Cold open sees bodies lying all over the floor of a darkened room. A closer look will tell you that all of the bodies are female. What little light there is provides little clues to who they are or why they are here.

As we focus on one individual, identified as Danielle, her eyes slowly open. She blinks a couple of times but doesn’t yet move from where she lies on the floor.  Then slowly she turns her head the other direction to see someone else lying beside her.  She reaches over and nudges them.

“Hey. Where are we?”

As the second person comes awake, they both sit up on the floor and look around, noticing there are others. The second person, identified as Risa starts to panic, “Where is this? What happened?”

Slowly other bodies begin to move and sit up. Risa turns to Danielle, “What is this place? Do you know where we are?” Risa reaches into her pocket and pulls out her cell phone, “There’s no signal at all,” she says.

Danielle looks at her own, “The same.”

The room gets brighter as one of the others, identified as Samantha, walks through a door. She steps into the bright room and looks around. Behind her are Jamie and Jonna, Leah, Jasmine and Kristina.

Soon, Stacy, Aya, Jasmine and Aurora follow suit with Danielle and Risa entering last.

The bright room they entered almost looks like a large classroom. It’s practically empty. Empty except for a circle of chairs that sit in the middle of the room and a large screen television mounted on the wall. Off to the side there are stairs that lead up.  Stacy walks up to the television and tries to turn it on but it doesn’t respond to her consistent pressing of the power button, “Busted. Where the fuck are we?”

The sisters, Jonna and Jamie head up the stairs, Jonna taking the lead.

“Might not want to wander off,” says Samantha as she pushes on the doors that don’t appear to be locked as they swing wide open. “It’s open. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

She’s about to leave when the TV flickers on by itself. A distorted voice speaks, “Please do not leave the room.” Samantha turns around, “Why the fuck do we have to stay here?”

“Welcome to the Murder Game,” the voice says. “You have all been selected to participate in the Murder Game.”

Kristina walks over to look at the television screen. There’s a figure, but it’s more like a silhouette. “I didn’t sign up to play some dumb game. And I don’t think we’re staying here.”

The voice continues, “If you want the chance to live, you must participate in the Murder Game. Failure to comply will result in death.”

Aurora is still standing by the door, “We’re gonna die by walking out of this room? I doubt it.”

Without even acknowledging her comment, the voice continues, “You are all citizens of this community. However, among you is a murderer.”

Leah crosses her arms across chest, “This is bullshit.”

“Every evening, you will gather in this room at 8pm. You will then discuss among yourself who is the murderer. You must have a decision by 9pm. If you fail to have a vote by 9pm, you will all die. However, if a vote is successful, the person with the most votes will be the only one to die.”

There is murmuring among the group. Aya seems the most confused, “This is a sick idea of a joke, right?”

“In everyone’s pocket is a card that identifies your role in the game. Nine of you are citizens. One of you is the accomplice and the last one is the murderer. If at any point there is a violation of the rules, you try to escape or you damage the building you occupy, you will all die. Also, among you is an accomplice. The accomplice is safe from being selected by the murderer or being executed by the murderer, however the accomplice can be selected by the other citizens.”

Everyone starts to look over themselves for their card, each one slowly pulling it out.

“While you may verbally tell someone your role, you may not reveal your card. If you do, you will die.”

Suddenly there is a shift as everyone conceals their card as they look at their roles. Everyone except Leah who stands near the door. “You all are absolutely pathetic. I refuse to participate. I’m outta here.”

She starts for the door, but Danielle tries to stop her, “I don’t think they are kidding…” but she can barely get the words out before Leah pushes her to the floor.

“I said I’m not participating in this joke,” Leah says as others move to help Danielle up to her feet.

The door opens and Leah starts to take a step out onto the patio and suddenly stops. She gets a curious look on her face and reaches up to her neck and as she looks at her hand, she sees blood. Suddenly, a pop is heard and blood begins to splay from her neck all over the wall as she collapses back into the room.

Suddenly, an eerie calmness comes over everyone in the room as they watch her fall. Risa puts her hand over her mouth and begins to sob as she sits down in one of the chairs. “Oh my god,” she says.

Danielle shakes her head, “It’s fake, right?” She rushes over and kneels down and shakes Leah, “Get up!”

Ignoring the death, the voice on the television continues, “Between the hours of one and four am, the murderer will leave their room and execute one citizen. If the murderer fails, then she will die. The once the murderer is killed, the game is over. Or when all citizens are killed, the game is over. Those who remain at the end of the game will each receive one million dollars.”

