Contender’s Match for the OWA Championship: Lane vs. Hazard vs. Frederick; More Press Your Luck qualifying matches

Last Week on OWA Championship Wrestling

Stevie: JetStream blocks Colt’s choke slam attempt.. short clothesline by JetStream’JetStream goes to the top.. flying axhandle.. MISSES! Colt is up and quickly sets him up’Reverse Crucifix Slam!!! It’s over.. we have a new champion..

Ed: Nope.. look…

Stevie: Amazon Woman is flying to ringside.. she climbs the turnbuckle and she NAILS Colt with a flying elbowdrop!

Ed: What the hell…?

Stevie: She just chucked JetStream over the top rope and to the floor’she stomping on Colt’she sets him up.. Running Power Slam’here we go again..

Ed: Thanks for joining us.. we have several great matches for you on this card.. including a semi final match in our tag team championship tournament and the big triangle match. Let

Stevie: Hoooooold up!

Ed: What is it?

Stevie: I AM here you know.. at least acknowledge my existence.

Ed: Let’s hear from Miguel Thunder.

Miguel Thunder

Miguel Thunder: I have trained for over ten years with Greco-Roman types, Martial Artists, and even small time wrestlers. They have taught me all I know. That is my main way of life: Stop the evil people from brainwashing you. I actually am not that bad a guy….I am ready for the debut.

PYL Qualifier: Mike Mustang vs. WildShadow

Ed: They lock up. WildShadow goes for a bodyslam, but Mike Mustang counters it with a small package. One, two, kickout. WildShadow quickly is up and nails Mustang with a savate kick. Fistdrop by WildShadow. WildShadow with a suplex nope.. he can

Stevie: Mike Mustang whips WildShadow into the ropes, and hits him with an elbow. Mustang with a clothesline, no WildShadow ducks and nails Mustang with a kick WildShadow takes him down with a kneelift.

{Time elapses – WildShadow has slight advantage throughout}

Ed: WildShadow whips Mike Mustang into the ropes. Mustang misses with a clothesline.

Stevie: WildShadow nails him with the Spin Kick.. cover by WildShadow.. one.. two.. three!

The winner is WildShadow. Time of match: 14: 34

{Scene shows Stallion and Mustang double teaming Mariko to gain a pinfall}

Announcer: This team upset the Femmes in Round one

{Scene from Coltrain and Executioner vs. Mangler/Shadow) This team upset their own stable mates in round one.

Johnny Stallion and Mike Mustang take on Stacks Coltrain and the Executioner, in a semi final match for the OWA Tag Team Championship tournament. Next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Stevie: We have Sabin Figaro here.. but first let’s hear from Colt.


Colt: Well, well, well, Mr. Figaro. Mr. “Gangsta Power”. You lost. I beat you. Simple as that. I proved that I’m better, and well, that’s that. Now I get to regain what used to be mine, the North American Title.

Sabin Figaro

Sabin: Notice how I don’t give a damn? Ya beat me, 1 2 3, every e-Wrestling legend has a bad night, but what separates the great from the good is the ability to bounce back, and I can. I’ll just continue using the Bum Rush to win my way to victory until the championship committee sees my true skill, making it my 15th belt that I’m holding now. I’ll wait, and kick ass when the time comes.

PYL Qualifier: Fireman (w/ Pretty Boy Monty) vs. Raekwon

Ed: This is going to be a grudge.. here we, Raekwon attacks at the bell.. Raekwon takes him down with a chokehold. One, two, three. Raekwon tosses the Fireman out of the ring.. hold on..

Stevie: The Shocker is at ringside and has attacked Monty.. they are going at it on the other side of the ring, Raekwon and the Fireman are going at it.. The Fireman just whipped Raekwon into the ring steps. Fireman with a whip.. no reversal by Raekwon sending the Fireman into the guardrail. The count is going

Ed: On the other side, we have some officials trying to get Monty and Shocker apart.. Raekwon is going for a piledriver no

Stevie: Fireman with a back body drop.. he rolls into the ring.. the bell has rung

Ed: What The winner, by countout, is The Fireman. Time of match: 5: 29

Ed: Officials are still trying to get Shocker and Monty apart.. Stacks Coltrain has come to ringside and attacked Raekwon, and more officials are trying to get the Family members as well as Shocker back to the locker room.

{The screen is divided into four segments, with Anthony Hazard, Colt, JetStream and Rachel Ryan in each division}

Announcer: Two champions and two top contenders to their throne OWA Champion Rachel Ryan and Anthony Hazard take on North American Champ JetStream and Colt.. next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

PYL Qualifier: Miguel Thunder vs. Asian Invasion

Ed: They lock up. Both men debuting this week, and in a qualifying match no less. Invasion with a body slam.. Invasion wasting no time by tossing Thunder out of the ring. Invasion goes after him.

