Rachel Ryan defends her OWA Championship against number one contender and giant stablemate Gustaffson; Maxx and Blades defend the OWA Tag Team Championship in a rematch against Stallion and Mustang; Jetstream defends the North American Champion against Amazon Woman; The Press Your Luck tournament for the vacant OWA TV Championship

Ed: Welcome to Press Your Luck! I’m Ed Bagel and here with me is my broadcast colleague Stevie Cheesecake. We have a capacity crowd all excited because the first round of the Press Your Luck tournament is history. What do you think Stevie?

Stevie: Well. we had a couple of major upsets in the first round. and a few surprises.

Ed: Let’s take you back and give you a recap of the first round of this tournament.

Recap of First Round

Voice Over: The first round of the Press Your Luck tournament began with Ed and Stevie at the basket of names. Ed and Stevie each picked on name and set them in the second basket.

Scene shows Stevie taking a peek at his name before putting it in the barrel.]

VO: Next Ed picked a name and announced it as. Major Threat. Then Stevie picked a name and it was Traci Lane. Meanwhile stationed back at the locker rooms, Elaine Bryant, caught up with Traci Lane, who had these words.

Lane: The good Major while be court-martialed when I’m done with him!

VO: Lane’s predictions rang true as she defeated Major Threat in 12 minutes.

Scene shows Lane with the Northern Light Suplex and pin on Major Threat.]

VO: OWA Announcer, Myers Watterson then entered the ring for the coin toss.

Shows Lane flipping the coin-and when the coin lands it’s-tails.]

VO: Traci would be required to wrestle a second match in the first round. Ed turns the barrel and Stevie picks the name of her opponent: Larry Brown. Watterson got these words with Lane:

Lane: Brown! I hear you like hockey! Watch out or someone might just “stick” it to you!

VO: Meanwhile, Larry Brown comes out of the locker room and meets up with Shelly Marks.

Larry Brown: Traci Lane. One of the superstars of our sport they say. I call it luck. You’ve held the World title–but you haven’t faced the Blade. Win, lose, or draw, you will be in for the fight of your life. And when the dust clears and you’re on your back counting ring lights wondering what happened remember that you’ll go into the record book as the loser that the Blade destroyed on his path to glory.

VO: Brown and Lane fought a good contest but it was Lane coming out on top.

Shows Lane with a Brainbuster and a pinfall on Larry Brown.]

VO: Again. Watterson entered the ring for the coin toss. this time Lane’s luck was with her as she flipped heads and was allowed to go back to the locker room. Up at the barrel, Ed picked his first name for the next match: Prince Frederick. and Stevie picked a name: WildShadow. Elaine Bryant picked up comments from Prince Frederick.

Frederick: Of course it has to come to this. WildShadow is my tag team partner and security officer. Unfortunately for him he’ll have to face me in this match. WildShadow, you luck has run out. royally.

VO: However it was Prince Frederick who ran out of luck as WildShadow caught him with the Spin Kick to gain the pinfall.

Scene shows WildShadow flipping heads.]

VO: With that flip, WildShadow advances to round two. Ed drew another name: Miguel Thunder. while Stevie drew: Sabin Figaro:

Miguel Thunder: First of all, this is my point on the Firenumbskull!! I am gonna cool ya down!!!! Next, this is my point on Sabin Figre, Figa. what ever his name is: You’re out of time to live and ready to lose!!

Sabin Figaro: Thunder, you seem of a honorable sort. I’m not sure, but in this battle, I don’t care. We’re going to fight 1/2 way to Figaro and back, and you homie are going to be LINED IN CHALK! LET’S DANCE!!!!!!!

VO: Miguel Thunder put up a grand fight, but the power of Sabin Figaro was too much for him as Sabin gets the pinfall.

Scene shows Sabin with the Fist Flurry and pinfall on Thunder. then goes to the coin toss-tails-and a disappointed Figaro.]

VO: Stevie picks Figaro’s next opponent: Sentry.

Figaro: Sentry, all the security in the world won’t save you, you have Sabin Figaro stalking you like a predator. comon. Let’s dance.

Sentry: Figaro, I’m gonna send you back to Spain or wherever your from in a box!! That’s right, punk, you will fall to the Sentry smasher like all others have!!!

