Splatterhouse Gym

In an effort to assist young wrestlers and fighters, Splat has purchased an abandoned medical facility and has been working for the past four months to turn it into one of the premier training facilities in the world. Sitting in the heart of Spring Valley, Nevada, the Splatterhouse Gym is a short drive to Las Vegas. The Spring Valley community has been welcoming in allowing us to create this facility within their city limits. The Splatterhouse Gym is over 18,000 square feet, three stories and has state of the art equipment to ensure you are getting the best training possible.

If you are looking to train to become a fighter, we have hired a couple top trainers to take you through the paces and train you from the ground up. If you are already a current fighter, then perhaps you don’t need to start from the beginning and we can assist you in creating a training plan to best suit you. We are always looking for additional trainers, so if you are interested in helping to mold the next generation of fighters, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are a professional wrestler, we have brought in former World Champion, Candi Bratton as well as former World Tag Team Champion, Biff Franklin to help you train. You will start with day one, learning to crawl before you walk.

If you are already an active wrestler, perhaps coming off an injury or just looking to freshen up your skills, you are more than welcome to come and use our facilities.

We hope that this will in some small way assist those who have always dreamed of fighting or wrestling. We look forward to seeing those with strong desire, determination and dedication walking through our doors.