Loser will leave the OWA as OWA TV Champion Mr. America defends his title against Tom Tomorrow; Consuelo Salyards battles Rainbow Warrior; Stacks Coltrain takes on Crimson Scorpion where the loser has to apologize to the winner; Anthony Hazard tries to wrestle the TNM Championship from Tim Johns

Mr. America

Mr. America watches as the sands of an hour glass run out.]

Mr. America: I bet you’re expecting me to go into some philosophical debate huh? I’ll get to that a little later though. First off, Virgo. You want to claim that it was a clean pin. Why don’t you go back and watch the review of that match? It’s pretty evident that Shogun did come into the ring and reversed an inside cradle, but that’s not the point. You two won. That’s what most people will remember. Virgo, let’s make something clear. You say I’m on a self-destructive path by going after the Crew. Call it what you will, but in the end we’ll see who’s standing. Virgo, am I by myself? How exactly do you know what goes through my head? How do you know I don’t have all of my avenues covered already? Simple fact you don’t. As for Crime Spree, you want respect from me and not the belt? All you had to do was keep your nose out of my match with Hazard. That shows that you don’t want respect, you want the gold. Otherwise you never would’ve kept me in your sights after I planted and pinned Shogun. You never would’ve showed your face when I wrestled Hazard and you never would’ve sealed your own doom by humiliating me. Yeah Virgo, you did that. I would’ve rather taken a loss to Anthony then kept the title via a no contest rule. I would’ve saved a lot more face if that had happened. I’ve already told you Virgo, you’ll keep seeing me until we do meet at Crime Spree and I toss you off of that roof. You’ll see the TV belt again though Virgo as it hits your face after you hit that air cushion. Virgo, there’s a big difference between you and me. We both know it, but you just don’t want to admit it.

Mr. America flips the hour glass so the sand inside pours again.]

Mr. America: Tom, only a few hours until the wrestler of the future becomes a thing of the past. Are you feeling a little uncertain about this one Tom? You said that in your history books I was nothing more than Virgo. Just a face in the crowd lost among the others. We’ll then low and behold I win a title and pull myself out from the sea of bland faces. I’m sure you’d like to say that you know the outcome of this match, but you don’t Tom and that’s what is scaring you the most. Bucko. To put it simply, you’re headed on a highway to hell and consider me Lucifer. As for the philosophical question, if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?

Mr. America smirks.]

Mr. America: Just depends on who’s opinion you’re asking for.

The OWA Logo explodes on the screen, then fades to a capacity crowd. The camera pans to the broadcast area where Ed Bagel stands along next to Brandon Charm.

Ed: Thanks for joining us for another edition of OWA Championship Wrestling. Joining me for this first match, announcer for the TNM Tournament, Brandon Charm. Brandon, welcome to the OWA!

Brandon: It’s great to be here. Where are we anyways, Hicksville?

Ed: We are actually in Modesto California.

Brandon: Same thing.

Ed: and we have a capacity crowd here. On tap, as our main event, OWA TV Champion, Mr. America takes on Tom Tomorrow and the loser will have to leave the OWA! Plus more exciting match. Let’s go down to ringside for the TNM Title defense!

TNM Championship: Tim Johns vs. Anthony Hazard

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is sanctioned by the TNM Championship Committee. It is the best two of three falls and it is for the TNM Championship. First. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 207 pounds. Accompanied to the ring by his manager, Sir Goodwin. Representing the Elite. He’s the former OWA Champion. Anthony Hazard!

Fans goes ape on hearing Hazards name]

Brandon Charm: Everybody loves a home town boy, no matter how little talent he has.

Fans shout, “Brandon Chump. Brandon Chump!!”…]

Brandon: Yeah like I haven’t heard that before.

Announcer: And his opponent. Coming down the aisle along with Sexy Shannon, he represents FCW and he is the TNM World Heavyweight Champion. He is Darkside Tim Johns!!

Ed: The winner of this match will face the chosen representative from NEFW, sometime in the next two weeks.

Brandon: Come on Eddie, let’s get this thing underway, there’s a great Chinese restaurant down the road from here.

Johns comes out to a mixed reaction, some fans respect him but it is mainly a partisan crowd]

Ed: The two men look each other straight in the eyes and tentatively shake hands, it’s good to see sportsmanship in such a prestigious title match. It’s nice to see that in title match. Though it seems that Anthony Hazard has been in a consistent bad mood for the past couple of weeks.

