Official Theme Song for Splatacular: The Second Voyage
“Elephants” – The Snuts

From the video, the scene cuts to the Splatterhouse Gym and to Christine Donahue and Biff Franklin who are standing next to the ring.

Christine Donahue: Thank you for joining us for The Second Voyage of our Splatacular series. I’m Christine Donahue and with me as always the ever-charming Biff Franklin.

Biff Franklin: It’s going to be a hell of a night. A rematch of the final round of the Triad Challenge and a 5BW title match as well? Can’t wait to get this started.

Christine Donahue: We do have some news regarding the third installment of the Splatacular series called the Last Trip to the Desert. Unfortunately, Kyoko Sanada will be unable to fly into the United States for this event. We are being told that sometime tomorrow, via the official Splat Twitter account, there will be an announcement on what the main event will be for that particular show.

Biff Franklin: I imagine they want to see how tonight plays out before coming up with any concrete solutions to that problem.

Christine Donahue: Following this first match, we will also announce the second match for the next Splatacular show as well, so stay tuned for that. We are joined by Jamey Caresalle of Five Boroughs Wrestling who will call the action for the 5BW Championship Match! Let’s head to ringside!

Jamey Caresalle: Hello Splat Wrestling fans! Jamey Caresalle is here once again calling the action for Five Boroughs Wrestling! Tonight, we see two friends collide for the biggest prize in our company. Let’s take it away!

The fans are sitting in silence for what is about to go down. Just then Unchained by Tupac and James Brown kicks in. The fans are cheering for this with Brittani Helms, wearing her DC Savage T-Shirt along with black pants to the ring. This is the biggest match of her wrestling career, especially in Five Boroughs Wrestling. Brittani rolls into the ring, takes off the bandana and T-Shirt as she gets ready for this big match up.

Finish Line by Skillet kicks in with the fans still cheering for this. Out comes Samantha Tolson-Anderson for her match with the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship around her. Samantha eyes someone she considers a “sister”, but the championship will be on the line. Samantha gives some fans high fives with fist bumps and gets into the ring to raise the belt. Brittani nods to her in respect with Samantha doing the same thing as well. Taylor Hudson, 5BW Ring announcer, announces the opening.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship!!

The fans are cheering for this as they are ready to go with this. Brittani keeps her eyes on the prize while Samantha holds onto it.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, the challenger. From Washington, DC, she is the DC Savage, Brittani Helms!!

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani has the biggest test of her career! Will she able to defeat Samantha tonight?

The fans are cheering with Brittani raising her hand up in the air. She keeps her eyes on Sam along with the championship. She knows what is about to go down and that in a minute, she can become a champion.

Taylor: Her opponent, from Jefferson City, Missouri, she is the Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion, “The Pretty Little Murder Machine”, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!!

Jamey Caresalle; This is Sam’s second defense of the 5BW Championship. Will she retain or lose it? We will find out!!

The fans cheer with Samantha raising the championship in the air with Brittani keeping her eye on it. Could Brittani give a run for a money? Who knows what could happen in this match up? Brittani and Samantha shake hands to start the match up as the bells ring for the match up.


Jamey Caresalle; And here we go!!

Samantha and Brittani circle around the ring and go for a test of strength with one another. Sam and Brittani are trying to bring one another down, but Brittani taking her down with a headlock at first. Samantha pushes her off with Brittani running into the ropes. Samantha catches her as she runs back and tries to slam her, but Brittani spins her around and goes to put her on her back. She goes for a backslide first, but Samantha flips and gets back to her feet. She twists Brittani around and goes for a neckbreaker.

Jamey Caresalle; Oh dear, that is not good!!

Samantha paces around and waits for Brittani to get back to her feet. She sees Brittani holding her neck and shows concern with this as along with the fans. The referee asks if Brittani wants to keep going, but she shakes it off and gets back to her feet. Samantha goes over towards her with Brittani getting back. She shakes her head and throws Brittani into the corner and starts to kick her down. Brittani taking every single kick she can take from Samantha. She comes out of the corner with Samantha going for a back suplex onto Brittani. The fans are cheering with Samantha going for the first cover of the night.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam covers!



Kick out from Brittani

Jamey: And Brittani kicks out!.

