Tag Team Championship tournament continues; Jetstream defends the North American Championship against Colt; Qualifying matches for the upcoming Press Your Luck tournament, Nabiki Yen from the ICWF confronts a former tag team partner within the ranks of the OWA 

Last week on OWA Championship Wrestling

Stevie: I hate to say this but I think Amazon looked past JetStream and to Mariko. JetStream is no slouch. JetStream with a powerbomb. and he climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails Amazon Woman with a diving shoulderblock! One. two. three!!! Oh my DOG!!!

Ed: Amazon has been defeated in just over a minute by JetStream. She cannot believe it.

Stevie: Watch out. Amazon Woman just nailed JetStream from behind. she sets him up. and piledriver. she pulls up JetStream and lifts him up. uh oh. Running Powerslam!!!!

Ed: I am not entirely sure what’s wrong here, but she’s. picking him up again. we definitely need some help here. another Running Powerslam by the former TV Champion. okay. here comes some officials.

Stevie: I think she just snapped.

Ed: Were out of time for this week. please join us next week for more OWA Championship Wrestling.

{Camera focuses on the ring as official try to get Amazon Woman to go back to the locker room}

Ed: I know where off the air but I want to keep this rolling.

Stevie: Amazon Woman just tossed down a couple officials. that’s going to cost her. she’s setting up JetStream. another running powerslam!!!

Ed: Whew! Amazon Woman on a terror in the OWA. We are GOING to try to have words with the former TV Champion, we’ll have to see if that transpires this week or not.

Stevie: Heh. I like this new Amazon Woman. I’m not sure what she’s putting in her Wheaties, but I think I like it.

Ed: You would.

Announcer: Traci Lane on Prince Frederick.

Traci Lane: Prince Frederick? The Great Pretender. Buys a crown and some polyester robes and decides to anoint himself royalty. Go back to the disco, you loser.

Announce: Prince Frederick on Traci Lane.

Prince Frederick: Traci Lane is a premiere athlete. in just about any sport but pro wrestling.

Announcer: Anthony Hazard on Traci Lane.

Anthony Hazard: Lane has become a trusted ally and a good friend, not to mention a great competitor.

Announcer: Traci Lane on Anthony Hazard.

Traci Lane: Anthony Hazard? A living legend. A certain Hall-of-Famer. It’s always an honor to compete with someone so great.

Announcer: Prince Frederick on Anthony Hazard.

Prince Frederick: Anthony Hazard was on the lucky streak of his career. It’s over now, he’ll never be a champion again. I’ll see to it.

Announcer: Anthony Hazard on Prince Frederick.

Anthony Hazard: What can I say about Freddy? He’s jealous of my success, my win to loss record and my friends. Oh yeah, I think he’s been checking out Shocker too.

Announcer: Next week. Prince Frederick vs. Anthony Hazard vs. Traci Lane. the triangle match to determine the next challenger for the OWA Champion Rachel Ryan. here on OWA Championship Wrestling.

The Family

Sitting on the Caribbean Island of THE FAMILY.manager Pretty Boy Monty is talking on a speaker phone during a conference call.]

Monty: Stacks.Stacks.calm down and Yes I understand what is happening.but what do you expect when folks choose to retire.

Stacks – On Speakerphone: MONTY.I understand what you are saying but I feel that it is necessary that we bring in some more talent. Besides you did make a mistake in soliciting Raekwon.

Monty: Stacks, I understand that, but look at the talented individuals we have. Intimidator, The Fireman and Executioner. Hell besides you told me you wanted to wrestle again and then. You ask me to talk to Colt. He doesn’t like me any ways. What makes you think I can ask him.

Stacks – On Speakerphone: Colt, this isn’t just my Idea. Monty wants you to join THE FAMILY, but he knows there may be some bad blood. What do you think?

Colt – On Speakerphone: What do I think? You want me to join The Family? I’ve hated you guys ever since I’ve joined the OWA.

