The OWA vs. LAW five on five elimination tag match; OWA Champion Executioner defends against North American Champ Monica Brant; LAW Champion Zodiac defends against Tundra; OWA TV Champion Mariko defends against Miguel Thunder; The Professional goes for the LAW TV Championship battling champion Big Russ Gator; OWA Tag Team Champions Brawlers Inc take on former champions the Chiefs; LAW International Champion Venus defends against Masked Plague

{Scene opens up deep in space. a spaceship with OWA on the side zooms by then another spaceship with LAW zooms by the view focuses in on planet Earth and zooms in. there appears to be a war. lots of gunfire and explosions and the. one final explosion that fills the whole screen. with the words coming up. “OWA vs. LAW: Behind Enemy Lines!” Scene fades to a jam packed outside arena}

Ed Bagel: Welcome to the Orange County Fairgrounds in San Bernadine, California. We have over 17,000 screaming fans here to witness the clash of a lifetime. The wrestlers of Live Action Wrestling taking on the wrestlers of the Online Wrestling Alliance. Joining me for this broadcast is none other than LAW’s J-man.

(J-man’s music comes alive and he walks in from the back, taking his place next to Ed )

J-man: How’s it going! This is some crowd, come to see LAW kick some OWA ass!

Ed: We have a ton of action and an unprecedented six titles on the line, plus a battle royal and that big main event. Team OWA vs. Team LAW, a tag team elimination match.

J-man: And like I said, it’s time for the OWA to get their asses kicked by the far superior team from LAW.

Ed: We have three other broadcast teams for tonight’s card, they ‘ll be announcing the separate OWA and LAW matches, while J-man and I will have the honor of calling the OWA vs. LAW matches.

J-man: As should be considering I’m the best color man in the business and you’re, well. I’m not sure what you are.

Ed: Ahh yeah right if we’re ready to start things off then let’s go down to ringside for our first match, and to our colleagues Dave Rose and Henry Vinton.

LAW TV Title Contender’s Match: Cyanide vs. Mosher

Dave Rose: Thanks guys. Up first is a match to decide the next challenger for the Live Action Wrestling Television Championship.

Henry Vinton: Why in the world would anyone want that piece of junk? The World Title, sure. The International Title, ok, but why the TV title? The UCW retired that belt since it was so useless.

Dave Rose: Well, there has been talk of bringing a cruiserweight Championship in to replace the TV title, but I don’t think LAW has enough cruiserweights for that yet.

Henry Vinton: Whatever.

Announcer: (“Don’t Fear the Reaper”, by Blue Oyster Cult starts up.) Making his way to the ring. Along with his manager “The Rock” Drake Erich. At 6’3”, 251 lbs., here is Cyanide!

Dave Rose: Cyanide is a very talented individual, although his tactics have alleviated him from almost all his former allies.

Henry Vinton: He turned his back on the Underground. Probably the stupidest thing he’s ever done.

Announcer: And his opponent. (The music fades into “Weenie Beenie”, by the Foo Fighters.) At 6’4”, 265 pounds, here is Mosher, accompanied by Masked Plague.

Dave Rose: Mosher was to defend the TV title against the Professional, but he was defeated by Big Russ, and is now trying for a shot at regaining his title. And Cyanide attacks The Mosher before the bell! Cyanide goes for the Diamond Cutter, but The Mosher counters it with a throw-off, and now takes him down with a flying headscissors.

Henry Vinton: Cyanide blocks an attempt at an inside cradle, and nails him with a clawhold. I’ll bet anything that Retro taught him that.

Dave Rose: Mosher reaches the ropes after 5 seconds, but Cyanide grabs a leg. Texas

Henry Vinton: Cyanide drags him away from the ropes, and has Mosher locked in there pretty we’ll in the middle of the ring.

Dave Rose: Mosher finally manager to break the hold, and hits a backbreaker! Cyanide gets to his feet, but another spinning headscissors sends him right back down. Mosher’s stalking Cyanide, waiting for him to get back up. A DDT attempt, but Cyanide counters it with a backdrop but Mosher turns it into a sunset flip!

Henry Vinton: Mosher with a handful of tights, and Here’s the count. One, two. The ref sees it. He’s calling for the bell!

Dave Rose: Referee saw Mosher with the illegal wedgie-hold, and quickly called for the DQ.

Henry Vinton: What a moron.

Announcer: Your winner, in 1: 32, as a result of a disqualification. Cyanide!

Dave Rose: Let’s head over to the OWA Broadcast crew consisting of Shelly Marks and Biff Franklin.

Hangman’s Noose Match: Chaos vs. Stacks Coltrain

Shelly: Thanks. I’m Shelly Marks along with Biff.

Biff: “The Voice” Biff Franklin! Glad to be a part of this historic, yet one-sided PPV.

Shelly: One sided??

Biff: Surely you don t think that LAW stands a chance against the OWAers?

Shelly: Well. I think that both teams have a rough night ahead of them. We have a Hangman’s Noose match coming right up. Let’s go to the ring announcer for the introductions.

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is a Hangman’s Noose match. The object is to put the noose around your opponent’s neck and throw them over the top rope. Their feet must touch the ground. Now introducing the competitors. Making her way down to ringside, accompanied to the ring by Shogun. She weighs in at 185 pounds. She is the former OWA Champion. Here is Stacks Coltrain!!!!

Shelly: The fans may not like Stacks all that much, but they surely like her better than her opponent.

Biff: Who cares?!

Announcer: And her opponent. He weighs in at 275 pounds. He has one victory over his opponent tonight. Here is Chaos!!!!

Biff: A lot of people consider his win over Stacks at Halloween Horror a fluke. It was a strap match, picked by the Wheel of Torture and he had to choke her out to get the win. We‘ll find out tonight.

Shelly: This match is underway. Stacks attacks Chaos before the bell. She nails him with a kick as he entered the ring. She’s going for a quick win here as she tries to put that noose around his neck. Chaos fights back with a European uppercut and a savate kick that slows the former champion.

Biff: Chaos is too big. I don t think she can get him over the top, even if she does get the noose around the neck. I suppose we should tell all the blood mongers out there that the noose is long and will easily go to the floor. The OWA is not looking to snap a neck here.

Shelly: Good point. Chaos throws Stacks over the top rope and to the floor. He follows her out and whips her into the guardrail. No. Reversal by Stacks sends Chaos in. Savate kick by Coltrain. She throws Chaos back into the ring and nails him with a spinning DDT.

Biff: Stacks pushes Chaos into the corner with the noose and tries to put that noose around his neck. Chaos rakes the eyes and chokes Stacks with that noose. Chaos with a huge powerbomb and Stacks is hurt She’s probably ripe for the pickings at this point.

Shelly: Looks like Chaos is reading your mind. He wraps that noose around the neck of Stacks and tries to throw her out of the ring, but Stacks just grabs onto the corner. Chaos looks frustrated and executes a neck snap. Backbreaker by Chaos and he’s going to go for it again.

Biff: He’s got the noose around her neck and he dumps her over!!

Shelly: Wait! She didn’t hit the floor. She’s up on the ring apron and Chaos thinks he’s the winner. What’s Stacks doing? She’s wrapping that noose around the corner. Shortening the length of rope.

Biff: She wants to put him out, like he put her out for a couple week after the last PPV!

Shelly: The referee finally gets word to Chaos that he’s NOT won this match. He sees Stacks and charges over. Stacks nails him with a chair!!! Stacks is back in the ring and she’s got the noose around his neck and she throws him over the top rope but Chaos cannot touch the ground!!

Biff: Stupid!! She’s stupid. She cannot win the match if his feet don t touch the ground!!! I think Chaos is unconscious! His face is turning blue. We need to get someone down here to get him out

Shelly: This match is not over! Stacks is untying the noose from the corner post and Chaos slumps to the floor. There’s the bell.

Announcer: The winner of this match in 11: 03, is Stacks Coltrain!

