Warning: There is a scene in this episode that involves a suicide by hanging. If you are sensitive to this, viewer discretion is advised

The scene opens in the dead of night. The faint sounds of sirens begin to get louder as they get closer. The alley is dark, except for the small amount of light coming from the main street, forming a sliver of light as the camera follows. 

We finally see a pair of feet, patent leather shoes, and slacks. Blood seeps out from underneath. As the camera continues to move to the side, we see a detective badge and a pistol as the river of blood moves into them. 

Suddenly a light gets very bright as the siren becomes very loud and headlights turn into the alley.  The screen suddenly goes black.



We see Dragon and Deathbolt as they stand huddled over something, looking down. 

“What do we do with her?”


“Fuck if I know.”

We finally see what they are looking at as the camera focuses on a sleeping Sheila Sorrell lying on a couch. Unlike the previous night, her skin has turned back to her normal texture. 


And she is sleeping very soundly. 

“Do we tell Eel?”

“Fuck Eel. Besides, you saw her last night. She could have killed us. I’d rather have her on our side than against us.”


Deathbolt nods, “Right. You really think Eel left her for dead like she says?”

“I don’t know. Sounds like a typical dick-Eel-move to me. Look, when it’s time to take down Eel, we’re gonna need her help so play it cool.”


Deathbolt nods again. “Right.”

Dragon turns to him, “Do you ever get an original thought?”

Deathbolt looks surprised at the question, “Of course, why do you ask?”


Dragon continues to look at him, “What original thought have you had?”

Deathbolt looks down at Sheila, “Sorrell looks pretty hot when she’s not trying to kill us.”

There’s a sigh, “Shut the fuck up.”

Renee Montoya slips into the office first thing in the morning and everyone already in waves hello and she returns the favor. As she gets over to her desk, she looks down at the mysterious cup of coffee waiting for her. She looks up and around, “Who brought this?”

Someone speaks up, “Some dame. We all placed bets on if you gotta new girlfriend or not.” The rest of the room laughs out loud. 


“Funny, idiots.” She reaches for the cup. “What did she look like?”


“Not that tall.”


“She had big boobs.”

“They weren’t that big.”

Renee just waves them off, “You guys are supposed to be cops and you can’t describe a woman who was in here less than half an hour ago?”


“How’d you know she was in that soon?”

“The coffee is still warm.” She drops it into the trash can. 

“Whatdya do that for?”

“You might drink a strange cup of coffee from a stranger, but that doesn’t usually work out well for us girls, idiot.”


“Ah. Good point.”

She sits down at her desk and realizes along with the coffee there was a note. “Eel and boys. Tonight. 9 am. Stolen district. Gun buy. Lots of them.”

If she didn’t know better, she might think this came from the vigilante, but the vigilante is a guy and they swear it was a woman who either did or did not have big boobs. Pigs.  She gets up out of her chair and walks towards the Chief’s office, but stops.

What if the vigilante was right? I mean, the incident last night could have been a coincidence. But, if it’s not, then to tell the Chief means that he could warn them and she wouldn’t have shit.

The Chief looks up from his desk and sees her standing there, “Need something, Montoya?”

She could tell him and see how he responds. If he tells her to lay off, then it might confirm her suspicion about him. 

“Earth to Montoya! You fucking there or what? Where’s my vigilante?” the Chief’s voice wakes her from her thoughts.  She makes a decision and walks into his office and places the paper on his desk. “I found this on my desk this morning. None of those assholes recall who put it there.”

Curiously, the Chief picks up the paper and skims it. “This ain’t your case, Montoya. I want the vigilante.”

She takes a seat in front of his desk, “I understand that. But, chances are if this is true, then the vigilante will be there as well. This seems to be his type of thing. We could knock out both at the same time. Stop the guns and nab the vigilante.”

The Chief contemplates it for a moment and then nods. “Okay. I see your point. Set it up. Don’t fuck it up.”  He hands her back the piece of paper. 

She nods her head, “I won’t.” Montoya turns and leaves his office. She barely gets a few steps when she hears the clacking of his cell phone as he fires off a text to someone. She stops walking for a moment as a disappointed look crosses her face. 

“What are you doing up so early?”

