“Don’t change the fucking channel. You might be wondering why we just don’t do a recap of that third episode of The Question and be done with it. You see, it’s like this. There’s some stuff you missed, of course. You see that show wasn’t really about me, but about some other dick who ended up dying. So, let’s start from the beginning.”

The scene opens up in a dimly lit alley. There’s a street light that flickers on and off at random intervals. A couple of rats scurry across the street.

“You see, I used to be the king of this fucking city.”

The camera pans around as if trying to find the voice.

“I had the mayor and the chief of police in my pocket. We were making lots of money. Hey, brother. You could at least look at me when I’m talking to ya.”

The camera pans around again, searching for the speaker.

“Over to the left a little.”

The camera pans left.

“Now, lower.”

The camera drops a little lower.

“Little more.”

It drops a little more.

“On the ground, you fucking moron.”

There seems to be a splotch of something on the ground.

“There. Surprised? Surprised to be talking a mess of goo here? Well, not as surprised as…”

The pile of goo in question seems to have a mouth that moves, unfortunately, he doesn’t get to finish his sentence when an alley door bursts open and a couple stagger out drunkenly and begin to make out as the sound of music from within the bar is heard. They have romantic plans for this alley as she begins to unfasten his belt and he tries to reach up under her dress.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!?”

The woman shrieks and the man spins around, “Who’s there?”

“I’m here, you turd. Take your little tramp and go find another alley to bang in, for fuck’s sake.”

As the two put themselves together and disappear out of the alley, the camera turns it’s attention back to the blob.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m the famous Eel O’Brien. Gangster extraordinaire or some shit like that. I don’t suppose you could find a wheelbarrow or a big sack or something. Forget the sack. That’s how I got into this mess in the first place.  Where was I again? Oh yeah, my bitch of a fiancee punched me in the face with a goddamned rock and then shoved me in a sack.”

“Very funny, guys.”

The voice of Eel O’Brien is very clear. “Let me outta here and we’ll talk it over.” A burlap sack is rolling around in the back of a truck.

The truck pulls into the parking lot of Hub Chemicals. Dragon, Deathbolt, and Sheila exit the vehicle.

“Can you grab the sack, Sheila?” asks Dragon.

“My pleasure,” she says as she pulls down the tailgate and drags the sack towards her and hoists it over her shoulder.

“Hey! Easy out there,” yells Eel. “I get the message! How about you let me outta here and we have a conversation about etiquette? Sound good?”

Suddenly, Sheila just drops him to the ground.

“OW! What the fuck?”

Instead of picking him up, she grabs the bag and drags it along the pavement instead.

“This fucking hurts, goddammit!”

“That was a rock!”

She continues to drag him across the pavement.

“What that a curb? You can’t lift me over the curb?”

The three disappear inside the plant.

“So, that’s the last you got to see of me. Let me fill in the blanks for you because, you know: origin story.”

Inside Hub City Chemical, the trio start up the metal stairs. Sheila doesn’t even bother to lift the sack, letting each step smash into the sack as they climb to the scaffolding up top.

“Goddamned Sheila! What did I ever do to you…”

A flash of anger crosses Sheila Sorrel’s face as she grits her teeth and then just releases the bag.

The bag bounces down the metal stairs as Eel screams inside the sack, “That really hurt! I think you broke my spleen. I may have internal injuries!”

Dragon smirks as he nods to the sack at the bottom of the stairs and Sheila stalks down towards him and lifts him once again.

“Eel, in a few moments, you won’t have to worry about your spleen, your ass, or your tiny little dick every again,” says Dragon as Deathbolt snickers.

“Hey! What lies are you telling them, Sheila? My dick is correctly proportioned to my body!”

“Yeah, right,” mutters Sheila under her breath.

“I heard that!”

“Eel, we’ve had enough of your shit. We let you take charge of the gang because we figured you knew what you were doing but then you got all cocky and shit. We’re done taking orders from you,” interjects Deathbolt, “Throw him in and let’s get this over with!”

“Throw me in what? What the fuck are you yapping about?”

Dragon looks to Sheila, “Which one did he throw you in?”

“Wait a second! Are we at the chemical plant?”

Sheila points to the first vat, “This one.”

“Well, we don’t want him turning into a rock thing like you did,” Dragon notices that Sheila looks pissed off at that comment, “What I mean is, we’re trying to get rid of him, not give him amazing superpowers.” That seems to console her a bit.