Monty: Okay Colt, I’m asking. Would you mind joining THE FAMILY.as you can tell we have problems. 10 of them to be exact. I along with the others would like you to join. We need talent like yours and with you we can only be stronger.

Colt – On Speakerphone: Listen, I’m willing to put hard feelings behind. But I’m not saying I’ll be in The Family for years and years. I just want to eliminate Anthony Hazard and the Femme Fatales. OK, I’ll do it. I’ll join the family.

Stacks – On Speakerphone: Now there you go boys. Was that too much to ask? Colt, thank you for joining us and you will definitely reach the top.

Monty: Yeah Colt, all hard feelings are in the past. If you were here I’d shake your hand. See ya soon.

Camera switches to Colt]

Colt: Thanks Monty. I’m sure even though we’ve got some hard feelings, we’ll be able to work together. Anthony Hazard, you used to be my friend, but now that you joined the Femmes forget it! Our friendship is over. The Family and I are coming for you!

Tag Title Tournament: First Round: Stacks Coltrain/Executioner (w/ Pretty Boy Monty) vs. Black Shadow/Carolina Mangler

Ed: Mangler starts out against Coltrain. Lock up. Coltrain with a whip into the ropes. Coltrain nails Mangler with a Flying Clothesline. big leg drop by Coltrain. quick cover by Coltrain. One. two. kickout.

Stevie: Mangler tags out to the Black Shadow and Coltrain nails him with a savate kick. Spinning toe hold by Stacks Coltrain. but the Black Shadow is too close to the ropes. Black Shadow slides out of the ring, and Coltrain follows him out. Coltrain runs Shadow into the ringsteps!

Ed: Coltrain with a whip. no. reversal by Shadow which sends Coltrain into the ringpost. Shadow rolls Coltrain back into the ring. Executioner tries to come in but Mangler cuts him off as they go to the outside. Coltrain off the ropes. no. bodydrop by Shadow that sends Coltrain out of the ring.

Stevie: Black Shadow follows her out. again this match has gone to the floor. kick to the midsection by Coltrain. and a side suplex on the floor. that had to hurt. Coltrain throws Shadow back into the ring. Whip by Coltrain. spinebuster slam! Dragon suplex by Coltrain. One. two. three!!! The Family moves on in the tournament.

Announcer: The winners are Stacks Coltrain and Executioner. Time of match: 0: 16: 27

Monty is entering the ring with a briefcase and a small table. He sets up the table and opens the briefcase. Stacks and Executioner look a little proud. Two pieces of paper appear on the table and Stacks takes the mike.]

Stacks: Ladies and gentlemen, in particular Traci Lane. Hey love, do you remember me. Look what I have done. THE FAMILY is offering a contract to Black Shadow and Carolina Mangler to join us. We have scouted these two individuals and found that the are worthy. With the addition of the MULTI-TALENTED COLT, we will dominate.

Monty: Hahaha! Black Shadow you truly are worthy as is the Carolina Mangler. We have included the stipulations you want. Welcome and sign on the Dotted line. (Black Shadow signs. Carolina Mangler picks up the contract and walks away.

“We are Family” begins to play and the rest of THE FAMILY comes to ringside.]


Black Shadow: I would like to thank Monty for this opportunity, and soon I will be at the top. There is no other organization like THE FAMILY AND WITH MONTY AT RINGSIDE, I WILL DEFEAT THE FEMMES AND THE ELITES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT A DAY FOR THE OWA!THIS CANCER HAS JUST GROWN!

Carolina Mangler: The Carolina Mangler and the Black Shadow are coming to fight and represent The Family. Therefore, we are coming to take you out. You will be eliminated. I have a lot to say. These IWCF are starting to bother me. I would like to represent our organization against their top talent. We will see how much they run their mouths when they get a load of me. To the lady wrestlers in this league, I think you need to experience what wrestling a real man is like. Any takers. The Family is strong and we will never die.