That would be the voice of Myra Fermin as she rolls over in bed to look at Vic Sage as he finishes shaving. “I have a few things I need to handle before the end of the day.”

No sense in worrying her that his doom has been predicted for tonight. Not that he put a lot of stock in predictions or fate, but if this happens to be his last day on Earth, then he has a few things he needs to accomplish. 

She sits up in bed, with a blanket wrapped around her. “Something going on today that makes it different than every other day?”

She’s suspicious, he notes to himself. “Well, I do have to spend time with my other girlfriend,” he says with a grin as he rinses off his razor and grabs a towel to wipe the remnants of cream from his face.

“You’re an ass,” she says playfully, knowing full well he’s full of shit.

“And what’s on your schedule for today, Mrs. First Lady of Hub City?”

She falls backward onto the bed, “Women’s luncheon where I will be judged if I drink a lot of wine.”

Vic gives a chuckle, “The mayor’s wife’s work is never done.”  He finishes tying his tie and reaches for his briefcase.

“Will I see you tonight?”

He pauses and bites back his first response, “Let me text you. I may have a busy night on the broadcast. I think I’m about to bust this whole thing wide open.”

He walks over and gives her a kiss before walking out the door.  She reaches for a pillow and places it under her neck and mutters, “He better not have another girlfriend…”

Vic Sage pulls into the parking lot of the television station and he walks inside.


He recognizes that voice immediately. Anyone who works for the television station would. He turns towards the booming voice and walks to the office door of his boss, the program manager. 

“What’s up?”

He scowls up at Sage from his desk, “You are a pain in my ass, do you know that? I have the mayor’s office calling me. What are you up to?”

Sage just grins. “I’m doing my job. I’m reporting the news. I’m going to be in the vacant studio doing some pre-recording, do you mind?”

Still upset, the boss waves him off and Sage turns and heads towards a set of cubicles and approaches someone though we don’t see who it is, “Gonna need your help.”

Eel O’Brien is sitting at his own desk and he has been calling his so-called cohorts since he woke up. Something has been eating at him and he isn’t sure what it was.

Well, that might be a lie.

He kept thinking about Sheila. The room — no, his life has been quiet since she died last night. She wasn’t here to nag him about eating. She wasn’t here to ask him stupid questions. She wasn’t here to annoyingly dote on his every need.

She wasn’t there and he was starting to feel some type of remorse over it. It was not a feeling he liked one bit. 

One thing he did know was that he had a shipment of guns coming in tonight and tonight was the night he hoped to be rid of that vigilante once and for all. He’s been a pain in the ass for far too long. 

Get rid of the vigilante. Get rid of Sage. Everyone would be home free. 

He reaches for the remote and flips on the television. 

“Tonight on the 11 o’clock news. A special report from Vic Sage as he promised to provide proof as to how far spread corruption is in this city. He promises that it will all be exposed tonight.”

As quickly as he turned it on, he shuts it off again.  He stands up and just screams out, “Fuck!”

At the same time, the Mayor has muted his television after hearing the same commercial for the newscast. 

“You told me you were dealing with him. Both of them.”

Lady Shiva walks over towards him and places her hands on his desk, leaning forward, “Trust me. He will be dealt with.”

“I don’t need him dealt with, I need them both dealt with! We have a big-money game going down tonight and I don’t need that fucking vigilante interfering and I don’t need Vic Sage blabbing to the world about what we have going on here! I need you to take care of this today!”

She looks at him curiously, “I told you it would be done today. I will eliminate him today.”

The mayor is getting annoyed now, “Why do you keep saying ‘him’? I need them both…”  It’s as if the light goes on for him. A moment of clarity. “Are you telling me…”

She nods her head.

“If he’s going to be on the news tonight, then he can’t be…”

She nods her head again.

“So all you need to do is wait for him…”

She nods a third time. “You must trust that I know what I am doing.”

The mayor starts to pick up the phone, “I’m gonna call the Chief of Police and have him arrested so he can’t…”

She reaches over and presses down on the phone. “Do not interfere. I will handle this. If he’s arrested, it will only look like he’s being silenced. Leave him to me. Do you understand?”

The threat was there, in her eyes as she stared at him. He knows what she can do, so he simply nods his head and places the receiver back on the cradle. 