Danielle looks at her hand, now covered in blood. Samantha walks over and pushes Danielle to the side and squats down. “You better not be…”

She’s interrupted by Aya, “Oh my god. What’s this in my neck?”

Suddenly everyone is reaching up and feeling the side of their neck.  Samantha finds hers and looks down at Leah, who has a hole in the side of her neck in the same spot. “Oh, fuck no. It’s some kind of small explosive.”

“I have one too.”

“Me too.”

“The fuck is going on?”

Samantha looks at Leah once more than stands up, “It’s how they’re gonna make us play this god damned game.”

Risa can still be heard crying in the background.

Some of the ladies walk up the stairs that lead to the second floor of this building. Risa continues to cry as Jonna looks at her from the side and then turns away.  They quietly begin to walk down the hallway. They walk into a kitchen area and begin to look through the fridge and the cupboards.

“I hope someone can cook,” says Aurora.

Jamie meekly raises her hand, “I can.” Jonna puts her arm around her sister, “She’s a chef. I’m sure can figure it out.”

Samantha nods, “Cooking is gonna have to be on you, but let us know if you need help. We can all take turns.”

Back downstairs, Danielle is still sitting with the body of Leah, eyes filled with tears. She looks up at the blood splattered wall and then around as if trying to figure some way out of this. She uses the palm of her hand to wipe away the tears from her face and then grabs a towel and begins to wipe away the blood from Leah’s face.

The others are sitting around the kitchen table, “We have to find a way out of here. If we can contact someone, perhaps we can get out of this before anyone else dies,” says Kristine. “Anyone agree with me?” She raises her hand.

Jamie slowly raises her hand, as does Aya and Risa.

Aurora shakes her head, “You saw what happened to that other woman down there. It’s not worth the risk. But I was thinking. Perhaps the person behind all of this is also involved in this game. You know, getting their kicks or whatever.”

Stacy shakes her head, “I doubt it. Probably watching through hidden cameras or something. What I want to know? Is there anyone who’s not going to participate because if whoever is the murderer, then say so now. You’ll die, but the rest of us can go free.”

Jonna turns to Stacy, “You’re joking right? We have to find a way for everyone to survive.”

“I’m just saying, for the greater good, the murderer can sacrifice themselves and the rest of us can live. Who’s the murderer? Just say so,” asks Stacy.

Everyone looks around the table at each other but no one raises their hand or admits to being the murderer.

“Well, shit,” says Stacy.

“Look,” says Jasmine, “Whatever it is we are dealing with, whoever put us in this ‘game’ is the enemy. We are going to try and look out for each other…”

“You aren’t even getting the picture,” yells Samantha. “Did you see what happened down there? That person was killed right in front of us. We all have those things in our neck. If we don’t participate, then we’re going to die. If we try to escape, we die. If we try and circumvent the rules, they we fucking die. Do you get it? Wake the fuck up!”

Jasmine looks completely rebuked, “I was just saying…”

“What you were saying is gonna get us all killed so put it the fuck out of your mind,” demands Samantha.

Jamie slowly raises her hand, “I have an idea.”

Everyone follows Samantha, who seems to have taken charge of this group as she marches down the stairs and towards Danielle. “Move out of the way,” she demands of Danielle.


Aurora steps forward, “We’re going to throw the body out in the front. Maybe someone will see it and call the cops or something.”

Danielle doesn’t move as she looks up at them, “Say that again?” She begins to cry.

Jonna moves to the front of the crowd, “What do you want us to do? Leave it here to rot and smell? Who knows how long we will be here? If it’ll help the rest of us get out of here, then you’re going to have to let us do this.”

Samantha has had enough, “Fuck this. Let’s go. Everyone grab a part.” Danielle begins to scream as she gets pushed out of the way and they begin to lift the body. Those not helping, block Danielle from getting back to the body.

“You can just throw her out like trash!” screams Danielle as she sobs and tries to get by the others who keep from the ones moving Leah. “She was a human being!”

Stacy finally turns around and grabs Danielle by the shoulders, “She WAS a human being and now she’s dead and she could be the key for us to get out of here. Are you going to force us to play this demented game or are you going to help us get the hell out of here?”

