Shogun gets his shot at the North American Championship as he takes on champion Monica Brant; Johnny Fate defends his TV Championship against Sentry; most on the falling out between Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever; The debut of Consuelo Salyards and two qualifying matches for the Wheel of Torture tournament

Previously on OWA Championship Wrestling

Biff: What the hell was that. instead of slamming her down on Mustang. he just delivered a brain buster on Amazon Woman. what in the world. he pulls Mustang on top of Amazon Woman. and rolls out to help the ref in.

Ed: I cannot believe this. the ref looks at the pin. one.


three! Frederick just gave away the tag team championship to the Chiefs. what in the hell is going on here. He’s in the ring and raising their hands. He stomps on Amazon Woman a couple of times as Mustang slides out of the ring and brings in a chair.

Biff: Frederick whips Amazon into the ropes, and the Chiefs nails her with that chair. They drop the chair on the mat and Frederick picks her up and. he’s going to brain buster her again. on the chair!!

Ed: Amazon Woman is out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a concussion. now what are they doing??

Biff: Frederick goes to his robe and pulls out a pair of scissors. he slides back into the ring. and he’s cutting her long dark hair. he’s cutting it very short. he’s taken about 8 inches of that hair off.

Ed: The three are laughing. high fives all around at this disgusting display.

{Scene opens up in a hospital hallway.}

Elaine Bryant: This is Elaine Bryant for the OWA. We’re at the City Memorial Hospital and we’ve been given permission to visit with Amazon Woman. Amazon Woman was brutally assaulted last week by Freddy Fever and the Chiefs, who are now calling themselves The Plague.

{Elaine steps through the door and we see Amazon Woman, neck in a brace, lying motionless, staring up at the ceiling.}

Elaine: Amazon Woman? It’s me. Elaine Bryant from the OWA.

Amazon Woman: Go. away.

Elaine: I just want to have.

Amazon Woman: Go away.

Elaine: I just wanted to ask you your thoughts on what happened last week.

Amazon Woman: Get out of my room. or I’ll throw you out myself. Now.

{Elaine decides this would be the best time to leave after all. once she gets into the hallway she turns back to the camera}

Elaine: Not too much from Amazon Woman. I’m told she will be physically 100% by the time Halloween Horror comes around, but will she be 100% mentally? Only time will tell. This is Elaine Bryant for the OWA.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. What a wild night it was just a week ago, with Prince Frederick, turning his back on his tag team partner, Amazon Woman, then attacking her and cutting her hair.

Biff: She looks better in short hair.

Ed: I’ll let you do her first interview when she comes back to the OWA.

Biff: If she comes back. Freddy may have humiliated her right out of the federation.

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside.

Miguel Thunder vs. Mr. Excitement

Announcer: This match is one fall. First introducing, weighing in at 230 pounds, here is Miguel Thunder! And his opponent, weighing in at 236 pounds, here is Mr. Excitement!

Ed: Here we go. lock up. Excitement with a whip into the ropes, he goes for an early Frankensteiner, but Thunder turns it into a power bomb. Thunder with a savate kick. Thunder gives a pose for the ladies in the audience.

Biff: German suplex by Thunder. Thunder off the ropes, he goes for a dropkick but Excitement ducks and Thunder crashes to the mat. Excitement hits Thunder with a clothesline, then a legdrop. Excitement whips Thunder, and catches him with a powerslam. one. two. kickout by Thunder.

Ed: Excitement lifts up Thunder and places him on the turnbuckle. He climbs up and delivers a nice belly to back superplex. Cover by Excitement. one. two. kickout by Thunder. Excitement goes for an atomic drop, but Thunder blocks it and nails Excitement with a bulldog headlock!

Biff: Fistdrop by Thunder. and an elbowdrop. Thunder with an enzuigiri. Thunder goes to the top. and somersault dropkick on Excitement. cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 14: 08, Miguel Thunder!

Monica Brant

(Monica Brant is standing on a boardwalk in California, smiling as she takes in the sun and the people. When she sees the camera, she can’t help but pose a little.)

Monica: Hello, everyone out in TV land! Monica Brant, the new North American Champion here. Well, everyone’s heard from my partners, the Femmes, about how they’re going to clean out the clocks of all the losers who thought they finished us off at Hardcore Heaven. Now, I’m going to talk about my favorite subject, me.

