Prison City 2 is rated a hard TV-MA for extreme violence, language, and uncomfortable situations. It is not for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Was it worth the time? The effort? Was this truly what you needed? The moment you come here for revenge, but in reality, you’ve come to meet your maker.” He steps towards her menacingly. “You see, I’ve made you what you have become. Angry. Bitter. Deluded. I have created this inside of you by my one single action. In reality, all you have done is disappointed me.”

His feet crunch as he steps into the balcony area, and his boots step on the broken glass. Cam sits where she landed as she watches him get closer and closer. He reaches for her, but she drives her foot up into his groin, causing him to exhale and bend towards her as his hand wraps in her hair. With a single swipe, she uses a long piece of broken glass and drives it into his eye as he screams out in pain. His body falls against the metal safety railing, and part it finally has had enough and bends outward as his body falls.

She struggles to release his grip on her hair. His large frame stops falling as he clings to her for dear life, but she grabs on to the rest of the rail and holds tightly. She can feel the roots of her hair giving way, pulling free from her scalp as she desperately tries to maintain her grasp.

His grip cannot hold as he releases and starts to fall. She tries to pull herself up, but he grabs at her ankle, and she’s pulled back down. The bolts holding up the railing starts to give way, pulling free from the concrete and brick, little by little.

Killjoy looks up at her with one good eye, the other still speared by the chuck of glass. Slowly he utters under his breath, “Well done.”

Then he lets go.

Slowly he falls down, down, down until his body thumps against the ground down below.

Cam watches him fall and then slowly starts to pull herself up the railing, but the final straw for the bolts is reached as it pulls free of the wall, and she starts to plummet downward.

Cam Dragul sits up in her bed, sweating pouring down her face. It was the same dream, nearly every night for the past fifteen years.

Five Days Remaining

As the sun rises up over Prison City, the residence begin their daily rituals. It has been fifteen years since Cam Dragul changed the course for things inside the prison wall. Though she still carries the title of “King,” she doesn’t rule the kingdom with an iron hand as Killjoy had done. Instead, she showed them how to grow food and ensured that everyone had enough to get by. It was hard, at first, digging through the town’s trash to find seeds to grow. However, once things began to harvest, it was much easier. Folks within the walls began to trade foods for variety. Water was still supplied by the city, but there was always enough to go around as long as everyone did their part to preserve.  Cam allowed those who participated in the community to move into the hotel. Though she and Tila remained on the top floor, the remaining rooms underneath began to fill up. Fifteen years later, things were becoming steady.

Occasionally, someone new would be thrown in, and they would try and beat her, but she was never really tested, and the story of her defeating the great Killjoy was now a tale of legend.

“You okay,” asks Tila, who lies next to her on the bed. She’s not quite awake yet, but she has gotten used to the suddenness of Cam’s nightmares. It’s been clear that it’s not a topic that Cam likes to talk about, so the best Tila can do is just make sure Cam knows she’s there.

Cam pulls the covers off her and slips from the bed, “Yeah. I’m fine,” she says. The two are as close as lovers can be, but there are things Cam just doesn’t want to talk about. Cam walks over and grabs the half-drunk bottle of warm water, and finishes it off. It’s been fifteen years. What she wouldn’t give right now for a hot shower. Instead, they’ve got running water, but it’s cold. It’s also disgusting.

She runs the water as she uses a washcloth to wipe herself down. When Cam emerges from the bathroom, she sees the stash of bottled water is empty. “It’s your turn to get water,” she reminds Tila, who answers with a groan and then rolls out of bed herself. Tila walks over and stands behind Cam as they look into the mirror. Tila wraps her arms around the woman she’s been with for the past 15 years, “Let me get washed up, and I’ll go out.” Tila soon disappears into the bathroom.

Cam continues to look at herself in the mirror. Fifteen years in Prison City has left her with new wrinkles, but she would admit that the vengeance she claimed was worth the time she has had to spend here. There was, however, one regret that she’d never admit to anyone.

