Beginning of the build to Crazy Eights with the ICWF; OWA TV Champion Amazon Woman defends against Jetstream


Scene opens up to Raekwon.]

Rawkwon: Femme Fatales, I am sorry for all those deeds I did against you in the past. I was foolish to join the Family. Since you guys are enemies with the Family, let me join you guys and help destroy them! I assure you this is no joke and Ill be on your side all the way. Besides, I get to get back at the Family and enjoy beautiful women around me. So what do you say Femme Fatales?

Fade To Black.]

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling Thanks for joining us.. quite a plea from former Family member, Raekwon.

Stevie: I have.. er.. no comment on that right now… I want to see where this is headed.

Ed: Fair enough, lets go to some prerecorded comments from a new arrival soon to be debuting in the OWA, Asian Invasion.

Asian Invasion

Asian Invasion: Hey out there OWA!!! I am Asian Invasion, I grew up on the mean streets of New York city. I beat the crap out of more free wheelin punks than the rest of ya combined!!! Then, my parents shipped me of to Japan, they say it was to get me to learn, and I learned there, I learned this (breaks pile of concrete blocks with his fist) but I know that my parents really sent me there, to beat the crap out of the Japanese, which I did with great success. And now, I am comin to OWA, and I am gonna teach you all a lesson, I can street fight, I can to every painful Japanese high flyin move in the book, and I can beat you all. Good luck!!!

Shot of previous flashes from the Black Shadow and the Carolina Mangler.]

Announcer: They are newcomers looking to make a name for themselves.

Shot of various Family members.]

Announcer: They are a targeted group …and its for the gold… Black Shadow and Carolina Mangler vs. Stacks Coltrain and Executioner as part of the OWA Tag Team Championship Tournament, next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

PYL Qualifier: Major Threat vs. Captain Midnight

Ed: This is Captain Midnights first single match here in the OWA, and Major Threat has been in a rut as of late… they lock up.. Midnight with a whip into the ropes.. Threat comes off with a kick, then whips Midnight and tries for a back body drop, but Midnight catches him with a swinging neckbreaker.

Stevie: The Captain tries for a jumping side kick, but Threat ducks down. Threat with a fallaway slam, then a flying dropkick. Threat tries for an abdominal stretch, but Midnight quickly hiptosses him over. Slingshot splash by the Captain and a cover.. one.. two.. kickout by Threat.

Ed: Threat with a whip into the ropes, and shoulderblock, knocking Midnight to the mat. Threat with another whip, but Midnight reverses it and nails Threat with a backdrop driver. Midnight runs into the ropes, and double clothesline! They are both down.. the ref counts.. one.. two.. three.. four.. five.. six.. seven.. Midnight is up… Midnight with a body sl..

Stevie: No.. cradle by Threat… One… two… three.

Announcer: The winner is Major Threat. Time of match: 5: 36

Stealth V.

Totally dark, then a spotlight shines in Stealth V’s face.]

Stealth V.: You thought I have gone away? Nooo, I am just beginning at the OWA!! I am every wrestlers nightmare and every ladies dream. I am aiming for the biggest and most prestigious belts, but I know I have to work may way up the ladder.

Suddenly he is gone…the camera roams all over…and picks Stealth V. up in the wrestling ring.’
Stealth V.: The ring is my home, AND NO ONE DOES THE PINNING EXCEPT FOR ME IN MY HOME!!!!! OWA Superstars, get ready for quaking and shaking, because Ill be a clubberin and you will be a flubberin

Stealth disappears from the ring and from sight.]

Shots of Intimidator in various action shots.]

Announcer: He a member of the Family.

Various shot of Shocker in action.]

Announcer: And he is part of the group what wants them destroyed… and the winner qualifies for the Press Your Luck tournament. Intimidator vs. The Shocker… next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Femme Fatale & The Elite

(The scene: Traci Lanes study, where the Femmes and the Elite are all gathered around, conversing and sipping champagne. Shelly Marks tugs down the hem of her short skirt, then turns to the camera.)

