Recap of Episode One ending with the call to Dragon King and his crew regarding the whereabouts of Jazz and Eel.

14 Years Ago

A young girl is standing in line at the bank with her mother. One by one, patrons are called forward and the line would move forward. The little girl is starting to fuss when her mother squats down.

“Just a little bit longer, Linnya, and we’ll go get some ice cream. Just a little bit longer.”

The girl smiles and nods to her mother.


“Thank you,” the mother says to the girl as the man behind her butts in.

“You’re holding up the line,” he says to the woman, then looks down at the girl and scowls.

The mother is about to apologize when the door to the bank kicks open and three men with guns burst inside.

“Alright, losers! Let’s see everyone’s hands and we will make this as painless as possible…”

As the camera zooms in on that familiar voice, we see the younger face of Eel O’Brien, who is flanked on either side by Dragon and Deathbolt.

“For fuck’s sake…” says the grouchy man who was next in line. “Is this bullshit really happening? If this dumb kid hadn’t started acting up…”

A gunshot is heard, followed by screams.

The grouchy man now has a hole in his forehead as he slowly falls backward with a thud on the ground.

“Everyone calm down! I won’t have anyone badmouthing kids around here. I believe that children are our future. Second, he just seemed to be an asshole and I doubt anyone will miss him.” Eel says with a grin as we see his rifle is smoldering having just been shot. “Let’s get back to business, shall we? Everyone on the ground, tellers start emptying those trays and we will be out of your hair once and for all.”

During all of this, little Linnya begins to cry. Not even just a little cry but full out bawling.  Deathbolt is handing bags to the tellers and he turns his head towards the mother and child, looking annoyed. “Shut that kid up.”

The girl doesn’t heed that warning, instead begins to cry even louder when suddenly a gunshot rings out. In slow motion, we see that the child fades to almost nothing as the bullet goes through her and into her mother as the child slowly fades back into sight.

A closeup of the child sees blood splatter all over her face as she immediately stops crying as her mother slumps slowly sinks to the ground.


We return to the present and across the street from the strip club, Phantom Girl has a rifle trained across the street, using the scope to try and see what’s going on.


The club seems to have been shut down for quite some time as all the lights have gone dark, but Phantom Girl sees a couple of dark figures walking around it, perhaps scoping the place.

With no light in the alley, Phantom Girl cannot make out who the figures are.


“Phantom Girl, come in.”

She ignores the com piece in her ear as she trains that site onto her target.


“Linnya! You need to answer me.”

With a sigh, she reaches up and touches the tiny piece in her ear, “What?”


“You were supposed to check-in hours ago. Do not tell me you are doing what you’ve been told not to do.”

“Then I won’t tell you. Leave me the fuck alone,” she says quietly as she continues to watch as the two figures use a crowbar to pry open the side door to the strip club and disappear inside.


“Look, you know I’m not gonna tell you what you can or cannot do, but if Seven finds out what you’re up to, he’s gonna yank your chain so hard that you’ll be done with the agency.”

Phantom Girl frowns as she sets the rifle down. “You know what this means to me. If it costs me my job, then so be it. Now, fuck off.” She reaches up and turns off the com piece.


She reaches into her case and pulls out two pistols and tucks them into a holster on each hip. She then rises into the air and slowly hovers down the side of the building until she gently touches the ground on the sidewalk below.


She sprints across the street and to the entrance of Lila’s strip club and then just phases through the door as if it weren’t even there.



The strip club is still going strong as Eel walks over to Lila who holds up her hands, “Whatever the fuck it is, Eel, I don’t want nothing to do with it. I’m this close to throwing your ass out of here.”

“Look, I just need you to take the kid to your place for tonight. She ain’t got nowhere to go.”

Lila shakes her head, “Isn’t that why she’s here?”

“She’s here now because I had nowhere else to take her. But, it’s not going to be safe here once you close the place up,” Eel says as he turns around, he sees Woozy tucking money into a dancer’s g-string a big grin on his face.  Eel just rolls his eyes, “He come in here often?”

“Every damned night,” she says. “Tell me again why my place, the place I use to make a living, is not going to be safe in a few hours? What did you do, Eel?”

Eel tries his best to pull off an innocent look, “I may have paid off one of your dancers to tell Dragon that she was here.”

Lila lifts her hand to cover her forehead as if she might have a headache, which at this point she very well may have. “Why are you involving me and my place in your bullshit?”

