“Hurt Me” Eve to Adam
Official Theme for Splatacular Uno

Christine Donahue: Welcome to the very first Splatacular! I’m Christine Donahue and joining me at ringside is none other than “The Voice” Biff Franklin. 

Biff Franklin: Took you long enough to introduce me.

Christine Donahue: We are excited to be here tonight as you can plainly see. We have two incredible matches that will take place here over the course of the next 90 minutes. Following that incredible The Question finale, I’m not sure we can live up to that, but we are going to give it our best. 

Biff Franklin: It’s going to be a crazy night because we’re going to not only have the Multiuniversal Championship match pitting current champ Sierra Silver against the runner up to the Triad Challenge, Morgan Payne but we are also going to finally see the match that has been two years in the making as “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton at 55 years old will take on the woman who broke her leg two years ago in “The Anti-Villain” Jansen Myrrh. 

Christine Donahue: This is the first of three Splataculars over the course of the next two months that will lead to the merging of the Multiuniversal Championship into the Champion of Dreams for the Dream Wrestle promotion, but who will be the first Champion of Dreams? The road starts tonight. And joining us again tonight and for every Splatacular going forward, Dream Wrestle’s ring announcer Madoka Kawada. 

The bell rings as Madoka stands in the center of the ring.

Madoka Kawada: The following match is an anything goes Spring Valley Street Fight and is scheduled for one fall to a finish. Pinfalls, submissions, or referee’s decision can occur anywhere on the Splatterhouse Gym property. Introducing first…

Bet you think you get the picture
Bitch, you don’t know how good I treat ya
Shake it off, this pride and glory
You dig up so many stories
Oh, you’re so under the thumb
Four fingers form a knuckle sandwich
Try my blood, it’s just a starter
No one tastes like me, yeah

The fans boo as Jansen’s “Not Your Villain” logo appears on the screen. 

Madoka Kawada: She is the “Anti-Villain”… Jansen Myrrh!

I’m pretty like a car crash
Ugly as a lullaby
You really wanna try it
Experiment on me

Jansen Myrrh’s name comes across the screen as her music continues to play. Jansen Myrrh finally steps out of the shadows as she carries her pool cue stick with her. She glances from one side of the arena to the next and then just shakes her head in disgust as behind her. She finally strides down towards the ring. She’s dressed to wrestle with the addition of a leather jacket. She steps up into the ring, sets her cue stick in the corner before she moves from one side of the ring to the next and flips off the crowd and shakes her head until she finally removes her jacket and tosses it out of the ring and walks to her corner as her theme fades and she picks up a microphone.

Jansen Myrrh: First of all, where in the sam hell am I right now? I mean, if you’re not Las Vegas, are you really a city in Nevada? C’mon now…

The fans boo.

Jansen Myrrh: Look, I’m trying to turn my image around. Trying to be more of a good girl type, if you hear me. Then I got roped into this match against my aunt Candi Bratton. She got a little huffy and broke her leg and nearly ended her career. Look, let’s be clear, I’m a professional wrestler and when you get into the ring with me, I’m gonna do what I gotta do to get a win whether you’re my aunt, my uncle, my cousin, my brother, my mother or my pet goldfish. So, if Candi Bratton wants a piece of me, she doesn’t have to wait another goddamned minute.

There’s silence for a long moment and then blaring across the arena comes the vocals of Maria Brink as she screams at the top of her lungs:

“Even with these chains, you can’t stop me!”

The hard rock screaming of In This Moment’s “Big Bad Wolf” blares over the loud system and into the arena

Suddenly a graphic for “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton comes on the screen as the vocals begin.

Once upon a time there was a nasty little piggy filled with pride and greed
Once upon a time there was an evil little piggy, typical disease
You see this little pig is slowly becoming by worst enemy
You see this evil pig, she’s a blood, blood, blood sucking part of me

Madoka Kawada: And her opponent, please welcome “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton!

Candi Bratton comes into the aisle from the back and pauses for a moment as the fans begin to chant her name, “Candi! Candi!” She offers them an uncaring smirk as she just shakes her head, her jet black hair lingering down around her shoulders. She wears very tight stretch pants and an oversized t-shirt that exclaims, “I’m an asshole, what’s your excuse?”

Biff Franklin: These fans are going crazy for Candi Bratton. 

