Douglas Frost walks into the foyer of Schumer Construction, where Dante and Twill are standing.

“It’s like a fucking reunion in here,” Douglas says as he approaches. “This brings back some old memories. It’s been a while since the three of us got together. 

Dante doesn’t seem happy about this as he finally says, “We should talk upstairs.”

Douglas ignores Dante as he turns to Twill, “Fancy trick, rising from the dead. I thought that was reserved for gods and shit.” He turns to look at Dante, but he’s still talking to Twill, “You must have some good fortune looking out for your ass.”

Twill shrugs, “No idea what the fuck you’re talking about.”

“Is that how you wanna play this?” asks Douglas. “I’ll get the answers I need one way or another. Let me ask you this, where is Ellen Sinclair?”

Twill shrugs again then turns to walk away when Douglas grabs him by the jacket and pulls him close, “Don’t even think of disappearing again. Tell me what I want to know. You called me, remember? You told me to meet you here, remember? Now where the fuck is Ellen Sinclair?”

Twill stares him dead in the eye, “I’ve changed my mind. I’ve nothing to share with an asshole like you.”

Douglas releases Twill’s jacket and turns to Dante, “This your doing? You get him to shut up somehow? Pay him off?”

“Stop talking trash, Douglas. I’ve nothing to do with this,” Dante says. “My business with him has nothing to do with Ellen Sinclair.”

“Bullshit!” yells Douglas, “You have been lying to me all along. This entire time.” He turns back to Twill, “I’ll ask you one last time. Where is Ellen Sinclair?”

Twill steps up and goes nose to nose with Douglas Frost but says nothing.

Douglas smirks as he reaches into his pocket and dials 9-1-1. He barely places the phone to his ear when suddenly, some suits burst into the foyer and approach Twill. “Gerald Card, you are under arrest for the murder of Samantha Tamber, and you are a key suspect in the disappearance of Ellen Sinclair.” He begins to read Twill his rights. 

Douglas interrupts, “Are you with Sue Ann Clark’s office?”

The officer ignores Douglas as he continues to read Twill his rights.  Douglas has a bad feeling about this, especially when Twill lifts his arms and holds out his wrists to be handcuffed.

As the officers place Twill in handcuffs, Twill turns around and smirks at Douglas as if he’s gotten one over on him. 

Douglas watches as they lead him away. Dante has all but ignored the incident as he stands there silently. Douglas turns to look at him and then chuckles, “This was your plan? As always, you are on the ball. But I’m impressed. You always seem to be one step ahead.”

Dante stares him in the face, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. But it’s time for you to take a step back. No one gives a shit about Ellen Sinclair.”

Douglas’s grin fades as he looks at Dante with a look of disgust. “I care about Ellen Sinclair.” Douglas turns and walks away as Dante watches him leave.

“I need you to find out who took him. He was a cop, but I don’t think he’s working for you,” says Douglas as he speeds down the freeway. “I need to know where they took him.”

Sue Ann Clark hangs up the phone as she marches down the hallway. 

Two cop cars pull up to the prosecutor’s building, and they escort Twill inside. 

Douglas pulls up to the side of the road, hops out of his car, and hurries up the steps where Sue Ann Clark meets him.

“I need to see Twill,” Douglas says to her. “I need you to act interference for me for as long as possible.”

Sue Ann nods, and a few minutes later, she bursts into Brenda Wright’s office. Brenda has just signed off on Twill’s arrest with another prosector. Sue Ann blocks him from leaving, “Why did you arrest Gerald Card?”

The prosecutor tells her, “Him? He’s a suspect of that missing actress.”

“Exactly,” says Clark. “I’m working that case. Why do you involve yourself?”

Brenda finally speaks up, “Sue Ann. What are you doing?”

Sue Ann turns to Brenda, “I’m sorry, but this is my case. I’m trying to understand why he was arrested without my knowledge.”

“It’s simple,” says Brenda. “Gerald Card is a wanted man, and Mr. Twinning’s team found him and arrested him. How many times did I warn you to loop us in on this case, and you refused at every turn. I don’t have a single official document tying you to this case. How can you now claim that this is your case?”

Sue Ann bites her tongue for what she wants to say. Instead, she says, “If you release him, he’s going to kill again. I’m asking, please put me in charge of this case. If you don’t, I’ll file an official complaint.”

Brenda leans back in her chair, “Have you been leaking information about your ‘case’ to the press?”

Sue Ann doesn’t answer immediately, so Brenda adds, “For that alone, I could have you fired. You are not authorized to use the media to further your case without direct approval from the Chief Prosecutor.”