“But why? Why must you go there?” Cam’s mother asks as Cam places a small child in her mother’s arms. The child seems confused but has never had an issue spending time with grandma and grandpa.

“You know why,” Cam reminds her. They’ve had this conversation since the day she started petitioning the court to allow her to enter Prison City. “One of these days, they’re going to let you in there, and then what will you do?” her mother would ask.

Well, that day is fast approaching. Cam leans in and kisses her daughter on the cheek, “Be good for grandma, okay?”

It was almost heartbreaking when the three-year-old child responded, “Bye, mommy!” Cam knew it may very well be the last time she saw her child, but she knew her parents would make sure she was well taken care of. This was something she had to do, not only for herself but for that child who would have to grow up without a father.

As she walks away from her parents’ home, she could hear her mother crying. Cam knew her next stop was Prison City.

There was a picture of three-year-old Ransom Dragul on the mirror that Cam was looking into, and every day, she would say a prayer for her daughter that she would grow up strong.

Cam would wonder about Ransom’s first day of school. Her first achievement. Her first crush. Her first date. Graduation day. The first day of college. Would her daughter truly understand why she was here?

She finally walks away from the mirror and steps out onto the balcony. She could hear the familiar sound of the doors to Prison City being opened, and she wondered to herself what unfortunate soul would be walking through those doors today?

“Sounds like we’re getting a new resident,” Tila says as she walks by the balcony door. “I’ll be back,” she says as she walks out the door. Cam doesn’t respond or even look back as her lover leaves.

Something has drawn her to the gates of Prison City.

Ransom Dragul has wanted answers. Since she was old enough to understand what happened to her father and her mother, she has wanted answers. Why wouldn’t her mother stay and raise her? Why did she feel the need for vengeance? Was she even alive? As much as Ransom wanted to just walk away from all of it and live a normal life, she just couldn’t.

Every day for the past few years, Ransom would walk to the entrance of Prison City. The wall towers over her as she gazes at it, knowing that her mother is somewhere inside, dead or alive.  And she prays that her mother is alive.

As the door opens to Prison City, a feeling of déjà vu washes over Ransom Dragul. She isn’t sure why. All she knows is that she has five days to find her mother inside the vast expanse of this self-contained prison. In five days, the city will be making its move, and there will be no hope after that.

Within the walls of Prison City, it would seem the arrival of a new prisoner would get dull after a while, but even after all this time, when the doors open, everything stops.

Gardeners stop gardening.

Fighters stop fighting.

Scavengers stop scavenging.

The King stops what she’s doing and looks from her balcony.

The loud rustic squeal of the large metal doors makes Ranson wince, reminding her of nails on a chalkboard. Armed guards motion for her to enter. She turns to her grandmother, “I’ll be back. I’m going to get her and bring her out.” She doesn’t say ‘dead or alive’ because she can only hope for the best. A hug later, and Ransom Dragul walks through the doors.

Ransom spins around as the door clanks shut, and she can hear the locks being put in place. She wonders at the wisdom of coming inside this prison. It’s as if she can feel eyes on her everywhere.

Now, if she only knew where to start.

Tila arrives at the water spot. She’s actually surprised to find a few cases of water left on the pallet. Typically, the ones on the bottom get smashed when the water is airdropped into Prison City.  She starts to reach for the case when something causes her to shiver.

She glances around for a moment. Prison City can be a rather creepy place, but more so in the darkness than in broad daylight. It’s been a while since anyone has tried to fuck with her.

“Who’s there?” she yells out.

He’s laid low for a while now. Waiting for his opportunity. He needs to make a statement. As he watches the King’s right hand hovering over the water pit, Highway knows this is his opportunity.

His arrival to Prison City was met with combat and bloodshed. Some of that blood he still wears on his clothing. Seems no matter how hard he scrubs at it, the stain remains.