Her ample form heads down towards the ring as she stops periodically and verbally spars with a fan at ringside who feels the need to comment on her weight. She reminds them that they aren’t all that attractive either in less than lady-like manner. As she moves around the ring, she continues to jest with the fans, making fun of them as they taunt her about her size. She pauses as a dude calls her a very unflattering nickname that might imply she’s for sale and she glares at him for a moment, and then taps the bottom of his beer, sending the liquid all down the front of his clothes. While the dude is pissed, she just laughs and begins up the steps into the ring as the chorus of the song hits.

Pig, pig would you let me in?
Pig, pig would you let me in?
Pig, pig I’ve been everywhere that you’ve been
Now I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win
Pig, pig would you let me in?
Pig, pig would you let me in?
Pig, pig, I’m already under your skin
Cause I’m the big bad wolf now let the games begin

Candi reaches between the ropes for the microphone.

Christine Donahue: Oh dear. If there are any children present…

Candi Bratton: What’s up, motherfuckers?!

Biff Franklin: Just a little late on that warning…

Candi Bratton: I’ve been waiting two long years for this one, not going to lie. In those two years, I’ve helped trained Ms. Myrrh over here. Taught her my finisher. Given her advice. She’s ten times the wrestler she was since that moment two years ago when she decided to break my goddamned leg. Let’s make one thing very clear, Myrrh. You may be family, but I’ll be god damned if I’m going to let you break my leg and walk away. So, we’re going to have this fight, and then regardless of who wins, we can be family once again. Let bygones be bygones. We can go out tonight here in — what’s this place again?

Madoka whispers something to her.

Candi Bratton: Spring ‘fucking’ Valley and get drunk as fuck and be all over with. But until that final bell rings, I’m gonna whoop your ass all over this goddamned place. So, let’s ring this bell and get this shit over with.

Madoka Kawada takes the microphone and exits the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Christine Donahue: It’s the battle of aunt and niece right here on the first Splatacular. Both of these women have a lot of pride going into this event, but only one can come out as the winner. 

Biff Franklin: The only other thing to remember is that this match can go anywhere on this property. It doesn’t have to stay inside the ring. I have got a feeling that we’re going to see these two really tear it up tonight.

The two wrestlers walk to the center of the ring and begin to talk shit to each other. It goes on for nearly a minute when Jansen gives Candi a shove backward. The crowd at the Splatterhouse Gym give a collective ‘ooo’ at that and Candi Bratton smirks.

Candi steps up to Jansen and shoves her so hard, Jansen is knocked down onto her ass in the ring. This seems to annoy Jansen who scrambles up to her feet and charges in and the two begin to trade punches back and forth.  Jansen is the first to reach up and rake at the eyes of the older Bratton who staggers back towards the ropes, clutching at her eyes.

Jansen moves in and but Candi reaches up and rakes the eyes of Jansen this time as she grabs a handful of hair and just whips her over onto her back in the middle of the ring. Candi then steps on Jansen’s hair with both feet and grabs her by the arms and pulls up!

Christine Donahue: That has to hurt. I can only imagine.

Biff Franklin: I mean, we can ask Candi to do that to you after the show, I guess if you really want to know.

Christine Donahue: I’ll pass.

Candi releases Jansen’s arms but adds a stomp right onto the nose for good measure as Jansen scrambles out of the ring and checks her nose for blood as she glares up at Bratton in the ring. Candi walks to the side of the ring and looks down at Jansen and flips her a couple of birds as the crowd pops. 

Biff Franklin: Nice to see Candi is still classy.

Jansen grabs Candi’s ankles and pulls her down and out of the ring and then drives her headfirst into the steel ring post as Candi goes sprawling on the floor.

Christine Donahue: No countouts here in this match. You trained Jansen, didn’t you Biff? You must be pulling for her in this match.

Biff Franklin: I’m a neutral party here. But that was a great move on the part of Jansen. She’s totally going to kill Candi Bratton in this match.

As Candi tries to regain her wits after being run into the ringpost, Jansen walks to the ring and begins to flip up the apron and looking underneath. Candi reaches for the guard rail and slowly pulls herself up to her feet as Jansen pulls out a steel chair and as Candi turns towards her, she just clocks her in the head with the chair, leaving it around Candi’s neck as Candi drops back down onto her butt on the floor. 

Biff Franklin: Looks like Jansen has drawn first blood here in this match. 

