There is a recap, ending with the shot of Tila killing Lince and then bleeding out on the sidewalk, and then Never’s betrayal of Cam as she hits her from behind with a pipe wrench and then kneeling before Killjoy as if offering up her sacrifice and the recap fades to a flashback.

“Moore! Goddamnit! Where are those numbers I’ve been asking you for all fucking week?! I have a meeting and I need those numbers!!”


Never Moore is sitting at her computer typing away as frantically as possible. Beads of sweat rolling down her face, tears as well, “I’m almost done, sir! I just need a few more minutes…”

“You ain’t got a few more minutes! You’re fucking useless. Just send me what you got, for christ’s sake! I’m gonna send you back to the fucking mail room…”


She hits a button and sends, gets up from her seat and hurries to the restroom where she stands in front of the mirror, crying.  One of the other ladies steps in and shakes her head, “Try not to let it get to you, dear. He’s an asshole.”

His voice can be heard from outside the restroom, “Moore! Where’s my fucking coffee?”


“You better get that..” the other woman says as she ducks out. Never takes a moment to compose herself before walking out of the restroom and into the break area to find that the coffee pot is empty and no one made more coffee. She takes in a deep breath to avoid crying again as she starts to fill the pot with water and dumps it into the maker. She starts rummaging through the cupboards to find more coffee but instead finds a box that is clearly marked as rat poison.  She pulls out the box and then spies the can of coffee.


Scene changes to her bringing her boss a cup of coffee and leaving the office as he chides her, “It’s about damn time.”  She walks over and reaches for her purse and walks out of the building.

Scene changes to a news flash on the television as the anchor declares, “5 dead and 15 hospitalized over what is being called a mass poisoning downtown at a local accounting firm. Employee Never Moore has been taken into custody after being charged with five counts of murder and fifteen accounts of attempted murder in what has to be the city’s largest case of mass murder in it’s history. We are just now being told that two others have passed away which brings the total to seven. Moore is being treated at a local psychiatric center to determine if she’s capable of standing trial.  Meanwhile…”

As the flashback ends, we return to the last scene where Never is kneeling before Killjoy who is looking down at her. His eyes move to look at Cam who is still down then back to the kneeling woman as he issues a single command. “Rise.”

Hesitant at first, Never slowly rises to her feet. Killjoy approaches her and asks, “You betrayed her for me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“She trusted you and you used that trust against her.”

“Yes, sir.”

He reaches over and places a hand against her cheek, then brushes it against her hair. She visibly shivers. “And now you expect me to believe you will be loyal to me?”

As she starts to respond, his hand slips around her throat and he squeezes. “You thought to prove yourself to me by betraying this woman? Why would I believe that you wouldn’t betray me as well?”

Never’s eyes widen as she feels his grip tighten around her throat, her hands move up to grasp at his as if she could pull them free. He pulls her hard and pushes her up against the wall and slowly raises her up into the air. “You are nothing more than a leech. You expect me to accept this gift?”  His height makes it so she’s nearly a foot off the ground and he can still look directly into her eyes, “What you fail to see was that I wanted her to come. Now you have nothing, absolutely nothing to offer me.”

Never tries to speak but nothing comes out except small squeaks as her face begins to turn red as the oxygen is withheld from her.  He finally drops her as she crumbles to the floor, gasping for air. “Please.. Please..” she begs as he steps away. She scrambles towards him and grabs onto his leg, “I can be of help to you. Just, don’t send me back out there.”

He actually chuckles as he kicks her away. “Do not touch me. And, I had no intention of sending you back ‘out there’. Now stand up.”

Shaking and crying, Never pauses briefly before she rises up onto her feet. The brightness of the outside is shown behind her as her back is towards the balcony. 

“Thank you. Thank you,” she cries feeling as if he will let her stay.

“You do not need to thank me,” he says as he drives his hand directly into her stomach. As his hand disappears into her body, the look of shock appears on her face. Her lips move, but no sound comes out, but blood begins to run down her chin. He lifts her into the air as blood seeps down his arm and drips on the floor and he just drops her over the side of the balcony and she free falls 26 stories down to the ground. Never lands, sprawled on the ground below, blood pooling around her. 