(Monica again stops to pose a little, showing off her hard, muscular body before continuing.)

Monica: I won this title from a cheating, sniveling, no good loser at Hardcore. I think his name was Johnny, or James, or something. That’s not the point. The point is I should have gotten it from one of the best wrestlers in the OWA, Gustaffson the Giant. So, I’m challenging Gus to a match, next possible card, to settle this once and for all.

(Monica turns to admire the sunset, and then turns back to the camera, her expression clouded with anger.)

Monica: One other thing. I saw last week’s match with Fredrick and the Amazon Woman. Feverish Freddy, Prince Fredrick whatever you’re calling yourself now you’ve bought yourself a world of hurt, my friend. After I prove I’m the champ by pinning Gus, I want you at the Wheel of Torture, my man. In a submission match. This time, you’re the one who’s going to beg.

Consuelo Salyards vs. Joe B Jobber

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, weighing in at 243 pounds, here is Joe. B. Jobber! And his opponent, making her debut here in the OWA. Representing the Femme Fatale and being led to the ring by the Giant, Gustaffson. She weighs in at 126 pounds. here is the Latin Lover, Consuelo Salyards!

Ed: The crowd seems a little stunned at the announcement of a new Femme. Consuelo races down into the ring with a backflip. She’s checking out her opponent. She turns and nods to Gustaffson and then leaps into the air with a wild dropkick. Jobber never even saw that coming.

Biff: Nice start for the Femme. Another dropkick, then a flying headscissors, that sends Jobber out to the floor. She run off the ropes and somersault splashes Jobber on the outside. She’s on the apron and moonsaults onto Jobber.

Ed: Salyards rolls Jobber back into the ring and executes a nice spinning DDT. She leaps onto the top rope. not the turnbuckle, but the rope and uses a nice front flipping leg drop and goes for the cover. one. two. three!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 5: 38 is Consuelo Salyards!

Ed: Shelley Marks has the interview with our newcomer.

Consuelo Salyards

Marks: Impressive debut tonight by this woman, apparently the newest member of the Femmes Fatales, “The Latin Lover” Consuelo Salyards. Consuelo, I understand you’re coming to the OWA from Lucha Libre in Mexico.

Consuelo: I am best wrestler Mexican! I fight anyone!

Marks: I understand you don’t speak much English the crowd here really seems to have taken to you, however.

Consuelo: Consuelo love American fans!

(She turns and raises her arms to the cheering crowd.)

Marks: Looking for anyone in particular?

Consuelo: Arriba Femmes Fatales! Arriba Consuelo!

(She turns to the crowd again, then walks off to the dressing rooms to the cheers of the fans.)

Marks: Umm. okay.


(We see Jetstream in an aircraft hangar.)

Jetstream: Poor Johnny Blades. To get to Wheel of Torture, I have to qualify. And Blades, you’re the man standing in my way. You better come prepared Johnny Boy because I will make mincemeat out of you. Johnny, you’ll be going up against the best the OWA as to offer, do you really think you have a chance of beating me. I think not. Sorry Johnny, but Wheel of Torture 96 isn’t in the stars for you. Maybe next time Blades.

(Screen fades to black.)

WoT Qualifier: Johnny Blades vs. Jetstream

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a Wheel of Torture qualifying match. First, weighing in at 245 pounds and a member of the Elite, here is Johnny Blades! And his opponent, a member of the Family. Weighing in at 274 pounds, here is Jetstream!

Ed: Okay. winner of the match advances to the Wheel of Torture tournament. We have a lock up. Jetstream with a whip, but Blades comes off with a missed shoulderblock. Jetstream hits him with a kick to the head. followed by a belly to back suplex.

Biff: Jetstream off the ropes, but Blades hits him with a clothesline. Blades with a fist to the midsection, and a sunset flip, but Jetstream sits down on him. one. two. kickout by Blades. Jetstream is up and hits Blades with a running forearm smash.

Ed: Jetstream with an abdominal stretch on Blades, but Blades makes it to the ropes for the break. Jetstream goes for a full nelson, but Blades blocks it and rolls up Jetstream. one. two. kickout by Jetstream.