Brandon: If that was me I would have poked him in the eyes by now.

Ed: Maybe That’s why people don’t respect you then….The bell rings, and they lock up, Darkside straight away with hard punches, showing Hazard what he’s going to be in for tonight. A quick powerbomb, Cover!! One. Two. Kickout. Darkside tries to nail the Running Forearm Smash but Hazard ducks and now sends Darkside over the top. Hazard goes outside and they begin exchanging punches.

Brandon: These TNM matches always bring out the best brawling in people. Hazard with a beautiful flying clothesline, and he now throws Darkside back into the ring. Hazard with an armdrag and a jumping side kick, Darkside sits up.

Ed: Hazard whips Darkside into the turnbuckle and follows through with a cross body block. Hazard goes to the top but Darkside with a hard right to the stomach. Hazard gets crotched on the turnbuckle and Darkside brings him all the way down with a superplex. Cover!! One. Two. Shoulder up!! Hazard rakes Darkside’s eyes and takes him down with a shoulderblock and another. NO!! Darkside caught him with a belly-to-belly but they hit heads. Hazard is busted open, and is trying to get to the ropes to gain his bearings. Luckily Darkside is dazed too.

Brandon: Both men were unlucky then, but Hazard definitely came off the worst there but look he’s trying to gain the advantage with a sleeper, and Darkside hits a jawbreaker. He’s going to work on Hazard with forearms, but Hazard surprises him with an armdrag. He nails him with a Russian legsweep, Darkside gets back up but is taken down with a hard clothesline. Hazard starts clapping his hands and the crowd are going crazy.

Ed: But he shouldn’t be wasting time, Hazard with a jumping side kick. Cover!! One. Kickout!! Hazard with a fistdrop and now goes for a flying kneedrop but Darkside rolls away. Hazard is in pain, and Darkside catches him with another belly-to-belly. One. Two. Thr. Kickout!! Darkside with the advantage, Hazard is bleeding heavily, the ref is having a close look at this. Darkside throws Hazard out of the ring and follows him. He throws Hazard into the guardrail but Hazard reverses it!! Reverse Power Slam on the Concrete floor!!! Darkside is not moving!!! Hazard rolls him back into the ring. Cover!! One. Two. Thre. Shoulder Up!!! A sloppy cover there.

Brandon: No matter how much damage you do always hook the leg. ALWAYS. Hazard with a powerslam. One. Two. Kickout!! Hazard goes up top and nails Darkside with a flying legdrop. One. Two. Thr. Kickout. Darkside is really showing me something here. And how Hazard can continue while losing that much blood is beyond me.

Ed: Hazard is following up with a double axhandle and sends Darkside into the ropes Hazard goes for. Darkside hits a rolling kick!!! Now a piledriver, Darkside puts an STF onto Hazard but he makes it to the ropes. Darkside begins stomping away, double underhook suplex. belly-to-belly. Tilt-a-whirl suplex. It’s all Darkside now, now with a piledriver. And now he starts stomping away. The fans don’t like this do they?

Brandon: Who really cares what the fans think? They don’t have to get in the ring do they?

Ed: Hazard catches Darkside with a clothesline out of nowhere, and sets him up for a spin kick. Darkside ducks and hits the Super DDT!!! One. Two. Three!!!

Announcer: The winner of the first fall in 17.00…. Darkside. Tim Johns.

Ed: Hazard is in a bad way, the doctor is in the ring looking at him. And is now talking to the referee.

Brandon: I don’t think the doctor would get out of this arena alive if he stopped this match.

Ed: I think you’re right. The bell rings and Darkside nails Hazard with a Running Forearm smash. Cover!! One. Two. Thr. Kickout!!! Darkside going for a quick pin, now that he knows that Hazard is in trouble. Darkside puts Hazard on the turnbuckle and climbs up, but Hazard blocks him with a front layout splash. Hazard off the top rope with a clothesline, now a shoulderblock. He goes for a cross body but Darkside catches and powerslams him. Cover!! One. Two. Kickout!!! Darkside with an elbowdrop, and tries to place him on the turnbuckle, this time successfully. And hits Hazard with a big superplex. He picks up Hazard and tombstones him, Hazard is beginning to bleed heavily again. Darkside tombstones him again, Darkside with a Running Forearm Smash, One. Two. Thr. Kickout!! Darkside is giving the sign for the Super DDT.

