and Gustaffson pounds on the mat on the outside, shouting encouragement to his charge… Frederick kicks at Gustaffson who climbs up onto the apron.. Frederick grabs his crown and just NAILS Mariko with it… The ref did not see a thing…

Stevie: I must have missed that.. are you sure… he is royalty… Hey, Frederick has Mariko up for a suplex… NO! Brainbuster!!! Referee counts, one.. two… three!!! Prince Frederick has won this one on his way to meet Anthony Hazard at Caged Fury for the OWA Championship.

Ed: Hold up.. Gustaffson and the Prince are in a pushing match… wait just a moment.. Major Threat has come to ringside and has nailed Mariko.. what is going on here… here come the Femmes… Lane, Brant and Ryan all hit the ring as Frederick and Threat clear out…

Ring Announcer: Winner of this match in 3:03, is Prince Frederick!

Stevie: I wonder what is up with Threat… I will have to try and get an interview for next week…

Ed: Now it is time for our Caged Fury Update for this week…

Caged Fury Update

Myers: Hello I am Myers Watterson, here for your Caged Fury Update… First.. you know that Prince Frederick, as he is calling himself now.. will get a shot inside a steel cage for the OWA Championship to be defended by Anthony Hazard at this time.. however, later on this very card, Hazard must defend his title against Sabin Figaro.. and if Figaro wins, the Frederick will be facing the new champion at Caged Fury.

You also know that OWA TV Champion, Rachel Ryan is scheduled to defend against former OWA Champion Amazon Woman… again, Ryan is defending against Colt in our next match, and if Colt wins, then Amazon Woman will be facing Colt.

Now.. on to the Caged Fury match…

Here is the concept: Two rings surrounded completely by caging, including the top. 20 wrestlers will come in at 2 minute intervals and battle until all 20 are in the cage. Once all 20 are in, then the elimination process begins. Pinfall or submission will eliminate a wrestler. The last person in the cage is the winner and will receive a shot at the next PPV.

The following participants have already been announced: Mariko, Johnny Stallion, Gustaffson, Raekwon, Sabin Figaro, Monica Brant, PowerSurge, JetStream, Intimidator, Pretty Boy Monty, Mr. Excitement, Death Machine, Executioner and Major Threat have already been announced.. also announced today, is Traci Lane and I am now announcing that Demon Knight will also be in Caged Fury the match. That is 16 total in the match so far with 4 spots remaining… Now.. the winner of the OWA TV Title match will move on to Caged Fury as the TV Champion to defend against Amazon Woman.. the loser will be entered into Caged Fury.. so that leaves three positions remaining… Next week… we will have a small battle royal pitting all the newcomers into the OWA in the past few weeks.. the last 3 will be entered into Caged Fury. The participants will be:

The Fireman, Jimmy Morrison, Masked Mayhem, The Shocker, Mike Mustang, Danny Maxx, Davey Scott, Larry Brown and The WildShadow.

Only 3 of the 9 will make it to Caged Fury.

Back to Ed and Stevie!

Ed: What a line up.. and only two weeks away! Back to ringside…

OWA TV Championship: Rachel Ryan vs. Colt

Ring Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship! First the challenger… here is Colt! and now.. announcing the champion.. accompanied to the ring by Gustaffson.. here is the OWA TV Champion, Rachel Ryan!

Ed: They lock up. Ryan quickly begins things with an European uppercut, followed quickly by a swinging neckbreaker. Ryan nails him with a flying clothesline. Rachel Ryan is going for the pin.

Stevie: Rachel gets a two count right off… Rachel Ryan complains about a slow count. I am not so sure about that, but it was awful close….

Ed: Colt is up and nails Ryan with a Russian legsweep. Colt goes for a choke slam, but cannot quite get it… Ryan executes a flying clothesline, then a powerslam. She going for another quick win as she sets him up for theGorilla Press Powerslam, but Colt counters it with a sunset flip. One, two, thr… kickout.

Stevie: Colt with a couple nice chops that sends Ryan back into the corner.. Nice headbutt from Colt…. Colt places Rachel Ryan on the turnbuckle. Colt with a belly-to-back superplex. Colt with a cover.. One, two, kickout by Ryan.

Ed: Rachel Ryan just slapped Colt, then nailed him with a chop. Ryan runs into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline. Ryan takes him down with a Russian legsweep. Ryan for the pin. One, two, kickout. Ryan nails him with the Gorilla Press Powerslam… and she is going for the cover.. One.. two… th.. wait just a minute.. she just picks up Colt… now.. that may just cost her…

Stevie: Hey.. she is good and she knows it.. nothign wrong with that… The TV Champion charges Colt… and misses with a clothesline and she is sent over the top rope and to the floor…

Ed: See.. she underestimated him.. Colt goes out of the ring and body slams Ryan on the floor. Ryan is up and the two begin to brawl… Ryan whips Colt…

Stevie: NO! Reversal as Ryan is sent into the steel railing.. the count is going, people.. Colt rolls back into the ring…

*Bell rings*

Ed: Wait just a minute.. the bell has rung.. what is the official decision of this one…?

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match, in 15:29 as the result of a countout… Colt!!

Stevie: Bad move on the part of Colt to keep Ryan out of the ring.. he does not win the TV Title.. but he does get a victory over the champion.

Ring Announcer: However due to the countout, Rachel Ryan remains the OWA TV Champion!

Stevie: See?? I told ya…

Ed: So you did.. what a match that was.. and we have just one more match left… and that is our OWA championship matchup… back to ringside.

OWA Championship: Anthony Hazard vs. Sabin Figaro

Ring Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA Championship. First, the challenger.. please welcome Sabin Figaro!!! and his opponent, the current reigning OWA Champion, here is Anthony Hazard!!

Ed: No wasting time here.. they immediately lock up… Hazard with a quick fist to the midsection, starts this off… Hazard tries for an early sleeper, but Figaro drops down, cracking his skull into the jaw of Hazard!

Stevie: Figaro with a rushing clothesline… Figaro picks up the champion and whips him.. no reversal by Hazard, and a kick by the OWA Champion. Hazard cradles… one.. two… kickout by Figaro…

Ed: Sabin is up and nails the champ with a chop… forearm smash by the challenger. Hazard runs into the ropes… but Figaro nails him with a lariat. Figaro applies a figure four leglock!

Stevie: He has got that cinched, but Hazard finally gets to the ropes for the break. Figaro whips Hazard, and goes for a back body drop, but Hazard nails him with a Russian legsweep! Hazard with a cradle… One.. two..

Ed: No.. a reversal by Figaro… one.. two…

Stevie: No way.. another reversal by the champion.. one.. two.. three!!!!

Ring Announcer: Winner of the match in 4:16 and still OWA Champion, Anthony Hazard!

Ed: A great night of excitement in the OWA.. next week will be no exception.. a small battle royal to determine who will complete the line up for Caged Fury the match… we know now that Colt will be in that match as he did not win the TV title…

Stevie: But he did beat the champion and is sure to get a rematch soon.

Ed: That remains to be seen, Stevie… be sure to check the OWA Magazine Web page for more matches for next week…

Stevie: Hold up.. I have just been handed this note… Rachel Ryan will be defending her OWA TV Title against Pretty Boy Monty next week!

Ed: After this weeks cards, I am sure that the Family would love to get their hands on any of the Femmes and vice versa… until next week, I am Ed Bagel and for Stevie Cheesecake and Myers Watterson, we will see you next week!

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