A surprising ending to this card; also Fever and Amazon defend the OWA Tag Team Championship against The Chiefs; Masked Mayhem puts up his newly won TV Championship against Johnny Fate; Mariko takes on Anthony Hazard and there are two Wheel of Torture Qualifying matches

Last Week during Hardcore Heaven

Biff: Gustaffson off the ropes… wha… he trips into a DDT by Stallion… cover…one… two… three!!!

Ed: What was that? That was very weird… wait… let’s get a replay on that?

{replay show Mustang tripping Gus off the ropes, who falls into the DDT.}

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW North American Champion, Johnny Stallion!


The screen bursts as a very large fist shatters the glass. Camera pans out to see a VERY pissed Gustafson, who pulls his hand out slowly.)

Gustafson: You little cheats… Babies… You cheated me out auf my belt… (Boots the TV over.) I don’t just vant one auf you. I vant BOTH of you sissies… Both of you will pay dearly! You haf to resort to cheat to beat me… Doesn’t matter, though. Misty may haf my belt, but I don’t vant that now… .I vant yer hides! I vant both auf you, together like the vimps you are, … gainst me. No rules. I vill get my belt back through you BOTH!

Swings at the camera, completely busting it.]

Biff: Brant moves over and positions herself to apply the figure four leglock. Stallion seems very out of it. Referee sees both shoulders down and counts… one… two… three!!!! New champion!

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW North American Champion in 16: 46, Monica Brant!

Biff: He’s probably just got an itch. Mariko climbs back into the ring and ducks the headbutt, and hits him with a clothesline. Mayhem lifts her up and executes a fallaway slam. Mayhem off the ropes and he hits her with a falling headbutt!

Ed: He’s got that mask loaded… one… two… three!!! New Champion!!

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW OWA TV Champion, in 5: 34 is Masked Mayhem!

Johnny Fate

{Camera fades into a peer off the beach. It’s very dark and no one’s around. Except for Johnny Fate.}

Johnny Fate: Hardcore Heaven is history and I’m happy with the results. How about you Jetstream? Well I not going to talk to you about Jetstream. I’m gonna talk about that loser Masked Mayhem!! Mayhem, I get a title shot this week against you, and I’m going to ask you the same question I asked Jetstream… Are you ready? Are you ready and willing to put your belt up on the line against a man like me? I know I’m ready. You know when I first came to the OWA I said that I wasn’t in it for the gold, but you know now that I’m getting a title shot it’s not that bad!! Masked Mayhem be prepared for the worst. I may even lose the match to unmask you!! Wouldn’t that be something? Why do you have that mask on anyway? Is it because you face is as bad as your wrestling? Masked Mayhem I’m only gonna say this once Sunday Night, “Fate Will Be Knocking at Your Door”!!!!

{Camera Fades out}

Biff: He’s almost there. He reaches down, but Stacks is behind him with a chair and nails him in the back of the head with it, and he crumbles to the ground. Stacks falls over Hazard and on top of the belt, clutching it in her arms!

Announcer: The winner of this match and NEW OWA Champion… Stacks Coltrain!!!! Match time: 14: 09.

Stacks Coltrain

Stacks: Well, Well I was wondering when I would be able wear this belt… Rachel cries because the match was different than she was used to… hahaha… Sorry babe… but I beat YOU AND THAT CHUMP ANTHONY HAZARD FAIR AND SQUARE… YOU WERE ALL PSYCHED TO DO THE MATCH AND NOW THAT YOU LOST… HAHAHA… KICK WHOSE ASS?… I think not… truly Dear one’s you must ask Traci why you lost… she knows… I’m surprised she never warned you… This belt is mine and you must come to me to get it… Yes, The Family was Down but we are not out… Rachel… If you really want a rematch… how about a Strap Match… that was quite interesting what Monty and Shocker went through… let me know… hahahaha!

Announcer: And now it’s time to move on…

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling and yes, Hardcore Heaven is history. That card will go down as the greatest card in OWA history, but now we must regroup and go forward. Halloween Horror: The Wheel of Torture’s Revenge will take place on October 27th only on PPV. The main event has been signed as NEW OWA champion Stacks Coltrain will take on former champion Rachel Ryan in a no time limit match.

Biff: That should be a great match. These two have met before and gone to a 1-hour time limit. This match could go all night.

Ed: We also know that in the Wheel of Torture Tournament, Amazon Woman receives a bye into the second round as a result of her win last year at the tournament.

Biff: Amazon Woman has been active in tag team competition, as of late, however, she is a former OWA Champion. I’m sure she’d love to be champion again.

Ed: On today’s card, Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick will take on the Chiefs in a tag team championship match. Also, new OWA TV Champion Masked Mayhem takes on Johnny Fate with the title on the line. Let’s go down to ringside.

