Mr. America defends the TV Championship against former champ Miguel Thunder; MP Inc. debut in a seven person elimination match; Johnny Stallion and Mike Mustang try and settle their differences one on one; a new Commissioner is hired and he has plenty to say

Various clips from this past week’s press conference

SSIII: Right now, please welcome the new Commissioner of the Online Wrestling Alliance. Dr. Marvin Yahmal!

A large black man approaches the podium and places his giant hands on either side of it. He looks out to the silent crowd of reporters. An occasional picture is snapped, flash bulb brightening the room.]

Yahmal: I want to thank the OWA BOD for allowing me to fill this vacancy. I’d like to address a number of issues and take a few questions before we close up for the day. First, one Davey Scott. I saw him on TV saying how he quit and all that. Well, Davey. If that’s the way you feel then let me quote a large man who said this last week. “Get your whiney ass out of here!” Consider your spot at Crime Spree replaced by Consuelo Salyards.

Now Davey Scott, you want back in the league. I got another match for you at Crime Spree. But I’m not at liberty to tell ya what it is now but you want back in the OWA. You’re going to have to wrestle this special match.

Now, next I see we have new Trio Tag Champions. Well good. They’re gonna be defended at Crime Spree in a Texas Tornado match against the MP team of Big Russ, Kodiak and Nazghul.

And finally, Biff Franklin, we’ve found a way around your little injunction. Your contract specifically states you’ll have no one on one competition in the OWA. It doesn’t say anything about tag matches. You’re gonna be wrestling in that match. You’ll be tagging up with Johnny Stallion to take on Taleis and Ricky Hype.

And finally, taking Taleis place in the North American title King of the Hill match, will be Tom Tomorrow.

The OWA sets out to be the best is what it does. WE aren’t a hardcore fed, but one a year, the wrestler’s like to break out and test themselves beyond normal limits. Last year, Hardcore Heaven was easily the best card of the year. This year, I hope to surpass that with Crime Spree.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. We have a new commissioner and already things are heating up. Lots of changes to the Crime Spree card and Biff Franklin will be in the midst of it all, thanks to that injunction being lifted. He’s going to be out of the commentary booth until after Crime Spree and joining me this week is none other than Myers Watterson! Welcome to the booth!

Myers: Thanks Ed. Great to be here and it’s great to be a part of the OWA. Crime Spree is shaping up to be the very best the OWA has to offer and I’ll have an update for you on that card later in the show.

Ed: We are going to see the debuts of Blackout, as we’ll as the entourage known as MP Inc. in a Seven Man elimination tag match. Also on tap former tag team partners collide as Mike Mustang tangles with Johnny Stallion. And for the OWA TV Champions, Mr. America will defend his title against Miguel Thunder. All that and much more on OWA Championship Wrestling. Let’s go down to ringside.

Elimination Tag Match: The Jobber Clan vs. MP Inc.

Announcer: This match is a seven person elimination style match. First team one. Johnny B. Jobber, Joe B. Jobber, Jobberman 1, Jobberman 2, The Masked Jobber, Jobber the Hut, and The Mighty Jobber!! And their opponents making their OWA debut. Coming down the aisle. First, Big Russ Gator! Kodiak! Nazghul! The Mosher! Crimson Scorpion! Diamond Brett Robbins! And Masked Plague!

Ed: An impressive combination. It’ll be Crimson Scorpion starting out against Jobberman 2. And Scorpion is all over Jobberman 2 before the bell and he clamps on a bearhug. Low blow by Scorpion, followed by another and a choke slam. Scorpion looks out to the crowd.

Myers: Jobberman 2 isn’t finished. He nails Scorpion with an elbow to the back of the head and elbowdrop but Scorpion rolls away and nails him with a discus punch. Torture rack by Scorpion. But he drops him before he can get a submission. Nerve clamp by Scorpion and Jobberman wastes no time in submitting. He’s out of this match. Scorpion tags in Big Russ Gator.

Ed: Jobberman 1 comes in to tangle with Big Russ. A series of punches by Russ Gator on Jobberman 1 and a nice DDT. And. well. Russ decides to moon the crowd. Good work of the cameraman to blur that one. Jobberman from behind nails Gator.

Myers: Gator caught with his pants down there. Jobberman off the ropes, and Gator nails him with a hotshot and then proceeds to pull up his pants. Cover. one. two. three! Jobberman 1 is out of there as well. Gator tags in Kodiak.

