OWA TV Champion Virgo defends against Miguel Thunder; Mariko gets a rematch with Crimson Scorpion; Adam Sanchez takes on Consuelo Salyards in a non-title match; Shogun battles Anthony Hazard; Billy Smith takes on Davey Scott with the winner advancing to the PYL tournament.

*This card was delayed. No missing cards between 5-18 and 6-1

OWA is Back! comes on-screen. Exploding to a capacity crowd. ]

Ed: OWA back online and better than ever. I’m Ed Bagel along with the Voice Biff Franklin.

Franklin: Yeah yeah. Whatsamatta with those OWA flunkies anyways? Skipping shows and such?

Ed: You mean those people who sign your paycheck?

Biff: Yeah. You gotta love em.

Ed: An expanded program this week with five big matches on the card. A Press Your Luck qualifying match, pitting Davey Scott against longtime rival Billy Smith. A submission match finds Anthony Hazard taking on Shogun, and for the OWA TV championship, Virgo defends against Miguel Thunder.

Biff: And don’t forget the rematch between Mariko and the Crimson Scorpion and the non-title match between North American Champion Consuelo Salyards and Adam Sanchez “the real Enforcer!” Hahaha

Ed: Let’s go to ringside for our first match.

Consuelo Salyards vs. Adam Sanchez

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is a non-title matchup. First. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 225 pounds. This is The Enforcer. Adam Sanchez! And his opponent. Coming down the aisle, along with the giant, Gustaffson. She is the North American Champion. This is the Latin Lover, Consuelo Salyards!!

Ed: This could be a great chance for Sanchez if he can upend the North American Champion here, it could thrust him very high in the ratings.

Biff: Salyards has had a wonderful lucky streak that ends right here now that a real man has stepped up to the plate.

Ed: We’ve also just been informed that the North American Championship will be on the line at Press Your Luck as Consuelo Salyards will defend in a best 2 of three falls match, home court advantage rules. As she takes on former OWA Champion Executioner.

Biff: Oh. Who cares? She’s gotta get back Sanchez here and then a whole slew of challengers before she gets to Press Your Luck.

Ed: Here’s the bell and Consuelo Salyards goes right on the attack. Hotshot by the champion and a bridging back suplex. one. two. Kickout by Sanchez. Irish whip into the ropes by Salyards and she nails him with another hotshot.

Biff: Salyards using cheap shots to her advantage here. Looks like she’s getting pretty good at those. Another whip by Salyards and attempted backdrop, but Sanchez nails her with a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes. Sanchez with a bulldog and another swinging neckbreaker.

Ed: Superkick by Adam Sanchez and a cover. one. t. kickout by Consuelo. Whip by Sanchez. Attempted back body drop. No! Thrust kick to the head by Consuelo and an enzuigiri. Spinning DDT by Consuelo. Sanchez up. Consuelo with a flying headscissors takedown. Consuelo with a flying somersault splash. NO! Sanchez with a roll away.

Biff: Sanchez with belly to belly suplex. one. two. th. Kickout by Salyards. Sanchez dumps Salyards over the top rope to the floor. Sanchez follows and whips her into the ringpost and Salyards is busted wide open. Sanchez rolls back into the ring. Salyards rolls back in as well.

Ed: Sanchez puts Consuelo on the top turnbuckle and. superplex! Cover. one. two. Kickout by Consuelo. Backbreaker by Sanchez. cover. one. two. th. Kickout again. Cross corner whip and Sanchez with a handspring elbow. NO! Salyards moves out of the way.

Biff: Roll up by Salyards. one. two. thre. NO! Kickout by Sanchez. Salyards goes to the top. Sanchez to his feet and staggers into the corner and Salyards falls, straddling the turnbuckle. Sanchez tries for a superplex but Salyards with a throw off.

Ed: Salyards falls to the mat and gets to her feet. She goes for the Front Flipping Legdrop from the second rope but Sanchez with a roll away and cradle. one. two. three!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 19: 21. The Enforcer Adam Sanchez!

Ed: OH MY!!! Sanchez with an upset victory of sort.

Biff: Just wait a minute! That’s no upset. Sanchez is a former OWA Champion. Just cause he’s been gone, that don’t mean nothing. I predicted he would beat her and he did!