Samantha grabs her and again tosses her into the corner. She goes running at her, but Brittani jumps up and kicks her in the face. Samantha stumbles with Brittani quickly jumping up and going for a Tornado DDT as the fans are cheering. She waves for Samantha to get up as the fans are cheering for this. Sam gets to her face with Brittani coming at her and driving her out along with herself


The fans are cheering for this with the both down, but Samantha gets back to her feet first to pick up Brittani and tosses her over the barricade. Samantha leans on the apron and grabs Helms, but the challenger comes back up and tackles her down. The fans are cheering with Brittani grabbing her and tossing her back in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani tosses the champion back into the ring!

Brittani waits for Sam to get back up and mouths off to her. Samantha slowly gets to her feet with Brittani going for a DDT onto the ground. She looks at the champion, who is her friend and shakes her head as she goes to the top. Brittani sees Samantha rolling and goes for a 450 Splash…..

Jamey Caresalle: IN COMING!

But Samantha rolls out of the way, making Brittani fall down on the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: SHIT! That’s got to hurt!

Samantha sees Brittani holding herself in pain and goes for a roll up.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam goes for a roll up!



Brittani kicks out of it again.

Samantha holds her hair and gets back to her feet. She must do something to keep her down. Brittani also gets back to her feet and HITS Samantha right in the face, making the fans screech in shock this. Sam smirks and HITS her right in the face again. Brittani and Samantha are throwing daggers into each other’s face leading to Sam going for a Knife Edge Chop into her chest. Brittani holds it and goes for another into her own and lights up Samantha’s chest.

Jamey Caresalle: We got a chop war fest going on here! They are not holding back!

Brittani then Irish whips her into the ropes with Sam running into them and coming back into her. With Quick thinking Brittani goes for the DC Headknocker, which Sam gets out of and goes for the Mind Your Head.

Jamey Caresalle: MIND YOUR HEAD!!

Brittani stumbles and catches wind where Sam goes to grab her and goes for the Victory Alpha Drop as the fans are cheering. Brittani sees what is going on as she goes for a reverserana, making Sam’s head go into the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: Holy shit! What a counter!

Brittani again gets back to her feet and tells Sam that she’s going to win the championship and take it from her. Brittani gets into her corner and waits for her friend to get back up.

Jamey; Brittani is waisting no time! She wants to win this badly!

Brittani waves and waves at her with Samantha going to her feet. Brittani spins and goes RIGHT for the DC Headknocker, but Sam does not fall. Brittani goes for it again, but Sam ducks out of the way. Brittani runs into the turnbuckle and goes for a Go Round, but Sam catches her and tries to go for the Victory Alpha Drop. Brittani is waving her arms and ROLLS UP Sam as the fans are cheering.

Jamey: Roll Up!! This could be an upset!




Sam kicks out of it!

Jamey; Kickout from Sam! What does Brittani have left in the tank?!

Brittani holds her head. What does she have to do to put Samantha down and out? She gets frustrated and SLAMS the mat and waits for her to get back up.


Jamey Caresalle: Brittani is begging for Sam to get back up!

Samantha gets back to her feet and Brittani goes for one last DC Headknocker, but Sam catches her with the Mind Your Head!

Jamey Caresalle: MIND YOUR HEAD From the champion!

Brittani falls onto the ground and pins her friend and gets on top of her head, covering it.





Finish Line by Skillet kicks in as the fans are giving an ovation for both ladies. That was a tough match into Sam’s reign as champion. The referee gets Samantha’s championship and gives it to her.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner and STILL Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!!!

Samantha looks at Brittani and helps her back to her feet, but she stumbles a bit. Samantha looks at Brittani with her coming to her senses and extends her hand to her. Brittani looks at this and goes for a fist bump with Sam does and goes to hug her. That was amazing sportsmanship in a amazing contest with two of Five Boroughs Wrestling Top Tier Fighters.

Jamey Caresalle: What an amazing display of sportsmanship. That’s what 5BW IS about! And with that win, Noris Cranley will be facing off against Samantha Tolson-Anderson for the 5BW championship at Royal Crown August 30th in London, England. We hope to see you there!

Christine Donahue: Don’t miss the Orphan finale next Tuesday at 8pm only at We are about to go live with our main event but before we do, we have a match announcement for Splatacular: The Final Trip to the Desert which will be live from the Splatterhouse Gym on September 22nd. The Luchacore Championship will be defended as Yuka Hirata will defend that championship against the challenge of Jenn Drew of the One Wrestle Movement roster.

