The war between the ICWF and the OWA continue as Stevie Cheesecake chooses a side; Amazon Woman reveals her secret; OWA TV Champion Mike Mustang defends against Sabin Figaro; OWA Champion Rachel Ryan defends her title against stablemate Traci Lane

Previously on OWA Championship Wrestling

Amazon – who gives a little smile: Well, Stevie.. you know I’ve been known as a loner for quite some time… always doing things my own way.. and on my own.. Never depended on anyone. Being on my own has brought me to the TV title, the OWA Title and now the InterNet title… but.. something was always missing… and I think I know what it is. 

Stevie – looks confused: Okay.. what is it then?

Amazon: I.. I.. I think I’m in love… .

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. We are going to have the announcement from Amazon Woman this week on who she has.. fallen in love with, plus we have footage of her encounter with the ICWF’s InterContinental Champion Arlechino… I am especially looking forward to that announcement and footage. We’ve got quite a few great matches this week including for the OWA Championship.. femme vs. femme… Rachel Ryan to defend against Traci Lane. Sabin Figaro gets a crack at the OWA TV Championship, plus much much more.. for now, let’s go down to ringside and our first match.

Stevie: Don’t I get to say anything…

Ed: I don’t think so…

Amazon Woman

Amazon Woman storms up to the podium and grabs Ed by the shirt.]

Amazon: You know.. I wanna see that footage now… .

Stevie tries not to laugh… ]

Ed: Well.. alright.. I’ll have them cue it up…

Amazon Women drops Ed and throws down two belts on the counter.. one is the familiar North American Championship.. the other is the ICWF’s InterContinental Championship.]

Amazon: Fine.. let me tell you something.. I walked over to the ICWF.. slapped around their so-called champion and came back with this. (she points to the IC belt). It was like taking candy from a child. Is that footage ready yet?

Ed: Umm.. yes.. let’s go to that footage now…

Last Week on ICWF Wrestling

[Major crowd poporama. Arlechino walks over to each corner of the interview area, pumping up the crowd. Unnoticed by him, or Sam, Amazon Woman comes out from the locker room. She rushes the interview area and clotheslines the champ from behind. Sam heads for higher ground as Amazon stomps on the champ. Ar rolls to the arena floor, and Amazon takes the opportunity to hit him with a double axehandle.]

Jessie: What is this! I thought Amazon Woman had left the building!

Chad: Yeow! I told you so. Amazon’s here to chew gum and kick butt. And it looks like she’s all out of gum!

Lisa: Amazon attacking Arlechino on the area floor, slamming him into the guard rail. And now she’s got the IC belt!! And she nails him in the face with it! And again! Arlechino stumbling around… Amazon lines him up… and a clothesline with the IC belt!! Arlechino goes down, blood squirting from his face!

Jessie: Amazon with her foot on the downed champ’s chest!

Bob: How arrogant! She’s flexing and posing for the crowd!

Jessie: And the crowd’s letting her have it, That’s for sure. We’ve got officials coming from the locker room… they’re telling Amazon to give the belt back. Amazon shoving them out of her way!!

Chad: Now, there’s a woman with guts! She wants his belt, too!!!

Jessie: They’ve got the paramedics out to help with Arlechino, and Amazon walking off with the belt! Folks, this situation has gotten out of hand. We’ll see you after these messages.

Amazon: (laughs) What can I say.. I am the champion in the OWA and in all of pro wrestling. Having these two belts in my possession prove it.

The OWA Commissioner walks onto the set… Amazon Woman protectively retrieves the belts.]

Commissioner: Amazon Woman.. I do not condone what happened during the last ICWF broadcast.. you were there representing the OWA and you made a mockery of the working relationship we have with that company. The ICWF president has demanded the return of that InterContinental Championship and I have to agree.. so if you will please.. hand over that championship.

Amazon: Hell no.. I worked for this belt and I’m going to keep it until someone comes and takes it away from me. You and the ICWF president can kiss my ass.

Amazon Woman storms off the set with both belts.]

Commissioner: I’m making this very clear.. if she doesn’t turn in that belt within the next seven days, I will not only strip her of the North American Championship.. I will suspend her from this wrestling organization.

OWA Championship: Rachel Ryan vs. Traci Lane

The match goes back and forth very evenly and very sportpersonlike.. no cheap shot.. very scientific… the match does spill to the outside a couple times, but no major bumps.. at the 25 min mark, Traci Lane tries for the Gorilla Press Piledriver, but Ryan moves her off balances and comes down with a cradle to get the pinfall. The women shake hands and hug after the match.]

Winner of the match and still OWA Champion, Rachel Ryan: Time of the match is 25: 30

WildShadow vs. Barry Horoscope (From ICWF)

Let’s go to this footage courtesy of the ICWF of WildShadow’s debut…  

Announcer: First coming down to ringside, the master of the future: Barry Horoscope!

