Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick team up for the first time; another defection in the war between the ICWF and the OWA; Mariko gets her first championship match against TV Champion Mike Mustang

Previously on OWA Championship Wrestling

Ed: He obviously signed a contract for it. remember, Larry and Shogun used to be tag team partners until Brown turned on Shogun. Hold on. the bell is ringing.

Announcer: The winner of this match, due to forfeit is Shogun.

Shogun grabs the mic: I know you’re here Larry Brown.

Shogun throws down the mic and heads for the locker room.]

in the locker room where Shogun and Larry Brown were settling their differences]


Shelly Marks: Shogun, would you be able to make a comment on what just happen.

Shogun wiping the blood off himself turns and says)

Shogun: I sure can! Let’s just say the problems between me and that LOSER Larry Brown are over and done with. That freak had it coming to him!!

Marks: I know he turned on you and all, but you did not have cripple him. I mean the poor guy will be out of wrestling the rest of life.

Shogun: I couldn’t care less!!! I made an example him to teach the rest of the OWA wrestlers, That’s what happens to any fool who decides to turn on me. When I make a partnership with someone I’m 100% loyal to them and I expect the same in return.

Marks: Shogun you have anything to say on the up and coming Crazy Eights?

Shogun: Yeah, I just wish I could of been in battle royale 7 instead of 8. That way I would of been able to kick Asian Invasion ass all over the ring. We all know there’s only one true Japanese Martial Arts Expert in the OWA and That’s the MIGHTY SHOGUN!!!! Don’t you ever forget that Asian Invasion. Because if you do every time you get in ring with me I’ll make you remember punk!!!

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling and thanks for joining us this week. I’m Ed Bagel and this is my colleague, “The Voice” Biff Franklin. News from the Larry Brown camp is that he will NOT be back in the OWA any time soon. Those words you heard from Shogun, issuing a challenge to Asian Sensation, were recorded immediately following last week’s incident.

Biff: This week we have an OWA TV Title defense as Mike Mustang takes on Mariko. we also have a number one contenders match for the InterNet belt, now being held by The Shocker, who defeated Amazon Woman last week. Stacks Coltrain and JetStream will be going at it, to see who will be taking on the Shocker in the near future.

Ed: Speaking of Amazon Woman, she’ll be teaming up with Prince Frederick this week to take on the OWA Tag Team Champions, The Extremists. This will be a non title match. Let’s go down to ringside for our first match!

Stealth V. vs. Asian Invasion

Ed: Stealth V attacks before the bell. flying headscissors by Stealth. Invasion misses with a kick, as Stealth hits with an uppercut. abdominal stretch by Stealth, but Invasion uses a hip toss to get out. dropkick by Invasion, then a chop. Stealth misses with a clothesline and nails the ref.

Biff: Ouch. the ref is out. Asian Invasion with a bridging back suplex. no count. no ref. Invasion with a cradle and again no ref to count. Invasion throws Stealth out of the ring, then follows him out. Stealth nails him with a shot to the midsection then whips Invasion into the guardrailing.

Ed: Stealth is on a comeback here. he whips Invasion into the steel ring post. he rolls Invasion back into the ring. Stealth with a whip. reversal by Invasion. Stealth comes off the ropes with a crucifix. one. two. three!!!

Winner of the match, Stealth V. Time of match: 9: 31

Mike Mustang

Scene opens to Mike Mustang sitting behind the wheel of his 1997 Lamborghini – camera pans down to the speedometer to show that the needle is buried well above the 230 mph mark – camera then pans back up to Mustang as the huge man begins to speak.]

Mike Mustang: Mariko, as you can tell I like fast things.look at my career. I haven’t been here in the OWA very long and I already have the gold.look at my matches – FAST! most of them last under 5 minutes. And Baby, I like my women like I like everything else, so I am prepared to make you this offer. Forfiet your match to me and become my valet. You will have everything – well everything except for MY T.V. Title.I mean all you would have to do is escort me to ringside and look pretty and maybe a little laundry and such.sweet deal isn’t it?

car stops at a trendy nightclub, Mustang gets out of his car and goes in pans the crowd and stops at a table where Johnny Stallion is sitting surrounded by beautiful women]

Mustang: If you decide not to Mariko. there are hundreds in line to take your place to be with ME the Televisoin Champion.