“Look, Dragon and Deathbolt want that kid dead. You gonna toss her out onto the street knowing she has a price on her head?”

“Why all of a sudden you got a soft spot for kids, Eel? Huh?”

Eel shrugs, “I believe the children are our future…”

Lila holds up a hand, “Just stop with the Whitney, okay?” She sighs, “If you do anything to damage my place, I swear I will kill you myself, do you understand? I’ll take the kid, but only for tonight.”

Eel holds up both hands in surrender, “That’s all I need. If all goes well, then after tonight, our problems will be over.”

“Your problems, Eel. Not our problems. And they better be.”

Eel does an about-face and heads back into the lounge when he hears Lila, “And stay the fuck away from the bar unless you can pay.”

Eel suddenly turns on his heel and heads towards the dressing room.

The club where Sheila Sorrell performs is top of the line, so when she performs she is dressed to the nines. Sparkling black dress, hair done just right, and heels that make her seem as if she’s ten feet tall. But it’s not the look that pulls in the customers for this particular club, it’s the singing.

Singing has been her life long dream and she has put in the time and effort. Lucky for her that her little accident at the chemical plant didn’t do any harm to her vocal cords, in fact, it’s just the opposite. She hasn’t sounded this good in her entire life. Although she can turn her skin into rock, her voice is smooth as silk as she croons through the microphone leaving those listening in awe.

“So watch your step
Night is falling
The runaways are walking home
Your party’s dead
And you can’t save it
Outlaw love, you’re on your own”

While every note is perfectly timed and every key is perfectly in tune, there is something that has been bothering her deep down ever since returning from the chemical plant.

Guilt, perhaps? She was head over heels for Eel O’Brien for a very long time and it crushed her when he turned his back on her, letting her drown in the blue acid soup that changed her forever.

He did have it coming.

“You’ve been wronged in every way
Your spirit’s been badly scarred
You’ve lived your life too long
On Suicide Boulevard”

But, there was something deep down that ached her heart and as the last note was held and the music faded and the audience cheered her, her eyes were filled with tears as she paused before taking a bow.

She allowed them some extra time to express their appreciation before she turns and left the stage and the DJ began to play music. She walked into her changing room and dropped onto a chair with a heavy sigh as she turned to look at herself in the mirror just in time to see that tear soak up her mascara and leave a black trail down her cheek.

She quickly reached up to brush it away, “Fuck you, Eel O’Brien,” she mutters under her breath.

The buzzing of her cell phone wakes her out of her daydream as she reaches for it.

“I just finished.”

“What are you doing there?”

“Fine. I’ll be there shortly.”

Suddenly, she makes eye contact with herself, and a look of hope flashes across her face.

“Are you serious? He is?”

As she sets the phone down, she continues to look at herself in the mirror, “Eel O’Brien cheats death again? Fucker.”

Lila walks around shutting everything down as the dancers leave out the front door, something Lila always demanded since the light in the alley doesn’t work. “Go right home,” she says to them, “Don’t be fucking around.”

She glances over to see a familiar face passed out on one of the tables and with a sigh, she heads over there.

“Woozy. Woozy Winks, get your ass up and get yourself home.”

The words barely get a response as the corpse of Woozy just grunts as Eel walks in with Jazz who has a change of clothes that make her more girlish, and she’s obviously not happy about wearing it. “Look, kid,” says Eel. “It’s just to get you outta here. Those guys are looking for a boy wearing jeans and a baseball hat, not a girl wearing barrettes and a skirt.”

“I hate this more than you know,” says Jazz as she sulks.

“Well, you can pick your fashion designs when gangsters aren’t out trying to put you in the ground, kid,” retorts Eel.

“Eel, can you put this guy outside. I am trying to close up.” Eel glances up at Lila and nods. He walks over and grabs Woozy by the feet and drags him off the chair, letting his head smack onto the floor and then drags him out towards the back, disappearing into the dressing room.

Lila walks over and crouches down next to the girl, “It’s just until Eel stops those guys from coming after you, then you can go back to dressing as you want.”

“I can take care of myself, you know,” says Jazz as she crosses her arms over her chest.

Lila smirks, “Can you? Against guns and baseball bats?”

Jazz’s eyes go a little wider, “I’m not scared,” she tries to convince herself, mostly.

“I’m sure you aren’t.”