“Killing him won’t make us look suspicious?”

Lady Shiva shakes her head, “I will ensure that the police look in a different direction.”

The Mayor nods his head. “But who?”

“It doesn’t concern you. As per usual, once the job has been completed, I will contact you. You will have fifteen minutes to transfer money into my account. If you fail to do so, I will come to find you. Are we clear?”

He nods his head again because he knows she means it.

“Very good,” she says as she rises. “You will hear from me tonight.”

As she leaves, he reaches for a handkerchief and wipes at the sweat that has formed on his brow.  As he does, his wife Myra enters the room and pauses as she sees him using that handkerchief.

“Are you alright?” she asks.

He quickly nods his head, “Why do you ask?”

She walks over and pours herself a cup of coffee, “You look pale. Did you eat breakfast?”

“And where were you this morning?”

“Meetings, then that god awful luncheon that I have to do because the “mayor’s wife” is expected to.”

He leans back in his chair, “Sorry your life is so difficult. But you know what you were getting into when you married me.”

Myra shrugs her shoulders, “I’m doing fine. I’m keeping plenty busy.”

The Mayor narrows his eyes, “What exactly do you mean by that?”

She glances up at the clock on the wall, “Would you look at that. It’s time for me to head out for my next meeting. I’ll assume we aren’t having dinner together again tonight. And I’ll find something else to keep me entertained.”  She walks by and gives him a kiss on the top of his head and then walks out as he stares at her with a scowl on his face. 

He picks up his cell phone and punches the screen. 

“Eel. Who do you have that can keep an eye on someone for me?”

Vic walks out of the studio and talks to the producer, “You understand what I need?”

The producer nods, “This is for your segment tonight. Are you sure you want to open this can of worms? The boss is going to be pissed.”

“Fuck him. This is important. It’s time the city finds out just how deep this corruption goes and once this airs, my neck is as good as snapped. If you want my advice, pre-record the entire newscast tonight. Get everyone the fuck out. Make sure this airs,” he points to the tape in the producer’s hand.

“You got it, Vic.”

Vic leaves the studio and hops into his car and drives off.  He gets on the freeway and after a few minutes takes the exit towards downtown and as he pulls up to a stoplight, his side window shatters.


He punches down on the gas and runs the red light and turns into an alley and stops the car.  He brushes the glass from the passenger seat and finds an arrow with something attached to it. He unravels it and spreads it open.

“Vigilante. Tonight. 11 pm. Gun. Lots of guns. Location: Where you are currently sitting in the alley.”

He crumbles up the note, “The fuck?” 

He pulls out of the alley.

“Sounds like someone is trying to set me up.”  But in fact, he also knows there’s a plan in place to run guns. So, does he take the chance, or does he let this one slide? 

“Sliding really isn’t my style,” he admits as he pulls into an automobile repair shop.

Gonna have to get this window fixed before tonight.

As night settles onto Hub City, the good parts of town begin to slowly get tucked into their beds unaware of the shit storm that is about to be unleashed upon their city. In the seedier parts of Hub City, locks are going into place and bars protect the occupants in their cheap apartments that line the streets to house as many of the underprivileged as possible. 

As his watch hits 10:45 PM, The Question stands on top of his perch just over the alley he was parked in earlier that day. So far not a peep has been heard except the occasional drunk passing by to piss. 

He taps his watch, “Tot, if something goes bad here tonight, I’m gonna need you to come to extract me, understand?”

“You know something I don’t?” asks the professor.

“Let’s just say that I’m starting to get a little superstitious.”

“Be careful out there.”

“Will do.”

“Let’s get these guns loaded before someone shows up to bust up our party,” says Eel as several of his goons are carrying boxes and loading them into the back of a large cargo truck. 

“Hey, Eel!”

Eel turns his head, “What?”

“We got trouble. You better get in here.”

Eel curses under his breath and heads into the warehouse. “What’s going on?”

Deathbolt points behind several stacks of boxes, “I dunno how she got here, but I think she’s gonna cause some trouble.”

“Who the fuck is ‘she’?” Eel asks as he moves towards Dragon and Deathbolt. 

As Eel walks around the corner, a hand reaches out and grabs him around the throat. As the camera cuts around the corner, we see that Sheila has Eel around his neck and she is not happy. 

