Theme: Death by Rock n Roll – Pretty Reckless

Some pyrotechnics explode as we go from the music video to the live feed at the Splatterhouse Gym Arena. The fans are scattered about, however no one is sitting ringside as the chairs have been cleared away to make room for the Prison Break cell that hangs high over the ring. The camera focuses on Christine Donahue and Biff Franklin at ringside.

Christine Donahue: Welcome to the final Splatacular for the summer and since yesterday was the first day of fall, it’s only fitting that this final special is held tonight.

Biff Franklin: Fall is more my speed of a season anyway. It’ll get darker earlier, the sun won’t be out so much and it gonna get cooler.

Christine Donahue: Are you a vampire perhaps?

Biff Franklin: No one would ever want me to be an actual vampire.

Christine Donahue: I’m Christine Donahue and with me as usual is Biff Franklin and we are here for two special matches. The first match up tonight pits the challenger Jenni Drew in a Luchacore Championship match against the champion Yuka Hirata in what should be an amazing match.

Biff Franklin: I’ve done a little research and I’m feeling like perhaps Hirata has bitten off more than she can chew here.

Christine Donahue: And in our main event, the Multiuniversal Championship is on the line for the first time ever outside of traditional Splat rules. Hanging high overhead is the prison that will contain our current champion Morgan Payne and she will go one on one inside that cell against the winner of the Triad Challenge, Bruce McLeod in a rematch from last month’s Splatacular that went to a time limit draw.

Biff Franklin: Morgan Payne is tough as nails and Bruce McLeod is looking to add Multiuniversal Champion to his list of Splat accolades. This one is too close to call.

Christine Donahue: We will also get a first look at the first series in Splat’s upcoming Season 2021 of shows as we see an extended preview of “The Restaurant” which premiers November 10. But before we do that, we have a Luchacore Championship match up first. Let’s go to ringside and Madoka Kawada for the introduction.

The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: The first match of the evening is one fall to a finish and is for the Luchacore Championship. Introducing first, the challenger…

“Marionette” by Flyleaf begins to play as purple lights shine down on the stage and the entrance ramp. Out walks Jenn Drew with a smile on her face to the mixed reaction from the crowd.

Madoka Kawada: She hails from Manchester, England. Here is “The Rebel Queen” Jenn Drew!

Jenn looks into the camera and gives a wink before skipping her way down the ramp. She hops up onto the ring apron before climbing up to the the top rope and giving a quick pose. She then leaps down and does a backflip as she lands before heading to her corner.

Madoka Kawada: And her opponent…

The lights to the arena dim down, shrouding the audience in darkness. The darkness remains during the buildup of the song. Then, at the 0:06 mark, when the music fully kicks in, the dark arena comes to life with flashing lights of various colors, giving the arena a more rave club or concert look to it.

At the 0:15 mark, when the lyrics start, Yuka Hirata steps out through the curtain. She shakes her fists at her sides, bobbing her lowered head to the music as she comes to stand in the center of the stage.

Yuka goes to her knees, performing a very brief Wai Kru. Then, at the 0:37 mark of the song, she slams her fists down on the stage and pops up onto her feet with a yell. Pyro goes off and Yuka starts storming towards the ring, ready for a fight.

Madoka Kawada: She is the current reigning and defending Luchacore Champion! From Tokyo, Japan!! She represents the Super Bitch Squad! YUUUUKA HIIIIIIIIRATAAAAAAA!!”

On the way down the ramp, she chastises the audience, pointing to herself and dismissively waving them off. Upon reaching the ring, Yuka picks up into a jog and hops up, sliding sideways under the bottom rope and rolling to her feet. Yuka then removes her entrance haori, folds it and hands it to a ringside attendant who takes it with a deep bow. Yuka watches er opponent with a cold, focused scowl.

Christine Donahue: We have been looking forward to this match since it was announced last month.


The match begins, and the two women step out into the center of the ring. There is some inaudible bantering back and forth before Yuka just hauls off and backhands Jenn across the face! Drew stumbles backwards, hand on her cheek, and Hirata laughs loudly, arms raised to goad the crowd. She turns to pursue Jenn, but Drew responds with a vicious slap of her own which causes the champion to backpedal a couple of steps! The crowd cheers, more behind the challenger than the champion, and it’s apparent that Yuka does not like that one bit.

Christine Donahue: Jenni Drew is not putting up with any of Yuka’s antics in this match tonight.

She screams, rushing forward, and grabs a hold of Jenn by the hair on the top of her head before slamming forearm after forearm into her face, backing her up against the ropes before hitting the high flyer with a lariat that sends her over the top rope and to the floor. The crowd boos as Yuka holds up her hands in mock surprise, then makes an over exaggerated crying motion to the fans before she slips out of the ring and down to the floor.

Biff Franklin: Yuka is taunting Drew here but I’m not certain that’s a wise strategy this early in the match. Drew has already shown she’ll fight fire with fire.

As soon as the Asian superstars feet hit the floor, the Brit is on her feet, kendo stick in hand, and she swings a hard 12 to 6 chop that catches the champion on the shoulder. Yuka cries out in pain and rage, but Drew swings again, and again, and again! Having backed the champion off, Jenn jumps up onto the security barricade before running a few steps then launching herself in a cannonball style maneuver, slamming into Hirata.