Killjoy doesn’t even pause to glance back, he turns away and walks over to an unconscious Cam and reaches down and grabs her leg with his bloody hand and drags her out of the room.  He stops in front of two of his guards, “Put her in a room. If you harm so much as a hair on her head, I will end you. Am I clear? When she wakes, tell her to take whatever time she needs then come to me. I will be ready. Am I clear?”

They both nod emphatically and reach down to carry her off as the scene fades.

The scene picks back up as Cam is waking up and immediately reaches for the back of her head. There is a bump there and we see that she is piecing together what happened through flashbacks. She comes to the rightful conclusion that she was betrayed, but she has no idea where she is now or why she is here.  She also can’t figure out why she’s not already dead.

She gets up and opens the windows and as the sunlight comes in, she sees that she’s still in the hotel, several floors up. She walks over to the door and wiggles the handle, thinking she’s probably locked in but instead it opens right up. 

The two guards outside immediately jump up.

“Why am I here?” she asks.

“King Killjoy asked us to put you here. He also told us to tell you that when you were ready that he would be waiting. However long it takes. And no one is to touch you in the meantime.”

Confusion crosses her face at this, “I don’t get it.”

“He wants a fair fight.”

“What happened to Never?”

The two look down.

“What happened to her?”

Finally one of them speaks up, “He killed her. 

Cam nods. That’s it. She turns and walks back into the room, letting the door shut behind her.  She sat on the edge of the bed and let her mind wander. Her eyes widen as she rushes to the window and pulls open the curtain to look down into the courtyard where she sees the dead body of Lince still lying where she died, though scavengers have taken all of her clothing and left her there to rot. 

Cam continues to try and look around and she spies the crushed body of Never. There are a few scavengers approaching the freshly killed body, trying to determine if she has anything of value on her. The only thing else she sees are two spots on the ground that could have been blood.  She rushes out into the hallway, and again the guards immediately stand up but she pays them no heed as she scrambles to the stairway and starts running down several flights before she comes across the body of Tee. 

Trail of blood coming up the stairs makes it appear she had been climbing up when she collapsed here. Cam bit back tears as she slammed her fist into the wall, but her mourning turned into hope as a soft groan came from Tila. 

Cam immediately drops down and tries to shake the woman, “Tee! Tee!”

“Ouch. Stop shaking,” is the soft reply.

“Can you walk?”


Cam helps up Tee and they begin up the stairs until they make it to the floor where Cam’s room is. They push through the stairwell doorway and the guards leap up, as they had been doing.

“Open the fucking door,” Cam demands as they scramble to get it open and Cam helps Tee into the room. 

That is followed by a video montage of Cam tending to Tee’s wounds, training, lying in bed and talking, as the montage progresses the two are getting closer and closer, eventually leading to a kiss. The scene fades to black. The words ‘Two weeks later’ appear on screen.

The bright sunshine fills the hotel room as Tila lies in bed. She stretches and reaches over to find the spot next to her vacant. She sits up and wraps herself in a sheet before climbing out of bed and walking into the other room where she finds Cam deep in meditation.  She gathers the sheet and sits down on the couch, trying to be as quiet as possible. 

Several long moments pass and finally Cam speaks, “It’s gotta be today.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. If I don’t do it today, I may never do it. It’s starting to get to me.”

Tila looks confused, “What do you mean?”

“Happiness. Happiness is starting to come to me. But I can’t be truly happy until I finish this once and for all.” Cam finally turns around and faces Tila. “If I don’t come back…”

Abruptly, Tila stands up. “You’re coming back.” With that she walks into the other room. Cam gets to her feet and hurries in after her and shuts the door.

A while later, the two lie in bed and Cam turns onto her side to face Tila, “If I don’t make it, you have to get the hell out of here.”

Tila shakes her head, “If you don’t make it, I don’t have any reason to run.”

