‘The finals of the OWA Tag Team Championship Tournament; Nabiki Yen fills in on color commentary; More PYL Qualifiers

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling.. I’m Ed Bagel and missing this week is Stevie Cheesecake who is on assignment in the ICWF. However, joining me this week, is none other than Nabiki Yen. Welcome back, Nabiki…

Nabiki: Thank you for having me, Ed’but the pleasure is not mine but everyone else’s’finally the OWA gets to see some real talent.

Ed: We’ll find out in just a couple months, won’t we?

Nabiki: Hai. You will.

Ed: Let’s get down to ringside with out first Press Your Luck qualifying match.

Press Your Luck Qualifier: Mariko [w/ Gustaffson] vs. Shogun [w/ Larry Brown]

Ed: Here we go.. Shogun and Larry Brown recently knocked out of the OWA Tag Team Championship tournament..

Nabiki: Maybe this Mariko has some talent.. nice savate kick on this’Shogun? He cheap imitation’Nabiki think Mariko going to beat him good.

Ed: Well see about that.. Shogun with a chokehold.. referee counts and gives Shogun a warning. Mariko retaliates with a reverse cradle. One. Quick kickout by Shogun. Mariko with a whip into the ropes’double axhandle chop. Backdrop by Mariko that sends Shogun out to the floor.

Nabiki: Oh.. Mariko goes after him.. I think Shogun got hurt going over that top rope. He holding his leg.. Mariko whips Shogun into the guardrailing.. I knew she tough girl.. maybe Nabiki and Mariko make good tag team, ne?

Ed: That’s a scary thought.. Mariko smashes Shogun into the steel steps.. Shogun is taking a beat and still favoring that leg…

Nabiki: Mariko throws that boy back into the ring.. You know that Shogun’s partner.. what his name? Jerry Brown? He not doing much to help his partner..

Ed: That’s an interesting point. Mariko with a whips and Spinning Kick! Cover.. one.. two.. three! It’

Announcer: The winner is Mariko. Time of match: 0: 11: 50

Ed: Shelly Marks is down at ringside to talk with Larry Brown and Shogun.

Shelly: Thanks Ed, I’m here with Larry Brown and Shogun.. tough match out there..

Shogun & Larry Brown

Brown: Shelly, I have only one thing to say’OWA, you’d better watch it because we’re on our way to championship gold!

The two men shake hands and as Shogun turns to leave, Larry Brown nails Shogun with his hockey stick knocking him face first to the floor.]

Brown: Hey, family, I still haven’t forgotten about you. I was just taking out the trash. I should have known better than to team with a second class wrestler like old Shogun here.

He points to the motionless Shogun and then delivers a boot to his ribs.]

Brown: Now I’m ready to finish you losers off one by one. You may think it’s over but it will never be over until you chumps are eliminated from professional wrestling all together. So I’ll be looking for you and whether it’s in the ring or the locker room I’ll get you–just ask Shogun when he wakes up!

Scenes of Anthony Hazard’s victory at the triangle match.]

Announcer: He’s earned his title shot..

Scenes of Rachel Ryan in workout shots.]

Announcer: And she’s ready for him’OWA Champion Rachel Ryan defends her title against Anthony Hazard, one week before Press Your Luck, next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Ed: What was THAT all about.. what a cheap shot by Brown on his TAG TEAM partner..

Nabiki: I don’t think they tag team partner no more, ne?

Ed: Back to ringside for more Press Your Luck qualifier..

Press Your Luck Qualifier: Stacks Coltrain [w/ Pretty Boy Monty] vs. Sentry

Ed: This match is starting out quickly.. Coltrain with a flying clothesline.. no she missed.. and flies out over the top.. this match is quickly gone to the outside’Sentry leaves the ring, but Stacks just caught him with a knee and runs him into the ring post.

Nabiki: These OWA wrestlers always fight on outside like that? Nabiki Yen will show them how to wrestle in the ring soon. Coltrain pushes Sentry back into the ring.

Ed: Coltrain into the ropes and elbowsmash on Sentry. Coltrain with another whip.. she misses with an Asia moonsault’Sentry quickly all over her power leg drop.. Sentry places Coltain on the turnbuckle.. what’s he going to do here.

Nabiki: This is very interesting.. nice headscissor piledriver off the turnbuckle by Sentry’Sentry with a flying clothesline.. jack-knife powerbomb by Sentry.. one.. two.. three!!