Christine Donahue: Drew has come to fight and she’s not planning on leaving here without that championship around her waist.

The champion falls backwards and into the steel ring stairs with a scream, back arched in agony as Drew rolls to her feet. The challenger yanks the champion to her feet by her hair and throws her into the security barricade before slamming her face first down into the top three times.

Biff Franklin: No particular set of rules for this match. Anything goes, it seems.

Yuka finally snaps out of it, elbowing Drew in the stomach hard enough to cause the Brit to loosen her grip. Hirata grins, spinning out of the hold before returning the favor, grabbing a handful of Jenn’s hair and slamming her down into the barricade in return. Yuka scans the ringside audience and grins, apparently having found what she’s looking for. She drags the dazed drew around to the other side of the ring, and slams her back first into the barricade, only to have two audience members throw off their hoods to reveal Masami Nishikiyama and Kayako Kazama, the other two members of SUPER BITCH SQUAD!

Christine Donahue: Now wait one minute. I know it’s anything goes, but this couldn’t possibly be what this title represents.

They hold Jenn in place as the person in between them slowly removes her own hood to show Hirata’s fiance, the Poison Dragon Dokueki, with a wicked grin on her face and her eyes wide. She reaches into her pocket, and produces Yuka’s brass knuckles, handing them over to her soon to be wife with a laugh before wrapping her hands around Jenn’s throat, holding her in place.

Yuka Hirata: Ichi! Ni! San! ESS! BEE! ESS! YOSH!!

Biff Franklin: That’s what I say.

The other two members of SBS can be heard joining Yuka in her chant before the arrogant Joshi slams her opponent across the face with the brass knuckles, causing her to go limp and get dropped to the floor.

Christine Donahue: This is definitely not looking good for Drew here. It’s basically a four on one.

Biff Franklin: They’re going back to their seats. Nothing to worry about.

Christine Donahue: Until the next time Yuka gets into trouble.

Yuka nods, playing up to the crowd as Dokueki and the other two members of SBS take their seats with smug grins on their faces. Hirata drags her limp opponent back to the ring, rolling her inside before following. She goes into the cover, hooking a leg.





Christine Donahue: I think Yuka thought her night was going to be over just like that, but Drew is not ready to give up yet.

Somehow, someway, Jenn Drew musters up the strength to kick out of the pin, and Yuka cannot believe it. In a rage, she pulls Drew to her feet, throwing her into the corner as hard as she can before chasing her in, but Jenn slips off to the side and Yuka crashes right into the corner.

Christine Donahue: Jenn saving herself from that vicious attack from Yuka there. Can she recover and bring this match around?

As Yuka hits the turnbuckle, Jenn leaps up and takes her down with a hurricanrana as the crowd comes to life and Yuka is toss to the center of the ring. Jenn charges in and flips herself around crashing her body right on top of Yuka with a running shooting star press but she only gets a two count as Yuka bridges out of the pin.

Biff Franklin: Drew picking things up here showing off some of her flying maneuvers.

Jenn drags Yuka closer to the corner and then starts to climb up to the top turnbuckle. She leaps off towards flipping herself around and around before crashing to the mat.

Christina Donahue: Are you kidding me?

As Jenn was preparing for her finisher, the 630 splash she calls The Curtain Call, Dokueki leaps over the guardrail and pulls Yuka out of the way.

Biff Franklin: Might be the fighting spirit but it sure got the job done.

Yuka staggers to her feet and moves in, pulling Jenn to her feet and whipping her into the turning. She charges in, driving home a BRUTAL leaping forearm which whips the challengers head backwards into the turnbuckle. She throws a couple more of these forearms into her opponent before lifting her up and seating her on the top turnbuckle before dragging her thumb across her throat and pulling her into the reverse Fireman’s Carry position.

Biff Franklin: This doesn’t look good for the challenger.

Yuka walks Drew out into the middle of the ring and, with a roar, executes her fiance’s infamous finisher, the DRAGON’S LAST DANCE! The Burning Hammer drops Drew on her head. She moves in behind Jenn and locks in the Kirisute Gomen (Kirifuda Clutch) and Jenn tries to reach the ropes but as Yuka lies back, Jenn has no choice but to tap.

The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and STILL the Luchacore Champion, Yuuuuuuuukaaaaaa Hirataaaaaaaa!

The rest of the SBS hop the guardrail and enter the ring to celebrate with Yuka as the referee helps Jenn from the ring.

Christine Donahue: Yuka had all the aces in this particular match.

Biff Franklin: Jenn Drew has a lousy pair. When the cards are stacked against you, it’s hard to come back from that and Yuka had several cards hidden up her sleeve.

Christine Donahue: Hopefully Jenn will get a rematch and find a way to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. As we clear the ring and get set up for the main event, the Prison Break match between Morgan Payne and Bruce McLeod for the Multiuniversal Championship, we are going to take a peek right now at the first ten minutes of Splat’s first series of the 2021 season, The Restaurant which stars Arley Kirk, Eric Dononvon, Hayley Fien and Ricky Stanton.

Five Years Ago

It’s snowing outside. Not much. Some flurries. Douglas Frost is walking down the road, past one streetlight, then onto the next. He walks slowly. He is tall, dark hair. As we get a closeup of him, we see a drop of blood that has traveled down his cheek. It’s not his. He doesn’t have a scratch on him. A look at his left-hand shows that it’s also bloody.

