Scene opens up on a jammed packed Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California. There are 29,698 screaming fans in attendance.  “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers.  The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by.  This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, we can’t even get into THIS week’s action because of the ending of last weekend.  What a match between Ma Porter and Micki Duran! The ramifications are startling….

Mutt:  Allen Bishop, let’s quit the yappin’ for a minute!  The World Title tournament has truly been affected now.  You want to talk about bad blood? We might need an ambulance for somebody next week!!!

Bishop:  Fans, we’re gonna show you the footage!  Don’t go anywhere, don’t blink!  You just might miss something…..

(Saturday, September 14th)

Mutt:  I can’t wait to see this match up!  The brawler against the classic technician!!!

Bishop:  Before we get to our match with Big Ma Porter, she had this to say regarding Micki Duran…..

Big Ma Porter

(Fade in on the image of Ma Porter and Tony Angelo in front of her trademark mugshot image. Porter looks particularly mean)

Tony Angelo: Listen to me, Kingpin, and listen good. Everybody’s been waiting to hear from Organized Crime, now you all get your chance. Kingpin, you pathetic reject from a Spiderman comic, you make me retch. I’ve been part of causa nostra since the very beginning of GDWA. And now, you cheap rip-off artist, you come to the GDWA with your so-called Syndicate, thinking you can ever hope to equal what me and Ma have done here. Lemme tell you something, pinhead! NO-ONE MUSCLES IN ON MY TERRITORY!!!! A little while back, some fat slob named Bertha tried to muscle in, thinking she could follow in Ma Porter’s wake. Now she’s slinging French fries in a McDonalds in Dayton. Your entire Syndicate will be lucky if Organized Crime leaves you that healthy. Tell ’em, Ma!

Porter: Chandler! You’re probably still wondering why I beat the crap outta youse like I did. According to Tony here, it was what he called a, uh, pre-emptive strike. I been around this here life since I was a kid, and I can tell youse that your little Syndicate is the cheapest, most pathetic copy of Organized Crime I’ve ever seen. It was just a matter of time til youse overstepped yourselves. So me an’ Tony here, we made sure you know just where your place is, got that?

As for you Duran, you nobody, you fight 4 matches in this here fed and youse think you’re the greatest of all time. I gonna have you TRAINED LKE A DOG, HEAR ME DURAN??!! You gonna beg, and you gonna whimper. I’m gonna kick your sorry ass from pillar to post, and then do it again.

Tony Angelo: And just to keep the wrestling world’s eyes where they belong…on us…I’m just gonna give youse a little bombshell to mull over. Organized Crime will soon be expanding, with the addition of my new tag team. Who will it be? You dumb marks will just have to wait. And Syndicate, the turf war is on. Expect no mercy.   Syndicate, the turf war is on. Expect no mercy.

Big Ma Porter vs. Micki Duran

Spud:  Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.  It is a preliminary World title match up, and is the second part of our double Main Event.

(Fans boo as they hear ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Bob Marley.)

Spud:  First, led down the aisle by her manager Tony Angelo!  From Queens, New York!  She is 6 feet tall, weighing in at an awesome 215 pounds!!!……..Big Ma Porter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans booing even louder as the well-tailored Tony Angelo leads Ma Porter down the aisle.)

Bishop:  Ma Porter walking down the….WHAT?!

(Fans boo as Micki Duran runs through the crowd and hops over the guard railing.)


(Fans cheer as Ma Porter is clipped in the legs, and beaten while on the ring floor!)

Mutt:  Micki Duran with Porter in the Reverse Neckbreaker position, and sprints forward nailing Porter her patented ‘End’ Diamond Cutter!!!! Andrea Chandler now, stomping away on Ma Porter!  Andrea with a chair, and nails Porter in the knee!!  The Syndicate has struck!


Bishop:  The bell has rung, and now the ref is on the outside running up the aisle!  He’s threatening a disqualification!  The Kingpin arguing with him as Andrea Chandler roles Ma Porter into the ring!

Mutt:  Tony Angelo is STILL down!

(Fans cheer as the referee ejects Andrea Chandler and the Kingpin from ringside!)

Mutt:  The referee climbing back into the ring, and Micki Duran stomping away on Porter’s right leg.  Porter grabbing the ropes, and Duran kicking her to the outside!

Bishop:  The referee chastising Micki Duran, and Duran shouting back!

Mutt:  Porter on the floor now, getting to her feet….AND CHANDLER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!

(Fans boo as Ma Porter collapses to the floor.  Andrea Chandler is escorted from ringside by GDWA security!)

Bishop:  The ref turns around, and he’s beginning the count!  Tony Angelo is still down!  Porter is still down! It could be over that quick!

Ref:  ……….3………..4………5………….

(Dawg Pound begins cheering as Ma Porter climbs up to the ring apron!)

Bishop:  Micki Duran running toward the far ropes, bouncing off, and NAILS Ma Porter with a Dropkick!!!!!!  She falls back out to the floor.

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran motions for the World title.)

Mutt:  The ref is highly agitated!  She’s warning Duran about any funny business.  Porter is down, and she may not get back up!

(Fans pop as Ma Porter uses a ringside table to get to her feet!)

Ref:  ……….6……..7……….

Mutt:  Porter climbing up on the ring apron, and Micki Duran with a hard right hand!  Now a Front Face lock……and NAILS the modified Stun Gun! Porter holding onto the ring ropes, and is laid out on the ring apron.

Bishop:  Duran pulling Porter into the ring, and now a Single Leg Pick up! Duran with a Spinning Toe Hold….

Mutt:  And Porter immediately into the ropes!

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop:  Duran like a wild animal, falling back on that right knee.  The ref chastising the so called Legend!

Ref: ….1……2….3….4…

Bishop: And Duran breaks!  Duran with a Single Leg Pick up, and the stronger Porter immediately crawling for the ropes…and gets them!  Duran with a pick up, and a Side Headlock…no takedown!

(Fans cheering as Ma Porter powers out of it with a wristlock!)

Mutt:  Ma Porter so strong!  She’s not grabbing the ropes this time!!!

Bishop:  Porter with an Overhead Wristlock, and TOSSES Micki Duran into the corner!  Duran comes bouncing out, and Porter connecting with a Belly to Belly Suplex!!!!!!!!

Mutt:  No pin.  Ma Porter choking away on Micki Duran.  The ref asking for the break, and Porter releasing at the 4 count.  Duran hasn’t wrestled anyone with this kind of strength. Uh oh!  Porter snatching Duran up by her hair!  She hoists her up into a Military Press…..

Bishop: AND TWIRLS HER AROUND FOR A TORNADO SPIN TOSS!!!!!  Micki Duran tossed half way across the ring!!!!!

(Dawg Pound cheering as Ma Porter hobbles over to the fallen Duran.)

Mutt:  Duran kind of slow, unable to react to the break.  Porter standing over Duran, and nailing her with repeated Double Axe Handles to the back! Porter standing over the Legend in a true rage!

(Hardcores cheer as Ma Porter spits a loogee to Micki Duran.)

Bishop: And Duran with clipping the leg from behind!!!!

(Fans boo as Porter hits the mat.)

Bishop:  Duran clutching her back in agony as she slaps on a single leg pick up.  Duran placing it onto the 2nd rope, jumps up, and nails the butt drop!  Porter clutching her knee.  Duran now, wrapping it around the ropes, and tugging away!!!  The ref forcing the break and walking her away from Porter.

(Fans boo as Ma Porter clutches her leg!)

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remaining!

Ref:  ….3…….4….5…….6…….

Mutt:  Porter up to her feet, and Duran on the attack.  Duran kicking away at the leg, and Porter falling into the corner.  Duran with an Irish Whip…no!  Porter holding on, and swings her into the corner!

Bishop:  Porter snatching Duran by the back of her head, and ramming her head into the top turnbuckle!!!!!

(Fans chant:  ….1….2….3…4…5…6…7..8..9….10!)

Bishop:  Porter is PISSED OFF!!!  Big Ma with repeated Headbutts to the dazed Micki Duran!  The Legend is staggered in the corner.  Porter Irish whipping her to the far corner!!!  And Duran hits hard!

Mutt:  Ma Porter with a head of steam….

Bishop: and Duran dives out of the way!  Porter misses the Avalanche, and Duran with a Small Package from behind…1…2…kick out!  Both women back up to the neutral position, and Duran with a Thrust Kick!

(Fans boo as Ma Porter hits the mat!)

Bishop:  Duran with a single leg pick up, spinning around and slapping on a Figure 4 Leglock!!!!!

(Fans barking as ‘Legend’ Micki Duran calls for the bell.)

Mutt:  Duran just knows it’s over!!!  Porter is in agony!  Duran calling for the referee to call it!  She’s bragging, and the match isn’t even over yet!!!

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte La Mancha walks down the aisle!)

