Recap of the show up until this point occurs, following with the video stream of Dragon King sliding a knife across the throat of Jazz.

Sheila Sorrel was a bright child, full of youth and vigor. The scene shows a young girl, perhaps in kindergarten, learning to spell, do math and such. Her teacher would compliment her as she would excel in every subject.

Coming home from school one day, an ambulance was in front of her home and someone was being loaded into the back. She would come to find out that it was her mother who had fallen down the stairs and died.

While her mother was a loving and devoted mother, her stepfather was nothing like her. It was long suspected that her mother didn’t fall down the stairs but was pushed by him in one of his rages. And with no one else to protect her, Sheila would become the victim of his anger.

He began to use her to run through the neighborhood to steal things he could sell in order to have money. He certainly wasn’t going to go out and look for work himself when he had a capable child to do it for him.

Sheila stopped going to school altogether when she hit the third grade, but even before that she wouldn’t go every day, instead having to do her stepfather’s bidding.

When she would come home empty handed, he would beat her. How she survived, she probably couldn’t tell you.

She would have been in sixth grade when she finally mustered up the courage to do something about her predicament. One night, in a drunken stupor, her stepfather passed out on the couch. The loud television kept Sheila from falling asleep so she crept out to turn it off, being as quiet as possible so as not to wake him for she knew that would only lead to more beating. As she reached for that power button on the television, her eyes moved to look at him.

Drunken, passed out and disgusting. The sound coming from his mouth as he breathed in and out was loud and gross. Instead of turning off the television, she calmly walked into the kitchen and pulled out a large knife. One he would occasionally threaten her with.

She looked at her reflection in the blade as she slowly walked back towards him and she stood for a long moment at his side, the sound of a comedian on the television during a late night show playing in the background.

She finally raises that knife high, handle grasped by both hands and with all her strength, she thrusts that knife downwards into the man’s chest.

His eyes fly open and he reaches out and grabs her around the throat and squeezes.

She drops the knife as it clatters on the floor and her own hands reach up to try and pry his hand from around her throat as blood begins to pump out of his chest.

Her face begins to turn red as she tries to gasp for air but his grip prevents any air from getting in. He stares at her with a look of disbelief as he continues to hold her tight.

She can feel herself beginning to black out when suddenly his body goes limp. His grip on her loosens and she falls backward onto the floor, coughing and spitting and she begins to cry hard.

As she eventually composes herself, she wipes the tears and snot from her face before going back into her room and gathering what she can take and she starts towards the door. She pauses as she reaches him and stares at his lifeless body before she spits on him.

Then she walks out of the door.

Sheila Sorrell is holding the cell phone that streams what’s happening to Eel’s phone, but as she watches, she no longer sees Jazz tied to that chair but she sees herself at that age sitting there and she leaps from the couch, dropping the phone as she lunges for Dragon King.

As Dragon King starts to slide that knife across the kid’s throat, the screen suddenly goes black.

“What the fuck?” asks Eel as he shakes the phone a little.

“Gimme that,” Woozy grabs the phone. “The feed just stopped for no reason.”

“What do you mean it stopped for no reason? Is she dead or not?” asks Eel as he starts to storm towards the door.

“Where are you going?” asks Lila.

“I’m going to find Jazz,” he says as the door slams shut behind him.

Lila starts to go after him, but Phantom Girl stops her, “Let me go,” she says as she leaves and goes after him.

Phantom Girl catches up to him, “So, what’s your plan?”

“I don’t need one.”

“You don’t need a plan? Just gonna go in there and shoot shit up?”

He keeps walking, “Of course not. I don’t have a gun.”

“You hear how insane that sounds, right?” she asks. “That girl may very well be dead now…”

Eel stops walking and turns to look at her, “What if she’s not?”

“What if she is?”

“What if she’s not?”

Phantom Girl sighs, “Fine. Come with me.”

She turns down the sidewalk and into another alley as Eel walks behind her and a motorcycle is sitting there. She hops on and starts it up, “Let’s go. Get on.”

“You’re going with me? I thought you wanted to kill me,” he asks.

“There’s time for that after. Let’s go.”