Barry walks up to a camera before entering the ring]

Barry: Today’s horoscope says: I’ll win and Wildshadow will lose!

One or two fans cheer.]

Announcer: And now, coming down the aisle, the former assassin.. Wildshadow!

Crowd boos the roof off, Wildshadow walks down to the ring arguing with the fans the entire way. A camera man gets a little too close to Wildshadow, and he says “get that thing outta my face!” and shoves him over. He enters the ring and the bell rings.]

Jessie: Barry Horoscope takes charge immediatly with a flying dropkick, he attempts to nail Wildshadow with a flying cross body press, but Wildshadow spins it over into a power slam. Wildshadow pulls Barry off he mat by the neck and throws him over the top rope!

Bob: I say! These OWA competitors are nothing but bruisers and cheap-shot artists! Don’t any of them know the meaning of sportsmanship?

Chad: You yokel! They’re just doing what they’ve gotta do to win–just like my girls do!

Lisa: The OWA has a great many honorable competitors, Bob. They just haven’t elected to wrestle here in the ICWF just yet.

Jessie: Wildshadow goes through the ropes and finds a chair, he’s about to smack Horoscope with it–and Donna Quinn yanks it away! He’s in her face, and she’s not backing down!

Quinn: Leave the furniture where it is or I’ll disqualify you! Now get the match back in the ring!

Jessie: Wildshadow doesn’t seem to like it, but he knows what an accomplished wrestler Quinn is and doesn’t test her. Wildshadow goes back to Horoscope, sets him up–and piledrives him to the floor before Quinn can stop him! She’s infuriated, but Wildshadow ignores her as he tosses Horoscope into the ring and follows him in.

Chad: Come on, finish this loser off!

Bob: Barry Horoscope struggles to his feet and Wildshadow nails him with the Spin Kick! Wow, he really made contact with that!

Jessie: Wildshadow pins Barry Horoscope and gets the three-count. Barry appears to be in terrible pain, and it looks like Wildshadow wants to lay into him some more–Quinn just shoved him back! He’s considering testing her… .

Lisa: Not a wise idea. Quinn’s both a two-time NCAA amateur champion, and has also compiled a fantastic record as a pro wrestler. I don’t think WildShadow’s looking for a fair fight.

Jessie: Apparently not, as he offers a threat and then leaves the ring. Danny Lopez has the interview.

As Wildshadow walks to the interview area, he argues and taunts the fans the entire way.]

Danny: Wildshadow, that was quite a match.

Wildshadow: [Yelling to the crowd: HEY, IF EVERYONE WILL SHUT UP, I’LL TALK! Now.. I’ve come to the ICWF to support the idea of cooperation between the two feds, the OWA and the ICWF. But I don’t see how it’s worth my time. The ICWF is a league of wimps and losers. What can a place like this offer a man of my talents?

Danny: Hey, don’t go off so soon.. don’t you have any plans for your stay in the ICWF?

Wildshadow: Look… I know Barry Horoscope is just a rookie. But he is a fine athlete and I almost killed him. I’d hate to see what would happen to anyone else in this leauge of jobbers. The OWA is where it’s at, thats probably why the ICWF wrestlers are so desperate to do a joint show, it’s a weak attempt on their part to try and prove that they’re not the losers that they really are! So I don’t think that I’ll be staying here long anyway.

Danny: Oh, so That’s why you backed down from referee Donna Quinn after the match.

Wildshadow: Hey! I just did that to keep from getting DQed after my win. I can take any ICWF wrestler you care to name, any time!

Danny: Well… what about… .

Wildshadow: No more questions, man–I’m outta here!

Crowd boos the roof off as Wildshadow leaves.]

Johnny Blades vs. Asian Invasion

{{{This match goes for about 15 minutes.. neither man getting much of an advantage, though there is a lot of time spent on the outside of the ring. The match ends when Asian Invasion nails Blades with a cross body block for the pinfall}}}

Winner of the match: Asian Invasion. Match Time: 18: 34

OWA TV Championship: Mike Mustang vs. Sabin Figaro

{{{This match goes only about 5 minutes.. Sabin Figaro gets the upperhand and gets a bit overconfident.. he goes for a figure four, but Mustang cradles him for a quick pinfall}}}

Winner of the match and still OWA TV Champion: Mike Mustang. Match time: 6: 01

Crazy Eights Update

Myers: This is your Crazy Eights Update. We have name of ICWF superstars ready to be announced.. before that… there will be some single matches assigned for this event and one we know of for sure is Nabiki Yen taking on her former tag team partner Prince Frederick.

Now.. let’s get to the battle royals.

First we know that Battle Royal number one will feature these OWA Superstars: Intimidator, Traci Lane, Johnny Stallion, and Johnny Blades, we now know that the ICWF superstars for this match will be… Denise Duncan, Rob Foster, Fenris, and Kelly Kandelski

Battle Royal number two will feature these OWA Superstars: OWA’s North American Champion Amazon Woman, JetStream, Colt, and Monica Brant, plus these four ICWF superstars: Cerebus, Lace, Arlechino and a mystery partner.

