Amazon Woman takes on Freddy Fever; The winner must place their opponent in a casket and push the casket out of the building in order to win; Loser must retire.

Final Chapter – The Final Battle: Amazon Woman vs. Freddy Fever 



It was nice of the network to give us this slot for this match. A year in the making and everything seemed to go as planned. It was a great idea she had, Trina I mean. She always had a knack of turning horse shit into gold. From the day she walked into this company, she connected immediately with the crowd and it wasn’t long before she was the top face in the company.  

Fever? Well Fever was just the opposite. He has this smarmy persona that every just loves to hate. Instant head, they call it. Problem is, he’s kinda like that in real life. But they say that a great wrestling personality is yourself turned up to eleven, right? He’s clicked more than ever recently, and even stepped up his game. He’s here on time and no more shitty excuses.  

Well, I know how this plays out, I just hope they can deliver or the network will probably never again give us this time for such an epic event. The buzz is good, I just hope they make it worth it. 

Here goes nothing. 


Holy crap, I’m nervous. I’ve never in my life felt so much pressure to perform. We’ve gone over it numerous times and I swear, I’m more nervous now than I was at my debut match. This crowd is here to see me put on the match of my life and I cannot let them down. If there ever was a time when I needed to give it my all and then some, this is it. 

I hope Freddy is doing okay. We’ve been working to this match for a year now and it has to be perfect. No, not perfect. Special. Everything changes after tonight. 

There’s my music. Time to step out. 


It can only go up from here. Once this is over, there shouldn’t be any doubt about how great I am. Well, we are. Trina is fantastic and the perfect babyface to get me over. I’ve never had any trouble getting the fans to boo me, but there’s been some very strong heels coming into the territory and I need to mark my turf before I’m left in the dirt.  

Here goes everything. 

The Final Battle 

As the show goes live to the national television audience, the crowd has already been treated to a couple of matches and they’re buzzing with excitement as they’ve come this far to see this epic encounter. The history between these two competitors has been perfectly plotted and this is the final destination. The sound of the 1812 Overture plays as clips of the two competitors and they’re history is put to music. Finally, as the names of Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever scroll across the screen, the words “The Final Battle” are stamped across and then the scene shatters as the shot from the arena goes live, panning across the sold out stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Finally, the camera in front of the announce booth is seen as Ed Bagel and Biff Franklin are seen. 

“Welcome to the Final Battle!” Ed Bagel exclaims as he and Biff look into the camera. “We have come across the border for this amazing encounter. Three hours we have blocked off to bring you this final encounter between the beloved Amazon Woman and the hated Freddy Fever.  We are guaranteed to bring you three hours of action, so if this match doesn’t run to the end of the broadcast, we do have additional matches to feature. However, the main focus of tonight’s show is no doubt, the Final Battle. Here with me as always, my broadcast colleague Biff Franklin.” 

“That’s “The Voice” Biff Franklin, you moron. And I’ll tell you what, I’ve never seen so much emotion going into a match. I was just in the back moments before we went live and they were securing all OWA wrestlers in their locker rooms for the duration of this match. Each locker room has a feed to the show, but management has made sure that there will be no interference whatsoever in this match.” Biff is his usual gruff self as he adds his bit into the broadcast. “Someone is going to retire tonight and after what we witnessed at Holiday in Hell, there’s no telling what we’re in for tonight.” 

Ed nods his head as he turns to look back at the camera, “We tried to get comments from both competitors before the show and both made it very clear that their comments will be made in the ring in the form of action. They’ve already said all they needed to say, however, we were able to get some comments from some of the other OWA Superstars before this match to get their comments. Let’s hear those at this time.” 

The scene shifts to prerecorded comments. The backdrop is a “Final Battle” logo and as each wrestler says their piece, it’s from this location. The first wrestler to comment is Executioner who stands in front of the logo holding a microphone. “You want my thoughts on tonight’s retirement match? Well, for the OWA there can be no winner because either way we will end up losing one of the premier athletes in this business. Both Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever have held titles and they’ve been in this company for the longest out of everyone. My only regret is that I never was able to face Amazon Woman one on one, but I wish her a good luck. Freddy, on the other hand, I know him very well and I feel he will somehow find a way to be victorious here tonight. After all that has happened, Amazon Woman has a lot of anger in her right now after what Freddy did to her and I feel that will be her undoing.” 

The picture flips and Rainbow Warrior is standing in front of the logo. “I hate to see either of these great stars lose this match and their career. They are the epitome of the word Superstar here in the OWA. I have to pull for Amazon Woman for she is by all definition a true Champion. She’s held every title there is to hold and she’s been here the longest. Good luck to you, Amazon Woman.” 