VO: Sabin Figaro was too tired for this match and was defeated by Sentry.

Scene shows powerbomb and pinfall by Sentry-then switches to the coin toss for Sentry, who got heads.]

VO: Sentry advances to the second round. Stevie picked the next name: Legion. while Ed Bagel picked: The Fireman. It was the Fireman coming out on top.

Scene shows the powerslam and pinfall by The Fireman on Legion, then the coin toss-heads.]

VO: The Fireman advances to the second round. Ed picked the next name: Mariko. while Stevie picked: Monica Brant.

Mariko: Monica, you will soon find that you are overwhelmed in the ring. You will see my power and force destroy you. I have great respect for you, but that will not stop my advance to the champion’s belt. Do not take me lightly, you will suffer all the more for it, just as many others have. Sayonara.

Monica Brant: Well, I knew it was going to happen, sooner or later. I get to face one of my stable-mates, Mariko. Well, to the victor go the spoils, I always say. Mariko, good luck tonight, hun.you’re going to need it.

Scene shows Mariko and Monica shaking hands and walking together to the ring.]

VO: This match took it’s toll on both competitors as they went all out. Still neither could gain a pinfall on the other and the 20 minute time limit expired. Both competitors are eliminated from the tournament.

Scene shows them shaking hands and hugging after the match and walking back to the locker room together.]

VO: Ed picked from the barrel: Carolina Mangler and Stevie picked out the last name in the barrel: Intimidator.

Carolina Mangler: Intimidator, you could not scare my two year old cousin. She laughs at you at all the events. Your skills are minimal at best and you will fall at press your luck to the Carolina Mangler and The Family.

VO: Both members of the Family went toe to toe, but the Intimidator defeated the Mangler with the clawhold to win the match and to advance to the second round. That left Masked Mayhem and Colt as the winners of the first round bye, and concluded the first round of the Press Your Luck Tournament. Those advancing were: Traci Lane, WildShadow, Sentry, The Fireman, Intimidator, Colt and Masked Mayhem. Who will win this prestigious event?

Ed: There you have the first round. we’re about to draw 2 names for the second round byes.

Stevie: I get to draw first this time.

Stevie reaches into the barrel and pulls out the name and tries to peek at it.]

Ed: Cut that out. just put it in the barrel

Stevie frowns but complies – Then Ed picks a name and places it in the barrel.]

Stevie: Okay. let’s see who gets the first match in round two.

Ed reaches into the barrel and pulls out a name, opens it and looks.]

Ed: Traci Lane.

Stevie: Okay. move aside. let me show you how to do this.

Stevie reaches in and pulls out a name.]

Stevie: Masked Mayhem.

Ed: Let’s go back to the locker room for words with the two competitors.

Elaine Bryant: I’m here with Traci Lane. you had two first round matches and now you are in the second round with Sentry.

Lane: Be careful, Mayhem–that “Masked” part may not apply when I’m done with you!

Shelly Marks: I’m with Masked Mayhem.

Mayhem: Look at this, I have to fight Traci Lane. Traci, tonight is not your night. I am going to rip you to pieces. PREPARE TO BE DESTROYED!!!

PYL Round 2: Masked Mayhem vs. Traci Lane

Ed: Lock up. Lane goes early for a piledriver, but Mayhem counters with a back body drop. Mayhem with a flying cross body press, but Lane rolls it over. one. two. kickout by Mayhem. Lane runs into the ropes. sunset flip by Mayhem. one. two. kickout.

Stevie: Lane catches him with a kick to the gut. and powerbomb!! One. two. three! Lane goes for the mask, but Masked Mayhem makes a hasty retreat, pointing a warning finger at Lane.

The winner is Traci Lane. Time of match: 1: 57

Myers: Okay. we’re here for the coin toss. Traci if you will do the honors.

Lane flips the coin and the camera zooms in. heads.]

Congrats. go on back to the locker room and we’ll go to Ed and Stevie for the next draw.

Stevie: Okay. we’re going to draw two more names. and I’m going first. [Stevie reaches in and pulls out.]Colt!

Ed: Colt got a bye in the first round. let’s see. [pulls out a name: and his opponent will be. WildShadow. Let’s go to the locker room for comments from both.