Shelly: They’re putting Chaos on a stretcher and helping him out. I’m sure Stacks feels a bit better now about things.

Biff: Hmph. She should be locked up for attempted murder! Do we have another match or what?

Shelly: We sure do. Let’s go to ringside for the announcement.

2 of 3 Falls: Asian Invasion vs. Johnny Fate

Announcer: Our next match is the best 2 of three falls with special stipulations to be announced. Before we announce those stipulations. Let’s bring out the two competitors. First. He weighs in at 230 pounds he’s from Asia. Here’s Asian Invasion!

Shelly: Here come two members of the Plague. This should be interesting. The normally outspoken Johnny Fate has not been seen or heard of since last week’s tag team match against the Extremists. In fact, a rumor has circulated that Fate is no longer in the OWA.

Biff: Let me tell you something about Johnny Fate. He’s the single biggest coward in all of the OWA. No. make that all of professional wrestling! He‘ll never show.

Announcer: And his opponent. Being led to the ring by his tag team partner, Mack Truck. He weighs in at 245 pounds. Here is Johnny Fate!!!

Shelly: A different look from Johnny Fate. He’s wearing very grunge-looking clothes and his face is painted completely white!

Biff: Yellow. White. Same difference. He’s proclaiming his cowardice. Haha.

Announcer: Special stipulations for this match will be based on the flip of a coin. The winner of the coin toss will determine stipulations for the first fall of the match. The loser of the coin toss will decide the stipulations for the second fall and if need be, the OWA Commissioner will determine the stipulations for the third and deciding fall. Now, I’m going to ask Asian Invasion to call this as I flip it.

Asian Invasion: Heads!

Announcer: its tails and Fate will determine the stipulations for fall one.

Fate leans in and whispers to the announcer]

Announcer: Johnny Fate picks the first fall will be a Street Fight Submission Match. No rules. Anything goes. Winner will have to make the loser submit. Asian Invasion, please pick the rules for fall two.

Asian Invasion: I want that Fate Pipe on a pole. So I can get and use it to beat his brains in! Got it? That’s my pick!

Announcer: There you go.

Shelly: The stipulations have been set and here we go there’s the bell. Fate clotheslines Invasion over the top rope and he follows him out. Fate whips Invasion into the ringpost and bodyslam by Fate.

Biff: Johnny Jerk misses a flying clothesline and eats the guardrail. Asian Invasion goes for the kill by applying the cross face chicken wing. The ref is asking the coward for a submission. GIVE IT UP, FAKE!!!

Shelly: We’re supposed to be unbiased here, Biff.

Biff: Hey. Just calling a spade a spade.

Shelly: Asian Invasion isn’t getting the submission so he goes for another submission. The clawhold but Fate nails him with a low blow that really staggers Invasion

Biff: Cheap shot. Fate with a swinging neckbreaker. He picks up Invasion and drops him throat first on the guard railing. Fate chokes Invasion on that guardrailing. YA BIG LOSER!!

Shelly: I think he heard you. He’s stopped choking Invasion and he’s heading this way

Biff: Hey now. You aren’t allowed to rough up an announcer

(Fate grabs the collar of Biff, but from behind, Invasion nails him with a chair)

Shelly: You should learn to stay out of the matches, Biff. You’ve never been anywhere near the ring.

Biff: You shut up. Invasion just applies another cross face chicken wing and Fate should be submitting any moment now. hahaha. Jerk

Shelly: Invasion breaks the hold for some unknown reason and sets up a table. He rolls Fate onto the table and is setting him up for a piledriver.


Shelly: He’s got him up. No. Fate lifts up in a backdrop position only turns and jumps off the table, driving the face of Asian Invasion right into that table!!

Biff: NO!!! NONONONONO!!!!

Shelly: Fate applies the chinlock deathlock submission

Biff: Don’t give up!!

Shelly: The ref is calling for it. Invasion gave up!!


Shelly: Invasion is holding his jaw. He may have broken it at this point. Can’t really tell. Uh oh. Fate’s coming back this way. The ring attendants are getting ready to place the Fate pipe on the pole. No. Invasion just took out an attendant and has the pipe.

Biff: Keep Fate away from me. I’m outta here!! (Gets up and goes to the other side of Shelly)

(From behind Invasion nails Fate with the pipe and Fate slumps to the ground. Invasion throws the pipe to the ground, and an attendant grabs it. Biff takes his chair back and resumes his announcing duties.)

Shelly: Johnny Fate is up one fall in this contest, but Asian Invasion just nailed him a good one with that Fate pipe. Invasion being careful with that jaw, I don t think it’s broken, but it’s swelling up nicely. The attendants have retrieved the pipe and it’s now safely on that pole.

Biff: Who cares! That guy tried to murder me! I need some security around here. dammit!

Shelly: I have to think that you asked for that one, Biff. In the ring, Asian Invasion just nailed Fate with a superkick and he’s going to the top for that pipe. Fate looks up and cannot get to his feet. Asian Invasion has the pipe already and he leaps off the top turnbuckle with that pipe!

Biff: YES! YES! YES! NO!!!!!

Shelly: Fate with a fist to the midsection and Asian Invasion loses the pipe. Fate’s got it.

Biff: Look out!!

Shelly: Off the ropes, Fate just nailed!!! Asian invasion what that pipe. Cover by Fate. one.

Biff: no.

Shelly: two.

Biff: No!

Shelly: Three!!!

Biff: NO!!!!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in two straight falls, Johnny Fate!!!

Shelly: I think he’s pointing at you

(Biff turns white as a ghost. Johnny Fate exits the rings and moves slowly towards Biff, wielding the pipe. Mack Truck comes over and stops Fate. Fate looks at him for a moment or two, then NAILS Mack with that pipe! No one standing between Fate and Biff now as Fate grabs the collar of Biff and pulls him from his chair. He whips Biff headfirst into the ringpost.]

Shelly: Goodness! We need some security down here. Quickly please!

(Fate picks up Biff and powerbombs him on the floor. then spits on him and on the now bloody, Mack Truck and walks back to the locker room)

Shelly: We have two men. well. One man and one Biff down. We‘ll definitely needs some help here. And we‘ll need a replacement for Biff for the next OWA match let’s go to Ed and J-man for our first OWA vs. LAW matchup.

LAW vs. OWA: American Patriot vs. Shocker

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. This is our first OWA vs. LAW match. This match is for one fall. First, representing Live Action Wrestling, here is the American Patriot! And his opponent, coming down to ringside with his manager, Sir Goodwin. Weighing in at 230 pounds, representing the Online Wrestling Alliance. Here is The Shocker!

Ed: This is Ed Bagel, along with the J-man. This is our first OWA vs. LAW match. Comments J-man?

J-man: Hey. it’ll be fun watching LAW kick some OWA ass. Hey, you can say ass on OWA broadcasts right?

Ed: Here’s a list of words you can’t say on OWA broadcasts.

J-man: Ok, let’s see, we’ve got f. *Ed Bagel shoots a panicked look at J-Man, who smiles and puts down the paper, then flashes a slick smile at the camera.* Hey just kidding guy. Actually, I don’t think I could even pronounce some of these.

Ed: Now you know why we can’t say them. In the ring, we have the American Patriot going one on one with the Shocker. There’s a lock up. Patriot quickly with a back suplex. Patriot off the ropes and they both hit with a clothesline, but neither of them go down.

J-man: Both men are psyched out for this match. Lockup and Shocker this time with a bridging back suplex. One. Kickout by Patriot. American Patriot off the ropes. Hits Shocker with a shoulderblock, but Shocker doesn’t go anywhere. Shocker off the ropes. He goes for a shoulderblock of his own, but Patriot quickly turns it into a hiptoss.

Ed: Shocker is up. Patriot whips Shocker. Shocker reverses and nails Patriot with a running forearm smash. Shocker with a kick to the head and a powerslam by the Elite member.