There’s a moment of awkward silence before the scene fades to black.

Fast forward to later that night on the roof of the Grand Hotel. The roof hasn’t been used in quite some time. The rooftop pool has long been emptied and sits dry and dirty. There is stuff cluttered around as if it were thrown up here for storage. Broken chair and other scraps of furniture. The stage was set for sundown and the sun was almost down. 

She felt odd being up there alone, unsure of what might come through that door. He could send an Army up here to throw her off, but he could have done that the day that Never betrayed him. She was completely at his mercy. 

Her mind continued to wander until she snapped alert as the door slowly creaked open. Killjoy was nearly seven foot tall and had to duck through the doorway. His freakish masked head came through first then the rest of his massive body. 

The sun was starting to disappear in the west and the lights in the city beyond were starting to come to life. 

Cam rose to her feet. She took a deep breath and she walked over and stood face to face with him. Perhaps not face to face, as Killjoy had a foot and a half at least on her so she had to turn her face upward.

She wanted to ask what happened to Never, but if she were to be honest, she didn’t give a fuck, she was merely curious. The bitch betrayed her and she’s where she belongs now, rotting away in hell.

“You are ready then?” his deep baritone voice asks. That amused grin was once again on his face as if he didn’t expect her to be much of a challenge for her.  

She responded with a simple nod of her head.

“It was worth it to you to make this much of a sacrifice to avenge him for what I did to him? You know you can never leave, even if you stood a chance to beat me.”

“You fucked up. You let me recuperate. When I first came here, I didn’t care whether I lived or did,” she responded. “But in the last two weeks, I now have something to live for, so was it worth it? We will see after I kick your ass.”

Killjoy actually chuckles with amusement. “Then let’s go ahead and do this.”

Planning to attack a man was good and all, but seeing him in person, his massive size, his confidence. She knew that everything she had imagined was no longer going to work. 

She only knew one thing she could try. 

So she did.

She starts to walk away from him, but turns suddenly and tries to kick him in the groin.

He catches her ankle. 

He starts to drag her towards the edge of the rooftop. As she slides across, she scrambles to grab onto something to cling to, to prevent her from being drugged. Her fingers cannot make any sort of leeway in preventing her from being dragged across the roof. 

When he gets to the edge, he just smirks to her with as much condescension as he can muster, “This has been disappointing.”

He lifts her by the foot then moves her off the edge. 

Then he lets go.

He shakes his head as his triumph and amusement turns into disappointment. He thought she would be the one to end his suffering.  He opens the roof door and disappears through the doorway as the scene fades to black.

When we return, we repeat the scene from a different angle. The side of the building is seen as he holds her up in the air by her ankle and just drops her.

She falls only a little ways before she catches herself on a balcony railing with one hand and hangs there.  She has to swing herself to grasp her other hand and pull herself over into the balcony. She gives herself a couple of moments to catch her breath before she tries to slide the glass door open and luck is on her side as it moves to the side. 

She crawls through gingerly and then lies on the carpet for a moment as the pain in her shoulder causes her agony. She uses the bed to pull herself up and to her feet. She walks towards the door and she can hear his footsteps as he walks down from the roof.  She reaches for a wooden chair and slowly opens the room door into the hallway, braces it with her foot and raises the chair.

Killjoy is still disappointed as he takes each step slowly. As he reaches the  bottom of the stairs, he places his hand on the doorknob, but something stops him. 

Slowly, his large fingers begin to turn the knob until he can’t turn it further and then slowly he opens the door as it creaks loudly into the hallway. He takes a couple steps in, slow and deliberately. 

Cam enters the hallway with a wild swing of that wooden chair.

He reaches up and catches it in his hand. Cam’s eyes go wide as she can’t believe it and he snatches the chair from her grasp and tosses it down the hallway where it splinters into fragments.  

He’s actually smiling. Almost relieved that she’s not gone.

