Rachel Ryan defends the OWA TV Championship against Pretty Boy Monty; Battle Royal; Lead in to Caged Fury.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. OCW features the top names in the OWA! As you can see, we are still here. Unfortunately that means Stevie Cheesecake is here too.

Stevie: Hey.. whaddya mean?? I am the reason we are still here, bozo! We should take a look at the card for this week! Brant and Executioner is just a starter! It gets better from there!

Ed: So we should not waste any time.. down to ringside!

Executioner vs. Monica Brant

Ed: They lock up. Brant goes for an atomic drop, but Executioner blocks it. Executioner goes for a headbutt, but Monica Brant ducks down and lifts him high with a gorilla press as Executioner is dropped hard to the mat. Executioner into the ropes and nails Brant with a flying clothesline. Executioner with a rolling cradle. One, two, kickout. Brant is up, but Executioner meets her with a chop.

Stevie: Executioner catches Brant with a power bomb. Executioner tries for the Cross Face Chicken Wing.Monica Brant reaches the ropes before it can be fully applied. Executioner with a chokehold. Referee counts: One, two, three, four. Executioner with a gutwrench suplex. Monica Brant is in trouble.. she is going to need to mount some sort of offense against Executioner if she plans on winning this match.

Ed: That… s sort of an obvious point, Stevie… Brant is up and whips Executioner towards the turnbuckle, but Executioner reverses it as Brant crashes into the corner. Executioner charges into the corner, but Monica Brant moves out of the way as Executioner runs shoulder first into the steel post. Monica Brant takes him down with a European uppercut. Brant catches him in an inside cradle. Referee counts: One, two, kickout by Executioner. Brant drops an elbow on Executioner..

Ed: Brant is going for the pin. One, two, kickout. Brant nails him hard with a forearm to the back and a German suplex. Another cover by Brant… One, two, thr… kickout. Brant goes for a gorilla press, but Executioner counters it with a rolling reverse cradle. One… Brant reverses it…. One, kickout.

Stevie: Monica Brant whips Executioner into the ropes, but Executioner reverses it. Executioner kicks her in the midsection and lifts her high and drops her with a powerbomb! and a cover… one… two… three!

Announcer: The winner is Executioner. Time of match: 4:48

Ed: JetStream is up in our next match and he has joined me here at the announcers booth.


JetStream: Powersurge, I am honored by your bravery in meeting me in the ring again. But unfortunately for you, the result will be the same. Beware Femmes Fatales, after I am finished with Powersurge, I am coming for you. And unlike you Ladies, and I use the term loosely, I do not need a bodyguard or a bunch of girls to protect me. You better take me seriously, but do not take my word for it. Ask Denise Duncan. She fought me once and fled the OWA. NOW the rest of you will feel my POWER.

PowerSurge vs. Jetstream

Ed: They lock up. PowerSurge whips JetStream into the turnbuckle. PowerSurge rushes into the corner, but JetStream charges out with a clothesline.. no.. PowerSurge ducks and JetStream nails the referee.

Stevie: PowerSurge with the doctor bomb and a cover.. but no referee… PowerSurge checks on the ref and JetStream nails him with a clothesline and goes for a cover, but again.. no referee… PowerSurge hits JetStream with a clothesline sending him over the top rope and to the floor, and PowerSurge is going out after him.

Ed: JetStream catches PowerSurge with a punch and smashes his head into the ring apron, then rolls PowerSurge back into the ring. JetStream nails PowerSurge with an Asai moonsault, but there is no referee to count. PowerSurge is up and nails JetStream with the running forearm smash and goes for the cover, but again there is no referee to count.

Stevie: JetStream runs into the ropes, and PowerSurge misses with an elbow. The referee is finally moving and is back on his feet. JetStream goes for the running forearm smash, but PowerSurge ducks. PowerSurge with a reverse neckbreaker. PowerSurge runs into the ropes and attempts a spinning power bomb, but JetStream counters it with spinning headscissors. JetStream is back on his feet and nails PowerSurge with a kick to the head. PowerSurge hits JetStream with a shoulderblock and picks him up for a spinning power bomb. One, two, kickout by PowerSurge.