J-man: Shocker goes to the second turnbuckle and misses an elbowdrop. Patriot is up quickly and nails the Shocker with a piledriver. Cover. one. two. Kickout by Shocker. American Patriot with a clothesline, and a belly to belly suplex.

Ed: Patriot with a powerbomb. No. Shocker turns it into a Frankensteiner. Shocker with a football tackle and a small package. one. two. Kickout by the Patriot.

J-man: Shocker with a tiger driver, but Patriot blocks. Patriot with a couple clothesline and a dropkick and Shocker is staggered. Patriot with a belly to back suplex.

Ed: Patriot misses a clothesline and Shocker clamps on his Sleeperhold!! American Patriot is going out. I don’t think he can escape Shocker’s sleeperhold.

J-man: Think again. Patriot pushes Shocker back and they fall outside the ring. Shocker whips Patriot. No. reversal and Shocker hits the ringpost. Patriot rolls him back inside the ring.

Ed: Patriot with a small package. one. two. three!! LAW wins this one. Let’s go down for the announcement.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 24: 10, here is the American Patriot.

J-man: Alright! Well, American Patriot was a non-UEA wrestler who donated some cash to LAW before you guys showed up. After the “takeover”, he entered LAW to help kick some OWA butt, and he made good on his promise. Ok, what’s up next, Eddie-boy?

Ed: Let’s go to our colleagues Arnett and Blake Roberts, for the LAW international Title Match!

Arnett: Hello everyone. We’re here to call the action for two of LAW title matches. Comments, Roberts?

Roberts: We we’ll have a new champ by the end of the night.

Arnett: Let’s go down for this ring introduction.

LAW International Championship: Venus vs. Masked Plague

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for one fall and is for the LAW International title. First, the challenger.

“Walking Contradiction” plays over the p.a. system as Masked Plague walks out with Pooh in his arms. He looks around at the crowd and laughs to himself. He puts Pooh down in a corner and then rolls into the ring.]

Announcer: Representing MP Inc., weighing in at 380 lbs. and standing 6. 07”, accompanied by Pooh, here is Masked Plague!

The crowd gives a mixed response.]

“I Touch Myself” begins to play as Venus walks out from the back and has the LAW International title around his waist. He blows a few kisses to people as he goes down the aisle. He gets into the ring and takes off the belt. He hands it to Referee while forcing him to back up into a corner, Referee escapes.]

Announcer: Weighing 295 pounds and standing 6. 06”, the LAW International Champion, VENUS!!!!

Another mixed response from the crowd.]

Roberts: A nut and a fag, good match up.

Arnett: Watch it with those remarks.

They lock up. Venus takes him down with a facerake. Masked Plague goes for the Running Forearm Smash, but Venus counters it with a duck-down move. Masked Plague executes a Hotshot. Venus executes a dropkick. Masked Plague whips Venus into the ropes, but Venus reverses it. Masked Plague executes a bearhug. Venus reaches the ropes after being trapped for 9 seconds. Masked Plague nails him with a jack-knife power bomb. Referee counts: One, two, shoulder up.]

Arnett: And Plague coming in here like a house of fire.

Roberts: And you are as worthless as a house ON fire.

Masked Plague goes for a full nelson, but Venus counters it with a backward kick. Venus takes him down with a dropkick. Venus nails him with a belly-to-back suplex. Venus makes kissy faces to the crowd.]

Roberts: Hey look that guy in the front row is doing it back to him, SICK!!!!

Venus whips Masked Plague into the ropes. Venus nails him with a slap. Venus goes for a slap, but Masked Plague reverses it. Venus begs off.]

Roberts: Look at him, I heard he’s use to being on his knees.

Venus takes him down with a slap. Venus executes a kneelift. Venus is going for the pin. Referee counts: One, kickout.]

Arnett: Go ahead and say it.

Roberts: WEAK!!!!

Venus goes for a slap, but Masked Plague reverses it. Venus nails him with a swinging neckbreaker. Venus executes the Tough Love and goes for the pin. Referee counts: One, two, thr. shoulder up.]

Arnett: Just barely got the shoulder up.

Masked Plague nails him with a piledriver. Masked Plague nails him with a diving headbutt. Masked Plague goes for a Gorilla Press, but Venus counters it with a rolling reverse cradle. Referee counts: One, two, kickout.]

Arnett: Another two count.

Masked Plague places Venus on the turnbuckle. Masked Plague catches him in a double underhook superplex. Referee counts: One, two, thr. shoulder up.]

Arnett: So close to having a new champ.

Masked Plague nails him with a full nelson. Venus reaches the ropes after being trapped for 5 seconds. Masked Plague executes a tiger driver. Referee counts: One, kickout.]

Roberts: WEAK!!!!

Venus nails him with a kneeling headbutt. Venus runs into the ropes. Venus goes for a clothesline, but Masked Plague counters it with a duck-down move. Venus begs off. Masked Plague nails him with a legsweep. Masked Plague goes for a tiger driver, but Venus counters it with a backdrop. Masked Plague executes a powerslam. Venus begs off. Masked Plague gives the sign for the Quarantine. Masked Plague goes for the Quarantine, but Venus counters it with a backdrop.]

Arnett: He countered the Quarantine.

Venus runs into the ropes. Masked Plague hits Venus with a kick. Masked Plague catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. Referee counts: One, two, kickout. Venus begs off.]

Roberts: He’s always begging men for something.

Masked Plague nails him with a front facelock. Venus reaches the ropes after being trapped for 11 seconds. Masked Plague places Venus on the turnbuckle. Masked Plague catches him in a double underhook superplex. Referee counts: One, two, thr. Kickout. Masked Plague nails him with a small package. Referee counts: One, two, kickout.]

Arnett: Two near falls by Masked Plague.

Roberts: If MP wins big deal. The title goes from bad to worse.

Masked Plague executes the Running Forearm Smash. Referee counts: One, two, three.]

Roberts: And it just did.

Arnett: We have a new champ.

Roberts: A new CHUMP!

Announcer: The winner of the match via pinfall in a time of 8: 49, and NEW LAW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, MASKEDDDD PLAGGGUEE!!!!

“Walking Contradiction” begins to play as Venus rolls out of the ring and walks back up the aisle, holding his head. Bartlett hands the belt to the new champ, who looks at it and then goes over to the corner to show it to Pooh. He nods at Pooh and then picks him up. He then leaves the ring area.]

Roberts: What a dolt.

Arnett: Let’s go back to the OWA broadcast team. Shelly Marks and somebody.

Shelly Marks: Thanks guys. Elaine Bryant has joined me to help bring you the other OWA sanctioned matches on this card.

Elaine Bryant: Thanks Shelly. It’s great to be behind the mike again with you. Any word on the condition of Biff?

Shelly: Biff Franklin and Asian Invasion have been taken out of the Arena we may have word on their conditions, as we’ll as the condition of Chaos before we go off the air. We’ve got an OWA Tag Team Championship Match coming up, let’s go down to ringside.

OWA Tag Team Championship: Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel vs. Johnny Stallion/Mike Mustang

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the OWA Tag Team Championship. First the challengers, being led down to the ring by the “Disco Kid” Freddy Fever. Here are the former tag team champions. Mike Mustang. Johnny Stallion. The Chiefs!

Shelly: The Plague members aren’t too we’ll accepted tonight in front of this capacity crowd.

Announcer: And their opponents. They are the current OWA Tag Team Champions. here are “Gangsta Power” Sabin Figaro. MegaDiesel. Here are Brawlers Inc.!!

Elaine: Great fan response for these two but they‘ll have their work cut out for them tonight.

Shelly: Indeed. Of course you need to be careful when Freddy Fever is out there. He’s not above interfering in the match to bring the titles to the Plague.

Elaine: The referee holds up the Tag Team Title belts and there’s the bell. This match has officially started! It‘ll be Sabin Figaro starting out against Johnny Stallion. Sabin quickly goes for a drop kick, but Stallion is out of the way of that one.