Christine Donahue: That was a nasty looking chair shot by Jansen. 

Jansen walks over and pulls the chair from around Candi’s neck and immediately shoves her down and covers but only gets a one count before Bratton kicks out. Blood has begun to trickle down Candi’s face as Jansen sits her up against the guard railing.

Christine Donahue: Jansen has something in mind here.

Jansen backs up several meters before running in and driving a knee right into the face of the older Bratton before going for another cover, but once again, Bratton kicks out right after the one count. 

Biff Franklin: So, the key for Jansen is not to get frustrated. Candi Bratton is a tough one and she’s not going to go down easy. She’s been doing this for years and has a natural instinct for it, so she hears that hand slapping down, she’s going to kick out. 

Jansen rolls back toward the ring, once again looking underneath as she reaches under and pulls out a tool box and just dumps it onto the floor. Jansen digs through the pile of tools and pulls out a screwdriver.

Christine Donahue: Jansen may be taking this a little too far.

As Jansen moves in on Candi, Candi punts her low causing Jansen to drop the screwdriver and fall to the floor. Candi uses the guard rail to pull herself up to her feet as she drives a foot right into the midsection of the younger Myrrh.

Biff Franklin: Candi Bratton is a bloody mess and I feel we have a long ways to go in this match. 

Bratton drops down behind Jansen and tries to wrap her up.

Christine Donahue: I think Candi wants to finish this off. I think she’s trying to lock in the Confessional.

Candi tries to clamp on the cross-face chicken wing submission, Jansen drives her arm in and tries to block the move.

Biff Franklin: If Candi gets this locked in, this match is over.

Jansen manages to get her arm in to block Candi from grabbing her around the neck to really lock the move in. Candi struggles for a bit and then sees something lying on the ground next to them and reaches for an old hammer.

Christine Donahue: She is not…

She doesn’t. Instead, she takes the claw side and drags it across Jansen’s forehead, splitting the skin open as blood begins to drip from Jansen’s forehead as she screams out and manages to break away from Candi.  The crowd begins to chant, “That was sick! That was sick!” but they certainly don’t seem too offended by the move.

Biff Franklin: Folks don’t seem to realize that Candi Bratton never really trained for pro wrestling. She just jumped in there and caught on quick. She has been in her fair share of bar fights, I can vouch for that as well.

Jansen tries to crawl away from Candi and uses the guard rail to pull herself up and as she does the camera catches her face is covered in blood. Candi rushes towards her and clotheslines her over the barricade into the first row of wooden chairs.

Christine Donahue: This match has really gotten personal. Not that it wasn’t already personal, but these two are really going at it right here. 

Biff Franklin: For those who don’t know, the Splatterhouse Gym is an old type arena with hard wooden seats that are bolted to the floor and bleachers on the side. So Jansen hit those solid wooden chairs and they ain’t giving. 

Candi climbs over the railing. There aren’t any fans in the wooden seating, just in the bleachers so Candi grabs a handful of Jansen’s hair and just pulls her, making her climb over row after row of chairs in order to keep up. Once Candi makes it to the last row and Jansen climbs over that row, Candi whips her into the brick wall near the emergency exit. 

Biff Franklin: We may be going outside here.

Sure enough, Candi kicks at the door and it flies open and she drags Jansen by the hair out into front of the gym. Suddenly, Jansen reaches up and just gouges Candi in the eye. Both ladies are a bloody mess at this point and Jansen grabs Candi and just throws her into the shrubs decorating the front of the building. 

Christine Donahue: Well, at least it isn’t into the cactus that are also around the building.

Biff Franklin: Don’t give them any ideas.

Jansen starts to walk away, trying to clear the bloody mess away from her face. She kind of blindly walks towards the street but the referee warns her of the passing traffic. From behind, Candi just spears her to the ground and for a moment they just lie there until Candi drapes an arm across Jansen’s chest.



Th–KICKOUT by Jansen.

Christine Donahue: Candi Bratton has brought her A game to this match. She’s been out of the ring as a singles since mid-2018, but she’s holding her own.

Both wrestlers get to their feet and just begin to club each other with fists and forearms shots. Just hard blows back and forth. Jansen reaches up and rakes Candi’s eyes and Candi just returns the favor as they battle around the side of the building towards the parking lot. 

Biff Franklin: I may need to move my car.

Christine Donahue: Sit tight.