Ed: PowerSurge goes for a reverse neckbreaker, but JetStream blocks it and catches him in a northern lights suplex. One, two, kickout. PowerSurge whips JetStream into the ropes and takes him down with a faceslam.

Stevie: PowerSurge catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex… One, two, kickout. PowerSurge goes for a clawhold, but JetStream blocks it. JetStream whips PowerSurge into the ropes, but PowerSurge reverses it. JetStream executes a tilt-a-whirl suplex. JetStream places PowerSurge on the turnbuckle and sets him up for a top-rope DDT, but PowerSurge counters it with a front-layout superplex. PowerSurge takes him down with a spinning power bomb. One, two, shoulder up. PowerSurge misses with a clothesline.

Ed: JetStream hits PowerSurge with a shoulderblock. JetStream goes for a short clothesline, but PowerSurge counters it with a duck-down move. PowerSurge whips JetStream into the ropes, but JetStream reverses it. JetStream hits PowerSurge with a backdrop. PowerSurge is up and JetStream nails him with a diving shoulderblock. One, two, three!

Announcer: The winner is JetStream. Time of match: 9:36

Danny Maxx

[Scene is at MAxximum Fitness. Maxx is working out: Maxx stops for a moment]

Maxx: Davey Scott, you say you want a match with me. Let me check. I have got this battle royal thing with my friend The Shocker, then we have got Caged Fury, then one of us has a title shot. Tell ya what. You talk to the commish, find out if he will sign it. I will talk to OWA World Champion Anthony Hazard and find out if I am doing anything after that. If they say it is cool. I will be there.

[Maxx goes back to working out. Then stops.]Maxx: Oh yeah. You might want to know. I was trained by Anthony. Who by the way, is on a 14 match win streak. Just thought you might want to know you have challenged one of the best there is.

[Maxx goes back to working out]

Stevie: Joining me at this time is Davey Scott.. Now Davey.. you heard some comments from one Danny Maxx. Any comments?

Davey Scott

Davey Scott: Danny Maxx, I will talk to the Commish, and then I will come down and bend those dumbbells on you.. you know, like Anthony Hazard and Shocker.. yea, those dumbbells seem to be awfully heavy on you.. regardless of your bodily physique. About Anthony Hazard.. he can kiss my sorry ass because I could care less who you were trained by.. you could of been trained by King Kong and I would still take you on.. name the time place and match, I will be there.. will you?

Battle Royal

Ed: We will try to call this the best we can… a 12 person battle royal.. let us see what is going on…

Stevie: The Shocker kicks Larry Brown in the head, then nails him with a running forearm smash… Larry runs into the ropes and Shocker ducks down sending him out of the ring with a back body drop.. Larry Brown has been eliminated.

Ed: Masked Mayhem attacks Shocker, the Shocker quickly gets him with an atomic drop. The Shocker with a clothesline that knocks Mayhem over the top rope and to the floor.. quick work tonight for Shocker as he has already eliminated two guys from the ring.

Stevie: Looks like it is pick on Shocker night as WildShadow attacks him with a double axhandle. WildShadow off the rope and a cross body block.. no.. Shocker ducks and Danny Maxx lifts WildShadow up and out of the ring. WildShadow has been eliminated.

Ed: Cobalt in the far corner just nailed Jimmy Morrison with a savate kick. Cobalt with a clothesline and Morrison ducks sending Cobalt to the floor. Scott Cobalt is eliminated.

Stevie: The Shocker jumps on Morisson catching him in a powerslam. Morrison and Shocker are fighting in the corner, but it s Morrison lifting Shocker up… and over.. and out to the floor goes Shocker!