Brandon: This is it, this one’s over. He nails it and. One. Two. Hazard is in the ropes. Darkside is arguing with the referee. Darkside picks up an unconscious Hazard and hits another Super DDT, drags him to the center of the ring, covers and hooks the leg. One. Two. Three!!!

Announcer: The winner of this match in 20.02 and STILL TNM World Heavyweight Champion…. Darkside. Tim Johns!!!

Ed: A good victory for Johns but Hazard was unlucky to have been injured so early in the match but did extremely we’ll to hold on for so long.

Brandon: Yeah, Hazard was unlucky, Darkside raises Hazard’s hand as a show of respect. But the medics want to get Hazard to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Ed: Darkside. Tim Johns will face the representative from NEFW in the next two weeks. I’d like to thank Brandon Charm for joining us this week for this match.

Brandon: The pleasure was all yours, Eddie.

Davey Scott

We are in a class room with a beautiful desert view outside the windows. The door opens, Davey enters wearing black jeans (is he a black jean fanatic or what) and a Traci Lane Shirt.]

Davey: Welcome to my classroom, we’ll it was a couple years ago before I went to wrestling, however. Let’s cut the chase. Harvard Earl, I yawn to your flashes. Why? You use too much passive voice. However, if that what suits you best. However, I prefer to use as much active voice as I possibly can, so let me begin.

Davey: Harvard Earl. You complain about our language. You got your right to complain. It is a tad offensive. However, I have my right to say whatever I want. You know, you speak like you know it all. However, credentials and titles doesn’t prove a [censor: to me. In order to prove to me that you are the best, you got to face me. Now Earl, are you going to run? Everyone seems to be running. They got there right to run, because when I get to everyone, I shall give them the. Davey Scott Treatment. So Earl, give it all you got baby, because the night is young, and it going to be one hot night when you and I compete! ENOUGH SAID!

Davey leaves the class room]

Ed: Joining me at the broadcast position this week is Elaine Bryant. Welcome Elaine!

Elaine: Thanks Ed! Glad to be here. Tough break for Anthony Hazard earlier tonight. He fought a great match, but that early injury was worse than we thought. He’s in the back getting stitches as we speak.

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside.

Consuelo Salyards vs. Rainbow Warrior

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, coming down the aisle along with the giant, Gustaffson. 126 pounds. Here is Consuelo Salyards! And her opponent. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 280 pounds. He’s accompanied to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty. Here is the Rainbow Warrior!

Ed: There’s a bell and here we go. Consuelo quickly with a dropkick and another. Consuelo off the ropes, but Rainbow Warrior just plows over her. Warrior off the ropes, nails Consuelo with another shoulderblock. Cross corner whip by Warrior. Warrior charges the corner, but Consuelo with a knee.

Elaine: Salyards nails Warrior with a spinning DDT and an elbowdrop. Salyards off the ropes, nails Warrior with a flying lariat. Salyards off the ropes with a cross body block but Warrior reverses it with a powerslam. Cover. one. Kickout by Salyards.

Ed: Rainbow Warrior hits with an atomic drop and a clothesline. Warrior sets her up and nails her with a Doctor bomb. Back suplex by Warrior. cover. one. two. Kickout by Consuelo. Warrior with a whip. He goes for a backdrop, but Consuelo rolls over his back and to her feet and nails him with a dropkick!

Elaine: Salyards with a spinebuster slam. cover. one. two. Kickout by Warrior. Salyards off the ropes, but Warrior catches her with a hotshot. He goes to the top rope and misses a splash!

Ed: Consuelo off the ropes with a Front Flipping Leg Drop from the 2nd rope! Cover. one. two. three! Consuelo gets the win on her way to face Billy Smith this week for the North American Championship!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 14: 13, Consuelo Salyards!

Danny Bouchard

(Trois-Rivieres. Danny Bouchard leaves the house carrying only a duffel bag.)

