May 16, 2022 - University of Idaho Kibbie Dome - Moscow, Idaho

20 wrestlers will start in the two rings in the center of the football field. They will battle over all four cages to the outside. On each endzone hangs a briefcase. The first two persons to grab one of the two briefcases will be the two finalists of Red Blood Cell. They will battle their way back towards the rings where one will win by pinfall, submission or referee’s discretion. The pinfall must happen in the ring so the fighters will have to battle back to the center of all of the cages. Winner will receive a future Multiuniveral Championship match.

Other Matches

  • There will a regular battle royal to determine the challenger for the Multiuniversal Championship. Anyone not selected for the Red Blood Cell match, will be placed in the battle royal. Any signups left over after filling the Red Blood Cell match will be placed in the battle royal (unless otherwise requested.)
  • Multiuniversal Champion vs. Battle Royal Winner
  • Pre-Show Matches

OOC Information

  • Sign Ups will open in March and be open for a month. Only those who participated in the (Un)Lucky 16 are prohibited from entering, so those who did any Splat shows in 2020 are cleared to sign up.
  •  Winner (as with the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament) will be selected randomly. This will be for both the battle royal and the Red Blood Cell match. We are looking at ways to increase the odds of winning via participation
  • You may opt out of the Red Blood Cell match and sign up for just the battle royal.