Eel comes back in dusting off his hands, “I put him out next to the dumpster. He’ll wake up in a few hours, I’m sure.” He walks over, “You listen to Lila and when this is all over, I’ll come get you and we’ll figure the rest out from there.”

Jazz nods. “Fine.”

As Lila and Jazz walk to the door, Lila turns back, “Don’t trash my place or I’ll kill you for real,” she says before walking out of the door.

As the door shuts, Eel locks it from the inside then turns out the remaining lights. “Okay, boys. Your move,” he says softly in the dark.

As Phantom Girl phases into the strip club through the front door, she reaches up and brings her goggles down over her eyes and suddenly, she can see everything in the dark.

This vendetta has raged within her for years and now has to be classified as an obsession. Though she partly blames herself for developing powers in the first place, if those three savages hadn’t tried to rob the bank on that particular day at that particular time, her mother would still be alive.

Of course, her actions tonight were not condoned by the agency, but they can fuck off for all she cares. Everything she has done with her life up to this point has been to get her hands on those three and finish them off once and for all.

She floats through the dance hall and towards the back when movement catches her eye and she glances off to the left and sees the figure of Eel O’Brien.  He hasn’t seen her yet, but she taps on the goggles realizing they aren’t working right. They should have sensed his heat signature long before now.

She’ll have to ask for a new pair and get Roger to fix these up. For now, she floats around and comes up behind him and then slowly pulls a gun from her hip holster and points it right at Eel’s head.

“Don’t you fucking move, Eel O’Brien.”

Eel is started to have been snuck up on, “So, don’t put my hands in the air?”

“Don’t move, I said,” she responds as she pats him down for weapons and finds nothing on him.

“Have I pissed you off in some way? Am I under arrest? You got some of them there Miranda rights to read me, right?”

“Shut the fuck up,” she snaps, “I’ll blow your brains out right now.”

“Hey now. I was just lightening up the mood and making sure you’re doing everything by the book, Officer….?” he asks, trying to fish for her name.

“Officer None of your Goddamned Business,” she says as she flips the gun off of safe, a click that Eel manages to hear. “You were there when my mother died. If you hadn’t been there, she’d be alive. But she’s dead and now you’re dead.”

“Now, wait a second. I ain’t shot a lot of ladies in my life….”

“Fuck this,” Phantom Girl says as she pulls the trigger.

The sound of a gunshot is heard in the dressing room as Dragon King and Deathbolt make their way through and they stop.

“The fuck was what?” asks Deathbolt.

“We aren’t the only ones here. We should probably get out of here,” says Dragon King.

Deathbolt shakes his head, “If someone is getting murdered, we should see what’s what just in case the police come asking questions.”

As they slowly peek through the doorway, Dragon King mutters, “Mother fucker.”

Sheila is standing behind a downed Phantom Girl while Eel is crouched over. There’s a hole in the wall on the other side of Eel where the bullet went through.

He slowly turns around to see what’s what and sees Shiela standing behind him and then Phantom Girl on the ground. He looks back up at Sheila, “Baby! I’m glad to see—”

As he stands up to approach her, before he can finish that sentence, she grabs him around the neck and squeezes it in her stone fist. The ease at which she can squeeze his neck and the fact that she didn’t hear the sounds of bone-cracking gets her curious. “What is this?”

She reaches over and grabs him by the nose and pulls, stretching it out as far as she can pull and then releasing it as it whips back and slaps him in the face. “Hey!”

Eel uses all four limbs to push at the statuesque body of Sheila, but she doesn’t budge as Dragon King and Deathbolt walk up, “Who’s the other chick?”

Sheila shrugs, “She was going to shoot him so I clocked her one.”

“Should have let her shoot him,” mutters Deathbolt.

“I heard that!”

“Look at this,” she says as she grabs his arm and pulls, then pulls some more and more until his arm is all stretched out in a pool on the ground, “He’s some sort of rubber guy.”

“You can’t call me ‘rubber guy’” says Eel, “People will think I’m a condom. Not very PC…”

“Fuck PC,” says Sheila as she gives him a shake. “What should we do with him?”

Deathbolt points, “What should we do with…” but Phantom Girl has disappeared.

“Someone left the door open…” Woozy stumbles drunkenly into the room as it startles everyone. He points a finger at them, then falls over passed out.

“Dammit!” screams Sheila as she realizes that Eel has slipped from her grasp and also disappeared.