Bishop:  CHARLOTTE LA MANCHA COMING DOWN RINGSIDE!  Duran and Charlotte in a verbal exchange!  Tony Angelo just now getting up, and climbing up to the ring apron.  The ref having words with him…

Mutt: AND MA PORTER NAILS THE LEGEND!  SHE PULLED SOMETHING OUT OF HER TIGHTS!  Duran breaking the Figure 4, and Porter crawling over to the corner.  Duran rolling around the mat in a daze!

(Fans cheer as Charlotte La Mancha pulls up a chair and sits down!)

Bishop:  Ma Porter has been beaten, attacked, and outwrestled!  But she’s still standing!  She wants this World Title more than anything.  It’s been long and coming for the underachiever.  Porter now, hobbling over toward the Legend.  Micki Duran getting to her feet…

Mutt:  AND MA PORTER WITH A CLUBBING CLOTHESLINE!!!!!!!    (Fans all cheering and the Dawg Pound is barking:  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!)

Spud:  1 minute remaining!  60 seconds left!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Ma Porter rolls her neck around, and barks!)

Bishop:  Porter with a pick up, and easily scooping up the 124 pound Micki Duran.  Duran flailing around in panic….

Mutt: and NAILS the ref in the head!  She kicked him accidently in the head, and he’s down.  Porter picking up steam, and a nails her with a POWERSLAM!!!  Porter clutching her right leg in pain!  Porter getting up to her feet, and pointing out to Charlotte La Mancha.

Bishop:  She backs into the ropes….AND NAILS THE GIANT SPLASH!!!!

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop:  She’s not done yet!  Ma Porter dragging Duran into the middle of the ring.  She hobbles into the ropes, bounces off…


(Hardcores cheering as Ma Porter cradles the leg!)

Mutt:  The ref is still down.  Charlotte looking around, and getting up to her feet.  She’s taking the chair with her?

Bishop:  SHE JUST NAILED TONY ANGELO!!!  TONY IS DOWN!!!  Charlotte still has the chair!  Charlotte sprinting up the ring stairs….

(Fans all cheering as she points at Ma Porter!)


(Hardcores cheering as fans groan in shock!)



(Hardcores still cheering as Charlotte hops over the ropes and runs up the aisle!)

Bishop:  Sam!  I’m gonna find out what the hell is going on!

(Allen Bishop runs up the aisle as the referee gets to his knees and begins the count!)

Ref:  ……..3…….4……5…….

Mutt: Charlotte must have reconciled her differences and joined the Syndicate!  I don’t understand how!  Duran is down, clutching her ribs. She’s trying to get to her feet!  Porter is unable to get up!!!  Duran is crawling toward the ropes….

Ref:  ……….7…..8……9…….

Mutt:  Oh no!!!!!!!

Ref:  ……..10!


(Fans boo as the referee motions for Spud McKenzie!)

Mutt:  What the hell?!  Duran is just now to her knees.  She’s still out of breath, and I think her ribs are bruised.  Maybe cracked!  I gotta hear what Spud’s got to say!!!

Spud:  Wrestling fans, due to a double count out, this match is ruled a draw!  NO ONE advances in the World Title Tournament!

(Fans boo as Micki Duran shoves Spud McKenzie aside!)

Mutt:  Duran has the microphone….

Duran:  PAYBACKS ARE A *BITCH*, AREN’T THEY?! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU JUMP ON THE SYNDICATE! We make the Horsemen look like a Glee Club! Porter, I told you you wouldn’t walk out of here!

(She kicks Porter in the ribs.)

Duran:  NEVER mess with a Legend!

(Hardcores begin cheering.)

Duran:  Daisy Butterfly, if you want to come down here and get in a lick or two, I cordially invite you to bring it on. This fat tub of shit ain’t going anywhere!  

Mutt:  MICKI DURAN HAS THE CHAIR, AND IS NAILING AWAY ON MA PORTER!!!! The ref trying to pull her off, and….DURAN NAILS HIM!!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound cheering as she flails away on Ma Porter’s right knee!)

Mutt:  GDWA security is out here!  They are escorting Micki Duran out of the arena!  This is a mess.  Fans, Mike Whalen the behind the scenes man is with us now.  Mike, what’s going on!?

Whalen:  Apparently Allen Bishop has caught up with Charlotte La Mancha! Allen are you there?

Bishop:  Yes, Mike!  (Breathing hard!)  I’ve almost got her!

Charlotte La Mancha

(Allan Bishop is running through the locker rooms, looking for Charlotte. He catches up with the Frenchwoman as she heads toward the exit door.)

Bishop:   Charlotte…Charlotte, can we get a word with you?    

(Turning quickly, spotting Bishop, and stopping.  She stands stalk still, not saying anything.)

Bishop:  Umm…Charlotte, you just cost Ma Porter that World Title tournament match up.  Have you joined the Syndicate?  Have you left the Dragon Trio?  Is this some sort of revenge for Porter’s attack on you at the Fall Moonsault?

(Charlotte stares at Bishop for a moment, and then speaks.)

Charlotte:  Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum…I smell the blood of an overweight whale. Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum.

(With that, Charlotte, walks past Bishop and the camera!)

Charlotte:  Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum…

(Bishop follows, just in time to see Charlotte tear into a deserted area of the locker room.  She tosses benches, pulls over rows of lockers, and tosses other wrestler’s belongings all over the room!

Charlotte:  Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum…

(Charlotte is chanting her rhyme in a calm, even tone.  Finally, she stops, and looks back at the camera.)        

Charlotte:  And one more thing.  If I hear any more so called commentators slinging more B#$$S@#T about me being history, or having to retire, I’ll come out there and rip your F$%KING arms off!!!!!!!!!

(With that, Charlotte turns and walks out of the arena.)

Bishop:  CHARLOTTE!   CHARLOTTE!!  Mike, Sam, she’s left the arena!  I don’t understand what the hell has just happened.  Fans, we hope to have more by next week….

Whalen:  That’s it from here Allen!  Duran never made it back up!  Both women got counted out!!!  I think things have just gotten rotten in Grand Dragon!

Mutt:  Man, I don’t know what I’ve just seen!  Men are coming down ringside to stretcher Ma Porter out of here.  Fans are in shock still! Ma Porter has NEVER been taken out like that before.  Charlotte and the Syndicate have just cost her the World Title!

Whalen:  Fans, if there’s any more to tell, we’ll get to you next week. For all of us here at the Saturday Nite Special, I’m Mike Whalen saying goodnight.

Mutt:  That was the most confusing night of wrestling we’ve ever had!

Bishop:  I can’t believe Charlotte has turned her back on the fans.  I won’t believe it till I hear it from her own words.

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie heads down the aisle!)

Mutt:  Everything else is gonna seem anticlimactic compared to that! Hell, unless these damn rookies that come up next can have the match of the year, I don’t think I’m gonna be very moved!

Bishop:  I think we are in agreement on that one.  Fans, Spud is in the ring, we’ve got to move on into tonight’s matches.  Tonight’s card is gonna be incredible.  For the World Title tournament, Valkyrie takes on ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson in the Quarterfinals of the second bracket.

Mutt:  And what about the former Heavyweight Champion of the world taking on Vixen!  That’s also a Quarterfinal match up!

Bishop:  Fans, in tag team action, we also have the pleasure of watching the undefeated high flying Browne Girls as they take on the always braggadocios Hyena Queens.  But starting off tonight, we have the premier of two great rookie sensations.  The Nomad going up against Wendy “Wildchild” Marshall.  Let’s hook ’em up!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring….)

Spud:  Ladies and Gentlemen.  Wrestling fans from around the world, are you ready!?

(Fans scream:  YES!!!!!)

Spud:  I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud:  Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands ready.)

Nomad vs. Wendy Marshall

Spud:  Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boos as they hear the ‘Iraqi national anthem’.)

Spud:  Accompanied to the ring by her manager Princess Nelli.  Hailing from the Iraqi desert! She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing in at 140 pounds, here is…the Nomad!

(Nomad heads down the aisle carrying the American flag as she enters the ring.)

Bishop:  Nomad looks ripped.  She’s got guns Andrea Chandler would be envious of.

Mutt:  No doubt!  The Wildchild has got a serious opponent in the Nomad

Bishop:  Both women making their debut here on Saturday Nite.  Let’s hear the introductions for Wendy ‘Wildchild’ Marshall….

(Fans cheer as they hear “A Real American Hero” !)

Spud: And her opponent!  Hailing from Malibu Beach, California! She is 5 feet 5 inches, 120 pounds.  Here is….’the Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall!!!

(Fans cheer as Wendy Marshall enters the ring.)

Bishop:  The Wildchild in the ring and THE NOMAD CHARGING HER FROM BEHIND!!!

(Fans boo!)


Bishop:  The Nomad nailing away with rights and lefts to the head of Wendy!  Wendy backing into the ropes, and Nomad bullying her into the corner!  Nomad now, kicking away at the midsection, and this wily brawler is getting the better of Wendy.

(Fans chanting:  USA!  USA! USA!  USA! USA!  USA! USA!  USA!)

