Ryan and Hazard team to take on Jetstream and Colt; more PYL Qualifiers and the final semi-final match in the OWA Tag Team Championship tournament

Ed: Thanks for joining us this week, we have 3 Press Your Luck qualifying matches, a tag team championship tournament semi final match, and our main event will feature the OWA Championship Rachel Ryan teaming with her number one contender Anthony Hazard, to take on North American Champion JetStream and one of his top contenders, Colt. Let’s go to this prerecorded interview with Stealth V, and go to our first match.

Stealth V.

Stealth V.: Monica, dear Monica. It’s too bad that I’m going to have to beat you into submission this weekend. You are a good wrestler, good, not great. Come to think of it you are just mediocre. No you are so mediocre that it is pitiful. Get ready for a beating of a lifetime. A beating that your parents should have given you a long long time ago!

PYL Qualifier: Monica Brant (w/ Gustaffson) vs. Stealth V.

Ed: They lock up. Stealth V. throws Brant out of the ring, and follows her through the ropes. Brant nails Stealth a forearm smash and enters the ring. Stealth come in and Brant quickly applies a front facelock. Stealth V. reaches the ropes calling for the break. Monica Brant whips Stealth V. into the ropes and misses with a shoulderblock. Stealth V. throws Brant out of the ring and rolls out. Stealth whips Brant into the guardrail.

Stevie: Brant whips Stealth into the guardrail. Back suplex on the outside by Brant, then she throws Stealth back into the ring. Brant takes him down with a German suplex. One, two, kickout by Stealth. Brant runs into the ropes, but is nailed with a running forearm smash by Stealth. Stealth with a nice tiger suplex. One, kickout by Brant.

Ed: Stealth with a series of palm blows. Stealth V. goes for a superkick, but Monica Brant ducks and executes a nice back suplex. Shoulderblock by Brant. Figure four leglock by Brant’no.. small package by Stealth. One, two, kickout by Brant.

5 Minutes remaining.

Ed: Spin kick by Stealth, and a power leg drop. Brant with a whip into the ropes, but Stealth off with an elbow to Brant. Running forearm smash by Stealth.. no.. Brant ducks and applies her Cobra Clutch! Stealth is fading. Referee checks.. one.. two.. three!!

The winner is Monica Brant. Time of match: 19: 21

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PYL Qualifier: Prince Frederick (w/ WildShadow) vs. Pretty Boy Monty (w/Executioner)

Ed: They lock up. Frederick whips Monty into the ropes. Monty hits Frederick with a kick. Monty takes him down with a bodyslam. Frederick is up with a kick and a snap suplex. Frederick hits Monty with a shoulderblock that sends Monty out of the ring. Frederick hotshots Monty on the ring apron. Slap by Frederick. Frederick enters the ring and Monty follows.

Stevie: Frederick catches him with a chokehold. One, two, three, four. Frederick breaks but is right back on it. One, two, three, four, five. Referee warns Frederick. Frederick runs into the ropes. Frederick and Monty clothesline each other. One, two, three, four, five, Monty is up.

Ed: Monty takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Monty quickly follows it up with a kick to the midsection. Monty takes him down with a double underhook piledriver. Monty with a cover. One, two, shoulder up. Monty catches Frederick with a belly-to-back suplex. Monty with a whip.. misses with a clothesline. Frederick hits Monty with a clothesline sending him out of the ring. Frederick follows him out.

5 minutes remaining.

Stevie: Frederick runs Monty into the ringsteps. Monty whips Frederick into the guardrail. Frederick knocks Monty into the ringpost. Frederick nails him with a piledriver. Frederick rolls Monty back into the ring. Frederick whips Monty into the ropes and catches him with a Hotshot.

Ed: Frederick whips Monty into the ropes. Monty hits Frederick with a shoulderblock. Monty goes for a Gorilla Press, but Frederick blocks it. Monty goes for a bodyslam, but Frederick counters it with a small package.

Bell rings!

The match is over! Look like we.. Frederick just nailed Monty with a superkick and fled the ring..

This match is a draw. Time of match: 20: 00

Announcer: On May 31st, 16 of the OWA toughest competitors will converge in a tournament where Lady Luck will either be an ally or an enemy. Only one will survive. The toss of a coin will determine their fate. The winner will be the OWA TV Champion.

Also, Rachel Ryan defends her OWA Championship against Gustaffson, North American Champion JetStream battles Amazon Woman plus much more.

Live on Pay Per View.

PYL Qualifier: Black Shadow (w/ Pretty Boy Monty) vs. Sabin Figaro

Ed: Shadow starts off quickly with a drop kick to Figaro. Shadow whips Figaro into the ropes. Shadow hits Figaro with a backdrop Figaro takes him down with a swinging punch. Figaro whips Shadow into the ropes. Figaro goes for a hiptoss, Shadow turns it into a backslide. One, shoulder up.

Stevie: Shadow takes him down with a clothesline. Figaro misses with an elbow. Figaro whips Shadow into the ropes. Backdrop by Figaro. Figaro with a dropkick. Shadow misses with a clothesline. Figaro with a Japanese armdrag takedown.

Ed: Figaro hits Shadow with a double underhook piledriver. Figaro backs Shadow into the corner.. and Fist Flurry! Figaro for the pin.. one, two three!

The winner is Sabin Figaro. Time of match: 0: 07: 38

Press Your Luck Update

Myers: This is Myers Watterson and this is your Press Your Luck Update. This update is brought to you by OWA’s Caged Fury now on video cassette exclusively from Arena Home Video. On sale this Thursday. Now, let’s run down the Press Your Luck Tournament rules.

