Recap of the first two episodes ending with a split-screen of Eel being held at gunpoint by Phantom Girl on one half and Jazz being handed over to Dragon King and Deathbolt on the other half.

Lila Meeks found herself married at 18. Her husband was a businessman, but she was never really sure what business he was in. She just knew that he would bring her flowers often, buy her expensive gives and she lived a very comfortable life.

Then one day, a procession of individuals visited her at her home. The first was a police officer informing her that her husband had been shot and killed the previous evening. When he didn’t come home, she didn’t suspect anything as he often didn’t come home.

She didn’t expect this.

The next visitor was an investigator to ask her some questions about her husband. Did he have any enemies? She couldn’t say. There weren’t many questions that she could answer.

A few hours later, a third knock at her door was from a lawyer.

As he laid out the will of her husband, the house, the cars. Things of that nature that she would have expected as a now widowed female. She was also left his business.

A strip club.

At first, she was very adamant she didn’t want a strip club. She was appalled that her husband ran a strip club, but of course, this explains the late nights, the excess money, everything that was provided for her.

The lawyer explained to her that she was more than welcome to sell the strip club now that it belonged to her, however, he also warned her that this would be the only income she would have. He suggested that perhaps she should at least visit the establishment before deciding.

She agreed.

Lila Meeks walked into The Generous Gentlemens’ Club with eyes wide open as she stood in the doorway and looked inside. The smell of smoke mixed with the smell of alcohol and cheap cologne filled the place. The smell was so strong, she had to bring her hand up to cover her nose and mouth.

The manager came over and asked if he could help. Lila shook her head and then went and sat down near the back of the room, away from the stage.

The next night, she went back.

The night after, she went back.

On the fifth night of entering the club, finally, the manager walked up to her, “Ma’am, you’ve come here five nights in a row and just observed. Not that it isn’t allowed, but it’s unusual. Why are you here?”

Since the night of her husband’s death, the club had continued to operate. She finally looked up at the manager, “I am the owner of this club.”

“So you are…?”

“I’m Mrs. Meeks. Lila.”

Each night she had come, she had put thought into how she would change the club to be more acceptable. More inviting. It was then that she laid out all of her changes that would be implemented to the manager.

“No offense, Mrs. Meeks, but these changes will destroy this club.”

With a nod of confidence that Lila hadn’t even realized that she had, she turned to him, “I understand. Your services are no longer needed.”

The manager was shocked. “I’ve been with this club since it was founded.”

“And I’m not a fan of what I see here. So again, you may leave.” She opened her checkbook and wrote him a check. As she tore it out of the register and handed it to him, he shut his mouth. He walked out of the club and was never seen again.

To know the club then and to see it now, one might not even expect it was the same location. No smokey stench, fresh carpeting, new furniture, and everything was painted a more appealing color. That evening that she fired the manager, she sat down with all the dancers and learned who they really were.

Single mothers. College students. Women just trying to make ends meet.

Word got around, and soon Lila had more girls than she knew what to do with.

Back to the present, Lila woke up with a start as she felt a chill move through her.

She glanced at the clock, it was barely 1 am.

She walked into the living room and saw the blankets folded, the clothes also folded and stacked neatly on a chair. It was the first time since she took over the club that she had no clue what to do. So, she quickly threw on some clothes and flew out the door to find Eel.


Speaking of Eel, the previous night he was lying on his back on a rooftop with a gun pointed at his head. “Can we talk about this?”

“What’s there to talk about? You didn’t give my mother a chance to talk when you were robbing that bank.” She is being far more cautious than before when things went south. She stays several feet away from him, bullseye right on his forehead.

Eel clears his throat, “You’re gonna hafta be more specific. I’ve kinda robbed a lot of banks.”

“You typically go around killing innocent mothers when you go robbing banks?”

Eel’s eyes go wide, like obnoxiously wide, “Wait a second. That was your mom? Look, I didn’t pull the trigger on that. If you want the truth, it wasn’t me and I absolutely didn’t fucking approve of that one.” This time he narrows his eyes, “You were that little girl? Didn’t you disappear and shit?”

Angrily, she takes a few steps closer and puts her finger on the trigger, “I swear to fuck that I’ll blow your brains out right here if you say one more goddamned word.”

“Ok, ok, ok, ok. See, hands still up, I haven’t moved. If you want to shoot me, just shoot me. Or, I can take you to the guy who actually pulled the trigger.”

