The scene opens inside a very busy office. Folks are moving around. Different individuals doing work on their computers. There’s some dialogue going on in the background.

“Do you have that render yet?”

“Has anyone updated the script?”

“Where is the soundtrack?”

Again, very busy. As the camera moves past them all towards the back of the building, we see a large sign on a door that reads, “Milton Price,” in what looks to be painted on the face of a board game. An older lady rises from her desk after she’s handed a disc. She walks through that door. There’s a sign on his wall that reads, “Play to win.”

“Sir, the first draft of the new Epic Adventure game has arrived. Would you like me to put it into the system?”

As she looks, it seems the elderly man is asleep. She watches him for a moment, then walks over and places the disc on his desk and starts to walk away when something causes her to stop.

She turns around and walks behind the desk, “Sir?”


She gives him a little shake and he falls from the chair to the floor with a thud. As she starts to shriek, it’s replaced by the sounds of sirens as we see them carrying him out of the office in a body bag and loading him up into the back of the ambulance as everyone watches on and it fades to the title screen.


The scene opens up at the estate of the late Milton Price. We already hear sobbing as we pan around and see Dawn Price, dressed in black as she weeps into a handkerchief. She blows her nose into it. Standing behind her is her lawyer, Stan Grand decked out in the most outlandish suit one could buy. Next to her on the couch is her daughter Ginger Price as she types away on her cell phone. Sybil Price stands next to the couch trying to console her stepmother who brushes her off.

Off to the side, both standing are the brothers Price, Jeff and Andy who are watching Dawn with her over-dramatic sobbing. “What a fake,” comments Jeff as they just shake their heads. Andy points at Sybil, “She’s got potential.”  

“Whaddya mean?”

Andy smirks, “Can you imagine having to live with Dawn and Ginger?” 

Jeff snickers as he nods, “Why would I ever want to imagine that?”

Stan walks over towards the table where we are introduced to Melody Trowbridge, the estate lawyer. Stan leans down and asks, “Are you serving any coffee or donuts? Seems to be with a gathering of this size, you should be having some food here.”

Appalled as such a question at this time, Melody shakes her head and simply answers, “No.”

Stan leans back up and looks over behind her where Mason Dixon is standing behind her, “Sandwich? I’ll take anything, peanut butter and jelly…”

Mason starts to answer, “I’m sure there’s something in the…” He is elbowed by Melody who looks up at Grand, “We are not here to feed everyone here, Mr. Grand. We are here to read a will.”

“And when will that be happening? I’m expected on the golf course…”

“As soon as everyone arrives.”

Confused, Stan looks around, “How many more are you expecting?” He can see his client’s cut shrinking as more people arrive.

“As many as Mr. Price requested,” she responds curtly. 

Stan huhs and then turns and walks over, seeing a bowl of fruit on a table. He grabs an apple and takes a bite and as he does the apple squeaks loudly as everyone turns to look at him. 

He removes the apple from his mouth, “Ah. Fake. It’s a good fake,” he says as he sets it back and returns to his spot behind Dawn Price as she continues to sob loudly.

He leans down, “Being a little bit overdramatic, don’t you think?”

She wails loudly, “I loved him like he was my husband!”

Melody glances in her direction, “He was your husband.”

We see a group of four individuals walking in, two males and two females. They walk in and after looking around, congregate over in a corner as Melody checks off some names on her list.

An older male walks in and looks around curiously. He almost appears to be lost. He walks over to a group of Asian females standing next to each other. He asks, “Anyone know why we’re here?” He is identified as Henry Dibbins.

They all turn towards him and begin to speak at him in Japanese. He is about to say something but Melody stands up, “It appears everyone is here. We shall begin with the reading.”

“My name is Melody Trowbridge and I am the estate attorney representing the late Milton Price.”

Henry Dibbins interjects, “Wait. I thought you said everyone is here? Someone else is late?”

Ignoring him, Melody continues. “I act now as the executor of his estate which is valued at 1.5 billion dollars. A few weeks ago, probably realizing that his game was about to be over, Mr. Price recorded a message for you all. It is considered his last will and testament. I will play this for you now.”


She points a remote at a nearby television and the picture fades into an image of Milton Price, sitting in a chair in front of the camera as he begins to speak.

“Alright you vultures, I see you have gathered, ready to pick my bones. Let me get through the formal shit first.  I, Milton Price, being of sound mind and body, name as my heirs:

“My fifth wife Dawn Price, her daughter Ginger, and my stepdaughter Sybil.”


“My nephews, Andy and Jeff Price.”


“The initial team that worked on my very first Epic Adventures game, Kuza Kizaki, Dustin Johnson, Castle Rich, and Justine Sampson.”


“My favorite Asian pop band, the Tragic Debutants: KIKO, MIKO, ZIKO, and BETH.”


“And last and certainly least, Henry Dibbins who cannot possibly know why he is here today.


Henry looks embarrassed for a moment and then shrugs, “I mean.. I don’t know why I’m here… perhaps someone could fill me in?”

“So, I’m going to fill him in right now. On the day of the signing of the corporation that would eventually be Epic Games, my former business partner had the misfortune of calling an Uber that was driven by this idiot Dibbins. He never made it to the meeting, so the company became mine and I made billions off of it and my former business partner received nothing.”


“That’s the line-up. And now, for what you cretins have been waiting for. My motto, hanging on the inside of my office, read “Win at all costs,” and thus this is how my estate will be decided. You scavengers will play a game. A scavenger hunt.”

Dawn starts looking around confused, “What?”

“Winner takes all.”

Dawn starts to stand up in protest, but Melody holds up a finger. “Let this finish.”

“You will all get an identical list of items. Some items, each worth a different amount of points. 

Ginger looks up from her phone, now this has gotten her attention.

“The inheritor of my estate will be the person or team who has the most points exactly 24 hours after the start of the hunt. You may acquire the items by any means necessary except purchase or the promise of money in the future. And to be certain everyone is on the level, each person or team will be followed by a drone or drones. Anyone caught cheating, will be disqualified from my inheritance. Happy hunting.”

The scene on the television fades as Dawn Price jumps to her feet, “What is this man trying to prove. I am his wife. I should be the inheritor! Why should we have to play some dumb game just to get what’s ours?”

Melody tries to interrupt, “If we could continue…”

“No! We can’t continue.” She rushes over and points at Dibbins, “Why should this moron get some of my money?” She moves over in front of the programming team, “And these employees? They got paid for their work, why should they get more?”  She moves over to the brothers, “And these two have probably never laid foot in this house before.” Finally, she approaches the pop band, “And I have no idea why these tramps are here!” She rushes back over to Melody, “I’m going to contest this will, you just wait,” she screams as Melody gets to her feet.

“That’s exactly the point, Mrs. Price. This will is a contest.” She starts to leave the room, “If everyone will follow me.”

She leaves the room and everyone follows, as Dawn Price grabs Stan by the arm and drags him after her. “Aren’t you supposed to be my lawyer? You didn’t say a damned thing in there in my defense. Are you just going to let this travesty happen?” 

He looks at her, smirking, “Unfortunately, being eccentric isn’t illegal, but it is sure a pain in the ass.”

Henry Dibbins is all excited as he shouts, “I can’t believe I can win 1.5 billion dollars,” to which Dawn practically loses and charges after him, “That’s my money, don’t you ever talk about my money.” It takes Stan to hold her back as she tries to get at Dibbins. 

The four computer programmers are walking side by side as Dustin mumbles under his breath for them to hear, “We have been working together for years now. I see no reason to end this partnership right now.”

Castle nods her head, “A pie split four ways is better than no pie at all. ”

Justine nods, “I’m in.”

Kuza nods. “Me too. Pie is my favorite dessert.”

They all stop walking and look at him for a moment before continuing.