Another flip and Davey Scott is standing by, “What do I think of the Final Battle? I believe we are going to see the survival of the fittest. Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever were around long before me. I’ve watched them both very closely and feel they are very equal in every way possible. It’s hard to make a prediction, my personal preference it to see Amazon Woman win this match. I just don’t like Freddy Fever, as great as he is in the ring. However, Fever has proven to be very unstable in recent weeks, losing everyone in The Plague. First the Chiefs, then Executioner and finally Asian Invasion and that left him with nothing. The show will go on, he will have the fight of this life as will Amazon Woman. I supposed it’s really a toss-up. 

Former Plague member Asian Invasion is up next, “Freddy. Freddy. Freddy. I was in your corner for quite some time, but you’ve lost your skills. You’ve lost your mind. I’ve no doubt that Amazon Woman will completely destroy you and run you out of the OWA. My only regret is that I wasn’t the one to run you out myself! Disco is dead, Freddy and you’re next.” 

“There’s so much talk about these old-timers getting in the ring for the final time. Who cares?! They’re both just a bunch of has-beens that needed to get the boot,” words from Mr. America as he stands in front of the logo. “That was then, this is now! It’s that that America’s perfection took the reins of this league and made it the success that it has the potential to become! Whoever wins walks out with a career. The loser with nothing but precious memories, while America’s perfection keeps right till the end of the road. I couldn’t care less. Asian, I feel you’ve seen the last of your former mentor.” 

Fast Fighter is next. “Everyone says that this upcoming match is going to be really big! With every loser leaves match, it is a big deal! But since I’ve only been in the OWA a short time, I can’t give any sentiments or predictions! I’ll say this, I know whoever loses will be missed.” 

“I’ve been asked to make a statement regarding the impending match between Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever. Very well. Amazon Woman, I hope you’re paying attention because I just don’t like you. Giant women going around starting fights with men? It sounds so twenty-third century.” Tom Tomorrow turns around to face the camera, “I nearly had you beat at “Holiday in Hell” until you used an illegal foreign object on me. But that’s in the past. I’ve been watching you both lately and I must say that Fever has encountered a bit of bad luck in recent weeks. Some would say this stacks the deck against him in the upcoming bout. But I feel the opposite is true. In my era they say “The Atlantean Swamp-Devil fights hardest when backed into a corner.” By this definition, Fever will win and Amazon will go back to whatever trailer park she considers home. My only regret is that I never had opportunity to wreak vengeance on her myself!” 

“The Show” Ricky Hype is next on the screen. “Listen, I haven’t watched Superfriends since I was in third grade. I haven’t seen a Tarzan movie in at least 15 years and when did John Travolta do a sequel to Saturday Night Fever? Actually, I haven’t been here long enough to get to know either of them but I do wonder how things got to be so bad between them. They were both champions and fans liked them in the ring. They even held the tag team championship together. It just makes you wonder. Keep your loyalties, you never know when you might need them!” 

The final comments come from former OWA Champion, and Femme Fatale member Rachel Ryan. “So you wanna know what I think about the big match this weekend? If you asked me a week ago, I’d have gone with Amazon Woman, no question. The revenge factor, you know? But our pal Freddy has been acting kinda strange lately. Stranger than normal for him. He’s got something up his sleeve. Something that’s gonna win this match for him. What else can you expect from a weasel like that? 

As the camera fades out to a commercial, the television crew is preparing to broadcast a pre-recorded spot.  As the show comes back live, Ed is shown with Biff, “We are just about ready for the Final Battle, but before we go, let’s go to Elaine Bryant with an overview of how these two wrestlers got to this point in their career and why this match had to happen.” As the tape begins to play, the words “Special Report” flash across the screen and when it fades, Elaine is sitting in the typical events center stage. “This is Elaine Bryant with your Final Battle Special Report.” 

“Tonight, Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever will fight in what is being billed as “The Final Battle.” It is a no-DQ, no count out, casket match where the winner must push the loser inside the casket out of any arena door. The loser of this match will retire. Let’s go back and take a look at the career of both of these extraordinary athletes.” 

The VTR begins to play some highlights of Amazon Woman’s career as Elaine does the voiceover. “Amazon Woman started her career in 1995. She immediately joined the OWA and within weeks was one half of the OWA Tag Team Champions with her partner, former OWA Champion, TigerLily. They held the title for months until during the 1995 Wheel of Torture tournament, Amazon Woman made it all the way to the finals, beating Cuban Rafter in a Coal Miner’s Glove Match to win the tournament and a shot at the OWA Championship.” 