Biff Franklin: This should be a great match. Jenn Drew has been stirring up a lot of shit over at One Wrestle and Hirata has been impressive since winning the championship.

Christine Donahue: But we’re just getting started here as we are about ready for our main event. The history between the Multiuniversal Champion Morgan Payne and Bruce McLeod goes back to the Triad Challenge.

Video highlights of the Triad Challenge, mainly focusing on the matches involving Morgan and Bruce are shown, closing with clips of the finale between the two and Bruce winning the match at that end and becoming the Triad Challenge winner.

Madoka Kawada: The following match is scheduled for one fall with a forty-minute time limit and is our main event of the evening! It is for the Splat Multiuniversal Championship! Under Splat rules, the title can change hands on pinfall, submission, referee’s discretion, or intentional disqualification on the part of the champion. There are no countouts. Introducing first, the challenger…

The sound of thunder rumbles ominously over the sound system, lights flickering as though there’s a storm brewing before the dubstep intro of “Iridium” erupts over the speakers. The scarred Scot Bruce McLeod appears on the ramp, head bowed as if he’s praying and the lights pulse in time with the tempo of the music. When the bagpipes come in and the song shifts into high gear, Bruce starts to make his way slowly to the ring, rolling his shoulders, throwing a few shadow punches as he goes. Halfway down, he stops and unzips the vintage WARPED hoodie he has on.

Madoka Kawada: He is the winner of Splat’s Triad Challenge and the number one contender to the Splat Multiuniversal Championship. This is Bruce McLeod!

Shrugging out of it, he goes over to the barrier and tosses it into the crowd, getting a huge pop from the crowd. He climbs the ring steps and wipes his feet on the apron before stepping between the ropes.

Madoka Kawada: And now, introducing the champion…

The lights go out, shrouding the arena in darkness as the opening beat to “Heart Of A Champion” bumps through the speakers. As soon as the guitar riff starts, the video wall comes to life with the BEHOLD THE KINGDOM banner while the back-wall screen comes to life with a combined static and barbwire design.

Mic check, yo, man, fuck you
I got some coke in my sock and a couple rocks too
I got a bottle full of Ketel, drunk, pedal to the metal
Got some beef I gotta settle, but you gotta check the dentals
They don’t like me? I make the music I want to
These divas fucking need us, man, worse than their heartbeat
They’re digging up my grave, but these bitches gotta pay
And the price of admission, it ain’t never gonna change
It’ll end when I say it ’cause you’re wet when I spray it
And the more you fucking hate us, well, the more you’ll fucking play it, bitch

As the lyrics to the song start, the video wall switches to images of a woman in a hooded sweatshirt, sitting in a chair with a barbwire baseball bat being held vertical under one hand, in between her knees. Her hand spins the bat like a top as the camera cuts around to different angles of her in the black and white video. The final clip shows a closeup of her lifting her cold, merciless eyes to the camera before the Kingdom banner fills the screen again.

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade

As “I’m crossing out names” is heard, a black silhouette walks out into view in front of the staticy barbwire image on the back wall. The silhouette turns towards the camera from the distance and steps out onto the stage, wielding the same bat seen in the video. The figure twirls the bat lazily once at their side before resting it over their shoulder. The lighting changes just enough to illuminate the figure, revealing none other than Morgan Payne! She stares down the ramp with coldness in her heterochromatic eyes, briefly glancing around at the audience.

I’m absent-minded mentally, slaughtering all my enemies
I’m murdering recklessly, bitch, these streets ain’t no Sesame
Another notch in my felony list, I’m not wasting energy on this
I’m gonna win, I’ll be honest, that’s something I fucking promise
Godless so I’ll take the charges, spotless is my fucking conscience
God, this is so fucking pompous like Congress if I was in office
God, I’m just so damn exhausted, novices making me nauseous
I’m gonna win, that’s regardless, this ain’t no place for the heartless
‘Cause I live for the pain
The fight, the glory, the game

Madoka Kawada: She is the current reigning Multiuniversal Champion making her first title defense. Welcome, Morgan Payne!