They all step onto the lawn and Ginger is grabbing at her mother’s arm, “Mom! Mom!”

Dawn jerks her arm away, “What do you want?”

She thumbs over towards Sybil, “Does she have to come with us? She’s so annoying.”

Dawn mutters, “She’s never been good at anything except costing me money.”

Ginger nods, “Why should she get a share anyway?”

Dawn continues to follow, “I never liked her anyway.”  She stops and turns to Sybil, “I think it’s best if you stay here, dear. We wouldn’t want you to get exhausted.”

Sybil looks incredulous, “Me? Get tired? You’re talking about Ginger. All she does is play on her phone and I’m in just about every sport in college.”

Ginger frowns, “You take that back!”

Dawn shakes her head, “You just wait here.” She turns around as Melody tries to get everyone’s attention.

As we get a look at the area where they arrived at, we see there are multiple pens set up next to each other on the lawn. Each pen has a wide door.  

Melody begins again, “Before we go any further, let me introduce Mason Dixon who is the accountant who will be tabulating everyone’s scores. As the rules state, once an item goes into a pen the points will be added to the score and that item cannot be moved from the pen by any other person not on the team.”  

She reaches into a bag, “These are the lists of items for the game. Each item has a point value and you may not acquire multiple items that are the same. If you do, only one will be counted towards your point total. The winning person or team will be the one with the most point value in exactly 24 hours. Retrieve the items any way you wish, except by purchase or promise of future payment for said item. If you look above you, you’ll see the drones ready to follow. If you are caught breaking that one rule, then you will be eliminated from the competition. Bring the items back and place them in your pen. Simple as that. Are there any questions? If not, then the 24 hours start right…. Now.”

Everyone rushes in to grab a list. Everyone seems to be grouped up as Dibbins starts to try and look at everyone else’s list but gets rejected.

“Mr. Dibbins,” calls Melody, “If you plan to win, you might need one of these.”  She offers him the map and he takes it with thanks.

After conferring with their list, Dawn and Stan rush off to his car. Ginger is busy on her phone and doesn’t see they’ve left.


She looks up and runs after.

The programmers are looking through the list and notice Dawn Price and her party about to leave, Justine points, “We’re not going to be the last to leave.”

Kuza stops them, “But where do we hunt scavengers?”

They look at him and then grab him and rush off.

Not long after, Henry Dibbins rushes off. 

The Tragic Debutants rush after next.

Finally, the Price brothers start off and as they get closer, they spot Sybil. Jeff looks over at Andy, “Thinking what I’m thinking?”

Andy nods, “She’s a 7 right?”

Jeff punches Andy in the shoulder, “Idiot. 1.5 billion is still a lot split three ways…”

Andy gets it and as they approach they each take an arm, “How about you come with us?” They start to walk her off.

“No. I can wait here,” she starts to say.

As they approach their SUV, Jeff says, “Hey. Don’t worry, 1.5 billion split three ways isn’t so bad.” As they hop in and drive off.

Dawn and Ginger Price have gotten into Stan’s car, but he’s leaning on the outside with a smug smirk on his face.

“Get in the car! What are you waiting for?” she screams.

As he adjusts his tie, “A full share.”

She pauses, her mouth drops open, aghast. “You blood-sucking animal! How dare you… You… Ambulance chaser!”

Ginger is already back on her phone, “Mom. We don’t have a choice. It’s his car.”

Stan grins as he points, “Why don’t you call an Uber, Dawn.”

We see Henry Dibbins has dropped the keys to his car and they’ve gone underneath his car as he’s trying to slide under to get them.

Dawn turns from looking at Dibbins to looking at the Prius the four programmers have gotten into and they drive off.

Dibbins has finally gotten his keys and started up his car and is about to drive off.

She finally caves, “Deal! It’s a deal!” she cries out. Stan grins and gets into his car as we see everyone driving off the estate. Everyone is driving towards the exit when they have to stop as large truck is in the middle of the way. A gardener is offloading some large planters and placing them along the side of the road as decoration.  

Everyone begins to honk their horn as the gardener spins around and looks at them. Everyone begins to yell out of their windows at him. Finally, Dibbins, who was in the front shifts gears and punches the gas and backs up, smashing into Stan’s nice shiny car. Dibbins turns sharply and drives off to the left and smashes all the new planters that have been placed. Stan turns the other way and smashes all of those plants as everyone starts to drive around the truck. The brothers with Sybil are the last to go by and Jeff leans out the window, “Sorry, buddy.”

The gardener is screaming his head off at everyone and then out of frustration just drops the planter he’s carrying, as it smashes all over the road.

Driving down the road in the Prius, Castle is driving and Kuza is in the passenger seat. In the back, Dustin and Justine are looking over the list. 

Dustin shakes his head, “I don’t even know where to start. Or where we are going to find some of these items.”

Castle glances up in the rear-view, “Just start at the top.”

Justine cringes, “I don’t think we want to start at the top.”

Kuza turns to look towards the back seat. “The top. Where do we go?”

Dustin groans. “Fine. We’re going to have to stop at Home Depot.”

Dawn is trying to navigate the map on her cell phone and the list while Stan is driving. “Where to?” he asks.

Ginger leans over the front seat from the back, trying to look at the stuff her mother has, “Let me help!”

Stan snaps at her, “Sit back and put on your seatbelt, you little shit.”

As Ginger gives Stan a smack upside the head, Dawn turns to him, “Don’t you dare call my baby that?”

Stan looks back and glares as Ginger clicks on her seatbelt and then leans all the way forward so she can look over her mother’s shoulder. Almost immediately she exclaims, “That one! Stuffed animal! It’s 25 points!”

Stan smirks, “25 points isn’t nothing.”

Ginger glares at him, “It’s more than we have now.”

Dawn nods, “She’s right. And it seems easy enough. We just need to figure out where to find a stuffed animal that we can’t buy.”

Slowly, the sound of a carnival grows louder, Ginger points, “Over there!”

Stan sees the exit and turns off, “I guess 25 points is 25 points.”

The programmers are still driving, a Home Depot bag is spotted sticking up from the back seat between Dustin and Justine.

Castle finally speaks up, “So, where do we find a toilet?”

Kaza beams, “They are everywhere! Everywhere.”

Castle glances over at him, “What I mean was, where do we get a toilet?”

Justine is deep in thought, “It’s not about the “where” it’s about the “how.”

Dustin shakes his head, “Let’s figure out where first. Then we can worry about how.”

Andy comes back to the van and hops in with a grin, “100 points.” He hands his item to Sybil in the back.

“Where’d you find a cassette Walkman?” she asks.

Andy moves the van out into the street, “I know a guy who knows a guy. Where to next?”

Jeff looks at the list, “Oh. Follow my lead.”

The Prius pulls into an old abandoned gas station. As they all get out of the vehicle and looks around, Dustin asks, “Here?”

Castle nods, “Here. You wanted the where. Now, you figure out how, genius.”

Kaza reaches in and grabs the Home Depot bag and pulls out a crowbar, “I’m guessing we start with this.”

At the carnival, Stan, Dawn, and Ginger are walking by the rides, Ginger gets all excited, “Can I go on some rides?”

Dawn shushes her, “We don’t have time for that. We’re on a deadline.”

Meanwhile, Stan steps up to a booth that promised a prize if all the bottles are knocked off the table. The attendant sizes up Stan as he approaches the booth, “Well, we got ourselves an athlete here, don’t we? Three balls for three dollars. Knock them all down and get a prize.”

Stan reaches into his pocket and drops some bills on the counter as the attendant hands over three balls, “Good luck!”

Stan eyes the bottles and then winds up and the ball flies way over the table. 

“You didn’t even hit one,” mutters Ginger, just loud enough that he can hear it and he glances over at her with a mean look before turning his attention back to the task at hand.

“Don’t worry, partner. You got two more shots,” announces the attendant. 