Announcer: The winner is Sentry. Time of match: 0: 09: 35

The Chiefs

Clip of first round victory – Double DDT on Mariko.]

Voice over: They destroyed the Femmes

Clip of semi-final round victory – Mustang Cradle Suplex on Coltrain.]

Voice Over: They overwhelmed Coltrain & the Executioner

Clip of fans wearing Stallion/Mustang T-shirts.]

Voice Over: They started to get a following’Now they are going back to their roots to prepare for the match of their dreams

Scenic view of Indian Reservation.]

Scene of Mustang/Stallion running up steep hillsides with logs on their shoulders, throwing tomahawks into a target, and then meditating around a campfire.]

Voice Over: They are in the best shape of their lives, both physically and mentally

{Clip of Mustang/Stallion putting on warpaint and headdresses}

Voice Over: They are preparing for battle and they are declaring war on the Extremists

Camera pans up from feet to head showing Stallion/Mustang fully prepared in warpaint. Scene of Stallion/Mustang standing on a cliff top looking into the sun}

Voice Over: They came so far, now it’s time to realize their dream.

Stallion/Mustang dives over cliff and transforms into hawks.]

Fade to black.]

Press Your Luck Qualifier: Executioner [w/Pretty Boy Monty] vs Masked Mayhem

Ed: They lock up. Executioner with a whip into the ropes’reversal by Mayhem.. Executioner ducks an enzuilariato , then misses a clothesline’Mayhem with a clothesline. Shoulderblock by Mayhem. Whip by Mayhem.. reversal by Executioner’nice elbow by Executioner!

Nabiki: That’s was okay.. I wrestle much better then any of these so called wrestlers. Mayhem with a sunset flip, but Executioner drops down on him.. one.. two.. kickout by Mayhem. Mayhem catches Executioner with a knee to the back. Mayhem hit Executioner with inverted atomic drop.

Ed: Mayhem nails Executioner with a swinging neckbreaker. Mayhem going for a piledriver, but wait.. Executioner with a back drop. Backbreaker by Executioner, then a DDT! Cover by Executioner’one.. two.. kickout by Mayhem. Chokehold by Executioner.. obviously frustrated he cannot put away Mayhem.

Nabiki: Hey.. nothing wrong with that.. you fight to win, right? Executioner whips Mayhem into the ropes, Mayhem ducks a clothesline. Mayhem off the ropes, cross body block! One.. two.. three!

Announcer: The winner is Masked Mayhem. Time of match: 0: 11: 39

Traci Lane and Stacks Coltrain

The scene: A gymnasium packed with high-end fitness equipment and the finest weights. Traci Lane stands behind Stacks Coltrain as she performs seated military presses. Traci is clad in a black pelvic thong and skintight half-tank; Stacks is clad identically, except her ensemble is white, contrasting delightfully with her light chocolate skin. Stacks grimaces, her body coated with a sheen of sweat, as she slowly forces a loaded bar up from behind her neck. With a scream she locks it out, and Traci guides it back onto its perch.]

Traci: Great set, Stacks! You matched me–five reps.

Stacks: [Gives Traci a high-five]. Thanks, Trace. Y’know, I was really hoping to *beat* you.

Traci: I know. [They giggle.]

They pull their towels off the station as a pair of attendants start unloading the plates from the bar.]

Traci: That was a great workout. It’s been ages since we came here.

Stacks: I know. We’ve both been busy, I guess.

Traci: Tell me about it. [She smiles.: I’m really glad you decided to get into wrestling. I never understood why you spent all that time training privately but not wrestling official matches.

Stacks: I just wanted to wait until I was ready–and the time was right. I felt that with the Family losing some momentum, I should get involved.

Traci: I should’ve guessed that you’d do that. I’ve only been your best friend since–what? Private school?

Stacks: Yeah, third grade. Remember how we used to beat up those preppy boys for their lunch money?

Traci: Do I ever. That was quite a racket we had going.

Stacks: I guess we had a head for business even then.

Traci: No doubt. Tell me, now that you’re in the OWA, what’s your impression?