Asian Invasion

(Asian Invasion is in a sports bar watching a Yankee’s game with four gorgeous woman)

Asian Invasion: Hello there OWA, I see that you want to know about your future champion, well, this is where I play, the gym is where I play, and soon, (laughs a little) yes very soon, between the ropes of the OWA is where I will play, so beware, all of you, get ready for an Asian invasion

{Shots of Danny Maxx pinning WildShadow}

Announcer: They defeated his highness and his officer.

{Shots of Larry Brown and Shogun’s victory over the Fireman}

Announcer: They defeated a lonely soul. The Extremists take on Larry Brown and Shogun in the semi finals of the OWA Tag Team Championship Tournament. next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Pretty Boy Monty (w/ Executioner) vs. Mr. Excitement

Ed: Lock up. body slam by Monty. whip by Monty. no. reversal by Mr. Excitement. back heel kick by Mr. Excitement. followed by an atomic drop. drop kick by Excitement. no. Monty ducks. backbreaker by Monty. whip by Monty. he sets up for a back body drop. no. Excitement lifts him up. powerbomb!. one. two. kickout by Monty. Whip my Mr. Excitement. he misses with a clotheslines. Monty hits Excitement with a clothesline. diving headbutt by Monty.

Stevie: Pretty Boy Monty is going for the pin. One. two. kickout by Excitement. Monty off the ropes. powerslam by Excitement. one. two. shoulder up. Cradle by Excitement. one. two. kickout by Monty. atomic drop by Excitement. no. block and bulldog by Monty. Monty pulls up Excitement. short clothesline by Monty. Monty with a sleeper, but Excitement quickly reaches the ropes for the break. Monty throws Excitement out of the ring. and follows him out. Monty with a whip. no reversal by Excitement sending Monty into the guard rail. Excitement enters the ring. Monty comes in after him.

Ed: Excitement whips Monty into the turnbuckle. Excitement again with another whip. no reversal by Monty. he sends Excitement into the referee. Monty misses with a clothesline. powerslam by Excitement. as he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Moonsault by Mr. Excitement. this one is over. cover.

Stevie: There’s no referee! Excitement is looking around for the ref. Excitement goes to check on the ref. pulls him over. cover. no. cradle by Monty!!! One. two. three!!!

Announcer: The winner is Pretty Boy Monty. Time of match: 19: 43

Miguel Thunder

<Lights in a house shine brightly>

Miguel Thunder: Mike: I have seen over a million wrestlers in my life, and I have learned from their mistakes and goals. You see, I am basically a Heinz 57 of wrestling. I am a Shawn Michaels, 1-2-3 Kid, Sabu, and Sting wrapped up in one. I hope to impress you as NOT a person to wish you were, but just someone to help. I will show you my exercise room next time.

{Shots of Raekwon nailing Fireman after their tag team match}

Announcer: Once tag team partners, now bitter enemies. Raekwon vs. The Fireman and the winner goes to Press Your Luck. next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

PYL Qualifier: Kodiak vs. Legion

Ed: The debut of both Legion and Kodiak. and in what a match. the winner will go on to be in Press Your Luck. They lock up. Legion with a whip. reversal by Kodiak. Legion with a kick to the midsection. Fisherman suplex by Legion on Kodiak. one. kickout by Kodiak. Spinebuster slam by Legion. one. two. kickout by Kodiak. Kodiak rakes the eyes of Legion. Kodiak with a whips. reversal by Legion. backdrop by Legion. and Kodiak falls out of the ring. One. two. three. four. Kodiak reenters the ring. Kodiak with a forearm smash on Legion. dragon suplex by Kodiak. one. shoulder up. Kodiak with a whip. bodydrop. no. Legion block and DDT.