His expression is that of him being in shock.

He continues to walk.

A car slowly drives up behind him and moves past several feet before the brake lights light up. The car is put into reverse and drives backwards and then stops. The door opens and Dante Schumer gets out of the car.

As the door of the car closes and Schumer walks towards Frost, he has two glasses in one hand and a bottle of scotch in the other. Frost is slow to turn to meet him.

“They say that when you need to forget, even temporarily, scotch is the key,” says the Schumer. He appears to be the older of the two. He begins to pour the scotch into the glasses unconcerned when they begin to flow over the top and spill onto the ground.

As he offers one glass to Frost, he asks, “Do you regret it?”

Frost is silent for a long moment. Then, with a shaky, bloody hand, he reaches up and accepts the glass. Schumer begins to drink, he doesn’t stop until he empties the liquid from the glass. When finished, he drops the glass onto the ground and it shatters as soon as it hits the pavement.

The other man still holds his glass, not answering the question, Schumer reaches up and places a hand on Frost’s shoulder, “Enjoy the moment.”

Finally, Frost glances down at his drink and then slowly looks back up at Schumer and as it looks like he might say something, the screen goes black.


As we come to the present, the scene opens up inside a courtroom, the judge is hammering his mallet on the desk as the crowd begins to get loud.

“There will be order in this courtroom! If you cannot control yourselves, I will clear my courtroom. I will not say it again. Ms. Prosecuter, you were saying?”

As the room quiets down, Sue Ann Clark (played by Arley Kirk) looks exasperated as she looks over at the defendant’s attorney, Douglas Frost who has a very smug look on his face right now. “Your honor, the defendant’s attorney has continued to harrass the victim in this case with his derogatory statements…”

The smug Douglas Frost (played by Eric Donovan) stands up, “I am doing no such thing, your honor. I am trying to get to the truth, something the prosecutor is very afraid of.”

“I object!!”

The hammer sounds again and the judge looks like he’s had better days and is starting to nurse a migraine. “Stop. The both of you. Come to the bench right this moment,” he snaps.

The two attorneys exchange glances and slowly walks up to the judge who leans over, “I’m about ready to throw this entire case out and have it retried. Ms. Clark, the defendant is allowed to attempt to impeach the testimony of your witness, victim or not. Mr. Frost, there is a very thin line involved here so ensure you do not cross it. Are we clear?”

Both attorneys nod their head and answers, “Yes, your honor.”

The judge waves them off and they turn around. Clark returns to her seat and Frost approaches the female (played by Hayley Fien) on the witness stand. “Ms. Sinclair, do you make it a habit of falsely accusing men of sexual assault?”

Sue Ann is immediately on her feet, “Your honor!! I object!”

An audible sigh comes from the judge, “On what grounds?”

“Council is assuming facts that are not in evidence. There has been no testimony or evidence that Ms. Sinclair, the victim in this assault, has falsely accused anyone at any time.”

A grin appears on the face of Douglas Frost, “I’ll be happy to rephrase my question, your honor.”

“Please do.”

Ellen Sinclair sits behind the witness stand looking every bit the victim she’s become. Sad eyes, little makeup, solemn look. She was told to dress very conservatively and so she has, with a simple blouse and skirt. She looks up at the defense counsel who asks, “Let’s be honest here, Ms. Sinclair. Isn’t it true that your entire story here is a crock of shit?”

There’s an uproar in the courtroom and the judge once again begins to hammer his gavel as he tries to get order in this courtroom. He’s finally had enough, “Bailiffs! Clear this courtroom, right now!” As the men in uniform move to comply, the judge stares daggers at Frost, “Counsel, if you pull a stunt like this one more time, I will hold you in contempt and we will proceed without you.”

A look over at Sue Ann Clark shows her leaning over her desk, head in hands.

Frost is once again trying to continue his cross-examination. “Let’s walk through your story, if I may. You claim that you were drugged by the defendant and taken to his hotel room where you were sexually assaulted, without your consent. Is that true?”

Ellen Sinclair nods her head. “That’s true.”

“Ms. Sinclair, you testified earlier that your chosen profession is as an actress. Correct?”


“Have you been in anything I might have seen on TV or in the movies?”

“No. I’m still looking for my break.”

“I see. And how do you provide for yourself financially?”

There’s a pause from Ellen Sinclair as she glances over Sue Ann Clark. Her eyes dart back Douglas Frost, “I am an escort.”

“So, men pay you for sex?”

“No. For my company.”

“Which includes sex?”

“It never includes sex.”

“You’ve never had sex with someone who hires you as an escort?”

Another pause. “I never said that.”

“So you have?”

“Never for money.”

“Ms. Sinclair. Let me try and understand what you’re trying to say to me. You work as an escort and get paid to keep company with men. While you may have sex with them, you don’t consider that part of the payment you get?”


Douglas Frost turns and points to his client, sitting over at the defense desk, “Prior to the night in question, have you ever had sex with my client.”

While the look on Ellen Sinclair’s face tells the story, the look on Sue Ann Clark’s face when she realizes the answer to this question tells the conclusion.