Mustang sits at the table with his Tag Team partner and the lovely ladies]

And Mariko if you decide to step in the ring with me then I want you to know that I will make you regret the day that you decided to compete in a MAN’S sport. My prediction for this match is less than 3 minutes and I see you leaving on a stretcher afterwards. So Mariko think long and hard about my offer, no better yet think about your future! I’m Outta Here!!!!

scene of Mustang being swarmed by women fades]

Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades vs. Prince Frederick/Amazon Woman

Ed: Here we go. the champions are in the ring. here comes Amazon and Frederick. arm in arm. Amazon holds the ropes open for Frederick.

Biff: His Highness, you mean.

Ed: Umm. right. look like Amazon Woman will start out with Danny Maxx. lockup. nope. choke by Maxx. and body slam. he tags out to Blades quickly. Blades with a sunset flip, but Amazon kicks out before the count even starts. she nails Blades with a dropkick. She tags out to Frederick. Frederick taunts Blades, and from behind. Amazon nails him in the back of the head with a forearm smash.

Biff: Frederick capitalizes with a waistlock suplex. Blades goes over to make the tag to Maxx. Lock up. facerake by the Prince. Single leg take down into a spinning toe hold by Frederick. Maxx quickly makes it to the ropes. Frederick reaches over and tags out to Amazon Woman. Amazon drops and elbow on Maxx, then executes a powerslam. she tags Frederick back in.

Ed: Amazon whips Maxx and Frederick nails him with a flying clothesline. hotshot by Frederick. and Maxx rolls over to his corner to tag in Maxx. Frederick tags in Amazon Woman. Amazon misses a clothesline and Maxx nails her with a chop. sleeper by Blades. Amazon reaches the ropes. Blades nails her with an elbow smash. and applies a clawhold. Amazon again reaches the ropes.

Biff: Amazon Woman misses a drop kick and Blades quickly applies an abdominal stretch. hiptoss by Amazon gets her out of that situation. Blades tags out to Maxx. elbow shot by Maxx. and Tiger Suplex by Maxx. one. two. kickout by Amazon Woman. Maxx puts her in a bear hug. Amazon struggles and finally rakes the eyes for the break.

Ed: Johnny Blades climbs to the turnbuckle, but Prince Frederick runs in and pushes him off. Amazon Woman nails Maxx with a mule kick, sending Maxx into a Frederick clothesline. Frederick is scolded by the ref as he leaves the ring. Frederick hops down from the ring apron and attacks Blades. he whips him into the ring post.

Biff: In the ring, Maxx whips Amazon, who reverses it. Frederick trips Maxx who stumbles into Amazon Woman and a DDT. cover. one. two. three!!!

Winner of this non title match: Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick. Time of match: 35: 09

Scotty Cobalt

scene opens with Scott Cobalt relaxing in a hammock with cocktail in hand. He takes a sip of the cocktail and addresses the camera.]

Cobalt: Well the Thunder rolled in last week in my match but it just rolled back out as quick as a cheap Japanese car does to the mechanic. Life is getting boring here in OWA. It appears that I’m setting the standard for the best.

Cobalt stops, picks up his cocktail and takes another sip.]

Cobalt: Hopefully Crazy Eights will provide some exciting competition for me with some competitors from a decent league involved. I’m looking forward to it and I’m doing some extra training. Hey watch this set

Cobalt picks up his cocktail from a small table beside him takes a sip then puts it back down. He does this a few times and looks a little tired from the whole thing.]

Cobalt: Well I’d like to see some of you slobs better that.

wipes a bead of sweat from his brow with his palm.]

Cobalt: Who thinks they can do better than that? Who thinks they can better me in a match? Well here I am come and get me.

fade to black]

Anthony Hazard vs. WildShadow

Ed: Both men are in the ri. what’s this?? Johnny Fate has come to ringside.

Johnny grabs the mic]

Fate: WildShadow.not anymore! I want you in a match Shadow! Not an ordinary match anything goes match punk.”

Wildshadow blows off Fate as the bell rings]

Biff: Looks like Johnny’s staying to watch the match.

Ed: He’s NOT allowed to do that. Wildshadow misses with a flying forearm. Hazard applies a sleeperhold. WildShadow is trapped in the middle of the ring. he’s going out.

Biff: Is it over already? No. Hazard releases the hold and sets up. the Reverse Power Slam!! Cover. one. two. three.

Winner of the match, Anthony Hazard. Time of Match: 57 seconds.

Ed: Hazard leaves ringside. and Johnny jumps into the ring. he’s attacking WildShadow. We have got to get order restored. Johnny has pulled out a metal pipe. the same one he used last week. he runs off the ropes and clothesline WildShadow with it!!