Battle Royal number three, the OWA will be using, Gustaffson, Anthony Hazard, Stacks Coltrain and OWA TV Champion Mike Mustang and representing the ICWF: Kevin Taylor, Jennifer Sanders, Caray Zents, and Spanish Rose. And for Battle Royal number four, it’ll be Sabin Figaro, Scott Cobalt, Executioner and Stealth V and from the ICWF: Soultaker, Stewart Zents, Python Princess, and Justice.

Now.. two more battle royals to announce. Battle Royal number five will have: Pretty Boy Monty, Mariko, Danny Maxx and Masked Mayhem and from the ICWF: Gretchen Gwynne, Taskmaster, Ray Fisher and Randi.

Battle Royal number six will have WildShadow, Prince Frederick, The Shocker and Mr. Excitement. They’ll be joined by Deborah Duncan, Vision in Violet, Leather, and Tanya Mankiller

Next week we should have more names announced into this battle royal fest. Let’s get back to the action with Ed and Stevie.

Prince Frederick vs. Monica Brant

{This match starts off very slowly due to the regal Frederick’s stalling tactics. Once the match begins, there is a back and forth match for about 15 minutes. At the 15 minute mark, the Prince misses a superkick, accidently nailing the referee, knocking him out of the ring. Gustaffson goes to check on the fallen ref. Brant misses a clothesline, and Frederick nails her with his finisher, the brainbuster. He covers, but the ref is still out. WildShadow enters the ring and nails Frederick with a spin kick, then pulls Brant over to cover him. Gustaffson has finally revived the ref and the ref makes the one, two, three. At this point, Brant and Gustaffson leave the ringside area as WildShadow attacks Frederick, when flying out of the locker room comes Amazon Woman who nails WildShadow from behind with a clothesline then begins to pummel him. She throws him out of the ring and then goes over to attend to Frederick. She lies his head in her lap and tries to wake him up gently.}

Ed: What the heck is going on here?

Stevie: Hahaha.. I think we are seeing who Amazon has feelings for..

Ed: Shelly Marks is on her way to ringside…

Shelly: I’m here with Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick…

Amazon – still holding Frederick, trying to revive him: Freddy… Freddy.. wake up…

Shelly: Can we get a few words from you Amazon…

Amazon continues to ignore Stevie while attending to Frederick… he finally begins to stir and opens his eyes to look up and see Amazon Woman.. he quickly jumps up and holds up his fists defensively.]

Shelly: Hold up, Prince.. if you’ll take a look at that monitor you’ll see what happened…

The replay is shown and Frederick looks rather confused… he walks over to Amazon Woman and whispers something into her ear and she smiles as they walk arm and arm out of the ring, leaving Shelly scratching her head in the ring.

[Scenes show Shocker’s victory over Pretty Boy Monty at Press Your Luck.]

Announcer: This victory earn him a shot at the North American Championship.

Scene show Amazon Woman defeated JetStream for the North American Championship.]

Announcer: This victory earned her the North American Championship… and next week they collide.. as Amazon Woman defends her North American Championship against The Shocker… on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Executioner vs. Stealth V.

This match is pretty much dominated by Executioner who goes all out.. he breaks every rule in the book.. he mocks Stealth V by throwing him over the top rope several times (mocking the battle royal from Press Your Luck) and pounds Stealth V. Stevie Cheesecake leaves the announcer’s position before the match is over. Stealth V makes a comeback and rocks Executioner, but it’s Executioner with a hand full of trunks who gets the pinfall.]

Winner of the match: Executioner. Match Time 12: 43

Stevie’s Wonderland: Monica Brant

Stevie: Thanks and welcome to this edition of Stevie’s Wonderland.. my guest at this time is Monica Brant, she was victorious in her match, though there were outside situations. Monica welcome to our show…

Monica: Thanks Stevie.. I..

Stevie: I’m sure you’re honored to be here of course.. now.. Crazy Eights is coming up.. it’ll be the OWA and ICWF wrestlers competing in multiple battle royals. How do you feel about the fact that you will be in there with ICWF wrestlers?

Monica: I think it will be..

Stevie: I mean.. if you take a good look.. they are superior athletes.. they can dish out a lot of punishment and take it as well.. I mean.. no one can compare to an ICWF superstar…

Monica looking rather upset, decides she wants no part of this interview and begins to walk off… from behind Stevie clothesline her hard… he picks her up and gives her a piledriver.. he stands over her and removes his OWA T-shirt revealing an ICWF T-shirt underneath… he straddles her and sits down on her stomach facing her and leans over giving her a little kiss… he stands and takes the microphone.]

Stevie: That’s right.. I’m outta here.. you OWAers can go to hell…

Stevie laughs.: Monica.. you are a poor first date…

Stevie walks out of the ring as the show goes off the air.]

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