“Good point,” he says as he climbs on the back and she zooms the bike out into the street. “So, you gotta plan?”

“I don’t NOT have a plan,” she says as she takes a wide turn at the next intersection.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” asks Dragon King as he lays sprawled out on the floor rubbing his jaw.

“Seriously? Just gonna slice the kid’s throat? Just like that?” asks Sheila as she stands over him. “Is this what we do now? Kill kids?”

Jazz is on her side, still bound to the chair, but she doesn’t say a word hoping that perhaps they’ll forget about her for a bit and very thankful she isn’t dead. Perhaps if she just closes her eyes…

“You’re gonna be sorry you did that, Sheila,” says Dragon King as he starts to get to his feet.

Sheila doesn’t back down as she narrows her eyes and raises a fist as it slowly turns to stone, “Am I?”

“You know the kid’s gotta go. She saw us put down Pops,” says Dragon King as he starts towards Jazz but Sheila steps in his path.

“Not happening.” She takes a swing, but Dragon King avoids it, stepping back.

“Goddammit, Sheila!”

“Over my dead body will you…”

The sound of a shotgun cocking is heard, “If that’s what it’s gonna take.”

As Sheila turns around, Deathbolt has it aimed at her.

“Step the fuck away from the kid or I’ll put a hole right in you,” he says as he takes a step forward. “It don’t matter how stoney you can make your skin. This will blow through it.”

Sheila narrows her eyes as she considers if he’s bluffing. She takes a step towards him but he raises the shotgun up, “Test me, bitch. Test me,” he dares her again which causes her to stop.

Suddenly, the lights all go out.

“The fuck?” says Deathbolt.

“Go check it out,” says Dragon King as he makes his way towards them in the dark.

Jazz lies there, still bound as the chair lays on its side. She isn’t sure what’s going to happen to her at this point as tears stream down her face.

“Watch the kid, since you are all emotionally attached to her,” Dragon King says to Sheila as he finds his way around in the dark and heads down some stairs. “The fuse box should be down here,” he mutters under his breath.

Eel is on the outside of the building looking for a way in. He could technically go through the front door, but he figures they’re expecting that. Phantom Girl called in a favor and had the power shut down but darkness isn’t necessarily going to help him in this matter. It’s not like he can see in the dark. That would have been a good superpower to have right about now.

As Eel creeps around the side of the building, the door opens up and Eel squishes himself flat up against the side of the building. Deathbolt steps out and glances around, shotgun ready to blast.

“Who’s fucking around out here?”

Slowly, Deathbolt walks the sidewalk next to the building. Something startles him so he spins around towards a couple of trash cans and a cat bursts out from behind them and runs off.

Deathbolt yells, “I should shoot you for just being a cat, fucker!”

He continues to walk until he gets right in front of Eel who is pressed up against the wall flat. As Deathbolt walks by, Eel’s eyes follow him. Eel slowly starts to peel himself from the wall when Deathbolt spins around, “I got you, motherfucker.”

Deathbolt raises the shotgun, pointing it right at Eel who raises his hands and steps onto the sidewalk, “Alright, alright, you got me, pal. Let’s not get carried away with that thing.”

Eel isn’t sure exactly how a bullet would affect him if he were shot, much less buckshot.

Deathbolt smirks as he eyes Eel down the barrel of the shotgun, “Too late for the kid, Eel. It’s about to be too late for you.”

“What did you do to the kid?”

Deathbolt chuckles, “Sliced her right across the throat. Probably bled out right about now, I imagined. Now it’s your turn, you backstabbing piece of shit.”

“I’m not the backstabber…” Eel starts to say as he starts to lunge forward only to stop when Deathbolt starts to squeeze the trigger.

“By fucking means, give me a reason. I don’t even need a good one. I’ll take whatever I can get.”

“Goddammit, Death. Why are you doing this?” Eel asks.

“Why am I doing this?” Deathbolt chuckles, “Do I need a reason to fucking do anything? I just don’t like you, how’s that for a reason? You were a bossy motherfucker and we decided we didn’t need you anymore. No one needs you anymore, Eel. You’re a lying piece of trash. A waste of space. If I were to blow your brains out right now, not a single person would miss your stupid ass.”