Ed: Well. Kodiak appears to be talking to himself. John B Jobber comes in. And Kodiak is all over Jobber. Facerake and a facebite by Kodiak. Kodiak is jawing with a fan at ringside. He grabs Jobber and places him on the top turnbuckle and. belly to back superplex. Jobber begs off and well. So does Kodiak.

Myers: That’s rather odd. Octopus hold by Kodiak. He breaks the hold

Kodiak screams, “I love rest holds!”.]

Myers: More verbalisms from Kodiak. Cross corner whip by Jobber and an avalanche! Jobber slumps to the mat and Kodiak goes to the top. And flying bodypress. This one has to be over. Another facebite by Kodiak and the Clawhold! Immediate submission by John B Jobber.

Ed: Kodiak grins and tags in Diamond Brett Robbins. Joe B Jobber in for his quickly dwindling team. Lock up and doctor bomb by Brett Robbins. Pin by Robbins. one. two. Jobber gets his foot in the ropes. Jobber with a whip. Reversal by Robbins and Robbins nails him with a running forearm smash. Reverse neckbreaker by Robbins.

Myers: Belly to belly suplex by Robbins and he signals the crowd. A big Crucifix Slam by Brett Robbins. cover. one. two. three! Mighty Jobber comes in, but Robbins tags in Nazghul. Nazghul quickly hits with a backspin DDT and a piledriver. Nazghul with an airplane spin.

Ed: Nazghul throws Jobber out of the ring and follows him out. He nails Jobber with a chair, and then pulls the mat away from ringside. Brainbuster by Nazghul on the floor. Nazghul rolls Jobber back into the ring and enters. Nazghul places Jobber on the top turnbuckle and oh my! Chokeslam from the top. cover. one. two. three!

Myers: Nazghul tags in The Mosher and in comes Jobber The Hut for his team. Mosher quickly nails Hut with a spinning leg lariat. Bodyslam by Mosher. Hut is up and whips Mosher into the ropes. Clothesline, no Mosher ducks and nails Hut with a lariat. Belly to belly suplex by Mosher. DDT! Mosher sets up Hut and nails him with a Standing Neckbreaker! Cover. one. two. three!

Ed: Mosher tags in Masked Plague. And in comes the lone member of the opposing team, The Masked Jobber. Jobber comes at Plague and Plague puts him down with a clothesline and he’s setting up for a Running Powerbomb! Cover. one. two. three! This one is over. Clean sweep by the MP Inc. team.

Announcer: Winners of the match in 14: 23, the entire team of MP Inc.!

Ed: Big Russ Gator is calling for a mic.

Big Russ: MP Inc. is here to run rough shot over the OWA. If y’alls got a problems with that tough titty said them kitty but Big Russ ain’t care. Ain’t nothin’ worse than a bunch of overweight sissies livin’ off past glory, and that what this here OWA is full of. Y. all got’s a glimpse of MP Inc. tonight, but when Bears “R” Uss, That’s right tell them damn announcer it ain’t Us but Uss, gets a hold of them jokers, whoever the hell they are, at them PPV I’m gonna have to beg Kodiak to tag me in so he ain’t beat em all by himself! I ain’t get much free time in between whuppin up on Mr. America and Toilet Mint Earl so I got’s to excuse myself to goes drink one of them beers. Now get that damn camera out my face so I ain’t have to go and whoop yo pink ass!

Mr. America comes down to aisle with a mic in his hand. He stops outside of the ring. He climbs in and faces the crowd. Most people boo. Mr. America turns and faces Big Russ.]

Mr. America: Russ, I’m not here to beat around the bush. You don’t like me and I sure as hell don’t like you. That goes all the way back to our days in the ILOC. I’ll make it simple Russ.

Mr. America holds up the OWA TV title and the ILOC North American Title.]

Mr. America: Take your pick Russ. I’ve got two things I’m sure you want. Take your pick and let me know.

Mr. America exits the ring. Big Russ Gator puts a wad of dip in his mouth.]

Big Russ: Listen Oliver, you ain’t callin’ the shots so just calm down. Seems like you been causin’ a lot of people to jump around here in this OWA, but I ain’t one of them people. So you best get your panties out a wad and wipe that stupid look of your face. I know you is getting’ scared, so I best pick which one of them belts I want before they all disappear. Hmmm, we’ll it appears N, Kodiak, and me is gonna be getting’ some gold comin’ up at them PPV, so I just gonna have to pick that ILOC belt. But you already knew I was gonna do that didn’t you? I don’t know what kinda mind games you is tryin’ to play, maybe bring up memories of Lucky Eddy or somethin’, but they ain’t gonna work. So you enjoy havin’ both them belts for a while and go play with your puppy Billy Smith, cause soon you is gonna be dealin’ with man.