Bouchard: Oh, another [CENSORED] camera. Can’t I go anywhere? Hell. Well, time for me to add another win. Who is it, Miguel Thunder? When the [CENSORED] has he done anything? I tell you what, after Crime Spree, I better get something worth my caliber, you know? And talking about that, Harvard Earl, I don’t know what the hell Billy Smith’s problem is, or Hazard or whoever the [CENSORED] else is copying me, but it’s obvious they want a piece of me. They want to cause problems, make themselves heard, cause nobody will listen to them otherwise, eh? Me, this is how I talk. I ain’t changin it for the OWA, or anyone else! You don’t like it, go inbreed! And I got somethin else too, Gus, I know you want to get a piece of me in the ring, because you’re some masochist or something, you like getting the [CENSORED] beat out of ya or somethin, well, I tell you what, you don’t even think of getting your nose in my match. I’m gonna beat Earl into a pulp, then, if you want, I beat you into a [CENSORED] bloody mess too, you like that? And if you DO try and interfere anyhow, I think I might just have a surprise or two. Let’s just say a got an answer to this.

(Danny Bouchard holds up the two letters mentioned last week.)

Bouchard: Yeah, you know who you are, I got an answer to you two, you’ll find out soon enough, eh? In the meantime, though, Thunder, it’s about time I kicked your stupid hell. At least you ain’t no [CENSORED] Anglo, but that ain’t gonna save your [CENSORED] any! See you later! HAHAHA!

Danny Bouchard vs. Miguel Thunder

Announcer: This match is one fall. First coming down the aisle, weighing in at 255 pounds. Here is Danny Bouchard! And his opponent, weighing in at 230 pounds. Here is Miguel Thunder!

Ed: There’s the bell and Miguel Thunder comes out of the blocks. He nails Bouchard with a savate kick and then a superkick. Bouchard rolls out of the ring, which stops the momentum of Miguel Thunder. Bouchard back into the ring and he nails Thunder with a lariat.

Elaine: Miguel ducks a second clothesline and drops Bouchard with a shoulderblock. Thunder with a whip. Thunder with another superkick and Bouchard is glassy eyed. Thunder with a whip and he nails Bouchard with a punch. Thunder sets up for a vertical suplex but Bouchard block it.

Ed: Bouchard with a suplex of his own and Bouchard with a chokehold. one. two. three and again. one. two. three and again. one. two. three. four and the referee is all over Bouchard. Bouchard nails Thunder with a kick to the head and a diving elbow smash by Bouchard.

Elaine: Bouchard with a cross corner whip. Bouchard charges in and nails him with a kick to the midsection. Bouchard with a swinging neckbreaker. cover. one. two. th. Kickout by Thunder! Bouchard off the ropes and Thunder nails him with a kick and an elbowsmash.

Ed: Thunder with a whip. He goes for a back drop but Bouchard nails him with his Jumping DDT! Cover. one. two. three!!! Bouchard gets the win.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 24: 15, Danny Bouchard!

Monica Brant

(The camera fades in on an office. Beautiful and obviously expensive artworks decorate a few of the walls, including the OWA Championship. Behind a large desk sits Monica Brant, having a heated discussion with someone on the other end.)

Monica: No, I didn’t care about breach of contract. Looks, you told me it would be a week, no more, no less. What the hell kind of business are you running? Fine, I’ll do it myself!

(Monica slams down the phone, and notices the camera.)

Monica: Ahh, just in time. I see several of the wimped out superstars here in the OWA have been using my absence as an excuse to take my name in vain. Sorry I haven’t had time to play your little games, folks, but I’ve had some nasty legal problems to clear up. That, and my preparing for Crime Spree, leaves me very little time.

Monica smiles for a moment]

Ahh, Crime Spree. Traci, I must have left you in the Fashion Statement longer than I thought. You’re telling me you actually WANT to get into the ring with me again? Let’s see, perhaps I left you with brain damage from lack of oxygen. Not enough, huh? Well, consider your wish granted, Femme. Crime Spree, you and I are going to dance one last time. Monty, you just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and you’ll just be collateral damage.

Monica’s expression turns cold]

Then, I can do what I came here to do in the first place. Ryker, I hope you don’t think, just because I haven’t answered your junior-high insults that I’ve forgotten about you. Oh no. Enjoy that bar-room brawl with those losers the Extremists because, I promise you, it’ll be a cakewalk compared to what MISTRESS Monica Brant is going to put you through.