Shelly: Figaro went in a little soon for that one and Stallion hits him with a side suplex. Stallion with a belly to back suplex and cover. one. tw. kickout by Figaro. Stallion makes a quick tag to Mike Mustang

Elaine: Mustang takes over on Figaro with a crotch slam and he follows it up with a palm blow. Mustang misses with a clothesline, and Figaro hits him with a back heel kick. Figaro tags out to MegaDiesel.

Shelly: Mustang quickly is on MegaDiesel, nailing him with a double axhandle chop. Small package by Mustang. one. two. kickout by Mega. Mega is up and nails Mustang with a clothesline. Mega with an enzuigiri and he follows it up with an atomic drop.

Elaine: Mega whips Mustang into the corner and charges in Mustang lifts his knee, nailing Mega. Mustang tags in Johnny Stallion who throws Mega out of the ring.

Shelly: Watch out for Freddy Fever. He just nailed MegaDiesel with a superkick. Sabin comes over, but the referee is trying to get him back to his corner. Mustang rolls Mega back into the ring. Stallion with a cover. one two thre. Kickout by MegaDiesel.

Elaine: Stallion with a whip. Mega ducks a clothesline and comes back with a solid clothesline of his own. He struggles to make the tag. Stallion tries to stop him but Mega makes the tag to Sabin Figaro.

Shelly: And Sabin Figaro goes to work on Stallion. A right by Figaro. Mustang comes in and he gets nailed with a right. Freddy Fever is on the apron and Sabin nails him as well. Sabin clotheslines Stallion. cover. one. two. kickout by Stallion.

Elaine: Sabin off the ropes. Trip by Fever! Sabin nails by Johnny Stallion with the superkick! Cover. one. two. three!!!! We have new champions.

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW OWA Tag Team Champions. Johnny Stallion. Mike Mustang. The Chiefs!!!

Shelly: Had to see that one coming a mile away. Freddy and the Chiefs pretty much stole that one let’s go over to Dave Rose and Henry Vinton for our next match

Dave Rose: Thanks ladies. It’s time for the LAW Television Championship. LAW veteran Big Russ recently captured what I believe is his first championship, but the Professional has been climbing the ranks steadily since his debut and should be a tough opponent.

LAW TV Championship: Big Russ Gator vs. The Professional

Announcer: The next match is for the Live Action Wrestling Television Championship! First, the challenger. At 6’10”, and 375 pounds, led to the ring by his manager David Greene, here is the Professional! (The music from the Movie “The Professional” starts to play as The Professional makes his way to ringside.) And his opponent. At 6. 2”, 245 pounds, he is the Live Action Wrestling Television Champion. Accompanied by his manager Lucky Eddie, here is Big Russ!

Henry Vinton: Hmm. Big Russ isn’t.

Dave Rose: The Professional has a definite size advantage here. Big Russ has 8 inches and 130 pounds to try to overcome. And they lock up. The Professional goes for a backbreaker, but Big Russ blocks it and Big Russ whips The Professional towards the ropes, but right into the referee!

Henry Vinton: Oh yeah, that wasn’t intentional. Big Russ floors him with a kick. Stomps him down, and kicks the Professional right out of the ring.

Dave Rose: The Professional climbs back inside as Referee gets back to his feet, and sidesteps an attempted football tackle by Russ. Russ rolls away from 2 kicks, and hits him with a shoulderblock, following it up with a facerake which stuns the big man.

Henry Vinton: Looks like Russ figured out how to beat a bigger man. Cheat. He whips the dazed Professional into the turnbuckle, but The Professional reverses it, and takes him down with a belly-to-back suplex! The Professional goes for a tilt-a-whirl suplex, but Big Russ counters it with a flippity-kick!

Dave Rose: Flippity-kick?

Henry Vinton: Sorry if I have more of a life than you and can’t remember the name of every damn move.

Dave Rose: It was an enzuilariato. And here’s a swinging neckbreaker. Big Russ hits him with a fist to the guts and runs into the ropes. Russ misses with a clothesline, and the Professional takes him down with a legsweep.

Henry Vinton: Spinning DDT by the Professional, and Here’s a double underhook power bomb! Referee counts: One. two. Russ is in the ropes.

Dave Rose: The Professional picks Big Russ up and whips him into the ropes, but Russ reverses it and the Professional goes tumbling to the floor as Masked Plague pulls the top rope down!

Henry Vinton: Masked Plague causes more disqualifications that anyone I’ve ever seen. You know why? Because he’s an idiot.

Dave Rose: Perhaps, but even if Mosher were to get DQ’ed here, he’d still keep the belt. Right now though, Russ heads to the outside, and downs the Professional with a short clothesline. A fist to the midsection, slap across the chest, and Russ whips The Professional into the guardrail.

Henry Vinton: And if one wasn’t enough, here’s another whip to the guardrail. Big Russ goes for a reverse neckbreaker, but The Professional blocks it, and counters with an armdrag takedown. The Professional gets back into the ring, and Big Russ follows right behind him.

Dave Rose: Big Russ goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but The Professional counters it with a side suplex. Big Russ reverses a whips into the turnbuckle, but The Professional comes back and rocks Russ with a clothesline! Hitting the turnbuckle apparently had no effect on the massive Professional, and as Russ guard was down, the Professional almost took his head right off!

Henry Vinton: The Professional nails him with a belly-to-back suplex, and whips Big Russ into the ropes, but Russ catches him in a chokehold. Russ releases the hold at the ref’s 3-count, and now tosses him out of the ring. Just where I like a match.

Dave Rose: The Professional and Big Russ are brawling on the outside now. The Professional whips Big Russ into the guardrail, and bodyslams him on the floor. Professional pulls Big Russ back onto his feet, and tosses him back in the ring.

Henry Vinton: Big Russ goes for a sleeperhold, but The Professional counters it with a jawbreaker. A spinning DDT floors Buss again, and here’s a pin attempt. One. two. thr. shoulder up.

Dave Rose: A very close call there. Now the Professional places Big Russ on the turnbuckle and drives him into the mat with a belly-to-belly superplex! Another pin attempt, but Russ kicks out at one. The Professional picks Big Russ up. German suplex! One. two. Shoulder up and now The Professional gives the sign for the Cleaner!

Henry Vinton: I don’t know what the cleaner is this week, but it’ll be it for Little Russ if he hits it. The Professional places Big Russ on the turnbuckle and hits him with Cleaner!

Dave Rose: Professional goes for the pin. One. two. three! That’s it, we have a new champion!

Henry Vinton: Little Russ is complaining about a fast count, but the ref doesn’t care.

Announcer: The winner is, in 11: 50, and NEW Live Action Wrestling Television Champion. The Professional!

Dave Rose: Congratulations to the Professional, but his first challenge is already set as he must soon defend against Cyanide. A great match, but That’s all for us tonight.

Henry Vinton: That’s it?

Dave Rose: Yup, we’re done.

Henry Vinton: Hey, maybe this OWA stuff isn’t so bad after all. I actually get to go home early.

Dave Rose: Well, for my partner Henry Vinton, I’m Dave Rose, goodnight, and enjoy the rest of the show. Let’s go back to Shelly Marks and Elaine Bryant.

OWA TV Championship: Mariko vs. Miguel Thunder

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is for the OWA TV Championship. First the challengers. Making his way to ringside. He weighs in at 230 pounds. Here is Miguel Thunder!

Shelly: Thanks guys. Miguel Thunder is on his way to the ring to try to regain the OWA TV Championship from the woman he lost it to just over a month ago

Elaine: Mariko has been on some kind of hot streak lately. The championship committee lines them up and she knocks them down. No rest for the TV Champion as it’s defended each week on TV and at most PPV shows.

Announcer: And introducing the champion. She weighs in at 167 pounds. She accompanied to the ring by her bodyguard, the giant Gustaffson. Here is the OWA TV Champion. Mariko!

Shelly: And here we go for what should be a fabulous TV Title match. We’ve had one TV title change hands tonight. Can there be another?