Ed: Morrison just nailed Danny Maxx with an atomic drop while on the other side, Mike Mustang just clotheslined, Sentry. Mike Mustang rocks Sentry with a kick to the midsection, then turns his attention to Shogun, nailing him in the back. Mike Mustang nails him with a frankensteiner. Shogun executes a flying karate chop then a thrust kick to the head. Shogun executes the Palm Blow and Mustang is DOWN!

Stevie: Sentry and Davey Scott are going at it, as Scott nails him with a fist to the midsection. Davey Scott goes for a German suplex, but Sentry counters it with an elbowsmash. Sentry takes him down with a savate kick. Sentry goes for a backspin DDT, but Davey Scott counters it with a belly-to-belly suplex. Davey Scott whips Sentry into the ropes and nail him with a clothesline.

Ed: Danny Maxx and The Fireman are getting into it now… The Fireman nails Danny Maxx with a Soviet suplex. The Fireman runs into the ropes and nails Maxx with a clothesline sending him out of the ring. Danny Maxx has been eliminated.

Stevie: Davey Scott and The Fireman are going at it while Jimmy Morrison and Mike Mustang are duking it out. Davey Scott nails The Fireman with a chop. Shogun whips Mike Mustang into the ropes. Shogun misses with a kick and misses with a clothesline. Mike Mustang misses with an elbow. Shogun hits Mike Mustang with a shoulderblock. Jimmy Morrison whips Davey Scott into the ropes. Jimmy Morrison hits Davey Scott with a clothesline, sending him out of the ring and to the ring. Davey Scott has been eliminated.

Ed: Mike Mustang tries to throw The Fireman over the top rope.. and there he goes! The Fireman has been eliminated. Mike Mustang nails Morrison with a jack-knife power bomb. Mustang tosses Morrison over the top rope. Jimmy Morrison has been eliminated.

Stevie: Mike Mustang nails Sentry with a powerslam. Mike Mustang goes for a choke slam, but Sentry blocks it. Shogun nails Mustang with a Japanese armdrag takedown. Shogun throws Mike Mustang over the top rope. Mike Mustang has been eliminated.

Ed: Only two left.. Mike Mustang has already qualified for Caged Fury.. as has both Shogun and Sentry.. but let us see who will win this battle royal! Shogun tries to throw Sentry over the top rope. He did not succeed. Shogun with a body slam.. no.. he dumps Sentry over the top rope! Sentry has been eliminated.

Announcer: The winner is Shogun. Time of match: 12:12


(The scene is in front of an old run-down gym.)

Reporter: Well, here we are on the streets of London, England. We came in search of one of the newest wrestlers in the OWA, The WildShadow. We received directions from this man, and found this place, strange.

(The reporter & camera man enter.)

(Inside, people can be seen practicing martial arts in a room on the far side of the gym. A large man wearing a typical wrestling mask is in the back, doing arm curls.)

Reporter: WildShadow? We got your directions, this place was pretty hard to find, and I really never knew it existed.

WildShadow: Ahh, I am so glad you could join me, I am not surprised you did not know of this place, this gym is reserved for members and former members of Interpol…

Reporter: Interpol? The International Police?

WildShadow: Yes, this place has special meaning to me, because this is where I got started. Now, I have prepared a special demonstration… if you will follow me.

(WildShadow leads the group into a small room, a strange dummy made of wood is in the center of the room.)

(Wildshadow goes up to the dummy and raps on it, showing that it is solid wood.)

Reporter: Hmm, what… s the point of this?

WildShadow: Humor me.. now stand back..

(The team stands back, and The WildShadow immediately jumps into the air! He delivers a spin kick to the head of the wooden dummy, ripping its head off!)

Reporter: Well, that was something. You took its head right off..

WildShadow: Prophetic words, my friend, it is the move I plan to use to finish my opponents off, and you have given me an idea! I will call it: The Head Remover!

Reporter: What a name… One thing comes to mind WildShadow, since you are from England, what do you think of recent events with Freddy Fever?

WildShadow: Oh, you mean Prince Frederick? If he wishes to go around the OWA calling himself a prince, well.. I truly do not care about that. I tend to think there is another reason for what he does.

