Pick Your Poison

We are going to choose one of the three shows listed below for the last show for Season 2021. That doesn’t mean the others won’t get done at some point, however, we are asking for your help. There is a poll on Twitter at the top of the Splat profile, pinned. The descriptions are below, which would you like to see first:

Ghost Fighter Boone!

Boone has had an interesting childhood. A demonic possession was thwarted for him as a child, however his eye remain affected and he can now see ghosts. He works as a ‘ghost fighter’ to rid haunted places of evil spirits. Then he stumbles upon a ghost named Brenda who follows him around once she figures out he can see her. Add some goofy sidekicks, the original demon who tried to possess Boone, a police detective, and the girl of Boone’s dreams and you have the making of this supernatural/comedy/thriller/love story.

Sandra House: Real Estate Ninja

House only cares about one thing. Selling houses, condos, property. Her life revolves around nothing else due to personal circumstances when she was younger. Her robotic, persistent personality shakes the foundation of Triumph Realty when HQ sends her to help boost sales. She is demanding, mysterious, and frank about just about everything when entering this office of lazy realtors. Can she whip them in shape? And what happens when she stumbles into a love triangle with two of her co-workers? Who will she choose? She’s unorthodox and probably a little insane.


When her grandfather dies, Harriet takes over his watchmaker’s shop. She has spent years learning his technique. She also learned his technique of using time to crush alibis for criminals trying to get away with their crimes… for a price, of course. When a new chief of police comes to town, a chance meeting with Harriet leads to a murder case that has everyone stumped. Even with a confession, the time just doesn’t add up. Can she use the skills she learned from her grandfather to assist in determining the killer?