MP Inc. high fives all around and heads down the aisle]

Voice Over: Three competitors. One title. One ladder and there can be only one champion.

On May 4th, Monica Brant defends the OWA Championship against Pretty Boy Monty and Traci Lane in a Triangle Ladder match as part of Crime Spree 97. Call now for PPV capability.

Jimmy B Jobber vs. Blackout

Announcer: This match is one fall. First already in the ring, weighing in at 252 pounds. Here is Jimmy B. Jobber! And his opponent. Making his OWA Debut. Here is Blackout!

Ed: Blackout coming slowly down the aisle and entering the ring. He looks very creepy and his interviews send chills down your spine. He’s slumped down into his corner and there’s the bell. Blackout shoots out of his corner and nails Jobber with a kneelift.

Myers: Blackout with a piledriver. I do not think that Jobber is going to give Blackout much of a challenge here today. Blackout with a whip and he nails Jobber with a jumping DDT. Blackout to the top now and nails Jobber with a flying clothesline!

Ed: Blackout putting on an impressive show here. Backbreaker by Blackout. Another whip and a back heel kick. Suplex setup by Blackout. Nope! Brainbuster by Blackout. Blackout with a whip and sleeperhold. It’s a modified sleeper at that and Jobber is going out.

Myers: Referee is checking. one. two. three! It’s over. Let’s get the official decision.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 8: 34, Blackout!

Ed: Well. now what. Blackout is trying to bite the neck of Jobber, but the referee is trying to get him off. We’re going to need some medical assistance for Jobber here. Let’s break away from this. Myers, care to run down what we know about Crime Spree?

Crime Spree Update

Myers: Sure. Crime Spree comes to you live on PPV, on May 4th. It’ll come to you from the Seattle WA and the arena there has already sold out, so the only way to see Crime Spree is on PPV.

Let’s run down what we already know is going to take place. First, the main event. It’ll be as wild as last year. It’ll be a Triangle Ladder Match for the OWA Championship. Monica Brant defends against Pretty Boy Monty, and former champion Traci Lane. Last year’s match was voted Match of the Year and this one should exceed that one.

The North American title will be on the line at Crime Spree in not one but three matches. Current champion, Billy Smith will take on Tom Tomorrow in the first match and if he’s successful he’ll be going on to meet Consuelo Salyards in the second. And if Billy Smith makes it past Salyards, he’ll take on former champion Rainbow Warrior in the last match. The title will be on the line in each of the three matches.

Another match that was signed is a roof match, pitting Mr. America against Virgo. On top of the arena, a cage will be put up all the way around the building. However, there will be a 6-foot opening along one wall of the cage. The object? To push your opponent through that 6-foot opening out off the roof. Never fear, below an inflatable mattress will be set up, just like they are used in movies to catch the stunt actors. Now the OWA TV title will be on the line. Let’s hear from Shelly Marks high atop the arena in Seattle.

Shelly: Thanks Myers. Shelly Marks here live in Seattle and we’re on the roof of the arena that will hold Crime Spree. Construction is still in progress as you can see a cage is being constructed. It stands nearly 11 feet tall. They want to make sure that no one can climb out over the top of the cage, so they are installing a cage roof. There is a vast amount of space for the competitors to wrestle in. Now, over here, you’ll see a 6 foot by 7 foot door. We’ll open it here and look down. There will be a large cushion, exactly like the ones used in films for stunts. The fall will be tremendous but no injury in the fall should be sustained. For the OWA, I’m Shelly Marks.

Myers: Thanks Shelly.

Inside a local Seattle Bar, there will be no rules as the OWA Tag Team Champions, Wendy Ryker and Rachel Ryan battle the Extremists in the first ever Seattle Bar Room Brawl. There are no rules, and the winning team must knock out both members of the opposing team to be declared the victor.

A Graffiti Match has been signed for Crime Spree, pitting Harvard Earl against Danny Bouchard. The winner is the one who spray paints “LOSER” on the back of his opponent.

In a no hold barred match, no count-out, no DQ and falls count anywhere, Michelle Cox takes on Freddy Fever in a match where the winner will face the OWA Champion at Press Your Luck.