Marks: This is Shelly Marks, coming to you live from the scene of the celebration for Rachel Ryans new worlds heavyweight championship. Lets get a few words from the champ now. (Moves over to Rachel, who is conversing with Anthony Hazard.) Rachel, that was a great match–

Rachel: Best match o my career, babe.

Shelly: Yes, I do not think anyone can argue that. Everyone had you down as a pretty substantial underdog.

Rachel: Yeah? Well tell “everybody” that he aint got a clue! (Indicates the OWA championship hugging the waist of her miniskirt.) Does this make me the underdog now? I do not THINK so!

Shelly: What was your impression of Anthony Hazard? Its the first encounter between the two of you.

Rachel: Well, I have gotta call him what he is: the best wrestler to ever wear this belt. He had one helluva run–before and after he won this–and hell have more, of course. I just hope I can hold it as long and as well.

Shelly: Anthony, let me ask: what about Rachel? Did you expect her to win it?

Anthony: Ya know Shelly, I have been on a winning streak, something like 14 wins in a row, for some time now. I have proven I am the best. Now that is not bragging, that is just pure fact. But let me tell you this, out of all the great wrestlers I have been up against and I use that term loosely, Rachel is one that I can actually say has a chance at being as good as I am.

Shelly: But Anthony. She beat you, does not that make her as good as you?

Anthony: Well Shell. It makes her as close as anyone has come. Well see, let her have a few defenses, then get back to me with that question.

Anthony nudges Rachel.]

Shelly: Rachel, youll be defending the belt against Gustaffson soon. What do you think about that?

Rachel tugs the Giant over to her by his arm, and puts a hand on his shoulder.]

Rachel: Shoot, it wont be any different than what Gus and I do during practice. We get down and dirty. The only difference’ll be that this time it’ll count, and he might just walk off with the belt. Which’d be fine with me.

Shelly: Gustaffson, your thoughts?

Gustaffson: It is true, de Vemmes und I practice hard and ve play hard. Ve pull no punches ven we spar. But ve do so to be strong! And so ve vill both be strong ven ve battle for de belt!

Rachel: And whoever wins, Gus owes me a ribeye dinner.

Shelly smiles.: Really? Why is that?

Rachel puts her hand on her hip and grins.]

Rachel: Cause I am the girl, Shelly. You oughtta know.

Shelly: I do at that. Oh, heres Traci Lane. Traci, what was your impression of what happened this evening?

Traci turns from her conversation with the Shocker and Mariko.: Hm? Oh, I couldnt be happier. I mean, I fully understand what a great wrestler Anthony is–he proved it to me personally–but I knew Rachel was destined for greatness, and tonights outcome proved that. Her match with Amazon Woman was a bump in the road–and if they ever meet again, I think she’ll even that series right up.

Shelly: Speaking of this, her victory over Mariko was, um, a little questionable, do not you think?

Traci smiles.: Well, our problems with Amazon Woman are fairly well-documented, stretching back to our initial offer to make her a member of the Femmes. She wasnt exactly honest with us during our negotiations, and I have the recorded conversations to prove it. Now shes added tight-pulling to her repertoire. (Rolls her eyes.) Mariko was robbed, and deserves another shot. She was dominating that match, everybody saw that.

Shelly: Mariko, what do you think?

Mariko: Amazon Woman not understand how to fight with honor. She used cheap tactic to win. (Scowls at the camera.) I was beating you, Amazon Woman. I was hurting you. You will pay for this.

Shelly: That is all from here. Reporting from Traci Lanes mansion, this is Shelly Marks.

Ed: We have a match waiting in the ring.

Gustaffson vs. Sentry

Ed: This ought to be an interested match up… a rematch from the finals of Caged Fury.