The camera, however, focuses past her on a man (played by Ricky Stanton) sitting at the very back watching on. He’s large, bald and handsome. He seems very pleased with how things went as he stands, grabs his jacket and exits the courtroom.

A press conference outside of the courthouse and Douglas Frost is beaming with pride. “All I can tell you is that justice has prevailed here in this case. My client was found not guilty of assault. Any relations between the two has always been consensual.”

Douglas Frost walks into the bar and takes a stool, “Whiskey, double,” he orders from the bartender. He fails to see Sue Ellen Clark sitting at a table finishing her meal, but she certainly sees him as she pushes away her plate in disgust.

She drops some money on the counter and stands up. She starts to walk by him at the bar and leave, but something causes her to stop. “You’re a pig.”

“Nice to see you again, Susie,” he says as his drink is placed in front of him.

“I hate it when you call me that. I always have.” She sits on the stool, leaving an empty one between them. “That was some shit you pulled in there today. I hope you’re proud to have gotten off a rapist.”

“Not guilty. Therefore, he isn’t a rapist.”

“You know that motherfucker was guilty, Doug. You know it.”

“And you know that it’s my job to prove he didn’t, which I did.”

“I can’t believe I ever dated you. What happened to you?”

Douglas turns to her, “I am how I’ve always been, Sue. I do the job I get paid to do. Believe it or not, sometimes you do get it wrong. It’s my job to make sure that doesn’t happen. In fact, we had this very conversation on the day you left me, did we not?”

She rises from her stool, “The best day of my life,” she adds as she turns to leave.

Douglas places the empty glass on the counter and taps it again as the bartender walks over to refill it. “Hey, Suzie…”

Sue Ann turns around with an annoyed look on her face.

With a grin, Douglas accepts the new drink and turns to face her, “I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again very soon.”

“God, I hope not,” says Sue Ann as she turns and leaves the bar.

Coming to Splat on November 10, 2020.

Christine Donahue: We are now ready for our main event. Let’s go to ringside for this Prison Break match for the Multiuniversal Championship.

Madoka Kawada: The following match is one fall and it is to determine the Champion of the Splat Multiverse! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Prison Break match! 

Ominous music plays as lights begin to flash around the double cage. 

Madoka Kawada: The rules are as follows. The Multiuniversal Championship hangs high above this cell. The competitors will start inside the smaller cage and will fight their way over the top and to the floor on the inside of the cell. On the floor, there are weapons in and around the cage and underneath the ring. The competitors will then attempt to escape the locked cell. The winner will be the competitor who escapes both cages and scales to the top of the cell and is the lone person to capture the Multiuniversal Championship from the hook hanging high above.  There are no rules, no time limit. 

The referee opens the door to the cell, then walks inside and opens the door to the cage as the bell rings again.

Madoka Kawada: Introducing the challenger…

The sound of thunder rumbles ominously over the sound system, lights flickering as though there’s a storm brewing before the dubstep intro of “Iridium” erupts over the speakers. The scarred Scot Bruce McLeod appears on the ramp, head bowed as if he’s praying and the lights pulse in time with the tempo of the music. 

Madoka Kawada: He is the winner of the Triad Challenge. He is the current number one contender to the Multiuniversal Championship. This is the “Scarred Scot” Bruce McLeoooooooooooooooooood!

When the bagpipes come in and the song shifts into high gear, Bruce lifts his head and opens his eyes to stare at the large structure that will block his path to the championship. He takes in a breath and then starts to make his way slowly to the ring, rolling his shoulders, throwing a few shadow punches as he goes. As he gets to the cage, he slips his fingers into the chain link and shakes it a little before moving around the side of the cell towards the door. He pauses before stepping through the door and then taking the ringsteps up and throw the door to the second cage before ducking between the ropes and moving into the ring. 

Madoka Kawada: And his opponent…

The lights go out, shrouding the arena in darkness as those opening beat to “Heart Of A Champion” bumps through the speakers. As soon as the guitar riff starts, the video wall comes to life with the BEHOLD THE KINGDOM banner while the back wall screen comes to life with a combined static and barbwire design.

As “I’m crossing out names” is heard, a black silhouette walks out into view in front of the static barbwire image on the back wall. The silhouette turns towards the camera from the distance and steps out onto the stage, wielding the same bat seen in the video. The figure twirls the bat lazily once at their side before resting it over their shoulder. The lighting changes just enough to illuminate the figure, revealing none other than Morgan Payne! She stares down the ramp with coldness in her heterochromatic eyes, briefly glancing around at the audience.

Madoka Kawada: She is the current reigning Champion of the Splat Multiverse in her second championship defense. She is a member of the Kingdom. This is Morgaaaaaaaaaaan Paaaaaaaaayne!

Morgan walks down to the ring intently but in no rush at all. The look on her face, cold and hard, never changes until she reaches cageside and her eyes move to take in that massive dual-cage set up before her. She taps the cage a couple of times with the bat as she looks through both cages to the figure of Bruce McLeod inside and she takes a step back to point that bat at him as he beckons her into the cage.

Morgan moves around the side of the cell, she stops at the door and removes her jacket, letting it fall to the ground and then steps through the door, then using the steps to climbs up into the second cage and into the ring. As soon as she’s in the ring, she brings the bat back up onto her shoulder and moves to a corner, climbing the turnbuckle and raises her bat overhead to the jeering audience.