Stevie: Kodiak catches him in an inside cradle. One. two. kickout by Legion. Kodiak with a whip. Legion comes off the ropes and nail Kodiak with an elbow. facerake by Kodiak. and bulldog headlock. Kodiak with a whip. Legion comes off with a clotheline. Legion with a piledriver on Kodiak. Kodiak with a facebite. warning by the referee. flying bulldog by Kodiak. Kodiak with a choke slam. Kodiak with a whip and a duck down. nope. Legion with a swinging neckbreaker.

Ed: Legion with flurry fists in the corner on Kodiak. Legion with a flying elbowdrop. Kodiak with a chokehold. one. two. three. four. five. he won’t let go. the ref is calling for the bell.

Announcer: The winner by DQ is Legion. Time of match: 7: 49


Shogun: I would like to say a few words to our newcomer Asian Invasion. HOW DARE YOU!!!! You have a lot of nerves to say you beat the crap out of the Japanese with great success. You obviously never met the MIGHTY SHOGUN while touring Japan, because you would of been SIX UNDER punk!!! There’s only one true Martial Arts Expert in the OWA and that’s me. Therefore, I openly challenge you to get in the ring with me, to see what your really made of .When we meet, I’m going to give you a few slaps and put you down with my famous PALM BLOW. Then I’ll take my bamboo stick and put a beating on you for Insulting the good people of Japan. So what do say coward, are you ready to fight in the OWA!!!!

Scenes of WildShadow getting pinned by Danny Maxx in the tag team match.]

Announcer: He’s got his first single’s match. and he wants to win.

{Scenes of Davey Scott getting pinned by Colt}

Announcer: He also wants his first win. WildShadow takes on Davey Scott, next week on OWA Championship Wrestling, the winner to advance to Press Your Luck. 


The ICWF Logo appears on your screen then fades out.]

The scene is a graveyard, bathed in the dusky light of twilight. Dogs howl in the background as a shadow passes in front of the camera, and disappears. The camera flashes over several headstones, which includes names such as Amazon Woman, Anthony Hazard, Traci Lane, Prince Frederick, and others. The camera stops when it meets three men, gathered around a tomb entrance. All three men are large, and masked. Two of them growl and snap at the camera, while the third merely glares at the audience through the screen.]

Dark Paladin: Greetings, mortals. The Dark Pact will soon be presented with a rare opportunity, to meet their apparent equals in the stars of the OWA. How.unfortunate for them.

(The speaker gestures to the other two men, who move toward the tomb entrance. With a grunt of exertion, they move the large, stone door away. The darkness from the interior of the tomb seems to spread through the surrounding area, until it appears dark as night. A tall, thin man dressed in black robes exits the tomb, and smiles.)

Soultaker: My minion, Dark Paladin, speaks correctly. Soon, I Soultaker, will prove the accuracy of my name, when I steal the life essences of the rising stars of the OWA. Then, I will leave my Dogs of War, Cerebus and Fenris, to gnaw on your bones. Prepare. there is a dark storm on the horizon.

(All four men glare at the camera as the scene fades to black, leaving only the four pairs of eyes, glowing unnaturally.)

Nabiki Yen vs. Father Luigi

Ed: Nabiki Yen is here courtesy of the ICWF, and to show off her talents.

Stevie: And what federation claims Father Luigi?? A wrestling priest? C’mon. who would believe such an angle? That’s like saying a woman can go around spending her ex-husbands money at will. Totally unbelievable.

Ed: And on the outside, Yen’s personal bodyguard, Andrew. Father kneels in his corner for prayer. hold on. Yen attacks before the bell. Yen whips the Father into the far turnbuckle. rushing clothesline by Yen.

Stevie: Yen is all over this man of the cloth. Yen with another whip. Superkick!!! Cover by Yen. One. two. three. it’s over.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 2: 20, Nabiki Yen.

Stevie’s Wonderland: Nabiki Yen

Ed: Stevie’s on his way down for an interview.

Stevie: Nabiki Yen. welcome to the OWA.

Nabiki laughs: The OWA? What kind of hell hole is this? I’ve not seen so many pathetic excuses for wrestlers in one league at a single time in my life. Everyone knows the ICWF has far superior athletes!