Phantom Girl is shaking right now. She is off comms, so there’s no additional help from headquarters to find the other two. She’s flying solo, but she wants to pull the trigger so badly right now and end this motherfucker once and for all as she brings a little pressure to that trigger squeeze.

Jazz struggles through the bindings that tie not only her hands together behind her, but her torso to the chair and each foot is tied to a chair leg. She is fucked, to say the least. She tries to move her hands back and forth to try and loosen the fabric, but to no avail.

She was certain she was dead when those cops brought her here, but for some reason they are holding onto her.

“Keep struggling, kid. If I know one thing, it’s how to tie a fucking knot,” Deathbolt says as he snickers, “You ain’t going nowhere.”

Jazz narrows her eyes at him, “F–” she starts to say but he stands up and walks towards her.

“I wouldn’t finish that if I were you. You’re only alive now by my good graces.”  It was a partial truth. Dragon King was one that wanted to keep her alive to try and lure Eel back here so they could finish them both off and be done with it. “For whatever reason, that idiot Eel wants to protect you. Don’t worry, once we finish him off, you’ll be next. It’s what you get for snooping around where you don’t belong, kid.”  He gives her a light tap to the side of the head, “And I’m going to enjoy that.”  The grin on his face makes this very convincing as he turns his back on her and walks back to his chair.

With his back turned, she can do little more than stick her tongue out at him.

“We need to get word to Eel that we have the girl,” says Dragon King as he walks in. “His cell number seems to be deactivated, so we’re gonna have to put the word on the street.”

“I know just who to call, Dragon,” says Deathbolt as he taps a couple of places on his cell phone screen, then stands up and walks out of the room.

“Sir, I ain’t gonna tell anyone what I seen,” says Jazz, thinking maybe this guy would be more sympathetic to her cause.

Dragon King walks over and squats down so he’s face to face with her, “And what exactly did you see?”

Jazz shakes her head, “I didn’t see nothing, sir.”

“Then you have nothing to leverage yourself.”

“I mean…”

“Miss, let me put it to you like this. Either you saw something, for which you must die. Or you didn’t see anything, and I’ve no reason to keep you alive.” He grins. “You’re in a very rough spot and neither option ends well for you.”

He rises and walks away from her as her eyes start to tear up and she tries very hard not to let a tear fall.

“I’m back!” comes a female voice as the door closes. Sheila walks in and sets down her purse, just coming home from her set at the club. “Tonight was amazing,” she notices Jazz tied up and without hesitating her sentence, “And who’s that girl and why is she tied up?”

Dragon King waves her off, “She’s none of your concern and how was it?”

Sheila’s eyes linger on the tied girl before turning back to answer, “Great. Another full house. I’m getting offers from other clubs too for more money.”

“That’s fantastic,” says Dragon King, “I knew you’d make it.” He rises to greet her and places a kiss on her forehead. “I’m sure you’re tired of being all dressed up. Go change and come have a drink with me.”

Sheila nods her head, “I’m tired. But, a drink will help. I’ll be back.” She starts to leave the room but her gaze turns back to the captive teenager briefly before she disappears from the room.

So badly, Phantom Girl wants to pull this trigger.  Tears begin to stream down her face as she shakes, keeping Eel’s forehead within the cross of the scope.

“You okay over there?” Eel asks.

“Shut up. Just shut the fuck up and stop talking for a minute,” she snaps.

“I guess you don’t know me very well…”

Angry now, she steps towards him and she squeezes the trigger, but at the same time, he coils an arm around her ankle and trips her. The bullet clips the roof near his head and he springs upward, snatching the rifle from her grip.

She glares up at him, “Might as well shoot me because I’m not going to stop hunting you and your buddies down and killing every one of you motherfuckers.”

“Look, I get you wanna kill me, but I’ve got beef with those assholes myself. This is the second time someone’s tried to kill me in a week and I’m not feeling very popular right now. Look, if you’ll give me a chance to do my thing, you can go back to trying to kill me all you want. To be fair, we’re after the same fuckers, so you can either work with me, or we can go after them on our own, but I can’t let you kill me just yet anyway.”

Phantom Girl is skeptical, “They tried to kill you? Why?”

“There!” exclaims Eel, “That’s exactly what I want to know. I’m super charming. There should be no reason someone would want to kill me. Well, there might be one…” he says with a bit of a forlorn tone in his voice.

