The Question #1

2019 My name is Vic Sage. Yes, that Vic Sage. The one on your television every night at dinner or before you go to bed.

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The Question #2

2019 My name is Vic Sage. I’m on a task to expose the corruption in this city, no matter how high it goes. Eel O’Brien

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The Question #3

Warning: There is a scene in this episode that involves a suicide by hanging. If you are sensitive to this, viewer discretion is advised The

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The Question #4

We open with Renee Montoya draped over the fallen body of Vic Sage.  “Don’t you fucking die…” she demands as she shakes him.  He slowly

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The Question Finale

A recap of the events of episode 4 are shown, leading up to Renee giving in to her desires with Elicia with Flay looking on

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Season 1: The Question tangles with Eel O’Brien and his gang, but he unfortunately doesn’t anticipate the involvement of Lady Shiva or Renee Montoya.