“She faced Freddy Fever, who was the reigning champion at the time and beat him to win her first and only OWA Championship. However, based on the OWA rules and guidelines, management told her she needed to decide whether to keep the OWA Championship or the OWA Tag Team Championship. She chose to vacate the tag team titles, infuriating her tag partner, TigerLily and a feud raged between the two for the OWA Championship that has been unrivaled, until now.” 

“When the OWA’s national expansion hit, Amazon Woman defended her title against all comers, including Ricky Blood (now known as Rainbow Warrior), Traci Lane, Dangerous Dunk and others before losing the title to Pretty Boy Monty on national television. After a brief hiatus, she returned and almost immediately captured the OWA TV Championship from Rachel Ryan but with it came a change of attitude. When she lost the OWA TV Championship to Jetstream in a major upset, she attacked him and others. She was no longer the Amazon Woman of the fans. She was Amazon Woman for herself. She quickly regained the title, though it had been renamed the North American Championship and lost the title a short time later to The Shocker.” 

“Not long after, she announced she had fallen in love and that the subject of her affections was none other than Freddy Fever. They quickly formed an alliance and won the Tag Team Championship and held them for quite some time.” The scene cuts back to Elaine, “Freddy Fever started his career in 1992.” Then we are shown clips of Fever’s career as she continues her voiceover. 

“He is a two time former OWA Champion. He’s held the OWA Tag Team Championship with Major Threat as well as Amazon Woman. He has had high profile feuds with the likes of TigerLily, Bishop Hell, Gustaffson and most recently Monica Brant. His disco persona has worked well for him, causing others to lose their guard to his quirky gimmick, however underneath that dancing persona is a high caliber wrestler who has done more in the business of professional wrestling than most.” 

“The turning point in both of their careers occurring during a Tag Team title defense by the pair against the Chiefs. During the match, Fever turned on Amazon Woman, incapacitating her leaving her to be pinned by the Chiefs and handing them the tag team championship. He then proceeded to cut off her long trademarked hair, leaving her in the ring with a pile of chopped hair and his trademark laugh as he left the ring, arm in arm with Johnny Stallion and Mike Mustang and forming an alliance with them. The damage to Amazon Woman was physical, putting her out of action for a couple of weeks, however it was more than that. It was psychological. For weeks, she no showed events, scheduled matches and autograph signings.” 

“However, she finally returned at the Wheel of Torture tournament and made it to the finals, only to be bested by Traci Lane. However, it was clear that Amazon Woman was back. Several altercations between the two resulted in management having to separate them, ensuring they were never scheduled to be in the same place at the same time. But they knew the only way to end this was to give them one final match. Loser leaves. Winner stays. A career will end tonight. It’s time for the Final Battle. Back to you, Ed and Biff.” 

Ed picks up where she dropped off, “We’re about to go to our ring introductions for this historic occasion. Any final comments, Biff?” 

“Let’s just get this thing going. My goosebumps have goosebumps, there’s so much electricity in this place right now,” Biff responds. “Quit stalling and let’s do this.” 

“Sounds good, let’s go to ringside.” The bell rings and the crowd roars as the ring announcer does his job in announcing, “We’re finally ready for the Final Battle!” He lets the crowd get it all out and as they bring it down a notch, he continues. “The rules for this encounter are as follows: A casket is sitting at ringside. There is no DQ. There is no count outs. The referee is not authorized to stop this event for any reason. The wrestlers can fight anywhere in the building they choose. To win the match, a wrestler must be placed into the casket and then pushed out of the Arena doors. The referees will not oversee the action but will be stationed at each of the four designated entrances to the building and will signal when a winner has been determined. There is no time limit. The loser must retire from professional wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen, your first competitor!” 

The familiar keyboard opening to Van Halen’s “Jump” begins to play as the crowd gets to their feet and begin to chant the name of “Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!” The ring announcer waits for her to appear on the ramp as the crowd goes nuts, “She weighs in at 165 pounds. She comes from Parts Unknown. She’s a former OWA Tag Team Champion. A former OWA TV Champion. A former OWA North American Champion and a former OWA Champion! Here is Amazon! Woman!” 

As he says her name, she starts down the ramp, moving from one side to the other to slap hands with the fans as she makes her way towards the ring.  She walks by the announce position to shake Ed’s hand, who stands to greet her. Biff remains seated, but when she goes to shake his hand, he reaches for it and she pulls it back and grins before turning and climbing onto the ring apron. Biff just shakes his head, “Hmph.” She looks at the crowd for a long time, soaking in the adulation before turning and flipping herself into the ring and moving to the side of the ring where the casket lies and she takes a long linger look at the future vessel of someone’s demise. She slowly backs away from it and moves to her corner as her music fades out and is replaced by another as “Staying Alive” from the Bee Gees hits the air and the crowd turns from cheering to booing.  