First Blood match between Miguel Thunder and Blackout for Crime Spree.

New OWA Trio Tag Champions, Executioner, Stacks Coltrain and Shogun (who’ll be filling in for Pretty Boy Monty) will be taking on the MP Inc. team of Big Russ Gator, Kodiak and Nazghul.

With the injunction now lifted, new OWA Commissioner, Marvin Yahmal has signed Ricky Hype and Taleis to take on the team of Biff Franklin and Johnny Stallion.

Now these matches have just been signed.

Masked Plague will take on Asian Invasion.

Tara Quinn will take on Diamond Brett Robbins.

Wolfgang Von Richter to face Crimson Scorpion.

Nightmare to face The Mosher.

And Mariko will take on The Shocker!

We understand that one more match will be signed for Crime Spree involving Davey Scott, if he signs the match. He states he will answer the challenge within the next two weeks. We have no idea what that match is, or what it involves, so call your cable operator now and order Crime Spree.

Johnny Stallion vs. Mike Mustang

Announcer: This match is one fall. First coming down the aisle, weighing in at 245 pounds. He’s a former OWA TV Champion and a former OWA Tag Team Champion. Here is Mike Mustang! And his opponent, weighing in 275 pounds. he’s a former North American Champion and a former OWA Tag Team Champion. here is Johnny Stallion!

Ed: This is a battle of former tag team partners. it all exploded two weeks ago on this program and it accumulates into this match up this week. And Mike Mustang is all over Johnny Stallion from the start. a devastating clothesline that sends Stallion out over the top and to the floor and Mustang is going on out after him.

Myers: There must have been a lot of hostility between these two long before a couple weeks ago. They are going all out against each other. Mustang sends Stallion into the ring post and he’s busted open now. Mustang whips Stallion into the guardrail.

Ed: Mustang rolls Stallion back into the ring, and Stallion is a bloody mess. Mustang with a whip. Reversal by Stallion but Mustang comes off with an elbow to the head of Stallion. Palm blow by Mustang. Mustang off the ropes, but Stallion hits him with a backdrop.

Myers: Stallion hits him with a short lariat. Stallion with a whip and Mustang comes off with a dropkick and a backspin DDT by Mustang. Mustang off the ropes and Stallion nails him with a hotshot. Stallion pulls up Mustang and nails him with a swinging neckbreaker.

Ed: Stallion with a dropkick but Mustang ducks and Stallion nails the referee! Stallion rolls out of the ring and. he’s grabbing a chair. He’s going to nail Mustang. No! Mustang nails him with a boot to the midsection and grabs the chair.

Myers: Mustang holds high the chair. He charges Stallion and OH! Stallion nails him with his Superkick! Stallion connected with the chair which was forced into the face of Mustang and there was a loud pop! Mustang could have broken a nose.

Ed: Stallion with a cover. Referee slow with the count. one. two. three! Stallion wins this one and Mustang isn’t moving. Stallion raising his hands high looking down at his former partner before heading towards the back.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 13: 54, Johnny Stallion.

Myers: Some paramedics are coming to ringside. They are checking out Mustang, who has not moved yet. They’re calling for a stretcher. It looks like Mike Mustang has been seriously injured. They’re taking him back and Elaine Bryant is coming to ringside.

The Family

Elaine Bryant enters the ring with a mic]

Bryant: Please welcome at this time. The Family!

Pretty Boy Monty, along with Stacks Coltrain, Shogun, Rainbow Warrior and Executioner make their way to ringside. They enter the ring and stand around Elaine Bryant. Camera pans the group. Shogun is dressed in a Blue Versace. 3 piece suit, next to him stands Executioner dressed in a nice Calvin Klein Black silk suit, Stacks is looking stunning in a DKNY white satin dress, Rainbow Warrior has attended in a Burgundy Polo suit and Monty is casually dressed in a two piece suit designed by Tommy H. suit.]

Elaine: I’ve noticed in recent weeks, the Family has been making some changes to its property. It seems like a rather rushed situation. Can you give us an explanation?

