Mariko defends her OWA TV Championship against Scott Cobalt; Johnny Danger goes one on one against Executioner; Shocker teams with Anthony Hazard to take on the team of Monty and Stacks; Asian Invasion takes on Traci Lane and Johnny Stallion battles Stealth V.

Previously on OWA Championship Wrestling

Ed: Meanwhile, Amazon Woman just piledrove Danny Maxx on the aisleway… we are in some serious trouble here… she’s picked him up and… oh no… running powerslam on the aisleway…

Biff: Haha…er… I mean… we’re going to need some serious medical personnel handy here in a bit… we’ve got Shelly Marks on the handheld in the back… Shelly… can you hear us?!?

Shelly – back in the locker room area: Yes… I can hear you… we’ve got some problems on this end as Prince Frederick and Johnny Blades have fought back here… and as you can see… Prince Frederick is choking Blades down… we’re not sure what prompted this vicious attack from the Royal pair, but they are vicious tonight…

Ed: Shelly… is there anyone else around there that can split that up…

Shelly: No… there’s no one here… oh… wait… some wrestlers are coming this way… Frederick… oh no… he just used a brainbuster on Blades here on the cement… we’re going to need some help back here… medically speaking… the wrestlers have pulled off Frederick…

Biff: We’ve still got some action here as Amazon Woman just whipped Danny Maxx into the steel ring post. He’s now bleeding and not really moving here… ack… she’s coming this way… I’m outta…

Ed: Oh… no you don’t…

Amazon: You want rabid beasts… That’s what you get… see you at Hardcore Heaven, Brawlers, Inc.

Brawler’s Inc.

MegaDiesel: Power and the Money, Money and the Power, Minute after minute, hour after hour. The time’s coming Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick.

Figaro: Oh yeah… the Disco Punk who thinks he’s English Royalty! HA! That’s a laugh.

MegaDiesel: And he insults US.

Figaro: Amazon Woman seems to want to laugh. I wonder if she can when she’s drowning in her own blood.

MegaDiesel: And Freddy Boy doesn’t WANT to be in a cage. Awww…

Figaro: I’d have voting rights in cages I spend so much time in them.

MegaDiesel: Princess of the jungle? This isn’t the Amazon, this isn’t Hardcore Heaven, this is HELL ON EARTH, and you are going to have a dent in the back of your head, where your brain once was, after I MegaKnife your ASS into THE MAT!

Figaro: You think we are afraid of this fight. A sneak attack to shake the opponent’s confidence. We are not afraid. We must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. We will face our fear. We will permit it pass over and through us. And when it has gone past we will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where fear has gone there will be nothing. Only we will remain. And we will have the OWA Tag Team Titles.

MegaDiesel: Time flows like a river… and history repeats… as I stand here, I promise every fan that WE WILL WIN THE OWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Figaro: LET’S DANCE!


Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling… I’m Ed Bagel and this is Biff Franklin. Just last week, that attack took place. Now, both Extremists were taken to the hospital and released that same day with minor injuries and will be at Hardcore Heaven, in the battle royal.

Biff: They are lucky though… I’m telling you Amazon and Frederick would have liked nothing better than to eliminate those two for good. Brawlers, Inc don’t stand a chance against Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick… we’ll see a blood bath at Hardcore Heaven.

Ed: We have a match at ringside, let’s get down there…

Johnny Stallion vs. Stealth V.

Announcer: This match is one fall. First introducing one half of the Chiefs, being accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner, Mike Mustang… weighing in at 275 pounds, here is “Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion! And his opponent… coming to ringside at this time, weighing in at 392 pounds, here is Stealth V!

Ed: Okay… here we go… both of these men will be in the initial battle royal to determine the top three contenders for the North American Title at Hardcore Heaven. Then the giant Gustaffson will have to defend against all three of these contenders. Not at the same time, but in a series of matches.

Biff: I don’t know if even Gustaffson will be able to handle three of the OWAs top contenders on one night. We’ll have to see if the big guy is up to it.

Ed: In the ring we have a lock up… uppercut by Stealth V… and a palm blow… V into the ropes, but Stallion hits him with a clothesline. Kick by Stallion. Stallion with a whip and a powerslam!

Biff: Stallion off the ropes, he misses a clothesline, but Stealth sends him out of the ring with a backdrop. Stallion crashes into the guardrailing… Stealth goes out and whips him into the guardrailing… and again… and again… Stealth V rams the head of Stallion into the ringsteps and rolls him back into the ring.

Ed: Every seems to be geared up for Hardcore Heaven. Stealth picks up Stallion for a body slam… no… roll up by Stallion… one… two… kickout by Stealth. Whip by Johnny Stallion… Stealth comes off with a clothesline… and a cover… one… two… kickout by Stallion.

Biff: Stallion quickly nails Stealth with a knee to the back and pushes Stealth out of the ring. Stallion follows and grabs a chair and nails Stealth with it. He whips Stealth into the ringpost!