Elaine: Don’t forget. All titles have been on the line so far, have changed hands. There’s the bell, and this match is underway. Lock up. No. Mariko quickly nails Thunder with a spin kick. Mariko with a whip and Thunder nails her with an enzuigiri.

Shelly: Great start for the challengers. Whip by Thunder and another enzuigiri. Thunder with a bulldog he turns and blows kisses to some ladies in the crowd. *rolls eyes*

Elaine: Thunder misses an elbowdrop. Got to concentrate on the match or Mariko we’ll finish this one off quickly Mariko with a thrust kick to the head. Mariko with a whip. She nails Thunder off the ropes with a backbreaker.

Shelly: Nice move by the champion. Mariko misses a spin kick, and Thunder nails her with a clothesline that sends her out and over the top rope. She pulls Thunder out under the bottom rope and whips him into the guardrail, but no. Thunder reverses it, sending the champion into the railing.

Elaine: Mariko nails Thunder with a kick to the midsection, and rams his head into the ring post. She sets up a table and rolls Thunder on top. What’s she doing?

Shelly: Oh my. Mariko is going to the top turnbuckle and she leaps off with a sit down splash off the turnbuckle!!! Hohm and that table held firm. Both roll off the table. Mariko is to her feet and rolls Thunder back into the ring.

Elaine: Spinning Crescent Kick by the champion. cover. one. two. three!!!!

Winner of the match and still OWA TV Champion, Mariko!!!

Shelly: Great title defense by the TV Champion. Let’s go now to Ed and J-man for our second LAW vs. OWA Matchup.

LAW vs. OWA: Gravel vs. Rachel Ryan

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, coming down to ringside, accompanied to the ring by the giant Gustaffson, weighing in at 207 pounds. Representing the OWA. Here is “The Enforcer” Rachel Ryan! And her opponent, weighing in at 332 pounds. Representing LAW. Here is Gravel!!

Ed: These two are cool and calm in that ring, consider the fact that they’ve pretty much mauled the he’ll out of each other.

J-man: This one should be a wild one. Gravel is one of LAW’s toughest, but I know that Ryan has impressive skills too. Plus, Rachel’s quite a cutie.

Ed: There’s a lock up. Gravel quickly gains control with a clothesline and a kneedrop. Ryan is up quickly and hits Gravel with a Russian legsweep. She goes for a piledriver, but Gravel counters with a backdrop. Quick DDT by Gravel and is going for a quick pin. one. Kickout by Rachel Ryan.

J-man: That pin was more for intimidation. He wants her to know he has her right where he wants her.

Ed: Gravel wants a faceslam here, but Rachel ain’t having none of that. She spins around and NAILS him with a slap that just pisses off the big guy. Ryan off the ropes, Gravel catches her, and tried for a body slam. Ryan quickly maneuvers it and catches Gravel with a backbreaker.

J-man: How the he’ll did she do that?!? Looks like Gravel might be in there with the toughest woman on Earth.

Ed: She holds the record for the longest title reign in OWA history. Ryan with a whip, reversal by Gravel. Ryan catches Gravel in the midsection with a fist. Ryan with a powerslam. No. Gravel nails her with a clothesline. Gravel throws Ryan out of the ring and then nails her with a plancha.

J-man: That’s gotta hurt. Ryan is down and possibly injured. Gravel’s got her up and whips her towards the guardrail. No. Ryan reverses it and Gravel hits the guardrail hard.

Ed: Ryan rams the head of Gravel into the ringsteps and then goes back into the ring. That’s where matches are won and lost. Gravel follows her back into the ring. Gravel ducks a clothesline and catches Rachel in a bearhug.

J-man: Man. how lucky can you be. I have a bearhug I’d like to put Rachel in. Rachel rakes the eyes and Gravel releases the hold. Dropkick by Rachel. Whip by Rachel and she nails Gravel with a spinebuster slam. cover. one. Kickout by Gravel.

Ed: Ryan with a fistdrop and hoists him up and POWER BOMB by the Femme. cover. one. two. Kickout by Gravel.

J-man: Gravel is going to need to mount some offense. I hope he didn’t take this match lightly.

Ed: Hold on. Ryan’s trying to finish him off with the Gorilla Press Powerslam but no. Gravel with a cradle. one. two. Kickout by Ryan. Gravel with a clawhold. Gravel releases the hold and applies a Boston crab. Looks like Gravel heard your comments, J-man.

J-man: They don’t call me da man for nothing. Gravel tosses Ryan out of the ring. Gravel goes out and rams her head into the guardrail. Looks like Rachel is busted open this time.

Ed: Gravel’s going to the top turnbuckle. What the hell is he going to try??

J-man: Not a whole lot. Ryan just pushed him off and to the floor and Gravel is holding his leg. With the way he hit the ground, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was fractured. Ryan pulls Gravel to his feet and nails him in the leg with a kick and rolls him back into the ring.

Ed: Gravel catches her coming in with a punch to the nose. Gravel with a body slam, but his leg gives out. Ryan quickly rolls him up. one. two. three!!!

J-man: DAMN! I may not really like the guy, but I thought Gravel would have had this one. Looks like it’s tied up. One win for LAW and one for OWA.

Announcer: Winner of the match at 12: 24, is Rachel Ryan!

Ed: Let’s go now for the LAW Championship matchup with Arnett and Roberts.

Arnett: Thanks Ed. Up next we have the LAW World title up for grabs in a finisher
match, the only way to win is to do your finisher.

Roberts: Come on Tundra.

Arnett: Let’s get to the action.

LAW Championship: Zodiac vs. Tundra

“The Immigrant Song” starts playing as Tundra walks out to a chorus of boos. He laughs at the fans and spits into the crowd.]

Announcer: Introducing first, from the Underground, weighing 306 pounds and standing 6. 05”, here is TUNDRA!!!

“On Top of the World” begins playing as the crowd cheers waiting to see the champ. Diamond walks out first followed by Zodiac holding the UEA Tag title over his shoulder. The LAW World title is around his waist, he slaps some hands on the way to the ring.]

Announcer: And his opponent, accompanied by Diamond, at 6. 07” 296 lbs., one half of the UEA Tag Team Champions and the LAW World Heavyweight Champion, here is ZOOOOODIACCCC!!!!

Roberts: Come on, get to kicking his teeth in.

They lock up. Tundra goes for a powerslam, but Zodiac counters it with a lariat. In turn, Tundra counters it with a duck-down move. Tundra takes him down with a reverse neckbreaker. Tundra whips Zodiac into the ropes. Tundra takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Zodiac goes for a tiger driver, but Tundra counters it with a backdrop. Zodiac executes the Equinox and goes for the pin. James Beard counts: One, two, thr. Shoulder up.]

Roberts: He kicked out of the Equinox that mess with Zodiac’s head, as if that’s hard to do.

Zodiac goes for a dragon suplex, but Tundra blocks it. Zodiac starts up a “TUA” chant.]

Roberts: What a joke.

Zodiac hits Tundra with a clothesline. Tundra falls out of the ring. Zodiac jumps onto him with a flying ax-handle. Zodiac reenters the ring. Tundra follows him back in.]

Roberts: Look at Zorro, running back in there.

Zodiac takes him down with a front-layout superplex. Zodiac goes for the Equinox, but Tundra counters it with a clothesline.]

Roberts: Now he countered it! This is looking good for Tundra, now he just needs to hit him with the Frostbite and then call it a night.

Arnett: Don’t count Zodiac out just yet.

Zodiac runs into the ropes. Tundra hits Zodiac with a shoulderblock. Tundra spits into the crowd. Tundra attempts to place Zodiac on the turnbuckle, but Zodiac blocks it. Tundra spits into the crowd. Tundra takes him down with a reverse neckbreaker. Tundra takes him down with a lariat. Tundra spits into the crowd.]

Roberts: He spit on three different people in less than a minute, he’s been working on that.

Tundra goes for the Frostbite, but Zodiac counters it with a legdrag takedown.]