Elaine Bryant: I’m with WildShadow. Colt got a nice bye in the first round, and he’s your next opponent. what are your thoughts.

WildShadow: I’m sure the Animal Rights Activists are so amused. So am I when someone compares themselves to an animal. Colt get ready, the Shadow is on his way.

PYL Round 2: Colt vs. WildShadow

Ed: Lock up. Colt with a whip, but reversal by WildShadow. Colt catches WildShadow with a backdrop. Colt with a backbreaker. Colt with a bulldog headlock. Colt with a whip. WildShadow ducks a clothesline and catches Colt with a sleeper. Colt quickly moves towards the ropes causing a break.

Stevie: WildShadow catches Colt with a palm blow. Colt catches WildShadow with a headbutt. DDT by Colt. Whip by Colt and powerslam. one. two. kickout by WildShadow. Another whip by Colt, but WildShadow catches him with an elbowsmash. Colt off the ropes and double clothesline and they are both down.

Ed: Referee counts. One. two. three. WildShadow gets to his feet. he misses an elbow. Colt hits him with a clothesline. Suplex by Colt. Colt places WildShadow on the turnbuckle. Belly to back superplex, by Colt.

Stevie: Colt with a whip. reversal by WildShadow. Colt catches him with a crucifix. one. two. three!!

The winner is Colt. Time of match: 10: 14

WildShadow leaves the ring and Myers enters the ring]

Myers: Okay Colt, you know the drill. toss that coin. [Colt tosses the coin and it comes up. tails. Colt is obviously not happy about that toss)
Just wait here and we’ll see who your next opponent is. Ed, back to you.

Ed: Let’s see. [reaches in to the barrel and pulls out the final name: Really no surprise. Intimidator.

PYL Round 2: Colt vs. Intimidator

Ed: We have a lock up. legsweep by Intimidator. and a dragon suplex. one. kick out by Colt. Whip by Intimidator. clothesline by Intimidator. the fatigue of that last match showing on Colt. Colt nails Intimidator with a shoulderblock. Intimidator is knocked out of the ring.

Stevie: Colt follows him out and whips him into the ringpost. Intimidator fights back and whips Colt into the guard rail. and again. and again. Intimidator runs Colt into the ring post. Intimidator rolls into the ring. and the bell rings. we have a countout here.

The winner, by countout, Intimidator. Time of match: 4: 42

Ed: That concludes round two of the tournament. We’ll be going to ringside for our submission match between The Shocker and Pretty Boy Monty.

Submission Match: Pretty Boy Monty vs. Shocker

Ed: Okay, Stevie. you know something. let’s hear it.

Stevie: You remember last week, about the commotion in the parking lot? That was part of the reason why Monty was a no show for his match with Frederick. When I went out there. Monty and Shocker were going at it. Slamming each other into cars and brick walls.

Ed: There’s the bell. they are all over each other. Shocker tosses Monty out of the ring. Shocker whips Monty. reversal by Monty, who sends Shocker into the railing. Monty charges Shocker, who ducks and Monty crashes head first into that railing as well. Shocker grabs Monty by the hair and smashes his head into the ring post! Monty is busted wide open. Shocker rolls him back into the ring.

Stevie: This match is not going to be pretty. Monty is already busted open. Shocker whips Monty into the ropes. clothesline by Shocker. he’s going to for the pin. wait. the ref is reminding him this is a submission match. Shocker measures Monty for a punch, but Monty blocks the punch and nails Shocker with a right. Monty with a drop kick.

Ed: Monty is losing a lot of blood here. . the ref may want to check out that forehead.

Stevie: Don’t be a wuss. this is great! Monty applies a Boston crab to Shocker. the ref is asking for a submission, but the Shocker makes it to the ropes for the break. Shocker with a thumb to the eye of Monty stops him. Shocker applies a cross face chicken wing, but Monty is quickly to the ropes.

Ed: Monty whips Shocker into the turnbuckle and charges in. Shocker ducks and lifts Monty into the air, who smashes his forehead into the ring post and falls back into the ring. Shocker with a sleeperhold. the ref is asking Monty if he wants to submit. no response from Monty. the ref keeps asking. and still no response.

Stevie: That’s it. the ref is calling for the bell. Monty cannot defend himself and there could be serious injury if this hold is applied any longer.

