The fallout from Caged Fury; OWA Champion Anthony Hazard defends the title against Rachel Ryan; new OWA TV Champion Amazon Woman defends against Mariko; Beginning of the Tag Team Title Tournament

Previously on Caged Fury

Scene opens up with shots from Caged Fury: The Match. showing Gustaffson eliminating Sentry to win the match. Scene changes to a dark room interview with Sentry.]


Announcer: Sentry vs. Gustaffson. next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Ed: Thanks for joining us this week. we have a lot of action for you this week, but first let us check out a newcomer to the OWA. they call him Legion.


Announcer: He is a man of many sides.

Legion: “Let us deal with what we know, not with what we dont.” – Patriot Games, 1992. Oh yessss, I have arrived. Soon now everyone will see the horror of MANKIND!

Announcer: He might be a little nuts as well.


Announcer: They call him Legion.

Legion: For we are many.

Stevie: That guy is a little freak.

Ed: Oh. yes. Stevie Cheesecake is here as well. I almost forgot.

Stevie: Hey. whaddya mean you almost forgot??

Ed: Nothing. we have two tag team title tournament matches as well as an OWA TV TITLE defense from Amazon Woman and the OWA Championship will be on the line in our main Event.

Stevie: So we should be heading down to ringside for our first tag team match, eh?

Ed: Right. Down to ringside.

Tag Team Title Tournament: First Round: The Fireman/Raekwon vs. Larry Brown/Shogun

This match is one fall and is part of round one of the OWA Tag Team Championship Tournament. First team one: Introducing members of the Family, here is the team of the Fireman and Raekwon! And their opponents, the newly formed team of Larry “The Blade” Brown and Shogun!

Ed: The Fireman and Larry Brown are starting out for their respective teams. Nice dragon suplex by the Fireman, and a quick cover. but only a one count. The Fireman runs into the ropes and Brown backdrops him out of the ring!

Stevie: Here we go. Brown follows him out and. DDT!!! Brown whips Fireman into the guardrail. then whips, NO! reversal by Fireman as Brown crashes into the ring steps. Fireman rolls back into the ring and Brown follows him in.

Ed: Fireman tags out to Raekwon. Raekwon hits Brown with a backspin DDT and applies the figure four! Shogun comes in a breaks up it up with a stomp to the head of Raekwon and immediately leaves the ring. Larry Brown makes it over and tags out to Shogun.

Stevie: Shogun with a whip and a clothesline on Raekwon. Swinging neckbreaker by Shogun and a cover, but Fireman makes the save. Shogun with a whip and a body drop no. Raekwon with a powerbomb to counter.

Ed: Raekwon tags out to The Fireman. Shogun makes the tag as well. Fireman with a bodyslam on Larry Brown. Brown with a whip and a powerslam on Fireman. Brown off the ropes, but Fireman nails him with a punch. then a dragon suplex! Cover by Fireman. one. two kickout. Fireman complains of a slow count.

Stevie: Brown with a roll up. One two. three!! We have upset!

Ed: That is incredible. Raekwon comes in with a chair and chases off Brown and Shogun. He is pissed.

Stevie: HE JUST NAILED FIREMAN WITH THE CHAIR! He is beating on the guy! Raekwon puts Fireman on the top turnbuckle and belly to belly superplex!!! He walks off and leaves the guy there. he may need some help.

Announcer: The winners are Larry Brown and Shogun. Time of match: 13: 23

Stealth V.

{Its very black; cold dark black and the camera focuses in on Stealth V. His head is lifted up.}

Stealth V.: Amazon. Mariko. Both of you are putrid sea bottom eaters. You both are so mediocre that you are pathetic.

(Suddenly Stealth is gone – the camera searches for him and finds him in another part of the locker room).

Stealth V.: I do not care who wins, I am coming after you. should be! Pathetic.of course the both of you are! Stupid.that one is a no-brainer!

(He has left again, the cameraman finds Stealth V. behind him).

Stealth V.: You found me again!!! You two slobbering diapered pathetic wrestlers, are you ready for STEALTH!!!!!???????

Ed: Stealth V is on his way to the OWA. Sabin Figaro has joined us at ringside.