He leads them over to another vat, but instead of the blue color of the first one, this one is orange in color.

Eel is still trying to kick his way out of that burlap sack, but Sheila’s grip on the bag far exceeds his ability to kick through the tough fabric.

“Throw him in,” Dragon says.

“Don’t throw me in!” comes the muffled voice inside the bag.

“Do it.”

“Don’t do it!”

Dragon leans in, “This guy left you for dead. You don’t owe him shit.”

Sheila seems like she might be reconsidering as she lifts the bag up. “You brought this on yourself, you selfish prick,” she says before letting the bag fall. We hear the sounds of Eel’s screams as splashes into the goo below.

Dragon nudges Deathbolt, “Done. Let’s get out of here.” As the two start to walk away, Sheila stays put and watches the bag as it slowly sinks into the orange below.

“Hey! This stuff stings!” Eel screams.

Deathbolt stops and turns back, “Coming Sheila?”

She just nods her head but continues to watch until the bag is completely submerged and the factory becomes eerily quiet.  A tear slowly rolls down her face as she turns and walks after the other two.

We hear the steel door shut as they leave, the lights inside the factory flicker. The camera focuses on the vat of orange liquid as the bubbles floating to the surface cease.

Suddenly, something emerges from the liquid and grabs onto the edge of the vat. The slimy creature goes over the side and splashes onto the floor and then slowly oozes towards the exit leaving a slick trail behind, like that of a snail.


“So, as you see, I’m the world’s largest fucking snail now. With my luck, some kid’ll come by and sprinkle salt all over me.”


Sure enough, a small teenager walks by. He’s wearing a baseball cap, an old denim jacket and jeans. He is eating a candy bar while the sound of drums can be heard from his earbuds. He finishes up the candy bar he’s been eating and tosses the wrapper and it lands on the splotch that is Eel O’Brien.

“Goddammit!” yells the blob, but the earbuds prevent the boy from hearing the profanity.


The alley is suddenly bathed in bright light.

The kid spins around to see where the light is coming from and ducks behind a dumpster, peeking around the corner.

“Turn off the high beams!” yells Eel.


“Sorry about the light, but I’ve come to help,” comes the female voice.

The boy reaches up and pulls the earbuds out of his ear as he spies.


“You’re gonna help me?”

The woman being question is dressed in what appears to be a partial tuxedo complete with a top hat.

“My name is Zatanna and I’ve come to help.”


“You don’t find it odd that you’re talking to a blob squatting in an alley? And what’s with the getup? You ain’t pulling a rabbit out of my hat, darling. Been there, done that.”

The comment goes unanswered as she squats down next to him, “I can help stabilize the substance you’ve become. Give you more control, but in return, you would owe me a huge favor.


“So, I’ll still be a blob, but have some control? You can’t just turn me back into a guy? Listen, chick, isn’t there some well-meaning servant stepkid that is about to turn into a pumpkin you can go help?” he asks.

Zatanna considers the question, “I’m not aware of any such thing. Do we have a deal?”


“You’ll fix me but I owe you a favor? What’s the favor?”

The magician smiles at the blob, “You’ll know when the time comes.”


As the boy continues to spy on the two, he slowly reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cell phone and swipes it open and presses the button to open his camera app.

Zatanna perks up as she seems to sense something. She reaches up and snaps her fingers and the boy’s cell phone turns into sand as it flows through the boy’s fingers into a pile on the road. The boy angrily glares at the woman’s back.


Zatanna turns back to Eel, “Do we have a deal?”

“Fine! Fine!” says Eel as Zatanna rises.  She closes her eyes and begins to speak some sort of incantation. As she waves her wand, the blob that is Eel O’Brien begins to swirl upward and slowly is formed into more of a human form that resembles the old Eel O’Brien.

“Well, that’s a neat trick,” says Eel as he pats himself down.

“Your form is malleable. It means that you can take up any shape that you want, but like anything, it will take practice. In the meanwhile, this form will suit you fine. Just remember, there will come a time when a favor is needed and you will need to comply. If you fail, this entire process will reverse and you will become as you previously were.” She begins to wave her wand again as she starts to glow, “I will be seeing you soon, Mr. O’Brien. Good luck.”  And as quickly as she arrived, she disappears, leaving the alley in darkness.

The boy watches the exchange with wide eyes.