“Fuck!” screams Dragon King, “Everyone outside and find those two! We need to find the kid!”

Everyone rushes out through the dressing room, leaving Woozy asleep on the floor.

Suddenly a chair begins to twist and turn and soon Eel is standing there. He walks over to Woozy, shaking his head, “Well, this was a shit show from the start. Fuck.”  He steps over him and walks out of the room.

“Who was she?” asks Lila as Eel explains exactly what happened back at the club.

“How the fuck should I know? She said something about getting her mother killed and then Dragon and his crew showed up.”  Eel and Lila are sitting at the kitchen table as Jazz is fast asleep on the couch.

“Well, did you?” asks Lila.

Confused, Eel asks, “Did I what?”

Lila is exasperated now. Not only has Eel gotten her wrapped up in this shit but he’s playing dumb. “Did you get her mother killed?”

Eel blinks a couple of times before shrugging, “How the fuck should I know? I did a lot of shit I ain’t proud of, Lila. But I never shot any dames, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Dames? Really? Are we in the 1920s now? No one uses the word “dames”, Eel.”

“Better than “broads” or “chicks”, isn’t it?”

“Get the fuck out,” demands Lila as she stands up.

“What did I do now?”

“You exist to ruin my life. Just get out of here.”

Eel stands up and sighs, “Fine!” He heads towards the door and as he opens it up, Lila reminds him, “Come get the girl tomorrow and take her to the cops, okay? She’s not safe here. Since that was my place, they’re gonna figure out I’m involved in all of this and you’ve put me in danger.”

Eel spins around, “Fine. Fine. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Figure it out, Eel. And stay away from my club.”

 As Eel leaves, Lila turns around and watches the sleeping child for a few moments before walking over to a closet and pulling out a blanket and walking over and draping it over her. “Kid, you’re too young to be getting messed up in this shit.”

Lila reaches over and shuts off the lamp before walking over and disappearing into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Jazz’s eyes slowly open. She slowly pulls the blanket off of her and sits up. Her eyes dart towards the door that Lila disappeared behind then to her old clothes, folded neatly on a chair.

She reaches for them.

Eel is walking down the street trying to solve two issues. The first is who the woman was who tried to kill him. The second is what to do with the girl.

One of Eel’s primary rules as a gangster was no women or children. What happened with Sheila was an accident, of course, but it’s not an excuse. Dragon sure did seem bent on taking out Jazz even though the kid probably wouldn’t say anything anyhow. There was no way Eel was going to let them kill the kid, that’s for sure.

As for that other chick, Eel has wracked his brain trying to figure out if there was a time when he would have killed a woman, let alone a woman with a kid and nothing comes to mind.

For him to figure out how to deal with these two particular scenarios, he’s going to have to figure out exactly what he is and is not capable of doing with his new elastic body of his.

What he doesn’t know is that he’s been followed as we see a shadow trailing him from behind.

Jazz slips out of the apartment building and immediately dips into an alley. If she’s gonna get out of there, she’s going to have to do it before daylight. Once daylight hits, she’s gonna be stuck there until night, hiding out somewhere. 

Nope. It was time to get the fuck out of Hub City.

As she walks through the alleys, she begins to rummage through dumpsters for food. She’s not necessarily hungry at the moment, but once she leaves the city, she knows that free food will be tough to come by.

She finds a few scraps, shoves them into her backpack, and then moves to the next dumpster. She tries to find things that won’t spoil, or will at least still be edible if it goes stale.

She knows she should have stayed but that lady didn’t want her there as much as Jazz didn’t want to be there. And the rubberband man wasn’t going to be of much help. That asshat can’t even protect himself, much less protect her.

No. She was better off on her own.

She felt comfortable she had enough food to head towards the city limits, and being in the dark alley was making her uncomfortable so she moves back onto the street where the lighting was better and began to head down the road.

She hears some tires rolling down the street behind her and she turns her head just enough to the side to see that it’s a cop car. She hunched down and continued to walk, increasing her pace.

Suddenly, a blast of the siren is heard as the cop car pulls up next to her and drives her pace as the officer on the passenger side rolls down his window. “Cold out here. Where you heading?”

Jazz doesn’t stop walking, but answers simply, “Home.”

“How much further? It’s cold out. How about we give you a ride?”

Jazz shakes her head, “It’s fine. I don’t want to be a bother. I’m almost there now.”