Morgan walks down to the ring intently but in no rush at all. The look on her face, cold and hard, never changes as she reaches ringside and ascends the steps before entering the ring over the middle rope. As soon as she’s in the ring, she brings the bat back up onto her shoulder and moves to a corner, climbing the turnbuckle and raises her bat overhead to the jeering audience.

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade

Compare me to none
Compare me to none
Compare me to none
I got the heart of a champion

Biff Franklin: I won’t lie, few make an entrance like Morgan Payne does.

Once she steps down, she sets her bat in the corner, throwing back her hood and removing her jacket, tossing it over the ropes to the timekeeper as she turns around, facing inside the ring and loosening up some. Bruce is standing outside the ring, leaning against the barrier as he watches her self-indulgent fanfare of an entrance, watching as she unstraps the MultiUniversal Championship from around her waist and holds it aloft to an enormous crowd pop from the crowd – she might not be their favorite but they’re still excited over the sight of the gold. She tosses it off to the timekeeper as well and then as if sensing movement, she hops down and runs at the ropes, sliding through and catching Bruce square in the chest with a baseball slide. Morgan pops back to her feet and is met with a stiff forearm as McLeod strikes back, driving her against the ring.

Christine Donahue: This one starting hard and fast as Bruce McLeod knows what’s on the line here.

Bruce McLeod charges in, and Morgan dives aside. Bruce catches hold of her arm, spinning her around and pulling her close to him. He whispers something that isn’t caught by the microphones, but that clearly pisses Morgan off and she doesn’t even hesitate when she hauls off and backhands him hard. He smirks and laughs, spitting blood at her but she ducks and lashes out again, this time kneeing him in the groin.

Madoka Kawada: Five minutes have elapsed!

Biff Franklin: This one was not going to be a walk in the park.

Bruce staggers back a step but only because of the impact and then he shakes his head when she tries for another strike, expecting him to be a bit wobblier than he is. He ducks under the punch, nails her in the throat with his elbow, and then hooks her around the waist. He ragdolls and then whips her forward, slamming her down with a modified facebuster. The crowd is on their feet, groaning aloud as Morgan rolls over, shaking off the cobwebs.

Christine Donahue: Bruce came for this championship today. Unlike their previous match at Triad Challenge, both competitors came in fresh.

Bruce smirks, reaches down, and grabs a handful of Morgan’s hair, pulling her upright and she spits right in his face. Bruce decks her out of sheer instinct and she slumps back against the ring steps as the silver-haired Scot takes a step back, lifting the front of his shirt to wipe the mess of bloody saliva from his face.

Biff Franklin: Looks like Morgan has drawn first blood.

Hearing the noise of the crowd, Bruce reacts a little too late as Morgan launches off the apron and catches him with a Sok Tong on the head. He goes down hard and it’s suddenly become an MMA match on the outside as she’s mounted McLeod while he’s struggling to get his shirt out of the way.

Madoka Kawada: Ten minutes have elapsed.

The fabric gets torn as he tries to fend her off, turtling before he manages to find himself a break by wrapping the torn front of the shirt around her neck, choking her with the fabric before she pulls away, ripping it off his body. Shirtless now, Bruce rolls away and up to a knee only for Morgan to dive at him for a crossbody but Bruce catches her and turns it into a sloppy belly to belly suplex. Morgan skids across the floor into the barrier and Bruce is right on her, grabbing her by the hair again.

Christine Donahue: Bruce McLeod is giving no quarter and I don’t think Morgan Payne would have wanted it any other way.

He’s shouting at her and the words are lost in the roar of the crowd, the reason for McLeod’s anger left to be a mystery before he slams his fist into her stomach, doubling her over before smashing her face into the barrier. He follows this up with a reverse Russian legsweep, putting her down for the count. Ascending the ring steps, Bruce hesitates for a moment and then steps on the apron before leaping off and crashing down with both feet on her midsection.

Madoka Kawada: Fifteen minutes have elapsed. Twenty-five minutes remain.

Morgan curls into the fetal position, howling in pain, but Bruce shows her no mercy, hauling her back to her feet, looking for another stomp to her midsection that ends up in her groin as she scuttles back and she sweeps his legs out from under him, locking him into a guillotine choke – again Bruce has the answer.

Christine Donahue: I don’t think Morgan Payne has any idea that her opponent fought in an underground and unsanctioned MMA league in 2009 and 2010.

Biff Franklin: Allegedly.