Mutt:  Nomad with a headbutt, and Wendy is slumped in the corner.  Nomad picking Wendy up, and slamming her face into the top turnbuckle!  Wendy is going down!  (Laughs!)

Bishop:  Nomad now, picking her up and slapping Wendy over her shoulder. Nomad with a head of steam….and plants into the mat with a Running Powerslam!!!!

Mutt:  Thus far it’s been all Nomad, and it looks like it’s gonna be all Nomad when it’s all said and done!

Ref:  …………….1……………….2……………kick out!

Bishop:   Nomad stomping away on Wendy!  What power!  Nomad with a pick up and Irish Whipping Wendy into the near corner.  Nomad with a head of steam…..

Mutt:  ……MISSING the Clothesline in the Corner!  Wendy diving out of the way at the last minute.  Wendy now, with punches of her own to the face of Nomad.  She Irish whips the Iraqi to the far corner.

(Fans cheering as Wendy Marshall points out to them all.)

Bishop:  Wendy with a head of steam and NAILS the Handspring Splash!

(Fans cheering and begin to chant:  USA!  USA!   USA!   USA!  USA!)

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop:  Wendy with kicks to the midsection, and now a Hiptoss from the corner.  Nomad back up and Wendy with a running Clothesline!

Mutt:  But Nomad getting right back up! What power.  Wendy with repeated punches to the head of Nomad.  Wendy now, Irish Whipping Nomad to the near ropes.  Nomad bouncing off with a Spin….

Bishop: ….AND NAILS THE DISCUS PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all booing as Wendy Marshall hits the mat.)

Bishop:  Nomad stomping away on Wendy Marshall now.  She’s just so strong! All she needs is to hone those abilities of hers and she’ll be running things in Grand Dragon.

Bishop:  Nomad with a pickup and a Front Face Lock!  Hold on, Wendy blocking, and countering with a Snap Suplex!

(Fans all cheering as Wendy Marshall heads for the corner.)

Mutt:  Wendy has taken a lot of damage in this one!  She’s got momentum, but does she have enough to put the Iraqi away?

Bishop:  Wendy perched up top high!  She jumps….and hits the Splash!!!!

Mutt:  The cover……1….2…kick out!  Wendy with a pickup and Irish whipping her to the far ropes.  Wendy sprinting across the ring as Nomad bounces off and connects with the Leg Lariat!!!

(Fans all cheering!)

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remaining.

Bishop:  Wendy with another pick up, and Irish whipping Nomad to the near ropes.  Nomad bouncing off and Wendy with a Spinebuster!!!!!

Mutt:  She cradles the leg…..1….2…kick out!  Too strong!  Nomad so strong, even when she’s out of breath and beaten down, she’s got enough leg strength to kick out.

Bishop:  Wendy back up to her feet, and measuring Nomad.  Nomad up and DUCKS the Spinwheel kick!  Nomad diving at Wendy and tackling her down to the mat, and they roll to the outside!

Ref: …..2…..3……..4…..

Mutt:   Both women up to their feet now, and Nomad with wild punches to the face of Wendy!  Wendy backing up, and Nomad with a head of steam….


(Dawg Pound cheers as falls to the floor.)

Ref:  …….5………..6…….

Mutt:  Nomad clutching her back as she gets to her feet, and Wendy with a Dropkick!!!!

Bishop:  Hold on!  Princess Nelli grabbing the flag!  She sneaks up behind Wendy, and NAILS her from behind with that flag!!!


(Fans all booing as Princess Nelli nails Wendy Marshall once again.)

Bishop:  Nomad telling Princess Nelli to hold her up!  She’s got both of Wendy’s arms hooked.  Nomad measuring her, and nails Wendy Marshall with a Heart Punch!!!!

(Fans boo!)

Mutt:  Nomad is a future badass! I can just feel it!

Spud:  Wrestling Fans, at 12 minutes 19 seconds, your winner via disqualification…..’Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall!!!

(Thunderous boos as Nomad stomps away on Wendy Marshall.)

Bishop:  Wendy has won the battle, but I don’t know about the war.  She’s down on the floor, not hurt too bad, but beaten up enough!  The Iraqi’s have left ringside, and Wendy is now getting to her feet.

(Fans chanting:  USA!  USA!  USA!  USA!)

Mutt:  All these patriotic morons are backing a loser.  Nomad is a force to be dealt with here in Grand Dragon.  ‘Wildchild’, you’re lucky to still be alive.

Bishop:  Fans, before we move on, let’s hear some words from Medusa Rage….

Medusa Rage

[The cameras fade in on Medusa standing before a black and white backdrop. She is dressed in her red wrestling togs and her dreadlocks are tied back in a neat ponytail.]

Medusa: I know a lot of people have a lot of questions about me.  They want to know how I can manage both the Browne Girls and the Misfits.  They want to know how I can be a manager and a wrestler.  They want to know how I can be a wrestler and a manager and still do the “Who’s Hot” segment. They want to know how I can just put on wrestling tights and take the number one contender to the limit.  They want to know how I can do all the things I do.

[Medusa smiles wickedly.  She reaches up and pulls out the tie holding her hair in place.]

Medusa: BECAUSE I GOT IT LIKE THAT!  THAT’S HOW!  I’m everything and everybody.  It’s all about me in the nine-six, boys and girls.  Let me tell you this.  This is the beginning of the Age of Rage.  This is my time to show and prove what I’m all about.  You think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew?  You think I’ve gone too far?  I don’t think I’ve gone far enough.  I really don’t.  I think I haven’t gone nearly far enough.  See, women like me come around once every five maybe six generations.  Women like Jeanne d’Arc, Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra and Angela Bassett.  Not the Hyena Queen.  The strong one.  There aren’t many of us who will lead our peers.  There aren’t many of us who set out to conquer worlds.  But that’s exactly what I intend to do.  I’ve got my sisters around me.  I’m building my own empire.  You think I collected four average wrestlers when I built my stable?  Hell no, these four would be crown jewels in every other person’s stable.  These are remarkable women.  I am a phenomenal woman.  Phenomenally phenomenal.  Yes, that’s me.

Thank you Maia Angelou for immortalizing me in words.  And now I’m coming to this interfederational tournament.  Girls, they got me seeded 7th.  Who am I, I guess.  Well, they’ll all find out soon enough.  I promise you that.  The phenomenal woman.  That’s me.  Hugs and hisses.

[Fade to black]

Mutt:  I love hearing from Medusa!  Such confidence and cockiness.  She’ll be on later on tonight with (groans) the Browne Girls as well as the Misfits!

Bishop:  Well fans, before we get to our next match, we have one of several HOUSE of STYLES this week with MISTER Furious Styles.

House of Styles: Demonica

(MISTER Furious Styles stands poised in the middle of the ring as the Dawg Pound cheers.)

STYLES:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!  MISTER Furious Styles back at ya with a special edition of HOUSE of STYLES.  Fans, I’ve got an interview with the most devastating wrestler in the history of Grand Dragon!  She has retired Sybil Dawn, defeated all 3 of the Dragon Trio, and her title reign has been longer than that of any World or Western Heritage champion! Please welcome along with her manager Madame Hecate, the Internet Heavyweight Champion…..Demonica!!!!!!!!

(Huge chorus of boos as fans hear ‘Through the Never’ by Metallica!)

Mutt:  Just so majestic, ain’t she?

Bishop:  N*O*T*

(Demonica and Hecate stroll down to the interview area.  Hecate is dressed in a black funeral dress, complete with vail and a bunch of lilies. Demonica wears a similar outfit, only looking dusty and old.)

Styles:  Demonica baby, I wanna welcome you and of course, Madame Hecate. Now, my first question, Hecate, is about Dark Asylum.  Some of the so-called commenters around here seem to think that you’re going to drop Dementia Praecox since she lost to Andrea Chandler in the World Heavyweight title tournament.  Is Dark Asylum still a team?

Hecate:  Dark Asylum was a force created in blood, forged in pain, bound in steel.  It will take more than one defeat to crush us, MISTER Styles.

Styles:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!  I can dig that!  You tell ’em, Hecate. Okay, next question.  The World title tournament.  As Internet Champion, Demonica has defended the belt against any comer that’s dared to step in the ring with her!  As Internet Champion, after just 2 title defenses, she can demand a shot at the World titlist.  What do you think about big, bad Demonica being left out of tourney?

Hecate: (Laughs) The tournament…what an interesting waste of time.  It’s a formality, since, whoever wins, there first challenger will be my Demonica.

(Dawg Pound cheers!)

Hecate:  Or, perhaps even Dementia Praecox?  Who knows?  The point is, I will be managing the heavyweight champion of the world before the year is over.

Styles:  Whoa!  Big words, and a pair of big ladies to back them up. Okay, now, what about Charlotte LaMancha?

(Crowd pop.)

Styles:  Now, rumor has it that she’s still trying to get some stupid, no DQ match against Demonica for the title.  What do you think about that?