At the front door, Samantha and Jonna begin to swing Leah back and forth and on the count of three, they let her go as she lands with a thud on the sidewalk in front of the house as Danielle looks up behind them all, tears streaming down her face.

A few hours have passed, but it’s still daylight. The women have kept themselves busy by taping help signs to all the windows around the house in hopes that perhaps someone will see it can fall for help.

They finally find the bedrooms, each door has a picture of them taped to the front identifying the rooms for each individual. Some have kept to their rooms, but a group of four have taken residence in the kitchen, sitting around a table. Aurora, Aya, Kristina and Jasmine. Jasmine is making some notes and she finally looks up, “Is anyone here the murderer? Let’s just get that out in the open right now.”

The others shake their head.

“I have an idea. There are ten of us left. If all four of us pick the same person, one of two things can happen. One, we might actually point out the murderer. Two, even if we don’t, the chances that the other six will all point to the same person is practically none. We can save ourselves this way. Eventually, we will pick the killer.” Jasmine flips her notebook around where she has drawn extensive diagrams of her thought process.

Aya looks over the notes, “What if one is us really is the murderer and just not saying so?”

Jasmine shrugs, “We will be alive until 1am then.”

Kristina nods her head slowly, taking it in. “It’s kinda smart. But who do we pick first?”

Aurora shakes her head, “It’s not certain. I think we need to make this an impossibility for one of us to be selected if we’re going to team up.”

Danielle remains seated by the open front door, as if watching out for Leah who still lies on the sidewalk in front of the house.

Jasmine, Aya, Kristina and Aurora are standing behind her and Aurora kneels down and places a hand on Danielle’s shoulder, “What do you think? Will you join us? It’s the only way to guarantee our survival for as long as possible.”

When Danielle doesn’t respond, Aya shakes her head, “Let’s just leave her alone. She’s not going to leave this spot.”

Suddenly, Samantha and the rest walk into the area, “What’s going on here?” she asks suspiciously.

Jonna walks up to Aya, “Plotting something without us? Are we picking sides now?”

Aya gives her a push and there’s a brief scuffle before others try to separate them.

Stacy finally yells, “Let’s not fight each other!”

Everything seems to calm down. Stacy finally says, “Look, I’ve been thinking about this and whoever did this to us? Why we were chosen? There’s must be a reason but we don’t have much time. It’s only a few hours until 8pm. Everyone follow me.” She turns and walks down the hallway.

One by one the others follow until the only one left is Danielle who looks out at the body lying on the sidewalk. She finally takes a deep breath and stands up and follows them as well.

Everyone has assembled in the main room, each taking a seat. Of course, one seat remains empty.

“My name is Jonna. This is my sister Jamie,” she motions to the woman next to her. “I’m a veterinarian.”

Jamie finally speaks up, “I’m a chef.”

“My name is Stacy. I’m a musician.”

Samantha looks over at her, “What do you play?”

“Guitar mostly. A little piano.”

Samantha nods her head. “I’m Samantha. I’m a soldier.”

“Cool,” says Stacy, “Army then?”

Samantha nods.

Danielle’s eyes are still red, “Danielle. Fashion designer.”

“I’m Aurora. I study dance and model a little bit.”

“I’m Kristina, I also model.”

“I’m Risa. I’m a newspaper writer. Food critic, mostly.”

“I’m Jasmine. I’m a baker.” She turns to Jamie, “I can help you in the kitchen, okay?”

Jamie smiles and nods. “Sure, that’s be great.”

Finally, Aya is the last to give her introduction, “I’m Aya. I am a singer.”

Kristina looks over at her, “Anything we might have heard?”

Aya wrinkles up her nose and shakes her head, “Not yet, but hopefully soon! I was about to begin recording when this happened.”

Stacy reaches up and rubs her temples, “I was hoping this would give us some sort of lead, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything at all in common between us.”

“We’ve forgotten someone,” interrupts Danielle.

Aurora looks around the room, “Everyone spoke.”

“Her name was Leah. She was my best friend,” says Danielle as tears begin to roll down her face again.

“Gimme a break,” scoffs Samantha. “There was nothing we could have done for her, you know? She wanted to leave, even that they told us not to. She didn’t want to listen. And you,” she points to Danielle, “are wasting my fucking time with this sentimental bullshit.”

Kristina mutters, “No reason to be a dick about it.”

Danielle sniffles, rubbing at her nose.

It’s getting dark outside, Leah’s body is still lying on the sidewalk out front. It hasn’t drawn any attention.