Bruce staggers back to his feet, wiping the blood from his lips, beckoning for her to try again and it seems to be getting under her skin in the worst way. Morgan wobbles on her feet, looking pale, the blood staining her chin standing out starkly against the pallor of her skin. Bruce doesn’t seem to notice as he scoops her up again, this time executing a belly-to-belly faceplant that catches the edge of the barrier. Morgan’s head raps against the floor, and Bruce drags her up again, this time slinging her over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and moving up the ramp.

Madoka Kawada: Twenty minutes have elapsed. Twenty minutes remain.

Christine Donahue: We are at the halfway point of our forty-minute time limit.

Biff Franklin: I’m pretty sure most of our viewers know basic math.

Morgan slams her fist into the back of Bruce’s neck, and he falters at the top of the ramp, going to his knees as she catches herself before the awkward fall. Instead of waiting for him to get his hands all over her again, Morgan sprints up the stage and disappears behind the curtain. McLeod follows, bellowing in anger, finally catching Morgan on the other side of the gorilla position. Bruce lunges at her, catching Morgan in the back with a football tackle that sends both sprawling into empty crates. Surprisingly, Morgan’s first to her feet and she’s quick to find a weapon: a broken scrap of wood.

Biff Franklin: Splat doesn’t care what happens outside of the ring. The referee can try and get them back in the ring, but unless one of them can’t answer him, this match will continue until it gets back into the ring.

Madoka Kawada: Fifteen minutes are remaining.

She pounds McLeod over the back with the wood, with all her might, lips curled into a snarl. Bruce, however, manages to spring to his feet and catches Morgan with a hard spear that drives them back into the concrete wall. Both collapse in a heap, Morgan landing atop Bruce and still having the presence of mind to quickly hook his leg. The referee moves in for the count, her hand slapping the concrete floor.




Bruce kicks up with authority, tossing Morgan off him as he rolls over and pushes up to his feet. Without looking back, he turns and starts walking away down the corridor.

Morgan Payne: Walk away, old man. Before you really get hurt.

Biff Franklin: Morgan Payne talking shit. If someone can put Bruce down for the count, It’s gotta be Morgan and she’s going to have to if she wants to retain her championship.

Slowly, quietly, Bruce turns around; the look in his eyes enough to stop Morgan in her tracks. With a grim smile, he slowly flips her off and blows a kiss, enraging Morgan, who charges at him again. Bruce sidesteps and drills Morgan right in the face with a sucker punch. The crowd erupts as Morgan crumbles to the floor, blood pouring from her mouth. Bruce drags Morgan to her feet and tosses her at the steel door marked EMERGENCY EXIT. A shrill alarm erupts in the silence as the two tumble outside into the parking lot and it’s like a flashback from the Triad Challenge finale although Bruce’s hands are locked around Morgan’s throat this time.

Madoka Kawada: Ten minutes remain. Ten minutes!

Christine Donahue: This has gotten so violent over the course of the last seven minutes or so.

Biff Franklin: Bruce trying to choke out Morgan. This one is all about violence at this point. It almost seems personal.

McLeod kneels on Morgan’s chest, one hand pressing on her throat, the other pounding on Morgan’s face. She struggles weakly and then stops. He checks on her and she seems like she’s actually out cold. Laughing, Bruce gets to his feet, looking around for the referee. He looks back to cover his opponent, but she’s not there and then Morgan leaps from the top of the dumpster, catching Bruce’s head and driving him into the cement with a DDT! The crowd goes nuts as the Scot sprawls lifelessly and then she pulls him up by the hair, tossing him at a parked car that’s next to the dumpster. She nails a few strikes but he fights back even though he looks like he’s only half there. She backs off and Bruce trips her up. The pair fall and McLeod’s hands are around her neck again but she’s found a piece of PVC pipe next to the dumpster and they both rise; she smashes him across the temple with that new weapon. Bruce collapses back on the hood of the car and Morgan signals to the fans, jumping down off the car and climbing the dumpster again. With another salute to the crowd, she leaps, driving Bruce through the windshield with a perfectly executed Khao Loi. The glass caves in, keeping intact but destroyed and Bruce is halfway in the front seat of the car now.

Christine Donahue: Oh no!

Madoka Kawada: Five minutes remain!