Biff Franklin: But, my car is out there.

Christine Donahue: I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Candi pushes Jansen up against a car and goes to hammer her with another forearm and Jansen moves, as the sound of Candi’s large fist thuds hard against the car as she shouts, “Fuck!” and shakes her hand. Jansen nails her hard with a kick to the midsection. Jansen charges in, but eats a back body drop and lands hard on the pavement as she cries out in pain, holding her back and using the side of the vehicle to get to her feet as Candi slowly catches her breath.

Biff Franklin: That looked like it hurt, bad.

As Jansen gets to her feet, Candi charges in for a spear but at the last possible moment, Jansen pulls open the car door and Candi crashes into it head first and falls to the pavement.

Christine Donahue: My word! She must have a concussion.

Biff Franklin: At her age, that’s not good.

Jansen wipes some of the blood away from her face as she staggers over to an equally bloody Candi Bratton and pulls her up, struggles to lift her up and then just drops her with a delayed piledriver right on the blacktop.

Christine Donahue: Myrrh-driver.

Biff Franklin: That has to be it.

Jansen falls onto the prone body of Candi Bratton as the referee drops down and counts.




Inside the arena, the bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: The winner of the Spring Valley street fight is “The Anti-Villain” Jansen Myrrh!!!

The crowd inside boos as the referee raises Jansen’s hand, who then just lies back on the ground trying to catch her breath. 

Biff Franklin: Well, it wasn’t pretty but damned if they didn’t beat the crap out of each other for over twenty minutes. Myrrh is younger and hungrier and this may be Bratton’s last match. 

The camera continues to focus on the two as a couple of medics come in to check on Bratton and Myrrh. Bratton is starting to come around as Myrrh pushes the medic away from her and gets to her feet. She walks over and offers a hand to Candi Bratton who accepts. Jansen helps Bratton to her feet and the two hug it out as the fans cheer inside the arena, watching it on the big screen. 

Christine Donahue: What a match between those two. We will come to you again from the Splatterhouse Gym for Splatactular 2: The Second Voyage. We know we will have a Multiuniversal Championship match, but we have just been informed that we will also have a 5BW Championship match as Samantha Tolson Anderson defends against the challenge of Brittini Helms!

We go back outside where Jansen and Candi are heading back into the arena to get tended to.

Christine Donahue: Speaking of the challenger for the Multiuniversal Championship next month, we have some words from the Triad Challenge winner, Bruce McLeod.

The footage looks grainy in that almost artificial way that seems to be one of those throwback filters that are all the rage these days. The winner of the Triad Challenge, the scarred Scot Bruce McLeod sits calmly with his back against a concrete wall covered in graffiti. In the distance, cars can be heard roaring by. He looks a bit more presentable than usual, his hair slicked back and his goatee neatly trimmed although his eyes give him away, the bag underneath a bit more prominent than usual, as if he’s exhausted. He smirks, that crooked smile showing off a dimple in his scarred cheek before he speaks, voice slightly raised to be heard above the din of traffic. 

Bruce McLeod: Hello Sierra. Hello Morgan. Am sure you two will excuse the intrusion here. Wanted tae be in the audience tonight, to witness what’s sure to be a hell of a row. The universe an’ my own ineptitude at keeping track of my social calendar means I can’t. There in spirit though, aye? 

He pauses, cocking his head slightly as that smile grows wider. 

Bruce McLeod: So many things’ve happened for this fella since ye seen me last. So many crazy, wild an’ wonderful things. Chasin’ Glory has returned like a phoenix from the ashes. Warped reopened its doors, has put on two spectacular shows from its warehouse in Wichita – ach, see… not here tae hype my career, though. Not here tae brag about the wins.  

He shakes his head, his dark eyes more troubled than usual. 

Bruce McLeod: I can’t. I won’t. 

He chuckles softly.

Bruce McLeod: Tonight’s not about this fella. It’s about a showcase of talent. It’s about a celebration of a record-breaking reign for Miss Silver an’ the possibility of that all coming to an end when she steps up against a woman I know’s quite capable of hurricane-level destruction… 

He hesitates, lifting his hand up and rubbing it across his mouth. 

