Final card before Press Your Luck with the last of the qualifiers; also OWA Champion Rachel Ryan has one more defense against Anthony Hazard

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling.. back behind the broadcast booth this week is Stevie Cheesecake… Stevie.. we know you were on assignment at the ICWF… can you tell us anything about what is going on there?

Stevie: Hmph.. tell you so you can take the credit.. forget it.. I’ll have some news next week.. you won’t believe what I have to report.

Ed: Very well… let’s get down to ringside for our first match.

PYL Qualifier: Larry Brown vs. Scott Cobalt

Ed: Here we go with our first match this week… lock up by Brown and Cobalt… Cobalt with a European uppercut that rocks Brown… Cobalt runs against the ropes… Brown goes for a back body drop.. but Cobalt turns it into a sunset flip. One.. kickout by Brown.

Stevie: You know, I like this Brown guy.. ya got dead baggage you are carrying around.. kick it out the door… Brown with a clothesline knocking Cobalt off his feet… A nice inverted atomic drop by Brown.. Brown with a whip.. no reversal by Cobalt.. Powerslam by Cobalt and cover.. one.. two.. kickout by Brown.

Ed: Savate kick by Cobalt and he follows it up with a belly to back suplex. Cobalt whips Brown into the ropes.. shoulderblock by Brown… Brown with a swinging neckbreaker… Brown with a whip.. Cobalt comes off the ropes, and Brown misses his clothesline, but Cobalt nails him with a clothesline sending Brown out of the ring. Cobalt waits for Brown to get back in the ring.. and Brown is in at the count of four.

Stevie: Cobalt goes off the ropes, but Brown catches him with a clothesline. Vertical suplex by Larry Brown. Brown quickly executes a reverse neckbreaker… Cobalt is in trouble now.. wait.. Cobalt comes back with a Northern lights suplex… one.. two.. kickout by Brown.. Cobalt backs Brown into the corner… the ref tries to break it up… Brown sneaks in a knee to the groin!!!

Ed: That was a dirty trick… Western Lariat by Brown and this one is over.. one.. two.. three!!!

Announcer: The winner is Larry Brown. Time of match: 21: 03


Scene opens up to Raekwon in his dressing room.]

Raekwon: Ok Femme Fateles, you decide you don’t want to ally with me, well That’s fine. But you have made a mistake by deciding that. You say my enemies lie around me? Well, I guess that includes you sluts! I’ll take you all on, you name a place, time and stipulation. How about a handicap match? All of you stick me, what do you say? Then you… ll see what I valuable person I would have been to your clan!

PYL Qualifier: Mr. Excitement vs. Traci Lane [w/ Gustaffson]

Ed: Okay.. here we go.. lock up.. Mr. Excitement with a whip, reversal by Lane.. back body drop by Lane.. quick cover.. one… kickout by Excitement. Excitement with a kick to the midsection and a bulldog… cover by Excitement.. one.. kickout by Lane.

Stevie: Excitment with a whip into the turnbuckle… Excitement charges in, but Lane lifts up a knee… flying clothesline by Lane.. Lane tosses Excitment out of the ring, and follows him out… Lane is caught by a clothesline by Excitement… Lane catches Excitment with a punch to the midsection… Lane tries for a piledriver but Excitement reverses with a back body drop…

Ed: Excitement whips Lane into the ring post… Excitement charges in, but Lane drops down and Excitement crashes into the ring post. Lane rolls him in.. Lane with a Northern lights suplex… one.. two.. three… Lane advances to the tournament.

Announcer: The winner is Traci Lane. Time of match: 7: 08


JetStream sitting in a chair watching the Stacks / Lane segment on the last OWA card.]

JetStream: Well, well, what a turn of events here at OWA. The [so-called: ELITES join forces with the FEMMES to destroy the FAMILY. The MONEY behind the FAMILY and the leader of the FEMMES are best of friends. I wonder what Stacks is planning in that mind of hers. COLT my friend, I would watch my back if I where you. No telling what Stacks & Tracy Lane are planning together. So COLT, I’ve got your back no matter what happens. MONTY, sorry but with the recent turn of events I must, for the time being , refuse your offer. It was interesting and I almost accepted. But I can’t trust someone who’s friends with any of the FEMMES or ally myself with a group with someone of that nature in it. So until you can figure out if Stacks is legit, I will stay single so to speak.