Well, that hurt. “I guess it won’t matter then what I try at this point, now will it?” Eel starts to lunge forward when all of a sudden, Deathbolt snaps to the left and then slumps to the ground.

Sheila crawls over towards Jazz in the dark and pulls the gag from around her face, “Are you okay?”

“I think I’m bleeding,” Jazz says as she lies there, still tied to the chair on her side.

Sheila can’t see much in the dark, but she can make a few things out. She’s not sure how badly Jazz might be cut and hopefully it’s not too bad. If it was deep, she would have bled out by now.

She has to feel around for the ropes that have bound Jazz and begins to untie them. The fact that she feels like she has to rush to do it makes her struggle even more but finally she frees the teen from the chair, “Find a place to hide and don’t come out. Do you understand?” she asks.

Jazz nods her head, “Okay. Thank you.”

Jazz crawls off in the dark to find someplace to lay low as Sheila knows now that there’s no out for her.

A view from a scope is seen, targeted on the scene unfolding between Deathbolt and Eel. When Eel starts to go for Deathbolt, Phantom Girl knows that Deathbolt is about to fire and so she fires off a single shot that hits Deathbolt on the side of the head and exits the other.

Clean shot.

Eel’s head turns towards the direction of the bullet.

Phantom Girl begins to put away the weapon into a case. “The rest is up to you,” she says though she knows he can’t hear her.

Eel watches Deathbolt fall and turns to look at the direction the shot came from. “Well, fuck. That’s one down.” Eel reaches for the shotgun and tosses it into a nearby dumpster before walking towards the entrance.

He reaches for the doorknob and it turns without any difficulty meaning Deathbolt left the fucking thing unlocked. What a meathead. No offense.

He pushes the door open and slips inside. The place is still dark as he creeps inside with exaggerated toe steps. He takes a set of stairs that dip down and finds himself in an open room. As his eyes get used to the dark, he begins to make out furniture and a figure walking away from him.

Sheila. That bitch.

He walks up behind her and makes a baggie out of his hand and as he leaps on her back, his hand goes over her face and seals itself around her neck.

Suddenly, Sheila can’t see anything. There’s something on her back and she feels herself unable to breath as she tries to suck in air that’s nowhere to be found.

“You think you’re gonna kill a kid and I’m just gonna let it happen?”

Eel O’Brien. He’s here to kill her.

“You can turn yourself into rock all you want, but you still gotta be able to breathe,” he says. The outline of her face is clearly seen desperately trying to get air into her lungs. She falls backwards onto the floor and struggles as he keeps the pressure on her.

Dragon King is downstairs trying to flip the switches on the circuit breaker but nothing is bringing the electricity back. It’s not a problem at their place.

As Dragon uses his flashlight on his phone to look around the basement, a sudden loud thump upstairs startles him, causing him to drop his phone as it slides underneath a cabinet.

He is suddenly enveloped in darkness.

“Motherfucker,” he mutters under his breath as he begins to move towards the stairs.

Jazz can hear the commotion, but she’s ducked down behind a couch and doesn’t dare look. She thinks she can hear a man’s voice, but it’s very low and she can’t make out what he’s saying and the darkness doesn’t allow her to see who it is.

She begins to feel a bit lightheaded and soon she closes her eyes.

Jazz isn’t the only one fading as Sheila tries to claw at the Eel. She’s running out of time and she knows it. She begins to see spots in the darkness that covers her eyes. Her heart struggles with each beat.

“Time to die,” says Eel as he waits for her to expire.

Suddenly a bright flash appears in the room, “Release her, Eel O’Brien.”

“Fuck off,” shouts Eel as he feels Sheila losing the battle. “She killed the kid, she’s gonna die for it.”

Zatanna sets herself on the ground and kneels, “Jazz is not dead. Sheila saved her. Release her. The world needs her.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“We had an arrangement. I told you that you would owe me a favor and I’m calling in that favor. Release Sheila Sorrell and I will take her.”

Suddenly, Eel remembers where he’s seen this woman before. He did make a deal. He also remembers what she said would happen if he failed to repay that debt.

