The show opens with a lengthy recap. The next scene opens as Cam and Never are standing in front of the Grand Hotel. At the front entrance stands Lince. Dramatic music, different angles, then fade out.

The words “Two Weeks Earlier” break the blackness as we see Cam and Never walking away from a fallen Tila. As they disappear around the corner to find some place to shelter in, faces begin to populate the abandoned street as they start to approach the former Queen. 


Tila forces herself to her feet, “Try it, motherfuckers,” she dares them between her clenched teeth. She’s barely clinging to consciousness as someone steps up to her and she drives a palm right into their nose, shattering it immediately and dropping them to the street. 

She looks around, “Anyone else?” The faces disappeared back into the shadow of Prison City as she stumbled her way back towards the alley. She holds her ribs as she takes a couple of deep breaths and then walks towards the alley in the same direction Cam and Never had walked off to before.


We see Lince who is training with a couple of men and she’s easily handling them. After knocking them down for the umpteenth time, she puts her fist through the wall and screams, “Fuck this shit! I need more of a challenge!” Her cool and cocky demeanor is not evident today as she storms out of the room.

Lince walks into the penthouse, “Boss. You gotta spar with me! These fucking idiots are no challenge and whoever that bitch is, she’s coming.”

“I told you long ago to be ready. Besides, I don’t ‘spar’. I fight. I fight. You lose. Defeats the purpose of having you here. So, figure it out.”  He turns his attention back to gazing out onto Prison City.


Lince has the notion of trying to attack but as the steps, he knows. “I wouldn’t suggest that,” he says as he continues to keep his attention away from her.  She grits her teeth and turns and walks out of the room.

Meanwhile, Cam has been recuperating from her battle with Tila. She is sure she cracked a rib. She knows she has to be one hundred percent before she goes face to face with Killjoy.  The nightmares of that night are beginning to haunt her again and sleep does not come well to her. The images of him crushing her husband’s head into the pavement, the sound of the crackling and the squishing as he does it with very little effort. 


Her body has taken a beating during the past few months she has been in Prison City and she knew that if she weren’t a hundred percent, she wasn’t going to last a minute with Killjoy. Fuck, even at a hundred percent, she wasn’t sure she could beat him, but she knew that she had to do it and whatever the outcome, so be it. 

Never, on the other hand, has been watching Cam for weeks now. Using Cam for protection was one thing, but in the end, she had to decide what she was going to do if Cam was beaten, or worse, killed. 

With each passing battle, the stakes seem to grow higher and higher. Cam was a gifted martial artist and fighter, but the chances of her being defeated grow with each outing. 

Even before she was completely healed, Cam had gone back to training and preparing herself for her fight against the King. Everyday, Never would wait to see if Cam was ready, and every day Cam would train, then rest. Food was becoming sparse, but both Cam and Never had grown accustomed to it. Three weeks had finally passed when Cam woke up and said, “It’s time to go.”


Packing things into the backpack, Cam retrieved her sword and they ventured their way out of hiding and into the sunlight. 

Meanwhile, they are noticed by Killjoy who was watching over his perch on top of the Grand. “They are coming,” he says as he starts to gather himself up. “Boss, I can handle that piece of trash. Let me go down and take care of it for you,” Lince says as she rises to her feet. “You got nothing to worry about.”

She exits the room, leaving Killjoy to his own thoughts. “Lince will be defeated,” he murmurs under his breath as if he just knows the outcome before it even started.

Standing before the Grand Hotel, Cam and Never arrive. The building was so high up, they had to crane their neck back so far, they were nearly looking straight upwards. “Up there, hm?” Cam asks.

“Yes,” Never responds. “Up there.”

They take a step through the broken down gate and a voice greets them, “I’m afraid you’re not taking one more fucking step.”

“Who the fuck are you? I want to see Killjoy!” Cam demands as she sets her backpack down on the ground. 

“I want a fucking Rolls Royce but you don’t see one of them parked out here, now do you? You don’t get what you want here. You get what you’re given and you, in order to get to him, are going to have to go through me.” Lince responds as she slowly makes her way down the large steps that lead towards the entrance of the building. That cocky grin is splayed across her face as she steps up to Cam. “You don’t look like much. You made it this far, but I can’t see how. You ain’t special, that’s for sure. I’ll put you down in record time, bitch.”

Cam doesn’t back down, instead she strikes a pose preparing for battle when a voice cries out, “Stop.”

“After the Queen, she gets the King. Not his second place flunky,” the voice says until a familiar face makes it to the entrance.

“Tee.” Cam murmurs.

“You want a fight, Lince? You got it. But with me, not her.” Tila walks up and stands next to Cam. “Take your girl and go get Killjoy,” she says as she stands in front of Lince looking her square in the eye.

“But,” starts Cam, but Tee doesn’t let her finish. “Do it!”

Cam reaches down to pick up her bag and motions for Never to follow and they start to climb the steps to the entrance.  Lince turns toward them to try and stop them but Tee just punches her fight in the side of the face, sending her to the ground. “I said you fight me.”  Lince scoots back and then gets to her feet. She turns once more to see the two disappear into the building before turning back to Tee, “Fine. Their funeral when he kills them both.”

The two charge at each other as just as they are about to collide, the scene changes to inside the foyer of the building. Though there are elevators, they have obviously ceased to work long ago, but Cam looks at the numbers on top, “Shit. 26 floors. Let’s go.  We will take out time so I’m not completely winded when I get to the top.”

Never spots a pipe wrench lying on the ground and picks it up and tries to hand it to Cam, “Here. This might help.”