OWA TV Championship: Masked Mayhem vs. Johnny Fate

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First the challenger weighing in at 245 pounds, here is Johnny Fate! And the champion, weighing in at 325 pounds, here is Masked Mayhem.

Ed: This is for the title… we have a lock up… this is Mayhem’s first title defense since he won at Hardcore Heaven. Mayhem with a chop, but Fate returns with a chop of his own… Fate with a clothesline that staggers Mayhem…

Biff: Mayhem off the ropes, but Fate catches him with an armdrag takedown… Fate with a crucifix, but Mayhem drops back with a fallaway slam… cover… one… two… kickout by Fate.

Ed: Gutwrench suplex by Mayhem… Mayhem off the ropes, but Fate nails him with a knee to the midsection… Fate with a spinning backbreaker, but Mayhem hits him with an elbowsmash.

Biff: Mayhem whips Fate into the ropes. They’re crisscrossing, the ref had better look out–

Ed: OH!!! They just sandwiched the official between them! EVERYBODY… S down!!!

Biff: Mayhem’s the first to rouse… what’s he doing?

Ed: He’s loading the mask! Just like he did against Mariko!

Biff: Looks like he’s setting up to give Fate that flying headbutt. Mayhem is scaling the turnbuckle… wait! Mariko’s headed down the aisle!

Ed: Looks like she’s got a little payback in mind for Mayhem! His back is to her!

Biff: Mayhem has his arms out, gesturing to the crowd, preparing to nail Fate! But Mariko is up on the apron, and leaps to the top! She jumps and takes his head… BULLDOG DOWN ONTO HIS OWN LOADED MASK!!!

Ed: OH! MY! LORD! Mayhem isn’t moving at all!

Biff: Mariko raises a triumphant fist to the crowd, then rolls out of the ring. Fate now staggers up, and sees the prostrate Mayhem. He’s not wasting time… he’s on him with a cover!

Ed: The ref collects himself, and administers the count: one… two… THREEEEE!!! And Johnny Fate wins the TV title, with an assist by Mariko!

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW OWA TV Champion, is Johnny Fate! Match time: 12: 13.

Biff: Good grief, payback is a–

Ed: Careful! Mariko might hear you! Fate takes the belt, and leaves the ring. Now Mariko back in there, and she’s standing Mayhem up. What’s she–

Biff: OH! She just NAILED him with the mother of all spinning crescent kicks! Mayhem does a complete spinning flip and lands flat on his face!

Ed: Looks like she’s not done. She’s done over him, unlacing that mask. The ref’s trying to stop her, but she makes a threatening gesture and he backs off. She’s got it mostly off, and he’s rousing a bit now. There it goes! She’s digging into it, and she comes out with a metal disc of some kind!

Biff: That’s what he was loading it with!

Ed: Not anymore! She stuffs it into her cleavage–now what’s she doing? She’s grabbing a camera from a ringside cameraman! She’s headed back to Mayhem!

Biff: He got away pretty fast last time. Looks like he’s caught!

Ed: She’s straddling his chest now, and we’re getting a good closeup on that face of Mayhem’s!

Biff: So much for the secret identity!

Myers: She clobbers him with the camera, and leaves him there! The crowd eating it up, as Mariko exacts her revenge! She’s sending a clear message to the OWA, don’t you think?

Biff: Yeah! She’s saying, pay your medical insurance before you mess with a Femme!


(The Family Logo begins to burn.)

Chaos: Pretty Boy, I want you in the next card. (The Screen fades Black.)

(The screen goes black. Suddenly, a bright red streak flashes across the screen, bounces off the opposite side, and explodes in the middle of the screen. The words, “The Latin Lover” appear in red, then burst into flames. A deep male voice says, “Coming soon “The Latin Lover.” The screen then fades out.)

Ed: We’re looking forward to the debut of the “Latin Lover” next week right here on this show!

Biff: The “Latin Lover”? Ha! Give me a break!

Ed: We have Wheel of Torture qualifying matches coming up, let’s go to ringside.

WoT Qualifier: Scott Cobalt vs. Gustaffson

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a qualifying match for the Wheel of Torture tournament. First, weighing in at 271 pounds, here is “Great” Scott Cobalt. And his opponent…

Ed: Gustaffson enters the rings and goes right after Cobalt. He clubs him in the corner with those hugs hands… there’s the bell finally…

Biff: Gus picks up Cobalt and powerbombs him on the mat… he picks him up again… Drop Piledriver and cover… one… two… three!!!

Ed: Gustaffson wasted no time on that one…

Announcer: Winner of the match in 38 seconds, Gustaffson!