Freddy steps into the spotlight and smirks at the audience, even as he hears a very loud belligerent fan shout, “You suck, Freddy!” He turns towards the sound and offers the fan a, “Well you paid to see me, idiot, not the other way around.” The ring announcer takes over, “He weighs in at 245 pounds. He comes to you by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s a two time for OWA Tag Team Champion, and a two time former OWA Champion. This is the “Disco Kid” Freddy Fever!” 

Freddy walks by the casket as he runs his hand along the smooth surface and then gently picks up the lid as if testing to make sure it opens. He lets it close and then points to Amazon Woman and then to the casket, “You’re going in here, baby,” he says as he gives it a final pat. Amazon just shakes her head. Fever climbs up onto the apron and Amazon charges him, so he hops back down. Ed’s voice is finally heard, “There’s no referee to keep them apart, but it looks like Fever doesn’t want any part of Amazon.”  

“She’s trying to jump him as he gets into the ring!” Biff explains as Freddy circles the ring again. “Get in the ring, Fever!” a fan shouts as he turns and responds. “You get in the ring! See how you like getting beat up by an angry amazon.” While his attention is distracted, Amazon slides out of the ring and runs up behind him and nails him in the back. “She’s not waiting for him anymore. She wants this revenge and she’s not holding back.” The bell rings finally, “And this match is officially underway. There is no time limit to this match and we’ve been guaranteed by the network that we will stay as long as needed to the completion of this match, so I hope you overset your VCRs for this match everyone!” 

Amazon chases Fever around the ring until he slides in and she follows him in. He looks back briefly to see she’s right behind him and he slides out of the ring again and continues to run around, which her hot on his heels. “This is turning into a footrace instead of a fight,” Ed comments as Fever slides into the ring again, but Amazon Woman grabs him by the foot this time. As a panicked Fever tries to kick at her, she pulls him back out of the ring and he lands on the floor with a thud and she immediately begins to stomp all over him as he tries to get away from her. “She’s nuts!” cries Biff as Amazon finally pulls Fever up and whips him into the corner ring post. “Fever taking that post face first and he’s down. Amazon Woman exacting her revenge on the man who cut her hair and embarrassed her,” Ed adds to commentary. 

Amazon Woman rolls Fever over onto her back and straddles him and just begins to lay in the fists to his face as he tries to shield himself. She finally stands up and lets out a roar and the crowd is eating it up. She reaches down and grabs a handful of his hair and pulls him to his feet, but Fever grabs her around the waist and lifts her up and back with a belly to back suplex and Amazon is down. “Fever needed that move because it had been all Amazon up to that point,” comments Biff, “Now he has to capitalize if he wants to keep his career.” 

Fever crawls over towards the ring apron and reaches underneath and pulls out a chair. He reaches up to grab the corner of the ring and pull himself up to his feet. Amazon Woman is slowly getting to her feet but goes down immediately as Fever just thumps that chair into her forehead. “Fever is holding up that chair like it was a trophy,” says Ed. “Well, he finally got the upper hand on Amazon Babe,” retorts Biff. 

Amazon Woman slowly begins to stir as Fever pushes that chair into the ring. He walks over and grabs Amazon by the hair and rolls her into the ring as well, then follows her in. He sets that chair up in the center of the ring. He helps Amazon to her feet then pushes her into the corner and grabs a headlock. He start to run and looks like a bulldog, but Amazon Woman holds him up, then drops him crotch first on the back of the chair, “Freddy’ll be singing soprano, after that one,” says Biff, using the obligatory comment after most nasty crotch shots. “What’s that woman doing now?” 

Amazon rushes into the ropes and comes back and clotheslines Freddy off the chair. Freddy curls into a fetal position as he tries to nurse his wounded jewels, the fans suddenly erupt as Amazon Woman has reached down into her boot, unzipped it partway and pulls out a pair of scissors! “You’ve got to be kidding me! She can’t do that to Freddy!” cries Biff as Ed just chuckles, “Oh yes, she can. If it’s good for him, it’s good for her.” She reaches down and grabs a handful of Freddy’s disheveled ponytail and lops it off with one solid cut and the fans are going nuts! She walks over and begins to toss strands of Fever’s hair over the side of the ring, scattering them about like ashes, before dropping the scissors at ringside.  

Fever, on the other hand, reaches back and feels the missing hair and his eyes go wide and he begins to shake his head. “No. No. Nononono!” he cries as he tries to get to his feet and as he does, Amazon Woman charges him and he ducks her clothesline, grabbing the top rope and she flies out of the ring and to the floor. He walks over and picks up the chair and throws it outside the ring, it smashes against her side. He drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring and sees his hair lying about and picks up a few strands and then walks over and picks up that chair and begins to wail on her with it, several times over.  