Dawn seems to be getting a little impatient.

Stan throws a second and third ball and neither connect.  “That’s too bad!” says the attendant. “Who’s next?”

Dawn grabs him by the jacket, “What are you doing? You can’t hit some bottles with a ball?”

Stan slaps some more bills down on the table, “Gonna have another go, hm?  Here you go,” and hands over three more balls.

Once again, Stan completely misses the target. 

“You’re not very good at this,” says Ginger, “Mom, let me try!”

At this point, another kid walks up and pays three dollars and with the first attempt knocks over all the bottles, “Winner! Winner!” cries the attendant. “What would you like?”

The kid points, “The stuffed monkey!”

The attendant hands him the stuffed animal and the kid walks off, which Stan watching as he leaves. “I’ll be right back,” he says as he walks off.

Dawn looks appalled, “You better be! I’m losing a fortune standing here!”

Ginger walks over and bugs her mom, “Let me try, okay?”

Annoyed, Dawn reaches into her purse and gives Ginger some cash and hands it over. Ginger, with a mischievous grin, slaps down the money and the attendant hands her three balls.

“Okay, little girl. Let’s see what you got?” yells out the attendant.

Ginger hauls the ball back and lets it go and it hits the attendant right in the arm, “Hey!” he cries, “The bottles are over there on the table,” he tries to laugh it off, pointing, ”Right over there.”

Ginger nods at him and gives the next throw a big wind up before chucking it right at the attendant again. “Ouch. Let me just move out of the way here for you, little girl.”  He steps to the opposite side of the booth. “Okay, one more shot. Give it a go!”

Ginger sticks her tongue out a little as she seems to concentrate on her throw. She winds it up once more and lets it rip and it bounces right off the attendant’s head, “Fuck, I mean. Ouch! Too bad…”

Ginger immediately spins around, “Let me try one more time, mom!” 

As it seems Dawn is going to give her the money, the attendant reaches over and pushes all the bottles off the table, “Would you look at that! It bounced right off the wall and came back and knocked over all these bottles! Looks like you get a prize!” He reaches for a small princess toy, but Ginger points, “I want that bear.”

It’s a big bear too. Not wanting to get hit again, the attendant reaches over and hands her the bear, “There you go.”

“Mom! Mom! I got it!” Dawn spins around since she was paying attention to the list, “You got it? You got it!” she squeals and hugs her daughter. “Where did Stan get off to?”

As they start to walk away, Ginger turns back to the attendant and sticks her tongue out and it’s at that moment the attendant realizes he’s been had.

Back at the gas station, the door to the restroom has been pried open and the four programmers are inside a very disgusting bathroom. Justine has her hand over her mouth, “This is gross.”

Castle is cringing, “What now?”

Dustin shakes his head, “We gotta get it out of there.”

Kaza hands him the Home Depot bag and steps back.

In a shopping center parking lot, Henry Dibbins is crouched down behind a car. He looks both ways dramatically, then scrambles across to the next row of cars. 

He pulls out his list and looks at it, “BMW branded hub cap, 50 points.”

He sneaks through more rows of cars until he finds his target.  He peers around the corner of a car and then scurries across until he’s right next to the BMW. He glances at the hub cap and sees that it has a logo on it. “Too easy,” he mutters quietly. 

He reaches over and tries to pry the hub cap off, but as he is doing so, he doesn’t realize that someone has gotten into the car. As the car starts up and the exhaust spits out, Henry coughs and waves at the smell as the car rolls out of the parking lot. 

“I think I just about have this loosened,” says Dustin as he is unfastening the toilet from the floor, while Kaza is trying to unfasten the toilet from the water pipe. “I don’t understand why this thing won’t budge.” 

Kaza happens to look up and see Castle sitting on the toilet looking at her phone. Kaza nudges Dustin and points.

Dustin looks up. “Castle. Please move your ass.”

“Done already?” she says as she gets up. 

Finally, they can get the toilet moved as water starts to pump freely into the bathroom. 

“Weren’t we supposed to turn off the water first?” asks Justine.

“We don’t have time for all of that,” Dustin replies as they continue to struggle with the toilet.

Henry Dibbins is still scouting for a BMW when he hears a commotion and turns his head.  In the parking lot, a man seems to have been hit by a car. An elderly lady gets out of the car and hurries around to the back where a man is on the ground, crying out in pain.

“Oh my goodness,” she says as she tries to help the man. “I didn’t even see you there.  I don’t suppose we could settle this without informing my insurance?” she reaches into her wallet and pulls out some bills and offers it to the man. “It’s $600, it’s all I have in cash.”

The man takes the money while still moaning in pain as the woman hurries to get in her car and leave.

Henry is watching the entire thing.

After the woman leaves, the man slowly gets to his feet, counts his money, and saunters away with a grin.

Henry smirks as he starts to walk away when he sees someone putting some bags into the back of their BMW.  Sneaking around, he gets behind the truck that’s right next to the BMW and waits. 

The woman slams down the trunk and starts to get into her car when she realizes she forgot something. Henry watches her as she walks by, but is oblivious to the red lights of the truck turning on.  The white of the backup lights also turns on as Henry starts to realize what’s about to happen. 

He turns as if he could stop the truck from backing up by placing his hands on the rear bumper. He’s no match as the truck backs over him, turns, and drives away.

As we focus on the spot where the truck was, Henry just so happens to have been in between the tires as he lies there, “Not gonna happen,” he finally decides as he gets to his feet and starts walk off when he hears a clanging on the pavement.

He turns to look and the hubcap just happened to have fallen off the tire and lies on the ground. 

At the gas station, a security guard is checking around the vacant property and as he walks around the side, water is gushing out from underneath the door and into the parking lot. 

He places his hand on the door and turns the handle and the door flies open as more water cascades out of the bathroom, knocking him over.

A moment later, the four programmers exit the bathroom carrying the toilet.

The guard scrambles to his feet, “What’s going on here?”

“We were called to repair this toilet,” says Kaza.

The guard looks from the toilet to the bathroom, “But what about this water?”

Castle pops the trunk as they drop the toilet in there and turns to the guard, “Call a plumber.”

Everyone scrambles into the car and drives off.

As the brothers’ van pulls into a fast food place drive through, Sybil and Jeff hop out of the van and around to where the menu is located. On top of the menu is a large plastic chicken. They begin to try and remove the chicken.

“Can I take your order?” comes the female voice over the intercom.

Andy is quick to respond, “Three chicken sandwiches.”

“Is that all?”

Jeff and Sybil continue to struggle with the chicken, so Andy adds, “Three milkshakes. Vanilla.”

“Anything else?”

Andy adds, “A bucket of chicken.”

“Mild or spicy?”

“Mild.” The other two are struggling with this chicken. “What’s wrong?”

Jeff looks back at Andy, “This thing won’t turn…”

“Did you say turnovers?”

Jeff grunts, “Yes, three please.”

“Will that complete your order?”

Sybil chimes in, “Onion rings!”


“Yes, please. And three orders of fries!”

“Will that be all?”

Just then the chicken pops off the menu board.

Jeff grins, “That will be all.”

As they carry the chicken back around the van, the cars behind them start honking their horn. Jeff and Sybil give a bow and then hop into the van.

A few minutes later they are back on the road.

“I feel bad,” says Sybil.

Jeff turns back to Sybil, “Don’t tell me you’ve never stolen a chicken before.”

“I haven’t!”

“You have lived a sheltered life,”

We finally check-in with the Debutants who have driven out into a more secluded area. 

“Are you sure this is the right place?” asks Kiko. 

Miko points off into the field, “Look over there. Number 15.”

Beth looks at the list. “Oh no. I’m not going out there.”

Ziko glances at the list and looks where Miko was pointing, “Not me. This was your idea, Miko.”