He grabs her and throws her down the hall, where she tumbles head over feet, then slowly gets back to her feet as he stalks her. He pulls her up and just slings her against the wall, denting the wall before she tumbles back to the floor. She gasps with each movement now, her body aching and tired from the beating she’s received so far. 

He picks her up once again and tosses her into an open room, she sprawls out on the floor, and slowly tries to get up onto her feet and as she does, he’s right there as he uses a giant boot to kick her right in the chest with such force that it sends her crashing through the glass of the sliding glass door, with the steel barricade stopping her from falling to her death below. 

“Was it worth the time? The effort? Was this truly what you needed? The moment you come here for revenge, but in reality you’ve come to meet your maker.” He steps towards her menacingly. “You see, I’ve made you what you have become. Angry. Bitter. Deluded. I have created this inside of you by my one single action. In reality, all you have done is disappointed me.” 

His feet crunch as he steps into the balcony area and his boots step on the broken glass. She sits where she landed as she watches him get closer and closer. He reaches for her, but she drives her foot up into his groin, causing him to exhale and bend towards her as his hand wraps in her hair. With a single swipe, she uses a long piece of broken glass and drives it into his eye as he screams out in pain. His body falls against the metal railing that is used for safety and part it finally has had enough and bends outward as his body falls. 

She struggles to release his grip from her hair. His large frame stops falling as he clings to her for dear life, but she grabs on to the rest of the rail and holds tightly. She can feel the roots of her hair giving way, pulling free from her scalp as she desperately tries to maintain her grasp. 

His grip cannot hold as he releases and starts to fall. She tries to pull herself up, but he grabs at her ankle and she’s pulled back down. The bolts holding up the railing starts to give way, pulling free from the concrete and brick, little by little. 

Killjoy looks up at her with his one good eye, the other still speared by the chuck of glass. Slowly he utters under his breath, “Well done.”

Then he lets go.

Slowly he falls down, down, down until his body thumps against the ground down below. 

Cam watches him fall and then slowly starts to pull herself up the railing, but the final straw for the bolts is reached as it pulls free of the wall and she starts to plummet downward.

Suddenly, two hands grab the top of the railing, stopping Cam from falling. As the camera pans up, it’s Tila holding on with all her strength. “Let’s go…” she screams down to Cam who starts to climb again, hand over hand until she crawls onto the balcony patio and then Tee releases the railing, allowing it to fall as the two cling to each other as they lie on the cold concrete, trying to catch their breath as the scene fades to black.


The scene opens from above the remains of Prison City and pans around and zooms into the Grand Hotel. A much older Cam is standing on the balcony of her perch atop the hotel and she looks out onto Prison City. Tila is behind her inside the room. Cam’s narration starts.

It has been fifteen years since I defeated Killjoy. Since I have taken over as the King of Prison City. My husband has been avenged. I have been reunited with my best friend who is now my love. I’ve opened up the hotel to everyone, abolishing the chess system. Now we all work together to make things work. 

And I am bored.

So bored. But something feels different today.

Every once in a while, she thinks back to before she came here. Before she demanded that the city let her into this prison. Flashback scene shows Cam holding hands with a small child, walking up the sidewalk and handing her over to an older couple before turning and walking away with tears in her eyes as the child tries to come after her, crying hard, but is held back by the older man.

I wonder how she’s doing. If she knows the reason I’m not there for her. I wonder if she even knows she’s mine. I do often think back to the one I left behind.

The scene shifts to the entrance to Prison City as it did in the very first scene. A young woman stands on the outside waiting as the door is opened and she steps inside. The door closes behind her, she looks around as the narration starts.

My name is Ransom Dragul. 15 years ago, my mother entered Prison City to seek justice against the man who murdered my father. I have not heard a word from her in all this time. 

Today I am entering Prison City to find her. 

Or find her body.

I was the one she left behind.

The scene focuses on her face and then pans up and over Prison City before fading to black with the words: 



           CAM  Jazmin Davis

          NEVER  Sativah Nevaeh

  KILLJOY  Gabriel Ohio

             TILA   Anaquin Adams


  RANSOM   Cass Baumer

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