Press Your Luck is a tournament based not only on skill but a great amount of luck as well..

16 names are placed into a hat, and two names are drawn…

The first two picked are places into a second hat, and are not revealed. Those names are given an automatic bye to the second round.

Two more names are drawn from the first hat, those two will wrestle a regular match, no time limit for any of these matches, there must be a decisive winner.

The loser of the match goes back to the locker room, while the winner will stay in the ring as the ref tosses a coin.

Heads, the winner advances to the second round, and his/her name going into the second hat, and two more names are drawn. And the process starts over. There must be a winner and after the match a coin is tossed.

However, if its Tails, another name is drawn and the winner MUST wrestle another match in the first round against the name drawn. Again with a decisive winner and a coin toss at the end. One man could literally have to wrestle 13 other guys in the first round before advancing.

If at the end of the first round there is only one name left in the hat with no one to wrestle, that name is tossed out of the tournament.

The second round works the exact same way. They wrestle until there is only one name left in the hat and that person is the winner of the tournament.

Now, Major Threat, Legion, Intimidator, The Fireman, Miguel Thunder, Monica Brant, Sabin Figaro, and WildShadow have already advanced. Next week, Mariko will take on Shogun, Sentry will take on Stacks Coltrain, Executioner will take on Masked Mayhem and Davey Scott will take on Carolina Mangler. The winners of those matches will advance to Press Your Luck.

In addition to that tournament, brand new OWA Champion Rachel Ryan will defend her title against.. her very own stable-mate, the giant, Gustaffson.

OWA North American Champion, JetStream will defend against Amazon Woman.

And the OWA Tag Team Championship will be defended on this night.

Plus this match just added! The Shocker will go one on one with Pretty Boy Monty.. in a ladder match.

Let’s get back to the action with Ed and Stevie

OWA Tag Team Tournament Match: Mike Mustang & Johnny Stallion vs. Stacks Coltrain & Executioner.

Ed: It’ll be’Stallion starting off against Coltrain in this semi final match for the vacant OWA Tag Team Championship. Stallion attacks Coltrain before the bell. Stallion whips Coltrain into the ropes. Stallion gets too close to Executioner and gets a knee in the back. Coltrain nails Stallion with a spinning DDT.

Stevie: Coltrain tags out to Executioner. Executioner with a German suplex. One, two, thr’kickout. Dropkick by Executioner.. no.. he misses’Stallion nails him with a short clothesline. Stallion goes for a powerslam, but Executioner counters it with a lariat. Executioner tags out to Coltrain. Coltrain and Executioner whip Stallion into the ropes and nail Stallion with a double savate kick.

Ed: Executioner goes for a sleeperhold, but Stallion counters it with a jawbreaker. Stallion whips Executioner into the ropes and powerslam! One, shoulder up. Stallion tags out to Mustang. Facerake by Mustang on Executioner. Mustang hits him with a thrust kick to the head. Mustang for the Cradle Suplex. One, two, Coltrain makes the save. Mustang takes him down with a clothesline.

Stevie: Mustang whips Executioner into the ropes and tries for a headscissors piledriver.. no.. powerbomb by Executioner. Executioner tags out to Coltrain. Coltrain nails him with a knee to the back. Mustang catches her with a palm blow. Mustang with his Cradle Suplex. One, two, three!

Winners of the match, Johnny Stallion and Mike Mustang. Time of match: 15: 46

The OWA Tag Team Championship belts are shown with the Extremists on one side in actions shots and Mustang & Stallion in action shots on the other}

Announcer: Next week, one of these two teams will be the OWA Tag Team Champions’The Extremists take on Mike Mustang and Johnny Stallion for the OWA Tag Team Championship. Here on OWA Championship Wrestling.

JetStream & Colt vs. Rachel Ryan & Anthony Hazard

Ed: Hazard and JetStream start off in this matchup. Lock up. Hazard quickly executes a Russian legsweep. Hazard with a whip and duck, JetStream block and delivers a double underhook piledriver. JetStream goes to the second turnbuckle and elbowdrop. JetStream goes for a diving shoulderblock, but Hazard ducks out of the way. Hazard tags out to Ryan.

Stevie: JetStream tags out to Colt. Ryan whips Colt into the turnbuckle, but Colt reverses it. Colt comes off with a bulldog headlock. DDT by Colt. Colt goes for a suplex, but Ryan blocks it. Ryan nails Colt with a suplex of her own and tags out to Hazard. Hazard and Ryan whip Colt into the ropes. Hazard hits Colt with a shoulderblock. Hazard whips Colt into the ropes, but Colt reverses it. Colt catches him with a side suplex.

Stevie: Colt goes for a backbreaker, but Hazard blocks it. Hazard tags out to Ryan. Colt catches Ryan with a Russian legsweep. Colt takes her down with a headbutt. Colt goes for a faceslam, but Ryan blocks it. Ryan tags out to Hazard. Ack.. here comes trouble..

Ed: Amazon Woman has come to ringside and she attacks JetStream.. they are brawling on the outside. Meanwhile back in the ring, Ryan and Hazard with a double DDT on Colt. Ryan leaves the ring. Hazard nails Colt with a kneelift. Here come some OWA officials to try and get Amazon Woman and JetStream apart. In the ring, Hazard executes the Reverse Power Slam and goes for the pin. One, two, three.

The winners are Anthony Hazard and Rachel Ryan. Time of match: 7: 16

Stevie: It looks like officials have the two apart’we’re out of time for this week.. join us next week.

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