The crowd begins chanting “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” as Morgan sits up, sliding down off the car and retrieving that makeshift bat. With a smile, she circles the car, just as McLeod begins to stir, groaning. Reacting quickly, Morgan pulls open the door and starts the car with the keys dangling from the ignition. She slams the car into gear and stomps on the gas, speeding towards the end of the alley and the wall of the Splatterhouse Gym! At the last possible second, she slams on the brakes, sending Bruce flying from the hood of the car, right into the wall.

Biff Franklin: What in the hell are we watching here?

Madoka Kawada: Four minutes remain.

Bruce hits the wall and crumples to the ground in a heap. The fans in the arena cheer thunderously as Morgan steps out of the car and walks over to McLeod. She grabs him by the hair and drags him back to his feet, slapping him across the face as though trying to drive the message home. He flails, smashing her in the face with a wild elbow and it’s enough to get a break away from her grasp.

Christine Donahue: We are running out of time, but these two just seem to want to fight.

Bruce looks at Morgan and swipes his arm across his forehead to get rid of some of the blood dripping in his eyes. One arm locked around his midsection, he backs off, looking winded. He presses against the door, and then pulls it open, slipping through without taking his eyes off Morgan.

Madoka Kawada: Three minutes remain!

The camera feed switches back inside as Morgan seems to finally hear the time and begins to move back towards the ring, following the roar of the crowd. She catches sight of Bruce as he slowly slides over the barrier into the crowd. He walks past an archway and slumps against the wall holding his back. With that makeshift weapon still in hand, Morgan stalks Wrestle Da. She slams the weapon into the brick beside his head, and Bruce ducks, barely avoiding the blow that may have ended his life, let alone his professional wrestling career.

Biff Franklin: Morgan Payne is trying to end Bruce McLeod right here.

Madoka Kawada: Two minutes! There are two minutes to the time limit.

Casting aside the pipe, the two begin to exchange punches and McLeod quickly gains the advantage over the smaller Morgan, dropping the stiffest strikes anyone’s ever seen. Bruce pushes Morgan past a table and up the archway as they disappear into the darkness only to come walking out on the top of the arch.

Madoka Kawada: One minute. Sixty seconds remain.

Bruce punches Morgan, then steps back to go for a clothesline off of the archway. Morgan ducks, turns, and kicks Bruce in the midsection. She looks down at the table and sets Bruce up for a suplex.

As she lifts McLeod, Bruce blocks it and tries to front suplex Morgan off of the steep drop. Morgan blocks that and then knees Bruce in the chest. Morgan looks down again and shrugs. The fans explode into cheers and chants of ” HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” as Morgan grabs Bruce’s head and executes a Dahntahn After Dahk off the archway and into the table on the floor!!

Madoka Kawada: Thirty seconds remain!

The referee is right there checking on both competitors. He checks on Morgan, then again on Bruce. He finally motions towards the timekeeper as the bell rings. The referee then motions towards the back.

Christine Donahue: Did we…

Biff Franklin: I’m not sure exactly.

Medical personnel finally arrive on the scene and begin to check out both competitors. The referee gets to his feet and walks over to confer with Madoka.

Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentlemen, at 39 minutes and 40 seconds, the referee has determined that neither wrestler can continue this match. The referee has declared this match a no contest. However, in accordance with Splat rules, Morgan Payne is STILL your Multiuniversal Champion!

Christine Donahue: The violence here in this match was just too strong.

Biff Franklin: Forty minutes may not have been enough for these two warriors. Regardless of whether or not the referee prematurely stopped this match, they had barely twenty seconds to get to the ring and get a pinfall and that wasn’t going to happen.

Christine Donahue: So, the question remains where do we go from here? Can Morgan Payne just move on to the next challenger or does she need to get back in the ring with Bruce McLeod?

Biff Franklin: If it were up to me, I’d rematch this one once more and add a few stips to even this one out. These two aren’t going to keep it in the ring.

Christine Donahue: We are approaching the end of our broadcast but before we go, we want to thank Five Boroughs Wrestling for providing us with a stellar championship match. We will try to update everyone on the condition of our two competitors over the course of the next 24 hours. We will be back on September 22nd for Splatactular: The Final Trip to the Desert. For everyone here at Splat, have a great night!

The camera focuses on the medical crew attending to the two wrestlers as the scene fades to black.