Cam shakes her head, “You keep it just in case we run into trouble going up the stairs.”  She pulls the door to the stairs open and they disappear.

Back outside, Lince has Tila up against the brick wall. As they struggle, Lince grins, “You’ve sent your friends to their fucking death, I hope you know that. You should have just let me deal with her here and now. You’ve no idea what that freak will do to them.”

“Can’t be any worse than what he does to you,” retorts Tila as she gives Lince a shove, sending her sprawling to the ground, but Lince recovers back to her feet and shakes her head, “You’re funny, for a dead woman.”

She charges back in, but Tila side steps and sends Lince face first into the wall, Tila grabs her around the neck from behind and tries to choke her out, but Lince plants a foot on the wall and walks up and pushes herself up and over, dropping behind Tila and kicks her hard in the back of the leg.

“That your best?” Lince goads the blonde on. “No wonder you got your ass beat by that delusional twat. I’ll try and keep you alive long enough to see her drop from 26 floors up.”

Tila charges forward, throws an elbow that connects to the side of the face of Lince, then another and one more, “I’m just sorry I can’t throw you off from 26 floors up, but I have no problem putting you down right here and now.”

Meanwhile, Cam and Never have made it to the tenth floor. Never is looking winded, but Cam is ready to go. “If you have to catch your breath, that’s fine. I’m going up again.” Never nods her head and Cam continues up to the next flight while Never looks up and watches her disappear around the corner then rises up and starts up the stairs after.

Just as we return back to the fight scene outside, Tila charges Lince and spears her against the wall and then nails her with a couple of punches to the face. Both fighters are starting to look bloody and beaten. Lince drives her knuckles right into the throat as Tila drops back and clutches at her throat. Lince’s cockiness returns as she nails her with a hard fist that sends her to the ground. Tila tries to crawl away, but Lince rushes up and just drives a kick straight into the midsection, flipping Tila over onto her back. 

Lince looks around for a moment, then walks over and pulls an old, rusty street sign from a pile of rubble and walks over and gives Tila one more kick before kneeling down and placing the edge against her throat and tries to push.

Tila’s eyes go wide as she gets her hands underneath the edge and tries to push it up off her throat. Lince groans and struggles as she uses all of her weight to push down. Blood begins to pool and runs down the side of Tila’s arm where the sign is cutting into her hands. 

Finally in desperation, Tila kicks her knee up and drives it into Lince’s side, knocking her over. They both start to get to their feet, but Tila has the sign. Like a golf swing, she nails Lince right in the face with it, leaving a red stripe through the side of her cheek which starts to bleed. 

Tila starts to stalk her now, as Lince on her back tries to crawl away, “Wait a minute. Let’s talk about this..” she starts but as she backs away, her hand comes in contact with a steel pole. “What do we have here, bitch..” 

Lince manages to get to her feet as she swing the pole wildly and Tila uses the sign to block each swing as metal crashes into metal. 

They collide, metal against metal and Tila starts to push Lince backwards, but then Lince gets her footing and is able to push Tila back. 

Tila’s feet slide backwards on the dirty pavement as Lince grins with each forward step.  Suddenly they stop, and Lince’s cocky grin starts to fade as Tila pulls a leg up and smashes it down against the side of Lince’s knee causing the bone to fracture and cave inward as Lince fires off a horrific scream and falls to the ground.

Tila drops her sign and grabs Lince by the hair and drags her to her feet. Lince’s leg trails behind her as she has to hop on one foot as Tila pulls her towards the gate. 

We check in on Cam who has made it to the 20th floor. Further down the stairwell slowly moving upwards is Never. She is taking her time. Cam drops down and leans up against the wall to rest.

Back outside, Tila has pulled a crippled Lince towards the entrance of the hotel parking lot where a gate sits. It’s attached to a wall by a single hinge and obviously hasn’t been used in quite some time as the entrance has remained open. 

Tila pauses, then suddenly turns her head upwards where she can see the looming figure of Killjoy watching down from his perch. All she can see is his figure as she lifts a hand and flips him off before she turns back and places Lince’s head between two of the bars on the gate. 

She moves around to the other side as Lince tries to get up, but struggles because of her broken leg. Tila charges in and just kicks at the side of Lince’s head as hard as she can with the bottom of her foot, forcing Lince’s head to snap to the side, instantly breaking her neck as her body slumps to the ground. Dead. 

As blood continues to drip from the hands of Tila, she finds herself dizzy as she drops to a knee and then falls backwards onto the pavement and lies still.

As Cam reaches the top floor, she has to stop to catch her breath.  She moves over to the door and she sees Killjoy out on the balcony. He hears her and turns around. “You’ve finally come. Perhaps tell me why..” 

He cocks his head curiously. “I remember you.”  He steps into the room. “And now it all makes sense.”

Cam spits on the floor, “Then you know that I’m going to kill –” There’s a thump and she stops talking as her eyes glaze over and she collapses to the floor. Standing behind her is Never with a large pipe wrench. 

Voiceover: My name is Never Moore. It’s true that I was an accountant, but what wasn’t true was why I was in Prison City. My parents are fine, at least last I heard. 

Voiceover: I was put into Prison City for murder. 

Killjoy watches with interest as Never drops the pipe wrench and steps over Cam and kneels on the floor in front of him. “My King,” she murmurs softly as a slow smile spreads across his face. 



           CAM  Jazmin Davis

          NEVER  Sativah Nevaeh

  KILLJOY  Gabriel Ohio

        LINCE  Mai Blackman

      TEE/TILA  Anaquin Adams

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