Biff: Blades with a swinging neckbreaker. followed by a Russian legsweep. Blades goes to the top rope, but Jetstream is up. he tosses Blades off the top rope and climbs up himself. he flies off and nails Blades with an elbowdrop from the turnbuckle. One. two. three! Jetstream advances to the tournament! I got an interview! See ya!

Announcer: Winner of the match, advancing to the Wheel of Torture tournament, Jetstream! Match time: 11: 21

The Voice Box: John Justice

Biff: Welcome to this edition of the Voice Box. I’m “The Voice” Biff Franklin. My guest at this time, is going to be debuting next week right here on this program. Please welcome, John Justice

{Justice comes out to very patriotic music and wearing red, white and blue. He waves to the fans then steps up to the stage next to Biff}

Biff: So, Justice what brought you to the OWA?

Justice: It’s my Karma.

Biff: Karma?!?

Justice: It all fits into my universal theory of existence. We all have our own individual destinies. our own karma. I have. Cary Grant karma, because I always prevail! Executioner has Mussolini karma, because he was doing great for a while, and then I showed up and he had a really bad day.

Biff: And.

Justice: And?

Biff: And what kind of karma do I have?

Justice: Hmm. You’ve got sort of Charlie Brown karma because–

Biff: Alright! That’s enough. You’ve had your fun.

WoT Qualifier: Chaos vs. Danny Maxx

Announcer: This match is one fall and is another Wheel of Torture qualifying matchup. First weighing in at 301 pounds, here is Chaos! And his opponent, a member of the Elite, weighing in at 243 pounds, here is Danny Maxx!

Ed: Okay. the second member of the Extremes going against the former Family member, Chaos. The two lock up. Chaos quickly gets the upper hand with a nice belly to belly suplex. Chaos with a nice swinging neckbreaker off the ropes. Chaos with a whip, but Maxx reverses it. backdrop by Danny Maxx.

Biff: Tiger suplex by Maxx, and a big elbowsmash by Maxx as well. Maxx whips Chaos into the corner. and charges in, but Chaos moves and nails Maxx with a enzuigiri, then a neck snap.

Ed: Chaos has him up. and tombstone piledriver by Chaos. Cover by Chaos. one. two. kickout by Maxx. Chaos off the ropes, he misses a clothesline, but Maxx hooks him in a sleeper. he’s in the middle of the ring. but fighting towards the ropes.

Biff: Jawbreaker by Chaos that send Maxx down. Chaos with a clothesline. and a European uppercut. Chaos off the ropes, but Maxx sets up for a spinebuster. Chaos goes for a swinging neckbreaker to counter, but Maxx counters that with a backslide. one. two. kickout by Chaos.

Ed: Maxx hits Chaos with a spinning headscissors, and turns it into a cradle. one. two. kickout by Chaos. Maxx with a flying bodypress by Chaos catches him and executes his Power Bomb Suplex! One. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match, advancing to the Wheel of Torture Tournament, Chaos! Time of match: 16: 17

{Camera Fades into a truck stop where there are massive trucks and big men standing around talking. A man steps out of the crowd and walks up to the camera.}

Mack: OWA. The best place to go for wrestling? Well That’s what I’ve heard. See I know someone who’s in the OWA already, but I’m not going to tell ya just yet. He convinced me to come into wrestling. He told me I’d be perfect. Well I took his advice and here I am!! Although I’m not like all the other wrestlers!!! I’m just big. and mean!!! People should not mess with me!! Like it says on my Truck. “I brake for no man!!!” And when I enter the OWA all I’m going to do is break!!! Break backs!!! First, I’m starting off with that loser the Latin Lover!! Yeah I know she’s new and all, but she needs to already be taught a lesson!! Latin Lover after I’m done with you the only things that’ll love you are Barn Yard animals!! Maybe you’re into that anyway, but hey it’s not my business. Next week I will announce who my friend is and together we will be unstoppable!!!!! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to make this haul!!!

{Camera fades out to the music of “Bad to The Bone”}

OWA TV Championship: Johnny Fate vs. Sentry

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First, the challenger, weighing in 275 pounds, here is Sentry! And his opponent, the current reigning OWA TV Champion, weighing in at 245 pounds here is Johnny Fate!

Ed: Here we go. the TV Title is on the line here. Lockup, and Fate quickly with a dragon suplex. one two. kickout. Fate’s complaining about a slow count. Flying dropkick by Fate. Sentry is up and nails Fate with a savate kick.