Once she steps down, she hands the bat off to the referee who leaves the cage then begins to loosen up.  


As the referee leaves the inner cage, he stops to place the chain around the door, locking the two inside the cage.  He then turns to exit the cell, turning to place the chain around the door, securing that with a padlock as well.

Christine Donahue: Both cage doors are locked for this event and considering the chain-link roof on top of this cage, they are literally going to have to break out of this jail in order to win this match. The referee is not opening the door. They have to break free of this prison that’s been created for them.

Biff Franklin: There are no weapons inside the inner cage, so they’re going to have to climb out, meaning incapacitating someone to give you that chance to get up and over the top. Of course, then you need a weapon to break the lock on the outer cage in order to escape and climb to the top. The referee is on the outside only to declare a winner.   

Christine Donahue: Even though we are allotted time until the top of the hour, we’ve been assured by Splat that we will remain on the air until a winner has been determined no matter how long it takes. 

The bell rings and immediately Morgan and Bruce run at each other and begin to exchange punches, one after the other. After several shots back and forth, it’s Morgan who reaches up and jabs her fingers into Bruce’s eyes causing him to stagger back, blinded.

Morgan takes this opportunity to rush towards the corner and start to climb up the turnbuckle, however, Bruce is able to clear his vision as he charges over and grabs her and pulls her back down to the mat. 

Biff Franklin: Morgan Payne knows this is more about getting to the top of the cage more than it is beating your opponent. I imagine if it even appears your opponent is compromised, you’re going for the escape. I mean a win is a win. Escaping without getting the hell beat out of you is better than escaping after having the hell beat out of you.

Morgan scrambles to her feet and charges Bruce but as she leaps into the air, he just catches her and slams her down with an uranage.  He pulls her up and just whips her towards the cage. She hits the steel and falls down between the cage and the ropes. Bruce charges towards the other side, bounces off the ropes and just rams his knee into the side of her head, smashing it against the cage. 

Christine Donahue: That may be the first big move of this match. Has he done enough to get out of the cage? I mean, just getting out of the first cage isn’t enough. Once you’re out, there’s nothing preventing your opponent from following you out and you have to bide enough time to find something to break the lock to get out of the cell. 

Bruce flexes his knee a little before firing off towards the ropes again to hit another running knee, but this time Morgan is always to pull back and Bruce runs his knee right into the steel cage as his leg gets trapped between the ropes and the cage.  Morgan drives an elbow down on top of his thigh and then rolls between the ropes and onto the mat.

Biff Franklin: That miss was not timed well on the part of McLeod.

Morgan isn’t bleeding yet, but she has a nice scrap across the side of her head near the scalp. She gets to her feet, shaking it off, she charges the ropes this time and drives her body into the ropes, crushing Bruce’s knee against the cage.  Morgan gets to her feet and walks towards the door, but remembers that it’s locked, so she steps onto the turnbuckle and begins to climb up.

Christine Donahue: Morgan trying to get out and McLoed is having issues with his knee right now.

But Bruce brings his leg back through the ropes, but as he does, Morgan grabs onto it and he has to hop around a bit before she takes him down with a leg whip. She quickly moves onto her feet and pulls him towards the corner and backs into it and pulls herself onto the second turnbuckle and leaps off with a knee drop to Bruce’s knee but he manages to scramble out of the way and Morgan crashes onto the mat.

Biff Franklin: Going to be hard to climb if the wheels are taken out from underneath you.

Christine Donahue: Seems to be a sound strategy, but seems to be backfiring for the most part.

Both wrestlers slowly get to their feet as Bruce charges in and drives a forearm to the face of Morgan, sending her backwards into the rope. Bruce whips her across the ring and takes her down with a clothesline. He scoops her up for a powerslam, but instead drops her shoulder down across his knee. 

Biff Franklin: Arms are mighty useful for climbing, this is a good strategy for McLeod right here.

Morgan grabs onto her shoulder, Bruce grabs the arm and drags her towards the ropes where he wraps it around the second rope and then just pulls back hard on it. Morgan manages a few kicks to the side of Bruce’s head which causes him to release the hold.  She shakes out her arm a little and as Bruce gets to his feet, she charges him, knocking him back into the ropes and his arms get entwined into the top and second rope, trapping him. 

Christine Donahue: This may be the break that Morgan needs. 

Bruce struggles as he’s trapped. Morgan gets to her feet and sees that he can’t break free and she flips him the bird and moves to the corner to climb up as the crowd in the Splatterhouse Gym begin to either cheer for Morgan or root on Bruce to break free.

Biff Franklin: This could be a very lucky break for Morgan Payne if Bruce remains stuck in these ropes. 

Morgan makes it to the top of the inner cage as Bruce has to bend his back in such a way that his arms finally come free of the ropes and he charges to the side and charges to the corner and climbs up and grabs onto Morgan. Morgan swing a couple of times as but Bruce grabs her by the head and pulls, pressing her throat down against the top of the cage.

Biff Franklin: Shit, that’s not going to help at all. And, damn…

Bruce releases Morgan and she falls from the top of the cage all the way to the floor of the cell, crashing hard onto the concrete floor.  Bruce begins to climb up and over the cell as Morgan grabs the back of her head. 