(Madame Hecate and Demonica start to laugh!

Bishop: The arrogance of those 2 I….hold on!

(Huge pop as someone walks out from the locker room.  As she passes the camera, the fans can see it’s Charlotte LaMancha, dressed in street clothes and carrying a large fighting staff.)


Bishop:  Stop spreading rumors!

(Charlotte walks straight to the interview area, getting the attention of Madame Hecate and Demonica.)

Styles:  Hey little girl!  This is *MY* interview Frenchwoman!!!  Get lost!

Charlotte:  SHUT UP, FREAK!  I’m not here to talk to you!

(Charlotte takes hold of the microphone, brandishing her staff when Styles protests.)

Charlotte:  Demonica, I challenged you after beating Ma Porter the first time.  So far, all I’ve gotten is a bunch of BULL about top contenders.

Hecate:  It’s not our problem that you’re afraid to face my Demonica.

(Demonica takes a few steps forward.  Charlotte doesn’t back down, staring up at Demonica.)  

Charlotte: Afraid?  AFRAID?  Does it look like I’m afraid?

(Charlotte turns, as if to go, but swings at Demonica with her staff. Demonica catches the staff, and the two of them struggle over it.)

Bishop:  We’ve got a fight!  Somebody get security out here!

Mutt:  Charlotte kicking away at Demonica, while the big woman tries to pull the staff away.  Charlotte and Demonica tumbling out of the interview area! They’re fighting all the way back to the locker room!

(Fans all cheering!)

STYLES:  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, boy!  You heard it and saw it first, right here on the HOUSE of STYLES.  And if any of you rough neck wrestlers want to be on the HOUSE Of STYLES, give me a mail at: that’s all for this week, back to you Allen Bishop!

Bishop:  Demonica must defend her belt on next week’s card to fulfill contractual obligations.  Is Charlotte her next opponent?!

Mutt:  Who cares?!  Demonica retired Sybil Dawn in a 2 minute match.  What do you think she’s do to a jobber like Charlotte La Mancha?   And why would the Syndicate want a no talent, loser…..


Mutt:  Don’t yell at me you pencil neck, geek!  Here I am trying to enlighten your sorry ass!!!  After this card tonight, we’re gonna have some words!

(Fans boo as ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts heads down the aisle.)

Bishop:  Congo has just joined me here at the broadcast table; let’s get going with tag team action!

Congo:  Fine, fine; what do we have up?

Bishop:  Well, the Browne Girls return tonight to face the Hyena Queens. I think that–

Congo:  Wait.  I don’t care what you think.  Browne Girls–undefeated–put the first slash in the loss column.  The Hyena Queens are up to bat here and they are tag team excellence defined.  I know these things; I used to be a manager, while Mr. Bishop here has never done anything but wedge his nose up other’s backsides.                                                         Bishop:  My, aren’t WE surly today?  And if you were such a good manager, how come Radhi Ananda won the Western Heritage title only AFTER she dumped you and your management?

Congo: …..

Bishop:  I see the Browne Girls at a definite disadvantage here.  Indigo is coming off of a major injury, and they’ll be working without the help of the Misfits tonight.  But, Sierra’s been in some serious training and is ready to get back into the limelight tonight and show what they are really capable of.  Plus, we’ve written these two off before and they’ve ALWAYS dazzled us.

Congo:  Yeah, sure.  Isn’t that Spud in the ring?

Hyena Queens vs. The Browne Girls

Spud:  Ladies and gentlemen; our next match is scheduled for 20 MINUTES OF TAG TEAM ACTION!                                                             

(Crowd cheers!  “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘N Roses plays and a LOUD mixed reaction spreads through the arena)

Spud:  Our first team weighs in at a combined 272 lbs.  From Pine Bluff, Arkansas, at 5’6″ 137lbs; “POWERBOMB” ANGELA BASSETT!!  Her partner; 5’5″, 135lbs, from Chicago city; THE “TECHNICIAN” TERRY MCMILLEN!!  Together, they are THE HYENA QUEENS!!

(The two walk out in their hyena fur-lined robes, smiling.  Terry McMillen walks with a cane and a fake limp)

Congo:  Haha, I knew SOMETHING would get me in a good mood today!!  Look at these ladies; if they can do one thing it’s get under people’s skin!!

Bishop:  Yeah, funny.  That was a serious injury that Indigo suffered;                                              

Spud:  And, their opponents…

(“Brown Girl in the Ring” plays and the arena EXPLODES!!)

Spud:  Accompanied to the ring by their manager, Medusa Rage; both ladies weigh in at an identical 5’10” and 140lbs.  SIERRA BROWNE, INDIGO BROWNE; at a combined 280lbs they are THE BROWNE GIRLS!!

(The Browne sisters walk the aisle slapping hands with the fans; Medusa Rage takes a reserved rear)


Congo:  It’s true.  Tag team action is where BOTH of these ladies belong. They may be the most popular tag team, but tonight, they face the best. I’m not sure popularity will put them over THAT one.                                                                

Bishop:  The Brownes bouncing around the ring and the Hyena Queens are in their corner, laughing.  McMillen hands the cane to Powerbomb and is waiting to lock up.

Congo:  Such focus.  These ladies have the mindset of champions…

Bishop:  Indigo is out on the apron and we’re ready to go…


Bishop:  Sierra quick to nail McMillen with a European Uppercut and backs her to the ropes.  McMillen tags Bassett and Sierra Irish Whips the Technician to the ropes–ELBOW SMASH TO THE BACK OF BROWNE’S HEAD BY POWERBOMB!!  McMILLEN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!

Congo:  And McMillen “limps” out to the apron.  Powerbomb picks up Sierra and Sierra drives a few punches into Bassett’s gut.

Bishop:  Sierra takes advantage of Bassett with a wristlock into a hammerlock.  Sierra walks Powerbomb out to the center of the ring–an Arm-Wringer and A SUPERKICK!!

(Crowd cheers)

Bishop:  Bassett back up and Sierra off the ropes–FLYING FOREARM SMASH!!

Congo:  What’s this now?  She’s pointing over at Indigo?  Is she asking the crowd if they want Indigo in?

(Crowd chants:  “IN-DIG-OH!  IN-DIG-OH!  IN-DIG-OH!”)

Congo:  Awwww, that’s a shame.  Bassett to her feet and she takes advantage of Indigo with a Neckmare; followed with a Corkscrew Elbow.  Way to go, Fan Favorite.

Bishop:  And Powerbomb tags in the Technician.  Technician bounces Indigo off the ropes and drops her with a drop-toe hold.  Powerbomb on the top rope–ELBOWDROP!!

Bishop:  The ref is yelling at Bassett while McMillen continues with a single-leg pick-up; STOMP ON THE KNEE BY TERRY MCMILLEN!!

(Crowd boos)

Congo:  I doubt that they’re trying to re-break that leg.  Chances are, they’re banking on muscle atrophy to provide the chink in the Browne’s armor.             

Bishop:  McMillen with a spinning toe-hold and Indigo immediately on the ropes.  The ref gets the break.

Spud:  5 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit.  15 minutes remain.

Bishop:  Indigo climbs the ropes to get to her feet.  McMillen with a lock-up and Irish Whips Indigo to the ropes–INDIGO NAILS MCMILLEN WITH A LOU THESZ PRESS!!  A cover!!  1……2….Kickout by McMillen!!

Congo:  And McMillen angrily scrambling to her feet as Indigo runs to the ropes.  Quick tag to Sierra and Indigo Irish Whips the Technician at Sierra.  SIERRA FRANKENSTEINERS TERRY MCMILLEN OVER THE TOP ROPE!!

(Crowd roars!!  Even the Dawg Pound barks in approval!!)

Congo:  DAMN!!  The Brownes are in the ring whipping the crowd into a frenzy as Angela Bassett helps McMillen to her feet and back on the apron…       

Bishop:  SIERRA RUNS IN AND MCMILLEN PULLS THE ROPES DOWN!!  Sierra holding onto the top rope trying to flip back in–PUNCH TO THE GUT BY MCMILLEN!!  Sierra drops to her feet, albeit wobbly.  MCMILLEN WITH A FLYING BULLDOG FROM THE APRON!!

(Dawg Pound cheers!!)

Congo:  And here comes Medusa Rage, ready to regulate.  I tell you, Dunbar and Styles may have eyes for Medusa, but that GODIVA RAGE…

Bishop:  Now’s not the time!!  Terry McMillen back in the ring tags out to Powerbomb.  Sierra rolling back in only to be met with the savage stomps of one “Powerbomb” Angela Bassett.  

Congo:  Hey, it happens.  Bassett with a pick up and tags out to McMillen. Bassett lifts Sierra–BACKBREAKER!!  MCMILLEN FROM THE TOP ROPE AND LEGDROP’S SIERRA OFF OF POWERBOMB’S KNEE!!  A COVER!!

1 . . . . . . . . 2 . . . .                            

. . . KICKOUT!!  I’ll admit, a remarkable reserve from the Brownes.