Miko shrugs, “Fair enough. I’ll go. I’m not afraid. Nothing bad can happen if you’re not afraid.”

Miko steps out of the car and walks across the street and into the field towards a tree.

Beth shakes her head, “This isn’t going to be good.”

Kiko turns back to her cell phone and holds up a picture of a guy, “What do you think about him?”

Beth shrugs, “He’s cute. What does he do?”

Kiko shrugs right back, “No idea. My mom wants me to go on a date with him when I get back.”

Meanwhile, over in the field, Miko is slowly approaching the tree. She tries to grab something, but as she tries to run with it, something causes her to drop it.

“What was her plan with that beehive anyway?” asks Beth.

Ziko shakes her head, “I’ve no idea but it was 500 points.”

We watch Miko as she jumps around, trying to bat at the bees that are swarming her.

We see a sign for the “Better Living Retirement Home”.

Stan Grand is standing right outside of a bathroom window as an elderly lady removes her false teeth and sets them in a glass on the counter.

After she walks away, Stan reaches in and grabs the glass. “10 points.”

A security guard happens to see him, “What are you doing right there?”

Stan runs off with the guard in chasing after.

He exits the property and hops into the car where Dawn and Ginger are and drives off, leaving the guard standing on the sidewalk.

Ginger makes a face, “That’s gross,” she says when she sees the teeth. She turns to look at her new stuffed bear, “Isn’t that right, Bunny.”

Stan looks back, “You named a bear Bunny?”

Ginger nods, “Better than Stan.”

“Why you…”

“Just drive, dammit!” shouts Dawn. “I know where we have to go next.”

Outside of a convenience store, three people wearing ski masks walk out of the store carrying a cash register. As the cash register is placed in the trunk of the Prius, the three robbers get into the car and it drives off quickly.

The programmers all high five and the scene cuts back to the store where the clerk is bewildered as the cash register is gone, but all the money is stacked up nice and neat on the counter.

Stan pulls up in front of the Price building as the three get out of the car. Dawn uses a key to get into the building and they immediately head for the elevator. The building has been shut down since Milton’s death.

Once it opens on the top floor, they walk over and head into Milton’s office. “There! Safe. If that old stooge Milton wants to play games, we will just take some of his stuff to make sure we win. Grab it and let’s go!”

While Ginger leans up against the wall, chewing gum and playing on her phone and Dawn continues to scan the list for the next item, Stan walks over and tries to lift the safe but it’s way too heavy. 

He manages to push it away from the wall and starts to push it out of the door. He’s straining hard to inch this large safe down the hallway towards the elevator and as his face turns red and he begins to sweat, he finally gets it into the elevator and the others join him. 

The door to the elevator closes, but then a red light comes on and the doors open back up. 

“What’s going on?” cries Dawn. 

We see the “Out of Order” light come on inside the elevator. 

“Seems the elevator in your old man’s building has broken,” says Stan. Ginger continues to chew bubblegum and play games as the sound of her defeat plays and Stan turns to glare at her. “You could be a little more helpful.”

Ginger blinks her eyes cutely at him, “I’m just a little girl. What can I possibly do to help?” she says sarcastically.

“You little…”

“Don’t you finish that sentence, Stan! Find another way to get this safe downstairs!”

The Debutants are sitting next to a pier. Miko is applying some ointments to all of her multiple bee stings. Beth is using her phone to keep track of Ziko who has climbed aboard a boat. 

Kiko looks over at Miko and shakes her head, “What was your plan with that beehive anyway? Bring them all into the car?”

“Just shut up.”

“Uh oh,” says Beth as everyone looks up. The boat has left the pier and started into the water. Ziko begins to wave towards them in a panic. 

“What are we going to do?” 

“What was she after anyway?”

Beth looks at the list, “Life preserver?”

As the camera pans back a little, there’s a post with a life preserver attached to it.

“She should jump!”

“She can’t swim.”

“Oh shit.”

Andy returns to the van with a canister and hands it to Sybil, “Nitrous Oxide, 75 points!” The other two cheers. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a baggie, “And false teeth.”  He tosses that into the back as well. 

As he closes the door to the van and gets back into the driver’s seat and starts up the van, Sybil asks, “Do you know everyone in this town?”

Jeff smirks, “We’ve lived here all our lives. We know some people who owe us a few favors.”

Stan has managed to get the safe to the top of the stairs. “Now, we just gotta get it down and around and to the first floor. He inches it forward until it begins to teeter on the edge.  “I’m going to go to the front and use my back to slowly glide it down the stairs.”

As he moves away from the safe, Ginger, who has been watching walks over and pushes it, “Why don’t we just do this?”

The safe slides down the stairs, tumbles across the floor, crashing through the glass wall that oversees the parking lot below. The safe falls and lands in the grass with a thud. 

Stan looks like he wants to choke out Ginger and starts to move towards her when Dawn stops him, “When we win, I can get that fixed. Let’s go!”

Ginger sticks her tongue out at Stan who stands there seething.

Henry Dibbins sneaks through an alley next to a bridal shop with a wedding dress in hand and slips it into his vehicle and then reaches into his pocket and pulls out the list and scans it over. 

He pauses as he looks up and sees an electronics store a couple of stores down from the bridal shop.

As he walks over, the window display sees several different types of robots, all very pricey. 

Inside the shop, the clerk is helping a customer, “Let me go get my tools and I can replace this watch battery for you.” The female customer nods. “Thank you.” 

The bell of the store is heard and the clerk yells out from the back, “I’ll be right with you.”

There’s no response, but a few moments later the bell is heard again as the clerk finally comes back when he notices one of the robots is missing.  He sets his tools down and rushes to the window and then out of the door and stands on the sidewalk looking around, but there’s no one in sight.

We see Henry Dibbins driving his car now and the robot is in the passenger seat. As he pulls up to a red light, he reaches over and grabs the seat belt and as he does, his elbow hits the power button on the robot.

“Hello!” says the robot as Henry clicks in the seatbelt. The voice startles him. 

“Um. Hi there.”

“My name is ERT-5000, but you can choose another name for me if you like. Would you like to do that?”

“Sure…” he says as the car behind him honks as his light turns green. He starts to drive.

“You can say my new name now.”


“Ernie it is. Thank you for such a fine name,” says the robot. “I’m an interactive companion. As you speak, I’ll remember your voice and only take commands from you.  I am also connected to the internet so if you have any questions, you can ask me and I’ll search for you.”

“Well, right now I’m doing this game…”

“I have over 100 games that I can play with you stored in my memory bank. Would you like to play a game now?”

“No. Not right now….”

“Very good. What is your name?”

“I’m Henry. Henry Dibbins.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Henry Dibbins.”

The programmers drive back onto the Price property.

Mr. Dixon is reading a paper while Ms. Trowbridge is having some tea as they sit out in the sun waiting.

Trowbridge looks up as the Prius drives up next to their pen, “Here come some items right now.” 

As they exit their car and begin to unload, “Look at that, we are the first to bring stuff back,” notes Castle as they begin to drop their items into their pen, and as noted all the other pens are empty. 

The men untie a giant tractor tire from on top of the car while the women begin to unload the other items. 

Justine sets down a pinata into the pen, “But it’s not the first but the most that matters. We’re just getting started.”

Trowbridge pours herself another cup of tea as Dixon reaches for his calculator.

Andy, Jeff, and Sybil are invited into a home of a nice looking elderly woman.

“Haven’t seen you around in a long time, Andy.”  She reaches over and pinches Jeff’s cheeks, “You too, Jefferson.”

Jeff looks embarrassed at both being pinched and being called by his real first name.

Andy motions to the other girl, “Granny, this is Sybil. She’s helping us with a scavenger hunt. We’re hoping you still have that grenade launcher lying around.”

Granny thinks about it and suddenly recalls, “In fact, I do.” As she leads the trio through the house, she turns to Sybil, “I’m not the boys’ real grandmother, but they treat me like their own.”