Monty: Elaine, for 2 years now the OWA has been the home of a great organization, THE FAMILY. We have had many great wrestlers in our organization in the past, Big Dawg Rich, Phantom, Rocket, Demon Knight, Intimidator, The Fireman, Jetstream, Carolina Mangler, and Black Shadow. And of course our current members, Shogun, Stacks Coltrain, The Executioner, Rainbow Warrior and Myself. But all good things must come to an end. Recently our research department has found out that there is a Psycho-Religious cult in the U.S that currently has a doctrine of prey on young children. They have been blamed for such crimes as pedophilia and child pornography and at this time the members of The Family in the OWA have voted to discontinue the use of that name as our organization. We hope that our fans and fellow colleagues in the OWA understand that we had no idea that this group existed and have never associated ourselves with that group or their doctrine. At this time we are The Family no more. From this day forward we will now and forever be known as THE CREW. Thank you for your time and good evening.

The members of The Crew, walk from the ring towards the back.]

Elaine: Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. The Family no longer exists in the OWA the will now be known as THE CREW.

Ed: Startling announcement by Pretty Boy Monty and the ensemble now known as the Crew. Myers, you’ve been in contact with folks in the back. Any word on what exactly happened to Mike Mustang?

Myers: The word I’m getting from the back is that Mike Mustang suffered a broken jaw. When the force of that Superkick from Johnny Stallion and the steel of the chair his Mustang in the face, it just shattered the jaw. The paramedics are saying that Mustang will be out for several months of action at least. Of course, he will need to see his physician in order to be sure if he’ll be returning at all.

Ed: Tough break for Mike Mustang. Let’s go down to ringside for our main event.

OWA TV Championship: Mr. America vs. Miguel Thunder

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the OWA TV Championship. Coming down the aisle. He is the challenger, weighing in at 230 pounds. Here is Miguel Thunder!

Ed: Looks like Miguel has a few things to say.

Miguel: Dr. Yahmal. I must thank you for giving me first dibs, besides the fact I won’t win. *smiles* I’ll make sure to say this, first, OWA, Mr. America won’t walk out of Crime Spree champ, I’ll make sure. So will the litany of championship defenders. If I don’t win it tonight, at least. *

Announcer: And his opponent is the current reigning OWA TV Champion, weighing in at 275 pounds. Here is Mr. America!

Myers: Mr. America grabs a ring mic.

Mr. America: Seems to me that a lot of people here have a few things to say about me. That’s good. That’s real good as far as I’m concerned. I’m here to say that Anthony Hazard has proven why he is and always will be the softest man to have ever stepped foot into the OWA.

The whole entire arena boos.]

Mr. America: Anthony, this is how a champion is supposed to act! OWA, I’m issuing an open challenge to anyone and everyone for the TV title. Once I get by Miguel tonight, all you have to do is speak up and I’ve already accepted. Let’s hope the commissioner has a good head on his shoulders and gives me some real competition! I’m not in the mood for people who like their value on paper only, and I’m talking about half of the damn champions now! You’ve got the newly crowned Trio Tag Champions. I’m sure they won’t defend those belts until Mr. Commish makes them. They’ve all got title reigns under the belts, but what do they have to show for them? In my opinion, not a damn thing! They wait until they’re given someone to face. Next up we have Wendy Ryker and Rachel Ryan. While they do have a title match coming up at Crime Spree, we’ve still got a month to go on that one. Hey ladies, why don’t either of you speak up and defend those titles? Why wait until Crime Spree? Why not give Maxx and Blades a chance sooner than that? Why not give any tag teams out there a chance instead of waiting? Next up is the worst example. Billy Smith, not only does he wait for a challenge, but when one comes his way he says no. He only reverses it after everyone calls him for what he really is a coward! Yeah Billy, that yellow streak goes right up your back from the ground. You call yourself the franchise, but you don’t even know how to be a champion. That’s the sad thing. Next brings me to Monica Brant. The champion who represents the OWA with the world belt around her waist.

Mr. America pauses as the fans start to boo. The boo dies off.]

Mr. America: What do I think of Monica Brant? She’s nothing compared to the former champion, Traci Lane. She paraded around here in a mask and lured Lane into granting her a title shot based on who we thought she might be. Traci Lane should still be OWA Champion. She’s about the only one left around here that I do have big amounts of respect for!

crowd pops.]

Mr. America: She’s one like myself. She’d gives Billy Smith a shot and I’m sure the whole OWA gasped at that. Myself included. Still though, she’s someone that I have to respect for a lot of reasons. She has the reputation and she can boast on that. She doesn’t though. She has the words to back up what she says and she sure as hell backs herself up in the ring! She’s not like you Anthony. Yeah, there is a difference between you and Traci Tony and it’s high time someone pointed that out. I bet you that if I were to come out and attack her after a match Tony, she wouldn’t send Gus or any of the other Femmes out to get even. She’d come out her damn self and pound me into the ground to get the point across. She’d make sure that I didn’t blast her into the ground verbally. She’d keep her reputation alive by coming out as the conqueror and doing the job herself and keeping that image of herself alive HERSELF! There’s the difference Hazard!