Spud:  10 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit.  10 minutes remain.

Bishop:  McMillen with a quick tag to a fresher Powerbomb.  Powerbomb climbs the ropes as McMillen Irish Whip–reversal by Sierra and SIERRA BROWNE DROPKICKS ANGELA BASSETT OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AS TERRY MCMILLEN RETURNS FROM THE FARSIDE–SIERRA WITH A DROP-TOE HOLD!!

(Crowd roars!!)

Bishop:  Sierra back up and heads to her corner–Indigo Browne is in as Angela Bassett rolls in.  Indigo whips Bassett into a neutral corner–Indigo sets up and RUNS IN WITH A HANDSPRING ELBOW SMASH!!

(Crowd roars!!)

Bishop:  Bassett feeling THAT one, for sure.

Congo:  Indigo not wasting anytime.  She climbs the turnbuckles and STICKS A MOONSAULT!!  1……….2………..SAVED BY TERRY MCMILLEN!!

Bishop:  Indigo angry and runs over to the Hyena Queen corner!!  Her and the Technician exchanging MORE than a few words…

Congo:  Meanwhile, Angela Bassett is getting back to her feet.  THAT’S why the Browne Girls are not the best; listen to both Sierra AND Medusa yell at Indigo!!  Indigo turns around and is greeted by a Powerbomb kick to the midsection!!  Powerbomb with a front-face lock; she hoists Indigo up and HITS HER WITH A SQUARE DRIVER!!  IT’S OVER!!  IT’S OVER!!   


1 . . . . . . . . . . . . .         2 . . . . . . . . . . . . SAVE BY SIERRA BROWNE!!

(Crowd roars!!) 

Congo:  DAMN!!  The Queens had them!!

Bishop:  Powerbomb tags in the Technician.  McMillen with a pick-up and a Reverse Neckbreaker.

Congo:  PIN HER!!  PIN HER!!

Bishop:  McMillen continuing with those knee stomps.  A single leg pick-up and McMillen cinches in the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!!

Congo:  Both ladies so close to the ropes, but I’m not sure Indigo knows it!  She’s in so much pain right now.

Bishop:  The ref asking the question of Indigo–AND MCMILLEN GRABS THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE!!  TURN AROUND!!

Congo:  Uh oh, here comes Medusa!!  Medusa Rage on the apron and kicks McMillen’s arms from the ropes!!  Watch Angela Bassett–she has that cane they brought with them and she’s behind Rage–MEDUSA RAGE WRESTLES THE CANE AWAY FROM BASSETT!!                        

Bishop:  McMillen breaks the hold and stands up…ONLY TO FALL BACK DOWN WHEN SHE SEES MEDUSA WITH THE CANE ON THE APRON!!


Bishop:  NO!!  DON’T LET IT END THIS WAY!!  Indigo Browne not sure of what’s happening covers McMillen!!  But the ref and Medusa Rage are arguing on the apron!!  The ref is calling for the bell…


Congo:  Indigo wondering if they got the pinfall; Sierra in and walking her shaky sister back into a corner.  The ref is talking to Spud…

Spud:  Ladies and gentlemen, at 13 minutes 57 seconds; your winners, via disqualification…THE HYENA QUEENS!!

(A loud mixed reaction from the crowd, mostly boos as “Welcome to the Jungle” floods the arena)

Congo:  The Hyena Queens are leaving the ring area as Sierra and Medusa continue to argue with the ref.  Sierra’s angry…

Bishop:  With good reason!!  The Browne Girls were just handed their first loss, despite wrestling an incredible match!!

Congo:  Well, you live by the sword; you die by the sword.  That’s retribution for all their actions in the past, I guess.                                                  

Bishop:  The Rage camp leaving ringside.  Medusa has broken that cane over her knee in her anger.

Congo:  Nice cane too; I bet it would have come in handy about two months ago…

Bishop:  Hmm!  Anyway fans, our second of three House of Styles is up next.  MISTER Styles, take it away!!!

House of Styles: The Misfits

STYLES:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!  MISTER Furious Styles here with ANOTHER HOUSE Of STYLES.  Now, my next guest are the most EXTREME tag team in all of Grand Dragon.  Need I say more?  Please welcome Medusa Rage’s………MISFITS!

[“Listen Up” by the Misfits announces their arrival.  The fans boo as Medusa leads Godiva and Dalbello up on stage with Mr. Furious Styles.  The Dawg Pound woofs appreciatively.]

Styles: Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls!  Welcome to the HOUSE!  Now ladies, you’ve just been wrecking shop in the GDWA!  I mean, they actually changed the rules to stop you from waging these all-out tag brawls?  So, what are you going to do now?

[Godiva and Dalbello burst out laughing.]

Dalbello: Styles, we’ve been doing this seven years and we’ve never conformed to the rules.  We’re the Misfits.  We took that name for a reason!   

[Godiva fondles Styles’ collar.  She gets up close to him, smiling seductively.]

Styles: Hey, girl, watch out now……..

Godiva: (purring) Mr. Styles, do you really want to see us all boring and plain vanilla?  Do you want to see us wrestle in frilly skirts and pinafores?  Or leather, spandex and chains?

Styles: Well……(with a smile!)…I’d like to see you wrestle in spandex certainly.  I don’t know if I can handle the leather and chains. (straightens out!)  But they changed the rules, what are you going to do?

Dalbello: We’re gonna keep cracking heads!

[The Dawg Pound woofs.]   

Styles: Well, that’s not going to be a popular decision.  I mean they keep disqualifying you.  Do you want to see that continue?

Godiva: We’re here for our beloved Dawg Pound.  Eh, Pound, WHO DO YOU LOVE?


Dalbello: Who brings you the best bone-breaking action week after week?


Medusa: See, Styles, this is what it’s all about.  Come on, girls.  Let’s go sit with our fans.

[The Dawg Pound barks madly as Medusa and the Misfits climb into the Dawg Pound.  They bark even louder as the three women sit on three fans laps.]

Godiva: These are the only blokes we’re here to please.

Styles: So you aren’t going to play by the rules ever, huh?  I like your style.

Dalbello: I got to remind the promoters to look up the definition of Misfit in the Oxford dictionary.  You think you can just change the rules and have us come to heel?  We’ve been doing this seven long years.

Godiva: Right you are, duck.  Not only that, but we’ve been tag champions 11 times over.

Dalbello: And we’re about to make it an even dozen.  You want us to wrestle fair?  Ha, you want us to focus on winning instead of starting brawls?  Well, that’s probably your biggest mistake right there.  You don’t want us to get serious.  Then people get hurt.

Godiva: (rubbing a fans chest) But bad, Styles.  Watch out for the new Misfits.

Styles:  Medusa, let me ask you this.  You’ll probably go with both your teams in the tournament, right?

Medusa: Without question.

Styles: Who are you going to back?

Dalbello: The winners … and the losers.  We’re all friends, we’re all family.  We may have different styles, but underneath it all we’ve got the same goals.  See, the Browne Girls may be at the top of the promotion right now.  But as we all know nothing lasts forever.  When we start putting W’s in the column.  Well, it doesn’t matter who gets in the way.                                          

Godiva: Watch us come tournament time.  There’ll be absolute chaos.  And when the dust settles we’ll be your new GDWA champions.  And we’ll give those belts to our beloved fans in the Dawg Pound.

[Dawg Pound woofs.]

Styles: That’s a mighty big promise.

Godiva: The British Bombshell always makes good on her word.  Hell, when we win, I might even kiss every man in the Dawg Pound.  Wouldn’t that show fan appreciation.

(Male fans whistle and cheer!)

Dalbello: Or we might just break everybody else’s head.  You want the tag teams to wear skirts and dresses?  Well just try to find some that fit us. I promise you the Misfits will be as hard-hitting, rough and aggressive as ever.  No, even more so.  Start calling the paramedics and order ever. No, even more so.  Start calling the paramedics and order stretchers, because we’re taking everybody out!  GDWA, we’ve just changed the game!

Styles: Meaner and nastier than ever, and absolutely unrepentant … wrestling fans… The Misfits!

[As “Listen Up” starts up again the Misfits lead the Dawg Pound in a chant of The Misfits are it!  The Misfits are it!  The Misfits are it!]                                    

Bishop:  Before we get to our match with Zaranna and Vixen, we’ve got some prerecorded comments from the Dragon Trio that didn’t make the Friday Night Tease…..

Charlotte La Mancha, Sachie Yokoyama & Daisy Butterfly

(SCENE:  A vibrant carnival-festival at night.  Multi-colored lights flash all about as screams, beeps, music and laughter mix in busy nighttime crowd.  Walking through the crowds down the central midway is CHARLOTTE LA MANCHA, “DANGEROUS QUEEN” SACHIE YOKOYAMA and DAISY BUTTERFLY, dressed casually for a night out on the town…)

Daisy:  I remember when every day and night were like this.  Fireworks in the sky, cotton candy on my lips; my head in the stars reeling with the sheer love of life that I grew up with.  Why does it seem like I can only bottle enjoyment instead of experiencing it?