The folks in the city thought that putting criminals within the walls of Prison City would make their precious reputation that much shinier, so when he was busted snatching a Mercedes, he was thrown into Prison City. Left to fend for himself.

Which he has done. This morning he was out helping himself to a nice shiny tomato from one of the resident’s garden when he spotted Tila leaving the hotel. Why the King doesn’t get one of her actual minions to come out and get water for her, he’ll never know.

When he’s the King, he’s gonna be served, night and day. If asked, he’d admit that Killjoy had it right. Rule with an iron fist. Killjoy was long gone by the time he was thrown inside, but he’s heard stories. The great battle, he’s told. He scoffs as he thinks about it.

He stays out of sight as he watches the woman look around. He must have made some sort of noise because she calls out.


Tila has been in Prison City long enough to know when she’s being followed. It’s been a while since she’s had to fight for her life, but she’s more than willing if that’s what it takes.

“I hope you know who you’re fucking with,” she yells out. “You looking to fight? I’m right here.”

Silence and yet, the hairs on her arm are standing at attention. She moves in the direction where Highway was watching her, but he’s nowhere to be seen as she gets to where he was. She glances down and sees footprints, so she’s certain someone was watching her.

“Fuck,” she mutters under her breath. She had mentioned to Cam that things had been a little quiet in Prison City. A little too quiet. Cam’s only response is that everything was running smoothly and to stop worrying.

She’s done fucking around. Tila walks back over to the water pit to grab her water and get back to the hotel.

All Ransom has to go on is a 15-year-old picture of her mother. She spies a group of four men sitting around a homemade grill of some sort, cooking some sort of meat and having a good time.

“Excuse me,” she says as she walks up to them, their attention turns to her.

“What you want?” one of them asks. “We ain’t sharing our rat. Barely enough to go around four ways anyway. Find your own fucking food.”

Ransom can feel the heave coming from her gut, but she manages to curtail it. Rat? You fucking kidding me? In here long enough, you probably learn to eat just about anything. She was warned when she asked to come here that the worst of the worst were in here.

“I don’t want any of your,” she pauses before she can actually say it out loud. “Your rat. I was wondering if you’ve seen this woman around here?”  She produces the picture from her pocket and shows it to the criminals gathered around their BBQ.

“She looks familiar,” one of them says. “Jocko, you know this broad?”

Jocko wasn’t really paying attention, to be honest. He was gonna snatch the rat and run, but as attention is drawn to him, he pulls his hand back. He squints as he looks at the pic. He nods. “I saw her.” That appears to be the end of the conversation as someone flips the rat over to cook the other side.

Ransom is a little confused. “Do you know where she is?”

Jocko nods his head. “I sure do.”

Then nothing.

Ransom isn’t sure what’s going on here. “Could you tell me…”

“What’s in it for me?” asks Jocko.

Ransom brought her backpack and enough to last her for five days. If she could get a lead on where her mother is, it might be worth it to give up some of her rations. “I could give you some real food,” she says.

All four men turn their eyes to her now. “You got real food?” one of them asks. “What kind of real food?”

Ransom removes her pack and sets it on the ground. She opens the flap, reaches inside, and produces a few granola bars and some beef jerky sticks. She can almost hear the saliva dripping from their mouths. “Deal?”

The others press Jocko to accept the deal, hoping their “friend” will share in his windfall with them. Jocko nods and gets up from his seat on the ground in front of the makeshift BBQ. He walks up to Ransom and holds out his hand.

Ransom eyes the hand, “I’ll give you one. The rest when you show me.”

Jocko considers the offer and then nods. “Deal.”  He starts to walk, but when she doesn’t follow, he turns around, “You coming or what?”

Ransom nods, “Okay.” She moves after him.

He walks her out to the intersection of the abandoned street, and he turns and points, “See that hotel over there?”

The Grand Hotel sits high and mighty over the rest of Prison City. “Yes, of course.”