Ed: Non-title event only. Salyards is still the North American Champion.

Biff: Yeah but he should be getting the next shot at that belt.

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside.

Mariko vs. Crimson Scorpion

Announcer: This match is for pinfall or submission, with a 30 minute time limit. Coming down the aisle with giant Gustaffson. She weighs in at 167 pounds. This is Mariko! And her opponent. Accompanied by Diamond Brett Robbins, weighing in at 295 pounds. This is the Crimson Scorpion!

Ed: Mariko looking very intense for this one, Biff. She wants a little payback for her loss to the Scorpion in the Press Your Luck tourney.

Biff: I’ll put my money on the Scorpion to win again. Mariko’s looked flat to me lately. Well, as flat as a Femme can look, anyway. I mean, if Mariko’s costume were any tighter —

Ed: Biff! Get your mind out of the gutter for once, will you?

Biff: Just tellin’ it like it is!

Ed: There’s the bell — and Crimson Scorpion with a clothesline from behind! It knocks her into the turnbuckle hard. He’s backing up, taking a running start — Stinger Splash! He’s got Mariko on the ropes already!

Biff: Stupid twit shouldn’t a had her back turned! Now he’s choking away with one of his MP Inc. T-shirts! The ref counts up to four, and Scorp tosses the T-shirt to the crowd!

Ed: Mariko back to her feet, the Scorpion whips her into the ropes. She ducks a clothesline, rebounds. Shoulderblock! Scorp back to his feet, Mariko jumps and takes him over with a headscissors!

Biff: Scorp back up, and eats a dropkick. He backs away as Mariko drops into a stance. He doesn’t want to face that spinning crescent kick of Mariko’s this early!

Ed: They lock up again, and Scorpion with a knee to the midsection. He grabs her and tosses her through the ropes! She hits the apron and tumbles down to the floor!

Biff: NOW we’ll see some action! Scorp has the ref distracted while Diamond Brett Robbins sets her up on a table. Now Scorp with a running start, he jumps — somersault plancha down onto Mariko!

Ed: But the table didn’t break! That had to hurt!!!

Biff: Yeah, but Mariko still took the worst of it. He’s pulls her off, and slings her back into the ring. Cover — one, two, thr — kickout! He almost had her!

Ed: Almost is the operative word. She’s still in this match. Scorpion pulls her up, sets her up — piledriver! He really stuck her!

Biff: This is academic! For cryin’ out loud, just give him the match before he hurts the little girl!

Ed: It won’t be that easy, Biff. She kicks out of another cover, and now Scorp has her up — bodyslam! Now an elbowdrop, and he’s up and giving a double thumbs-up to Diamond Brett Robbins!

Biff: I tell ya, these MP Inc. guys can wrestle! And did you catch that Robbins chat on Prodigy the other night?

Ed: No, I think I was doing something more important, like scrubbing my bathtub. Scorpion slings Mariko into the corner, and hits her with a series of lefts and rights. Cross-corner whip, and Mariko hits HARD. He signals to the crowd, and takes a running start. Stinger Splash — NO!!! Mariko dodges, and Scorp tumbles over the buckle and down to the floor!

Biff: Big tactical mistake on his part! Diamond Brett over to help, and Mariko back to her feet. She takes a running start, HUGE LEAP — SHE CLEARS THE ROPES AND COMES DOWN ON BOTH OF THEM!!!

Ed: What an incredible move! Mariko with a furious look on her face, she pitches the Crimson Scorpion back into the ring, and heads for the top rope. Scorpion up he turns, she jumps! Bodypress — NO!!! He REVERSES it into a powerslam!!! Cover! One! Two! Three! NO!!! The ref says she got her shoulder up at the last second!!!

Biff: GREAT reaction from the Scorpion! He backs into the ropes and scores with a big kneedrop. He hooks the leg, one, two — another kickout. What does it take to keep her down?

Ed: I’m guessing that Mariko’s really determined to take this match to the limit. He’s yanking her up by the hair, backs her into the ropes. A big chop! Now another! One more!

Biff: Listen to those moron fans yell, WHOOO!!! What’s that all about?