The winner is The Shocker. Time of match: 20: 28.

Battle Royale

Ed: The wrestlers are heading to ringside for the battle royal. I see. Scott Cobalt, Davey Scott, Black Shadow, Anthony Hazard, Executioner and Stacks Coltrain, Mr. Excitement, Asian Invasion, Shogun, Stealth V., and Raekwon, our 11 competitors for this event. the bell rings.

due to time constraints this battle royal will only be highlighted]

Stevie: Cobalt and Scott go right after each other. over on the opposite side, Hazard and Coltrain go to work on each other. Raekwon and Excitement double team Asian Invasion. Black Shadow tries to eliminate Scott and Cobalt, but they turn the tables and eliminate him.

Ed: Back to the action, Stealth V and Mr. Excitement are going at it. Excitement whips V into the ropes. reversal by V and back body drop over the top rope and to the floor. Mr. Excitement is eliminated. Over on the far corner, Raekwon has Hazard up, but Davey Scott comes over and clotheslines them both over, but Hazards hangs on as Raekwon reaches the floor and is eliminated.

Stevie: Look over here. Stealth V has Stacks up in a gorilla press position and drops her to the floor. and from behind Executioner nails V and sends him out of the ring. Both Stacks and Stealth eliminated. Colbalt and Scott are tangles up again. Cobalt gets him over. and Davey Scott is eliminated.

Ed: Asian Invasion and Shogun are going at it. Asian comes off the ropes, but Executioner uses his momentum to hurl him over the top rope and to the floor. Asian Invasion is eliminated. Scott Cobalt charges Executioner, who hiptosses him over the top rope. Scott Cobalt eliminated.

Stevie: Shogun and Executioner charge Anthony Hazard. they double team him and then toss him over the top rope, eliminating him. This leaves Executioner and Shogun. They circle the ring and then lock up. Executioner with a whip and back body drop, but no. Shogun with a powerbomb. Shogun with a piledriver on the Family member.

Ed: Executioner quickly takes out the legs of Shogun and drives a knee to the head. Executioner tries to throw him over the top rope, but cannot get him over. Shogun has him up in a fireman’s carry. and he heaves him over the top. Executioner struggles to stay off the floor but Shogun nails him with a savate kick that sends him off the apron and to the floor.

The winner is Shogun. Time of match: 16: 23

Ed: Congratulations to Shogun for a well deserved victory. He’ll get first crack at the OWA TV Championship next week on OWA Championship Wrestling. Okay for the semi finals of the Press Your Luck tournament, there will be no bye draw. so lets pick our first two competitors. (reaches into the barrel and pulls out.) Intimidator.

Stevie: Step back. step back. [reaches in and pulls out.) Sentry. “Let’s get some comments.

Shelly Marks: Sentry. you have Intimidator.

Sentry: Intimidator, Ill shown you intimidation at Press your Luck when I pound you into the mat punk!!! I’m gonna rip your head off and shove it up your ass ,punk!!!!!!! That’s intimidation!!!

PYL Semi Final: Sentry vs. Intimidator

Ed: Lockup. Sentry hits Intimidator with an elbow. Sentry whips him into the turnbuckle. Sentry charges in but Intimidator catches him with a knee. Dropkick by Intimidator. Sentry catches Intimidator with a football tackle then goes for the spinning toe hold.

Stevie: He’s too low. roll up by Intimidator. One. two. three!!!

The winner is Intimidator. Time of match: 3: 01

Ed: The Fireman is on his way to the ring. let’s get comments from Traci Lane.

Elaine Bryant: Traci. You’re in the semi finals. and you have the Fireman.

Traci Lane: Fireman, you’re about to face the one fire you can’t put out! Get ready to burn, idiot!

PYL Semi Final: The Fireman vs. Traci Lane

Ed: Here we go. lock up. Lane with a vicious knee to the stomach. and I’m being generous with that call. powerbomb. one. two. three!

Stevie: What the hell? It’s over already??

The winner is Traci Lane. Time of match: 8 seconds

Ed: The finals are set. Intimidator will take on Traci Lane. the winner will be the new OWA TV Champion. but next we have the OWA Tag Team Championship matchup.