Sheila comes back down the stairs after having showered and changed, using a towel to dry her hair. Her eyes once again fall on the bound Jazz Madigan, but she turns away from the girl and moves to sit down on the couch.

“There’s a glass and a bottle there. Help yourself,” says Dragon King as he continues to swipe away on his tablet, mostly ignoring her.

Sheila reaches over and picks up both, filling the glass halfway and setting the bottle back down. Her eyes linger onto the girl again, “So, what’s this again?” she asks.

“We’re trying to lure Eel back so we can finish him off for good,” Dragon King responds very nonchalantly. 

“So, we just decided to kidnap a child?” asks Sheila as she sips at her whiskey. “Just like that? You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to be involved in this shit.”

Dragon glances up from his scrolling, “We have to run everything by you now?”

“I’d like to be included in discussions about what goes on in this group,” she responds. “I mean, I am a part of this gang, am I not?”

With a sign, Dragon King puts down his tablet, “Of course you are.” Especially now that she has superpowers. “We need you. Having this girl here is important to get rid of Eel once and for all. The last thing we need is him fucking shit up for us as we are about to put a foothold down on this city once again. He blew it last time and made us a laughingstock, and with the new mayor, we don’t even have a foot in the door of City Hall. We need to get our reputation back so we can get back to what we do best, run drugs, guns, and the like in this city.”

“You think getting rid of Eel is gonna get us all that back?”

“It’s a start. Eel’s head got too big and that faceless goon was in his face far too often. Now that he seems to have disappeared, time to get rid of Eel and take back control of this city.”

“Where’s Bolt?” she asks.

Dragon King is visibly annoyed at all these questions, “He went to put the word out that we’re looking for Eel. See if anyone has seen him.”

Sheila nods silently as she finishes the drink in her glass and finds herself glancing up at Jazz who is also looking back at her.

Back at the club, Woozy’s eyes pop open as he lies on the floor. He suddenly sits up and glances around, confused as he tries to piece together the previous night, which may not be a new experience for him.

It’s still dark, so as he tries reaching around for something to grab onto to get back to his feet, it’s quite the daunting task for him.

He finds the front door locked so he staggers towards the back of the club and pushes the back entrance open and steps out into the alley. The door shuts behind him, which startles him, “Shit!” he yells, then shushes himself, or the door. Can’t be too certain.

He suddenly reaches for his pockets and seems relieved when he pulls out his wallet, “Thank goodness!”

“We’ll take that,” says a voice behind him. Woozy spins around to find a couple of hoodlums standing there.

He clutches his wallet to his chest, “This is mine,” he slurs out.

“It’s ours now, so hand it over if you know what’s good for you.”

The one thing one might not know about Wolfgang Winks is that he has what some might consider a superpower of his own. Ever since he was a child, luck has followed him everywhere he goes.

A clip of a child crossing a street with headphones in his ears. The child manages to walk through traffic and avoid being hit, even though it almost seems to be rush hour.

A teenager Woozy walks past a construction site and avoids being hit by a slew of falling objects after a bin was tipped over, each tool landing behind him as he walks on, clueless.

Of course as an adult, Woozy would walk through a bar fight without getting so much as a scratch on him.

Interestingly enough, Woozy is clueless about his so-called talent.

So, as Woozy stands face to face with those two hoodlums and one pulls a knife, Woozy stands there. “I’m allergic to knife cuts,” he comments drunkenly.

“Give me the wallet and we won’t put a scratch on ya,” says the one holding the knife.

“No,” says Woozy.

“Fucker, I said give us the wallet.”  As the guy starts to lunge forward to stab him, Woozy accidentally drops the wallet and bends down to pick it up as the knife whizzes over his head. As he grabs the wallet and starts to stand up, the top of his head smashes up against the chin of the knife-wielding criminal and he falls back on the pavement.

Woozy rubs at his head, “Ow,” he mutters.

The second guy rushes forward as Woozy goes to check that everything is still in his wallet, turns a bit to the side and the attacker stumbles over Woozy’s exposed foot and falls right on his face in the street.

Woozy looks from one to the other and shrugs, “Weird place to sleep, but I’ve been there, buddies.”  He turns and walks out of the alley.

Eel and Phantom Girl have climbed down from the roof of the building when they bump into Woozy.