Ed: Biff, if you don’t know by now. Scorp picks up Mariko, and puts her on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up, signals — OH MY GOD!!! He STICKS her with a top-rope inverted power bomb!!!

Biff: GOOD GRIEF!!! What a devastating move!!!

Ed: And Crimson giving the crowd a quick kata! He should be down on Mariko!!!

Biff: It won’t matter! She’s OUT!!!

Ed: Scorp now taking his time making the cover. One. two. three!!! No, her foot was on the rope! Crimson thinks he’s won, but the ref is waving it off!

Biff: She is the luckiest wrestler I’ve ever seen! Scorpion had her dead to rights!

Ed: Mariko’s held gold before, she’s tough! Scorpion is frustrated, but he turns and pulls Mariko back up. A scoop and a slam, now he’s headed for the top!!!

Biff: If he sticks this, it’s through! She’s in the middle of the ring!

Ed: He’s turned to face the crowd, making a throat-slitting motion! Now he jumps, moonsault —

Biff: NOBODY HOME!!! Mariko dodging aside at the last second!!!

Ed: Mariko getting her second wind, she’s pulling herself to stand! She’s got a furious look on her face!

Biff: Scorp might be in trouble! And she’s hitting him with a succession of chops and kicks to his body! A spinning thrust kick to his sternum sends him stumbling back into the ropes!

Ed: Mariko really bringing that martial arts experience to bear. She pulls him toward her, picks him up — MILITARY PRESS!!! People forget that Mariko is one of our stronger competitors, she’s holding a 295 pound man overhead like a sack of flour!

Biff: And a BIG slam back down! She pulls him into an inverted position, jumps — PILEDRIVER!!! That was reminiscent of the Made in America piledriver!!!

Ed: That was an excellent move, and Mariko firmly in control. She pulls him up, makes the sign, SPINNING CRESCENT KICK — he ducks! He goes for the Discus Punch — blocked! She jumps, spins, and NAILS THE SPINNING CRESCENT KICK!!!

Biff: SMACK!!! Scorp turns a 360 in mid-air, and lands on his back! You could hear the impact from that one in the risers!!!

Ed: Mariko not wasting any time! Cover. one. two. THREE!!! And Mariko evens the score with Scorpion at one fall apiece!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 27: 35. The Asian Assassin, Mariko!!!!

Ed: Let’s go to Myers Watterson with the Press Your Luck Report

Press Your Luck Report

Myers: Welcome to your Press Your Luck report. They’re dubbing it, Seven Deadly Sins. Press Your Luck will be held in Fresno California at the Selland Arena on June 29th.

The main event will be for the OWA Championship. Current champion Traci Lane will defend her title against the number one contender, The Disco Kid Freddy Fever.

Another match signed for Press Your Luck is being called The Seven Deadly Sins match. It’ll pit former-Femme Monica Brant against The Wild Child Wendy Ryker in a seven stipulations, best of seven falls match. Here’s how it’ll work. Monica Brant and Wendy Ryker will alternately pick six stipulation for the match and the OWA Commissioner will pick the seventh. That’s one stipulation for each fall. The first fall could be Coal Miner’s Glove match, a Hair vs. Hair match, a steel cage match. It makes no difference. The first person to win four falls will be declared the winner.

An Internet Title match has been signed. Champion Consuelo Salyards will be taking on Executioner in a best 2 of three falls. Home Court Advantage rules. More on that next week.

Now, the thrust of Press Your Luck is the Press Your Luck tournament. Here is how this tournament works:

16 names are put into a barrel. The barrel is rolled, and then two names are taken from the barrel and put into a second barrel. Those names will not be revealed. The names in the second barrel are for those advancing to the second round. Then, two more names are drawn and announced. Those two will wrestle. The loser is out of the tournament. The winner will then flip a coin. If the coin lands on heads, then the wrestler is advanced to round two, and two more names are drawn. If the coin is tails, then an another name is drawn as an opponent for the winning party and they’ll have to wrestle a second first round match. There is no limit on how many times you can wrestle in a single round. If a person is unlucky enough, they could wrestle 15 matches in the first round. Of course, if they were to do that, they’d win the tournament. Once all wrestlers names have been drawn, then we advance to round two.