Sue Ann decides to play dumb, “What articles are you referring to? If there was a leak, it certainly wasn’t from my team.”

Brenda turns to Twinning, “This is your case. Carry on.”

Twinning nods and leaves the office with Sue Ann right on his heels. Brenda watches them go.

In the hallway, Sue Ann catches up to Twinning and walks in front of him to stop him. 

“What do you want?” he asks.

“I want the official reason for Card’s emergency arrest.”

Twinning scoffs, “I don’t have to tell you shit, Clark. You aren’t my supervisor. Step aside,” he demands as he tries to move around her, but she again steps in his path.

“Who gave the order to arrest him?”

Twinning is getting annoyed, “I’ve been a prosecutor for far more years than you have. I made this call with proper approval. Now, get out of my way. I have a case to prosecute if you didn’t hear.”  He starts to walk around her again.

“I heard there’s a connection that involves some sort of malpractice suit from the hospital.”

That stops him. He sighs heavily. “Says who?”

She walks towards him, “There are certainly a lot of rumors floating around about you.”

“Rumors?” he asks.

Sue Ann shakes her head, “It’s all nonsense, I’m sure. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but,” she waves him close and lowers her voice when he steps towards her, “I think the rumors have reached some people very high up.”

Twinning’s eyes go wide, “Are you talking about your father?” Now he’s getting pissed, “What the rumor?” he demands.

“Well,” she says, acting like she doesn’t want to say. “I mean, they’re probably fake rumors, but okay,” she finally agrees to tell him and leans in close. 

Douglas is in another hallway in the building. He flashes his lawyer credentials to the guard outside of the interrogation room. “I’m Mr. Card’s attorney.”

The guard lets him inside. 

Douglas walks inside and sits down across from Twill, who doesn’t seem surprised to see him. 

After a brief bit of silence, Douglas finally says, “I need answers. Now. Where is Ellen Sinclair? Why did you take her?”

Twill doesn’t seem very inclined to answer his questions. 

“It’s all because of that USB, right? Samantha Tamber and my brother died seven years ago because they saw whatever was on that drive. Ellen Sinclair saw it too, didn’t she?”

Twill’s smirk starts to fade as Douglas seems to be piecing everything together.

“Did you kill her?” Douglas asks.

Twill is silent for a moment, then slowly, he asks, “Ellen Sinclair? Why would she have anything to do with this?”

Douglas shakes his head, “Come on. She saw what was on that USB.” He leans forward, “Let me let you in on a little secret. I saw it too.”

Twill isn’t sure if he believes Douglas just yet, “Did you? About the restaurant? If you saw it, you’d be dead by now. If you did see what was on the USB, you’re pretty much a dead man now.”

“Will I?” asks Douglas. He doesn’t wait for Twill to answer, “Where is Ellen Sinclair?” Douglas rises to his feet and places his hands on the table, and leans over Twill, “Where is she, you piece of shit?”

Twill lifts his hand and rubs at his eye with his middle finger intentionally to flip off Douglas just as two guards enter the room and grab Douglas, “You’re not supposed to be in here,” Twinning says as the guards pull Douglas from the room.

Twill watches him leave with an amused look on his face.

“What’s his name again?” asks Brent Koff as he picks at his plate of food. He is having lunch with Dante Schumer at a fancy restaurant. “Gerald Card? I’ll make sure he gets released.”

“I’d appreciate it,” Dante says. “I’ll owe you one.”

Brent scoffs, “You don’t need to say that. You always make sure to pay me back.”

Dante shrugs, “Every deal has a price.”

Brent sets his fork down, “By the way, is this Card character somehow related to the missing Spinet Entertainment girl?”

Dante doesn’t directly answer that question, “He’s in quite a jam.”

“I’d say so,” says Koff. “Spinet’s girls are all over the media right now. Some are saying that there have been some killed, some kidnapped. They’re also saying that you are somehow responsible financially for Spinet. Look, I’ve got Sue Ann Clark, who has a boner for you in some way, shape, or form. She’s looking for a way to bring you down. I’m trying to reel her in, but I have to deal with the guy looking to become my boss too. Her father.”

Dante is quiet for a moment, then suddenly he laughs, “If you need something, all you have to do is ask me. No need for all these theatrics.”

“Well,” says Koff. “I was thinking my car is starting to get a bit small. It might be time to trade the girl you sent over. My life hasn’t been all that pleasant lately.”