Eel manages to squeak out, “Sheila, oh my God! You’re alive!”

“You left me to die, you piece of shit.” She squeezes on his neck, causing Eel to squawk. “Help me out, guys…”

Dragon and Deathbolt stand there with their arms crossed in front of them. It’s then Eel realizes that it’s a setup. “Now, wait a minute, Sheila…” he begins but before he can get out another word, Sheila’s forehead turns to stone and she drives her head hard against Eel’s and knocks him out cold.

Dragon turns to Deathbolt, “Go check on the guns, okay?”  Deathbolt nods and takes off. Dragon turns to Sheila, “We will give this asshole a piece of his own medicine.”  He pulls up a large burlap sack and hands it to her, “Stuff him in here and make sure he can’t get out when he wakes up. We’re gonna take a trip.”

Renee Montoya is heading downtown. It’s nearly 11 and she knows that this gun run is taking place very soon. She could only get three squad cars to help back her up as she exits the freeway, they are still behind her. 

She pulls over to the side of the road and the other three squad cars pull in behind her. She hops out of her vehicle and the other officers exit theirs, “So, the plan is to wait until we see the exchange, and then we will roll in and nab them all and call it a day.”

“Sounds good, detective.”

As Montoya moves to get back in her car to wait, the other officers give each other an odd look before getting back into their vehicle.

The Question, from atop his perch on the roof notices the cops pulling up to the side of the building a couple of blocks down. “What the fuck?”

He walks over to the corner and spots Montoya talking to the others, “Goddamnit. How is she here?” He is already concerned about this operation and now he has to worry about them as well. 

“Is there a problem?” he hears in his earpiece.

“Probably. Nothing I can do about it. Somehow the cops know about this shipment. Someone had to have tipped them off. It’s going to be a shitshow.”

“Make sure to protect your ass out there.”

“Don’t worry. I’m rather fond of it.” Something causes a shiver to run down his spine, “Something’s not right here.”

“Maybe you should just get out of there.”

“No can do, partner. We don’t need all these guns on the street. I’ll be in touch.” He looks down the street and notices a black van heading his way. 

Montoya is watching the road. She sees the black van too. Suddenly, without warning the three other cop cars start up, make a u-turn, and leave her sitting on the side of the road.  She grabs her com and yells, “What’s going on?”

She gets no response. 

“Where the fuck are you going?”


She tosses it down and screams, “Goddamnit!”

The black van turns into the alley.

She opens the door and exits her car.

As the black van stops in the alley, The Question scales down the wall quietly and lands on the ground. He ducks down and moves against the van as the engine suddenly stops. He slowly creeps up to the driver’s side window.  He places his hand on the door and whips it open.

There’s no one there in either the driver’s seat or the passenger seat. The spot on his faceless mask where his eyebrows are furrow as he is confused for the moment. He looks toward the back of the van, but it’s dark. He slowly moves along the van towards the back.

Renee Montoya is moving slowly down the block, crossing the intersection and continuing towards that alley. She reaches down and unclips her weapon and draws it as she inches towards her destination.

The Question reaches the back of the van. He takes a deep breath and whips around the corner and pulls open the back doors and finds…


“It’s a fucking setup.”

Just then Renee Montoya steps around the corner with her weapon drawn, “Freeze. Police.”

The Question raises both of his hands, “Don’t shoot. I’m on your side.”

“Turn around. Slowly.”

He slowly turns around and when she sees his faceless face, she shakes her head, “You again? You’re the one running guns?”

“I’m not the one running guns.”

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Trying to stop the ones running guns.”


“It’s not bullshit!”

“Take off the fucking mask.”

“I can’t do that.”

As Montoya takes a step towards the Question, she sees the face of Lady Shiva behind The Question. 

We hear the shunt sound as everything goes in slow motion. 

Renee’s eyes widen as she yells at him to watch out, but it’s too late.

We see that Lady Shiva has driven a knife into the back of The Question. With great strength, she pulls the knife up along his spine, ripping at his flesh as blood begins to pour out as she brings it halfway up his back. 

Renee starts to run towards him, but Shiva pushes him towards her. His weight is too much as it falls against her and they both tumble to the ground as Renee’s gun goes flying and clacks along the pavement.