Again, two names will be drawn and set aside, advancing to the next round. And we continue as we did in round one. When all names are drawn, we continue the process, without setting aside names in each round after the second. When there is only one person left in the tournament, then they will be declared the winner.

The winner of the tournament automatically goes to the main event in our August PPV to face the OWA Champion.

Asian Invasion, Taleis, Big Russ Gator, Crimson Scorpion and Diamond Brett Robbins have already advanced. Tonight, Billy Smith will battle Davey Scott in another qualifying match. Tuesday, Wolfgang Von Richter takes on. Nazghul, and on Thursday, Pretty Boy Monty takes on Harvard Earl. Winners advance, losers do not.

That’s all for the Press Your Luck report this week. I’ll be back next week with more info on the card.

PYL Qualifier: Billy Smith vs. Davey Scott

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is a Press Your Luck qualifying matchup. First. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 275 pounds. Here is Billy Smith!! And his opponent. Coming down the aisle, hailing from Flagstaff, Arizona. Weight 280 pounds. It is Davey Scott!

Waiting around, he is not showing. Billy Smith is still waiting.]

Ed: Well, I think this match will be one for the record books. Two men, who have been dying to get at each other, get to do so tonight. Also, this is a Press Your Luck qualifier match, meaning the winner of this bout advances to Press Your Luck in June.

Biff: Big deal. These two don’t care about that. What they care about is beating the hell out of each other. And I personally think Billy Smith is going to each Davey Scott a lesson hell never forget. He can change his name, but like Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name, still smells as sweet. And after tonight, Davey Scott by any other name, is still a loser.

Still no Davey Scott]

Ed: It appears Davey is making a no-show tonight.

Biff: Hahahaha. Yea. He is AFRAID of what Billy Smith will do to him tonight!

Ed: I can’t imagine Davey giving up a chance at an OWA Title Shot. This very we’ll may be. Wait. What this?

With Billy turned the towards the wall, Davey comes from the opposite side, crowd is popping, Davey jumps over the guard rail, jumps on to the ring, jumps onto the top rope, and flies off giving Billy Smith a flying clothesline from the top rope. Billy rolls out and Davey, already dressed for the match jumps around and stomps while fireworks fly off.]

Ed: Billy walking around the outside. Then finally gets back into the ring. Billy and Davey lock up. Billy catches Scott in a Northern Lights suplex. James Beard counts: One, two, kickout by Scott.

Biff: Smart move by Smith. Scott is going down tonight. Smith goes for a piledriver, but Scott counters with a backdrop. Davey takes him down with a backbreaker. Scott goes out and mingles with the crowd, then returns to the ring. Who does he think he is? One of the Femmes? He’s here to wrestle, not to flirt.

Ed: Davey Scott executes an earringer. Billy Smith runs into the ropes, causing Scott to miss with a shoulderblock. Billy Smith nails Davey with a faceslam.

Biff: The girls ain’t gonna think he’s so hot now. Smith goes for a Frankensteiner, but Davey Scott counters it with a power bomb. James Beard counts: One, two, kickout.

Ed: Scott goes out and mingles with the crowd, then returns to the ring. The ref oughta count him out for that. Scott whips Billy into the ropes, but Billy reverses it. Billy goes for a bodyslam, but Scott blocks it. Scott goes for a punch, but Billy reverses it. Looks good on Scott, too. How’d that feel, Renegade boy?

Ed: Scott nails him with a Frankensteiner from the top rope. Scott whips Billy into the ropes, but he reverses it. Smith just sent Scott crashing into James Beard, who flies through the ropes.

Biff: You know Smith has that planned. He wants to make Scott suffer. Billy with Scott in a belly-to-belly suplex. The ref is still out. Billy goes for a backslide, but Scott reverses it. And the ref is still out, unable to count.

Ed: Scott nails him with a bulldog headlock. Scott going for the pin, but James Beard is still out. Smith kicks out, just as the ref climbs back into the ring. Scott whips Billy into the ropes, but Billy with a reversal.

Biff: Way to go, Smith. Billy hits Scott with a shoulder. Billy hops out of the ring. He returns with a fire extinguisher. Seems he is tired of Scott thinking he is so hot, and plans to cool him off. Billy hits him with the fire extinguisher. Nice shot.