Asian Invasion

Asian Invasion: Johnny Danger, you seem to have the unfortunate task of taking on me in this qualifying match. Well I’ll tell ya one thing, I WILL NOT LOSE in the Wheel of Torture.

WoT Qualifier: Johnny Danger vs. Asian Invasion

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a Wheel of Torture qualifying matchup. First weighing in at 255 pounds, here is “The Extreme” Johnny Danger! And his opponents, weighing in at 230 pounds, here is Asian Invasion!

Ed: Here we go… winner of this match goes on to the Wheel of Torture tournament. There’s a lock up. Danger quickly nails Invasion with a fist to the midsection… Invasion fights back with a drop kick… Invasion off the ropes with a flying cross body block… one… two… kickout by Danger.

Biff: Danger misses a clothesline… Invasion hits Danger with an inverted atomic drop, and another drop kick. Invasion off the ropes, but Danger nails him with a powerslam… Danger is to his feet and nails Invasion with a boot to the head… and a leg drop by Danger. Cover… one… kickout by Invasion.

Ed: Whip by Danger, he ducks for a back-body drop… no swinging neckbreaker by Invasion… Sleeper by Invasion… Danger is going out… the ref checks… one… two… three!!! Invasion advances.

Winner of the match in, 6: 45, Asian Invasion.

John Justice

John Justice stands before the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., wearing his Red, White, and Blue All-American Tights…]

Justice: OWA’s powerful hand has made the bed of my future and it’s up to me to lie in it. I am destined to be a World Champion, to right wrongs and pound two-fisted justice into the hearts of heels everywhere. You don’t fight destiny, no sir! And you don’t eat crackers in the bed of your future or you get all… scratchy. So, may OWA heels beware and may the good dress warmly and eat lots of fresh vegetables.

Anthony Hazard vs. Mariko

Announcer: This match is one fall. First coming to ringside with his manager, Sir Goodwin, weighing in at 207 pounds, representing the Elite… here is Anthony Hazard! And his opponent. Coming to ringside, accompanied to the ring by the giant, Gustaffson, weighing in at 167 pounds, representing the Femme Fatale… here is Mariko!

Ed: This should be a great match. Anthony recovering from his match from Hardcore Heaven, but still in shape to take on top contender Mariko in this match. There’s the bell. Shake of the hands, and then lock up by the two… snap mare by Mariko… Anthony to his feet, only to be nail by a thrust kick from Mariko.

Biff: Mariko with a whip, and backdrop on Hazard. Hazard fights back with a fist to the midsection. Hazard hits Mariko with a spin kick. Whip by Hazard, reversal by Mariko… Mariko hits Hazard with a savate kick…

Ed: Hazard ducks a thrust kick and applies a sleeper, but Mariko makes it to the ropes after only a few seconds… Hazard with an armdrag takedown… he nails her with a double axhandle chop… whip by Hazard, and he nails Mariko with an elbow.

Biff: Another whip by Hazard, but Mariko comes off the ropes with a dropkick… suplex by Mariko… cover… one… two… kickout by Hazard. Mariko positions Hazard… and piledriver by Mariko… another cover… one… two… kickout by Hazard.

Ed: Cradle by Mariko… one… two… kickout by Hazard. Mariko with a spin kick followed by a flying headscissors… she runs off the ropes and nails him with a flying forearm… cover… one… two… kickout by Hazard…

Biff: Mariko off the ropes, but Hazard catches her with a wild belly to belly… cover… one… two… kickout by Mariko… Hazard with a small package… one… two… kickout by Mariko… Hazard off the ropes and nails Mariko on the forehead with a flying kneedrop…

Ed: Hazard’s going to the top… elbow drop… cover… one. two… kickout by Mariko. Hazard with a whip, but Mariko comes off with a flying bodypress… one… two… kickout by Hazard…

{Bell rings}

Biff: What? That bell already?

Announcer: This match has gone to the 30 minutes time limit. The referee calls this match a draw.

The Chiefs

Stallion: Here we are getting another shot at the titles… hmmmm this time we are not getting cheated out of them…

Mustang: Prince Freddy and Wonder babe… get ready for the whipping of your life

Stallion: Once we win the titles… I am shooting after the North American Title… it was stolen away from me and I want it back…

Mustang: I am looking for a shot at the TV title too… so look out the Chiefs are taking over OWA…

Stallion: Were outta here… GOOD GAWD!!!!!!!

OWA Tag Team Championship: Prince Frederick/Amazon Woman vs. Mike Mustang/Johnny Stallion

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA Tag Team Championship. First introducing the challengers… weighing in at a total combined weight of 520 pounds, here are Johnny Stallion, Mike Mustang, the team of the Chiefs! And their opponents… they are the OWA Tag Team Champions… weighing in at a total combined weight of 408 pounds, here is the team of Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick!