Stevie: Yeah.. well Gus will put this newbie in his place… lock up, Sentry tries for a body slam, but cant get the big guy up… double as handle chop by Gustaffson. Gustaffson with a clothesline, that knocks Sentry out of the ring.

Ed: Gustaffson is following him out, he pounds Sentry into the ring steps.. and again into the ring steps. Gustaffson rolls Sentry back into the ring. Chokeslam by the big guy… Sentry ducks a clothesline and nails Gustaffson with a savate kick. Flying clothesline by Sentry.

Stevie: Sentry goes for a front facelock, then a whip into the ropes.. Gustaffson comes back with a kick to the midsection and a DDT! Running forearm smash by Gustaffson. Cover by the giant… one.. two.. kickout by Sentry.

Ed: Gustaffson with a whip into the ropes… no.. back body drop by Sentry… Sentry with an irish whip, and an elbow to the face of the giant. Sentry with a savate kick. Sentry has figured out a pretty good game plan here… Sentry misses a kick there.. but Gustaffson misses a knee lift…

Stevie: Sentry misses a leg drop… Gutwrench suplex by Gustaffson followed by a DDT. Powerslam by the big guy.. One.. two.. kickout by Sentry… Gustaffson goes to the top turnbuckle.. this is going to be messy… ack.. wait.. Sentry is up and nails Gustaffson in the midsection and *cringe* Gustaffson falls straddle-falls on the turnbuckle.

Ed: Sentry is setting him up for something.. DDT from the turnbuckle… cover.. one.. two… th.. no.. kickout.. Sentry pull the giant to his feet and runs into the ropes.. cross body block. .. no.. Gustaffson ducks down sending Sentry over the top rope and to the floor.

Stevie: And there goes the giant.. Gustaffson with a double ax handle on Sentry as they fight on the floor. Gustaffson with a whip.. no reversal by Sentry sending Gustaffson into the guardrailing. Kick to the midsection by Sentry. Clothesline by Gustaffson on the floor.. Gustaffson with an elbow drop..

Ed: Theres the bell… we obviously have a double countout here. They continue to fight.. we need some control here.. Traci Lane is trying to get the two apart.. here comes a couple OWA officials.. Lets get some sort of announcement here.

Announcer: This match has been declared a double countout at 16: 52.

Black Shadow

Voice In The Darkness: HAHAHAH, People still wondering who I am, I am the nightmare in your sleep, the noise you here down the ally, the thing that follows down the street, I am the SHADOW. Soon all of you will get a taste of me and my power. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Shots of Pretty Boy Monty losing the OWA Championship to Traci Lane.]

Announcer: He is a former OWA Champion on the path to redemption.

Shots of Mr. Excitements matches.:

Announcer: He wants to prove he is championship material. Next week, is Pretty Boy Monty vs. Mr. Excitement.. the winner will get a shot at the OWA TV Championship, here on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Press Your Luck Update

Myers Watterson: Hello OWA and welcome to your Press Your Luck Update. But first, Id like to announce that the OWA and the ICWF have combined in an effort to bring you top quality competition for one night in July as they compete in a joint PPV extravaganza. We have got some footage from last weeks ICWF card featuring Nabiki Yen against Yoshiko Kage. Lets go to this footage with Jessie, Lisa, Bob, and Chad.

Nabiki Yen vs. Yoshiko Kage (ICWF Footage)

The screen cuts to a ICWF soundstage with a black background and the word SHADOW written across it in silver. Standing in front of the camera, wearing a black two-piece costume is a young, oriental woman. The costume leaves her midrift bare, and on the chest of the top the word KAGE is written in silver. She is _very_ beautiful, and with a somewhat slight, almost fragile seeming build for a wrestler. Her long, jet-black hair is tied back in a long ponytail, and she smiles a smile so sweet at the camera it could melt the heart of the most hardened cynic.]