Monica looks hesitant for a moment, and then continues]

Mariko, I don’t have any quarrel with you. Or, for that matter, with any of the other Femmes. I just want a chance to prove that I was the meanest woman in this fed before Ryker came along, and I’ll be JUST AS BAD after she’s long gone. I am the OWA Champion, and I will be for a very long time.

Apology Match: Stacks Coltrain vs. Crimson Scorpion

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is an “Apology Match”. The loser of the fall will apologize to the winner. Here are the competitors. First, coming down the aisle along with Pretty Boy Monty. She weighs in at 185 pounds. Here is a former OWA Champion. This is Stacks Coltrain! And her opponent. Being led down the aisle by Diamond Brett Robbins. He weighs in at 295 pounds. This is the Crimson Scorpion!

Ed: This match is the result of several unfriendly exchanges between The Crew and MP Inc. The loser will have to apologize to the winner of this match. There’s the bell. Lock up and Crimson Scorpion just manhandles Stacks, throwing her from the ring. He follows her out but Stacks slides back into the ring.

Elaine: Coltrain will want to keep this match inside the ring. Another lock up. Facerake by Scorpion and an inside cradle. one. Kickout by Coltrain. Both are to their feet. Crimson Scorpion whips Coltrain into the turnbuckle and hits her with a Stinger splash.

Ed: Scorpion hits with a jumping neck snap and Stacks is in big trouble here. Scorpion goes for another Stinger splash but Stacks ducks and lifts him up and over the turnbuckle and he hits the floor. Stacks goes out. Stacks whips Scorpion into the guardrail and again. Stacks rolls him back into the ring.

Elaine: Coltrain with a dragon suplex. cover. one. two. Kickout by Scorpion. Big leg drop by Coltrain. Coltrain sets up Scorpion and nails him with a piledriver. cover. one. two. thre. Kickout by Scorpion. Whip by Coltrain. Reversal by Scorpion and he nails her with a discus punch.

Ed: Scorpion with a whip. He goes for a backdrop. Stacks tries to counter with a powerbomb but Scorpion counters that with a backdrop. Scorpion off the ropes and they hit each other with a double clothesline! Both are down. Referee begins a count. one. two. three. Scorpion is moving. five. six. seven. Scorpion is to his feet and Stacks is getting up.

Elaine: Scorpion approaches Stacks and she nails him with a low blow and Scorpion is in serious pain. Uh oh. Here comes MP Inc. Monty nails the first one down who happens to be Big Russ and they brawl on the outside but the other members are now in the ring and Stacks is going to need some help here.

Ed: Here comes The Crew and we have a brawl ensuing here. Executioner and Brett Robbins going at it. Rainbow Warrior just clothesline Masked Plague. We’ve gotta break from here. We’ll go to Myers for the Crime Spree report and hopefully have this cleared up when we get back!

Crime Spree Update

Myers: This is your Crime Spree report. Crime Spree comes to you live on PPV, on May 4th. It’ll come to you from the Seattle WA and the arena there has already sold out so the only way to see Crime Spree is on PPV. Now let’s run down the entire card for you.

First, the main event. It’ll be as wild as last year. It’ll be a Triangle Ladder Match for the OWA Championship. Monica Brant defends against Pretty Boy Monty and former champ, Traci Lane. Last year’s triangle ladder match was voted Match of the Year and this one should exceed that one.

The North American title will be on the line at Crime Spree in not one but three matches. Current champion, Billy Smith will take on Tom Tomorrow in the first match and if he’s successful he’ll be going on to meet Consuelo Salyards in the second. And if Billy Smith makes it past Salyards he’ll take on former champion Rainbow Warrior in the last match. The title will be on the line in each of the three matches.

Another match that was signed is a roof match for the OWA TV Championship, pitting Mr. America against Virgo. On top of the arena, a cage will be put up all the way around the building. However, there will be a 6-foot opening along one wall of the cage. The object? To push your opponent through that 6-foot opening out off the roof. Never fear, below an inflatable mattress will be set up, just like they are used in movies to catch the stunt actors.

Inside a local Seattle Bar, there will be no rules as the OWA Tag Team Champions, Wendy Ryker and Rachel Ryan battle the Extremists in the first ever Seattle Bar Room Brawl. There are no rules, and the winning team must knock out both members of the opposing team to be declared the victor.