Arnett: Now look at that, Zodiac just countered the Frostbite.

Tundra whips Zodiac into the ropes. Zodiac hits Tundra with a shoulderblock. Zodiac goes for a flying forearm, but Tundra counters it with a duck-down move. Zodiac takes him down with a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Zodiac nails him with an armlock leglock submission. Tundra reaches the ropes after being trapped for 5 seconds. Tundra nails him with a powerslam. Tundra nails him with a spinning power bomb. Tundra goes for a lariat, but Zodiac counters it with a duck-down move. Zodiac catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. Zodiac takes him down with a diving shoulderblock. Tundra nails him with a jumping elbow thrust.]

Arnett: And down goes Zodiac.

Tundra executes the Frostbite and goes for the pin. James Beard counts: One, two, three.]


Arnett: And Zodiac’s title reign as champ has ended, all he needs is to get the International title to become the first man to capture all the LAW titles.

“The Immigrant Song” begins playing.]

Announcer: The winner via the Frostbite, in a time of 9: 40, and NEW LAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, TUNNNNNDRAAAA!!!!!!!

Zodiac heads back to the locker room as the fans clap for him, he shakes a few hands on the way back. Diamond consoles him. Tundra gets the LAW World title and heads to the locker room.]

Arnett: That’s all for us, see you Monday. Let’s go to Elaine Bryant and Shelly Marks.

Roberts: Shut up.

OWA Championship: Executioner vs. Monica Brant

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA Heavyweight Championship. First, coming down the aisle. She’s accompanied to the ring by her bodyguard, the giant Gustaffson. She weighs in at 157 pounds. She’s the current North American Champion. Here is “Misty” Monica Brant! And her opponent. Making his way down the aisle. He’s accompanied by “The Disco Kid” Freddy Fever. He weighs in at 230 pounds. Here is the OWA Heavyweight Champion. The Executioner!!!

Shelly: This is the big one, Elaine. It’s for the OWA Championship. If Monica Brant wins this title tonight, she‘ll be the first person in history two wear both the North American Championship and the OWA Championship.

Elaine: Monica Brant has been on a roll until her match last week with Freddy Fever that was a fiasco. Of course, at ringside, Mr. Disco Himself. Freddy Fever. He was a factor earlier on this card.

Shelly: I’ve never understood why such a stand up guy, like Executioner, would be hanging around creeps like Fever, the Chiefs and Asian Invasion.

Elaine: I have no idea

Shelly: The bell has rung. Lockup and bodyslam by the Executioner. Off the ropes, he nails Monica with a running forearm smash. Executioner with a quick cover. one. Kickout by Monica Brant.

Elaine: Executioner goes for a rolling cradle but Brant turns it into an octopus hold. Executioner powers out of the move. Brant with a backflip cradle and a German suplex! Cover by Brant. one. two. Kickout by Executioner.

Shelly: Executioner nails Monica in the back with a knee and goes for a clothesline but Monica backdrops him over the top rope and to the floor Executioner fell right onto that guardrail.

Elaine: Monica goes out of the ring and whips Executioner into the guardrail. The runs him into the ringpost and Executioner is busted open. She nails him with a German suplex on the floor and rolls him back into the ring.

Shelly: Freddy Fever is chomping at the bit over in his corner of the ring. Monica’s going for the finish. She applies the Fashion Statement cobra sleeper and Executioner is going out. Watch Freddy. He’s about to jump into that ring.

Elaine: Gustaffson’s coming Freddy’s way. I think Freddy sees him

Shelly: The referee is checking Executioner. He raises his hand once and it falls. Twice and it falls. A third time we’ll end this match. NO! Freddy Fever just nailed Monica Brant and the ref is calling for the bell. He throws her out of the ring.

Elaine: It looked like Executioner wasn’t completely out. His arm was up in the air when Freddy hit Brant Freddy’s checking on the champion

Shelly: Look out! It’s Brant into the ring with a chair and she clobbers Freddy Fever this feud has been brewing for months now. She nails him again and Fever is busted wide open. She hits him again with that chair.

Elaine: We need some security Gus is blocking the aisle. He won’t let any security through and Monica is just pounding on Freddy Fever with that chair. Executioner is a bit out of it. He has no idea what’s going on.

Shelly: From the other side of the arena, here comes some more security but Monica just nails everyone in sight. Freddy’s crawling away from Monica, but she goes right after him, hitting him in the back and the head. Fever is a bloody mess.

Elaine: Here comes the OWA commissioner. I wouldn’t do… OH!!!

Shelly: OWA Commission came up from behind Monica and she laid him out with that chair. And it appears that most of the LAW fans have been wanting to see that one. Here come the Femme’s Traci Lane, Consuelo Salyards, Rachel Ryan, Mariko. They’re all here.

Elaine: Finally someone getting control of this situation.

Shelly: Monica Brant and the Femme’s have left the ringside area. Executioner is finally to his feet. He has no idea.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. Due to outside interference, the winner of this match as a result of a DQ, is the North American Champion Monica Brant. However, the title does not change hands on a DQ, so still the OWA Champion, Executioner.

Elaine: Yeow. Executioner doesn’t look all that happy right now.

Shelly: We have a medical crew out here. They’re loading the Commissioner up on a stretcher. Looks like he‘ll be heading to the hospital. As far as Freddy Fever, he’s a bloody mess. We’re going to have to get some help for him.

Elaine: They’re loading up Freddy Fever as we’ll and he’s going to be taken to a nearby hospital as well. Monica Brant must have hit him 50 or more times with that chair. Not only is the OWA Commissioner no longer in attendance. Freddy Fever we’ll more than likely NOT be here for the 5 on 5 tag team war in the main event!

Elaine: Dammit. I forgot all about that.

Shelly: The ambulance is heading out It’s my understanding that we are short on time and the scheduled battle royal we’ll not be taking place tonight. However, I am sure that the LAW commissioner we’ll be more than happy to schedule that event for another night. It’s time for our main event. Let’s go to Ed and the J-man!

LAW vs. OWA: Team LAW vs. Team OWA

Announcer: This match is your main event! It we’ll be an elimination tag team bout. There is no time limit. First introducing Team LAW! Representing the Unholy Alliance, Ed Salazar. Hardcore and War Machine! Representing the Underground, here is Doug “Beer Drinker” Bacon. And finally, Zero!

Ed: Team LAW seems ready to rumble. What the he’ll is that Ed is carrying. Is that a chainsaw?

J-man: You’ve never seen a chainsaw before? Ed’s here for business, pal. The LAW crew is not very happy with this whole situation, and they’re planning to wipe the mat with your OWAers, no problem. Any word on the condition of Freddy Fever?

Ed: I’ve not heard a word. I suspect the OWA team we’ll have to go into this match as a 4 on 5 contest. The OWA Commissioner on his way to the hospital. Freddy Fever has yet to regain consciousness. Let’s get to the introduction of Team OWA.

Announcer: And now here is Team OWA. Leading the team, “The Black Widow” Traci Lane. Anthony Hazard. Pretty Boy Monty. Amazon Woman and replacing Freddy Fever in this contest

J-Man: Sabu? The Warrior? Rick Rude? Randy Savage?

Elaine Bryant: Sorry to interrupt here but apparently we need a replacement for tonight’s main event now originally Mr. America was in line as a stand-by wrestler, however, we also have Consuelo Salyards who is dying to get into the ring tonight. What’s it gonna be, guys?

Mr. America stands there Consuelo starts looks at him and starts to plead with him to be let into the Survivor Series match.]

Mr. America: Now hold on just a second! You want me to actually let you step into the ring just because of what Ed Salazar had to say? Now why in the hell would I want to do that when I get a chance to show the UEA, that I WAS the best thing that ever happened to them?

Consuelo: Because if you don’t, you’re gonna get whooped up on, and Salazar’s got his coming. Now stand down and give these fans what they want.

Huge pop from the crowd.]