OWA Tag Team Championship: Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades vs. Johnny Stallion/Mike Mustang

Ed: This is a rematch from the finals of the tag team championship tournament. Maxx and Stallion will be starting out in the ring for this contest. Maxx charges Stallion who quickly avoids the attack and nails Maxx with a powerslam. Stallion whips Maxx into the ropes, but misses a shoulderblock.

Stevie: Maxx tries for a waistlock suplex, but Stallion nails him with an elbowsmash. Stallion tags out to Mustang. Mustang with a clothesline on Maxx. Mustang with a small package on Maxx. One. kickout by Maxx. Maxx quickly tags out to Blades who leaps in and spin kicks Mustang. Blades hits with a fist to the midsection.

Ed: Small package by Blades. one. two kickout. Mustang nails Blades with a palm blow, then hits Blade with a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Mustang tags out to Stallion. Stallion and Mustang nail Blades with a double gorilla press slam. Stallion nails Blades with a clothesline. Sleeperhold by Stallion, but Blades stops it with a jawbreaker. Blades tags out to Maxx.

Stevie: Double whip by Blades and Maxx, and Maxx hits with a powerslam and a cover. one. two. Mustang makes the save. Maxx runs off the ropes and nails Stallion with a cross body block, but Stallion rolls it over. one. two. kickout by Maxx. Stallion tags out. Mustang goes for a figure four leglock, but Maxx catches him in a small package. one. two. three!

The winners are Johnny Blades and Danny Maxx. Time of match: 9: 05

Ed: The Extremists retain their title. coming up next is our InterNet title match and Shelly Marks is with the champion.

Shelly Marks: I’ve caught up with North American Champion JetStream on his way to the ring for his match with Amazon Woman.


JetStream: Well Amazon Woman, I finally get you in the ring. No more sneak attack from behind. Tonight you will find out why I’m the CHAMP and your just an old washed up champion wannabe. I intend to make you pay for your constant interference in my matches. You think you can beat me, well LADY , you’ve got another thing coming. I will take out my frustration on you. And when I’m finished with you, ALL OF OWA will know not to cross JETSTREAM.

( He starts walking towards the ring, stops & turns back to the camera )

Amazon Woman, if by some freak of nature you beat me. Rest assured that I will make your life a living hell. Prepare to face the consequences of your actions. See you in my Nightmares.

( Heads towards the ring with a mean look in his eyes & laughing hysterically )

Marks: Over to you, Elaine Bryant.

Elaine Bryant: Thanks Shelly. I’m right outside the locker room door of Amazon Woman. she’s about to go after her fourth title here in the OWA. oh. here she comes now.

Amazon Woman comes out and looks at Bryant with disdain and pushes her down, and walks out to the arena.]

North American Championship: Jetstream vs. Amazon Woman

Ed: There was NO call for that whatsoever. we need to get someone back to make sure Elaine is okay.

Stevie: It’s called invasion of privacy. besides. she’s okay. just a little shaken up. Stare down in the ring right now between JetStream and Amazon Woman. JetStream hands the title to the ref and Amazon attacks him right off the bat. she nails him with a low blow and then gives him a neck snap.

Ed: Amazon with a drop kick that misses its mark as JetStream moves aside. JetStream with a nice fallaway slam. Lock up and whip by Amazon Woman, who catches JetStream with a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Elbowsmash by Amazon. She tried for a belly to back, but JetStream nails her with an elbowsmash. JetStream catches her with a Japanese armdrag, then kicks her in the head.

Stevie: That just pissed off the former champion as she nails him in the gut with a headbutt. She catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Amazon Woman continues her assault with a belly to back suplex. Amazon runs off the ropes. JetStream ducks a clothesline, and nails Amazon Woman with a Yakuza kick. JetStream climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits Amazon with an elbowdrop.

Ed: JetStream places Amazon Woman on the top turnbuckle, but Amazon Woman pushes him off. she jumps off the second turnbuckle and nails JetStream with a flying forearm. Amazon Woman catches him with a belly to belly suplex. Cover. one. two. kickout by JetStream.

Stevie: JetStream with a kick to the midsection of Amazon Woman. He whips her towards the corner, but no. reversal by Amazon who sends JetStream into the corner. Amazon woman with a flying avalanche splash. and Running Powerslam!! Cover. one. two. thre. NO! Kickout by JetStream! No one has kicked out of her Running Powerslam before!