Bruce McLeod: A part of me hopes she’s got yer number, Morgan – hope that doesn’t strike the wrong way. No harm meant. No slight against yer talent… none whatsoever. Everyone’s seen how formidable you can be. But that streak… unseating this so-called Super Villain In Training… feel like that’s something that should fall to a hero. Should fall to someone who’s paid their dues, who’s earned their stripes an’ knows from observing how so many others’ve fallen, just what makes a good champion. 

He sighs. 

Bruce McLeod: Give it yer all, Morgan. I’ll be watching. 

Pulling himself to his feet, the camera follows and pulls out slightly to reveal that he’s actually standing on an overpass bridge above several lanes of traffic. Off in the distance, the Empire State Building is visible, making his location clear. He leans on the metal grating that’s meant to prevent trash from being thrown down on the cars below, hooking his fingers through the rusted metal as the camera continues to roll on him from behind while he looks down over the view.

Bruce McLeod: 2020 is the year it all pays off. It’s the year I finally get to see the fruits of all this damnable labour. Doesn’t matter who wins out there tonight. 

He chuckles again and then turns back to the camera with a grim smile on his face. 

Bruce McLeod: Next one’s gonna be mine.

Christine Donahue: Bruce McLeod, in one month, will take on the winner of our next match for the Multiuniversal Championship. Let’s head down to ringside and our esteemed ring announcer, Madoka Kawada!

The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: This match is one fall and is for the Splat Multiuniversal Championship. Just a reminder that Splat rules state there are no countouts. There is a 40-minute time limit. The match can only be won via pinfall, submission, referee’s discretion or if the champion intentionally gets herself disqualified.  Introducing the challenger…

The lights go out, shrouding the arena in darkness as those opening beat to “Heart Of A Champion” bumps through the speakers. As soon as the guitar riff starts, the video wall comes to life with the BEHOLD THE KINGDOM banner while the back wall screen comes to life with a combined static and barbwire design.

Madoka Kawada: She is the runner up for the Triad Challenge. This is Morgan Payne!

Mic check, yo, man, fuck you
I got some coke in my sock and a couple rocks too
I got a bottle full of Ketel, drunk, pedal to the metal
Got some beef I gotta settle, but you gotta check the dentals
They don’t like me? I make the music I want to
These divas fucking need us, man, worse than their heartbeat
They’re digging up my grave, but these bitches gotta pay
And the price of admission, it ain’t never gonna change
It’ll end when I say it ’cause you’re wet when I spray it
And the more you fucking hate us, well, the more you’ll fucking play it, bitch

As the lyrics to the song start, the video wall switches to images of a woman in a hooded sweatshirt, sitting in a chair with a barbwire baseball bat being held vertical under one hand, in between her knees. Her hand spins the bat like a top as the camera cuts around to different angles of her in the black and white video. The final clip shows a closeup of her lifting her cold, merciless eyes to the camera before the Kingdom banner fills the screen again.

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade

As “I’m crossing out names” is heard, a black silhouette walks out into view in front of the staticy barbwire image on the back wall. The silhouette turns towards the camera from the distance and steps out onto the stage, wielding the same bat seen in the video. The figure twirls the bat lazily once at their side before resting it over their shoulder. The lighting changes just enough to illuminate the figure, revealing none other than Morgan Payne! She stares down the ramp with coldness in her heterochromatic eyes, briefly glancing around at the audience.

I’m absent-minded mentally, slaughtering all my enemies
I’m murdering recklessly, bitch, these streets ain’t no Sesame
Another notch in my felony list, I’m not wasting energy on this
I’m gonna win, I’ll be honest, that’s something I fucking promise
Godless so I’ll take the charges, spotless is my fucking conscience
God, this is so fucking pompous like Congress if I was in office
God, I’m just so damn exhausted, novices making me nauseous
I’m gonna win, that’s regardless, this ain’t no place for the heartless
‘Cause I live for the pain
The fight, the glory, the game

Morgan walks down to the ring intently but in no rush at all. The look on her face, cold and hard, never changes as she reaches ringside and ascends the steps before entering the ring over the middle rope. As soon as she’s in the ring, she brings the bat back up onto her shoulder and moves to a corner, climbing the turnbuckle and raises her bat overhead to the jeering audience.

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade
Compare me to none
Compare me to none
Compare me to none
I got the heart of a champion

Once she steps down, she sets her bat in the corner, throwing back her hood and removing her jacket, tossing it over the ropes to the timekeeper as she turns around, facing inside the ring and loosening up some.