Ed: The ref didn’t see it, and that’s lucky for Billy Smith. Smith takes him down with a jumping DDT, and goes for the pin. One. two. Kickout by Scott. Scott with a roundhouse right, and he runs to the ropes.

Biff: Billy stops Scott’s charge with a kick. Smith whips Davey into the ropes, clothes….missed! Billy tries again, and nails Davey Scott with a bulldog. Scott nails Billy with a clothesline.

Ed: Billy Smith leaves the ring, and reaches for a nightstick. Smith tries to club Davey Scott with the stick, but Scott avoids it, and grabs the stick from Billy. Davey smacking Billy Smith over the head with the nightstick.

Biff: That’s cheating! Disqualify him, Ref! Scott gets Billy in a figure-four, but lets go after only 11 seconds. Billy runs into the ropes, and Scott drops him again with a bulldog.

Ed: Scott with a crucifix. The ref is counting. One. That’s it. Smith kicks out. Smith turns around and levels Scott with a Doctor Bomb. It’s good for 2, but not enough to secure a victory.

Biff: It will be, you watch. Scott setting up Billy on the turnbuckle. Davey with a belly-to-back superplex, but Billy just shrugs it off! Scott signaling for the Spinning Piledriver….and Smith with a jack-knife powerbomb! He’s too smart to allow Scott to get the piledriver on him.

Ed: Billy Smith going for the pin. one, two, thr. Scott kicks out. Scott gets out of the ring again, mingling with the crowd. Smith grabs Davey on his way back in, and whips him into the ropes.

Biff: Billy goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but he can’t get it. Smith with spinning headscissors, followed immediately by a cradle. One, two. Shoulder up. Scott off the ropes, and floors Billy with a clothesline. Scott sets up Billy again for the Spinning Piledriver, but Billy counters with a powerbomb.

Ed: Davey Scott off the ropes, and a flying clothesline. That’s good for a two count, but Smith makes it to the ropes before the third count. Scott whips Billy into the ropes, and a low blow! Scott sets Billy up. Spinning Piledriver! Smith tries to put Davey into the ropes, but Scott with a clothesline, sending Billy crashing to the outside of the ring.

Biff: The ref begins counting: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! I don’t believe it! Davey Scott wins by count-out! NO! It can’t be!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 22: 43, advancing to Press Your Luck. Davey Scott!

Ed: Davey Scott beats Billy Smith and advances to Press Your Luck.

Biff: I still can’t believe that. 9 out of 10 times, Billy Smith can make Davey Scott eat his lunch!

Ed: Well, if that’s the case, then this is the one time that Scott got the better of Smith. Up next we have the Submission match between Anthony Hazard and Shogun.

Biff: This one should be a good match. On one hand you have a man with the status of Shogun. He is one of the greatest legends in the OWA. On the other hand you have Anthony Hazard. He calls himself the “legend” and he does have quite a history to back it up, but you can’t be a legend and manage someone like Ricky Hype.

Ed: I don’t know about that Biff. I could accuse someone of the same mistake when they took on managing you.


Ed: Let’s go up to the ring announcer for the introductions.

Shogun vs. Anthony Hazard

Ring Announcer: Introducing first. Accompanied to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty, here is former OWA TV champion, Shogun! His opponent.

Ricky Hype makes his way down to the ring shaking hands and posing for photos as the fans pat him on the back. He is wearing a black leather jacket, on the back in silver and green glitter it reads “The ELITE RULES!” Hype climbs up and enters the ring. Spinning around he showboats doing the Hype shuffle before taking the ring mic.]

Ricky “the SHOW” Hype: I came tonight thinking there was going to be a great match. Then I found out that it wasn’t “the SHOW” wrestling, only the boring Shogun. I’ll have to take Anthony out to a chess match for some excitement after “Nogun” submits to Anthony’s new move, “the Legend Lock”.

camera shows a bunch of little kids dressed in play tuxedos, ala Ricky Hype, posing and trying to perfect their version of the Hype shuffle]

Ricky “the SHOW” Hype: The Elite have been one of the greatest stables ever in the OWA, but they have been missing something for a long time. From now on, the ELITE will be in the limelight. I’ll make sure of that! The Elite are NOW! And will be! The main attraction in the OWA from here on out. Get ready, the Elite are entering a new chapter, the HYPELIFE!