Stevie: Thunder catches him and runs Invasion head first into the ring steps. DDT by Thunder on Invasion.. Thunder rolls Invasion back in to the ring. Thunder places Invasion on the top turnbuckle and sets him up.

Ed: Superplex by Thunder count.. one.. two.. three!

The winner is Miguel Thunder. Time of match: 0: 04: 16

Davey Scott

(sitting on the steps of some building)

I know I know, I have not been seen a lot lately in the OWA, but I am still here.. so fans, be patient.. Colt.. you are indeed a man of many skills, and I do indeed remember our match, and trust me, I will get back to you.. Danny Maxx, after weeks and weeks, I have been selectively waiting, and I have decided one thing, to challenge you. I been watching your every move and you seem to be a well developed wrestler, and you seem to know your ring style. Well, with my past experiences, I guess I would know a whole hell of a lot.. let see.. what a good enduring match for men of our ability. one-fall is ok, but is not anything proven. so who about, the best 2 out of 3 falls’so what do you say my friend.. 2 out of 3 falls on OCW. Next WEEK!

OWA Tag Team Championship Tournament Match: Larry Brown & Shogun vs. The Extremists

Ed: Looks like Danny Maxx will start out against Larry Brown. Lock up, Maxx with a quick belly to belly suplex.. one.. two.. kickout, by Brown. Maxx thought he had that one and is telling the ref about it.. Brown quickly with a cradle. One.. kickout by Maxx.

{Match progresses.. both team making quick tag out.. but the Extremists now have the upper hand.}

Blades tags out the Maxx. Maxx pulls up Brown.. no.. cradle by Brown.. one.. two.. kickout by Maxx Maxx with a whip.. no reversal by Brown flying forearm by Maxx, nailing Brown.

Stevie: Maxx is setting him up Tiger Suplex! One.. two.. three.. it The winners are Danny Maxx and Johnny Blades. Time of match: 3: 57

Press Your Luck Update

Press Your Luck is a tournament based not only on skill but a great amount of luck as well..

The first two picked are places into a second hat, and are not revealed. Those names are given an automatic bye to the second round.

Two more names are drawn from the first hat, those two will wrestle a regular match, no time limit for any of these matches, there must be a decisive winner.

The loser of the match goes back to the locker room, while the winner will stay in the ring as the ref tosses a coin.

Heads, the winner advances to the second round, and his/her name going into the second hat, and two more names are drawn. And the process starts over. There must be a winner and after the match a coin is tossed.

However, if its Tails, another name is drawn and the winner MUST wrestle another match in the first round against the name drawn. Again with a decisive winner and a coin toss at the end. One man could literally have to wrestle 13 other guys in the first round before advancing.

If at the end of the first round there is only one name left in the hat with no one to wrestle, that name is tossed out of the tournament.

The second round works the exact same way. They wrestle until there is only one name left in the hat and that person is the winner of the tournament.

Now, Major Threat, Legion, Intimidator, The Fireman, Miguel Thunder, and WildShadow have already advanced. Next week, Prince Frederick will take on Pretty Boy Monty, Monica Brant will take on Stealth V and Sabin Figaro will take on Black Shadow. The winners of those matches will advance to Press Your Luck.

In addition to that tournament, brand new OWA Champion Rachel Ryan will defend her title against.. her very own stable-mate, the giant, Gustaffson.

OWA North American Champion, JetStream will defend against Amazon Woman.

And the OWA Tag Team Championship will be defended on this night.

OWA Championship Contender’s Match: Traci Lane. vs. Anthony Hazard vs. Prince Frederick.

This match is a one fall triangle match. The winner will receive a shot at OWA Champion Rachel Ryan. This match is held under the following rules. Two wrestlers in the ring.. one on the outside. Either wrestler can tag the one on the outside. The first wrestler to gain a pinfall is the winner of the match.
Ed: Okay.. the three wrestlers are in the ring.. time for a coin toss to see who is left standing on the apron there

{This match starts off very scientific however, Lane and Hazard never once try to tag out to Frederick. Whenever someone comes close to pinning, Frederick intervenes and makes the save. 10 minutes go by and still Frederick has not been in the ring for this match)

Stevie: Anthony Hazard executes a Russian legsweep on Lane.. cover.. one, two.. Frederick AGAIN makes the save

Ed: Well.. he wants to be the one to make the pin..

Stevie: Lane misses a dropkick there Anthony Hazard runs into the ropes.. and nails Frederick! Anthony Hazard whips Lane into the ropes and catches her with a powerslam.

Referee counts: One, two, three.

The winner is Anthony Hazard. Time of match: 15: 52.


Sentry: Gustaffson, last time nobody won, and I want the pleasure of pinning you in the ring!!! I challenge you to a rematch next card!!!!

Ed: We are out of time for this week.. join us next week for more OWA Championship Wrestling.

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