Sabin Figaro

Sabin: Okay, let me. reflect upon Caged Fury. I was the first one in. I knocked out Shogun, The Executioner and Mr. Excitement. If I am not mistaken, I have taken out the most people. Will this earn me a title shot? No, it will not. Why? Because I like I have said a million times, you gotta have a stable to be big here. Well, I intend to brake that mold like a watermelon at a Gallager show. However, Sentry gets the beating first. You do not eliminate Sabin Figaro from a event such as this without feeling it later. Well, if nothing will get me a world title shot, the TV belt should. Amazon Woman, I got all the respect in the world for you. Any one who can take a come back like that earns respect. However, you have the TV Belt. And the time has come, Sabin Reni Figaro, Worlds Greatest Brawler, will roll over the Amazon, the take over Hazard and have EVERYTHING! I have the endurance, I have the strength, I have the commitment, I have the Power, the Gangsta Power that is, and win my way to the top! I will make my father proud. Prince Frederick, ha, your hardly upright! Royalty is more than blood. It is a way of thinking, it is in the mind. Turn your eye inward, your still just a Disco punk, and you know it. It is true. you will fall. no one will be spared. Let us dance.

Scott Cobalt storms the set and nails Sabin with a chair. several times. the announcer is out of there as Scott picks up the mike]

Scott Cobalt

Cobalt: Well, well, I enter the league and no-one throws me a welcome party. I can tell that that is going to be typical of this no hope, no talent, fan loving girlie wrestlers that this league has. Names like Sabin Figaro make me physically sick. Figaro you are one of the worst I have ever seen. You and your gangsta power are a joke. A laughable joke! And now the whole leagues laughing at you on your back! Well, the laughing over now it is time to get down to action, I want you in a no DQ match. I have stopped laughing long enough to challenge you, now the question is to you are man enough to accept. “

Cobalt storms off as officials come to help Sabin back to the locker room]

Stevie: Ouch. that looked painful.

Ed: That was TOTALLY uncalled for! Cobalt should be suspended!

Stevie: Oh. come on now. that was kinda cool.

[Scenes of Mike Mustang and Johnny Stallion working out, flash by]

Announcer: The brawn.

[Scenes of the Femmes on the beach, in the snow and riding bumper cars]

Announcer: The beauty.

[The OWA Tag Team Championship Belt is shown]

Announcer: .and the gold. next week it is Mustang & Stallion taking on Mariko and Monica Brant as part of the OWA Tag Team Championship tournament. here on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Ed: We have another match ready to begin, so we will head to ringside.

Tag Team Title Tournament: First Round: Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades vs. Prince Frederick/WildShadow

This match is one fall and is the second match in the first round of the OWA Tag Team Championship. first representing the Elite, accompanied to the ring by their manager, Sir Goodwin. here is the team of Danny Maxx and Johnny Blades! And their opponents. here is the team of Prince Frederick and his Chief of Security, WildShadow!

Ed: The bell has rung. Hold on. the Shocker has just made his way to ringside and has pulled Frederick through the ropes and they are brawling WildShadow attempts to go out through the ropes, but Johnny Blade catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. One, two, three.

Stevie: WildShadow cannot believe it. I cannot believe it. What the hell was Shocker doing at ringside?

Announcer: The winners are Johnny Blades and Danny Maxx. Time of match: 46 seconds.

Carolina Mangler

[With “Hark the Sound” playing in the background, the camera focuses in on the fifty yard line at Kenan Stadium. The figure comes into view]

SHH. Hey Cameraman, be quiet. This is the Carolina Mangler. I am out for gore, blood, and titles and in the process another National Championship for UNC before I leave. I am coming to win at all cost. Beware.

[Camera fades]

Stevie: Oooo a football player. I hope he does not do those horrible dances.

Ed: The Carolina Mangler will be arriving into the OWA soon. right now another newcomer has joined me here, this is the Black Shadow.

Black Shadow

Black Shadow: I came here with one thing on my mind, to get the belt and to show everybody that I am the best in the world. Nobody or nothing will stop me from achieving this goal. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Ed: Okeey.

[Pictures of Colts victories as OWA TV Champion scroll across the screen]

Announcer: He is the former OWA TV Champion.

[Pictures of Sabin Figaro vs. Freddy Fever at Endurances Evil Challenge scroll by]

Announcer: He says everyone is out to get him. The prize is a shot at the OWA TV Championship. Colt vs. Sabin Figaro with the winner to face the OWA TV Champion. next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Stevie: I hope Sabin is taking his aspirin after that love tap from Scott Cobalt.

Ed: You are hopeless. Colt vs. Sabin Figaro next week. Hopefully Figaro will be able to compete after that shot with the chair by Cobalt.

Stevie: Down to ringside!

OWA TV Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Mariko

This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First the challenger, accompanied by Gustaffson, a member of Femme Fatale, here is Mariko! Coming to the ring at this time, here is the current OWA TV Champion, she is Amazon Woman!