Yoshiko: Good evening, everyone. I am very happy to be here tonight and to have the opportunity to speak to you all. I would like to thank the great people of the ICWF in particular and Richter City and the USA in general for the great welcome they have given me. You have all made me feel right at home here, and for that I thank you. It just proves my point that if you make an effort to be nice to people they too will be nice.

Yoshiko gets a serious look on her face.]

Yoshiko: However, Nabiki Yen, you are not a nice person at all. You say you left Japan to get away from good manners and polite people? Well, Nabiki-san, good manners are the sign of someone with the ability to control themselves and with the ability not to always put their own needs before those of everyone else. I guess you have none of those qualities, and this saddens me, because it seems to be an empty and hopeless way to live without friends.

There is a pause where Yoshiko looks almost sad.]

Yoshiko: Yes, I am sad for you, Nabiki-san, because it seems to me that you will never really know the joys of true friendship the way you carry on. Your life will continue to be empty and hollow, and in the end you will look back upon it and find that nothing you did really mattered at all since you had no one to really share it with.

The camera cuts back to the broadcast team.]

Chad: I think… No, I KNOW I am going to throw up now. That was so sweet it was sickening! God, I hope Nabiki breaks every bone in her body.

Bob: Romero! You SCUM! Yoshiko is the nicest person in the ICWF, and I could only WISH we had more like her around here. You should be ashamed of yourself saying something like that about her.

Chad: Bah! Nice gets you nowhere.

The scene breaks to mid match, as it swings back and forth between the two VERY equally matched opponents. Both show their technical skill by countering and reversing several moves in short order. Highlights include Yoshiko hitting Nabiki with an enzuilariato and Nabiki nailing a swinging neckbreaker on Kage. However, even though they are more or less equally matched Yoshiko seems to have an advantage, using her martial arts skill to keep on top of things, and Nabiki starts looking a little frustrated.]

Jessie: I cannot believe the pace of this match! I have hardly ever seen a match move faster than this one! They seem to string together impossible sequences of moves, both of them! Susan James and Nabikis bodyguard cheering on one woman each. Yoshiko is whipped to the ropes, but she comes back off with a chop that floors Nabiki. Kage pulls Yen up and whips her to the ropes… VICIOUS clothesline!

Chad: I can tell ya ONE thing from this match! These two do NOT like each other at ALL! Nabiki retaliates with a hotshot! Now she tries to whip Yoshiko to the ropes, but the goody-two-shoes somehow reverses it! Nabiki back off the ropes, and… OUCH!

Bob: Nabiki runs RIGHT into an enzuigiri to the face! That HAD to hurt! Kinda reminds me back when I played for the Bucs and this quarterback stepped on my face….

Chad: Lucky for you couldnt get any uglier than you are naturally.

Bob: Why you….. I oughtta…

Jessie: Concentrate on the fight IN the ring guys! Yoshiko has Nabiki back up… DDT! OUCH! She climbs the ropes and waits for Nabiki to stagger back up…. FLYING LARIAT SENDS NABIKI BACK DOWN! Nabiki back up, only to meet ANOTHER enzuigiri to the face!

Bob: She goes for the pin! One… Kickout.

Lisa: This has got to be taking its toll on Yen. Both physically and mentally. Whatever she does Kage always seems to have some wrestling skill or martial arts maneuver to pull her out of it.

Chad: Nabiki is tough and smart! Shell pull _something_ out of her hat! Trust me!

Bob: Elbowsmash! Dropkick! Flying Karate Chop! Yoshiko is on fire here! Another Dropkick! Drat, it missed! Yoshiko whips Nabiki to the ropes… Lariat, and Nabiki is down again! Double axhandle chop to the back of Nabiki! Nabiki is stunned, and Yoshiko gives the sign for the Shadow Tornado! She bounces off the ropes, and…. NO!