Suddenly, air reaches Sheila’s lungs as she turns onto her side and gasps. Eel rises to his feet, “She better be worth it,” he says

Dragon King has made it to the top of the stairs and is watching the scene unfold. He slips by and starts to leave when he turns to the side and spots something.

Zatanna casts a spell and Sheila rises into the air. “The world needs her,” Zatanna says again as she casts another spell and a portal opens up. Zatanna raises back into the air and moves towards the portal with Sheila floating behind her, “Be well, Eel O’Brien,” she says as the two disappear and the portal dissipates.

Suddenly all the lights come on.

“Well, well, well,” says a familiar voice. “Looks like it’s just you and me, Eel.”

Eel spins around to see Dragon King. He isn’t alone. By the foot, he’s dragging Jazz across the floor. The cut on her neck has soaked blood into her hoodie. She’s not moving.

“If she’s dead, I swear…”

“You swear what?” chuckles Dragon King. “The great gangster Eel O’Brien getting all teary-eyed over a kid. Who would have ever imagined?”

“Cut the bad guy monologue, it’s way too cliche,” says Eel as he considers exactly how to get out of this spot. What he really wants to know is if the kid is just passed out or worse.

“Give me the kid,” says Eel.

Dragon King raises his other hand and in it is that same large hunting knife from before. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, she saw us kill Pops. You had a soft spot for that waste of space and let him skip his payments but once Pops started doing it, others started doing it and that’s bad business. Your little protege here happened to walk in on us turning that old geezer into mush. Isn’t that one of your rules? We don’t leave witnesses?”

“I never said anything about kids,” says Eel as he takes a soft step forward.

Dragon King reaches down and yanks Jazz to her feet, but has to hold her up since she’s unconscious. He puts the knife right at her throat. “Go ahead. Take one more step, hero. Isn’t that what you are now? A big hero? More like a zero. If Deathbolt and I hadn’t been there for you, you’d never had made it big time. You’d have been the nothing you were always meant to be. Hell, I can’t even figure out how you scored a babe like Sheila. Well, she’s mine now. She knows where the greener pasture is and that’s with me.” Dragon King stops and looks around. “Sheila!”

“She ain’t here.”

“Where’d she go?” Dragon King moves the knife closer to Jazz’s throat.

“Some magician chick appeared out of thin air and said she needed her to save the world and then left with her,” says Eel with a straight face.

Dragon King looks at Eel for a long moment, “You must want me to cut this kid again. You fucking kidding me with that bullshit story? Sheila’s gonna save the world? She can’t even fucking tie her own shoes. The chick is hot, but she’s dumb as a fucking rock, no pun intended.” Dragon King swings the knife around to point it at Eel, “You did something to her? You kill her?”

“Fuck, D.”

“Don’t ‘fuck D’ to me, Eel. She tried to save this kid. You kill her? Didn’t finish the job when you tossed her in some fucking acid, so you finished her off?” Dragon King lifts his chin, “Sheila! Sheila! Deathbolt!”

“Well, he’s dead,” says Eel. “Shot in the side of the head. Looks like you’re all on your own, Dragon.”

“Stop calling me Dragon. I am Dragon King but you can call me King.”

“I ain’t calling you shit. Maybe ‘shit for brains’ but I sure as fuck ain’t calling you King.”

“That’s it. I’m done,” he puts the knife again at Jazz’s throat and as he does, Jazz’s eyes pop open and she clamps her teeth down on Dragon King’s hand.

“Fuck!” he says as he tries to pull his hand away from her face, but before he can a giant fist barrels towards him and punches him right in the face. Jazz falls to her knees.

“Get the fuck out of here right now,” Eel tells her as she gets to her feet and staggers out of the room.

Eel stalks up to Dragon King who looks up at him, “Wait a second, Eel…” but before he can say another word, Eel’s arm snakes out and wraps itself around his neck like a noose.

“I should kill you right now, you fucker,” Eel says as he squeezes down. Dragon King reaches around his neck, trying to pull Eel off of him so he can get some air.

“But I’m not,” Eel says as he releases Dragon King who begins to cough and sputter. “I’m going to make sure the kid testifies and puts you away for good.”