Stevie: Is that so?

Nabiki: That’s exactly so, Mr. Stevie.

Stevie: I see. so you have come here. just a moment.

From the locker room comes Prince Frederick]

Stevie: Now, Prince, we’re just having an interview here. there’s no need for you to be here.

Nabiki Yen looks at Prince Frederick with disdain.]

Frederick: I see. (looking over Nabiki) look what the cat drug in. Nabiki Yen. (chuckle) So we have the pleasure of meeting again.

Nabiki: (snarls) Shut up, Freddy. you prancing around like you’re royalty. you’re the same old disco duck you were several years ago.

Frederick: Now now. we were the best of friends, remember? Tag team partners.

Nabiki: (spits on Frederick) Until you turned your back on me. remember that, Freddy??

Frederick: Its not my fault you couldn’t hold up your end of the team, Nabiki-hon.

{Nabiki goes to slap Frederick but he catches her hand. and Andrew steps forward.}

Frederick: No need for that, Andy. I’ve just come out to challenge my FORMER partner to a little match. How about it? I mean, you surely didn’t stick around to fight be before. I thought you might have oozed a little courage in the time you’ve been away.

Nabiki: A match with you? You got it! Name the time. and the place. I’ll show the whole world you were nothing but a loser.

With that Yen and Andrew leave the ring and fade out.]

Stealth V.

Camera fades in to Stealth V. in the locker room]

Stealth V.: I’ve come here to the OWA for one reason. To attain all the gold possible. My first opponent is Masked Mayhem. After I get done with you, I’ll take that stinking mask off of you and show the world who you truly are. I have many moves that will be new to this league. I’m excited to be here and be in my first match. One thing though, I am the master of handicap matches. Masked Mayhem, if you have any thoughts of bringing one of your “buddies” down to the ring to cheat, I will take you both on in the match. I am Stealth. I am hard to track and hard to DESTROY!!!!!!!!

Masked Mayhem vs. Stealth V.

Ed: Interested revelation with Prince Frederick and Nabiki Yen. You looked a little nervous out there, Stevie.

Stevie: Hmph. I was as cool as a cucumber. or as cold as Nabiki Yen. there was a constant draft out there.

Ed: (laughs) Lock up in the ring. this is Stealth V.’s debut. Mayhem starts out with an armdrag takedown. Stealth reverses it with a headscissors. Mayhem escapes and nails Stealth with an elbowsmash. Mayhem with a Samoan drop. Small package by Mayhem. One.two. kickout by Stealth.

Stevie: Mayhem climbs the turnbuckle. nope. Stealth is up and nails Mayhem in the gut causing him to drop down and straddle the turnbuckle. Mayhem falls back in the ring. Stealth quickly takes advantage of the situation. and. tombstone by Stealth. cover. one. two. kickout.

Ed: Faceslam by Stealth V. Leg takedown by Mayhem. and a gutwrench suplex by Mayhem on Stealth. Stealth with a punch. and a tiger suplex. one. two. shoulder up. Chop to the chest of Stealth by Mayhem. Mayhem pulls Stealth by the trunks sending him to the floor. Headbutt by Mayhem on the outside. Body slam by Mayhem. Mayhem rolls Stealth back in the ring. Tiger driver by Mayhem. one. two. kickout.

Stevie: Mayhem with a whip. nope. reversal by Stealth. shoulderblock by Mayhem. backslide by Mayhem. one. two. in the ropes. Stealth V quickly comes back with a palm blow. and a jawbreaker. kick by Mayhem. but Stealth quickly hits with a backspin DDT. Choke slam by Stealth.

Ed: Stealth is placing Mayhem on the turnbuckle. but Mayhem pushes him off. Mayhem with an elbow drop from the turnbuckle. he misses!! Stealth with a cradle. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: The winner is Stealth V. Time of match: 0: 17: 28

Press Your Luck Update

Myers: This is Myers Watterson for your Press Your Luck Update! Before we go to that, let’s go to a press conference with the OWA Commissioner regarding a special announcement for Press Your Luck.