Reporter: Well?

WildShadow: In Interpol, we have learned that high emotions can cause people to make mistakes, anger especially. I kind of think that Fre…. err I mean Prince Fredrick is causing his opponents to be off-guard before his matches. If so I salute him. I respect a man who does whatever it takes to win a match.

Reporter: I see, is that your view also? To do whatever it takes?

WildShadow: Yes. I will do whatever it takes to win a match, with no remorse, no weak emotions getting in my way. If someone gets hurt along the way.. well who cares?

Reporter: Oh my. Well, do you have any specific plans for the OWA?

WildShadow: Yes I do. I offer my services to anyone in the OWA as a “Hit man for hire.” If anyone needs someone to watch their back while wrestling, or if someone wants a hit job done on any wrestler, I have an open contract. I can change my mask and attire easily enough. In Interpol I specialized in quick attacks, getting in and out fast.

Reporter: Well, you could change your mask and clothes easy. But you… re a pretty big guy, kinda hard to miss.

WildShadow: We will see….. we will see…

(The camera pans down to the decapitated head of the wooden dummy on the floor, and the scene fades…..)

OWA TV Championship: Rachel Ryan vs. Pretty Boy Monty

Ed: Ryan is not wasting any time as she attacks Monty before the bell. Ryan whips Monty into the ropes and nails him with a drop kick. Ryan goes for a short clothesline, but Pretty Boy Monty ducks. Monty runs into the ropes, but misses with an elbow. Ryan misses with a clothesline, but takes him down with a powerslam. Ryan goes for the Gorilla Press Powerslam, but Monty reverses it with a sunset flip! One, two, in the ropes…

Stevie: Pretty Boy Monty runs into the ropes, and nails Ryan with a flying headbutt. Monty goes for an armbar submission, but Rachel Ryan blocks it, taking him down with a bodyslam. Ryan with a flying clothesline. Ryan follows it up with a choke slam. Ryan with a cover… One, shoulder up.

Ed: Ryan hits Monty with a spinebuster slam. One, two, KICKOUT. Monty whips Ryan into the ropes. Monty hits Ryan with a shoulderblock, followed by a nice belly-to-belly suplex. One, two, kickout. Monty complains about a slow count. Monty whips Ryan into the turnbuckle. Monty charges but Ryan catches him with a knee. Ryan nails him with a gutwrench suplex. Hold up… Demon Knight tries to interfere, but Gustaffson prevents him from doing so as they fight on the outside…

Stevie: While back in the ring, Ryan whips Monty into the ropes. She misses with a clothesline, but nails him with an elbow. Rachel Ryan runs into the ropes and hits Monty with a flying clothesline. Ryan executes a choke slam! One, two, kickout.

Ed: Ryan whips Monty into the ropes. Monty hits Ryan with a clothesline. Monty nails her with a backbreaker. Monty whips Ryan into the ropes. Monty goes for a tombstone piledriver, but Ryan blocks it. Hold up, Knight and Gustaffson have fought all the way back to the locker room.

Stevie: Rachel Ryan just nailed Monty with a side suplex. Ryan with a cover! One, two, three!!!

Announcer: The winner and still OWA TV Champion is Rachel Ryan. Time of match: 16:32

Ed: Sabin Figaro has joined….

Sabin Figaro

Sabin: Nothing… Nothing can happen. The OWA suits don’t want a champion who can fight for himself. They want a Femme, a Family or Hazard’s Cronies. Well, I’m gonna PERSONLY take out every single Stable in the Online Wrestling Alliance one person at a time. First, set Femmes to flame. Then, murder the Family. Then, smash Hazard and his group so hard that the next Hazard-wanna-be will feel. The Triangle of Destruction will be complete… and wrestlers, not stables, will RULE!!!!

Stevie: Well Ed, that will teach ya… Next week OWA Championship Wrestling will be preempted so we can bring you the PPV spectacular Caged Fury.

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