Mr. America: Sorry sweetheart, but you messed up and said the OWA had big eggs. It’s time that someone got into the ring and showed those LAW idiots what wrestling is all about, and who better than America’s perfection?

The crowd starts up a “Consuelo” chant.]

Mr. America: Shut up you idiots! Hon, I don’t think so. It’s time that some of my old stable mates learned that they’re only second rate to me, and Doug Bacon sure as he’ll needs that lesson. Besides, I get the next best thing to Zodiac in the ring. I get his partner War Machine and I’ll even take the has-been Hardcore to school.

Consuelo: I don’t really give a DAMN about this whole LAW/OWA thing. I just want to get my hands on Ed.

Crowd keeps up the chant.]

Elaine: I’m sorry, but it appears the fans want Consuelo.

Mr. America becomes irate. He kicks over a nearby table.]

Mr. America: Fine! But listen to me, sweet cheeks! You both owe me! And owe me big time! I did the OWA a favor when I signed because *I* draw the crowds! Honey, if you don’t pay up, it’ll be one he’ll of a payback that you and the Femmes feel from me, and not even the lumbering idiot Gussy is gonna stop me! Remember that, and pray! Just pray you don’t screw this up!

Mr. America walks off as the crowd starts to cheer even louder.]

Consuelo: That’s fine with me, Captain America. (She points at the camera.) Salazar, your ass is MINE.

The crowd erupts as Consuelo leaps over the barricade and walks through the fans to the back exit.]

Announcer: here is “Latin Lover” Consuelo Salyards!

Ed: Consuelo just raced by all of her teammates and slides into the ring, she’s going after Ed! There is definite hatred here. Ed spots her and nails her with a clothesline. No. Salyards turns it into a headscissors takeover. She nails him with a couple of chops and an enzuigiri.

J-man: Has this match even started? Consuelo with a spinning leg lariat that nails Ed hard. Consuelo throws Ed out of the ring. She bounces off the ropes and nails him with a plancha. Consuelo whips Ed into the guardrail and goes for a flying splash, but Ed moves and Consuelo crashes into the guardrail!

Ed: Incredible start, but these two need to get back into the ring. Ed with a clothesline and he pulls her up by the hair. He nails her with a thrust kick to the head and starts to get inside the ring, but Consuelo pulls him down and rams his head into the ringsteps.

J-man: Ed with a swinging neckbreaker and there’s a bell. I think we have a double countout but these two aren’t finished. Ed Salazar with a chokeslam. No. Consuelo nails him with a kick to the face. These two are fighting down the aisle. Consuelo just threw Ed over the railing into the fans. The ref’s calling for a double count-out!

Announcer: Ed Salazar and Consuelo Salyards have both been eliminated at 3: 03.

J-Man: DOH!

Ed: Fans are clearing the area. Consuelo sets up a chair and does a moonsault off the chair onto Ed! Ed with a rake to the eyes and stomachbreaker. He rams the head of Consuelo into the guardrail and she’s busted open.

J-man: In the ring, Zero and Anthony Hazard are doing battle, but we’ve got action going on outside the ring. Both Ed Salazar and Consuelo Salyards have been eliminated, however they’re continuing to fight. Ed sets up a table. He’s going for a chokeslam, but Consuelo rams the head of Ed into the table.

Ed: Consuelo picks up the table and throws it down onto Ed and jumps on is a few times. Consuelo pulls Ed to his feet and whips him into the wall. They’re fighting out of the Arena back into the locker room area. Can we get some coverage there? Elaine? Send her out there, quickly.

J-man: Yeah, hurry, if a boob pops out, and I miss it, J-Man won’t be a happy camper. Anyways, in the ring, Anthony Hazard nails Zero with a shoulderblock. He tags in Amazon Woman. She goes for a full nelson, but Zero counters with a backward kick. Zero with a dragon suplex. Zero is going for Zero Gravity. NO! Amazon gets her knees up.

Ed: Amazon Woman with a whip into the ropes. Reversal by Zero. He charges the corner. Zero with a chokehold. one. two. three. four. Zero places Amazon Woman on the turnbuckle. He executes a nice superplex.

J-man: Cover by Zero. one. two. kickout by Amazon Woman. Zero whips her into the corner, she comes out, but he nails her with an elbow. Whip by Zero. Reversal by Amazon and she nails him with a flying forearm! Cover. one. two. Zero gets a foot on the ropes. Amazon tags out to Traci Lane.

Ed: Zero tags out to Doug Bacon. Lock up. Bacon whips Lane to the ropes. No. reversal by Lane. Bacon misses a clothesline but he connects with a second and Lane is out of the ring. She grabs a chair, and Bacon comes out after her. She nails Bacon with a chair. She rolls Bacon back into the ring. Whip by Lane. She goes for a backdrop, but Bacon nails her with a legsweep faceslam.

Elaine Bryant – from the back: Sorry to butt in. we have security people lying all over back here. Consuelo Salyards and Ed Salazar have battle back here and as you can see, Consuelo just nailed Ed with a low blow, using the handle of a mop. Salyards picks up a metal bucket and brings it down on the head of Ed. Both of these wrestlers are bleeding profusely. It looks like they are taking this upstairs. I’ll try and get another report for you as soon as we have it.

J-man: Damn. No respect for the family jewels. In the ring, Traci Lane has Doug Bacon set up for the. OUCH! What the hell was that??

Ed: That’s called a Gorilla Press Piledriver. one. two. three! And Doug Bacon is history. Lane tags out to Anthony Hazard. And in comes War Machine.

Announcer: Doug Bacon has been eliminated at 11: 31.

J-man: I’m shocked at that, Bacon’s a former World Champion, but one of the current UEA tag champs, and Unholy Alliance members, War Machine comes in. WM nails Hazard with a flying forearm. Machine throws Hazard out of the ring. Machine with the Heatseeker, but Hazard moves out of the way. Hazard goes back into the ring. Machine catches up and nails Hazard with a backdrop driver!

Ed: Hazard tags out to Amazon Woman, and War Machine tags in Hardcore, and immediately a “He’s Hardcore” begins. Amazon Woman with a dropkick. She nails him with a headbutt. Hardcore with a chokehold! one. two. three. He breaks the hold.

J-man: Swinging punch by Hardcore, nailing Amazon Woman. Hardcore misses a clothesline and Amazon Woman nails him with a shoulderblock. Powerbomb by Amazon Woman. cover. one. two. kickout.

Ed: Amazon Woman off the rope. What?!? Out of nowhere. Yes! Hardcore with the Suicide Neckbreaker! Hardcore dives back in the ring, and the cover. one. two. three!!

Announcer: Amazon Woman has been eliminated at 17: 45.

J-man: Looks like we’re down to 3 on 3. Hardcore tags out to War Machine and Anthony Hazard comes in for the OWA Team. War Machine catches Hazard quickly with a flying forearm. Machine throws Hazard out of the ring. Machine whips Hazard into the guardrailing.

Ed: Machine is on a terror here. He just posted Hazard, then slams him with a chair. Machine rolls Hazard back into the ring. Machine with War Cannon and goes for the pin. one. two. thr. Kickout by Hazard. Machine is on his feet. He nails Hazard with a diving elbow smash.

J-man: Machine with a falling splash. one. two. Save by Pretty Boy Monty. Hazard makes the tag to Monty. Monty comes in with a European uppercut. Monty with a whip. Reversal by Machine who nails Monty with a clothesline. Monty with a kick to the midsection and Tombstone piledriver.

Ed: Machine misses a roundhouse right and Monty nails him with a bridging belly to back suplex! one. two. three!!!

J-Man: Crap!

Announcer: War Machine has been eliminated at 22: 44.

J-man: Zero comes in now and nails Monty. He whips him into the turnbuckle. Reversal by Monty. Zero misses a clothesline but nails the soviet suplex.

