“Scavenger Hunt” Information and Cast

This feature is a modern remake of the 1979 movie of the same name. This movie is currently only available via hard copy, meaning you are unable to stream it or purchase a digital copy and it is the only hard copy movie I have at my home. This may be the largest casting I will do. My plan is to do a more modern version of this feature, while in some ways remaining true to the story. It will not be a direct copy of the film. There will be certain plot devices from the original movie that will be used, but the overall film should have it’s own original feel to it.

Video game mogul and billionaire Milton Price has died. In his last will and testament, he decreed that his 1.5 billion dollar estate would go to the winner of a game of his design. Unlike his success in the video game industry, his estate would go to the winner of an elaborately designed scavenger hunt.  This is not a virtual scavenger hunt, but a real life scavenger hunt. By design, there are a few rules that must be followed.

  1. Those eligible may go alone or choose to form teams.
  2. No item may be purchased or promised future payment with estate winnings. 
  3. Once an item has been placed in a ‘safe zone’ no other person or team may remove it.
  4. Once the hunt begins, it will end in exactly 24 hours. No further items will be allowed to be placed in the safe zones.