Stacks: Well, well I was wondering when you would get around to asking my opinion about SOMEthing in this here league. Lets see the OWA….great league with a lot of talented wrestlers….Anthony Hazard great talent…but his organization….Why did he do THAT..A bunch of no talented chumps….and this shocker character….4 matches 3 losses and he challenges Monty to a Ladder match…hahaha…The Femmes….great organization if I do say so myself…You, Rachel, Mariko, Big Gus, Monica…If you dont mind my saying Hell they remind me of THE FAMILY..HAHAHAHA <WINK Now lets play I name a wrestler, and you give a one word answer…..

Traci: Sounds great to me.

Stacks: Okay…Lets See Prince Frederick?

Traci: Polyester.

Stacks: Hmm interesting…Kodiak….

Traci: Um….[shrugs].

Stacks: Intimidator……Great Talent I must add….

Traci: Promising.

Stack: Asian Invasion…New haven’t seen enough

Traci: Noisy.

Stacks: Colt….Gustaffson….Wildshadow…..Oh and lets not forget Monty….hell he would cuss me out if I dont ask about him….hahah..He means well doesn’t he?

Traci: If nothing else, he’s got enthusiasm. Monty’s got as much talent as anybody in the league, he’s just too emotional for his own good sometimes.

Stacks: But Traci what I am really waiting for is for Monty to swing this ICWF thing that he has been scheming about….He says he want to take the whole FAMILY…but he hasn’t said a word…Now that is a challenge!

Traci: Well, let’s hit the showers–

A pair of well-muscled men in tights and wrestling boots walk up to them; the first is a tall blonde, with blue suspender-style trunks and white boots. The other is a bald man with a mustache ringing his mouth; he is shorter and broader, with black trunks and boots. Both have championship belts over their shoulders.]

Blonde: Yo! You’re Lane and Coltraine, right?

Stacks: Who wants to know?

Bald: My name’s “Rottweiler” Reece, and I’m the Internet On-Line Wrestling Federation champion. This is Apollo Simmons, the Internet Global Wrestling Association champ. We came here to challenge you bimbos.

Traci: Do tell.

Apollo: Yeah! We wanna show you that you OWA losers can’t hold a candle to a couple’a players like *us*. [He points to a nearby wrestling ring, at the fringe of the gym.: You got the guts?

Stacks and Traci look at one another, then burst out laughing. After calming themselves, Traci says,]

Traci: Which one do you want?

Stacks: I’ll take this Apollo character.

Traci: Fine. Rottweiler–front and center.

Traci and Rott climb through the ropes and into the ring; Stacks and Apollo take up positions by opposing turnbuckles. Traci and her foe begin to circle, studying one another, when he makes his move. He moves in low and cinches in a bearhug, lifting her off the mat. She winks at Stacks, then slowly begins to expand her arms. He screams and strains to hold her, but she slowly, inexorably parts his arms, then puts a boot into his gut. Traci stuffs his head between her legs, takes his waist in her arms, then power-bombs him viciously to the mat.]

Stacks: Woooo!!! Get it, girl!

Traci yanks him up, pulls him across her body, then presses him overhead. Rott wails as she twists and slams him back down. She stands astride his squirming body for a moment, hands on her hips, looking down at him, before jerking him to stand. After clamping his head between her legs, she pulls him into an inverted position, then jumps and piledrives him harshly into the canvas.]

Traci: Almost your turn, babe.

Stacks: Can’t wait. Polish this loser off!

Traci takes his head under her arm, then secures his leg; she then lifts him upside down, and in one quick motion brings him head-first into the mat. She reclines across his chest and pats the mat three times.]

Traci: I believe that’s it for the Rottweiler, wouldn’t you say?

Stacks: Yeah. Now take out the trash.

Traci: With pleasure.

She scoops up the Rottweiler and heaves him over the top rope. Dusting off her hands, she walks over to Apollo.]

Traci: Your turn, Plucky.

Before he can turn to run, Traci grabs a handful of his hair and whips him over the top rope. Stacks runs in, and Traci slings him toward her. Stacks hooks him with a clothesline, flipping him down to the mat. He rises, groggy, and they begin circling one another…Stacks begins to bounce like Muhammed Ali…laughing….lunging at Apollo she executes a perfect firemans carry…..laughing still..she lets him up….they clinch and Apollo goes for the whip….Stacks reverses it…off the Ropes Apollo is lifted into a Big Boss Man slam. She picks Apollo up by his hair and and imitates Traci….She Gorilla Presses him.]