Madoka Kawada: And her opponent…

Long live the reckless and the brave
Don’t think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung
So long live us

As All Time Low begins playing over the arena speakers, green and white lights begin strobing around the arena.

Madoka Kawada: She is the champion of the Splat Multiverse! In her sixth title defense, this is “Sister Sin” Sierra Silver!

Sierra bounces out onto the stage to a loud ovation. Silver poses at the top of the stage, one hand pointed out into the crowd. She then waves her arms up and down in a motion to pump up the crowd

Sierra begins a fast paced stride towards the ring, interacting with the fans at ringside as she passes by. She hops up onto the ring, wipes her feet onto the apron to show respect, then jumps over the top rope to enter the ring.

Breaking out of a town called Suburbia
I remember everybody always saying
“Little brat, must be crazy, never make it
In our vicious little world”
Still I’m leaving

Silver jumps up on each turnbuckle and poses for the crowd, one finger pointed into the air. She jumps down and makes her way to her corner, preparing for her opponent.

Christine Donahue: As noted, this is Sierra’s sixth championship defense. She has beaten the likes of Angel Kusanagi, Daniel Dream, Amber Diamond, Angel Kash, and Keegan Ryan. She has taken on all challenges put in her path and Morgan Payne is the next in line. 

Biff Franklin: I’ll give Silver credit. With each defense, I see it all over the Internet how she will lose, and then she wins. She has found a way to retain that championship even though everyone assumed she was going to eat the loss. I’ve got a feeling this is gonna be her night once more and she’ll go on to Bruce McLeod in the next show for her seventh defense.

Christine Donahue: I like Morgan Payne’s odds here. Silver has been traveling all over defending this title. At some point, she’s gonna wear herself out and tonight might be that night. Tonight, Morgan could be the one to finally dethrone Sierra who has been champion since February. 

The two women square up in the ring. It’s Morgan who moves first to get right up in Sierra’s face. True to herself, Sierra doesn’t back down and just bowls right up to Morgan, telling her challenger to bring it on. Even against Payne, Silver is the smaller one in this match. Yes, believe it or not, Morgan is actually the bigger one in the ring this time. Sierra and Morgan aren’t backing down and it takes the referee ordering them apart so he can start the match. Both competitors return to their corners. He checks that they’re both ready and calls for the bell.

The bell rings.

Sierra Silver and Morgan Payne come back out of their corners, ready to go. They circle around the mat a bit with Morgan looking for a tie-up but Sierra clearly knows her history so she’s understandably a little apprehensive to do so. After a moment, they finally go for a lockup but Sierra swoops around and locks in a rear waistlock. She thinks she’s got Payne where she wants her but Payne is quick to dig her thumbs under her arms and push them down around her hips before popping outward to break the hold. Now Payne switches around and grabs Sierra into a waistlock of her own and goes right into a mat slam takedown! Sierra goes up and is brought down on her front, onto the mat. Sierra looks for an escape but Morgan gets to her feet and lifts her into a Deadlift German Suplex, throwing the champion back with a show of her condensed physical power. Sierra is quick to get on her feet and understandably a little surprised at how powerful someone Morgan’s size is.

Christine Donahue: I feel like Sierra has a major disadvantage here as she has to prepare for all different types of opponents. 

Biff Franklin: She’s been doing this for a while. I’m sure she’s scouted Morgan Payne extensively for this title defense. Sierra got some things to show here. 

The two women come in for another lockup and Morgan powers Sierra back into the corner, catching her in the Djab Ko – the Muay Thai clinch – and going to town with knees to the ribs and elbows to the side of the head. Once the ref reaches the count of “4”, Morgan throws Sierra to the floor, leaving her sitting up against the ropes. Morgan comes off the ropes across the ring and comes back in with a high hesitation dropkick! YOI YOI, DOUBLE YOI and Sierra Silver is sent, violently, through the ropes and to the floor. The crowd boos loudly as Morgan gets to her feet, slaps her chest and throws up two middle fingers. On the outside, Sierra starts pulling herself up to her feet on the guard rail. Morgan comes off the ropes, running in for a Suicide Dive through the ropes but Sierra NAILS her with an Enziguri as she comes through the ropes and Morgan eats a nasty landing on the outside.

Madoka Kawada: Five minutes have elapsed. Thirty-five minutes remaining.