Christine Donahue: She banged herself pretty hard falling from the top of the cage to the floor. 

Biff Franklin: She may have a concussion, but we can’t do much about it until they get out of that cell.

Bruce scales down to the floor, dropping down at the end. He glances over at Morgan and sees that she’s still a little loopy from her fall and he leaves to walk towards the cell exit. He grabs it and gives it a shake, then realizes that it is also chained and padlocked which causes him to let out an expletive. 

Biff Franklin: They didn’t make it easy.

He begins to walk around the ring. There are a few items littered about, such as a kendo stick or a steel chair and a table. He reaches for the chair and walks back over to the door and tries to whack the padlock with the chair, but that doesn’t seem to work. He throws down the chair in frustration when Morgan flies out of nowhere, crashing into him and crushing him against the side of the cell. 

Christine Donahue: Glad to see that she’s okay after that hellacious fall. 

Morgan stumbles back against the ring and then reaches down for a kendo stick and begins to whack the bejeezus out of Bruce with it, leaving welts across his body until the stick is so damaged that it’s unusable and she tosses it to the side. 

Biff Franklin: They still have to find a way to get out of that cell. That championship looks awful lonely at the top. 

Morgan starts looking under the ring apron for something to use to bust open that padlock as Bruce lies on the ground in pain from being lashed with that stick. Instead, Morgan comes out with a pair of handcuffs and glances over at Bruce. 

Christine Donahue: This could be a game changer.

Morgan moves toward Bruce who’s starting to fet up onto his knees and she drives her own knee right into the side of the head. She locks in those handcuffs on his wrist and drags him away from the cell door. When she gets him close to the corner of the ring, she locks the other end of the cuffs to the cage.

Biff Franklin: Morgan may have just played checkmate.

Bruce tugs on his arm and finds it handcuffed to the cage and he watches as Morgan begins to dig around under the ring for something to open the cell door. He begins to frantically tug and pull as if he could just slip his hand through those cuffs, but his hand is too large to go through.

Christine Donahue: There’s no way he can slide his hand through there. 

Morgan pulls herself out from under the ring, small sledge hammer in hand. She starts to walk towards Bruce, taunting him as she looks like she might just crack him with it, but then smirks. She moves to the door of the cell and positions the padlock and begins to try and break it with the sledge. Bruce begins to try and reach underneath the ring for something to help his cause, sliding his foot under the apron.

Biff Franklin: It’s only a matter of time before Morgan breaks that lock off of there with that sledge hammer. She’s just got to hit it just right. 

Morgan has whacked that padlock several times but the lock has held fast. Bruce manages to pulls a toolbox from under the ring and uses his foot to tip it over. He sees something useful but as he tries to reach it, it’s just too far from his fingertips so he tries to drag it closer with his foot. Morgan keeps looking back at him and then takes a couple more smacks at the lock with the sledge.

Christine Donahue: Bruce may have found a way out if he can reach that screwdriver he’s trying to get his hands on. 

In fact, his fingers are just a fraction of an inch away from snagging that screwdriver when Morgan notices. She begins to whack a little harder at the lock then turns and charges him. She raises that mallet as if to hit him, but Bruce gets a foot up and connects with her jaw, and the sledge flies up in the air and lands at Bruce’s feet.   As Morgan rolls over and pulls herself with the ring apron, Bruce grabs that sledge and begins to bash it against the handcuff that’s against the ring post until it finally snaps free. 

Christine Donahue: He’s free!!

Morgan gets to her feet and as she turns around, Bruce is there and drives the sledge right into the side of her head and she drops to the floor once again. Bruce still has the other half of those handcuffs around his wrist as he stumbles towards the door with the sledge hammer. 

Biff Franklin: Payne is down here. I haven’t seen her move with she took that shot with the hammer. 

Christine Donahue: We could be looking at a new champion if Bruce can get that lock broken.

Bruce takes a couple more shots and finally the lock snaps open. Morgan is starting to move down on the floor and as she lifts her head, her face is just covered in blood.

Christine Donahue: Oh no. That doesn’t look good at all.

Bruce is pulling the chain lock through the chain link and tosses it on the ground. He’s about to open the door when Morgan just barrels into him from behind, crushing him between herself and the door of the cell and they both tumble to the floor. 

Biff Franklin: Just when you think they’re gonna get out of that cell.

Bruce staggers to his feet and moves towards Morgan as if to pick her up. He is nailed by a fist from Morgan, putting him back down again. A bloody Morgan gets to her feet and we see that she has the chain from the door wrapped around her fist. She leans down and begins to drive that chain-wrapped fist into the head of Bruce until he is also busted open.  She gives him a couple more shots for good measure before just chucking that chain to the other side of the cell.  She gets to her feet and stumbles towards the door.

Christine Donahue: This match has been just brutal. 

Morgan stumbles to her feet then turns and walks to the door, flipping up the latch, pushing the door open and moving out of the cell.  

Biff Franklin: She is walking a little unsteady, perhaps the loss of blood is making her a little wonky.

She takes a couple of steps and then grabs onto the chain link wall of the cell and raises her eyes upward as if to see just how far she needs to climb. A shot of the Multiuniversal Championship hanging high above the cell is shown. Inside the cell, Bruce is starting to move as he rolls over onto his hands and knees and crawls towards the side of the cell and grabs onto the wall, using it to pull himself up.