Jessie: Yoshiko bounces off the ropes and Andrew TRIPPED HER! Nabiki is distracting the referee, and Andrew grabs a chair! He slides into the ring with it! Susan James is frantically trying to get the ref to notice! Yoshiko gets back to her feet… ANDREW JUST NAILED HER WITH THE CHAIR! And now he is sliding back out again! The referee turning around, and he looks suspicious, but he didnt see what happened!

Chad: If ya do not get caught then it aint cheating!

Bob: You are disgusting! Nabiki walks over to Yoshiko who is out cold! She leans her up against the ropes…..Cash kickback! This is uncalled for! Wheres the flag, ref??

Chad: I LOVE it! Nabiki puts her foot on Yoshikos chest…. One, two, three!! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! This is great!!

Bob: This is a DISGRACE!

Jessie: Nabiki and Andrew make a hasty retreat as the rest of Susan James stable show up to protect their friend! We have to go to a commercial, people, but well be right back.

Myers: Lets go to some prerecorded comments from various wrestlers for the ICWF:

(The scene: a decked-out gymnasium, with every imaginable weight station and aerobic device arranged neatly around the sides. Plates clank and athletes groan as they push their bodies to the breaking point. In the distance is a wrestling ring, where a pair of grapplers jockey for leverage. The camera comes to the first station, where the Masked Marauder (sans mask) and his friend, Rob Foster, are bench pressing. The Marauder grunts out his last rep with the enormous poundage, then slams it back. He gets up and high-fives Foster, then they turn to the camera.)

Marauder: A crossover with the OWA? Ha! Fine by me, I can use the break!

Foster: I guess a two-bit outfit like that can always use some exposure.

Marauder: No kiddin! Hey, losers! (grabs the ICWF Heavyweight title, and points it toward the camera.) If you aint got THIS, then you aint got a DAMN thing! And YOU, Hazard–some livin legend? Cross over to OUR side and see how its done!

Foster: And Amazon Woman–you wont be so pissed off all the time after meeting some REAL men, baby!!!

(The camera turns, and moves across the gym, to where the Snake Sisters, Jennifer Sanders and the Python Princess, are doing biceps work with Tanya and Maria Mankiller, the Apache Warriors. They finish curling, then turn to the camera.)

Jennifer: Hey, OWA? You need a beatin? Well be happy to oblige ya!

Python Princess: Indeed. Well be happy to extend generous brutality to whomever desires it.

Maria: “Femme Fatales”? Do not make me laugh! WERE the only femme fatales around here!

Tanya: Better try another name, ladies–like “the Showgirls”!

(The camera moves again, to join a trim, muscular man, hanging upside down from a horizontal bar. Standing beside him is a muscular red-haired woman, with a coiled whip on a bench beside her.)

Arlechino: Hey, OWA! Were gonna turn your world–(swings up, flips twice in mid-air, then lands before the camera)–upside down! Hey, Prince Freddy, you up for a royal rumble?

Taskmaster: It will be a pleasure competing with your fine athletes. And I look forward –(she takes the whip and uncoils it)–to taking you to TASK….

(Arlechino jumps back as she cracks the whip, then smiles. The camera moves on to a shoulder press station, where the Kingpin is supervising Fury, Gretchen Gwynne, and Vixxxen as they lift weights.)

Kingpin: People, the OWA is wanting a piece of our action. Got anything to say?

Gretchen: Oh, I just cant wait to meet em. I am just an equal opportunity destroyer! (Giggles, then looks down at her hand.) Darn, I think I broke a nail.

Vixxxen in a husky voice.: Cmon down, boys n girls. Does not matter who you are, Ill show you a REAL good time. You might even live to talk about it.

Kingpin: Caray, Stewart–got anything to say?

Caray: Nope.

Stewart: Get that #$!@#$@ camera outta my #$%#@! face!

(The camera pans to the ring, where Kelly Kandelski and the Vision in Violet are trading a series of holds.)

ViV: OWA! I have heard about your fed, youve got good people. Itll be fun putting you to the test.