Danielle walks up to the door and opens it, she has a blanket in her hand. 

Jasmin walks up behind her, “You know she’s dead, right? I mean, she’s not cold or hot or anything really. She really did this to herself.”

Danielle looks at Jasmin for a moment, then turns to look at Leah. She unfolds the blanket and looks like she’s going to try to throw the blanket over the body since she knows if she goes out the door, she’ll die.

Jasmin rushes over and grabs at the blanket though Danielle grips it tightly. “Just, don’t. It’s not worth it. Danielle violently snatches the blanket and walks back to the door and whips it up and watches it fall over Leah’s body.

She turns and looks back at Jasmin and storms off.

Jasmin looks at the body for a few moments before closing the door and turns to follow Danielle.

It’s 8pm as everyone begins to gather in the main room. Everyone takes a seat around the circle but no one really says anything for a long time. Finally, after several minutes of silence, Risa speaks up. She seems to have composed herself some from earlier, though her eyes are a little puffy. “We are going to have to do something. Sitting here doing nothing isn’t going to help.”

Jasmine nods her head, “She’s right.”

“Can they really kill us all in one swoop?” asks Kristina.

Jonna reaches for the side of her neck, “As long as these things are in us, I guess they could.”

Aya lets out a sigh, “We don’t have enough information to truly say who the murderer is.”

Samantha nods, “That’s true. We won’t get more information until we start playing the game.”

Danielle shakes her head violently, “If we play the game more people will die.”

“What choice do we have?” asks Aurora.

“I still say that whoever has the murderer card, they should speak up now,” Stacy says as she glances up at the clock. Fifteen minutes past eight. “We’re running out of time. You can save the majority of us if you speak up now. I know it’s a sacrifice, a very big sacrifice, but please, we’re running out of time.”

Danielle’s eyes glances over to the empty chair in the circle.

More time passes with little discussion about what to do.

Jasmin glances up at the clock that reads 8:30. “We have half an hour. We’re going to have to pick.”

Danielle shakes her head, “I won’t select someone to die.”

Jonna leans forward to look at Danielle, “You’re going to have to, unless you’re willing to die too.”

“I won’t do it.”

“She’ll do it,” says Samantha. “When push comes to shove, she’ll save her own ass.”

Danielle shakes her head again but before she says anything, Risa speaks up.

“Wait a second. Whoever we pick, if we do, how will they die?”

No one answers for a long while, until Stacy speaks up. “We have to kill them.”

This seems to take Jamie by surprised, “What are you saying?”

Stacy shifts uncomfortably in her chair, “It’s like we’re a lynch mob and we suspect a predator. We’re going to have to chase them down and kill them. We kill them or we all die.”

“I won’t do it,” again cries Danielle.

Samantha has had enough as she gets to her feet and walks over to Danielle and just hauls back and slaps her hard across the face, causing Danielle to sprawl across the floor.  Everyone watches as Samantha moves in on Danielle, “If you’re not going to vote, then fucking kill yourself now. We are not going to all die because you want to be a pussy.”

Danielle looks up at Samantha and the two stare off at each other.

“That’s enough,” says Aurora. “We’re running out of time.”

Samantha lets out an angry breath before she walks over and slides her chair back into the circle and sits down.

“Come back, Danielle,” says Aurora. “We have to decide what we’re doing.”

Everyone begins to encourage Danielle to come back to the circle, everyone except Samantha. Finally, she gets to her feet and slowly walks back, picking up her chair and sitting down.

Aurora nods. “We will all vote at the same time. Are you ready? Go.”

Everyone points at someone. Everyone except Danielle.

Jonna looks at her, “What the fuck is wrong with you? We’ve only got thirty minutes left and then we all die.”

Samantha is out of her seat, but Stacy gets in her way. “Sit back down,” she demands as the two square off.

Jasmin kneels in front of Danielle, “We have to pick someone.”

“I won’t pick an innocent person! I want the person who’s behind all of this!”

“We don’t get that choice, Danielle,” says Jasmin. “Everyone has to participate or everyone is sentenced to death, do you understand that? It’s not an option. You saw that happened to Leah. Is that what you want? Look, I beg of you. Play the game.”

Danielle starts to cry again, though it looks as if she might comply. Everyone goes back to their seat and sits down.

Aurora glances up at the clock, “Okay. Let’s try again and vote now.”