In what is being called a respect match, Davey Scott will battle 20 OWA Superstars in 2 minute increments. If Scott doesn’t get pinned in the 40 minute duration of the match, he’ll be declared the winner.

A Graffiti Match has been signed for Crime Spree, pitting Harvard Earl against Danny Bouchard. The winner is the one who spray paints “LOSER” on the back of his opponent.

In a no hold barred match. No count-out, no DQ and falls count anywhere. Michelle Cox takes on Freddy Fever in a match where the winner will face the OWA Champion at Press Your Luck.

First Blood match between Miguel Thunder and Blackout for Crime Spree.

New OWA Trio Tag Champions, Executioner, Stacks Coltrain and Shogun (who’ll be filling in for Pretty Boy Monty) will be taking on the MP Inc. team of Big Russ Gator, Kodiak and Nazghul.

Ricky Hype and Taleis to take on the team of Biff Franklin and Johnny Stallion.

Plus these other matches.

Masked Plague will take on Asian Invasion.

Tara Quinn will take on Diamond Brett Robbins.

Wolfgang Von Richter to face Crimson Scorpion.

Mariko will take on The Shocker.

Now. The Mosher this past Thursday, has sustained an injury during his match with Rachel Ryan. He will be out an indefinite period of time and will be out of Crime Spree. The OWA Commissioner has stated that he will have a replacement opponent for Nightmare, and that he’s negotiating for the return of a retired OWA Superstar. We have been given no details as to who that former OWA superstar might be, but as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know.

That’s the complete line up for Crime Spree. Let’s go back to ringside!

OWA TV Championship/Loser Leaves OWA: Mr. America vs. Tom Tomorrow

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the OWA TV Championship. This match is also a retirement match. The loser of the fall will be forced to retire from the OWA. Introducing first, from the 25th century, and weighing in at 310 pounds, this is the Wrestler of the Future, TOM TOMORROW!

“Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins blasts from the stadium speakers, and the fans leap to their feet. Beams of laser light arc through the air above the arena, finally spelling out the name “Tom Tomorrow” as Tom comes out from the locker room. Though the fans cheer loudly, Tom takes no notice of them as he makes his way to the ring.]

Announcer: His opponent! From Washington D.C and weighing 275lbs. Here is the man who claims to be America’s perfection. The man every American aspires to be, Mr. America!

“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC plays as the fans cheer. Mr. America walks down to the ring slapping hands as he stares at Tom Tomorrow. Mr. America takes off his jacket and walks around the ring as his music hits the chorus for the second time. Mr. America climbs into the ring as the guitar solo rips through the air. Red, white, and blue lights flicker giving the effect of fireworks as Mr. America stands in the middle of the middle of the ring with the fans cheering. The music dies off as Mr. America faces Tom Tomorrow and the two referees. They check him for any objects, but find none.]

Ed: This match has been much anticipated for a number of weeks and we finally have it here. Both men are stone cold and awaiting the bell. There’s the bell. Both men slowly circle each other. Lock up. Whip by Tom Tomorrow. Mr. America nails him with a shoulderblock. Tom gets up and charges Mr. America, who catches him with a hotshot.

Elaine: America goes for a thrust kick to the head, but Tomorrow ducks and nails him with a clothesline. Snap suplex by Tom Tomorrow. Tom Tomorrow sets up Mr. America and nails him with a piledriver! Oh my. cover. by Tom. one. tw. Kickout by America. Could you imagine if Tom Tomorrow pinned Mr. America in this match with America’s patented move?

Ed: Tomorrow with a series of kicks. DDT by Tom Tomorrow. Following that up with a Soviet suplex and Tom Tomorrow with a Scorpion deathlock. I don’t think America is going to submit in this match but it’s a good wear down move. America to the ropes and the break is called.

Elaine: That scorpion took a lot from the leg of America as he’s limping visibly. Tomorrow goes for the leg but America nails him with a DDT. America tosses Tomorrow from the ring. America tries to shake some feeling back into his leg. Tomorrow reenters the ring.

Ed: America nails him coming in with a double sledge to the back. Tiger driver by Mr. America. one. two. Kickout by Tomorrow. America with a whip. Reversal by Tomorrow, but America comes off and nails Tomorrow with a clothesline. America sets up Tomorrow for a double underhook piledriver but Tomorrow with a back drop.