 He picks her up and drops her back across that guard railing and Amazon Woman grabs her back in pain, crying out. “He could have broken her back right there,” comes the observation by Biff Franklin as Fever pulls her to her feet and whips her across the aisle and into the other guard railing and Amazon Woman crumbles to the mat. Fever doesn’t give her any time to recover as he drops down and places his hands over her throat and squeezes, while Amazon Woman grabs at his wrists and tries to break free. “This is getting to be too much,” Ed comments seriously as the tone to this match changes.  

Freddy finally releases his chokehold and he gets to his feet and glances around, then moves towards the casket. He grabs it and pulls it up the aisle to where Amazon Woman lies coughing as she struggles to get to her hands and knees. Fever runs over and kicks her in her ribs as she cries out and rolls over onto her side, clutching at her side.  The tone to the announcing gets even more serious now as Freddy Fever’s actions turn more vicious with each and every move. He pulls her up and puts her in a fireman’s carry and walks her over and dumps her into the coffin, shutting the lid.  He begins to push the casket up the aisle. 

“Freddy Fever heading to the exit, but he’s got a long way to go. He has to exit this auditorium and then out the main door of this arena,” Ed reminds those watching at home. “I don’t see anyone trying to stop him now, she may be done for,” adds Biff while Freddy gets to the top of the ramp, but as he does the lid suddenly pops open and the lip hits Freddy right underneath the jaw and he drops fast to the floor of the ramp. The head of Amazon Woman pops out as she maneuvers her body up and out of the coffin and lands hard on the steel ramp.  

She struggles to her feet and moves to grab Fever, pulling him up and she hoists him up onto her shoulders and nails her running powerslam onto the steel floor of the stage. “That’s her finish, but can she capitalize on it?” Ed asks, as she lies atop Fever for a moment, before she slowly gets to her feet. She reaches down and grabs him by the arm and pulls him up and whips him into the casket. Freddy lies against the casket as she charges in and he is quick to snap off a devastating Disco-Kick and Amazon Woman drops again to the ramp.  

Freddy walks over and pulls Amazon to her feet and lifts her up in a bear hug position and walks backwards and drops her chin first onto the casket! “Amazon Woman just crumbling to the floor. Freddy struggling with the lid to that casket as he gets it open.” He walks over and lifts the lifeless body of the babyface and brings her to the casket and tries to drop her in.  

“She’s got her hands against the casket, stopping Fever from putting her in.” WIth all of her strength, she pulls hard bringing herself close to the casket, causing Freddy Fever to slam into the structure as she slips down his back. He turns around and charges her and she backdrops him to the hard, steel floor of the stage. “Fever didn’t like that one bit,” Biff comments as Fever cries out in pain, reaching around to his back. 

Amazon Woman approaches Fever and pulls him up and sets him up and piledrives him right onto that stage. “Oh, my Lord, Amazon Woman is not holding anything back here. These two are not only trying to win this match, but possibly end each other before the night is over,” Ed screams as Amazon Woman pulls Fever up and drags him over to the casket. She places his head into the casket and brings the lid down on his neck. “She’s trying to decapitate him!” cries Biff. “She is not,” retorts Ed as she tries to prove Ed wrong by grabbing the lid of the casket and pulling down on it with all of her might. Freddy’s legs begin to kick as he squirms, trapped there until she finally lets go and Freddy drops to the floor, grabbing at his neck. “I’m telling you, she’s trying to kill him!” Ed immediately comes back, “She is not! She’s trying to incapacitate him so she can get him into the casket!”  

Amazon Woman grabs Fever by the head and rams him several times, face first, into the casket and this causes Freddy to be busted open now. She whips Fever into the guard railing and then pushes him over the rail and into the crowd. She follows him over and motions for everyone to move out of the way as she whips him into the first few rows of steel chairs.  She starts to pick up one after the other and slam them down upon the fallen heel until he is buried underneath. “What does she have in mind here,” asks Ed Bagel as she climbs onto the stage again.  She backs up and gets a running head start and leaps into the air and lands on the pile of chairs! “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Biff Frankin is screaming, “What a damn lunatic that woman is!” 

Hurting as well now, Amazon Woman slowly rolls off the pile of chairs and gets up, holding her side as she starts to unbury Freddy Fever from underneath that pile of wreckage. “Both of these combatants are busted wide open here and giving their all in this match. They are holding nothing back here,” says Ed as Amazon Woman drags Fever out onto the concrete away from the fans who are chanting, “Amazon! Amazon!” after that insane move. “Someone is going to die here tonight,” cries Biff Franklin as she hoists Fever up into a Fireman’s Carry and begins to carry him towards the casket and then dumps him inside.  “She’s got him in the casket, but can she get him out of the building?” 