Biff: No hot liquids for WildShadow for the next few days. here comes some OWA officials. Fate is leaving ringside. he holds up that pipe in some sort of sign of victory. Hold on. Sabin Figaro is now coming to ringside. don’t you guy have control of your wrestlers??

Sabin Figaro

“Gangsta’s Paridise” by Coolio hits the PA. The crowd comes to there feet. Sabin Figaro comes down the isle and takes the mic.]


crowd cheers]


more cheers]

Sabin: Wellll. then let me say, the crowd has spoken. I am now a Tag Wrestler, and my partner?

“Tonight. Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins plays. A man walks out. He’s 7’2″, near 350 lbs. Clean shaven and short hair. He has ashes and some papers in his hands.]

Sabin: Well, from Flint, Michigan. 7’7″. 350 lbs. He is “Mega Daddy Kewl” MegaDiesel!

more cheers]

MegaDiesel: Hello, OWA! Now, I was with ICWF.

crowd boos]

MegaDiesel: But these ashes WERE my contract. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

Mega tosses them over his shoulder.]

MegaDiesel: And these are OWA Contracts to join, they are signed, I am a OWA Wrestler as of now! And whoever wants at Sabin Figaro and MegaDiesel, we are brawlers Inc. and you will be broken! MEGADIESEL POWER!

Sabin: Let’s Dance!

“Tonight. Tonight” plays as they walk back, to great cheers.]

Stacks Coltrain vs. Jetstream

Ed: The winner of this match will challenge the OWA Champion Rachel Ryan next week. JetStream off the ropes. Stacks misses with a clothesline, but nails him with a kick. Stacks off the ropes. JetStream catches her and hits with a backbreaker. JetStream with a power clothesline.

Biff: JetStream with a whip. he goes for a bodydrop, but Coltrain quickly positions and nails with a piledriver. cover by Coltrain. one. kickout by JetStream. Coltrain goes for a flying clothesline, but JetStream ducks. JetStream nails Stacks with a flying forearm.

Ed: JetStream with a fallaway slam. JetStream sets her up. and nails her with a double underhook piledriver. JetStream with a whip. he misses a clothesline, but they collide with a double clothesline. JetStream is up. he goes for a dropkick and misses. Stacks is up. she nails JetStream with a spinebuster slam.

Biff: Leg drop by Coltrain. Coltrain with another piledriver and she climbs the turnbuckle. she flies off. and leg drop by Coltrain. Coltrain struggles to set up JetStream. she nails him with her Crucifix Slam!! Cover. one. two. three!!

Winner of the match is Stacks Coltrain. Time of Match: 13: 01

Crazy Eights Update

Myers: This is your Crazy Eights Update.

Now. let’s get to the battle royals. First we know that Battle Royal number one will feature these OWA Superstars: Intimidator, Traci Lane, Johnny Stallion, and Johnny Blades, we now know that the ICWF superstars for this match will be. Denise Duncan, Rob Foster, Fenris, and Kelly Kandelski

Battle Royal number two will feature these OWA Superstars: Amazon Woman, JetStream, MegaDiesel, and Monica Brant, plus these four ICWF superstars: Cerebus, Lace, Arlechino and Stevie Cheesecake. we heard comments from Monica Brant last week regarding the attack by Stevie Cheesecake, let’s hear from Stevie Cheesecake at this time.

Stevie Cheesecake

Camera comes up behind a man lying in a spa. as the camera turns we see Stevie Cheesecake relaxing. He is apparently wearing absolutely nothing, though the water protect the viewers from anything. er. inappropriate.)

Stevie: *chuckling* Ohhh. Monica. poor dear. reduced to manhandling television sets and waiters. *licks his lips* I see you still have that nasty temper I remember so well in the OWA. But you see. I’m in the major leagues now, Monica. and in Crazy Eights, yes. we will be in the same battle royal. but only I will be going on to the finals. It’ll be. so satisfying to throw you out over that top rope. then that Amazon Woman will be next. then JetStream and MegaDiesel, Cerebus, Lace, Arlechino will all be thrown out then I will move on. *runs a finger down his cheek* Maybe after it’s all over and I am the winner of Crazy Eights, you, Monica, and I can have that second date. We definitely have to work on your kissing technique, dear Monica. yes we will. Dream about Stevie, love. dream about me. I know you do. *he gives a wink and picture fades*

Myers: Back to the battle royals.