Kelly: Absolutely, Nancy! Feminine Force is ready to set em up and take em down!

(In the middle of the gym, Arlechino runs out.)

Arlechino: Hey, everybody! Heres my imitation of the Family! (He pulls out a cigarette lighter, and lights up a cardboard house. It crackles merrily, and everyone breaks into uproarious laughter.)

Arlechino: Everybody sing!

(The gym P.A. system opens up with Sister Sledges “We are Family”, and everybody starts to dance as the mock home burns away….)

Myers: Well have more footage in upcoming weeks here on OWA Championship Wrestling from the ICWF. Now.. lets get on the Press Your Luck.

Press Your Luck is a tournament based not only on skill but a great amount of luck as well..

16 names are placed into a hat, and two names are drawn…

The first two picked are places into a second hat, and are not revealed. Those names are given an automatic bye to the second round.

Two more names are drawn from the first hat, those two will wrestle a regular match, no time limit for any of these matches, there must be a decisive winner.

The loser of the match goes back to the locker room, while the winner will stay in the ring as the ref tosses a coin.

Heads, the winner advances to the second round, and his/her name going into the second hat, and two more names are drawn. And the process starts over. There must be a winner and after the match a coin is tossed.

However, if its Tails, another name is drawn and the winner MUST wrestle another match in the first round against the name drawn. Again with a decisive winner and a coin toss at the end. One man could literally have to wrestle 13 other guys in the first round before advancing.

If at the end of the first round there is only one name left in the hat with no one to wrestle, that name is tossed out of the tournament.

The second round works the exact same way. They wrestle until there is only one name left in the hat and that person is the winner of the tournament.

Now, earlier in this very program, Major Threat advanced to the tournament. Next week, The Shocker will take on Intimidator, and Kodiak will take on Legion. The winners of those matches will advance to Press Your Luck.

In addition to that tournament, brand new OWA Champion Rachel Ryan will defend her title against.. her very own stable-mate, the giant, Gustaffson.

And the finals for the OWA Tag Team Championship tournament will be decided on this night.

Press Your Luck will be on May 31st, right here.

Ed: Press Your Luck is shaping up quite nicely… and what about those from the ICWF?

Stevie: Amateurs… really.. . the action in the OWA is far better than those cretins.

Ed: Stevie! Hold on.. here comes Sabin Figaro.. you take care of this one..

Stevie: No problem.. Hey Sa…

Sabin Figaro

Figaro: Ha, someone so lowly for a name, he goes to the periodic table of elements. I can take hard-core fighting, I survived the CAGED DEATH! match, I can fight like no one believes. I was hung with barbed wire over 3 stories of flames, the chair was simply unexpected. Colt, you want a No-DQ match? I give no respect to you, but I give you my signature. Come on, SHUT UP AND DANCE!!!!! Colt… I think we were in this situation before, if I recall correctly. Well, everything will be different this time. I am gonna take to such an extreme, I am gonna just clubber you. When the fists of fire are applied, well, get ready for a loss! LET US DANCE!

Figaro heads to ringside.]

Stevie: Hey.. he interrupted me!

Ed laughs: Now you know how it feels.

Stevie: Shut up….

TV Championship Contender’s Match: Sabin Figaro vs. Colt

Ed: Lock up… Nothing happening here.. they release the hold and walk around each other… Sabin runs into the ropes and hits Colt with a shoulderblock that sends him to the mat. Sabin into the ropes again, Colt drops down and Sabin runs off the other side.. backdrop by Colt.

Stevie: Quick pin attempt by Colt, but he does not even get a one count. Sabin is up and kicks Colt in the midsection.. and he is going for a piledriver.. nope.. Colt with a backdrop… Colt with a clothesline on Sabin. One.. two.. kickout by Sabin.