She begins to push the casket but as she does it seems the casket gets stuck going through the curtain, so Amazon Woman moves around to see what is in the way. As she does, Freddy Fever slips open the lid and crawls out of the casket. “She didn’t see him escape,” notes Ed as Amazon finally seems to get whatever it was out of the way and moves to start pushing the casket once again, when suddenly out of nowhere, Fever comes over and cracks the back of her head with a steel chair and her face crashes against the casket and she crumbles to the steel ramp. Freddy lifts that chair high and yells, “Yeah, baby,” then winces and drops the chair as he gives that casket a push, sending it through the curtain.  

“Fever is holding his side here, I hope he didn’t crack a rib or something,” Biff acknowledges as Fever grabs Amazon by the hair and tries to drag her through the curtain. She reaches up and grabs him by the wrists and then kicks him right in the head and he stumbles backward. As she reaches up to wipe some blood from her face, she reaches for the curtain and pulls it off the entrance and wraps it around Freddy’s throat and begins to choke him. “That bitch is crazy,” yells Biff as stands up. “Sit back down,” says Ed. “I’m trying to see what’s going on,” is the response.  


Freddy reaches up and grabs her head and just drops down against the steel flooring of the ramp, nailing Amazon with a jawbreaker as she releases the curtain and takes a couple of steps backwards. Fever untangles the curtain from around his neck as he gasps for air and then tosses it aside as he slowly gets to his feet.  Amazon Woman also is getting to her feet, “Fever kicks her in the gut and then – oh no, he’s not going to…” Ed starts as Fever hoists Amazon up into a suplex. “Oh yes he is,” Biff finishes just as Fever drops straight down with a brainbuster on the steel ramp, “Amazon Woman is done! Dead,” screams Biff as his voice seems to starting to fail him. “Put her in the casket and take her straight to the cemetery! She’s absolutely done!” 

Amazon Woman lies unmoving on the steel ramp as Freddy stumbles back and leans against the wall. “OWA officials might want to come out here and take a look before this one gets any more serious. Amazon Woman hasn’t moved a muscle in a number of moments here,” and as if reading Ed Bagel’s mind, two referees make their way out and begin to look over Amazon Woman. Fever, as if getting his second wind moves over and kicks one referee in the head, and then grabs the other and just pushes him off the ramp as he pulls Amazon up into a sitting position and places her on his shoulders as he carries her out of the auditorium and into the back where camera are already positioned.  

As Fever carries her into the backstage area, he looks around for the casket. “Where is it?!” he demands as a stage hand points off in a direction and he finally just dumps Amazon’s body onto the ground and goes off in search. The video feed from the back appears on the large screen for those in attendance. The camera follows Fever as he finds it around the corner and he begins to drag it back and when he gets to that same spot, he notices that her body is no longer there. “Goddamnit!” He walks over and grabs that same stage hand by the shirt, “Where’d she go?!” He releases the man and as he does a scream is heard as Amazon Woman comes into view and spears Fever through a wall as the crowd is heard once again chanting her name. They both remain there, locked in the wall for a few moments until Amazon Woman pulls back and Fever falls backwards into the opening of the wall. 

Amazon Woman is up and staggers backwards before she begins to push the casket out of the view of the camera again, “Where is that crazy woman going,” asks Biff as the camera begins to catch up to her and she’s in the main hall now where the souvenirs and concessions are located. She stops pushing and then heads back to where she left Fever. She looks around because he’s not where she left him. She turns and begins to run back to where she left the casket and as she goes around the corner, Fever throws some liquid in her face and she screams. “That’s hot coffee! Freddy Fever is a despicable human being, Biff Franklin.” “Freddy Fever is fighting for his career here in the OWA. There are no rules.” 

Amazon Woman staggers around blindly when Fever kicks her in the gut again and then looks like he’s going to brainbuster her again, but she drops to her knees and low blows him! “That’s cheating!” Biff cries fowl as Ed responds, “She’s fighting for her career too!” She gives him two more crotch shots before he finally falls over, face red as he holds his groin, crying out.  She staggers to her feet and walks over, grabbing some napkins and wiping that coffee from her face and she sees a popcorn card plugged in and she grabs the plug, pulling it from the wall and she begins to roll the card towards Fever and as he manages to get to his feet, she rams it right into him as glass and popcorn fly everywhere! “How much more can they do to each other?” Ed screams out as Fever tries to get away from the hot popcorn and runs right into the arms of Amazon Woman who lifts him onto her shoulder and gets a running start and powerslams him hard onto the tiled floor. “There’s no give on that floor, Biff Franklin!”  