Ed: Amazon Woman just threw JetStream out over the top rope! She follows him out. she whips him into the guardrailing. She rolls him back into the ring. JetStream with a knee lift catches Amazon Woman. He picks her up for a body slam, but she grabs the ropes and he falls backwards. cover. one. two. wait. she has her foot on the ropes for leverage. three!

Stevie: We have a new champion!!

The winner is Amazon Woman. Time of match: 20: 26

Ed: I cannot believe the way that Amazon Woman won that match. She is the new North American Champion.

Stevie: Heh heh. I knew she’d do it. What’s next?

Ed: We have our finals for the Press Your Luck tournament. Let’s get some comments from the locker room.

Shelly Marks: Thanks Ed, I’m here with Traci Lane, congratulations for making it to the finals of the Press Your Luck tournament. You will be facing Family member Intimidator in the finals. Any comments?

Traci Lane: Intimidator? Who has he intimidated lately? No one! Don’t make me laugh!

Lane walks out]

Marks: I hope she’s not too over confident for this match. back to you Ed.

PYL Finals: OWA TV Championship: Traci Lane vs. Intimidator

Ed: We know why both Monty and Gustaffson are not out here. Monty is injured as a result of his match with Shocker and Gustaffson preparing for his OWA Title match. They lock up. legsweep by Intimidator. and side head lock by Intimidator.

Stevie: Lane escapes the head lock and nails Intimidator with a forearm smash. Intimidator whips Lane, Lane reverses and catches him with a spinebuster slam. One. two. kickout by Intimidator. : Lane off the ropes. Intimidator nails her with a rushing clothesline. Intimidator with a nice drop kick on the femme. Intimidator with a whip into the ropes, and powerslam on Lane. One. kickout by Lane.

Ed: Intimidator misses with a clothesline and Lane catches him with a bulldog headlock. Backbreaker by Lane. Lane sets him up. piledriver by Lane. Cover. one. two. kickout by Intimidator. Lane with a swinging neckbreaker. Lane picks up him and body slams him. Whip by Lane. spinebuster slam and cover by Lane, one. two. kickout by Intimidator. Lane looks a bit frustrated.

Stevie: Lane’s going for another bulldog, but Intimidator pushes her off and she runs right into the referee. He’s outta here. Lane looks over at the ref and then sees Intimidator up, she nails him with a clothesline. She’s got him set up. Northern Light Suplex. there’s no ref. hold up.

Ed: Raekwon is at ringside. he grabs a chair and climbs up to the top turnbuckle and comes down on Lane with that chair and exits the ring. but not before being blindsided by Monica Brant who has come to ringside. Mariko follows quickly behind and they begin to beat mercilessly on Raekwon.

Stevie: Back in the ring, Intimidator has no clue. but he applies the clawhold to Lane. the ref crawls over and checks Lane who is out. he calls for the bell. Intimidator has one the first Press Your Luck tournament. he’s the new OWA TV Champion!

Ed: The ref is handing the belt to Intimidator who leaves the ring. he glances curiously at the double teaming on Raekwon and leaves the arena area. The ref is checking on Lane. she’s finally starting to come around. She stands up and notices her two teammates giving a beating to Raekwon. She motions for them to bring him to the ring and takes the mike. Brant and Mariko begin dragging Raekwon to ringside.

Traci: Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. I think you all know that the Femmes organization has made a concerted effort to change itself for the better recently, even aligning with the Elite, but this.this we *will* not tolerate. You’re about to get a good look at justice, Femmes-style.

Raekwon! You’ve just cost me the OWA TV Title and a decisive victory in this tournament. You’ve compromised us for the *last* time, you oaf! I remember you saying something about wanting the Femmes for insulting you recently, so here we are! Come and get us!

(Raekwon’s eyes widen in terror as Traci rushes him and drives a knee into his stomach. The two begin trading blows, which Traci ends decisively by driving a knee into his gut. A forearm uppercut stands him up, then a perfect dropkick knocks him to his back. Traci scoops him up and presses him over her head, then slams him hard back to the canvas. The crowd cheers as she jerks him into a piledriver position, then sticks him into the mat.)