Hype climbs out of the ring and passes by the announcer’s table shaking hands with Ed, then pulling out some white tablets, he drops them into Biff’s water glass and walks away smiling as Biff’s water bubbles over, the Alka Seltzer working its magic]

Biff: HEY! Why you.

Announcer: From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame city, Cleveland Ohio and weighing in at 207 pounds. Here is former multiple Champion, Anthony Hazard.]

The crowd explodes in cheer as “Rock and Roll All Nite” by KISS blares out from the PA system. Near the entrance way, massive pyrotechnics erupt in a blinding blaze of light and sound. Then, with one last explosion, a gigantic word begins to take form as flames engulf the area just above the entrance. When the music reaches its pinnacle, and the flames reach their peak to spell out the word “HAZARD”, Anthony Hazard walks out of the entrance way. He is wearing an “Elite” leather jacket and new black and deep blue wrestling tights, with, in red lettering, the word “Hazard” running down each leg. “The Czar of Wrestling”, Sir Goodwin, is close behind, he is wearing an “Elite” leather jacket as we’ll and a Ricky “The SHOW” Hype shirt underneath.]

The crowd erupts in cheer]

Anthony makes his way towards the ring shaking few hands and giving few high fives. As he gets to the ring, he turns and walks over to the commentators table as Sir Goodwin enters the ring. With a chuckle and a laugh, Anthony jumps into the ring, spins around once as more pyrotechnics explode above the ring, then removes his “Elite” jacket to reveal, also in red lettering, the words “The Legend” on the back of his new outfit.]

Ed: There’s the bell and we have a lock up. Hazard pushes Shogun into the ropes and a whip by Hazard. Both men take the other down with a clothesline! Hazard gets back to his feet first. A fist to the midsection and Hazard follows that up with a powerslam! Hazard going with the power moves early on.

Biff: Hazard with a Russian legsweep and he slaps on a cobra clutch. Shogun gets to the ropes quickly after that. He used his ring smarts and knew his ring positioning well. Hazard takes Shogun down with a clothesline. Hazard goes up top and hits a flying kneedrop!

Ed: Dangerous move if Hazard had missed that. He could have made his knee tender for a figure-four leglock. Speaking of figure-fours, Hazard with another submission move in the form of a figure-four sleeper. Shogun gets to the ropes quickly again. Shogun has yet to mount an offense in this match.

Biff: Hazard goes up top and he comes off the buckle with an elbowdrop, but Shogun rolls right out of the way! It’s Shogun’s turn now to pour on the offense. He goes up top. A flying karate chop! He follows it up with a Japanese armdrag takedown. Hazard is whipped into the ropes and Shogun with a thrust kick to the head, but Hazard ducks under it. Hazard comes back with a clothesline!

Ed: Shogun was sent out of the ring with that clothesline! Hazard follows him out and since this is a submission match there are no count outs that can happen. Hazard with the Reverse Power Slam on the concrete floor! Shogun wasn’t expecting that!

Biff: Shogun will bounce back. It’s a lot easier for him to hit the Palm Blow. Hazard whips Shogun into the guardrail. Now it’s Shogun going into the ringside steps and Hazard giving the sign for the Reverse Power Slam. That may not be a smart move to telegraph it.

Ed: Hazard goes for the Reverse Power Slam, but Shogun was ready. He counters with a nasty backdrop driver. Shogun follows it up with a double underhook power bomb.

Biff: It looked more like a tiger driver to me Ed.

Ed: They’re both one in the same move Biff. I’d assume that since you were a wrestler you would’ve known that. Shogun goes for a power bomb, but Hazard backdrops him over. Hazard clamps on a sleeperhold. I don’t know if Hazard can make Shogun submit on the outside of the ring.

Biff: You never know until you try Ed.

Ed: The OWA’s very own Biff Franklin and his expertise in color commentating.

Biff: Shogun grabs hold of Hazard’s head. He breaks that sleeperhold with a jawbreaker. Shogun with a whip into the guardrail on Hazard now. Shogun sets up for the Palm Blow! Hazard comes teetering back and Shogun goes to hit, but Hazard sees it coming and ducks under it!