Both wrestlers lie there for a few moments as they catch their breath. “Amazon Woman needs to get Fever in that casket if she is going to keep her job,” Biff notes as she slowly starts to rise from on top of Fever. Both wrestlers are still bleeding here from the forehead, as she walks over and tries to pick up a table, before realizing that it’s attached to the floor. “Out of nowhere, Freddy Fever just bulldogged Amazon Woman onto that table!” The table breaks in two as a piece of it falls to the floor.  

Fever picks up a piece of that broken table and slams it down on the back of Amazon Woman, over and over again. Fever turns around and picks up one of the nearby chairs and he throws it hard against a window that overlooks the parking lot below. The glass splinters and spider webs but doesn’t shatter. “He wouldn’t dare,” Ed chimes in, “That has to be about 30 feet down.” Fever walks over and pulls Amazon to her feet and whips her into the glass. “I guess he would,” cries Biff as the window bends with her weight but doesn’t break.  Fever motions for his superkick, “He’s going to kick her through the window!” He kicks and she moves and his foot goes right through the glass and he loses his bearing and falls, now hanging by his feet as blood begins to trickle down his leg. 

Amazon Woman is lying on the ground, trying to catch her breath as Fever is struggling to free himself as he dangles from the hole he created in that window. She slowly gets to her feet and picks up a steel chair and begins to wail on the helpless Fever with it. “She’s going to murder him,” Biff screams into the microphone as Amazon finally tosses the chair to the side.  She walks over and picks up one of the t-shirts from a stand and wipes the blood from her face and tosses the rag aside now. 

She walks over and tugs that casket closer to where he is before she grabs him by the arms and pulls him free of the window. She walks around and picks up both legs and just stomps on his groin as his eyes get wide and he groans out loud. A couple of more stomps before she releases his legs and he rolls over onto his side and curls up. She grabs him by what hair he has left and pulls him to his feet and heaves him up and drops him into the casket. She starts to push it towards an entrance. “Amazon Woman is going to win this,” Ed cries out as Biff screams, “C’mon Freddy!” 

As she gets close, the referee opens the door for her and she turns the casket to push it out when the lid of the casket pops open, the lid blocking the casket from going out of the door.  She moves around to try and close it but when she lifts it up, Fever slams it back down on the top of her head.  He crawls out and lands hard on the floor. “Oh, thank God,” Biff prays as Fever reaches for her hair. As he does, she reaches up and jabs a thumb into is eye. 

Amazon Woman grabs Fever’s hand and whips him, but he reverses it and she goes flying into a merchandise table and shirts and collectables go flying as Fever stumbles off down the hall. She crawls out from the rubble and gets to her feet and asks, “Where’d he go?!” Someone points in the direction where Fever went and she staggers after him. The camera follows her until she gets to a set of stairs, “Where is he,” she demands and suddenly Fever runs into the picture but she side steps him and pushes him down a flight of concrete steps and he tumbles to the bottom. Biff screams into his mic, “Freddy Fever is dead! He doesn’t have to worry about retirement, she just killed him!” Ed is silent for a moment, “You may very well be right,” he says in a solemn voice as Amazon Woman uses the handrail to get down the steps, taking each step gingerly. 

“This battle is taking everything out of these two competitors,” Ed states the obvious, as she walks over to the unmoving Fever and pulls him to his feet. She whips him into a shelf that has numerous cans of paint and as Fever crashes into it, he falls down and the shelf tips over and all of the cans fall onto the prone body of the heel. Biff is beside himself, “I have never seen anything like this in my life. How much more can these two take?” “Biff Franklin, we are approaching the one hour mark of this match and I don’t think I’ve ever seen two competitors fight at this level for so long in my life,” Ed adds as Amazon approaches Fever and he hits her under the chin with a can of paint and she slumps to the ground before turning and starting to crawl up the stairs. 

Fever gently gets to his feet and begins to stomp on paint cans until one of them pops open and green paint begins to leak onto the ground and he picks up the can and just douses her with that green paint. Ed just can’t take it, “Oh my God, that paint is everywhere. Wait a second, what’s Fever doing now? He wouldn’t dare!” Fever has taken another can of paint and lifts it high in the air as if he’s going to bash in her head, but as he moves towards her, his foot slips on paint and he takes a fall and the can drops on top of him instead.  Amazon Woman’s slow crawl brings her to the top of the stairs as she tries to get the paint from eyes. 