Eel turns to leave and Dragon King reaches for the knife and charges him from behind, but Eel already knows. He squats down as Dragon tries to stab him and then thrusts himself back up, driving the top of his head into Dragon’s chin and sends him flying across the room.

“Now you’ve pissed me off.”

Eel stalks towards Dragon King and grabs him, dragging him across the floor and as he gets to the stairway to the basement, he just throws him down the stairs. Dragon King topples head over feet until he lands at the bottom on the concrete floor.

“Fuck, Eel…” Dragon says as he tries to crawl away. Eel slowly takes each stair down until he reaches the bottom. Dragon realizes he has nowhere to go so he turns around and begs off, “Listen. All of that was just me trying to play tough.”

Eel walks by the hanging light bulb that barely gives light to the basement and it begins to swing back and forth making the basement look even more creepy. Eel grabs Dragon and tosses him across the room.

Dragon crashes into a shelf that was built into the wall and everything on it falls to the ground with him. Eel lets his arm go up and over a beam in the ceiling of the basement and then stretches it out and wraps it around Dragon’s throat once more and this time pulls him up.

Dragon’s eyes go wide as he finds himself hanging from the beam. Eel watches Dragon as he kicks and struggles. After a long moment, the struggling ceases as does the life of Dragon King. Eel waits a little longer just to be sure he’s dead before he releases him to fall onto the pavement, a lifeless form.

Eel O’Brien looks down at his former comrade and shakes his head before he turns and moves up the stairs. He flips off the light and then closes the door, leaving the body of Dragon King in the dark.

An hour or so later, Eel, along with Woozy and Lila are at the hospital. Jazz is lying in a bed, a bandage on her neck as she laughs at something Woozy said and a doctor walks in.

“Looks like everything was superficial, meaning there might be a tiny scar, but otherwise she’ll be fine after some rest. However, there’s someone here that wants to talk to you,” he says before turning to leave.

A young woman enters the room with a briefcase, “Jazz Madigan? My name is Charlene Bennett and I’m from Child Protective Services. From what we’ve been told you’ve been living on your own for quite some time.”

Jazz’s cheerful expression disappears, “I’m not going to a group home…”

“Unfortunately, that’s not up to you. You’ve officially become a ward of the state.” She glances at the others around her, “Are any of you family?”

The three look back and forth at each other but no one responds.

“I’m afraid we have no choice but to place you in foster care.”

Woozy looks at the others and walks towards the woman, “Ma’am, if I may have a moment of your time, I feel like we can sort all of this out.” He places an arm around the woman’s shoulder and leads her out of the room, “Have you ever heard of the tangerine effect…?” he starts as his voice trails off.

“Let’s go, kid,” says Eel.

A few moments later, Lila Meeks is wheeling the largest baby stroller possible out of the hospital.

As we get a closer look, the stroller in question is Eel and the baby inside is an embarrassed Jazz Madigan as they stroll right out of the door.

They continue down the sidewalk when Jazz says, “That was the best idea you had?”

“What do you mean? It worked, right?”

Lila shakes her head, “There’s nothing wrong with foster care, but I feel like you probably wouldn’t have handled it very well. Come stay at my place and we’ll get things sorted.”

Eel and Jazz together ask, “Really?”

Lila stops pushing the stroller, “What’s that supposed to mean? Really.”

A hand rises up from the stroller and Jazz gives it a high five as they continue on down the sidewalk.

“Wait for me!” yells Woozy as the scene fades to black.



Dragon King KIRA IZUMI




It’s nighttime in Cole City and the winter snow continues to fall even after blanketing the city in white for the Thanksgiving weekend. A lone figure slips through the darkness near the pier of Cole Harbor and seems to know just where the cameras are located as she’s able to maneuver around to avoid being seen. Dressed in all black, only tufts of her blonde hair peek out from underneath the black knit cap she wears to cover the brightness of her curls.

She begins to walks between the large containers awaiting shipment to their final destination or to be loaded onto a cargo ship for transport. She checks the locks on a few, knowing the more valuable items would be secured.

A sudden thud startles her as she ducks between containers, pressing herself up against the side of it and she holds her breath.

Another thud is heard that causes her to begin to follow the sound that seems to be coming from the inside of a container. “What if it’s people?” she asks herself, though Cole City isn’t known for its human trafficking.

