Pinky Promise – Synopsis and Casting

Leanne Hamill is just starting college. She has also been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She could quit college and spend her last year of life being isolated and depressed, but instead she continues college and hopes for the best.

The one thing she doesn’t want is pity. Nor does she want to burden her friends. So, one day, she randomly picks a boy who she has never met and befriends him.

Chad Gillum is a loner. He loves to read and he spends most of his time in the library. He is taken aback when a cute girl starts to hang around him. And then she tells him her secret.

The story of Pinky Promise is the telling of the story of Leanne and Chad in her last months of life. While on the surface, the story itself is tragic, the moments along the way has happy moments, sad moments, cute moments and funny moments.


Leanne Hamill: Appearance is that of an 18 year old woman.

Chad Gillum: The appearance of a 19-year-old young man.

Tabitha Talbot: Leanne’s best friend. The appearance of an 18-year-old woman.

Chet: Chet is also a loner. He tends to try and hang out with Chad on occasion. 18-20 year old in appearance.

The last three castings require the same characters, retelling this story 15 years later, but we may just use make up to age rather than trying to cast each part twice and hope to find those with similar features. There may be additional castings, but as of right now, these are the roles we will be looking for. It’s going to be a very young cast.