Ed: Stallion throws Stealth back into the ring… and whip by Stallion… Frankensteiner! Cover… one… two… three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match, Johnny Stallion. Match time: 7: 58 

Asian Invasion

Asian Invasion: Well, I see that on our next OWA Championship Wrestling, I will be taking on former OWA Champion Traci Lane. Ms. Lane, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?! This will be the biggest match, of my OWA career, and personally, I CAN’T WAIT!!! I’m gonna hit you with all I have, and more. So, Shogun, why don’t you watch, YOU’RE NEXT!!!

Asian Invasion vs. Traci Lane

Announcer: This match is one fall. First introducing, already in the ring, weighing in at 230 pounds, here is Asian Invasion! And his opponent… coming to ringside along with bodyguard, Gustaffson, weighing in at 197 pounds, here is the … Black Widow… Traci Lane!

Ed: There’s the bell. Traci Lane will be involved in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Hardcore Heaven against Executioner, while Asian Invasion will be taking on Shogun in a Find the Kendo Stick Match. We have lock up… Forearm smash by Traci Lane, followed by a short clothesline.

Biff: Bulldog headlock by Traci Lane… she’s got Invasion hurt early on. Lane off the ropes, but Invasion catches her in a claw… Lane quickly drives an elbow into the gut of Invasion to make the escape.

Ed: Invasion with a thrust kick to the head of Lane, and he follows it up with a swinging neckbreaker. Invasion with a whip… reversal by Lane… Invasion ducks an elbow by Lane… and Lane ducks a clothesline by Invasion… Spinebuster slam by Lane. She pulls up Invasion and executes a nice jackknife power bomb.

Biff: Cover by Lane… one… two… kickout by Invasion. Lane off the ropes, Invasion nails her with a flying forearm… flying headbutt by Invasion. Invasion misses a second flying headbutt and Lane is to her feet… she nails Invasion with a dropkick… side suplex by the Femme… and piledriver… cover… one… two… kickout by Invasion.

Ed: Lane with a whip… She goes for a backdrop… but is hit with a superkick by Invasion… he’s going for the figure four… no… rollup by Lane… one… two… three!!

Announcer: Winner of the match, Traci Lane! Match Time: 16: 34 


(A large man is standing in front of a Family logo, it begins to burn.)

Chaos: Welcome back to the death of the Family. Pretty Boy, just for you to know, you’re getting a little confused. I was the Fireman. And for Shogun, you told me to get a number and stand in line. Well, I’m in the front of the line. The Family will never be the best stable. The Elite is the best. Even though I’m not in it, I know would is the Best, the Elite! For my closing comment… …”In my mind Chaos is DEATH, the Family is in the way! Die Family!”

(The Family logo hits the floor. It burned to is crisp. The Family logo is dead.)

Shocker/Anthony Hazard vs. Stacks Coltrain/Pretty Boy Monty

Announcer: This tag team match is one fall. First coming to the ring, being led by their manager, Sir Goodwin. Weighing in at a total combined weight of 437 pounds, here is the … Elite… team of The Shocker and Anthony Hazard! And their opponents… coming to ringside at this time, both prominent members of “The Family”, at a combined weight of 460 pounds, here is the team of Stacks Coltrain and Pretty Boy Monty!

Ed: This should be a great tag team match. Of course, The Shocker and Pretty Boy Monty will be battling in the Parking Lot Strap Match during Hardcore Heaven, while Stacks and Hazard will be vying for the OWA Championship in a triangle ladder match against Rachel Ryan. The ref is trying to keep this match under control, asking a member to get out of the ring… okay… looks like Monty and Shocker will be starting out…

Biff: We finally have a lock up… Shocker with the whips and a clothesline… Monty backs to his corner and gets to his feet. Another lockup and this time it’s Monty with a whip and a belly to belly suplex. Shocker get to his feet… and nails Monty with a running forearm smash… Shocker with a choke against the ropes on Monty… one… two… three… he breaks it… he goes for it again… one… two… three… four… he breaks it… the ref pulls Shocker back and gives him a verbal warning, this allows Monty to tag out to Stacks.

Ed: Shocker tags out to Hazard. They lock up… Hazard with a knee to the back… Stacks counters with a jumping neck snap… and a Northern Lights suplex… one… kickout by Hazard… Stacks tags out the Monty… they whip Hazard into the ropes and nail him with a double kick to the midsection. Monty taunts Shocker who tries to come in, but is cut off, as Stacks nails Hazard with a spinning DDT, before she leaves the ring.