Battle Royal number three, the OWA will be using, Gustaffson, Anthony Hazard, Stacks Coltrain and OWA TV Champion Mike Mustang and representing the ICWF: Kevin Taylor, Jennifer Sanders, Cary Zents, and Spanish Rose.

And for Battle Royal number four, it’ll be Sabin Figaro, Scott Cobalt, Executioner and Stealth V and from the ICWF: Soultaker, Stewart Zents, Python Princess, and Justice.

Now. two more battle royals to announce. Battle Royal number five will have: Pretty Boy Monty, Mariko, Danny Maxx and Masked Mayhem and from the ICWF: Gretchen Gwynne, Taskmaster, Ray Fisher and Randi.

Battle Royal number six will have WildShadow, Prince Frederick, North American Champion The Shocker and Mr. Excitement. They’ll be joined by Deborah Duncan, Vision in Violet, Leather, and Tanya Mankiller

Battle Royal number seven will feature: Asian Invasion, OWA Champion Rachel Ryan, Legion, and Miguel Thunder, along with these wrestlers from the ICWF: J.Q. Smooth, Kommando Karla, VIXXEN, and ICWF US Tag Team Champion Brandi

And in the final Battle Royal: Davey Scott, Shogun, Sentry, Johnny Fate, along with ICWF Champion Masked Marauder, ICWF North American Champ Jessica Spangles, Angel, and ICWF Tag Team Champion Maria Mankiller

The winner of each battle royal will meet in a final battle royal to determine the Crazy Eights Champion.

Also slated for this card is a singles match between Prince Frederick and Nabiki Yen.

Elaine Bryant is with Mariko. let’s go to that interview now.


Mariko is standing with Elaine Bryant. She is wearing her two-piece black wrestling outfit with the Kanji symbols for her name across the chest.]

Elaine: Mariko, tonight you face Mike Mustang for the OWA TV Championship. I know you saw the flash earlier regarding is offer. do you have any comments before your big match?

Mariko: So Mustang, you want me to forfeit and become your valet. You are so generous. But I cannot do this, for I am destined to destroy you in the ring and take the TV Title. Please understand that I would gladly do it and become your servant and slave, but I must defeat you and shame you forever because it is foretold. You must be stupid to believe I would ever accept such a demeaning offer. You actually believe women line up to kiss your butt. This one is lining up to kick your butt, and keep kicking it until you scream your submission. You will learn what it means to lose face and retreat into the shadows, a coward. Sayonara

Mariko walks towards the ring]

Elaine: There you have it. I think Mike Mustang may have just fired up this Femme. Back to Ed and Biff.

OWA TV Championship: Mike Mustang vs. Mariko

Biff: Umm. That’s Biff and Ed.

Ed: It doesn’t matter. Mariko looks very determined. I think Mustang may have made a mistake in provoking this young Japanese woman. There’s the bell. Mustang charges in, Mariko nails him with a jumping side kick. Mariko with a stomachbreaker. Mariko with a whip. reversal by Mustang. Mustang with a nice drop kick.

Biff: Mariko with a chokehold. one. two. three. four. break. Mariko tosses Mustang out of the ring. and she goes after him. Mariko leaps off the ring apron and nails Mustang with a flying clothesline. Mariko whips Mustang into the guardrailing. what a vicious move. She rolls him back into the ring.

Ed: Mariko sets up for a nice vertical suplex. Mariko off the ropes. Mike Mustang catches her nicely with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Mustang goes for the Cradle Suplex, but Mariko is not finished yet. dropkick by Mustang.

Biff: Mustang tries for a Northern light suplex, but Mariko reverses it with a nice belly-to-back suplex. Kneedrop by Mariko and cover. one. two. kickout by Mustang. Mustang quickly rakes the eyes, and jackknife power bomb. this could be it.

Ed: Cover by Mustang. one. two. th. no kickout by Mariko. Mustang with a whip. Mariko ducks a thrust kick and nails him with the Spinning Crescent Kick!!! Cover by Mariko. one. two. three!!!!

Winner of the match and **NEW** OWA TV Champion, Mariko! Time of match: 15: 23.

Biff: There ya have it a new TV Champion here today. next week. Stacks Coltrain takes on Rachel Ryan for the OWA Championship! For Ed Bagel, Myers Watterson, Elaine Bryant and Shelly Marks, I’m “The Voice” Biff Franklin and we’ll see you next week.

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