Biff Franklin: And just like that Sierra is back on the offensive. What she needs to do is ensure to stay on that offensive.

Sierra pulls Morgan up, whipping her around into the steel steps despite Morgan trying to put the breaks on the whip. Instead, Sierra locks her in the knee and steps her shoulder first into the steel. Morgan flops to the floor, with the Champ right behind her. Again Sierra gets Morgan to her feet to Monkey flip her right into the barricade. Again, Morgan goes fishtailing this time over the barricade in pain. Morgan makes it to her feet on her own this time among the crowd, where she and the Champion trade shots around the barrier. Morgan gets a hold of Sierra and tries to drag her over the railing. The Champ gets her feet on the bars however and wrenches with all her strength, Morgan goes up and over, suplex back onto the mat! Sierra goes for a ground mount and starts raining down elbows but Morgan gets her guard up

Christine Donahue: Not sure we expected this type of offense from the champion. But, it’s always good to add something your opponent isn’t expecting.

Morgan finally catches Sierra’s attack arm, thrusting her hips up and flips Sierra over onto her back and right into an armbar. She wrenches back on the arm, torquing the arm, as Sierra screams in pain and writhes to get out of the hold. In desperation Sierra flails herself around, refusing to tap, she reaches under the ring and managed to pull out a light tube. One that she promptly cracked Morgan over the head with, to force the bruiser to let the armbar go. 

Christine Donahue: Anything goes on the outside during a Splat title defense. Just can’t bring it into the ring.

Morgan was shaken, but not entirely overwhelmed and despite shaking off glass shards, Morgan is quick to catch the Champion again. Morgan grabs her by the arm and slams Sierra’s arm into the ring post. Morgan spun the champ around and used her own shoulder to drive Sierra’s into the ring post again and again with the added pressure of her full weight. Morgan rolls Sierra back into the ring, the Champion clutching her shoulder. The challenger follows her in and rolls her onto her back, going for the first cover of the match.



Sierra kicks out and Morgan rises to her knees, slapping the champion across the head, tauntingly. 

Madoka Kawada: Ten minutes have elapsed. Thirty minutes remaining.

Biff Franklin: I’m liking this arrogance from the challenger. 

She gets to her feet, rudely nudging Sierra’s head with her boot before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up. Sierra explodes to life, batting Morgan’s hand away and starts firing off with more right hands. She steps back and goes for a middle kick but Morgan brings up her shin to counter with a Muay Thai Buok. Sierra steps back, a little befuddled at the maneuver. She goes for another kick with the other leg but again, Morgan lifts her leg to block the kick and pivots around, nailing Sierra in the face with a Sok Klap (Muay Thai Spinning Elbow). Sierra staggers, Morgan grabs her by the wrist and whips her into the ropes. Morgan runs in for a Discus Elbow but Sierra jukes underneath the arm and comes off of the ropes for a Springboard Missile Dropkick, knocking Morgan flat on her ass. As Morgan goes to sit up, Sierra runs in and drives her back down with a Meteora and grabs the legs, straddling Morgan for her own cover.



KICKOUT as Morgan throws her hips up again and sends Sierra off of her but she’s still reeling as she slowly sits up. 

Christine Donahue: We almost saw a successful title defense right there. Morgan seems to be struggling with Sierra here. 

As Morgan sits up, Sierra grabs her arm and face, pulling her in and dropping to the mat with a single knee facebreaker! Morgan’s on her back again stunned, and Sierra decides to keep targeting Morgan’s head, having bashed her upside it with the light tube. Sierra rolls to her feet, and comes off the rope with a knee drop to the face! Morgan rolls away in pain, having been busted open from the damage. Sierra goes for the turnbuckle, scaling it, she looks like she’s looking for Silver Sun Rising! Morgan’s gotten to her feet already and instead, Sierra opts to bring her right back down with another Meteora! 

Biff Franklin: Sierra is on fire right now. She’s ready to finish this match! It’s been a night of bloody matches. 

Madoka Kawada: Fifteen minutes have elapsed. Twenty-five minutes remaining.