Fever at the bottom of the stairs has pushed himself up to a seated position and the slowly to his feet. Amazon Woman’s eyes glance up and she gets to her feet as well and walks over to the fire hose on the wall and begins to uncoil it from the spindle. As she reaches for the control, Fever sees what she has in mind and he holds up his hands, “Don’t do this…” he pleads, but she turns the crank and water shoots out and hits Fever full force, sending him back down the stairs. “But she can’t seem to control the hose. She has the strength but not the weight,” Ed notes as suddenly the hose is out of her grip and flailing about, spraying everything and everyone in the immediate area. “What a mess!” Water and green paint is everywhere. Workers rush over to turn off the water as Amazon Woman lies on the ground, panting as she tries to catch her breath.  

The camera moves to look down the stairs and Freddy Fever is up and using the handrail to make his way back up the stairs. As he gets to the top, he suddenly ducks as a chair comes out of nowhere and it crashes into the wall and he charges and spears Amazon Woman against a wall. As she rests there, he walks over and takes the casket and just rams it against her, squishing her against the wall. He pulls it back and charges in again, squashing her against the wall one more time.  This time he pulls it back and walks over and superkicks her right in the chin and the back of her head goes through the drywall, leaving a hole as she finally slumps to the ground. 

He walks over and with much effort, picks her up and drops her into the casket and without closing the lid, begins to push her towards the exit and as he gets there, her hand is seen grasping the edge of the casket and he walks around and climbs into the casket himself. “What the hell is Fever doing,” Biff asks as Fever stands up inside it and pulls Amazon Woman to her feet. As they are both standing in the casket, Fever locks her in for a suplex and lifts her up. “Is he going to…” Ed starts, but then Fever drops straight down, deliver his devastating brainbuster inside the casket. He rolls out and then closes the lid and as the referee opens the door, he pushes the casket out and then collapses as the bell begins to ring. “Fever has done it! Fever has won the Final Battle!” screams Biff into the microphone as his voice is getting hoarser.” The ring announcer is heard, “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Final Battle. Freddy Fever!”  

The camera has changed to back inside the auditorium as the crowd gets to their feet and begin a “Freddy! Freddy!” chant. Fever is being helped by an official back into the auditorium and back towards the ring. He’s bloody, splotches of green paint all over him and soaking wet. He is helped up the ringsteps and into the ring as the referee raises his hand in the air. Ed’s voice has a little admiration in it as he speaks, “I have to admit that was one hell of a performance by Freddy Fever, but we also have to recognize that this means that Amazon Woman is no longer in the OWA. Amazon Woman will retire after tonight.” 

Suddenly the chant changes from “Freddy!” to “Thank you, Amazon!” Coming through the curtain, also assisted by an official is Amazon Woman as she is helped to the ring. “I never liked her much, but Amazon Woman put up one hell of a fight tonight,” admits Biff as the referees leave the ring, allowing Freddy and Amazon Woman to be in the ring. They approach each other and as they are face to face, they suddenly fall into an embrace. “Mutual respect being shown here by both competitors as they are hugging it out in the ring.”  

There are words being exchanged while they are hugging and then slowly they break it off and Amazon reaches up and grabs Fever by the cheeks with her hands and says something else to him before she grabs his hand and raises it high in the air, acknowledging defeat as the crowd is just losing their minds, cheering for both of these competitors.  

Ed closes it up, “We have completely run out of time. This may be the Final Battle, but the OWA will roll on in 1997, don’t you worry about that. For Biff Frankling and the entire staff at the OWA, I’m Ed Bagel and we will see you next week! 




I’m tired. I’m fucking tired. The locker room is dark, Fever has showered and is preparing himself for the upcoming press conference.  The press conference itself was just a reiteration that Amazon Woman was indeed retiring. That this was not a “wrestling” retirement. The words she spoke to him in the ring after the match continue to ring into his head. “Listen to them. Listen to the fans. They want to cheer you. Give them a reason to. Take this and ride with it.” Freddy Fever as a fan favorite? Who’d have thunk it? There’s one thing I’ll have to admit. I’ll never have a match like that again. It was a once in a lifetime event.  


It took me a year to get here, but here it is. I wasn’t sure this was going to work like I planned. The short hiatus. The return. The heel turn. Teaming with Freddy. The betrayal. The feud. The battle. I couldn’t have imagined it going any more perfectly than this. This is how I wanted to go out. Time for me to move on to my next plan. The press conference went well. I just hope Freddy uses this momentum to his advantage. He’s a good guy, despite his persona. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect opponent. 


I have to admit when Trina came to me with this crazy idea, I never thought it would work. Not in a million years. The fans would never turn on her, but she made it happen. I’m happy for her. She’s getting out while she has her health and doing what she’s always wanted to do. It was a no brainer to start a Hall of Fame and have her be the first person in.  

I have to say, it’ll be strange without her. It’ll be even stranger trying to book Fever as a goddamned babyface. Fuck. 

And such is the end of 1996. What a year. What a fucking year. 


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