Lady Shiva hops down from inside the van and walks towards the two as Renee struggles to get The Question’s body off of her.

“Vic? Are you there?” Tot’s voice in the ear com. “Your vitals are all out of whack.  Vic?”

He doesn’t get a response as The Question lies on top of Montoya who is trying to get out from underneath. Lady Shiva reaches for her hair and literally drags her from under him. 

Montoya takes a wild desperate swing at her, but it’s easily blocked and then Lady Shiva hits her in the side of the neck. Renee’s eyes roll back and she falls to the ground.

Shiva grabs Montoya’s arm and drags it towards the still body of The Question and wraps her fingers around the knife still embedded into his back, leaving the detective’s fingerprints all over the murder weapon. Shiva reaches for her phone and takes a picture and sends it to the Mayor.

Meanwhile, as the Mayor’s phone sets off, the news has been going for nearly twenty minutes. The text is ignored for the time being as Vic Sage is introduced and his face appears on the screen.

“Fellow people of Hub City. I have made it my crusade to rid this city of the corruption that has eaten away at our core for so many years. I have turned over evidence to the FBI that implicates nearly everyone from Mayor Fermin to the Chief of Police to the head of every city department in Hub City.”

We see several FBI agents entering the precinct, guns drawn as several officers fall to the floor. The Chief of Police rises from his chair and places his hands behind his head and falls to his knees as he’s taken into custody.

“It’s time now to stand up and demand better of those who serve our city. They represent us, we don’t represent them. The favors, the payoffs, the acceptance of rampant crime in this city has to stop and tonight is the night that it stops.”

More city officials are taken into custody as the speech continues.

“We must demand better. We should no longer have to live in fear of our lives each time we step out of our apartments, workplaces and homes. So, who will step up now and fill these vacant seats and serve our community in a manner in which it’s expected?”

We see the Mayor transfer money into Lady Shiva’s account from his computer. He stands up and walks over to the curtain and pulls down the braided rope that opens them.

He walks over to the balcony and steps outside. He ties the rope around the railing. He takes the other end of the rope and ties it around his neck. With tears streaming down his face, he falls over the side.

“It’s time for the good people of Hub City to step up to this challenge. I will not be able to do it for you. It’s up to you. Signing off for the final time, this is Vic Sage.”

We see the FBI moving in on City Hall, but inside Myra Fermin has just walked into the Mayor’s office. She doesn’t see him at his desk, but she looks towards the balcony and she rushes towards it to find her husband has hung himself over the side.

The FBI moves past the workers still inside City Hall and up the stairway that leads to the Mayor’s office. As they burst through the doors, they see Myra desperately trying to perform CPR on her husband, tears streaming down her face as one of the agents calls something in on his handset.

We go back to the alley and Montoya’s eyes flicker open. The van has left. She crawls to the body of the man bleeding out on the pavement. “Don’t you fucking die…” she demands as she shakes him. 

He slowly moves an arm and touches the smartwatch at his wrist as a cloud forms around them.  With that same hand, he reaches up and removes the mask from his face.

Renee’s eyes go wide, “Vic Sage? Oh my God, that the fuck?”

“Just… don’t,” he mutters under his breath. “I… knew… this was coming. Take the watch.” He taps another button on the screen and the screen on the watch turns red. “Take the mask. Take the earpiece.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re in danger. It’s a frame. Get them and go far away. Someone will come for you,” he breathes out.

“Someone? What someone?”

“Trust me this one time.”

Renee slowly reaches for the watch.

There’s a burlap sack in the back of a truck as it rolls down the street. 

“Very funny, guys.”

The voice of Eel O’Brien is very clear. “Let me outta here and we’ll talk it over.”

The truck pulls into the parking lot of Hub Chemicals. Dragon, Deathbolt, and Sheila exit the vehicle.

“Can you grab the sack, Sheila?” asks Dragon.

“My pleasure,” she says as she pulls down the tailgate and drags the sack towards her and hoists it over her shoulder.

“Hey! Easy out there,” yells Eel. “I get the message! How about you let me outta here and we have a conversation about etiquette? Sound good?”

Suddenly, Sheila just drops him to the ground.