Christine Donahue: Morgan needs to get climbing while she has an advantage. 

Biff Franklin: She’s gotta get her legs steady first. She is not in great shape right now. Last thing she needs is another big fall. She’s konked herself on the concrete floor falling from the top of the cage. She’s been walloped with a sledge hammer. 

Bruce’s white hair is now pink in color as blood mixes into it as he walks towards the exit of the cell.  Morgan has walked around to the next side of the cell and has gripped it with her fingers and slowly starts to climb. Bruce walks around and grabs her, pulling her back down and then just flings her over the barricade and into the first row of wooden seating.  

Biff Franklin: Exhaustion is setting in here for both of these competitors. They really brought that energy they had over Twitter these past couple of weeks and they both look drained. 

Christine Donahue: They both need to be careful climbing up because the loss of blood has had a tremendous effect on both of these competitors. 

Bruce wraps his fingers into the chain link and looks up and lets out a sign.  He manages to get the tip of his boot into one of the holds in the fence and pulls himself up. He releases his grip with one hand and reaches higher. The fans come to life as Morgan falls over the barricade back to ringside and reaches up and grabs him around the ankle. 

Biff Franklin: Ain’t none of these competitors climbing that cell quick, but you’re gonna have to incapacitate your foe to get the time you need to get up there. 

Bruce tries to kick his foot in order to free himself from her grip, but Morgan clings to him. She gives him a tug and he loses his grip and falls towards her and she catches him with a flatliner, driving him into the barricade behind her, though in the process, she smashes herself in the back of the head with it.

Christine Donahue: She really needs to stop taking shots to the head like that.

Morgan clings to the back of her head as she lies on the ground. Bruce, on the other hand, hasn’t moved since the fall. The referee is over there checking on both competitors.

Christine Donahue: Even so, I’m not sure if the referee can even stop this match.

Biff Franklin: He absolutely can stop this match if he feels that neither competitor can continue. 

In fact, the referee looks like he may just be doing that when Morgan grabs at his pant leg and tries to wave him off.

Christine Donahue: That was close! I am almost certain this was going to be over. Both of these competitors have been beaten bloody, we may have a couple of concussions and who knows what else…

Biff Franklin: It’s called the heat of battle and right now they are both feeling it.

Morgan is back on her feet.  She staggers towards the side of the cell and slowly begins to climb. Whether it’s the blood in her eyes or the several times she’s banged the back of her head, she appears to have issues getting her boots into the holes.  The referee finally moves around to check on Bruce who has rolled himself onto his back. 

Biff Franklin: He may not have any idea where he is right now. 

Bruce slowly crawls towards the cell and uses it to pull himself up to his feet, though a bit unsteadily. He reaches up and wipes at his face with his hand, but all it seems to do is smear the blood around.  He glances up and sees that Morgan is about halfway up the side of the cell and he staggers towards her and tries to grab at her ankle but she’s just a little too high up and so he starts to climb himself.

Christine Donahue: I’m not even sure I can look. 

Biff Franklin: Are you kidding me? This is the best part.

Morgan’s fingers grab onto the top edge of the cell.  She starts to pull herself, Bruce manages to grab her ankle and she almost slides off, but she gets her fingers into the chain-link of the cell ceiling and holds on for dear life as she tries to kick at Bruce’s hand with her other boot. 

Biff Franklin: Bruce isn’t going to let her have an easy time at that title hanging there. 

Bruce is almost caught up with her. Morgan is lying across the ceiling with her legs hanging over, and Bruce has just raised his head, still clinging onto Morgan. He begins to drive his elbow into the small of her back and then rolls onto his back on the roof of this cell.

Christine Donahue: They’ve made it to the top. All that’s left is to grab the title and this brutal match will be over.

Biff Franklin: Easier said than done.

Bruce rolls over and then just begins to rub Morgan’s face back and forth across that steel mesh. 

Biff Franklin: That’s not going to help much in the looks department. 

As Bruce rolls away from Morgan, Morgan rolls over and her face is even bloodier than before. Bruce unsteadily gets to his feet, but the fluidity of that ceiling makes it very difficult to walk across.  He takes a step and then waits a minute for it to settle down before taking another as he moves towards the center of the cell.

Christine Donahue: Are we going to have a new champion?

It’s obvious that Bruce hasn’t quite got all his bearings as he slowly walks across the ceiling of the cell. He’s about halfway there when from behind, Morgan chopblocks him but as he falls backwards, his entire body falls on top of Morgan who couldn’t get away fast enough and he just crushes her against the top of the cell before rolling off of her and grabbing onto his knee.

Biff Franklin: She’s been threatening to take his knee. Whether that’s her plan now or just an act of desperation, we may never know. All I know is that he was having a hard time walking across that roof before, could be even harder now with that leg.

Morgan is clutching at her back where Bruce fell on her with all of his weight. She gets onto her knees as she looks up to find the belt, to see where it’s hanging and she gets to her feet. She steps a couple of unsteady steps towards it and then just leaps for it, but as she does Bruce nails her from the side with a spear and the two roll across the top of the cell and over the side…

Christine Donahue: Oh my God! I can’t look!