Granny opens a closet and points. “There you are. Just don’t remove the safety unless you want to fire that thing.”

Jeff reaches in and pulls it out, but then something else happens to fall as well and roll on the ground and we see that it’s a grenade.

“Oh shit,” yells Andy as he ducks behind a couch and everyone else, except Granny scramble behind something.

Granny looks at them all and just waves them off, “Just relax. That one is a dud. I keep the real ones in the basement.”

The others slowly come out of their hiding places. 

A few moments later, they exit the house, Sybil turns to Granny, “So, how did you all meet then if you aren’t their real grandmother?”

Jeff grins, but Andy tries to rush them off. “It’s a long story…”

“It was a mugging,” Granny starts. 

“Oh no,” says Sybil.

Granny nods her head and grabs onto Andy’s arm, “The poor guy was taking a beating. If I hadn’t come along with my trusty wooden baseball bat and beat those guys senseless, who knows what would have happened to this guy.”

Sybil begins to laugh.

“It’s not funny,” says Andy. 

Jeff snickers, “It’s kinda funny.”

The Debutants are driving. 

Kiko seems very unhappy, sitting there drenched. “I didn’t know the boat was leaving!”

Miko, all bandaged up from multiple bee stings, “At least you were able to get a liferaft to come back.”

Ziko looks in the rearview, “If you hadn’t missed that first step coming off the raft, you wouldn’t even be wet.”

Suddenly, a loud bang is heard as Ziko screams as she tries to steer the car and finally pulls over to the side of the road and stops.

Beth asks, “What was that?”

Ziko just leans her head against the steering wheel, “I think we have a flat tire.”

Beth removes her seatbelt and opens the door and begins to walk around the car. She stops near the rear, “We do have a flat tire.”

Miko begins to cry, “Why is this happening to us!”

Kiko shakes her head, “We should have stayed in Japan.”

Ziko opens her door and gets out, “Does anyone know how to change this tire?”

No one answers.

They seem to be in the middle of nowhere, really as Kiko gets out of the car. 

“Let me try and google it. Maybe that’ll help and we can get back on the road,” says Beth as she begins to search with her phone.

Kiko shakes her head, “I’m going to walk out and try and dry off.”  She starts down the road.

Ziko pops the back of the car and starts to pull out the spare tire.

Miko remains in the car, she reaches into her purse and pulls out a bottle and takes a Tylenol. “I’m ready to quit. I don’t care how much money, it isn’t worth all of this.”

It seems the others might be in agreement.

Back at the electronic store, the clerk is talking to a police officer who asks, “How many robots were taken?”

“Just one.”

He walks over to the window to show and the window now has a big hole cut into it and a second robot is now missing.


“Is it one or two?” asks the police officer.

“It was one, but now it’s two,” says the clerk. “I’m so gonna get fired.”

Jeff hurries to the van and hands a bag to Sybil, “One bowling ball.”

Sybil drops the bag behind her, but it accidentally turns the knob on the canister of nitrous oxide.

As they continue down the road, Sybil begins to chuckle. Jeff turns around, “What’s so funny,” and he also starts to laugh. 

As the two begin to laugh out loud, Andy also starts to laugh and it causes him to swerve on the road. 

Unlucky for them, a siren begins to scream after them as a motorcycle cop is behind them. He pulls up alongside the van and Andy sees him and laughs out, “Holy shit.”

“Pull over!” demands the cop and Andy steers the van to the side of the road as the motorcycle pulls up behind them.

Jeff is still laughing and he reaches for the list. “I know this might be the wrong time to mention this but… number 30.”

They all start laughing again.

The cop taps on the window. Andy slowly rolls his down, the sound of laughter is heard.

“Can I see your license and registration, please.”

The laughing continues as Andy hands the requested items over.

The cop glances at the items, but the laughter is getting his attention. “How about you step out of the vehicle, sir.”

Andy opens up the door and steps out of the van. He leans against the van.

“You were swerving all over the road back there.”

Andy giggles, “Sorry, officer. It won’t happen again.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to find out. Move to the front of the vehicle and put your hands on the hood.”  He waves to Jeff and Sybil as well, “Get out of the vehicle.”

They are both giggling as they exit the vehicle and move to assume the same position as Andy.

“Not sure what you’re on, but I can probably nail you for a multitude of violations,” the cop says as he walks to the side of the van and steps inside while the others remain in front of it and they bust out laughing as Jeff follows him into the back of the van.

Three of the four Debutantes have gotten the tire changed after having agreed to quit the Scavenger Hunt when they hear a loud high pitched squealing as Kiko comes running down the road, pushing a small tractor tire. 

“Look! Look!” she cries out as she gets closer to the car.

“Why do you have that?” asks Miko.

“It’s on the list!” she says as she lets the tire fall to the road and she reaches into the car and pulls out a piece of paper and points. “Look. Tractor tire.”

Beth shakes her head, “We decided to quit. We’re going to go home.”

Kiko places her hands on Beth’s shoulders, “Look, I know we got off to a rough start, but this tire just fell into our laps. I think we have a good shot at this. Look, we still have about 16 hours left. We can do this!”

She turns to look at the others, “Let’s give it one more try, okay? If it goes badly, we can leave. But, this is a lot of money to just walk away from.”

There’s some murmuring among the group and then Ziko walks over and picks up the tire, “I’m in!” she walks to the back and places it in the trunk.

“Me too,” shouts Miko.

“Okay! Okay, you got me. I’m in too! Let’s win this money!” says Beth as they all climb into the car and it speeds off.

Back at the electronics store, the police car drives off, having finished taking the statement as another car drives up to the curb. An older man gets out, “What’s going on here? Why is there a hole in my window?”

“Sir,” starts the clerk as he tries to explain. “I’m not entirely sure what has happened, but two of the robots in the window have gone missing. Stolen. I’ve already filed a police report.”

“What do you mean two? Wasn’t there five in the window?” asks the boss.

The clerk spins around and sure enough, another robot is missing from the display. 

“Get those police back here! And keep watch over those robots! They aren’t cheap!”

The clerk drops to his knees on the sidewalk and places his hand on his head, “What the hell is going on today?”

Sybil and Andy have stopped laughing, having been outside in the fresh air when the door opens and more laughter is heard as Jeff and the cop are both cracking up.

“We promise to bring it right back,” howls Jeff.

The cop shakes his head as he walks in front of the van, now without his uniform, dressed in his underwear, t-shirt, and his boots, along with his cycle helmet. “I’m going to be in so much trouble,” he says as he laughs his way to his motorcycle and climbs on.

The other three sneak back into the van and drive off, leaving the cop sitting there in his underwear on his motorcycle, laughing out loud.

Henry Dibbins pulls up to the curb at the Price estate and begins to unload his items. 

Mason Dixon rises from his seat and begins to calculate as items are placed into Henry’s pen. Once he has finished, all he has left is his robot. He starts to remove it from his car when he looks at it and shrugs, “You can keep me company.”

With that, he runs around to the other side and gets back in his vehicle and takes off as he does the van rolls in, with the Prius following close. The members of each vehicle get out and begin to unload when Stan, Dawn, and Ginger pull in behind them.  They begin to unload and Dawn finally notices that Sybil is helping the brothers.

“What are you doing with those boys?” she demands!

Sybil glares, “What does it look like I’m doing? You didn’t want my help, so I have another team and if we win, you won’t see a dime.”

Dawn looks shocked and offended, even if it is fake, “Well, that’s fine with me. When your sister and I win, don’t expect us to take care of you.”

The two hmph at each other as they stalk off in a different direction. Stan has the safe on a dolly now and is pulling it backward and Dawn gets behind him to help pull.