“That was one weird chick,” says Eel as he takes one step forward. Once he realizes he’s not going to fall, he starts to walk. “Easy enough,” he says but a sound is heard and he whips around, “Who’s there?”

The boy ducks behind the dumpster.

“I saw you. Come on out, you little fuck.”

Shuffling out from behind the dumpster, the child steps out into the open. 

Eel glares down at the kid, “Didn’t your mother tell you it’s not polite to spy on people?”

The question only gets a shrug in response.

“Beat it kid, before I decide to hang you up to dry.”

The kid looks like he wants to say something, but decides not to press his luck and he runs as fast as he can out of the alley.

As the kid runs around the corner and ducks into a doorway. As he catches his breath, he peeks around the corner and mutters, “Dick.”

The kid steps out onto the sidewalk and takes off running. He “accidentally” runs into a man on the sidewalk and falls.  The man turns around, “Are you okay?”

The boy nods, “I’m fine.”  The man offers his hand to help the boy up and as the boy dusts himself off, “It was my fault. I should have been watching where I was going. Sorry ‘bout that.”

The man nods, “You should be more careful. Run along home. It’s getting dark.”

The kid nods and runs off.  He goes around another corner and ducks into another alley. This time he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wallet and digs through it finding a nice wad of cash. “At least I can have dinner tonight,” he mutters before tossing the wallet onto the ground and leaving the alley.

Meanwhile, Eel is having a hard time walking. He hasn’t quite got as much control of his rubbery legs as he would like so it almost looks like he’s drunk walking down the street.

“Fucking legs, get a handle on this, Eel,” he mutters to himself before ducking into the bar. He waddles up to the barstool and sits. 

As the bartender walks towards him, he stops and pauses, almost as if he doesn’t believe that Eel is sitting there.  He steps up, “Where ya been, Eel? Haven’t seen ya in a minute?”

“It’s been a fucking shitty week, Al. I’m gonna get sloppy drunk tonight, so let’s start with some whiskey,” Eel responds.

The bartender nods, “Sure thing.”

He walks over and plucks a bottle off the shelf and sets it and a shot glass in front of Eel. “Here you go.”

“Thanks Al, you’re the best.”

As Eel starts to pour whiskey into the shot glass, Al heads towards the back and pulls out his cell phone and punches a number.

“I thought you said Eel was done for?”

“Then how come he’s sitting in my bar?”

“Like I don’t recognize Eel O’Brien. I’m just letting you know. Don’t bring no trouble into my bar. Wait until he leaves and do whatever the fuck you want.”

He hangs up and puts on a chipper face before heading back into the bar.

Deathbolt sets his cell phone on the table, “Al called. Says that Eel is sitting in his bar.”

Suddenly, a stone fist smashes through that table as Sheila lets out a scream. “Why won’t that motherfucker die?” she stands up. “I’ll finish that bitch once and for all,” she starts towards the door.

“Just wait a second, Sheila,” says Dragon. He turns to Deathbolt, “100 percent it was Eel?”

“The guy swore on his life it was Eel.”

“We need to be careful. Look what happened to Sheila when she fell into the chemicals. If Eel is alive, then chances are something may have happened to him as well. Send half a dozen guys over there to grab him when he comes out of the bar.”

Sheila shakes her head, storming back over. “No. This dick is mine.”

“Let us handle this. Don’t you have a set coming up at the club?”

Sheila nods her head, “But…”

“There’s nothing to worry about. We will handle this. Head over, do your set and by the time it’s done, Eel will be handled.

Unsure, Sheila reaches for her coat and slips it on. “Fine. But if it’s not handled by the time I’m done, I’ll take care of it myself.”

She heads out the door, slamming it as she leaves causing the other two to jump.

“I told the guys to grab him when he comes out of the bar,” says Deathbolt as he puts his phone down and starts picking up pieces to the broken table. “You know, we may need to find sturdier tables. She’s destroyed half a dozen already.”

Dragon stands up, “Leave that for later. We have to go collect on a debt.”

Big Queen’s is the best burger joint in town. Bar none. No question. Voted every year by a landslide the best burger joint in town. Been around for nearly a century.  The bell jingles as the door is opened and the older man behind the counter looks up and grins, “Jazz.”

The kid from earlier waves, “Pops!  Still open right?”

“For you, always. What’ll it be?”