Elaine – from the parking lot: Ed, J-man. Sorry to break in here, but Consuelo and Ed have fought out to the parking lot. If the camera can get this action, there are a few uniformed officers lying on the ground. Those are due to Ed and Consuelo who easily dismantled the officers before going back at each other. Over there, you can see that Ed just piledrove Consuelo on the pavement. That car they are right next to has a broken window from when Consuelo rammed the head of Ed right through it. *the sound of sirens are heard* It looks like the police are on their way. Consuelo just smashed the head of Ed into a bumper. Both wrestlers have beaten each other bloody. Ed Salazar just brought a tire iron down across the back of Consuelo Salyards. Salyards grabs the tight of Ed and pulls him right into the car. Salyards has the tire iron and just nailed Ed in the neck. Now, you can see she’s climbing up the car. It looks like she’s going to do a moonsault off the car and onto Ed. Ed moved and Consuelo just landed front first on the pavement and Ed is putting the boots to her. I’ll try to keep this coverage as much as possible.

Ed: Thanks for that update. Looks like we’re talking about criminal charges here. Back in the ring, Zero has really dominated Anthony Hazard. Zero misses a clothesline. Hazard catches him from behind. Reverse Powerslam. cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Zero has been eliminated at 27: 13.

J-man: Useless. Zero is utterly useless. Well, it’s a 3 on 1 now, no problem though, we’ve got Hardcore in there. He grabs Hazard from behind. Hardcore with Suicide Neckbreaker!!! One. two. three!!

Announcer: Anthony Hazard has been eliminated at 27: 32.

Ed: Monty comes into the ring, but Hardcore nails him, sending him to the outside. Hardcore rams Monty into the ring steps. Hardcore sets up a table. He pulls Monty up and powerbombs him on the table.

J-man: Hardcore rolls Monty back into the ring. Hardcore with a bridging back suplex. one. two. kickout. Hardcore with a whip. Monty ducks a clothesline, and executes a sleeperhold. Hardcore runs Monty backward into the corner. Suicide neckbreaker by Hardcore!!! Here’s the cover. One. two. three! Oh yeah, one-on-one, baby!

Announcer: Pretty Boy Monty eliminated at 35: 17.

Ed: We have two wrestlers left in the ring. Only one can be the winner. Traci Lane makes her way into the ring. Traci Lane has to stay away from the Suicide Neckbreaker. And Hardcore has to stay away from the Gorilla Press Piledriver. Traci leaps into the ring and attacks Hardcore. She whips him into the turnbuckle, she moves in, but Hardcore has a leg up. Sleeperhold by Hardcore. Lane quickly gets to the ropes for the break.

J-man: Lane with a fist to the midsection and a slap. Lane with a vertical suplex. Lane off the ropes, Hardcore stops her with a backdrop. Punch by Hardcore. And an abdominal stretch. Lane makes the escape with a hiptoss. Hardcore with a whip. Reversal by Lane. She goes for a backdrop, but Hardcore counters with a jackknife power bomb! It’s over! one. two. kickout??? Damn.

Ed: Hardcore continues his assault. Swinging punch that sends Lane out over the top rope.

Elaine – From the parking lot: Guys. Sorry again to interrupt. However the police have arrived on the scene. After a 15 minute struggle, the police have finally separated Consuelo Salyards and Ed Salazar. Both are bloody and battered. They’ve been handcuffed and placed into police cars. I’m here with the Chief of Police of this fine city. Sir, what’s going to happen to the two?

Chief: First, we’re going to take them to the hospital. Then they’ll be booked for assaulting officers, destruction of private property, assault and battery, and maybe attempted homicide, with the way they were beating each other out there. Their respective federation heads can bail them out in the morning.

Elaine: Thanks for informing us. Is that a bell I hear? Let’s go back to you Ed and J-man.

Ed: There has been a bell. The referee counted both wrestlers out of the ring, however, LAW Commissioner Alvarado is conferring with the referee. The referee is tell both wrestlers to get back into the ring. Commissioner Alvarado is here. Can you tell us what’s going on?

Commissioner Alvarado: Neither league is going to be happy with a double countout in this important match, therefore, this match we’ll continue. There we’ll be no counting out of the wrestlers.

J-man: In my opinion. That was a great call. The LAW and OWA wrestlers, as we’ll as the fans would have been rather upset with a double countout in this type of match.

Ed: While we were talking with Elaine regarding Consuelo and Ed Salazar, we should note that Hardcore tried to whip Traci into the ringpost, but Traci reversed it sending Hardcore face first into the post. As you can see, blood is trickling down his forehead.

J-man: The bell sounds to restart this match. Lane goes for a dropkick, but Hardcore swiftly moves out of the way. Hardcore drives a knee to the back of Traci Lane. He pulls her up and DDTs her. Cover. one. two. kickout by Traci Lane. Belly to belly suplex by Hardcore.

Ed: These two are going blow for blow. They’re in the corner trading punches. The referee is trying to break this up but they just nailed the referee he’s not hurt very much and again he tries to break it up in the corner

J-man: OH! Man. they just double headbutted the referee and threw him out of the ring. A second official is down here calling for the bell but once again Commissioner Alvarado is talking to the official who nods.

Alvarado: From this point on there’s no DQ. I want a winner in this match.

Ed: Very good. In the ring, Hardcore is all over Traci Lane. He executes a nice spinning power bomb. And a bridging back suplex. one. two. kickout by Traci Lane. Hardcore pulls her up and.

J-man: YES!!! Suicide Neckbreaker!!! This one is history. One. two. thr.

Ed: Her feet are on the ropes! Hardcore thinks he’s won, but the ref saw her feet. He’s trying to tell him. Hardcore looks rather pissed at this turn of events. He’s going to go for another Suicide Neckbreaker but NO! Lane blocks it and nails Hardcore with a back suplex. Hardcore is up, right into the arms of Lane, who executes a spinebuster slam.

J-man: C. mon. Core!!! Lane with a body slam. European uppercut by Lane and backbreaker. She’s setting him up for.

Ed: The Gorilla Press Piledriver. She got him. one. two. thre. KICKOUT?!?

J-Man: Say hello to the Badass!

Ed: Oh my!! Hardcore kicked out of Lane’s GPP. Hardcore to his feet nails Lane with a swinging punch. Lane fights back with a punch of her own.

J-man: Lane ducks another swinging punch, Lane executes a belly to back suplex. one. two. three? No-no-no-no-no-no-no!. *bell rings*

Ed: I think Lane has won this for the OWA. Let’s go for an official decision. The referee is talking with the Commissioner who finally throws up his hands and walks out of the arena

Announcer: The referee has made this call. Both wrestlers were pinned in that exchange. The referee is calling this match a draw.

J-man: A Draw? Damn. Do you think this is the last we’ve heard of the war between LAW and the OWA?

Ed: Who can tell?!? A quick recap of the night. OWA has new tag team champions, in the Chiefs. Mariko successfully defended her OWA TV Championship. And Executioner retains his OWA Championship due to the interference of Freddy Fever. Word from the back is that Freddy Fever is now conscious and not happy at all. We’ve gotten no word from the hospital on the condition of the OWA Commissioner, hopefully we’ll have that for you next week on OWA Championship Wrestling. On the LAW side.

J-man: Oh, don’t worry, I’ll tell them about the LAW results. Sheesh. Cyanide gained a shot at the TV Title when he beat Mosher by DQ, The Professional became the new TV champ by pinning Big Russ, Masked Plague beat Venus for the International Championship, and Tundra got the pin after the Frostbite to become the new LAW World Champion. Three LAW titles on the line, and they all change hands, it’s been one he’ll of a night. Now, I just hope that I can get on good terms with those Femmes. They’re all pretty cute, although I don’t think Hardcore and Ed we’ll quite approve.

Ed: For everyone here at Behind Enemy Lines we want to thank you for joining us for this spectacular PPV Event. For J-man, and the rest of the announcing crew, I’m Ed Bagel and we’ll see you in 3 weeks for the OWA’s Holiday In Hell.


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