The car drives forward a little and then pulls over to the side as the two officers get out of their car. “You’re acting a bit suspicious here. How about you…” he walks up and lifts the lid of her ballcap. “The fuck? How old are you kid? 10?”

Offended, she retorts, “I’m 12.” Then realizes her mistake as she clamps her mouth shut.

The other officer has moved up behind her. “12 and your parents aren’t worried about you being out on these streets by yourself?”

“They don’t. That’s why I’m heading home now.”

“Where are you coming from?”

“A friend’s house.”

“A boyfriend?”

Jazz wrinkles up her nose. “No. Just a friend.”

“Look, you’re not in trouble. We would just feel better if we took you home.”

Jazz could try and make a run for it, but she doubts she could outrun these cops, even if she got a head start. 

“What’s your address?”

She doesn’t have an address, that’s what she wanted to say. But then she knew they’d take her down to the police station and then child protective services would be called and then she’d end up in some foster home somewhere.  So she gave them the only address she ever really knew.

“12112 Barracks Boulevard.”

The first cop pulls out his phone and punches it in. “Checks out. But it’s not that close. Hop in the car and we’ll drop you off.”

The second officer opened the back door and reluctantly she climbed in. What a shitty day this has been.

As they head down the road, the second officer radioed in that they had picked her up and are taking her home.

After about 15 minutes, the cop turns onto a side road and then makes another turn.  Suddenly, Jazz felt cold. She hadn’t been in her old neighborhood in months. She knew she was doomed the moment they pulled up to the house. Plain as day, even at night, a sign on the front door declaring the place abandoned and condemned.

“Stay put,” says the cop as they both exit the car and walk up to the home. After seeing the sign on the door, they chatted back and forth, looking at the car before walking back down the steps and getting back into the car.

“How about you give us the real address?”

“I don’t have one,” Jazz finally admits.


“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know who they are, or you don’t have any?”

“My mom is dead. My father disappeared.”

The driver starts back up the car and pulls onto the road, “Gonna take you back to the station so we can figure this out.”

“You can just let me out here. I can find my own way.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” says the other cop.

The cop car is quiet for a moment, the cop in the passenger seat is fiddling with his phone when something beeps at him. He pulls it up and then turns to the other cop and holds up his phone, “Check this out.”

The driver glances at the phone for a second and then he eyeballs her in the rearview, “Interesting. Perhaps we’ll take a detour.”

That didn’t sound good at all as Jazz hunches down in the back seat.

Eel had made his way to the top of a building, “So, we have some stretchy abilities but what exactly can I do?”

He considers this for a moment, then lifts a hand to his face, “Well, I can make a giant fist as I did earlier.”  With that, his fist expands about four or five times its normal size and then shrinks back.  “Oh, I can morphate into things. Morphate? Is that a word? I think I heard that somewhere.”

With a little concentration, he’s able to shapeshift into different forms. First, as he did earlier, he changes into a chair. From there, he changes into an umbrella and then into a giant bouncy ball. He begins to bounce himself and with each bounce, he goes higher.

We notice that someone has been watching him from behind a chimney.

The bouncing is a little off-kilter as he hits the side of the chimney and bounces completely off the roof, rebounds off the street, and onto the roof across the street where he shifts back to his normal shape and lands on the ground on his back.

He stares up at the sky for a moment then grins, “That was cool.” He immediately leaps back to his feet and repeats the process of turning into a giant bounce ball and bounces back to the original rooftop, landing once again on his back.

He begins to laugh. “This is fucking awesome!”

“Pretty awesome,” comes the woman’s voice as she steps out from behind the chimney, rifle trained right at Eel. “I don’t know what the fuck you are, but I told you that you were going to get yours. You and that gang of yours. Time to meet your maker.”

Eel does an exaggerated gulp, lying on the ground he slowly brings his hand over his head, “Perhaps we can talk about this?”

The police car pulls over onto the side of the street. As the cops exit the vehicle, they walk up to a door and pound on it. The door opens, but in a way that Jazz cannot see who’s in the doorway.

A large envelope is handed over and the cops walk back down the stairs and a chill runs through the child as her door is opened. She immediately tries to dart away but is caught around the waist.

“Help! Help!” she screams but a gloved hand covers her mouth as she’s carried up the stairs and thrown into the door.

A figure crouches down to meet her, “Remember me?”

The face of Dragon King greets her as the door slowly closes and the scene fades to black.




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