Jazz doesn’t even hesitate, “Two big queens, extra cheese, and add bacon this time!”

Feigning an impressed look, Pops tilts his head, “Big spender tonight, are we? Orange soda and fries, I take it?”

Jazz nods his head very quickly, “Yes, please!”

“Twelve dollars.”

Jazz reaches into his pocket and hands over the money.

Pops hands Jazz the receipt, “I’ll bring it right out.”

Jazz walks over and slides into a booth as he waits.

Eel walks out of the bar, having gotten himself sufficiently liquored up. He walks down the sidewalk unaware of the fact that he’s being watched.

“Can’t really go back to my place. But wait, why can’t I? I mean, those fuckers think I’m dead so what’s the big deal.” The liquor in his system causes him to be a little more jiggly than he’s used to.

Behind him, three men cross the street and continue to follow him.

As Eel approaches his building, he turns down the alleyway, “Gonna have to go in through the fire escape. I ain’t got no keys or nothing,” he says as he stretches his arm up to grab onto the fire escape and starts to pull it down.

“What the fuck is that?”

Eel whips his head around at the voice and sees the three men. “It’s not what it looks like. I live here, I just ain’t got my keys.”

One of the guys turns to the others, “Dragon King didn’t say nothing about no superhero.”

Eel’s neck stretches out as he brings his head closer to the three, “Who you calling a superhero? You take that back right now!”

The second guy swings a baseball bat and cracks it right up against Eel’s head which bounces against the wall of the building on the left, ricochets off and bounces off the building on the right before dropping down onto the alley road.

Seeing birdies now, Eel groans, “That hurt,” he mutters as his head moves back to its proper position on his shoulders.

Having had enough, the final guy pulls out a gun. “We ain’t got all day. The boss told us to off ya, so we’re gonna off ya. Stop fucking around so we can get this over with.”

“So, you’re asking me to just stand still and let you shoot me? That’s a hard pass for me. Did I hear you right? That bitch Dragon is calling himself Dragon King now? That’s rich.”

“Yeah, so?”

Eel shakes his head, “Dragon couldn’t lead a parade. You guys even making minimum wage?”

“Enough talking,” the three charge in after Eel who inflates one of his hands to supersize and punches one of the guys in the face, sending him flying against the brick wall.

A second thug takes a swing, but Eel’s elastic body squirms to avoid it and then he wraps his hand over the guy’s face like a plastic bag and the guy clutches at it as he begins to lose oxygen.

Suddenly, a clicking sound is heard as the final guy has a pistol aimed right up against Eel’s head. “Let him go or I blow your brains out now.”

“Go ahead,” says Eel as he maintains hold of the other one. 

“I’m not fucking around, Eel. I’ll shoot you here and now.

“Holy shit, I told you to just go ahead and do it.” The man being suffocated is starting to fade as he slowly sinks onto the road. “By the time you pull that trigger, your pal here will be dead from lack of oxygen and then it’s just you and me, asshole.”

“You’re lucky that Dragon King and Deathbolt are taking care of Pops.” He finally pulls the trigger and everything moves in slow motion as we see the bullet leave the gun and go right into Eel’s ear and then exit the other ear and as the camera pans around, we see that a small hole has opened up allowing clear passage of the bullet through Eel’s head and then is slowly closes up.

Eel releases the suffocating guy, who’s now dead and manages to shape himself into a giant boot and crushes the final guy as he stomps him out, blood pouring out from underneath.

“I could get used to this type of power,” he says as he realizes he’s covered in blood. “Gross.” He reaches for a water hose and sprays himself down as he shakes himself off like a dog. “What’s the bullshit about dealing with Pops? Pops has always been off-limits.”

Eel takes off.

Jazz sits at a table and he suddenly notices that there’s smoke coming from the back. He slides out of the booth, “Pops?”  He makes his way behind the counter and he can hear the sizzling of the burger on the grill but the kitchen seems empty.

He reaches over the turns off the grill and then continues to walk towards the back of the store. “Pops?”

The office seems empty as well, but then Jazz notices the backdoor to the restaurant is open.

Then he hears a crash.

Moving carefully and quietly, Jazz sneaks towards the open door. A new sound is heard, a constant thudding sound. That thudding sound starts to sound like a wet smacking sound as Jazz inches closer.

As he peeks around the corner, he sees two men. One of them has a baseball bat and is hitting something, but Jazz can’t quite see.  It’s then she notices the baseball bat is very bloody.