Ed: Colt with a whip.. reversal by Sabin… Colt nails Sabin with an elbow… Colt places Sabin on the top turnbuckle.. Top Rope DDT! One.. two.. thre.. kickout.. by Figaro… Colt is complaining about a slow count.. Sabin with an inside cradle.. one.. kickout by Colt.. Football tackle takes Colt down.. Sabin with a fistdrop….

Stevie: Figaro is going to the second turnbuckle and.. elbowdrop onto Colt… One.. two.. kickout by Colt.. Figaro pulls up Colt and sets him up.. piledriver by Figaro.. One.. two.. kickout by Colt… Dropkick by Figaro.. no.. Colt side steps it..

Ed: Colt with a chop on Figaro… but Figaro comes back with a kick to the midsection.. bodyslam by Figaro.. Figaro picks up Colt and pushes him in to the corner.. Sabin with the Fist Flurry and Colt falls to the mat.. this is it.. cover by Figaro.. one… two…

Stevie: No.. Colt places his foot on the bottom rope stopping the count.. Sabin thinks he is won the match… the ref is telling him that he has not won yet. Colt is up… Figaro climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Colt is there to meet him and body slams him off the turnbuckle.

Ed: Colt sets him up for the reverse crucifix slam and nails him.. Colt with a cover.. one.. two.. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 16: 43… Colt!

Ed: Shogun has joined us at the podium…


Shogun: The hell with the Family and the rest of the losers in OWA!! That is right, I am shooting off my mouth. Listen up people, there is a new tag team in town and it will become the best in the OWA. The newly formed partnership of Larry Brown and Shogun are here to do business! You just had a taste of what we are capable of doing, just ask poor little Fireman he knows. My good buddy Larry gave him a quick pin and it was all over except the crying. And as for you Raekwon, I congratulate you on CHAIRING your partner. Hell, we all know he deserved it. I guess the Family must be trembling to see two stables against them and further more I am sure Me and Larry are going to put are 2 cents worth to see those ingrates go down. For ALL to remember: Who ever dares to attack my Buddy Larry ,will have to deal with me and my famous PALM BLOW A word to the wise, stay clear of us we have come to rule the HEIGHTS!!!!!


(Scene opens to show KODIAK sitting next to an overturned apple-juice truck. He is sitting on top of the driver and is very happily sucking the juice out of five drinking-boxes at a time.)

KODIAK: Aaaaahhh that is good. BURP. Now my training is complete. I am ready to bite, I mean fight my way to the top of the Federation. Federation. Federation. Federation. EEEEK! SPIDERS. I am covered in spiders. Who wants to fight me? I am KODIAK, ruler of the seven seas, king of England, and eater of worlds. You are all pawns in my game. Queen to bishop four, CHECKMATE. Hahahahahahaha! I cannot be beaten. Mommy…mommy is that you?

(KODIAK grabs several crates of apple juice and wonders into the bush looking for his mommy.)

Announcer: He is has no personality…

Legion: Time for blood is now…. and do not call me psycho.

Announcer: He has more then his share…

They both debut next week… Kodiak vs Legion.. next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Tag Title Tournament Match: Mariko/Monica Brant vs. Johnny Stallion/Mike Mustang

Ed: Okay.. looks like it will be… Johnny Stallion starting out with Monica Brant. Gustaffson is not at ringside here, I can imagine they are trying to calm him down in the back…

Stevie: Hey.. I do not blame him one bit.. Stallion with a quick dragon suplex on Brant.. one.. kickout by Monica… Stallion rakes the face of Brant, but Monica nails him with a kick to the midsection. Monica tries for a hiptoss, but Stallion counters with a backslide.. one.. reversal by Brant.. one.. two.. kickout by Stallion…

Ed: Brant tags out to Mariko.. Brant and Mariko with a whip and double chop on Stallion, as Monica leaves the ring.. Stallion quickly hits Mariko with a hotshot… Side suplex by Stallion… Mariko fights back with a savate kick and tag out again to Monica Brant.