Stacks: Traci…Traci look at Apollo he’s flying, he’s flying.’[Stacks tosses him out of the Ring]

Traci: Come on chump Back in the Ring…..[heaves Apollo into the Ring, Apollo tries to bulldog Stacks…Floating like a butterfly she moves….he hits the turnbuckle….]

Stacks: opppps….sorry Apollo……now for sleeptime ‘[Stacks calmly applies the Sleeper…..Traci Comes in and checks Apollo]

Traci: Stick a fork in him…he is done….[Stack drops Apollo to the mat..takes..him to the ropes and sets him up for a spalsh….after executing the spalsh she flips him over and counts……1….2….3!!!!!!]

Stacks: Aw shucks I broke a sweat…..hahahahahaa’[Traci is holding the championship belts the men came in with.]

Traci: I forget–which one did the guy I beat have?

Stacks: Um…was it that one?

Traci: Yeah, I think it was. Here. [She hands Stacks the other belt, and they sling them over their shoulders.: Anyway, let’s go shower off. I want to bring you to the mansion for a few days.

Stacks: Sounds like a plan. Then I want to have you over to the island.

Traci: I’d love to. Mind if I bring the Femmes?

Stacks: Nah. Monty and the boys don’t know how to separate business from pleasure, besides, they know you guys didn’t burn down their other house, anyway.

Traci: Um…if you don’t mind me asking, how exactly *did* that happen?

Stacks: Well…see, Monty doesn’t cook very often, so when the grease caught on fire, he….

Her voice fades as they walk out of view.]

Press Your Luck Qualifier: Davey Scott vs. Carolina Mangler

Ed: Okay.. the bell rings and we have a lockup’nothing happening here.. Scott runs into the ropes, Mangler ducks a clothesline and nails Scott with a clothesline of his own. Elbowdrop by Mangler’Another elbow’no Scott rolls out.. Dropkick by Scott.. and another’Scott goes for the cover’one, two.. kickout by Mangler.

Nabiki: Scott goes into the ropes and hurts Mangler with a flying clothesline and Mangler rolls out of the ring. Scott goes after him. Hey! Scott just whipped Mangler into the ringpost.. that is very unsportsmanlike. Nabiki Yen never stoop that low in match. Scott try to whip Mangler into guardrail, but Mangler reverse sending Scott into the guardrail. Mangler get back in the ring where match belong. Scott finally makes it back into the ring.

Ed: Mangler whips Scott into the turnbuckle. Mangler rushes in, but Scott lifts up a knee. Bodyslam by Scott. Scott misses with a clothesline. Scott runs into the ropes, and Mangler catches him in a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Frog splash by Mangler.. one.. two.. three!

Announcer: The winner is Carolina Mangler. Time of match: 10: 09


Film room of The Family and Intimidator is watching films of various opponents including Asian Sensation, Prince Frederick, Davey Scott, Kodiak and Anthony Hazard. He finally notices the camera]

Intimidator: Well well, an audience…..welcome as you can see I am just studying some of my opponents in the OWA….as you can see there is a lot of talent here and I feel that it is necessary to always be prepared….

Elaine Bryant: Tell the home audience what has been going on with you and what are your plans for the future?

Intimidator: Well as you know Elaine, I am the quiet one Well along with Executioner. Lately, I have been rather excited because we have had some great new talent join the organization. Colt is great competitor. Hell, I remember the matches he used to have with Rainbow Warrior when he was know as Ricky Blood. Of course Carolina Mangler and Black Shadow. Now those two, whew, interesting. But I am definitely glad they are on my side.

Elaine: But what about YOU?

Intimidator: Elaine. I am growing concerned. You see I have not moved up or down in the rankings the way I thought I would. I feel that I am being hindered. Monty has me sign contracts and nothing happens. I fight peons. Hell look at that Shocker match. I make him submit and he gets a match with Monty. What do I get? A press your luck spot. I grow weary of this jerking around. It takes a lot for me to get angry but I am slowly reaching that point. Now to any of you out there ranked in the Top 12, I am issuing a challenge and this includes members of my FAMILY. I know you won’t allow me to stay at this point. We are one but we have taken an oath to fight all comers even if that means one another. Mr. Excitement, you are my next choice but you have not accepted. Soon. Soon. We will meet. Oh and Monty, you are at Number 8 and you no what that means now Elaine let me get back to work.

Film cuts to the Shocker Match. The claw is being applied. 1…2…3….4….20. He is out and Intimidator smirks to himself.]