She moves a little closer and she sees a beaten, bloody, and most assuredly, dead Pops as Deathbolt has beaten him to death with this baseball bat. Jazz brings his hand up to his mouth with a gasp that is heard by both Deathbolt and Dragon King as they spin around to face her.

“Where the fuck did you come from, kid?” asks Dragon King. “C’mere and let’s have a little talk.”

The two gangsters start to move towards the kid who turns and runs back into the building.

“Head to the front and catch him as he comes outside,” says Dragon King as he runs into the building. Deathbolt sprints down the alley towards the street.

Inside, Jazz is running through the kitchen and bursts into the dining room. As he gets to the door, Deathbolt appears, smacking that bloody bat against his hand. “C’mon out, kid,” he beckons.

Jazz turns to go back, but Dragon King steps into the kitchen. “You ain’t got nowhere to go, kid. I wouldn’t be the criminal mastermind that I am if I left witnesses. Sorry that we had to murder Pops, but his days of paying in burgers is done. Can’t let people think we’re soft.” 

Jazz gulps.

Eel runs into the alley and almost immediately regrets it as he finds Pops, “Goddammit,” he says, bringing up his arm to cover his mouth. “There goes the best burger on the planet. I’m gonna kill those motherfuckers.”

He turns and sprints down the alley.

As he turns the corner, he sees Deathbolt standing in front of the entrance with a baseball bat.

Dragon King moves towards Jazz who backs up slowly until his back is against the door.

Behind him, we can see Deathbolt standing there with a bat until a giant fist bursts onto the scene and punches Deathbolt, sending him flying out of view.

Jazz didn’t see it, but Dragon King did as his eyes glance beyond the kid. As Eel steps into view, Dragon King reaches up and points to Eel, “You are alive, you motherfucker!”

Eel has figured the kid is in danger, “Let’s go, kid!” he yells and as Dragon King starts to run towards the kid, Jazz pulls open the door and rushes out and is immediately scooped up by Eel as he runs down the street.

“I ain’t done with you, Dragon,” he says as he hurries down the street.

Meanwhile, across the street on a rooftop, a pair of binoculars is watching the scene unfold. As the holder of the binoculars moves them away from her face, we see a brunette with a long ponytail, dressed from neck to toe in all black. She reaches up and taps her ear, “Phantom Girl here.”

“Whatcha got?”

“Found the target, but looks like there may be some complications.”

“What kind of complications?”

“I’m not too sure exactly what’s going on down there.”

“Look, this situation is very sensitive. For now, continue to survey the situation. Do not interject yourself, do you understand?”

That doesn’t appear to make Phantom Girl very happy as she scowls, “Understood.”

“Report when you figure out what’s going on.”

“Roger.” She taps the comm in her ear once more and brings the binoculars back up to her eyes.

Dragon King exits the restaurant and rushes over to where Deathbolt is stuck in the nearby bushes, “What the fuck was that?”

Deathbolt brushes the leaves from his clothing, “That was motherfucking Eel O’Brien. I’m going to find him and rip his goddamned face off!”

“Calm down,” says Dragon King, “Something’s not right with all of this. We need that kid. If he gets to the police…”

“Yeah, right.”

Dragon King looks at Deathbolt, “What?”

“The day that Eel O’Brien willingly gets involved with the police? C’mon.” Deathbolt starts to head down the road after Eel when Dragon King reaches over and grabs his arm.


“Don’t worry, we’ll get Eel. We need to clean up before someone calls the cops.” King turns and walks back the way they originally came.

Deathbolt continues to look the other way, the way that Eel ran but then reluctantly turns and follows Dragon King.

Eel stops running in front of a business and sets the kid down as he tries to catch his breath, “I don’t know that the fuck you were doing back there, but you do not want to mess with those two. They’ll pluck you apart like ripping off the legs of a spider.”

“I’m not trying to cause any problems. I just went to grab something to eat, which I didn’t get thanks to those guys,” Jazz looks like he wants to tear up, “I can’t believe… Pops…”

“Look, kid. Where do you live? I think it’s best if you lay low for a bit…”

“I don’t live anywhere. Besides, I need to get to the police station. I need to report Pops…”

Eel kneels down, “Listen, kid. Running to the cops is the last thing you need to do right now. That’s the first place those two assholes are going to be watching. Come inside, I’ll buy you something to eat. I know the gal that runs this place.”