{At the Press Conference, the OWA Commissioner stands at the podium. In front of the podium, a slightly familiar title is being displayed.}

OWA Commissioner: Thank you for joining me for this special announcement. The title you see before me was one recognized as the top title on the North American division of the OWA. With the influx of new wrestlers into the OWA, the championship committee has now reinstated the North American Championship. This belt will be the second top belt in the OWA, with the OWA Championship the top belt and the TV Title underneath it. Now. in all fairness to the current TV Champion, JetStream we decided to do this. The North American belt will go to JetStream and. at Press Your Luck, he will defend that title against former Champion, Amazon Woman. That belt will also be on the line today against Colt. Now. the TV Championship is hereby vacated. The winner of the Press Your Luck tournament will be the new OWA TV Champion. This seemed the only fair and just way to introduce this belt.

Back to the Control Center.]

Myers: Press Your Luck is a tournament based not only on skill but a great amount of luck as well.

16 names are placed into a hat, and two names are drawn.

The first two picked are places into a second hat, and are not revealed. Those names are given an automatic bye to the second round.

Two more names are drawn from the first hat, those two will wrestle a regular match, no time limit for any of these matches, there must be a decisive winner.

The loser of the match goes back to the locker room, while the winner will stay in the ring as the ref tosses a coin.

Heads, the winner advances to the second round, and his/her name going into the second hat, and two more names are drawn. And the process starts over. There must be a winner and after the match a coin is tossed.

However, if its Tails, another name is drawn and the winner MUST wrestle another match in the first round against the name drawn. Again with a decisive winner and a coin toss at the end. One man could literally have to wrestle 13 other guys in the first round before advancing.

If at the end of the first round there is only one name left in the hat with no one to wrestle, that name is tossed out of the tournament.

The second round works the exact same way. They wrestle until there is only one name left in the hat and that person is the winner of the tournament.

Now, Major Threat has advanced to the tournament as this week, Legion and Intimidator have also advanced. Next week, The Shocker will take on Intimidator, and Kodiak will take on Legion. The winners of those matches will advance to Press Your Luck.

In addition to that tournament, brand new OWA Champion Rachel Ryan will defend her title against. her very own stable-mate, the giant, Gustaffson.

OWA North American Champion, JetStream will defend against Amazon Woman.

And the finals for the OWA Tag Team Championship will be decided on this night.

Press Your Luck will be on May 31st.


Colt: Well, well, well, Mr. Figaro. Mr. “Gangsta Power”. You lost. I beat you. Simple as that. I proved that I’m better, and well, that’s that. Now I get to regain what used to be mine, the North American Title. I was all prepared to fight the Amazon Woman, when I saw that JetStream already got to her and whipped her sorry butt in one minute. Good job JetStream. I’m glad you beat her, even though I wanted to get at her. But believe me, I will soon. So now, I face JetStream for the North American Championship. JetStream, you’re gonna be rocked by me in the ring as I take back that title.

North American Championship. Jetstream vs. Colt

Ed: Okay. here we go. JetStream is no longer the TV Champion, but he is the North American Champion. And his first title defense is against Colt. Lock up. and JetStream with the first offensive most. a short clothesline. but Colt is quickly up. JetStream nails him with a flying forearm.

Stevie: JetStream runs into the ropes, and misses with an elbow. Atomic drop by Colt. Hey. take a look in the front row at ringside. the former OWA Champion Anthony Hazard is spectating this match. he retire or what?

Ed: He did NOT retire. but I’m not sure he’ll be allowed to be at ringside. Colt whips JetStream into the ropes. JetStream comes off with a running forearm smash. Colt quickly recovers with a headbutt to JetStream. spinebuster slam by Colt. one. two. shoulder up.