Morgan’s head goes bashing back into the mat, a bloody mess! Morgan wipes the blood from her face, shaking her head the sight of her own blood just seeming to motivate the challenger further! Sierra settled behind her challenger, obviously scouting the challenger out. When Morgan turns, she turns straight into Sierra’s signature Codebreaker! Morgan goes back to the mat, painting it red! Sierra goes to the top rope again, the earlier damage to her shoulder slowing her down, but she’s looking for Silver Sun Rising! Sierra catches air, but nobody’s home! Morgan has rolled out of the way, on pure instinct! Leaving Sierra to land in bloodstain! Morgan pulls herself up on the ropes, wild and wide-eyed as she watches Sierra holding her shoulder as she gets back to her feet. Just as Sierra starts to turn around, Morgan comes exploding out of the corner and brings her foot up into a brutal “TASTES LIKE TIMBALAND BOOT, BITCH!” Sierra hits the mat hard and the bloody faced challenger falls over her for a cover.




Madoka Kawada: Twenty minutes have elapsed. Twenty minutes remain.

Sierra kicks out just in time, sending Morgan up off of her, grabbing at her bloody hair in frustration. Morgan climbs to her feet again and pulls Sierra up with her. She moves to lift her up across her shoulders, setting up for Dahntahn After Dark but Sierra wriggles off and lands on her feet; but she just so happens to have hold of Morgan’s wrist and spins her around into a ripcord Eat Defeat! Morgan hit the mat, rolling out of the ring to recompose herself. Sierra grabs onto the ropes, slingshotting over to the apron before hopping up and hitting an Arabian Press Moonsault but Morgan caught Sierra in a crossbody, showcasing her strength as she dips down but manages to power back up before just dropping Sierra across the guardrail on her midsection. Sierra falls back onto the floor as Morgan staggers back into the apron. Sierra holds her ribs as she rolls over onto her knees, working to get to her feet again. Meanwhile, Morgan finds the broken light tube Sierra used to hit her across the head with and grabs up what’s left of it, visibly grinning in an almost maniacal manner. As Sierra makes up to one knee by the apron, Morgan staggers over and grabs a handful of her hair, yanking her head back. She takes the jagged end of the light tube and violently jams it into the side of Sierra’s head. TRIGEMINAL BLISS; digging and twisting the broken glass into Sierra’s flesh, finding that nerve and eliciting a blood-curdling shriek from the champion.

Christine Donahue: Bloody night indeed! This is too much! The referee may have to stop this match!

Biff Franklin: That ref isn’t stopping this match unless Sierra Silver cannot defend herself. Remember, anything goes outside of the ring. 

Madoka Kawada: Twenty-five minutes have elapsed. Fifteen minutes remain.

Morgan throws the light tube to the floor before picking Sierra up and whips her back into the ring, crawling in after her. Morgan pulls herself up to her feet first as Sierra clutches at her head where the light tube was dug into. As she’s pulled to her feet, however, she grabs at Morgan’s neck, violently starting to throw right hands again. Morgan boxing parries one of the blows and suddenly digs her thumb into one of Sierra’s eyes, really going in at it. Sierra grabs at her face as Morgan steps up and weaves in, nailing Sierra with a LIVER SHOT! The champion clutches at her midsection, visibly winded before Morgan lifts her across her shoulders again, belly up. Morgan takes a running start to the center of the ring and lands it this time. DAHNTAHN AFTER DARK!!!!! Morgan goes for the cover, damn near spent as she lays back over Sierra and lifts the leg.

Christine Donahue: Do we have a new champion?




The bell rings.

The fans erupt in the Splatterhouse Gym. Some boos, some cheers but the arena has gotten loud as Morgan Payne’s music begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: The winner of the match and the NEW Champion of the Multiverse is Morgan Paaaaaaaayne!

Biff Franklin: God damn, she did it. Morgan Payne has dethroned Sierra Silver, but I’ll tell you what, that was one hell of a run by the former champion. 

Christine Donahue: Both wrestlers are a bloody mess here and Morgan Payne is on her feet being handed the Multiuniversal Championship. 

Sierra rolls from the ring as the referee is there to help her to the back. 

Biff Franklin: The reign of Morgan Payne as Multiuniversal Champion has begun.

Christine Donahue: We are coming back to you on August 18th with the Second Voyage of Splatacular. Tolson versus Helms for the 5BW Championship and now we will see a rematch from the Triad Challenge as Morgan Payne as the new Multiuniversal Champion will defend that championship against the Triad Challenge winner, Bruce McLeod.  Don’t you dare miss this event. For Biff Franklin, Madoka Kawada, and everyone here at Splat, thank you for joining us and we will see you in one months time!

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