OWA Tag Team Championship: Mike Mustang/Johnny Stallion vs. Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades

Ed: Okay.. here we go.. this match will determine new OWA Tag Team Champions. Looks like Mustang will start out.. and Danny Maxx. Mustang quickly hits Maxx with a dropkick then a double ax handle chop. Mustang tags out to Stallion.

Nabiki: Maxx hit Stallion with drop kick’then drop elbow on him. Maxx tag out to his partner.. Blades. Blades whips Stallion into ropes, reversal by Stallion, who nail Blades with clothesline. Stallion with Russian legsweep. Stallion go for another clothesline, but Blades counters with backdrop. Elbowsmash by Blades on Stallion.

Ed: Blades whips Stallion into the ropes’Stallion comes off and nails Blades with a shoulderblock. Cover by Stallion, one, two kickout by Blades. Stallion tags out to Mustang. Sunset flip by Mustang, one’two’kickout by Blades. Blades tags out to Maxx.

Nabiki: Mustang catches Maxx with lariat. Mustang go for dropkick but Maxx move out of way. Mustang biting Mustang now. Mustang with dragon suplex, one, two, kickout by Maxx. Maxx whip Mustang into corner and tags out to Blades. Cradle by Blades, one, two, Mustang in the ropes. Blades with a Russian legsweep. Cover by Blades.. one.. two.. Stallion is in and breaks up the count.. Maxx is in the ring..

Ed: All four are in the ring. Powerslam by Blades on Mustang, while Maxx and Stallion and going toe to toe.. The referee is trying to break up this chaos and get Maxx and Stallion of the ring. Maxx goes to his corner, as the referee tries to get Stallion out of the ring.. wait.. Maxx runs over to help his partner. Spike piledriver by Maxx and Blades on Mustang and Maxx is bailing out of the ring. Referee turns around.. one.. two.. three! We have new tag team champions.

Announcer: The winners are Danny Maxx and Johnny Blades. Time of match: 0: 27: 39

Press Your Luck Update

Myers: This is Myers Watterson and this is your Press Your Luck Update. This update is brought to you by OWA’s Caged Fury now on video cassette exclusively from Arena Home Video. On sale NOW. Now, let’s run down the Press Your Luck Tournament rules.

Press Your Luck is a tournament based not only on skill but a great amount of luck as well..

16 names are placed into a hat, and two names are drawn.

The first two picked are places into a second hat, and are not revealed. Those names are given an automatic bye to the second round.

Two more names are drawn from the first hat, those two will wrestle a regular match, no time limit for any of these matches, there must be a decisive winner.

The loser of the match goes back to the locker room, while the winner will stay in the ring as the ref tosses a coin.

Heads, the winner advances to the second round, and his/her name going into the second hat, and two more names are drawn. And the process starts over. There must be a winner and after the match a coin is tossed.

However, if its Tails, another name is drawn and the winner MUST wrestle another match in the first round against the name drawn. Again with a decisive winner and a coin toss at the end. One man could literally have to wrestle 13 other guys in the first round before advancing.

If at the end of the first round there is only one name left in the hat with no one to wrestle, that name is tossed out of the tournament.

The second round works the exact same way. They wrestle until there is only one name left in the hat and that person is the winner of the tournament.

Now, Major Threat, Legion, Intimidator, The Fireman, Miguel Thunder, Monica Brant, Sabin Figaro, Mariko, Masked Mayhem, Carolina Mangler, Sentry and WildShadow have already advanced. Next week, Traci Lane, Mr. Excitment, Colt, Scott Cobalt, Johnny Stallion, and Mr. Excitement will have qualifying matches, plus the rematch between Prince Frederick and Pretty Boy Monty for the final spot in Press Your Luck.

In addition to that tournament, brand new OWA Champion Rachel Ryan will defend her title against.. her very own stable-mate, the giant, Gustaffson.

OWA North American Champion, JetStream will defend against Amazon Woman.

And the OWA Tag Team Championship will be defended on this night as new OWA Tag Team Champions, The Extremists will grant a rematch to the Chiefs..

The Shocker will go one on one with Pretty Boy Monty.. in a submission match.

This event is just two week away, so get on the phone and call your cable operator and get the OWA’s Press Your Luck. For Elaine Bryant, Shelly Marks, Ed Bagel, and Nabiki Yen, I’m Myers Watterson and well wee you next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

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