Stevie: Stallion should tag out here.. Brant with a whip into the turnbuckle… Brant with an European uppercut.. Stallion pushes Brant out of the corner and nails her with a Russian Legsweep… Stallion goes for a powerbomb, but Monica counters with a backdrop.

Ed: Stallion tags out to Mustang who immediately clotheslines Brant.. who makes a quick tag to Mariko.. Mariko hits Mustang with a shoulder block… then a thrust kick to the head… Stallion makes a move to enter the ring, and Monica comes to stop him…. but the ref stops her from coming in… Stallion comes and attacks Mariko.. Stallion and Mustang double DDT Mariko…

Steve: Stallion slides under the bottom ropes.. cover by Mustang.. one.. two.. three!!!

Announcer: Winners of this match at 11: 35 and advancing in the tournament, Johnny Stallion and Mike Mustang.

{Shots of Masked Mayhem and company winning at Caged Fury}

Announcer: He has just come off a big PPV win at Caged Fury…

{Shots of Stealth V.s flashes}

Announcer: He is on his way in planning to make it to the top…

…its the debut of Stealth V. as he takes on Masked Mayhem, next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Ed: Amazon Woman is scheduled for a title defense here, but she has asked for some time here, so if she could come on out.. Here she some.. Amazon Woman.. we have gotten a lot of mail this week regarding your victory over Mariko and the fact that you pulled the trunks for a win.

Amazon Woman

Amazon: First of all, I want to thank my fans for writing this week. I know it seemed kinda funny last week with how my match ended and I want to clear this up. So.. if Mariko could come out here… Id like to speak with her face to face.

(Mariko–and the rest of the Femmes–come out from backstage. They do not move to surround, merely standing behind their teammate.)

Amazon: First Mariko.. you are a great competitor. In the heat of battle, after viewing the footage, I see that I used the tights to gain the pinfall and for that I am extending a professional apology. I would like to grant you a rematch at the earliest possible convenience. Do you accept?

Mariko: I do not know. I am still angry at you for what you did. I will have to consult my teammates.

(She turns to them.)

Monica: She seems sincere. I have got no problem with it.

Rachel: Everybody has a bad night–I had one a couple of weeks ago myself. Give er a break. (Gustaffson nods.)

Traci: It hardly seems necessary, but I concur. You have proven yourself as a major player in our sport, Amazon Woman. I feel you would grant us the same favor.

Mariko: (Nods, and turns back to Amazon Woman.) I will fight you again. This time, let it be with honor.

Amazon: Very well then.. Ill get with the commissioner about that and we’ll get it on.

{Amazon Woman drapes the TV Title over her shoulder and heads for ringside}

OWA TV Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Jetstream

Ed: Amazon walks right up to JetStream and gives him a shove… JetStream shoves her back and Amazon retaliates with a punch.. no.. block by JetStream and clothesline, knocks the champion to the mat. Amazon tries for an elbowsmash but misses as JetStream kicks her in the midsection.

Stevie: I hate to say this but I think Amazon looked past JetStream and to Mariko… JetStream is no slouch… JetStream with a powerbomb.. and he climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails Amazon Woman with a diving shoulderblock! One.. two.. three!!! Oh my DOG!!!

Ed: Amazon has been defeated in just over a minute by JetStream… She cannot believe it…

Stevie: Watch out.. Amazon Woman just nailed JetStream from behind… she sets him up.. and piledriver… she pulls up JetStream and lifts him up… uh oh… Running Powerslam!!!!

Ed: I am not entirely sure whats wrong here, but shes.. picking him up again.. we definitely need some help here… another Running Powerslam by the former TV Champion… okay.. here comes some officials..

Stevie: I think she just snapped…

Ed: Were out of time for this week… please join us next week for more OWA Championship Wrestling.

Camera focuses on the ring as official try to get Amazon Woman to go back to the locker room as she hoists JetStream back onto her shoulders.]

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