“She lives at the top. You should know she runs the place, so what you want her for anyway?” he asks. Ransom isn’t the first one looking to fight the King.

“It’s personal,” Ransom says as she places the rest of the items into his hand.

Jocko just grins at her, “We’ll take the rest of that stuff you got too.”

“We?” Ransom turns around to find the other three behind her. She probably should have known better, but she’s not in the mood for this. “Yeah, I gave you what we bargained for.” She starts to walk off when one of them moves into her path.

“See, we ain’t playing around, little girl. You can give us the pack, or we can take it from you.”

Ransom isn’t stupid. Maybe a little gullible, but she’s not an idiot. It’s four against one here.  She tightens the straps on the backpack. “You can move, or I’ll move you,” she tells the men, who all just laugh at her.

“The little girl thinks she’s tough, is that it? You think you can take on four grown-ass men?”

Ransom decides the best action is offensive, and she reaches out and jams her fingers into one guy’s throat, causing him to back up and cough, choking.

“Get this bitch!”

The fight doesn’t last long. A kick and a punch, followed by a knee to the groin. A couple minutes is all it takes for Ransom to put all four men down. She starts to walk off but pauses, reaches down, picks up the items that she gave Jocko, gives him one more kick to the stomach, and walks off.

The gate opening did intrigue Cam for a short while, but boredom once again hit. She’s beaten everyone who’s stepped forward. Some twice.

The wind blows through the open balcony doorway, and Cam closes her eyes.

The wind blows through her air and then suddenly stops.

Her eyes snap open.


Tila reaches for the case of water when she suddenly ducks to the side as rebar smashes down into the water, spraying it everywhere.

Highway turns to Tila, “I thought I had you.”

“The fuck is this?” Tila asks as she prepares to fight.

The man doesn’t seem all that concerned with her as he twirls the rebar in his hand. “When you want to get someone’s attention, you hit them where they hurt the most.”

“You want the King?” Tila asks, “You should just walk up and ask for a fight. Now you’re just fucked. She would have easily kicked your ass, but I’ll just have to do it for her.”

Tila rushes in, and Highway swings the rebar, but Tila reaches out with blocks it with her arm and then drives a shot that connects right to his nose as blood sprays out, staggering him back.

She’s tougher than he expected. He’s going to have to end this quick since she’s already broken his goddamned nose. He’s going to have issues breathing soon.

“Let’s go, motherfucker,” she tells him.

With blood running down his face from his nose, Highway gets up and lifts his fists, though he has a smirk on his face as he rushes in and takes another wild swing which Tila easily ducks. She grabs his arm and twists it, and throws him over her shoulder.

“The fuck? You think you can actually beat Cam? Can you even fight?” she asks him. Though, she looks thoroughly confused when he starts to laugh. “What’s so fucking funny?”

Highway gets to his feet, still chuckling. “You’re fucking funny.”

Tila is appalled that he’s laughing at her. She’s kicking his ass, and he’s laughing. Time to put this little bitch down for good.

She charges in and aims a punch right to the nose again when he suddenly reaches out and catches her fist in his palm. Tila flashes a look of concern as he grips her fist tightly. When she looks at her fist, he socks her in the cheek with his other hand, staggering her back.

Another shot is directly right to her midsection, and the sound of air leaving her body is loud in the silence of Prison City. The shot sends her up against a building. Tila gasps for air as she drops to her knees.

That cocky look on his face hovers over her as she moves in and grabs her by the hair, and turns her towards the building, pressing her face against it, he begins to drag her face along the rough wall of the building.

Tila can feel the skin slowly being ripped from her face as she screams out loud, leaving a trail of blood as he drags her to the end. She falls to the ground, clutching at her face. She realizes she’s been outmatched.

Highway picks up a cinder block, ready to finish this once and for all. As he lifts it to smash her with it, Tila shoots out a kick that nails him in the balls, causing him to double over.