Eel reaches over and opens the door and the sound of music can be heard.

“What is this place?”

“Just go inside, kid. You hungry or what?”

“Starving,” says Jazz who turns and heads into the opened door. Eel follows behind and as the door closes, a sign on the door reads, “No one under 21 admitted.”

As the camera pans back, the flashing neon sign is seen and it reads, “Lila’s Ladies.”

As the two walk inside, we can clearly see that this is a strip club. There’s ladies walking around half-dressed and someone on stage performing. Jazz immediately blushes and spins around, “Where did you take me? I thought this was a restaurant.”

“Not so much, but it’s the only place I could think to bring you.”

A woman notices Eel and a frown quickly crosses her face as she marches towards them, “I thought I told you never to come into my place again, Eel O’Brien, you lying piece of shit.”

“Nice to see you too, Lila. How’s the kids?”

“I don’t have any kids and you know that. Don’t try and place nice with me! That last time you were in here,” and it’s then she notices the back of Jazz and her eyes go wide, “And you brought a kid in here? Are you trying to get me shut down? Get him the fuck out of here.”

Eel tries to spin Jazz back around to face Lila, but Jazz isn’t about to watch what he doesn’t need to be watching. “Look, Lila. The kid’s in trouble. Saw something he shouldn’t have seen. I can’t take him to my place and he ain’t got nowhere else to go. This is the last place Dragon and Deathbolt would look for him.”

Lila crosses her arms across her chest, “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

Eel grins smugly, “You should know better than to believe rumors. So how about it? Can we get some grub for the kid?” Eel looks down and sees that Jazz is not facing Lila, still blushing. “Kid, not police to wear a hat inside,” he snatches it off his head and Jazz suddenly gets wide-eyed and tries to stop but it’s too late as long flowing locks of hair fall down around his shoulders.

Eel blinks. He spins Jazz around and crouches down until they are face to face, “Hey. You ain’t a boy.”

Jazz is beet red now as she scowls, “No shit, Sherlock,” and snatches the hat back.

Eel looks up at Lila, “The kid’s a chick!”

Lila is confused, “I can see that. You didn’t know?”

Eel rises, “Does it look like I knew?”

Lila crouches down in front of Jazz now, “Look, hon. I can’t have you out here with all of this going on. I can put you in the back and bring you something to eat, is that okay?”

Jazz nods her head, “Yeah.”

Lila reaches for her hand and leads her through the club. Jazz brings her hat up and blocks one side of her face to avoid seeing anything she’s not ready to see just yet as Eel follows.

As they get to the door to the dressing room, Lila starts to lead Jazz through as Eel starts to follow, but Lila stops him, “Not you, buster. You go buy this girl some food. I’ll be out in a minute to get it.”

Eel grumps and nods, “Fine! Fine!” He walks over and places an order and then turns around and goes to find a place to sit near the front of the stage, taking a seat next to an odd-looking guy who has obviously had one too many already tonight.

The guy notices Eel and grins, motioning to the stage, “She’s a hot one, hm?”

Eel nods, “She is.”

The guy reaches over and offers a hand, “Wolfgang, but everyone calls me Woozy.”

Eel accepts the handshake, “You prefer Woozy over Wolfgang?”

“I do!”

“They call me Eel.”

“You like being called Eel?”

“Touche,” Eel responds.

Lila finds a place for Jazz to get comfortable, “Listen, it’s not much but no one will mess with you back here. The girls will take care of you, won’t you ladies?”

They all respond in the affirmative.

Jazz just nods uncomfortably, “Okay.”

“Let me go check on your food.” Lila steps out of the room.

As Lila disappears, one of the ladies steps out the back door and closes the door. As she stands in the alley, she pulls out her cell phone and pushes a few buttons.

“I heard you were looking for a kid.” After a brief pause, “How much?”

We see Eel sitting with Woozy, then we see Lila walking out from the back to check on Jazz’s food. We see Jazz sitting uncomfortably in the strip club dressing room.  We see the stripper in the alley hanging up her phone.

At the same time, someone else is hanging up their phone. “The kid’s at Lila’s,” says Deathbolt to Dragon King.

The alley where they killed Pops has been sprayed down and Dragon King grins, “Let’s head over to Lila’s then.”


Dragon King KIRA IZUMI




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