“That you, Woozy?” asks Eel.

“What kind of name is Woozy?” asks Phantom Girl.

“That’s what I said,” quips Eel.

“Haha. Funny,” then as if a light bulb comes on for Woozy, he points at Eel. “You left me at the club!”

“Yeah, you missed out on all the fun, pal,” says Eel. He motions to Phantom Girl, “This is…”


“Linnya,” repeats Eel. “We need a place to regroup before we go after that gang. You gotta place?”

Woozy squints his eyes at Linnya before turning back to Eel, “Yeah, I gotta place but you can’t use it.” He swings his head dramatically back towards Linnya and bats his eyes, “You can come back to my place…”

“I have a gun,” she warns.

Woozy lets out an exasperated sigh, “Girls are so violent these days,” he mutters under his drunken breath. “You don’t have your own place?” he asks Eel.

“If I had my own place, I wouldn’t be asking to use yours, Woozy.”

Raising a finger, Woozy responds, “Good point. Tell ya what. You bring some of the good stuff, and you can crash at my place.” He turns to Phantom Girl, “You too, Lita.”


“Right. Deal?”

Eel reaches into his pockets and pulls them out, stretching them as wide as his arms can reach, “You see these pockets? I ain’t got a dime to my name right now.” He releases the pockets as they snap back into place.

Linnya sighs, “I’ll get something, but I swear I will shoot both of you if shit goes wrong.”

The sound of running footsteps are heard as Lila finally catches up to them, “Eel! Eel!”

Confused, Eel asks, “Why are you here and not watching the kid?”

“She’s gone.”

“The fuck you say?”

Lila gasps as she tries to catch her breath, “I said she’s gone. She put on her other clothes and slipped out of the apartment.”

Eel stretches his neck over to her, “You were supposed to keep an eye on her while I fleshed out this situation with Dragon and Deathbolt. What were you doing, sleeping?”

A flash of anger crosses Lila’s face, “Yes. Yes, I was sleeping and so was she, or so I thought. No one took her, she ran off.”

“Who this?” asks Woozy, completely confused again.

“The kid. Never mind. Look, ya’ll go back to Woozy’s place and let me see if I can find her. I know a couple of places.  I’ll meet you back at his place in a couple of hours.”  Eel takes off down the street.

“So, who’s buying me booze?” asks Woozy.

Deathbolt returns to the hideout, “I got some news. Someone said they saw Eel back downtown earlier tonight.”

Dragon glances up, “Perfect. Now we just need to find a way to lure him here.”

Sheila is on her third drink as she turns her attention to this conversation.

“I got that already figured out,” says Deathbolt, “I got someone delivering a phone to Eel, cause I know he ain’t got one. We’re gonna send him a little message.”

Deathbolt turns his gaze towards Jazz, whose eyes widen, though she can’t say anything with the gag in her mouth.

Sheila’s eyes draw from Deathbolt to where he’s looking and the expression on her face says she doesn’t like this one bit.

“I like it,” says Dragon King. “Let me know when it’s been delivered and we’ll get this set up. Maybe get some plastic, we don’t want to get blood on the carpet.”

This is the point where tears start streaming down Jazz’s face.

Linnya, Lila, and Woozy arrive back at his place and as they walk in, we see that it’s just a single room with a small kitchenette and a bed. Nothing more.

As they squeeze into the room, Linnya says, “You could have told us it was this small. There’s no way the four of us would fit in here.”

“Everyone’s a critic. All he asked was if I had a place. He didn’t ask if I had a big place,” says Woozy who sets the paper bag that obviously has a bottle of some sort of alcohol in it on the small counter.

“I’m not staying here. Let’s go to the club, we have plenty of time before I’m supposed to open,” says Lila as she turns and walks out of the room. Linnya turns and follows, leaving Woozy in the room.

“So, we’re leaving again?” he asks before grabbing the bottle and rushing out after them.

Eel, in the meantime, has been running up and down the street, stretching himself to look about. The neck goes up to check places he can’t see due to height, peeks around corners before his body gets there.

We see him stopping by Pops, but everything is dark.

He stops and sits down on the steps leading inside, “Where could she have gone.”  He realizes that he doesn’t even know that much about this child. She could be anywhere in Hub City.

“Your name Eel?” says a kid who pulls up on a bicycle.

Eel glances up, “Yeah, and?”