She decides to go behind the containers. She’s very familiar with what goes on at the pier and often comes down here to scavenge through for valuables that she can pawn off or outright sell. Her family isn’t very well off and she’s lucky to go to a private school because public schools in this town were a joke.

She’s gotta pay that tuition that her parents aren’t aware of. She’s smart enough to avoid being caught on camera stealing from the pier, but not smart enough apparently to get a scholarship. Fuckers.

She slides alongside the container and hears the thudding once more and walks to the edge, peeking around the corner for security guards just in case they actually decide to do their job. Seeing no one around, she does her best to stay in the dark as she walks to the front of the container and sure enough, it’s padlocked.

While not typically a problem, it means it’ll take her longer to get inside. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a bobby pin and begins to dig inside the padlock until after a few moments, it clicks open.

She gently removes the lock from the handle and lets it drop to the ground. “Fuck it’s cold,” she mutters quietly to herself as she gingerly raises the bar and pulls it towards her, allowing herself a small enough opening she can slips into.

Once inside, she gently pulls the door towards her then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a cell phone and flips on the flashlight and begins to look around.

There are boxes stacked up and secured with rachet straps and they are all labeled “fragile” and “archeological evidence”.

“Weird,” she says softly as she moves towards the back when another thud stops her in her tracks. She raises her flashlight towards the back and finds that a small box has falled onto the floor and busted open.

She slowly walks towards it.

As she gets closer, she sees a smaller box has tumbled from inside the bigger box that has been filled with hay or straw as padding.

Suddenly, the smaller box tumbles towards her as she starts to retreat but after a few steps, she stops. “What the fuck am I running for? You can do it. Free the little animal inside and find something valuable and get the fuck out,” she tries to console herself.

She takes in a deep breath and then moves once again towards the box. She kneels down and picks it up. She looks it over and it’s made of felt or something similiar. She grabs the top and slowly begins to raise the lid when a beam of light shoots out from inside, so bright that it startles her and she drops the box onto the floor of the container making a loud rattle as it tumbles several feet before stopping.

“Someone there?” Fuck. A security guard.

She hurries to pick up the larger box and places back on top of the others and she grabs the smaller box and tucks it into her jacket and then hides. Her smaller stature allows her to tuck herself between two boxes.

The door to the container slowly opens and a flashlight peeks inside. The sound of the guard’s boots as he walks into the metal structure are loud as he walks to and stands in front of where the intruder is hiding.

After a moment of moving around his flashlight, he walks out and closes the door and she hears him latch it and her eyes go wide. “Goddamnit,” she mutters knowing she’s trapped now.

Not only that, she hears him securing the padlock back onto the container as well. Now she knows she’s fucked.

She crawls out of her hiding spot and lets out a big sigh when the box tucked under her jacket begins to move around underneath there and falls to the floor.

“What the hell is in here?” she asks as she reaches down and this time flips it all the way open and finds some sort of amulet. She is already seeing dollar signs as she slowly reaches for it.

The amulet is attached to a thick chain but as she grabs the chain, the amulet tries to fly off, shining brightly as it drags her towards the locked entrance of the container and thumps against it a few times.

“What are you doing?” she asks it as it suddenly flies off in the other direction, pulling her with it.

Outside the container, the guard has walked back towards the tower when he hears some commotion back the way he came and turns around.

He listens for a moment and then hears another crash. He hoofs it over to the container he just locked and sure enough, there’s some commotion going on inside, so he fiddles with his keys, trying one and then the other.

Inside the container, the amulet is up against the side of the container as the girl holds onto the chain and then suddenly, the amulet phases through the wall and drags the girl out with it just as the guard gets the door opened.

He walks through and as before doesn’t notice anything different. He walks back out and secures the container once more and then walks around the container to make sure someone wasn’t banging on it from the outside. He walks down the side of the container and the girl is sitting down, scrunched up.

But, the guard doesn’t even see her. It’s as if she’s invisible.

He walks past her and then turns around and walks back, disappearing from view.

Suddenly, the amulet starts to fly off again and literally drags the girl across the snowy ground as we see the title screen.


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