“Stop pulling on me,” he snaps and spins the dolly around so he’s pushing forward so Dawn gets behind him and pushes him as he’s pushing the dolly.

He stops and spins around, “Don’t push me!”

“Don’t yell at me!” she snaps back as she runs off to grab more things from the car.

The Debutants arrive and begin to unload their items as Dawn seems keenly interested in what they’re putting in their pen as she turns around she finally notices that Ginger is still sitting in the car with her stuffed teddy bear.

“Go put that thing in the pen or we won’t get any points!” she yells.

Ginger clings to the bear, “Bunny is staying with me!”

Dawn reaches over and they begin to play tug of war with the bear as the others are running back and forth from their vehicles to their respective holding pens. 

Andy, Jeff, and Sybil are the next to leave, followed by the Programmers and then the Debutants. 

Dawn finally realizes they are the only ones still left and she gives one more yank of the bear’s head and it comes off as she flies back and lands in the grass.

Suddenly, a high pitched squeal is heard and Trowbridge and Dixon who had been watching the entire fiasco put their fingers in their ears as they wince at the piercing sound of Ginger wailing inside the car, “You killed Bunny!” she cries.  “You… you… you murderer!” she throws the rest of the bear’s body out of the car.

Stan rushes over and helps Dawn up and grabs both parts of the bear and tosses them into the pen, “We gotta get going.”  

Ginger continues to weep as Stan and Dawn get into the car and start to drive off.  Before they disappear we hear Dawn say, “I’m sorry I killed your bear, baby.”

“No, you’re not!”

Trowbridge and Dixon look at each other and remove their fingers from their ears as Dixon grabs his calculator once again and moves to tally up the points so far.

As Stan pulls up to the curb, Ginger is still inconsolable as she weeps in the backseat. Stan looks back at her then to Dawn, “Can you do something about that?”

Frustrated, Dawn slams the list down onto her lap and turns to him, “What exactly would you like me to do? I decapitated her bear. It’s not like I can fix it.”

As soon as those words are out of Dawn’s mouth, Ginger begins to wail again as Stan leans his head back and lets out a long sigh. “I’m going into this gym. Go find something on that list around here and meet me back here. I can’t deal with this child.”

Night has started to settle and Stan gets out of his car and straightens up his suit and walks towards the entrance to the 24-hour gym. Meanwhile, we can hear Dawn trying to console Ginger.

“Weight training belt,” mutters Stan under his breath as he steps inside the gym. It’s not too crowded, just a couple folks on treadmills and a few lifting weights.  He notices a very large, muscular man wearing that weight training belt and a grin crosses Stan’s face. “Bingo.”

He starts to go in when someone asks, “Can you swipe your membership card?”

He turns to the clerk who motions to the scanner on the counter. 

“Oh, I’m not a member,” says Stan as he walks up to the counter, “I was considering a membership, but I wanted to see if this gym would suit me before I committed.”

The clerk nods his head and reaches under the counter and produces a clipboard, “If you’ll just sign here and we will need some sort of payment method on file.”

Stan glances over at the large man with the weight training belt on and annoyedly scribbles his information on the paper and hands over his credit card. “If you can hurry, that would be great.”

As soon as his information is processed, he steps into the gym and tries to look very casual as he walks over to his target. 

The man looks to be deadlifting about 400 pounds as his eyes glance over at Stan who makes his approach and drops the weights to the ground with a loud thud.

“Very impressive,” says Stan. “How much was that?”

The man seems very disinterested in chatting and simply replies, “430.”  He starts to add another large plate to each side. 

“You know, I was thinking of doing a little weight training myself. We aren’t getting any younger, right?” Stan laughs.  

The man looks up but doesn’t answer as he walks over to grab more weight.

“That nifty belt you have around your waist,” he begins, “Does it help?”

This starts to pique the man’s interest as he sets the weights down and walks over to Stan, “I wouldn’t lift without it. Always better to have too much support than not enough.”

Stan offers his hand, “I’m Stan.”

The man accepts the handshake, “Butch.”

Stan winces a little at the handshake and when broken, rubs it a little. “Would you mind letting me try that out? I just want to get a feel for it to see if it’s right for me.”

Butch considers it for a moment, then shrugs. “Why not.” He unfastens the belt and hands it over. “You might need a smaller size.”

Stan accepts the belt and wraps it around his waist. It’s way too big for him as he fastens it up. “Seems you’re right. Where can I find one of these?”

“Let me grab my phone and I’ll show you the website.” As Butch turns around, Stan suddenly dashes the door. 

“Hey!” yells out Butch as he gives chase.

Stan burst out the door, “Start the car! Start the car!” he yells out when he sees Dawn and Ginger are still in the car. 

“What’s going on?” asks Dawn.

“Just start the goddamned car!” But he doesn’t get more than a few feet when he’s grabbed by the neck from behind.

Dawn has scooted over and started the car, “Well, let’s go!”

Ginger, face still full of tears, asks, “Who’s that guy?”

“You gonna steal my belt? I’ll rip you apart?” Butch hauls back and lets Stan have a fist right to the jaw.

Stan spins around and stumbles towards the car, going into through the open window headfirst as Dawn puts the car in gear and starts to drive off with Stan’s feet kicking out of the window. 

Butch growls under his breath as he watches the car drive away. He stalks back into the gym and reaches for the clipboard and glares at the clerk, “This him?”

The clerk meekly nods his head very fast.

Butch rips off the page and leaves the gym.

The Debutants have gotten back into the game as they are filled once again with items. They slip into an empty high school and begin searching rooms.

“Over here!” cries out Kiko as the others join her in what appears to be a science classroom.  They fan out and begin to search through cabinets and drawers until someone squeals. 

Beth holds up the microscope! “I found it!” 

They all jump for joy for a few moments, “Let’s go! We should go back and unload the car,” says Ziko as they rush to the door only to find that the door is locked. 

They each try and get the door open but it’s no use. They are locked inside. 

“What door locks from the inside and not the outside?” asks Miko. 

“We’re doomed,” says Ziko. 

Stan has a bag of ice pressed to his jaw as Dawn drives the car, “You couldn’t try and scam someone a little smaller, you idiot?” she says as she pulls into a high school parking lot. 

“Just shut up,” Stan mutters and then winces as he touches the bag back to his face. 

Ginger seems to be in better spirits as she snickers from the back seat, “That was pretty funny.”

Stan tries to reach her in the backseat, but she ducks down, still giggling. “One of these days…”

Dawn reaches over and swats him, “One of these days what? You better not put your hands on my child…” she starts but then something grabs her attention.

Stan notices it and turns his head to see what she’s looking at and a big grin crosses his face. “Well, look at that.”

Some time has passed and the Debutants are sitting in the dark in the science lab. Beth is holding the microscope in her lap as she leans against the door while sitting on the floor. 

“I guess this is really it? Just when we were getting our groove.”

Ziko is sitting at the teacher’s desk opening and closing the middle desk drawer, “I guess we will definitely lose.”

Miko rises, “Listen. I didn’t go out and get stung by a bunch of bees for nothing. Let’s figure out how to get out of here so we can go win this game! Who’s with me?”

Kiko gets up onto her feet. She picks up a chair and throws it through the window, shattering it.  They all rush over to the window and look out. 

Beth points, “Isn’t that our car?”

They each take turns climbing out of the window, landing on the grass below. Once they are all out, they rush to the car. 

All the doors are open and everything is gone.

“It is all over!”

Beth glances at the microscope in her hand, “We still have this.”

Kiko looks at her watch, “And we still have eight hours.”

They all climb into the car and take off out of the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Stan’s car has gotten very crowded all of a sudden, nearly overflowing with objects. Stan and Dawn are cackling.

“We should have thought of this sooner!” barks Stan as he drives down the road. 

Dawn’s attention, however, is diverted when she points.

It’s the Price brothers’ van.