Everyone points their finger, this time Danielle does as well.

There are five fingers pointed at Samantha. Three are five fingers pointed at Kristina.

“Why are you pointing at me?” screams Kristina. Samantha doesn’t seem phased.

Aurora shakes her head, “It doesn’t matter. It’s a draw. We’re going to vote again. Now.”

Fingers go up again. This time everyone is pointed at Samantha. Everyone except Danielle, who has pointed at herself.

All of a suddenly, everyone, except Danielle, leaps from their chair and rushes Samantha and drags her out of the room. There is screaming as Samantha struggles to stop herself from being taken away.  As they get to the front door, Aya runs to it and opens it wide. The others push Samantha through the opening, and the moment she crosses the threshold, she trips over Leah’s body and spins around, the explosive in her neck detonates, blood sprays over the few standing in the doorway. Samantha falls onto her back, dead.

There is weeping and crying coming from a few of them. A voice in the main room is heard, “Gather around.” It’s the voice from the television.

They all slowly go into the room where Danielle sits, still weeping. “Everyone must be in their room no later than midnight. You must remain in your room until six am. You did not kill the murderer. The murderer must kill one person between the hours of one am and four am. Good luck.”

The television powers down.

Stacy is a little shaken up, “I don’t know who the murderer is, but if you think we’re just going to lie there and let you kill us tonight, you better think again.”

The others begin to nod in agreement. Jamie actually speaks up, “Maybe we should just stay awake tonight. When the murder comes, just scream and everyone come running.”

Jonna sighs at her sister, “Didn’t you hear? We have to stay in our rooms until six. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fight back. If you hear a scream, stay in your room but look out into the hallway so at least you know who the murderer is.”

Aurora nods. “That’s a great idea.” She’s one of the ones who got sprayed with Samantha’s blood. “I’m going to shower.”

It’s 11:20, Danielle is already in her room in her bed, though she cannot sleep. She gets up and walks down the hall into the bathroom and begins to splash water onto her face. 

She suddenly looks to the side and Jamie is standing there.

They walk back down the hall together, having an unheard conversation and then they get to Danielle’s door, Danni turns to her and says, “Good night.”

Suddenly, Jamie bursts out in tears and Danielle reaches over and grabs her into a hug. “It’ll be okay,” Danielle says to her though Jamie’s tears cause her to cry as well.

Down at the other end of the hall, Kristina is watching them.

The clock strikes midnight.

As we focus on the vents in the bedrooms, gas begins to seep through and fill the room.

The following morning, Danielle wakes up. She had hidden herself under her bed.  A scream is heard. She slowly crawls out then hurries out of the room towards where the other are gathered in front of another room.

Inside, Aurora pulls back the cover and we see Kristina has been stabbed repeatedly. Blood has soaked into her pillow, dripping down onto the floor. “Who found her?”

Risa steps forward, “I did. I screamed, I’m sorry,” she says as tears still stain her cheek. “I couldn’t help it.”

Stacy steps in and sees Kristina and pauses. “Shit. We really do have a killer.”

Jonna pushes Stacy, “You seem pretty calm for someone who just saw a crime scene. Are you the killer?”

Stacy pushes her back, “Are you kidding me right now? There have been two deaths already besides this one? You expect me to get all weepy after a third one?”

Everyone looks at Risa, “I’m sorry!”

Aurora shakes her head, “Let’s move her out of here. Yes, we have a killer but we aren’t going to find her this way. We need to put Kristina out with the others.”

The bodies are piling up on the sidewalk outside the house.

Jamie and Jasmin have put together the morning meal. Everyone is sitting around the table but no one is eating.

“I guess we’re not going to talk about what happened last night?” asks Jonna, who turns to glare at Stacy.

Ignoring Jonna, Stacy asks, “Did anyone find the knife?”

There’s a murmuring in the negative on that.

Risa looks at the food in front of her, “Maybe they put it back in the kitchen.”

“Gross,” says Aya and starts to push her food away.

“No. The knife was missing when we started cooking,” says Jasmine. “It’s not my kitchen so I didn’t think anything of it until someone just said something.”

Stacy nods, “Great, so there’s a knife wielding murderer wandering around. Perfect.” She reaches for a plate and begins to dish some food onto her plate. “And no one heard anything? I slept hard.”

Danielle slowly raises her hand. “I heard something, like a thud. But we’re not supposed to leave our room so I didn’t try to look.”