Stevie: JetStream blocks Colt’s choke slam attempt. short clothesline by JetStream. JetStream goes to the top. flying axhandle. MISSES! Colt is up and quickly sets him up. Reverse Crucifix Slam!!! It’s over. we have a new champion.

Ed: Nope. look.

Stevie: Amazon Woman is flying to ringside. she climbs the turnbuckle and and she NAILS Colt with a flying elbowdrop!

Ed: What the hell.?

Stevie: She just chucked JetStream over the top rope and to the floor. she stomping on Colt. she sets him up. Running Power Slam. here we go again.

Ed: Nope. look. Stacks Coltrain has run down and entered the ring. Amazon Woman just tossed Colt out through the ropes.

Stevie: Stare off. they are just looking at each other. uh oh. Words are being exchanged between the two but we can’t seem to pick it up on the mic. This may come to blows. Wait a second, here comes the rest of the Family and Amazon bails from the ring.

Announcer: Time of match: 13: 05 – No Contest

Ed: She’s not sticking around for that.

Stevie: I can’t blame her one bit. Does she have a beef with the Family? Crap, she’s coming up here.

Amazon Woman

{Amazon Woman walks up to the podium and shrugs with a grin}

Amazon Woman: Hey. Colt. You didn’t seem all that prepared for me? Next time, don’t run your damn mouth! You got me? Family, it wasn’t anything personal, but your boy wants to talk sh*t about me, this is what’s going to happen. Next time, tell him to keep his damn mouth shut.

She walks back to the locker room.]

Ed: Hold on just a minute. we’re NOT going to let her just walk away from this. Shelly Marks is on her way down to the locker room to get more from Amazon Woman. What? She’s there now. okay. let’s go to Shelly Marks.

Marks: This is Shelly Marks for the OWA. I’m here near Amazon Woman’s locker room. Here she is now.

Amazon – trying to enter the locker room: Excuse me. this is MY locker room. you are invading MY privacy. you want to know what’s up with me? Fine. sit your ass down and I will tell you. (she forcefully pushes Marks down into a chair) Now listen up, cause I am NOT going to be repeating myself. I hope I am making myself clear.

{Marks just nods}

Amazon: Fine. I am a former Tag Team Champion. I am a former OWA TV Champion. I am a former OWA Champion. I go off for a bit to gain my bearings. to take a break. turn on the TV and the Femme’s are calling me out. Raekwon is calling me out. so I get the competitiveness back in me and come back, ready to wrestle. I work my way back to the top and become the OWA TV Champion, beating Rachel Ryan. Okay. no problem. the next week, Ryan beats Hazard and wins the big one?? What the hell is THAT about? I beat HER. I should have gotten that match. I SHOULD be the OWA Champion. I’ve beaten Ryan. Lane. Mariko. Gustaffson. Colt. Monty. Raekwon. I’ve beaten them all. Then this JetStream guy comes out of no where. Who did he beat to get a title shot? No one. He gets lucky and gets the pin on me. Fine. I just put that punk in his place. There’s a triangle match with the top contenders next week and I’m not even involved. I’m sick and tired of people just walking past me when I’ve hardly lost a match! Then Colt. Let me tell you something Colt. Don’t you EVER call out Amazon Woman again. I will dismantle you. JetStream. North American Champion. I am coming for you at Press Your Luck. I want THAT title. And Stacks Coltrain. You’re new here so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but don’t ever get in my damn business again. As for you, Marks.

She picks her up by her collar and walks her to the door.]

Amazon: Get the hell out of my locker room. and next time. knock first.

She opens the door and pushes her out. then pushes out the cameraman, and slams the door. The shot stumbles a bit before the cameraman is able to right himself and he puts the camera back on Marx who is composing herself and finally looks back at the camera a little flustered.]

Marks: Um. for Ed Bagel, Stevie Cheesecake, Myers Watterson. I’m Shelly Marks. we’ll see you next week.

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