The two look at each other and grin, “It’s our lucky night.”

From the back, a very crowded Ginger murmurs, “Can we unload some of this first?”

At the same time, Stan and Dawn turn to the backseat and yell, “No!”

Back at the electronics store, the clerk is sitting out front with a baseball bat in hand. 

He nervously gets up and walks over to make sure the front door is locked and then returns to his seat. 

His cell phone rings and he glances at the caller ID first and then answers, “Yes, boss.”

“I’ve locked the doors and I’m sitting out front of the window now. We don’t lose another robot.”

Behind him, a rope is tossed over one of the robots and slowly it’s pulled from sight. 

“I’m looking at them right…”

He turns around and sees there’s only one robot left. 

He lets the phone fall to the sidewalk and begins to openly weep.

The van pulls up next to a fortune teller business. Everyone climbs out and Andy knocks on the front door, but no one answers.  He knocks again but still, there’s no answer.

“This way,” he says as he leads them around the building to the back. Suddenly the back door opens and a fortune teller peeks her head out the door, “You stole a robot?” she asks as she looks into a crystal ball. She was not expecting guests as she is in her pajamas.

“That’s a long story,” Andy says. “If we…”

“30 points for a crystal ball?”

“If we could just borrow it, I’ll bring it back by the afternoon,” Andy says.

The fortune-teller eyes Jeff, then Sybil, and then turns back to Andy.

“And what do I get in return?”

Jeff leans forward, “Andy is a big tipper.”

She starts to hand the ball to Andy when something catches her eye. “Uh oh. It seems that you will lose something of great value.”

Andy reaches for the crystal ball, “We sure will if we don’t get going.” As the three take off back to the front of the building, Jeff is the first when he notices Dawn climbing into their car and zooming off.

“Andy! They’ve stolen our stuff!”

They quickly get into the van and chase after Stan’s car.

“They can’t do this. It’s against the rules!” screams Sybil.

Jeff shakes his head, “Everything is legal until the items are placed into the pen. We gotta get back to the estate before they get that stuff into their pen.”

Andy prepares to take a sharp turn, “Hang on then,” he shouts as he whips the wheel around.

In Stan’s car, Ginger is in the back with a football helmet on as she looks out the back, “They’re catching up! Driver faster, dummy!”

“Don’t call me dummy!”

Stan drives his car over a median and whips around.  Dawn begins to scream, “If they catch us, they’ll kill us. Drive faster!” she moves her foot over and presses down on the gas pedal as the car speeds up.

The car and the van zoom by a police officer, who turns on his siren and chases the two. 

The Debutants are waiting at a stoplight when it turns green, they start to pull out but Kiko slams on the breaks as Stan’s car drives by, followed by the van and the police car.

Beth points, “They’re the ones who took our stuff! That’s our robot!”

Miko shouts, “After them!”

The Debutants’ car speeds after them. 

The chase continues as Stan tries to ditch them through an alley, but everyone follows through. 

Stan cuts through a parking lot, but the van, the police car, and the Debutants all following.

The procession drives right by a couple more police cars who end up following as well.

Sitting quietly in a parking lot, Henry Dibbins seems to have fallen asleep. He slowly blinks his eyes open and yawns. 

He gets a curious look on his face as if something wasn’t quite right. 

Finally, he sees that his vehicle door is open and all of his stuff is gone.

In a panic, he starts up his vehicle and zooms off.

Back at the estate, Ms. Trowbridge and Mr. Dixon are quietly sitting at their table. Trowbridge is drinking some wine as she looks over at Dixon, “It’s been a fairly quiet experience thus far, don’t you agree?”

Dixon looks up from his tally, “Yes. I’d certainly agree with that.”

She raises her eyebrows, trying to peek at his totals, “Any idea who’ll win?”

Dixon shakes his head, “Still too early to tell.”

“We shall know in,” she looks at her watch, “31 minutes.”  She continues to look at Dixon before asking, “I don’t suppose you’d care to have a drink with me when this is all over with…”

Dixon seems surprised by the question and starts to answer when the sound of tire squealing distracts them.

The Prius comes into view and drives right onto the lawn. The trunk is overflowing, but tied with a rope to keep them all inside and stuff is tied to the top as well. The programmers all pile out of the car and begin to unload their items into the pen, seemingly the only one who wasn’t stolen from. 

Castle pumps her fist, “We’re the only ones here! We might just win this thing if no one shows up in 27 minutes!”

They all high five and continue to unload.

Next to show up is Henry Dibbins with an empty vehicle. 

Ms. Trowbridge meets him, “Mr. Dibbins, your vehicle is empty.”

“I know it’s empty. Someone stole all of my stuff!” he protests as he goes to see if it’s the programmers. “Did you steal my stuff?”

The sound of sirens are heard as Stan, Dawn and Ginger arrive on the scene. They drive right up onto the lawn and Stan drives the car right into the pen. As he shuts off his motor, he screams, “We won! We won! 1.5 billion dollars is mine!”

Dawn smacks him in the head, “It’s mine, you idiot!”

Right behind them is the first police car, followed by the van, the Debutants, and two more police cars.  As each car is parked, the occupants get out and a melee ensues with accusations being tossed around.

The police officers draw their weapon, “Everyone stop right now. There’s a whole lot of you under arrest,” one of them yells.

“Excuse me!”

Everyone goes silent, “My name is Ms. Trowbridge and we are in the process of determining the rightful heir to this estate. I realize there are legal matters that need attending to, but if you could give me,” she pauses and looks at her watch, “21 minutes, you may proceed with your activities.”

Beth screams, “They stole our stuff.”

Jeff turns around, “You too? They stole our stuff too!”

Everyone starts to charge towards Dawn’s pen when Ms. Trowbridge screams out, “Excuse me!”

Everyone stops.

“First, you may not remove an item from another team’s pen for any reason. Doing so will result in disqualification. According to the rules, items may be acquired by any means necessary except for purchase or promise of purchase in the future. The items in the Price pen will stay put.”

“That’s not fair!” shouts Sybil as she marches over to her stepmother, “How could you do this?” she demands.

“Shouldn’t have run off with those boys and stayed with a winning team,” responds Dawn smugly.

Meanwhile, the Debutants are sulking near their car knowing that they don’t have near enough points to even come close to winning now.

Kiko seems to be watching everything going on with much interest, then her eyes light up as if an idea occurs to her, “Listen. I know we’re going to lose, but it’s not right that those cheaters win.”

Beth nods, “I agree. But, what can we do?”

Kiko smiles, “Listen close.

Ginger is trying to climb out of the car, but having a hard time with everything piled on top of her in the back. She rolls down the window. “Somebody help me!” But her cries go unnoticed as Stan and Dawn are celebrating.

Suddenly, the Debutants spring into action and run towards their pen.

Dawn perks up, “What are they doing? Why are they smiling?”

The Debutants begin to remove the items from their pen and place them into the pen that belongs to the Price brothers and Sybil. Andy runs over, “What are you doing?”

Ziko stops long enough to say, “We know we can’t win, but we can’t let those people win either. Our stuff is yours. Help us move it all to your pen!”

Stan is finally catching on to what’s going on and he runs over to Mr. Trowbridge and grabs her by her shoulders and screams, “They can’t do that! They can’t remove an item from the pen once it’s placed there!”

Ms. Trowbridge pushes Stan away from her, “The rules clearly state that no other team may remove from anyone’s pen. It doesn’t say that a team cannot remove their own items if they so choose. This is allowed. And I’ll ask you to keep your hands off of me.”  

Stan stammers, “But, but, but…”

“Mr. Grand. I find it very hard to believe that we are in the same profession.”

Mason Dixon is trying to get all the totals, but having to adjust since items are moving, he seems to be sweating profusely.