PYL Qualifier: Prince Frederick [w/ WildShadow] vs. Pretty Boy Monty

Ed: Prince Frederick is in the ring… we are waiting for Pretty Boy Monty…

Stevie: Maybe he thinks Frederick will kick his butt…

Ed: Monty is a competitor.. we’re getting word that Monty may not even be in the building…

Stevie: What? What do you mean … not in the building…

Ed: I mean, Pretty Boy Monty is probably not even in this Arena!

Stevie: That.. oh.. wait.. here comes some OWA Officials.. They are conferring with the ring announcer… Frederick is waiting calmly in his corner.. almost too calmly…

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman.. it has come to the attention of OWA Officials that Pretty Boy Monty has not yet arrived to this building They have decided to award this match, via forfiet to Prince Frederick, who will advance to the Press Your Luck tournament.

Prince Frederick

Frederick snatches the mic from the ring announcer.]

Frederick: My toughest opponent yet! Listen all you peons that are thinking of showing up at Press Your Luck! Don’t bother! Just be smart like Monty and stay home for that day because I’m going to do as only I can do and defeat every single person and win the crown and then work my way back to the OWA Championship!

Stevie: Interesting development.. Asian Invasion has joined me here…

Asian Invasion

Asian Invasion: I am the Asain Invasion!!! I am the greatest wrestler in Japan!!! I am New York tough and Wall Street smart!!! I am going to kick everyone’s ass!!!

Monica Brant

The scene is one of the richest area of Los Angeles. Million-dollar houses and flashy cars are the norm here. Walking down the street are some of the richest people in the world. One of them is Monica Brant, dressed in a two-piece suit that reveals much of a fabulous, well-toned body.]

Monica: Ahh, the beautiful people. I fit right in here, don’t you agree?

Several shots of Monica posing, fashion-model style, with several wealthy and influential people.]

Monica: But, enough about me. Let’s talk about Press Your Luck. Any of the other competitors who think they’re going to have an easy time with me… think again!

Shots of Monica in action, dishing out punishment to several opponents.]

Monica: I know what you’re thinking: big, bad fashion model, looks real good, but can’t cut here in the OWA, right? WRONG!

Shots of Monica applying the Fashion Statement to an opponent, and then giving them a makeover.]

Monica: Now, after I take it all the way to the top with Press Your Luck, maybe some of these untalented champions we’ve got here will think I’m ready for a title shot. After all, I’ve got brains, brawn and beauty. Except for my partners, who else can compare?

Shots of Monica training with the Femme Fatales.]

Monica: I’m counting the minutes to Press Your Luck, folks. “Misty” Monica Brant is back, jack, and she’s got a whole new attitude! See you in the ring.

PYL Qualifier: Colt vs. Johnny Stallion

Ed: Lockup.. body slam by Stallion… followed by an elbowdrop.. no.. Colt moves out of the way… Russian legsweep by Colt. Backbreaker by Colt. Colt with a cover… one.. kickout by Stallion. Next week on PPV, Stallion along with his tag team partner, Mike Mustang will challenge for the tag team championship, taking on the current champions, The Extremists. If he wins here he’ll be in the tournament as well.

Stevie: Whoopie.. big deal… Colt with a nice atomic drop… Colt misses with a clothesline and is nailed by a Stallion clothesline… .powerbomb by Stallion.. cover.. one.. two..kickout by Colt. Colt with a waistlock suplex…

Ed: Colt rushes into the ropes… shoulderblock by Stallion knocks Colt to the mat… Stallion into the ropes, but Colt catches him with a spinebuster slam… cover by Colt.. one.. two.. kickout by Stallion… Colt is complaining about a slow count.. roll up by Stallion.. one.. two.. kickout by Colt.