Jamie hasn’t said a word through the meal, sitting silently. Jonna turns to her, “You okay?”

Jamie just nods. “I’m fine.”

Jonna glares over at Stacy, “Stay the fuck away from my sister.”

Stacy puts her fork down, “You think I’m the murderer?”

“You’re damned right I do.”

“On what grounds?”

Jonna stabs her fork into some food, “On the ground that I don’t trust you. And you’re acting shady.”

“How am I acting shady?”

Jonna looks over at Jasmine, “She’s acting shady, right?”

Jasmin just shrugs, “I haven’t seen anything shady.”

Jonna grrs. “Stay away from her.”

Danielle finally speaks up, “Whoever is doing this, should be ashamed of themselves.”

“Look, it’s not going to do any good now. We are knee deep in this so-called game. We have lost three people. We’re going to lose more if we don’t identify the killer tonight,” says Aurora.

Jonna looks at Danielle, “How about instead of crying about it, you help us find who it is.”

Danielle doesn’t seem to have an answer for that.

Jonna sighs, “Look, if anyone has any idea who the murderer is, they should speak up.” She turns to Danielle, “I know you don’t want to be involved in this, but if this continues as it is, we’re going to have to spend another three days here before this game is over.”

Aurora shakes her head, “That’s too long and most of us will be dead by then.”

Stacy wonders out loud, “What if there’s a player we haven’t met yet?”

“If that were true, then the rules of this game wouldn’t make any sense. We would be setting up the other players, not realizing we can’t even point out the murderer,” says Danielle, “Besides, there’s an accomplice as well.”

Jonna nods, “An accomplice seems to get off scot-free even if the murderer is caught.”

“Unless the accomplice is pointed out during the evening meeting,” Risa chimes in.

It’s eight in the evening and everyone has gathered around the circle. To make it less sad, the empty chairs have been removed and the circle has gotten smaller. No one has said a word in the past few moments until Jonna speaks up.

“I’m the fortune teller.”

Everyone turns to her. “What does that mean?” asks Danielle.

The TV comes to life as the distorted voice begins to speak. “The fortune teller can ask if a certain person in the game is a citizen or the murderer. They may only inquire once per evening. We were beginning to wonder if someone would confess to being selected in this role. You may continue. Your vote is due by the top of the hour.”

The TV shuts down.

Aya looks at Jonna, “Why didn’t you say something?”

“It’s not like I can prove it or anything.”

Stacy looks skeptical, “All of a sudden tonight you want to say you’re a fortune teller? Why?”

Looking over at her sister Jamie, Jonna admits, “I wanted to find out if my sister was the murderer first.”

“Why didn’t you ask who the murderer was?” asks Risa.

Jonna shakes her head, “According to the card, you can only ask about a specific person in a specific role. So, I asked specifically if Jamie was the murderer.”

Jamie’s eyes go wide at that.

Danielle asks, “What did they say?”

“She isn’t.”

All eyes turn to Jamie for a moment as she kind of shrinks in her chair. Aurora stands up, “How do we know you aren’t lying just to save your sister?”

Jasmin stands as well, “She wouldn’t know what was on the card if she didn’t have it.”

The others around the circle begin to murmur among each other that it makes sense.

Even Aurora was skeptical at first, but Jasmin makes a good point. She slowly sits herself back down. “Now that you know that your sister isn’t the murderer, Jonna, you need to start asking who is the murderer. The sooner the better. It’s time to vote. Does the murderer want to reveal themselves yet?”

Everyone looks around the circle, but no one speaks up or raises a hand. 

“I’m asking about Stacy tonight. She still seems shady to me,” says Jonna. Stacy just glares at the sister.

“In all of this, I hope everyone has decided who they’re going to pick,” says Aurora.

Aya leans over and says something in Jasmin’s ear as they both look at Aurora.

“You have something to say?” asks Aurora.

Aya lifts her head, “I asked her who put you in charge of this group? If anything seems sketch, it’s someone taking the lead when they weren’t elected to.”

“No one else would, so I did,” Aurora explains. “You know what? Let’s vote. Now.”

Aurora points her hand towards Risa. However, everyone else’s hand is pointed towards her. “What? What have you done?” she asks as she rises to her feet. “No. This is not happening.” She starts to panic and starts to point, “Well, fuck you. And fuck you. And fuck you all.” She starts to run up the stairs when a small bang is heard, causing everyone else to jump. Aurora’s body falls back down the stairs. She comes to rest at the bottom.