“OW! What the fuck?”

Instead of picking him up, she grabs the bag and drags it along the pavement instead.

“This fucking hurts, goddammit!” 

“That was a rock!”

She continues to drag him across the pavement.

“What that a curb? You can’t lift me over the curb?”

The three disappear inside the plant.

The mayor is placed on a gurney in his office and a sheet placed over his head as they wheel him out. 

Myra Fermin is in tears as she watches her husband get carried out of the office.

Once they leave, she brushes at her eyes and rises to her feet. She walks over and pulls the rope from the balcony and walks over to hang it back up on the curtain where it came from.

Sirens are getting closer to the alley as Montoya has tucked away the items requested of her. She reaches for his hand, “Why? Why did you do all of this?”

Vic Sage offers a small smile, “Someone had to. No one else would do it.”

He gives her hand a squeeze and as the sirens get closer and closer, red and blue lights begin to flash at the entrance of the alley. Finally, his hand goes limp in her as her eyes tear up. She knows there’s no way out of this so she gets up on her knees and places her hands behind her head.

Suddenly, everything goes black for a brief moment and the sound of metal clattering on the ground. Renee Montoya is missing, but on the ground are her badge and her weapon as headlights finally turn into the alley as the scene fades to black.

“Two tragic deaths occurred last night. Mayor Fermin, on being accused of corruption, died last night of a heart attack. The charges against him are being investigated by the FBI who also has taken in many high ranking officials within Hub City’s government. It seems as if Mayor Fermin’s wife Myra may be nominated to step into her husband’s shoes as Mayor as early as this afternoon.”

The scene opens up the following morning. The sun is shining, quite unaware of the chaos that Hub City has been thrown into. The camera pans towards a large body of water. A large boat is moving away from the city as the newscaster continues as a voiceover.

“We are also sad to report the death of our own Vic Sage. Sage was murdered last night in an alley, deep in the heart of Hub City. There’s no explanation why he would be there, but the police have issued a warrant for the arrest of police detective Renee Montoya as a person of interest. It is believed she may have been on Sage’s list of potential corruption suspects. We send our condolences to the family of Vic Sage.”

We close in on the watercraft as it glides upon the water. Renee Montoya is leaning against the railing as she watches the city grow smaller and smaller.  “Where are we going anyway?” she asks.

Aristotle Rodor steps up next to her, “There’s an island I know of where you will be safe until this all blows over.”

Seagulls fly overhead as Renee turns to the professor, “When can that possibly be?”

“I don’t have an answer for you, but I do have a proposition for you.”

She looks at him curiously as the scene fades to black.



               VIC SAGE/THE QUESTION   Kendrick Kross

RENEE MONTOYA   Mariah Lopez-Robinson

                MYRA FERMIN   Samantha Hamilton

                           ARISTOTLE RODOR   Jan Van Der Roost

             LADY SHIVA   Q



                EEL O’BRIEN  Shawn Warstein

       DRAGON  Kira Izumi

    DEATHBOLT  Lex Collins

SHEILA SORRELL   Kenzie Garrett

The scene opens up in a dimly lit alley. There’s a street light that flickers on and off at random intervals. A couple of rats scurry across the street. 

“I used to be the king of this fucking city.”

The camera pans around as if trying to find the voice.

“I had the mayor and the chief of police in my pocket. We were making lots of money. Hey, brother. You could at least look at me when I’m talking to ya.”

The camera pans around again, searching for the speaker.

“Over to the left a little.”

The camera pans left.

“Now, lower.”

The camera drops a little lower.

“Little more.”

It drops a little more.

“On the ground, you idiot.”

There seems to be a splotch of something on the ground.

“There. Surprised? Surprised to be talking a mess of goo here? Well, not as surprised as me.”

The pile of goo in question seems to have a mouth that moves.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m the famous Eel O’Brien. Gangster extraordinaire or some shit like that. I don’t suppose you could find a wheelbarrow or a big sack or something. Forget the sack. That’s how I got into this mess in the first place.  Where was I again?”

The alley suddenly lights up very bright and a female voice is heard, “Patrick O’Brien. I’ve come with a proposition.”


Shawn Warstein, Kira Izumi, Lex Collins and Kenzie Garrett will return in:


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