Ed: Okay… here we go… you can see the bandage on the forehead of Prince Frederick… he took a tremendous beating inside that cage last week at Hardcore Heaven. The referee is giving last minute instructions and there’s the bell.

Biff: It’ll be Amazon Woman starting out against… Johnny Stallion… There’s a lockup… Amazon quickly lifts up Stallion and executes a fall away slam… she pulls him up and there’s a belly to belly suplex… she flexes a bit for the audience, then pulls up Stallion and whips him into the corner and runs in with a flying corner splash!

Ed: Cover by Amazon… one… two… kickout by Stallion… whip by Amazon… reversal by Stallion… Amazon comes off with a nice clothesline and goes to tag out to Frederick.

Biff: Frederick a bit slow on the entrance, and that allows Stallion to tag out to Mustang. Lockup… Frederick with an armlock… he tags out to Amazon and she delivers a boot to the midsection and Frederick leaves the ring.

Ed: Mustang with a face rake, and he nails Amazon with a double ax handle chop… Mustang off the ropes and he nails her with a lariat… small package by Mustang… one… two… kickout by Amazon…

Biff: Mustang whips Amazon… no reversal… Amazon goes for a back drop, but Mustang leaps over… but no… Amazon catches him and has him set up for her Running Powerslam… in comes Stallion who is caught by Frederick, who nails Stallion, sending him into the referee and knocking them both to the floor…

Ed: Amazon executes the Running Powerslam… she’s going for the pin, but there’s no ref… Frederick is conferring with her… He picks up Amazon in suplex position… he’s going to slam her down on Mustang… what!?!? No way!

Biff: What the hell was that… instead of slamming her down on Mustang… he just delivered a brain buster on Amazon Woman… what in the world… he pulls Mustang on top of Amazon Woman… and rolls out to help the ref in…

Ed: I cannot believe this… the ref looks at the pin… one… two… three! Frederick just gave away the tag team championship to the Chiefs… what in the hell is going on here. He’s in the ring and raising their hands. He stomps on Amazon Woman a couple of times as Mustang slides out of the ring and brings in a chair.

Biff: Frederick whips Amazon into the ropes, and the Chiefs nails her with that chair. They drop the chair on the mat and Frederick picks her up and… he’s going to brain buster her again… on the chair!!

Ed: Amazon Woman is out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a concussion… now what are they doing??

Biff: Frederick goes to his robe and pulls out a pair of scissors… he slides back into the ring… and he’s cutting her long dark hair… he’s cutting it very short… he’s taken about 8 inches of that hair off…

Ed: The three are laughing… high fives all around at this disgusting display…

Biff: Uh oh… Frederick is pointing up here… must be at you… they’re leaving the ring and coming up here… you get this interview…

Ed: What? No way… why me?

Prince Frederick & The Chiefs

{Frederick and the Chiefs make their way up to the podium, laughing.}

Frederick: [takes his crown and smashes it on the ground stomping on it, laughing, turns and shakes hands with Stallion and Mustang.: That’s the way it should be done, people! Let me tell you something, I can only carry Amazon Woman for so long before it gets on my last nerve and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Look at that loser out in the ring. I don’t think we need to worry about her for a while. Whadda say, fellas, do you think she looks good in short hair???

Stallion: GOOOOD GAWD! Let me tell ya something, Freddy. I don’t know what you saw in that ugly Amazon, but when you said you would deliver the OWA Tag Team Championship to the Chiefs, we almost didn’t believe ya. But seeing is believing, pal. And you have our undying support.

Mustang: This gold sure does feel good around the waist, doesn’t it? Haha! With Freddy and The Chiefs around, you better watch out. There ain’t no gold safe when we’re around. We plan on taking this place over and you will all be sorry. Tell em, Freddy!

Frederick: I’m done with this Prince crap, let me tell you something. I guess we start with Fate, then go through Brant, then Coltrain. We’re looking for some singles gold, now that we control the tag team scene. We’re thinking of raising some hell, so keep your eyes out. Mustang, Stallion and myself… and… who knows… we may have a few others on our side before we’re done. Freddy Fever is back… and tired of being thrown around. Me and the Chiefs are about to take over this place like the Plague!

{they turn to leave, laughing, then Fever turns back around}

Freddy: Oh… by the way, Amazon Honey? Don’t worry about your stuff… I had it incinerated this morning.

All Three: Good Gawd!!!

Freddy: Hahahaahahahahahaha!

{Camera zoom in on the unconscious and trimmed Amazon Woman, being attended to by some medical personnel, before fading out.)

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