Elaine: Tomorrow with a cross body press. one. two. Kickout by America as we approach the halfway mark in this incredible match. Tomorrow with a chokeslam. Tomorrow sets up for a DDT, but America counters with a backdrop.

Ed: America nails Tomorrow with a powerbomb. one. two. Kickout by Tomorrow. America with a flying legdrop but Tomorrow rolls away. Tomorrow clamps on an abdominal stretch. Mr. America is having trouble escaping this hold. It’s been several minutes. Tomorrow let’s go of the hold and nails America with a lariat.

Elaine: Tom Tomorrow with a whip and a spinebuster. NO! America counters with a swinging neckbreaker! Both men are slow to get up. This match has gone over 40 minutes and it’s starting to take its toll on both wrestlers.

Ed: Mr. America nails Tomorrow with a backdrop driver. Mr. America with an STF! And Tomorrow is in a hell of a lot of pain. He’s trying for the ropes but he’s got a long way to go but slowly he inches towards it.

Elaine: Finally Tomorrow makes the ropes and America breaks the hold. Mr. America calls for the Made In America piledriver and nails it! Cover by America. one. two. three. NO! Referee says Tomorrow got his shoulder up and America looks like he can’t believe it.

Ed: America with a DDT. cover. one. two. th. kickout by Tomorrow. America goes to the top. Tomorrow staggers to his feet and into the rope and America falls straddling the turnbuckle. A weak and battered Tom Tomorrow goes up and nails America with Future Shock DDT from the Top Rope! Cover by Tomorrow. one. two. thre. NO! America with his feet in the ropes.

Elaine: Tom Tomorrow slowly gets to his feet. What’s that? You’ve got to be kidding me. The bell has run. The referee is conferring with the ringside announcer and the time keeper. Both Tomorrow and America are lying on the mat trying to regain their breath.

Ed: We’ve gone an hour. Okay. Here comes the OWA Commissioner. I’m sure he’s going to restart this match. He conferring with the referee then he asks for the ring microphone.

Commissioner: This match went on for an hour with no clear winner. Thus, it will be declared a draw. Here are my reasons why. Losing either of you two would further upset the schedule for Crime Spree, but more importantly. Losing either of you would do the OWA more harm than good. Thus, the match is a draw and neither of you have to leave the OWA.

Mr. America shake his head a little as he looks at Tom Tomorrow. Mr. America asks for the mic from the commissioner.]

Mr. America: I’m tired of the singing. I’m tired of the dancing Tom. I think we’ve both proven that we won’t do much good trying to kill each other out here tonight. I took you to the limit and you took me. You kicked out of the Made in America piledriver and I took the Future Shock top-rope DDT and we still went on. I think the Commish has it right.

Tom Tomorrow moves towards Mr. America. He asks for the mic and Mr. America hands it to him.]

Tom Tomorrow: For once. I see eye to eye with you. We showed the fans and the OWA that we are both technicians, that we can both take a beating and keep going, and that we are two of the best the OWA has to offer.

Mr. America gets the mic back from Tom Tomorrow.]

Mr. America: Tom….something you thought you’d never hear from me. I have a great respect for you after tonight.

Mr. America extends his hand. Tom gets the microphone.]

Tom Tomorrow: For a man who’s from a primitive past, you have shown why the humans have been able to thrive for so long.

Tom Tomorrow and Mr. America shake hands as the crowd goes crazy. Mr. America gets the mic back from Tom Tomorrow.]

Mr. America: Tom, I’ve always prided myself on being a singles wrestler, and I’ve excelled at that. I’ve always wondered though. How would I do as part of a team? That’s right Tom, I’ll ask you now. I’d like to see how well we’d work as a tag team together.

The crowd cheers for a moment and then fall silent as Mr. America hands the mic to Tom Tomorrow.]

Tom Tomorrow: I’d be honored to team with you.

The crowd goes crazy. Mr. America shakes hands with Tom Tomorrow again and gets the mic back from him.]

Mr. America: And Tom..

The crowd falls silent.]

Mr. America: If you’re what the future of humans has to offer, then I’m not worried about a damn thing for my bloodline.

Both men walk up the aisle together as the crowd become deafening.]

Ed: We are completely out of time for this week. we’ve went way over our allotted time. Join us next week for more OWA Championship Wrestling!

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