Charlotte: Into every child-like life, the rain of deception must fall. I think it’s Nikita who’s been raining on your particular carnival.

Daisy:  You’re right.  My mind and heart have been on two different levels as of late.  I won the Ironwoman tournament, but the further I dwell on that the more my loss last week tears at me.  Nikita; week in and week out we argue, slander each other and throw down.  It’s become almost formulaic:  I’ll see victory only long enough for you to club it away from me.  Keeping Bob from the ring didn’t help things; you STILL find a way to rob me of a win.  Maybe I’m not forceful enough; maybe I need to speed up the tempo.  Maybe I should become the hunter.  Maybe, just maybe, I should fight fire with fire.  Water doesn’t seem to snuff you.  We’re making it a goal to slay all the giants…

Charlotte:  Giants…hmmm.  Giants like Ma Porter, who’s been blinded by her own petty jealousy and rage.  Or Demonica, who believes herself invincible, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.  Yes, giants like these are unworthy of the name…and are best gone from this world.

Sachie:  Two weeks ago I defeated Officer Order to regain the GDWA Western Heritage Title.  Last week Jungle Radhi defeated me to win MY GDWA Western Heritage Title.  Something is wrong here.  I wrestler of Radhi’s status should have never defeated me in any type of match, ESPECIALLY a match with the GDWA Western Heritage Title on the line.  What is wrong with me? Am I too soft?  Am I too compassionate?  To be quite honest, I have no clue. But what I do know is that the next time that Jungle Radhi and I meet inside the squared circle, she will leave the arena on a stretcher.

Daisy:  (looking about) What do you say, ladies?  The “Tilt-A-Whirl” or the “Zipper”?  Ooh, wait–THE FERRIS WHEEL!!

Bishop:  Yeah, sounds like they’ve all got their minds on gold!  Sachie wants her Western Heritage title, Charlotte apparently won’t rest till she gets a shot at the Internet title….

Mutt:  ….and perhaps Daisy wants the World Title?  Hmmm, very interesting.  Remember at the Fall Moonsault, she challenged Demonica for the title.  Then, all of a sudden since Charlotte being beaten by Valkyrie in the World title tourney, she’s backed down from those harsh words!  Me thinks all is not well with the Dragon Trio!

Bishop:  Stop spreading rumors!  Fans, spud is in the ring.  Go ahead Mr. McKenzie…..

Vixen vs. Zaranna

Spud:  Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.  It is a quarterfinal World title match up, and is the first part of our double Main Event.

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘She’s Got Legs’ by ZZ Top.)

Spud:  First, led down the aisle by her manager Moria O’Mally!  From Dublin, Ireland!  She is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing in at 155lbs! Here is…..Vixen!

(Fans cheer and whistle as the red headed Irishwoman heads down the aisle with her one piece white spandex.)

Bishop:  The freckled beauty pageant winner is a true beauty!

Mutt:  Yeah, but that’s her damn problem!  Always worrying about her looks when….

(Fans cheer as she walks over to the broadcast table and hands Sam Mutt a puppy.)


Bishop:  (Laughing!)  Well, I guess Vixen isn’t all bad, huh Sam!  Vixen entering the ring, and all is quiet.  Spud is waiting in the ring, and he hasn’t been given the cue yet.

Mutt:  Zaranna should be here by now.  Hmm, I wonder….

Spud:  …..and her opponent!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ by Wagner!)

Spud:  Accompanied to the ring by her manager Mr. Adorable Dana Wheatley! Hailing from Sydney, Australia!  She is 5 feet 6, 135 pounds!  She is the FORMER GDWA Heavyweight Champion of the World………..Zzzzzzzzzzzaranna!!!!!

(Fans boo even louder as the Strawberry Blond haired Zaranna heads down the aisle wearing a black one piece spandex with a red ‘Z’ on the front. The 4 gold medals she won from the World Games are around her neck.)

Bishop:  Zaranna looking about as focused as I’ve ever seen her.  This is definitely the former World’s champ, and NOT the woman who wrestled horribly at the Fall Moonsault.

Mutt:  …a death in the family will do that to ya!  Zaranna in the ring now, and she hopping around getting pumped!  Yeah, this is gonna be it!


Bishop:  The bell has rung, and a Collar and Elbow tie up.  Vixen the bigger of the two bullying Z into the ropes, and Irish whipping her to the far side.  Zaranna bouncing off, no!  She holds on to the ropes.

Mutt:  Vixen bouncing off the near ropes and charging Z.  Zaranna charging forward and DUCKING Vixen’s Clothesline!  Both women running for the ropes now.

Bishop:  Vixen bouncing off the far ropes and Zaranna bouncing off the near ropes…and Z with a sliding Drop Toe Hold!  Zaranna now straddling the grounded Vixen….and slaps Vixen in the back of her head!

(Fans cheer as Zaranna gets up to her feet and winks out at Adorable Dana!)

Mutt:  Zaranna definitely the most experienced of the two.  Vixen has never been this close to the World title.  Zaranna has wrestled in Madison Square Garden, in the Main Event of every pay per view, and was there when we had our 1st World title tournament.

Bishop:  The big Vixen up to her feet, a little shaken by Zaranna’s arrogance.  Z didn’t even bother to apply any holds.  Another Collar and Elbow tie up and VIXEN DRAWING BACK AND NAILING AN ELBOWSMASH!!!

(Fans cheer as Vixen nails away with Elbowsmashes!)

Mutt:  Zaranna stumbling back, and Vixen with an Irish Whip to the far ropes!  Zaranna bouncing off and Vixen with Dropkick!!!!!

(Fans cheer as Zaranna flies up into the air and down to the mat!)

Bishop:  Vixen with a pick up and nailing away with Elbowsmashes to the head!  Vixen with another Irish Whip from the middle of the ring.  Z running for the far side as Vixen heads for the near ropes.  Zaranna bouncing off, and Vixen Springboarding off the ropes and NAILING the FLYING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE!!!!!

Ref:  ………..1………..2………1/2………….

Bishop:  Nobody, and I mean nobody has a better Dropkick than Vixen!  At 150 pounds, she packs an ungodly power behind it, along with uncanny precision!  Vixen with a pick up and punching away at the former champ!

Mutt:  Zaranna backing into the near corner.  Vixen Irish whipping her out of the corner, no!  Zaranna counters with a Swinging Armdrag Takedown! Vixen back up and Zaranna with a European Uppercut and a quick Savate Kick!

(Fans gasp as Vixen is nailed into the mat!)

Bishop:  Zaranna trying to walk off Vixen’s assault. An INCREDIBLE display of wrestling combinations!

Mutt:  And that’s what it takes to be a GREAT!  And did you see the speed at which Zaranna executed them?  She had her set up for that Savate Kick the moment she was whipped out of the corner.

Bishop:  Vixen sitting up, holding her jaw.  Zaranna measuring her, running toward the side ropes now.  Vixen is up….and Zaranna with a Bulldog!  The cover….1…2…kick out!

Mutt:  Classic Z’ster as she slaps on a Reverse Chinlock.  That Dropkick still has her dazed.  I can see it in her eyes!  You know, there might be some motivation here based on Medusa Rage’s WHO’S HOT/WHO’S NOT spot on the Friday Night Tease where she stated that Zaranna was definitely a NOT!

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop:  Vixen trying to get up to her knees.  Vixen countering out of the Chinlock with a wristlock.  Zaranna standing behind her, trying to put all of her strength into it, but Vixen powering out!  She’s up to her feet, and Zaranna doesn’t have the power to keep her down….


Ref: ….1……2….3!

(Fans boo as the referee waves it off!)

Bishop:  Zaranna had the tights!  Vixen back up to her feet and nailing Z with a big right hand!  Z backing away, and Vixen a kick to the midsection, and slaps on a Front Face Lock for a Vertical Suplex!

Mutt:  Vixen up to her feet now, back into the ropes and NAILING a Legdrop!

(Fans cheering as Vixen heads for the far corner!)

Bishop:  Vixen going up top!  She’s poised high as Zaranna uses the ropes to get up to her feet.  Zaranna stumbling around the ring as Vixen leaps off the top turnbuckle…..


(Dawg Pound erupts as fans groan!)

Bishop:  No cover!!!  NO cover!!!  Zaranna walking into the corner, and cross her legs!  She wants the ref to count!!!!

(Fans cheering on Vixen as her feet flail around the mat.)

Ref:  …..2……..3…….4……

Mutt:  Did you see Vixen’s head snap off that mat?!  Zaranna really gave it to the Irishwoman!  Zaranna waiting patiently in the corner, and I tell ya, THIS is the woman I remember with the strap around her waist!

Ref:  …….6……..7……..8……

Bishop:  Vixen up to her knees, waving off the ref.  Moria O’Mally slapping the mat anxiously!  Vixen up on one foot….