Ed: There is a lock up Mariko goes around and tries for a belly to back suplex, but Amazon Woman blocks it with an elbowsmash. Amazon whips Mariko into the ropes, and misses with a clothesline Mariko bounces back and nails Amazon with a kick.

Stevie: Mariko whips Amazon Woman in to the corner and charges in, but Amazon leaps out with a forearm smash knocking Mariko down. Amazon Woman slows down Mariko with a bearhug, but Mariko pokes her eyes to escape.

Ed: Mariko nails Amazon Woman with a spin kick and charges into the ropes. Amazon misses with a clothesline but nails Mariko with a spinning mule kick. Belly to belly by the champion and a cover. one. two kickout by Mariko.

Stevie: Amazon whips Mariko and goes for a tilt-a-whirl suplex, but Mariko counters with an enzuilariato. Mariko is up and nails Amazon Woman with a spin kick, knocking her to the mat. Mariko with an elbowdrop on the champion. Bodyslam by Mariko.

Ed: Mariko dominating at this point. nice flying headscissors. Amazon Woman fights back with a fist to the midsection, then a piledriver! Amazon Woman executes a powerslam and covers.

Stevie: She is grabbing the tights!

Ed: What are you talking about? One, two, three!

[Instant replay clearly shows Amazon Woman pulling on Mariko’s tights to get leverage and the pinfall.]

Ed: That certainly doesn’t seem like the Amazon Woman we’ve come to know.

Announcer: The winner is Amazon Woman. Time of match: 0: 16: 12


[Interviewer is carrying a hand held camera and is wondering through a forest.]

Interviewer: (huffing and puffing) I am here in the Green Mountains of Vermont looking for one of the OWAs newest wrestlers, the freak they call KODIAK. Rumors about this man are numerous. Some locals refer to him as being half-man half-bear. Others think he is criminal avoiding the law or an escapee from one of the regions asylums. I am here to discover the truth. It is said that he lives at the top of this ridge.


Interviewer: What the hell was that. ( He pans the camera upward to reveal the scene of a man jumping off a cliff, landing in some trees, and rolling down the hill toward the camera) Holy cow, I think that is him. (Approaches the guy who is running around and bumping into trees). Hello, are you the one they call KODIAK.

A big fellow, covered in scars and bleeding from several places stops running around.]

Kodiak: Owowowowowowowowow owowowowowowowowow. Ouch! Yes, I am KODIAK. It hurts, it really hurts. Do you have any Apple juice?

Interviewer: Um. no, I am sorry I do not think I do. What hurts?

Kodiak: My body, my mind, my hair, my apostrophe, my ego, my joy, my eleven, my third, my engine, my Samsonite, my branches, my rain, my universe, my Kleenex. Do you have any orange juice?

Interviewer: Um. no, you seem to hurt a lot. Can you take the pain you will no doubt receive in the OWA?

Kodiak: Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger. Hahahahahahaha! I am very, very, very, very, really strong. Wrestling is fun, wrestling is a paycheck, wrestling. I like shiny things. Edmund Burke once wrote: “He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper. This amicable conflict with difficulty helps us to intimate acquaintance with our object, and compels us to consider it in all its relations. It will not suffer us to be superficial.” Nieeeet. Nieeeet.Nieeeeeeet.

KODIAK gnaws on his arm for a moment then disappears into the woods]

Interviewer: Well, there you have it. A very strange guy. Whoever he fights first will have to deal with an enigma of a man.

Stevie: Where do you find these guys

Ed: Me?? I have nothing to do with this guy.

Stevie: I thought maybe he was your brother. there is a little family resemblance.

Ed: We have got some commotion in the locker room. hold up. the Elite is coming to ringside. OWA Champion Anthony Hazard followed by Danny Maxx, The Shocker and Johnny Blades along with their manager, Sir Goodwin. They are surrounding the ring side area. The music for the Femmes are playing as they march down to ringside. Rachel Ryan arm in arm with the Giant Gustaffson, followed by Traci Lane, Monica Brant and Mariko. they too are surrounding the ring.

Stevie: This looks like trouble.

Ed: Definitely.

Stevie: Hold up. OWA Commish is coming down to ringside with a couple of officials.

[The OWA Commissioner gets in the ring and takes the house mike.]

Commissioner: This match will NOT take place until this ringside area is cleared out! OWA Rules specially state that unless contractually obligated, no wrestlers other than managers or bodyguards may be at ringside. Gustaffson and Goodwin can stay at ringside, the rest of you. get the hell out, or I will take this title and vacate it this moment.