Ed: Hazard with a fist to the midsection and doubles Shogun over! Hazard with a powerslam on the floor and he throws Shogun back into the ring. The match goes back to the inside finally. Here comes Hazard, but Shogun is up to a vertical base to meet him. Shogun with a jumping side kick. He follows it up with a Yakuza kick!

Biff: Shogun is the master of martial arts. Shogun floors Hazard with another Yakuza kick and goes up top. A flying karate chop again! Power bomb by Shogun and he goes for a headscissors submission, but Hazard blocks it! Both men get back to a vertical base and Shogun slaps the taste right out of Hazard’s mouth!

Ed: Shogun follows it up with a diving headbutt and he slaps on an octopus hold. He’s got on that modified abdominal stretch made famous in Japan.

Biff: So then it’d be my guess that Shogun uses the octopus hold for that reason.

Ed: My point exactly Biff. It took you a little long to catch on there.

Biff: Wha….HEY!

Ed: Hazard finally reaches to the ropes and the ref calls for the break. Hazard’s side has to be hurting as we’ll as his neck after that painful hold. Shogun runs into the ropes and Hazard takes him over with a powerslam! Hazard out of nowhere with that powerslam and he follows it up with a belly-to-belly suplex!

Biff: Hazard goes up top and comes off with another elbowdrop, but again! No one is home as Shogun rolls right out of the way. Shogun with a Japanese armdrag takedown and follows it up with a power bomb! He just sent Hazard right through the mat with that one! Shogun pulls Hazard back up to a vertical base and nails him with a punch.

Ed: Shogun puts on a side headlock and goes for a headlock takedown. No! Hazard counters with a back suplex and he follows it up with the Reverse Power Slam! Both men are down. Hazard is getting back to his feet first and he’s up. Hazard with a belly-to-belly suplex and he cinches in a sleeperhold. The ref checks the arm of Shogun. It falls once. He checks again. It falls for a second time. He checks it for the third time and it falls! Hazard has won the match.

Biff: What the? Shogun never submitted. What the hell is going on here?

Ring Announcer: The winner is Anthony Hazard in a time of 16: 23.

Freddy Fever

Inside an old warehouse, sound of grunting and groaning is heard. The camera follows a hallway to a wide open space. Freddy Fever is locked up with a sparring partner in the center of the ring. Irish whip by Freddy, and *BAM* nails the DiscoKick (modified Superkick to the side of the head) and the sparring partner slumps to the mat. Freddy takes a towel and wipes his face and looks at the camera.]

Freddy: Traci Lane. You just make sure to keep that belt until Press Your Luck. Freddy Fever is back and the DiscoKick is back as we’ll and at Press Your Luck, I will once again be the OWA Champion. Make no mistakes about that. Anthony Hazard, the self-professed legend, I still have something for you. Anytime, anywhere, let’s see who truly is the legend in the OWA.

The sparring partner slowly gets to his feet and Fever snaps him with another DiscoKick for good measure as the camera fades.]

OWA TV Championship: Virgo vs. Miguel Thunder

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the OWA TV Championship. First, the challenger. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 230 pounds. This is Miguel Thunder! And his opponent is the OWA TV champion, weighing in at 275 pounds. This is Virgo!

Ed: Here we go. Lock up and Virgo backs Thunder into a corner and blatant low blow. The referee is admonishing Virgo.

Biff: Virgo pushing the referee and stepping back in and nails Thunder with another low blow and the referee is getting ticked off. Miguel Thunder is in a hell of a lot of pain right now.

Ed: Virgo shoves down the referee and stomps away on Thunder as the referee calls for the bell. Now what?

Biff: Executioner is coming down to ringside and climbing into the ring. He’s getting into Virgo’s face. Virgo with a small shove. Executioner with a shove of his own.

Announcer: Winner of the match as a result of a disqualification. Miguel Thunder. Virgo retains the TV Championship.

Ed: We are completely out of time. A word of warning from Executioner and he turns and exits the ring.

Biff: Well, I guess Virgo and the Crew at odds still after Virgo dumped them.

Ed: I guess so. We’ll be back again next week with more action. For the whole OWA broadcast crew, we’ll see you next week.

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