(Fans boo as Vixen hits the mat.)

Bishop:  Zaranna with a Reverse Chinlock, and she’s setting up the Beauty Pageant winner for the Z-Blaster.

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remaining!

Mutt:  Vixen, slow to her knees, and Zaranna releasing the Chinlock, backpedaling into the ropes!  Zaranna bouncing off and connecting with a Flying Headscissors Takedown from behind!

(Some fans cheer, most fans begin chanting:  Vixen!  Vixen!  Vixen!)

Bishop:  Vixen is down!  Vixen is down!  Zaranna wants the ref to check.

Mutt:  The ref raises the right hand the first time……and it drops!

(Fans chant:  Vixen!  Vixen!  Vixen!)

Bishop:  The ref raises the hand a second time…..and it drops!

(Fans chant:  Vixen!  Vixen!  Vixen!)

Mutt:  The ref raises Vixen’s hand a third time….

Bishop:  ….and Vixen keeps it up!  Moria O’Mally on the outside slapping the mat, as Vixen twirls around to get to her knees.  Zaranna releasing the Headscissors, and twirling around to her feet….

Mutt:  ….and Vixen with a Clothesline!!!!!!!

(Fans as cheering as both women fall to the mat!)

Bishop:  Vixen really struggling to get to her feet.  She’s heading for the turnbuckles again!  This could be a mistake.  She’s got great balance, but at 150 pounds and in her condition, I don’t know!

(Fans barking as Vixen climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Mutt:  Vixen up high, facing the crowd!  She jumps……and NAILS the Moonsault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Vixen cradles the leg!)

Ref:  1…………………………….2……………………1/2!

(Fans boo as Zaranna gets the shoulder up!)

Bishop:  Vixen slow to her feet.  Vixen with a Double Leg pick up, and Z immediately crawling into the ropes.  She knew that Irish Temper Scorpion Deathlock was coming!  Vixen has defeated Demonica with it!

Mutt:  Vixen with a pick up, and nailing away with Elbowsmashes, and Zaranna retaliating with European Uppercuts!  And she’s winning the war. Zaranna nailing away with those brutish European Uppercuts!

Bishop:  Zaranna now, with an Irish Whip, no reversal!  Zaranna sent hurling toward the far ropes as Vixen sprints across the ring.  Z bouncing off and is NAILED with a Flying Shoulder Tackle!!!!

Mutt:  No!  Zaranna with a Waistlock and falls back for a Stun Gun!!! Vixen’s neck snaps off the rope and she’s down on the mat!  Zaranna slow to her feet, and walking over.

Bishop:  Z with a pickup and a Short Arm Clothesline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound is barking:  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!)

Spud:  1 minute remaining!  60 seconds left!!!!

Mutt:  We all know what’s coming up next!

(Hardcores begin chanting:  DDT!  DDT!  DDT!  DDT!  DDT!  DDT!)

Bishop:  Zaranna with a pickup and a Front Face Lock!  She looks out to Adorable Dana…..AND NAILS THE Z-BLASTER DDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all booing!)

Mutt:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

Bishop:  Lateral Press……1…….2……..3!


(Fans boo as they hear ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ by Wagner!)

Mutt:  What did we see tonight?  The return of Zaranna!  The match was over the moment that Vixen was hit with the Frankensteiner.    

Bishop:  Oh boy, Vixen is still down.  She may have incurred damage to her neck muscles.

Spud:  Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes 23 seconds!  Your winner via pinfall and advancing into the Semifinals of the World Title Tournament…Zzzzzzzzzzzaranna!

(Fans boo as Zaranna climbs out of the ring, and heads up the aisle!)

Bishop:  Vixen is being helped out of the ring by her manager Moria O’Mally.  This must have really been disappointing to Vixen.

Mutt:  Oh well….Let’s get into our final House of Styles with MISTER Furious Styles!  I want to see that main event of ours as soon as possible!

House of Styles: Bloody Mary

(Some fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles stands in the middle of the ring.)

STYLES:  Fans, I want you to welcome a feisty newcomer to Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance.  Yo, please give it up to Bloody Mary!

(Fans boo as Bloody Mary heads down the aisle and enters the ring.)

STYLES:  So you’re in the GDWA now huh, Bloody Mary?

Mary: I hope so & glad to be here.

STYLES: Well we’re glad to have you…now, why did you request to be on the HOUSE of STYLES? Have you placed a challenge?

Mary: No, I just got here & feel like a kid in a candy store with all the competition out there, I don’t know where to begin. I…

STYLES: Wait, this time is not for introductions we all saw your little infomercial with your friends The High Flying Dolls.   Now, you talked about your colorful past as a streetfighter or prizefighter or whatever the hell, but I thought by now you would have made a challenge and tried to make your mark in the GDWA.

(Fans cheer on MISTER Furious Styles as he points at Bloody Mary.)

STYLES:  That’s how it works, we just don’t hire your ass to come out and fight who’s waiting at the concession stand.  You gotta make the challenge!

(Fans cheer on MISTER Furious Styles and he begins to chuckle.)

STYLES:  Now, come on baby!  Why are you all dressed up in your wrestling outfit if all you’re gonna do is talk?

Mary: (Face turning as red as her wrestling outfit) What’s up your butt, jerk!  I thought this was how you’re supposed to dress if you choose.  I am challenging anybody with an open challenge.  Nikita Marx, Dixie Foxy, Daisy Butterfly, Kirsten Dunst, anybody willing to give me a debut match. I just want to make my mark here in the GDWA.   

STYLES: Baby!  You gotta make up your mind!  Now, I know you ain’t got no manager, so you gotta act as your own manager, right, maybe you should hire a proper competent manager who will do this end of the business better for you.  Come on now, you can’t come out to MY show wasting my show with your incompetence!

(Dawg Pound cheers and Bloody Mary looks around the arena angrily!)

Mary: I’m quite competent, thank you, and I look out for the High Flying Dolls as well & don’t refer to them as little, they’ll prove themselves when they arrive later this week.

STYLES: Sure, sure.  But do YOU have anybody in particular in mind to wrestle and *I do mean* wrestle.  Your past is a little sketchy, though you claim you’ve got experience in the ring in Japan or Mexico.  We’d like some idea of how you handle yourself in the ring & not a common street brawler.

Mary: Listen jerk, I have a rap sheet of arrests to prove my street fighting but I guess that doesn’t mean much does it & I don’t care if you believe me or not. So I don’t have much ring experience.  If you really want to see me make my initial mark, how’s this…..

(Mary slugs him in the gut & grabs his head for a DT onto the concrete floor!)

Bishop:  OH NO!


Mary: (turns to camera) Focus down on this cameraman, pointing down.   (She tosses MISTER Furious Styles out of the ring to the arena floor.)

Mary:  Sweat & blood on a concrete floor how’s that for my 1st mark in the GDWA? Pretty good, huh?  Now how about you gals out there, ready to take me on??

(Fans boo as Bloody Mary walks off & assistants are helping the semiconscious MISTER Furious Styles!)

Bishop:  What the hell was that?  Bloody Mary attacking MISTER Furious Styles!  He’s not my favorite person in the world, but that was uncalled for!!!

Mutt:  Well, I knew his big mouth would get him in trouble someday, but damn!  She didn’t have to go there.

Bishop:  We’ve got to move on to our final contest.

Mutt:  Hold on, Bishop!  We got a commercial coming.

Bishop:  Again?  What the hell you mean a commercial?  We had one last week from (groans) the ‘Legend’ Micki Duran.  Who….

Mutt:  (Laughs) Just shut the hell up.  Roll it boys.

SHOT OPEN on ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx, when she had black hair, dressed in a white silk nightgown laying on a white silk sheet.  The wind blows gently across her body, as she arches her back slightly and looks in to the camera. She gives a pouty smile as the voice over begins…

UNCLE BOB: Now from the Calvin Kline collection,

NIKITA: “Heiss Busen”

UNCLE BOB: a new fragrance guaranteed to keep you warm at night, Nikita twists over and lying on her back, she looks upside down at the camera. Grinning, she whispers to the camera.

NIKITA: “Heiss Busen”

UNCLE BOB: the scent of a woman who knows what she wants, Again she rolls over and lays on her side, propping herself up on one hand she winks at the camera.

NIKITA: “Heiss Busen”

UNCLE BOB: the scent for a women who gets what she wants Shot switches to show a bottle of perfume on the bed, its bottom wrapped in the silk sheet. 

NIKITA: “Heiss Busen”

UNCLE BOB: Available in stores today. 

Bishop:  Nikita Marx…..

Mutt:  Is a cutie!  Medusa Rage, eat your heart out!!!

Bishop:  Nikita Marx is the entire reason Daisy Butterfly has been all shook up lately.  She’s got some nerve!

Mutt:  Such is life!

Bishop:  Fans, Spuds in the ring.  Take it from the top!

Valkyrie vs. Lanny Manson

Spud:  Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.  It is a Quarterfinal World title match up, and is the second part of our double Main Event.