[Lots of disappointment around the ring as members of the Elite and the Femmes make their way back to the locker room.]

Commissioner: If any of you step past this aisle way, I will have you suspended.

[With that the Commissioner exits the rings and pulls up a chair and sits ringside.]

OWA Championship: Anthony Hazard vs. Rachel Ryan

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA Championship! First in the ring with her bodyguard, the giant Gustaffson, she is a member of the Femme Fatale and the former OWA TV Champion. This is. Rachel Ryan! And her opponent, he is a member of the Elite and is accompanied to the ring by his manager, Sir Goodwin. Ladies and gentlemen. here is your OWA Champion. Anthony Hazard!

Ed: The bell rings for this encounter and hey. they are shaking hands.

Stevie: What?? No cheap shot??

Ed: This might just be a great match after all. I was worried with all that stuff that went down. hold on. Colt is coming to ringside.

Stevie: There ya go. Oh. wait. the Commish is still at ringside and has seen the Coltster.

Ed: They are having some sort of conversation. yes. the Commish is telling Colt to get back to the locker room.

Stevie: What?? He has not done a thing. but he is going back anyway.

Ed: Back in the ring. It is Rachel with a headlock on the champion. Hazard with a whip and missing a clothesline. Ryan with a spinebuster slam and a quick cover. one. two. kickout by Hazard. Hazard quickly nails Ryan with a knee to the back then a knee lift. Dropkick by the champion, knocking Ryan to the mat. Legdrop and a cover by Hazard. One. two. shoulder up.

Stevie: Headlock by Ryan bulldog! Ryan with an elbowdrop. She nails him with a couple fists to the midsection. Rachel Ryan with a forearm smash. Ryan with a whip and a powerslam. She goes for the Gorilla Press PowerSlam, but Hazard flips her over. one. two. th. kickout. by Ryan.

Ed: Anthony Hazard nails Ryan with a double-axhandle chop, then a kneelift. Anthony Hazard whips Rachel Ryan into the ropes, but Rachel Ryan reverses it. Hazard misses with a clothesline, catches her with a backdrop. Hazard goes for a flying shoulderblock, but Ryan counters it with a duck-down move. Ryan executes a jack-knife power bomb and a cover. One, two, kickout.

[10 minutes elapses momentum goes back and forth.]

Stevie: Ryan with a piledriver. One, two, kickout by Hazard Ryan with a fist to the midsection. Ryan whips Hazard into the ropes, but Anthony Hazard reverses it. Ryan catches him with a backdrop. Ryan catches him in a power bomb. One, two, kickout.

Ed: Rachel Ryan with a side suplex. Ryan executes the Gorilla Press PowerSlam and goes for the pin. One, two, three.

Announcer: The winner and NEW OWA Champion is Rachel Ryan. Time of match: 20: 45

Ed: Hazard rolls out of the ring and he looks very frustrated with himself, but we have a new champion. hold up. Anthony is grabbing the belt. and rushing back into the ring.

Stevie: Ahhh. he is going to nail her.

Ed: I hope not. this was a great match! I would hate to see it end. no. he is raising her hand and handing her the belt. We are going to get to the locker room and see what the hell is going on here.

Stevie: Definitely something is fishy here in OWAland.

Scene opens in locker room after the OWA Title match between Hazard and Ryan. Shelly Marks gets feed from Stevie and Ed.]

Marks: Thanks guys. We have to get to the bottom of what just happened out there.

Shelly sees the whole group heading toward her, led by Hazard and Ryan. They appear to be laughing]

Marks: Anthony, Rachel! What just happened?

Ryan: I am sure the Family are asking themselves the same thing.

Hazard: You have just witnessed the joining of the two most powerful groups ever in the OWA.

Maxx: Yeah!

Marks: What does this mean to the OWA? Is The Elite now ten strong? Or are you all now Femmes?

Ryan: Actually, none of the above.

Lane: We have simply joined forces to eliminate the cancer of the OWA. The Family!

Shocker: We are sick and tired of the interfering, I proved that earlier, and the whining, and the big talk that cannot be backed up.

Marks: There are so many people in here I do not know who to talk to next. The Family has already lost The Rainbow Warrior, and Demon Knight. What is going to happen now?

Shocker: That is easy. Either the Family peacefully walks away now, or we destroy them!

Marks: Well guys, there is so much commotion back here I do not know what else I can do. For Stevie Cheesecake and Ed Bagel, I am Shelly Marks. see ya next week.

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