No one moves for a long time. Risa begins to cry again.

The television lights up. “You have not found the murderer.”

At the news, Jamie begins to cry too.

Jonna enters her room and sits down at the desk. She slides open the middle draw where there are two cards. One says ‘citizen’, the other says ‘prophet’.

We flashback to when the citizens were carrying Kristina’s body out of her room. As they maneuver her down the stairs, something falls from Kristina’s pocket that no one sees. No one but Jonna, who picks it up. It was the prophet card with all the instructions on it.  She slips it into her pocket.

Meanwhile, in her room Aya is scribbling something on a piece of paper. It appears to have everyone’s name on it as well as who they voted for. There are big Xs over the names of Samantha, Kristina, Leah and she adds one over Aurora’s name.  She holds it up, though we can only see the back. “Wait a second,” she says as she notices something.

It’s then the gas begins to seep into the rooms.

A scream is heard that wakes up the house.

Everyone rushes to the sound of the screams which appear in front of Aya’s door. Jonna pushes her way through and we see that Aya is face down on her desk, throat slit as blood pools on the floor beneath her as well as an initial blood spray on the wall.

We would also notice that the paper she was working on last night is no longer there.

“Guys…” says Stacy who is still in the hallway.

Everyone moves into the hallway and as we look down, we see that every door is open, except one.

Jonna pushes her way back into the hall. Everyone follows them down the hall to the closed door. Stacy reaches out her hand and turns the door knob and pushes the door open and we find Risa lying on her bed, both wrists are cut as she drips blood into a much large blood pool on the floor.

“Why would she do that?” asks Danielle.

“She didn’t,” says Jasmin who pushes her way into the room. “The knife would still be here if she did this to herself. The murderer got her.”

“This is fucked up!” yells Jonna. “They never said anything about killing more than one of us at night.” Obviously pissed off, Jonna storms down the hall and turns down the stairs. Everyone follows behind her wondering what she’s up to and murmuring to themselves.

Jonna walks up to the television and bangs on it a couple of times, “I know you can hear me! We have questions. How come there were two murders last night? What the fuck is this about? You never said anything about that!”

The television flickers on and the distorted voice responds. “The rules have not been violated.”

Stacy speaks up, “So the murderer can just kill us all off if she wants to during the night?”

“No. There is a limit which the murderer is aware of.”

Jasmin shakes her head, “That’s just fucking great. There’s only five of us left. This game could be over by morning.”

Jamie’s eyes go wide, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, we have a vote tonight that takes out one person. Someone else has to die tonight if we don’t find the killer at the vote. If two people die before morning, the game is over,” Jasmin explains.

Stacy crosses her arms across her chest, “How do you figure?”

“I believe the accomplice is still out there. Since the accomplice can’t be killed by the murderer, the only way to be rid of her is to point her out at the nightly meeting. I don’t think we’ve done that. If we don’t point out the accomplice tonight, then she will survive until morning. If the murderer kills one person again tonight, that leaves three people. The game is over. The vote will be two to one for the last remaining citizen,” Jasmin explains.

Danielle nods her head, “She’s right.”

“So, who the fuck is the murderer!” screams Jonna as she kicks a chair and it tumbles across the room. “You know what? Fuck all of you all.” She storms up the stairs and a few moments later a slamming door is heard.

The other four look around at each other, “I wonder if she’s the murderer.” Jasmin mutters under her breath. Jamie is obviously upset by that inference as she runs up the stairs as well.

The remaining women work together to move the bodies from the rooms to the front of the resident. They’ve long given up hope that someone will see them and send for help. There are already six bodies piled up out there. More than half now. Leah, Samantha, Aurora, Risa, Aya and Kristina are all gone.

The second body is tossed outside. They haven’t even bothered to clean up the rooms. Aurora’s blood spray is still on the wall going up the stairs. Samantha and Leah’s blood have painted the concrete outside. Aya, Risa and Kristina’s room haven’t been touched.

The day goes by, eerily silent as everyone sort of keeps to themselves. Deep down, there’s hope that this thing will be called off but with a million dollars at stake, it may be what’s keeping everyone sane.

Stacy walks by the kitchen and she hears conversation inside. She peeks her head in and the four stop speaking.

“What’s going on in here?”

Jonna is the first to speak, “Trying to decide what to make for dinner.”