She’s never ran from a fight in her life, but Tila is starting to get the feeling she may need to if she wants to survive. Her face burns from where the skin was shredded. She is still trying to get her air back as she whimpers, trying to get to her feet to get the fuck out of there.

Highway lies there, trying to will the pain away. The bitch kicks hard, but she’s only prolonging the inevitable. He struggles to his knees and then his feet. He reaches for his rebar and stalks towards her.

Something isn’t right. Cam can feel it in her bones. She walks out onto the balcony and looks to see if she can see Tila coming back. She’s been gone way too long.

Does this have anything to do with the opening of the gates?” Cam thinks to herself.

She rushes to the door and opens it to find a couple of Prison City residence, “Can you go to the water pit and see if Tila is there? She might need some help getting water back.”

The two nod and head towards the stairway.

Cam walks back over to the balcony, and a few moments later, she sees them leave the hotel and head down the street.

Stopping to ask a few folks on the way, Ransom feels like she’s headed in the right direction. Her hopes have gotten lifted when she’s heard that her mother is alive and well and living in the old Grand Hotel.

As she looks at the high-rise building, it seems so far off. She hadn’t realized how vast Prison City truly was.

Ransom comes across an alley that looks like it might make a good shortcut to the hotel, so she turns and heads down.

Tila can hear him coming up behind her. She turns around just as he brings that rebar down towards her, but her sudden action causes him to hit the pavement instead. That grin, though, never leaves his face.

“Going somewhere?” he asks her as she starts to crawl back.

He grabs her by the shoe and then brings a foot down hard on her abdomen. She could hear the breaking of a rib, perhaps two, as she cries out in pain. Never in a million days would she have woke up, realizing today could very well be her last day alive.

Highway grabs the rebar and drives it towards her stomach, but she catches it with her hands, and she struggles to keep it from hitting her.

He presses harder, and the steel inches towards Tila’s gut. She knows she can’t hold him much longer, so she sweeps at his feet, causing him to go off balance and crash down onto the pavement. She quickly turns over and tries to get to her feet.

Tila reaches for an old dirty board lying on the ground, and as she turns to swing at him, she stops.

The wide shot shows that Highway has gotten to his knees and driven that rebar right through Tila’s stomach, and it goes out her back. Blood begins to drip from the bar as Tila falls to her knees and then drops to the ground on her side.

Highway falls onto his back and takes a moment to recover. He’s only getting started with this bitch. He just needs a moment to recover.

Random navigates the alley. She doesn’t realize she’s being watched from on high.

On the roof of the building, a young woman, tattooed and pierced in multiple places, is watching the King’s daughter as she passes through. She starts to laugh but then covers her mouth.

“Quiet, Tempest,” she whispers to herself. “Tempest has play date now.” She leaps over the side of the building and down onto the fire escape, heading down towards the alley.

Highway is snapped awake by the sound of voices coming close. He crawls over and grabs his stick of rebar and pulls it out of Tila’s body with a sickening wet sound. It was the only thing preventing the gush of blood from exiting her body.

As the two men round the corner, one is immediately struck in the head with the rebar, and the other takes it to the gut.

Moments later, Highway has rebar in one hand and Tila’s foot in the other as he drags her down the alley. He’s going to have to get her out of the open. Too many fucking eyes. He drags the corpse down the street and turns into a parking garage.

Cam is starting to lose her mind. Tila hasn’t come back. The two she sent to look for her haven’t come back. That’s it.

She grabs her coat and heads out the door.

There is a specific reason Highway brought Tila to this particular parking garage, abandoned in the middle of construction. Most of the good tools had been taken, more than likely used as weapons.

But there was this one thing that he needed. He drags Tila’s body towards an abandoned workbench and lifts her on it.  He walks over and rummages through some old, broken tools until he finds what he’s looking for.

He walks back over and grabs Tila by the hair, and as he lifts the saw and begins to cut, her blood spritzes up at his face.



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