Biff: Sentry nails Fate with a football tackle. Fate off the ropes, nails Sentry with a cartwheel kick. belly to belly by Fate. Fate whips Sentry to the corner, and rushes in, but Sentry nails him with a knee. Sentry with an Asia moonsault on the champion.

Ed: Sentry with a slingshot somersault splash and cover. one. two. th. kickout by Fate! He almost lost the title right there. Sentry with a spinning toe hold, but Fate is too close to the ropes. Sentry pulls up Fate and nails him with a tombstone. cover. one. two. th. kickout again by Fate.

Biff: Sentry with a Northern lights suplex. one. two. th. kickout once again by Fate. Sentry with a whip. he ducks and Fate nails him with an elbow. Fate with a whip, but Sentry nails him with a clothesline.

Ed: Sentry is setting up Fate for the Crucifix Slam. he’s got him up. wait. Fate’s feet are around the ropes. Sentry tries to slam, but loses his balance, Fate counters with a backslide. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match and still OWA TV Champion, Johnny Fate! Time of match 20: 02.

Elaine: And joining us now, the Mighty Shogun!!! Good evening Shogun, how about giving a few comments to your fans on your title match coming up against North American Champion Monica Brant.

Shogun: Yes, I just want to tell my fans that the time is here!!! The Family and Femmes will once more lock horns. And just like Rachel lost her belt to Stacks, Monica will lose hers to ME!!!! I’ve trained hard and worked my way up the ranks, and now I’m here to claim my Prize. Monica Brant, you better be ready for the fight of your life girl!! Because when the MIGHTY SHOGUN is done with you, all That’s going to be left is a MIST. Just do yourself a favor, and hand over the belt to me, it’s less painful that way. REMEMBER, THE FAMILY RULES FOREVER!!!!!!!!

North American Championship: Monica Brant vs. Shogun

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the North American Championship. First the challenger. he is a member of the Family. He weighs in at 230 pounds. here is the … Mighty… Shogun! And his opponent is the current North American Championship. She weighs in at 157 pounds, here is “Misty” Monica Brant!

Ed: Looks like a great match. Shogun coming off a great win against Asian Invasion at Hardcore. This is Brant’s first title defense since beating Johnny Stallion at Hardcore. We have a lock up. Brant goes for a front facelock, but Shogun, backdrops her.

Biff: Shogun with a whip, reversal by Brant who nails Shogun coming off with a clothesline. Atomic drop by the champion. Brant comes at Shogun with another clothesline, but Shogun ducks and Brant is sent out to the floor.

Ed: Shogun follows her out and body slams her on the floor. Shogun goes for a back-heel kick but Brant nails him in the gut. She whips him into the guard. no. reversal by Shogun sends Brant into the guardrail. He rolls her back in the ring and follows, but Brant nails him with a knee as he climbs back into the ring.

Biff: Brant with a clothesline, Shogun ducks and Brant nails the referee who falls out of the ring. Brant spins around and Shogun nails her with the Palm Blow. cover. but no ref. uh oh. watch out. here comes Freddy.

Ed: Freddy Fever and the Chiefs are rushing to ring side. Frederick grabs the chair from underneath the announcer and slides into the ring. While the Chiefs distract Shogun, Fever nails him from behind! Shogun falls out of the ring and to the floor where he’s double teamed by the Chiefs!

Biff: In the ring, Freddy has whipped Monica into the ropes and nailed her with a superkick. Hahaha! He applies a … Fashion Statement… and laughs. He digs into his robe. we’ve seen this before. he’s pulled out some scissors! Time for another trim. Perhaps we should call him “The Barber”. nah. That’s a bit lame. He’s going to cut her hair though!

Ed: Oh no he won’t. here come Gustaffson, Lane, Ryan, Mariko and Salyards. and here come the Family members, Monty, OWA Champion Coltrain, Jetstream and Executioner. Freddy and the Chiefs make for a hasty retreat. I’m sure we’ll have comments by both the Family and the Femme’s regarding this incident next week. Plus, in Wheel of Torture qualifiers, Miguel Thunder vs. Freddy Fever and Traci Lane vs. Stealth V. Plus, Executioner vs. Fate for the OWA TV Championship. For Biff, Shelley, Elaine and Myers, I’m Ed Bagel and we’ll see you next week!

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