Stevie: Stallion whips Colt into the ring… clothesline by Stallion.. no.. crucifix by Colt.. he can’t take down Stallion.. Samoan drop by Stallion. Cover.. one.. two.. rollover by Colt.. one.. two.. three!!!

Announcer: The winner is Colt. Time of match: 11: 30

Masked Mayhem

Scene opens in the Chamber of Mayhem. You can see the form of one individual. In the background you can hear people screaming in pain and terror.]

Masked Mayhem: Well look at this. I have made it to Press Your Luck. BIG SUPRISE!!! I am the greatest wrestler ever and after I win at Press Your Luck all will have to bow down to me. I will rule this league and NOBODY will stop me. I am Masked Mayhem and I am UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

Scene fades and all you can gear is a diabolical laugh.]

Press Your Luck Update

Myers: This is your Press Your Luck final report!

We all know how Press Your Luck will work… the participants are Traci Lane, Colt, Larry Brown, Prince Frederick, Intimidator, Mariko, Monica Brant, Sabin Figaro, Masked Mayhem, Legion, Miguel Thunder, Sentry, Major Threat, Carolina Mangler, The Fireman, and WildShadow. The winner of the tournament will be the new OWA TV Champion.

Now.. the first round will be held prior to us going on the air.. but we will show highlights of the first round matches and jump right into round 2.

Also on this card, the main event will be OWA Champion Rachel Ryan defending her title against her stable-mate, Gustaffson.

North American Champion JetStream will defend against former champion Amazon Woman.

OWA Tag Team Champions, The Extremists will take on the Chiefs and the titles will be on the line.

And in a submission match, Pretty Boy Monty will take on the Shocker.

We have just been informed that a battle royal will also be on the card, with the winner to get immediate crack at OWA TV Champion. One of the competitors in this battle royal is Stealth V.

Stealth V.

Stealth V.: Okay, yeah, I didn’t make it into the tourney, but I was just informed that I am in a battle royal. The rest of you puke wrestlers better watch out, because I am going to beat all of you and win the battle royal!

Myers: That’s the card for next week.. please note: OWA Championship Wrestling will be preempted so we can bring you Press Your Luck on PPV. Back to ringside.

OWA Championship: Rachel Ryan vs. Anthony Hazard

Ed: Handshake by the two competitors and lock up… the OWA Title is on the line here… winner goes on to Press Your Luck to face Gustaffson. Forearm smash by Ryan.. Ryan with a kick to the midsection of Hazard.. and powerbomb.. cover.. one.. two.. kickout by Hazard…

Stevie: Ryan looks very impressive tonight… caught Hazard off guard by that.. another lock up… Hazard with a knee to the gut of Ryan and a high knee lift. Hazard off the ropes, misses with an elbowdrop… Ryan into the ropes… backdrop by Hazard…

Ed: Hazard hits Ryan with a clothesline… Hazard off the ropes, but Ryan catches him with a powerslam… Spinebuster slam by Ryan… cover.. one.. two.. kickout by Hazard. European uppercut by Ryan.. Ryan lifts up Hazard and gorilla press slam… cover by Ryan.. one.. two.. th.. no.. kickout by Hazard..

Stevie: Ryan whips Hazard into the ropes.. double ax handle by Hazard.. followed by an elbowdrop.. cover.. one.. two.. kickout by Ryan. Hazard whips Ryan.. reversal by Ryan and she catches him with the Gorilla Press Powerslam! Cover.. one.. two.. three!!!

Announcer: The winner is Rachel Ryan. Time of match: 20: 42

Ed: Ryan goes on to Press Your Luck to take on Gustaffson. That’s all for this week.. next week.. hold on..

Stevie: I’m getting that too… there is some kind of commotion out in the parking lot.. I’m outta here… I’m getting the scoop on this one!

Stevie drops his headphones and heads out.]

Ed: We are out of time.. we cannot go with Stevie.. but next week, we’ll bring you a report on what is going on.. we’ll see you at Press Your Luck!

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