The crowd oos as the camera finally gets that angle and we see them both hanging over the side, each by a single hand as they sway back and forth. 

Biff Franklin: You can look. They didn’t fall. At least not yet.

Bruce clings to the top of the cell as he grabs onto the side with his other hand and tries to kick at Morgan but she’s too far away. They both begin to climb back up and onto the ceiling. They lie there a moment to catch their breath as a replay is shown of the near-fall when they rolled off the side, each just barely catching the edge and holding on for dear life to prevent the death drop. 

Christine Donahue: I thought they were going to die.

Back to live action, both wrestlers are getting to their feet after crawling towards the center. Their eyes turn towards each other as they stand upright and then they both dive at the same time and grab for the belt. As they both reach it and hit it, it comes off the hook and flies towards the edge of the cell and lands as both competitors land on their hands and knees. 

Biff Franklin: That belt looks like it may just fall off the edge if they’re not careful!

They begin to crawl towards it, almost like a race and as they get close enough, they both grab onto an end of the belt.

Christine Donahue: Now what do we do? They both can’t win.

As the two basically play tug of war with the Multiuniversal Championship, the referee is conferring with the ring announcer. 

Madoka Kawada: If I can have your attention, the Prison Break rules clearly state that the single person who has possession of the Multiuniversal Championship will be declared the winner. Since there isn’t a sole person in possession of the belt, the referee has ruled that this match will continue until there is only one person in possession of the championship.

As the match continues, the two begin to tug and pull as if to rip the belt from the other’s hands. 

Biff Franklin: We have to keep going until there is only one winner. Splat has dictated there must be a definitive winner. 

The two dig their heels into the diamond shaped gaps in the chain-link ceiling of the cell and just pull, while trying desperately to maintain a death-grip on that belt knowing full well that whoever lets go of that championship also lets go of the chance to be the champion. 

Christine Donahue: Both of these competitors have beaten each other since the start of this match. They are bloody and tired but they are giving their all right now during this sudden death circumstance here between the two.  How long can they hold on.

Suddenly, instead of pulling, Bruce decides to try another tactic and he charges at Morgan as if to possibly force her over the side but as Morgan backpedals, she trips and falls onto the roof and Bruce floats over her and goes over the side.  Suddenly, Morgan is pulling as we finally get a camera angle. Morgan is on top trying to maintain her grip on that championship while Bruce is hanging over the side of the cell holding onto the other end of the belt. 

Biff Franklin: Are you shitting me right now? If this were any other match, I’d tell Morgan to let that old man fall, but if she does that now, she loses the championship! Same with Bruce. He has to cling to that belt or his shot to be the next champion is over.

The belt slips a couple inches in Morgan’s grip as she releases one hand briefly to try and brace herself by holding onto the chain link, but when the belt starts to slip, she abandons that plan and grabs onto it again with both hands. 

Bruce on the other hand can feel his hands slipping down the surface of the belt. He tries to climb by digging his toes into the fence but Morgan doesn’t pull him up so he ends up almost vertical. Morgan starts to slide closer to the edge.

Biff Franklin: Nope. I’m moving. You might want to move too.

As Biff and Christine get out of their seats and move off to the side just as Morgan is forced off the top of the cage as they both plummet towards the floor and crash through the announce table into a heap of rubble on the floor. 

The crowd begins to chant, “Holy shit!”

The referee runs over towards the rubble as three more referees run to ringside from the back and they begin to clear the debri away from both of the wrestlers. The official lifts his head up and calls for the bell.

The bell rings.

Madoka is trying to get closer to find out what the official decision is as the referee are moving broken table pieces and chairs away from where the wrestlers landed.  The chant changes to “Who won? Who won?”

The handheld camera finally gets in closer as the wrestlers are revealed and the referee points to the one who has a hold of the championship. 

Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Prison Break Match…. And stiiiiiiiiiiill Multiuniversal Champion! Morgan Paaaaaaaaayne!

The camera angle shows that Morgan is the only one holding onto the belt at this point as two stretchers are being wheeled to ringside.

Biff Franklin: Are we still live?

Christine Donahue: We are live, but are we still mic’d?  We are?  Both of these wrestlers are going to be taken to a nearby hospital to be checked over, but your winner and still champion is Morgan Payne. I’ve never seen anything like that before. 

Biff Franklin: With respect to the performance we just witnessed we’re going to stay right here. That was a hell of a fight and I mean a fight. It really came right down to the end and a twenty foot fall from the top of that cell through our broadcast position here. We have pieces of tables and chairs. I think that was an iPad at one point over there. 

As both competitors are placed onto stretchers and rolled up the ramp, the fans begin a “That was awesome” chant. 

Christine Donahue: Here’s what we know, that was a hell of match. A little more than I’m used to, but Morgan Payne is still your Multiuniversal Championship and Bruce McLeod is a hell of a contender. There’s no doubt he will be a champion somewhere soon for sure. Who knows, we may not have seen the last of him as far as the Multiuniversal Championship goes.  Next month, Morgan Payne will go to Five Boroughs to defend against the winner of a fatal four way that happens next week and then in November, we are arranging a championship match defense for Graham Baker.  Thank you for joining us here tonight on our final Splatacular show. Good night, everyone!

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