Stan moves over to his pen again and climbs up on top of his car as the Debutants finish emptying their pen. “It doesn’t matter. It’s still not enough. We are the winner! Trowbridge, declare us the winner!”

Trowbridge has a slip of paper in her hand, “I have the current standing for the two top point totals. First, Price brothers and Sybil Price: 1990 points. Dawn and Ginger Price: 2485 points.”

Dawn shrieks, “We won! We won!”

She glances at her watch, “There are still fourteen minutes remaining.”

Henry Dibbins seems to be in deep contemplation and then springs to life as he suddenly rushes over to the brothers and Sybil, “You guys can have my stuff too!” They all shout as Henry, the brothers, Sybil and the Debutants all begin to help move Henry’s items into the other pen.

A worried look crosses Dawn and Stan’s faces. Stan leaps off the car and runs over to Dixon and grabs his arm, “That’s a duplicate item! You can’t count that!” he demands.

Dixon pulls his arm away, “I assure you that I know the rules. I never counted that.”

“Another duplicate!”

“Mr. Grand. If you’ll leave Mr. Dixon to his duties, we will have a winner sooner than later,” Trowbridge scolds him and Stan starts to slink away. He notices something and starts to object when a stern look from Ms. Trowbridge shuts him up.

After the last item has been moved, they all start to cheer. 

Dawn looks concerned, “Why are they cheering?” She rushes over and begins to pull on Stan, “Why are they cheering!!!?” she yells.

Mason hands a slip of paper over to Ms. Trowbridge who clears her throat and everyone goes quiet.

“The current score stands, Dawn and Ginger Price: 2485 points.”

Stan yells, “We know already!”

Trowbridge shoots Stan a glare before continuing. “Price brothers and Sybil Price: 2165 points. With nine minutes remaining.”

A car pulls up to the curb and stops.  As the door opens to the vehicle we see that the clerk from the electronics store hops out. He runs over to the pens, “These are my robots!”

Ms. Trowbridge walks over, “Sir, I realize these belong to you, but if you’ll give me eight more minutes, you can have them back.

Suddenly, the programmers spring to life and begin to move their stuff into the other pen as well, “Don’t stand around, we don’t have much time,” yells Justine to everyone else. 

This doesn’t sit well with Dawn and Stan as they start to run towards Dixon who has to recalculate totals now. As they get close, he turns to them with a mean look, “Touch me and I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

Ms. Trowbridge looks at Dixon with a look of admiration, maybe even attraction.

Dawn and Stan slink back to their pen, now very much worried. 

Once all the items are moved, they all cheer as Dixon furiously types on his calculator. 

“I have the totals.”

Everyone goes quiet.

Dixon looks at the total, “Dawn and Ginger Price: 2485 points.”

Stan and Dawn cheer. Stan sneers at them, “You can’t beat those numbers!”

Dixon ignores Stan as he reads off the last set of numbers, “The Price Brothers and Sybil Price: 2440 points.”

Henry Dibbins starts to cheer, but everyone looks at him.

Andy shakes his head, “We lost, Henry.”

As Dawn and Stan begin to celebrate, Henry starts to walk off. “What sucks most of all is that I lost Ernie.”

“Henry!” comes the robotic voice.

As everyone else is doing their own thing, Henry stops and scratches his head. “Ernie?”

“Henry! Where are you?”

“I’m over here! Where are you?”  

Everyone starts to go silent as Henry rushes over to Dawn’s pen and there is Henry’s robot Ernie sitting up in the trunk of Stan’s car. 

“I missed you, Ernie!” shouts Henry as he starts to climb into the pen. Stan rushes over and gives him a shove sending him to the ground, “Don’t you know the rules, you can’t take an item out of someone else’s pen!”

“Why you…” Henry starts to get to his feet to go after Stan when Sybil’s voice is heard, “Ms. Trowbridge! I know the rules state we cannot remove from someone else’s pen, but is there a rule that state an item cannot leave a pen on it’s own?”

Ms. Trowbridge considers the question as everyone has stopped speaking. After a few moments contemplation, she shakes her head, “No. There is not.”

Sybil rushes over to Henry who is dusting himself off, “Ernie is worth 50 points. Since they stole all the other robots, it’s not a duplicate item for us! Mr. Dibbins. We will be five points ahead! Can you guide Ernie into our pen?”

Henry looks at Stan and then back to Sybil, “I don’t know but I can sure try!”

“You better hurry, there is only two minutes remaining!” shouts out Ms. Trowbridge. 

Action suddenly resumes as Henry stands outside of the pen and shouts, “Ernie! I need you to move forward about six feet!”

“Okay, Henry,” comes the robotic voice.

“Ninety seconds.”

Stan runs into the pen and yells, “Ernie! Don’t you move!” but Ernie only hears the voice of Henry who was programmed into his memory the day prior. 

Ernie begins to roll forward, managing to use a stuffed animal in the trunk to get up and step onto the bumper. 

“That’s it Ernie, keep going!” 

“60 seconds remaining!”

Stan rushes over to stand in front of Ernie.

“Obstruction. Obstruction,” cries out Ernie as he cannot move forward with Stan in his way.

The Price brothers rush over and grab Stan and pull him out of the pen.

“Obstruction cleared!”

“45 seconds remaining!”

As Stan tries to climb back into the pen, the brothers hold him back.  Dawn tries to run for the pen, but Sybil sticks her foot out and Dawn falls face first onto the lawn. Castle and Justine sit down on her back to keep her from interfering.

Ernie moves off of the bumper and onto a box that is right next to the edge of the pen but the height of the pen makes it impossible for him to get over as he tries and tries.

“I can’t see!”

Suddenly, Ginger Price falls out of the backseat of the car and gets to her feet. Somehow, the football helmet has gotten turned around on her head. Her screams are muffled, “What’s going on?”

“15 seconds remaining!”

“Hurry, Ernie,” shouts Henry. 

Still stumbling around, Ginger trips over something and falls right into Ernie, which sends him into the other pen!

“Time!” shouts Ms. Trowbridge.

As the celebration begins, Stan gets up to his feet and rushes over! “That robot was pushed out of our pen! That’s against the rules!”

Exasperated, Ms. Trowbridge looks at Stan Grand, “Mr. Grand, the rules clear state that a team member may remove an item from their own pen. Ginger Price was on your team. Her accidental interference was, in fact, legal. The Price brothers and Sybil Price have won this contest and are the heirs to the Price estate.

Castle and Justine get off of Dawn Price to go celebrate with the others and as she gets up, she’s dusty and dirty and she glares at Stan and points, “This is all your fault!” 

She rushes at him and grabs him around the throat as the police officers on the scene rush in to intervene.

Andy, Jeff and Sybil are huddled up and when they turn around, Andy raises his hand, “We have an announcement.”

Sybil beams, “We want to thank everyone here for all they’ve done to help. 

Jeff adds, “So, we’ve decided that we will split the fortune with everyone.”

Andy interrupts, “Well, everyone except a certain threesome.”

There is silence at this announcement, Kiko steps forward, “Do you mean it?”

Sybil nods, “We mean it!”

Jeff chimes in, “Officers, if you can dispose of the trash. They seem to be trespassing.”

Everyone begins to cheer again as Dawn Price and Stan are handcuffed and taken to a squad car. Dawn tries to lash out again at Stan, “Idiot! I trusted you!”

Suddenly, through the bushes, Butch from the gym bursts through. “You’re dead meat,” he growls as he goes after Stan who screams and begins to flee with Butch following close behind.

As the celebration continues, the credits begin to roll.


Andy Price  BUCK REIL
Henry Dibbins   BRAD JACKSON
Kuza Kazuki   LEON YOUNG
Dustin Johnson   ADAM SANDERS
Castle Rich   RAVEN CROWE
Justine Sampson   TABITHA TIMS


Mason Dixon   ELI BUCHANAN
Milton Price   BIFF FRANKLIN

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