The kid climbs off his bike, letting it lie down on the sidewalk and walks over. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a cell phone and hands it over. “I was told to give this to you.”

Eel eyes the phone suspiciously before taking it, “Told by who?”

The kid shrugs, “Don’t know. Don’t care. I just made twenty bucks so I didn’t ask any questions.

“Did they say what I was to do with this?”

The kid walks over and picks up his bike and climbs on before turning back to Eel. “They said to wait.”  Then the kid rides off.

Eel looks at the phone and swipes it on and looks through it but there’s nothing there to tell him who sent it. Nothing in the call log. Nothing in messages. Nothing anywhere. “Probably brand new.”

Meanwhile, the delivery kid pulls into an alley and makes a call. “He got it. I told him to wait. I’ll be by for the money.”

He hangs up the phone and pedals off.

The lights turn on in the club as the trio of Lila, Linnya, and Woozy enter.

“Get comfortable, no idea when Eel will be back,” says Lila. “I’m gonna start some coffee.”

Woozy pats the side of the paper bag, “I’m good here, thanks. Coffee will only sober me up.”

“That’s the p…” starts Linnya, but realizes that it’s not worth it. She walks over and sits herself down in a chair when Lila walks back into the room, “How long you been doing whatever it is that you do there, Linnya.”

“Fix, six years.”

“And what is it that you do?”

Linnya shrugs, “I can’t really talk about it. I was just here to kill Eel and his goons.”

Woozy blinks, “Wait, what?”

“Long story, but he’s got a reprieve. Whether or not I kill him when this is all over, remains to be seen. Gonna see what that fucker is really up to,” she spits out. “I’m not buying his reformation.”

Lila nods, “If Eel is doing something, it’s typically gonna end up benefiting him in the end.”  She stands up and disappears in the back.

“So, you’re some sort of professional killer?” asks Woozy, clutching that bottle more closely to him.

“I can’t talk about it. I’ll just say with Eel, it’s personal,” she says, pulling out one of her pistols and begins to do a functions check on it.

“How about you aim that away from my direction,” Woozy says, a bit nervously. “Not looking to get shot at tonight.”

Linnya smirks as she spins her chair to face a different direction before continuing the check.  Lila walks in with some coffee and places a cup next to Linnya and then settles down herself when Eel bursts into the room. “So, I didn’t find her…” he says as he plops himself down into a chair.

“But…” says Lila, “I feel there’s more.”

Eel nods and holds up a cell phone, “Someone delivered this to me about an hour ago. I was told to wait.”

“It’s gotta be Dragon, right?” asks Linnya.

“No reason anyone else would want to reach out to me,” says Eel.

As if on cue, the phone lights up and begins to ring as Eel is quick to answer the video call.  On the little screen, Dragon King’s face appears.

“Eel. Nice to see you’re healthy.”

“Cut the crap, Dragon. Where’s the kid?” Everyone moves out of their seat to move behind Eel to watch the screen.

“I see you’ve made a few friends. Hello, friends.”

“Dragon, stop fucking with me and tell me where the kid is.”

“You’ve gone soft, Eel.” Dragon turns the phone to show Jazz who is bound and gagged. “I got her all nice and wrapped up for you. We’re gonna take care of her so she don’t snitch, and then we’re gonna take care of you because you’re a fucking loser.”

“I swear to God if you touch…”

“Touch what?” The video is moving back and forth as it looks as if Dragon has handed the phone off to someone. The video settles back down and we see Dragon moving towards Jazz to stand behind her. Tears are streaming down her face, soaking the gag. “Touch the child? You know that old outdated rule you have? What was it? No women, no children?”

“Don’t,” says Eel. “Don’t you fucking…”

Dragon King produced a knife. It’s not a kitchen knife by any means, but more like a hunting knife. He places his hand on the top of Jazz’s head forcing it back and she starts to scream into the gag. “Don’t what, Eel?”

“I swear if you do this, your life is over. I will find you and I will kill you all,” Eel says.

“You realize that you’re in no position to threaten, much less carry out your meaningless threats. You see, we can’t leave a possible snitch alive.”

Lila places a hand over her mouth.

Dragon places the blade of that knife against Jazz’s throat.

Woozy turns away from the screen.

“He’s gonna do it,” whispers Linnya.

Eel can only grit his teeth.

“Say goodbye, Eel,” Dragon King begins to draw the blade across the Jazz’s throat.




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