The vein on Mr. America’s forehead bulges out]

Mr. America: That’s why I’d rather give her a title shot than you Hazard. Me beating you would be a big thing to some, but I’d get no satisfaction from it! I’d get satisfaction from beating Traci because I know I’d be in for the fight of my life! Hazard, PROVE TO ME AND THE WHOLE OWA THAT YOU ARE THE BEST! You have now world title to show for it, but down deep inside you somewhere Anthony. I know there’s an old edge. We all have it some just hide it better than others. I plan on being the man to find that edge. I sure as hell hope to high heaven that I cut myself too Anthony. I don’t want a butterknife. I called you the OWA franchise and for what I thought was a good reason. Now I’m rethinking that Anthony. I know you believe me Anthony. I know you do, but you’ve gone soft. This isn’t about Elite business Anthony. This is about you and you alone! You may say you have nothing to prove to me Anthony, but I’m attacking your character. If you don’t do something about that, I may be the one responsible for shattering your precious image.

Mr. America wipes the sweat off his brow.]

Mr. America: Tom, I haven’t forgotten about you. Your future is looking bleaker as time passes because I’m getting more and more worked up. Tom, that’s the way you want me. Tom, that’s the way I want you. Tom, you haven’t done anything here to impress anyone. I tore you up at Caged Fury. I bloodied you, and I beat you. Tom, let’s get this thing over with, and if! IF you can get rid of me, I’m sure the whole OWA will thank you!

Ed: Mr. America climbs into the ring and shows the TV title to Miguel Thunder, before handing it to the referee. Referee holds up the belt and hands it off to ringside and then calls for a bell. And here we go. Lock up. America with a go around and he tries for a belly to back suplex, but Thunder nails him with an elbowsmash.

Myers: Thunder nails America with a savate kick, but Mr. America comes back with a thrust kick to the head. Whip by America. Reversal by Thunder. Another reversal by America, who nails Thunder with a backdrop. Flying legdrop by Mr. America.

Ed: Thunder with a wild punch that is way off the mark. Mr. America tries to apply a clawhold but Thunder is blocking it holding it back with his hands. Mr. America with a stomp and he nails Thunder with a short lariat. German suplex by Mr. America.

Myers: Mr. America off the ropes but Thunder ducks a running forearm smash. Thunder with a swinging neckbreaker. Backbreaker by Thunder and he clamps on a sleeperhold. Mr. America makes it to the ropes for the break.

Ed: Thunder with a flying bulldog. Thunder with a whip and they nail each other with a double clothesline. Both are down. Referee goes for the count. one. two. three. four. five. America is slowly getting to his feet. seven. Hold up. There’s a bell.

Myers: What’s going on? Time up already?

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, the time has expired in this match. The referee’s decision is.

Mr. America leaps out of the ring and takes the mic from the announcer]

Mr. America: What the hell is this crap!? HELL NO! I won’t keep my title on account of a time limit draw! That’s crap and I won’t let myself retain a title that way! Miguel deserves more, I deserve more, and the fans deserve more!!

Huge crowd pop. The new OWA Commissioner, Dr. Marvin Yahmal makes his way to ringside.]

Mr. America: Get down here Akbar or whatever the hell you call yourself! Cause I sure as hell ain’t leavin’ until I’ve retained by title by pinfall or submission or I’ve lost it that way! The belt deserves that much!

Yahmal takes the mic]

Yahmal: You people want to see a winner in this match?

Crowd pops]

Yahmal: Ring that damn bell.

The bell rings]

Ed: Amazing! Dr. Yahmal has ordered this match to continue. Thunder from behind rolls up Mr. America. one. two. kickout by America. Thunder nails America with a flying dropkick. Thunder with a German suplex.

Myers: Thunder with a whip. he goes for a backdrop. NO! Mr. America with his patented piledriver! He pulls up Thunder and nails him with another piledriver! Cover. one. two. three!!! It’s over. Mr. America retains his title.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 27: 35 and STILL OWA TV Champion. Mr. America!

Ed: We are totally out of time this week. We’ll have more matches for you next week here on OWA Championship Wrestling. For the whole crew, we’ll see you next week.

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