(Traci stares down at Raekwon’s twitching body, then picks him up again. She drapes him in a corner, then starts slapping him, flopping his head back and forth, shouting at him. After a final blow, Traci pulls him out and dumps him over the top rope, to where an eager Mariko awaits. Mariko picks him up for an atomic drop, then drops him astride the guard rail. Raekwon howls as the family jewels meet steel. A spinning crescent kick blasts him off and into a few unoccupied seats, the nearby fans having wisely vacated them.)

(Mariko reaches over, and yanks him back to ringside. She takes his arm and whips him toward Monica, who clotheslines him down. She pauses to pose over his squirming body, then pulls him up and slaps on the Fashion Statement, applying excruciating pain to his neck and shoulder. He screams as she cinches it in, his legs kicking vainly, before finally coming to a stop.)

(Traci yanks Raekwon up, and drag him over to the timekeeper’s table. Raekwon is handed up to her, and she holds by his hair, looking out at the crowd. She lifts him up in a fluid motion, holding him aloft for all to see, before dropping him, via piledriver through the wood, bringing both grapplers to the concrete. She stands back, leaving the battered Raekwon lying amidst the splintered debris.)

(Traci takes the mic once more, and says,)

Traci: I hope That’s a lesson learned, Raekwon. Find another line of work-or we’ll do this *again*.

(She slides out of the ring, and walks away with the Femmes as the paramedics rush to the scene.)

Ed: That may be the last time we see Raekwon in the OWA. As he’s being helped out of the arena, let’s go now to the one Femme who wasn’t here for this vicious attack, the OWA Champion, Rachel Ryan as she heads to the ring.

Shelly Marks: I’m here with Rachel Ryan, the OWA Champion. In just a few minutes, Rachel, its you and Gustaffson for the OWA Championship.

Rachel Ryan

Rachel Ryan: Well, Gus, tonight’s the night. You and me are gonna slug it out for the big one, the OWA World Title. Not quite the same thing as wrestling for a couple of brews, is it? I knew that eventually I would have to defend the belt against a fellow Femme. Hey, why should I be the only one having all the fun? But you better be ready for the fight of your life, cause once we step into that ring it’s all business. I’m going to give it all I’ve got, and I expect no less from you. Good luck, big guy. And don’t forget, loser buys the beer!

OWA Championship: Rachel Ryan vs. Gustaffson

Ed: There’s the bell. I’m sure we’ll have some order in this match compared to the last two. there’s a clean hand shake and hug by the two competitors.

Stevie: Watch out. you have no idea where those two have been. lock up. Ryan with a whip, Gustaffson comes off and runs right over Ryan. He gives a grin as Ryan stands to her feet. Lock up, and headbutt by the big guy. Gustaffson goes for a short clothesline, but Ryan ducks it and nails his with an elbow.

Ed: Ryan comes off the ropes with a cross body block, but Gustaffson catches her and body slams her down. Gustaffson helps her up and sets her up for a nice suplex. Gustaffson off the ropes, Rachel moves out of the way of a shoulderblock, and nails him with a Russian legsweep.

Stevie: Ryan off the ropes with a flying clothesline, not yet knocking the big guy to his feet. Gus catches her with a kick to the midsection. Gustaffson goes for a jumping DDT, but Ryan lifts him over with a back drop. Ryan tries for a piledriver on the big guy, but he easily lifts her over with a back drop of his own. Powerslam by Gustaffson. cover. one. two. th. kickout by Ryan.

Ed: Gustaffson whips her into the ropes and she nails him coming off with a fist to the midsection. Forearm smash by Ryan. she whips him off the ropes and nails him with a spinebuster slam! One. kickout by Gustaffson. Kneedrop by Ryan. and another. Cover. one. two. kickout. Gustaffson hits Ryan with a kick, then executes a nice gutwrench suplex. Whip by Gustaffson. he misses a clothesline and Ryan comes off the other side with a flying clothesline.

Stevie: Ryan tries to lift him up. she’s. she’s. she’s got him!!!! Gorilla Press Powerslam by Ryan and a cover. one. two. three!!!!! She beat him.

The winner is Rachel Ryan. Time of match: 18: 42

Ed: This has been an amazing card but we are out of time! We’ll have more action next week on OWA Championship Wrestling!

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