Biff: Monty delivers a nice belly to belly suplex on Hazard… and a power bomb… he goes to the top rope… he’s going for his Top Rope Splash… he leaps off and Hazard lifts his knees up, as Monty crashes in to them… Hazard goes and tags out to Shocker… Atomic drop by Shocker… Monty quickly tags Stacks… Shocker nails Stacks with a clothesline… and he goes for a chokehold… one… two… three… four… he breaks the hold…

Ed: Shocker with a forearm to the back… He tags out to Hazard… Stacks hits Hazard with a dropkick… then a side suplex… Hazard hits her with a spin kick… Hazard off the ropes with a flying legdrop on Stacks… whips by Hazard, and powerslam… he picks her up again… and this time his patented Reverse Power Slam… cover… Monty comes in, but is nailed by Shocker… one… two… three!!!!

Announcer: Winner of this tag team contest is the team of Anthony Hazard & The Shocker. Match Time: 19: 27


Executioner: Johnny Danger, when I put out that open contract for a warm up match before Hardcore Heaven I was hoping for some top-notch competition, preferably one of the Femmes… But as usual they are scared to put their name down, so I am just going to have to make an example of you, and anyone else stupid enough to sign on a match against me, Johnny your career is now truly in DANGER my advice to you is back out while you still can, because I will show you no mercy!

Johnny Danger vs. Executioner

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, in his first OWA match, weighing in at 255 pounds, here is “The Extreme” Johnny Danger!… and his opponent, a member of the Family… weighing in at 230 pounds here is the Executioner!

Ed: Here we go… as we told you earlier, Executioner will be battling Traci Lane in a falls count anywhere match at Hardcore Heaven, but first he has to get by newcomer, Johnny Danger. There’s a lock up… fireman’s carry by Executioner. Executioner with an elbowsmash… followed by a side suplex on the newcomer.

Biff: Danger’s going to have to pick it up here… savate kick by Johnny Danger, then he nails Executioner in the midsection… shoulderblock by Danger… Danger off the ropes and Executioner nails him with a backdrop… Executioner throws Danger out of the ring…

Ed: Executioner whips Danger into the ringpost and Danger is now busted open… Executioner again pushes Danger into the ringpost… and then throws him into the ring. Executioner applies the Cross Face Chicken Wing…

Biff: The ref is checking for a submission but… it doesn’t appear that Danger is responding to his request… the ref is calling for the bell… Executioner doesn’t appear to be ready to let go of that hold… the ref is warning him… finally Executioner lets the hold loose…

Announcer: Winner of the match, via referee’s decision is Executioner! Match time: 7: 14.

Johnny Fate

Elaine Bryant: Will you please welcome Johnny Fate!!!!

{Johnny Fate walks out to the ring with his “Fate Pipe”. Crowd has mixed reactions}

Elaine Bryant: Johnny Fate, at Hard Core Heaven you have a first blood match against Jetstream. Why?

Johnny Fate: It’s very simple Elaine. You see since I’ve been in the OWA people have been dodging me right and left. I picked you Jetstream because I knew that you had the guts to step into the ring with the Master of Fate!!

Elaine Bryant: Can you tell us what kind of strategy you’re going to use?

Johnny Fate: Just like a magician never tell his trick… I’m never going to tell mine!!

Elaine Bryant: Well that “Fate Pipe” be used??

Johnny Fate: You’ll just have to wait and see!!

Elaine Bryant: Recently I conducted an interview with Shogun, and he mentioned your name. He said that you might be jealous of his stable. Are you?

Johnny Fate: Thank you for bringing that up Miss Elaine!! Shogun first of all your stable is trash!!! The only thing I might be jealous of are those geisha girls. But you see, those geisha girls don’t realize that they’re will a spineless, rice eating, little worm!!! Asian Invasion… You guys better get on your rickshaws and take off, because Fate Will Be Knocking at Your Door!!! Very, Very, soon!!! Jetstream, watch out!!! Oh, and Miss Elaine… it was a pleasure talking to you.

Elaine Bryant: Well okay. Back to you Biff and Ed.

OWA TV Championship: Mariko vs. Scott Cobalt

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First introducing the challenger, he weighs in at 271 pounds, here is “Great” Scott Cobalt! And his opponent is the OWA Television Champion, accompanied to the ring by Gustaffson, and weighing in at 167 pounds, here is Mariko!

Ed: Let’s talk about Mariko’s match at Hardcore Heaven. She’ll be taking on Masked Mayhem in a Title vs. Mask match. If Mayhem loses, he can no longer wear a mask on his head… if Mariko loses, then she gives up the OWA TV Championship.

Biff: That’s gonna be a tough on to call… Mariko is definitely the favorite in a normal one on one encounter, but I have a feeling Mayhem will turn it up a notch to protect his mask.

Ed: We have a lock up… Cobalt quickly jumps ahead with a side suplex… and then he misses a dropkick…

Biff: Spinning Crescent Kick by Mariko… one… two… three!! It’s over!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 25 seconds, and still OWA TV Champion, Mariko!

Ed: We are out of time for this week. Next week, Countdown to Hardcore Heaven, and then it’s on to the event itself… Hardcore Heaven. For Elaine and Biff, I’m Ed Bagel and well see you in just over a week.

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