The others seem to go along with that sentiment.

As eight approaches everyone takes a seat, but as they sit. Four of them stay to one side, leaving Stacy on the other side of the circle.

“You fuckers are going to point me, aren’t you?” she asks. “What did I ever do to any of you?”

Jonna shakes her head. “It’s just the matter of elimination. You’re the next likely prospect.”

Stacy gets up from her seat, “That’s bullshit. Any of you could be the murderer.” She points at Jonna, “Especially you!”

Jamie shakes her head, “She’s the prophet!”

Jonna considers coming clean about that, but then realizes that would make her public enemy number one. “I’m the prophet. I couldn’t be the murderer.”

Stacy glares at her, “You could be lying about being the prophet.” But then her eyes shift to Jamie, “But you know who’s been awfully quiet this whole time? You. You with your crying and shit.”

Jonna gets out of her chair and stands between Jamie and Stacy. “I’d rather you pick me than my sister. She’s got nothing to do with this.”

“She’s got just as much to do with this as you and I do. We’re all stuck here. We are being picked off one by one.” Stacy walks back over and sits down in her seat. “You know what’s funny? Every night we go to sleep, I don’t hear shit. I’m a light sleeper but here I sleep like a log. That’s what all about? If they are knocking us out at night, we are prey for just about anyone here. Including your sister.”

Jasmin had all been ready to vote for Stacy but her eyes suddenly move to look at Jamie who looks to be about in tears again.

“And what about you?” Stacy looks over at Danielle, “This little show of yours to be concerned about everyone is grating on my nerves.”

“I do care!” Danielle exclaims. “I’ve been there to help move every dead body. Every time.”

“Give me a break,” mutters Stacy. “You wanna vote? Let’s vote and get this shit over with. Let’s vote now.”

Stacy points to Jamie. Jasmin also points to Jamie. Jamie, Danielle and Jonna all point to Stacy.

“You know what? Fuck you,” Stacy says as she leaps from her chair and rushes over to attack Jamie, but Jonna and Jasmin take her down. “Let me up, goddammit!” she says as she struggles to get up.

Jasmin tries to hold on to Stacy, “Just calm down. The vote was fair.  You lost.”  Jamie and Danielle stay back and out of the way as the three wrestle on the floor when suddenly a pop is heard. Blood sprays from Stacy’s neck and splatters on both Jasmin and Jonna.

“Goddammit!” shouts Jasmin as she gets to her feet.  She wipes at her face with her shirt.

Stacy lies still on the ground as her blood begins to seep from her body and form a puddle around her body.

The TV lights up.

Everyone turns to face it.

“You have not found the murderer. Murderer, you may state who you would plan to kill tonight.”

The four turn to look at each other. Finally, a voice speaks up, “Jasmin.”

Two faces turn to look at Danielle. Jamie already knows and doesn’t turn her head.

Suddenly, the capsule in Jasmin’s next explodes and she falls to the floor, dead.

“Wait! Oh my god. You two?” asks Jonna.

Danielle and Jamie nod their heads. “Sorry,” says Jamie.

The voice on the television speaks again. “The murderer and the accomplice have won the Murder Game.”

Jonna looks up at the television, “What about me?”

“The winners may wait for their transportation as well as their winnings.”

“I asked you what about me?” Jonna exclaims but just as soon as the words leave her mouth, her neck also explodes, spraying blood everywhere as she falls to the ground. Jamie screams as she rushes over to grab onto her sister. “No! Nono! We planned this carefully! She wasn’t supposed to die!”

Tears are rolling down Danielle’s cheeks as she walks over and kneels down next to Jamie. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Only the winners survive the Murder Game,” comes the voice from the television. Then it shuts off.

As Jamie sobs while holding on to her bloody sister, Danielle remains nearby comforting the woman.

Danielle is in her room some time later. She slides the chair across the room and climbs on top. She loosens the screws that hold her vent into place. Inside, she reaches and pulls out a few items. The paper that Aya was drawing. The one that points to Danielle as the murderer. Also, the remaining cards she took from the others. She folds everything in the paper and slips them into her pocket before stepping down from the chair.

The driver opens the door of the limousine and as Danielle and Jamie stand outside waiting. They walk and see the two briefcases sitting in the back. They climb in and the driver closes the door. As the limo drives away, the two pairs of eyes watch the house as they leave. We see the limo turn at the end of the drive and disappear on screen as it fades to black.



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