(Fans boo as they hear ‘True Faith’ by New Order.)

Spud:  Accompanied down the aisle by her manager the Prince and ‘Playmate’ Dixie Foxy!  Hailing from Des Moines, Iowa!  She is 5 feet 8 inches, 129 pounds!  Here is one half of the Shadow Warriors…..Valkyrie!

(Fans boo as the reddish-blonde haired Valkyrie heads down the aisle wearing a kimono like wrestling outfit.)

Bishop:  Valkyrie so close to the World title.  The hump was getting past Charlotte La Mancha, and she did that to the surprise of all the wrestling critics.  Now, she takes on a former World’s champ who wants to get back on top.

Mutt:  But is she hungry?  Does she REALLY want it?  Manson has already held greatness.  Is she really hungry for it again?  I say Lanny Manson goes down to the hungry Valkyrie!

Spud:  ….and her opponent!

(Fans cheer wildly as they hear ‘Replica’ by Fear Factory.)

Spud:  Hailing from the Streets and Beaches of Los Angeles!  She is 5 feet 3 inches, 131 pounds, here is ‘Fffffffffffffffffear’ Factory Lanny Manson!

(Fans cheer as the heavy metal head of the GDWA jogs down ringside.  She wears ripped off short jeans, an Officer Order t-shirt, and long black leather street boots.)

Bishop:  Lanny Manson handing her Flying 5 guitar to a ringside attendant, and she enters the ring.  Did you see her t-shirt Sam?  She’s supporting Officer Order who may or may not still be in the hospital.

Mutt:  Well, the copper claims that Sachie Yokoyama poisoned her!  Hell, the Dangerous Queen should have finished the job.

Bishop:  Lanny Manson pointing out to Dixie Foxy, and warning her.  Lanny Manson glaring over at Valkyrie who is having last minute comments with the Prince…..


(Huge Crowd pop as Lanny Manson rolls to the outside!)

Bishop:  Lanny Manson with a pick up and ramming Val’s head into the ring post!  Lanny now, grabbing Val by the back of her head, and ramming her into the ring apron!

Mutt:  Lanny said she was gonna be wilder than ever.  Valkyrie shouldn’t have been napping!


Bishop:  Lanny Manson nailing away with punches to the head of Val!  The referee putting on the count, but Manson won’t desist!  Manson with continued punches to the backpedaling Valkyrie!  Manson spinning around….

Mutt:  ….and NAILING the Tornado Punch!

(Fans cheer as Valkyrie spins around and hits the floor!)

Bishop:  The referee ordering Lanny Manson into the ring.  He wants a winner and a loser in this one.  It’s way too important!

(Fans begin cheering as Lanny Manson rolls into the ring, and rolls back out!)

Bishop:  ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson rolling Valkyrie into the ring! Manson now, climbing up the turnbuckles from the outside.  She’s perched up high!  Val gets to her feet….

Mutt:  …and Fear Factory nailing her with a Flying Dropkick!!!!

(Big pop!)

Bishop:  No cover!  Lanny Manson pummeling the fallen Valkyrie with jabs. Fear Factory straddling over Val, and nailing away with jabs to the head!!! ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson with Fist of Fury to the head of Valkyrie, and I think she’s busted open!!!

(Fans all cheering while the referee pulls Lanny Manson off of Valkyrie.)

Mutt:  Val is busted open! OH no!  Val is real slow to her feet, heading over toward the ropes.  Manson moving back in, Irish whipping her to the far side.  Manson sprinting across the ring as Val bounces off….

Bishop:  And Valkyrie with a Running Leapfrog!

(Fans pop in amazement while Lanny Manson runs toward the far ropes!)

Mutt:  Valkyrie and Lanny Manson bouncing off the ropes from opposite ends of the ring….and Valkyrie NAILS the Flying Forearm!!!!

(Fans all booing as Lanny Manson hits the mat.)

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop:  Both women are down.  Valkyrie with her OWN version of the Flying Forearm, even though the move was made popular by Lanny Manson.

Mutt:  Allen, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember these two ever going at it in the past.  Manson hasn’t faced a high flyer like Val before!

(Fans all on their feet as Valkyrie heads for the corner!)

Bishop:  Valkyrie climbing up the turnbuckles!  She’s up high!  Valkyrie jumps…..and MISSES the Moonsault!  Manson rolled out of the way!

Mutt:  But Valkyrie landed on her feet!  Lanny Manson up to her feet and Val with a Mule Kick!  Lateral Press…..1…2…kick out!

Bishop:  Valkyrie with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Manson to the far corner.  Val with a head of steam, a forward flip, and NAILS the Leg Lariat in the corner!  Lanny Manson crumbles to the mat.

Mutt:  Yes!  Val walking the referee over to the far side now.  Oh yeah! Dixie Foxy heading toward the ring apron…..

(Fans pop hard as Officer Order comes running down the aisle!)

Bishop:  Dixie Foxy jumping down from the apron, and Double O is on her! Officer with her nightstick, warning Dixie Foxy about any funny business.

Mutt:  Damn!  Damn!!  Damn!!!  Valkyrie moving in on Lanny Manson, and nailing away with punches to the head.  Oh no.

(Fans cheering as ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson shakes them off.)

Bishop:  Lanny Manson fighting back with jabs of her own!  Lefts and right t to the bloodied head of Valkyrie. Val backing into the middle of the ring as Lanny Manson twirls around……and nails Val with a Tornado Punch!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop!)

Bishop:  Val rolling away toward the ropes, but Manson with a pickup. More left hands to the head by Manson.  Manson Irish whipping her to the far side! Valkyrie bouncing off and sliding through Manson’s legs.  Manson turning around and Val with a kip-up and NAILING the Crescent Kick!

(Fans boo!)

Bishop:  Valkyrie with a pickup and a Spinning Neckbreaker!  Val quickly back up to her feet, running towards the ropes and bouncing off….and NAILS the Somersault Legdrop!

Mutt:  Val cradling the leg……1….2…kick out!  Hold on a minute! Well, well well, look at this!

(Fans booing even louder as Zaranna head down the aisle with a towel wrapped around her shoulders.)

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remaining!

Bishop:  Valkyrie with a pick up, and slapping Manson’s head between her legs.  Val with a waistlock, hoists her up in the air and plants Manson into the canvas with a Powerbomb!!!

Mutt:  Well that wasn’t hard!  Manson is only 5 foot 3.  Hey, ain’t this great!  Zaranna out here checking out the competition by ringside!

Bishop:  Valkyrie unable to capitalize.  She’s dazed it looks. Her head isn’t busted open that badly, but I’m sure there’s plenty of ringing in her ears.  Val with a pickup and a Front Face Lock…..

Mutt:  But Lanny Manson hooking the leg!  Val can’t get her up for her Brainbuster finisher!!!  Val trying again, and another block!

(Fans all cheering chanting:  Lanny!  Lanny!  Lanny!  Lanny!)

Bishop:  Val with a third try, and Manson with another block!  Hold on, Manson powering out of the Front Face lock with a wristlock, and now a boot to the midsection!

Mutt:  Manson now with a pickup and a Front Face Lock…..DDT!

(Fans barking as ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson points to the Dawg Pound.)

Mutt:  Manson with a pick up and standing leg grapevine.  She bends Val over and hooks the head for the TRASH ZONE OCTOPUS HOLD!!!!    (Fans all cheering and the Dawg Pound is barking:  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!)

Mutt:  ‘Playmate’ Dixie Foxy is storming the ring!  She nails Manson from behind, and the ref is calling for the bell!!!!

Bishop:  This one is history!


Bishop:  Officer Order right after Dixie Foxy, and nailing away with back hand slaps!  Zaranna still on the outside, not helping at all!

(Fans boo as Vonya runs down the aisle!)

Mutt:  Officer Order quickly grabbing Lanny Manson, and pulling her out of the ring!  The Evil Empire in the ring now, daring those cowards to come get some!

Bishop:  They’re not cowards!  It’s 3 on 2, and Lanny just wrestled a hard 15 minute match up!  The ref’s on the outside, and raises Lanny Manson’s hand in victory!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Replica’ by Fear Factory!)

Spud:  Wrestling fans, at 13 minutes 25 seconds, your winner via disqualification!  And advancing to the semifinals of the World title tournament……..’Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Huge pop as Officer picks up her nightstick from the ground, and points at Lanny Manson’s victoriously raised hand!)

Bishop:  And look at Zaranna!  She’s clapping.  She knows what in store for next week.  She knows what’s in store for next Saturday!  Another chapter in their long history.  Lanny and Zaranna for the right to get to the Finals of the World Championship Tournament!!!!

Mutt:  But who will they face?  What’s going on with the first bracket? Is Andrea Chandler given the nod to proceed to the finals?

Bishop:  Hopefully all of this will be answered on the Monday Night MVP! Fans, for all of us here at the Saturday Nite Special, I’m Allen Bishop saying so long everybody!


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