The smile leaves Dante’s face as he says, “The appointment for the next Chief Prosecutor is coming up soon.” He reaches down by his side and produces an envelope, and slides it across the table. 

Koff looks at him for a moment, then reaches for it. He opens it up and slides out a packet. The front says candidates for the next Chief Prosecutor, and as he flips through it, he realizes his name is nowhere on this list. He grabs the envelope to see if some missing pages are inside. He looks up at Dante.

“I’m still considering whether or not to add your profile to that document.”

Koff knows when it’s time to shut his fat mouth and says nothing further.

Douglas is waiting at a nearby park when Sue Ann shows up, “Did you get anything more out of Twill?”

“The only thing he mentioned was that there was something about Kam Loon Restaurant on that USB drive.”

Sue Ann nods her head as she tries to put it all together, “All we know about that place is that it’s unlisted and often visited by high placed politicians, plus your boy Schumer. We also know that Ellen Sinclair has some sort of connection to it.”

Douglas looks at her, “You said when you went there, the table had at least four servings, but you only saw the mayor’s Chief of Staff there.”

“That’s right.”

It’s as if the answer is just dangling there out of reach. Douglas shakes his head, “Twill will be released soon. I’m going to try and follow him and see if he’ll lead me to Sinclair.”

Sue Ann nods, “I ask Young to head over and find out his status.”

Paul Young walks into the interrogation room, but there’s only a guard tidying up. “Where’s Card?”

The guard shrugs, “They finished the interrogation and let him go.”

“Goddammit!” snaps Paul as he darts out of the room.  He hits the stairwell and rushes down a flight before leaning over the rail, and he sees Twill almost to the bottom. 

Twill stops and looks up and sees him, but continues to walk down the stairs. 

Paul rushes down the stairs to try and catch up to him and slams the door open to the parking garage, but Twill is nowhere to be found.

Suddenly a car starts up, and Young turns around and starts towards it. Tenta is in the driver’s seat as he pulls out. Young leaps onto the hood and stares Tenta in the face as the bodyguard drives.

“Get out of the car, you fucker!” yells Young as he slams his fist onto the windshield.

Tenta drives faster as Young looks behind him, then suddenly Tenta slams on his brakes, and Young rolls off the hood and onto the ground. 

Tenta puts the car in park and removes his seat belt, getting out of the vehicle. Young gets to his feet and walks towards the car, brushing past Tenta to see if Twill is inside. Tenta grabs him, but Young punches him in the jaw sending Tenta to the ground. 

Young opens the back door and looks inside. He’s disappointed when he sees it’s empty. Angrily, he slams the door, and as Tenta gets to his feet, Young walks towards him, “Where is he?”

“I’ve no idea what you mean,” says Tenta. 

“You son of a-” Young reaches out and grabs Tenta by the shirt and pulls him in close, “Where is that fucker!”

Tenta is done holding back as he grabs Young, slams him against the car, and throws him to the ground. He gets into the car and drives off as Young gets to his feet. He starts to run after the car, but as the car gets too far ahead, he has to stop to catch his breath. 

Sue Ann and Douglas walk out of the prosecutor’s building as her phone rings, “What’s up?” She stops walking, and Douglas notices and stops as well. “Check CCTV footage. Find that bastard, you hear me?”

Douglas shakes his head, “He’s not going to be there. This was all a big plot to get him out. They need him. If they didn’t, they’d have killed him already.”

Sue Ann just scoffs, “This case is driving me batshit crazy!” 

Back out at the lake, Twill walks up behind Dante, who has been waiting for him. Dante hands him a phone. Twill looks at it confused for a moment before taking it. 

“Only use this phone to reach me from now on. If you call with that phone, I’ll answer,” Dante says. “You’ve been formally interrogated, so the articles should slow down to nothing. What did Douglas ask you?”

Twill shrugs, “Didn’t seem like he knew anything. He was fishing. He’s not even sure why she’s missing.”

Dante nods. “Hopefully, the dust will settle soon, and we can get back to business as usual.” He turns to Twill, “Just keep her under wraps.”

“There was one thing,” Twill says. “He said he saw what was on the USB.”

Dante’s eyes go wide, “He saw what was on the USB?”

“He asked if that’s why his brother died.” Twill reaches up and scratches at his neck, “Am I going to have to kill Ellen? She, for sure, saw what was on the drive.”

Dante turns his attention back to the lake.

Douglas and Sue Ann drive down the small alley that leads to Kam Loon Restaurant, and Douglas parks in front of the building. Sue Ann is the first out as she runs to the front door and pushes on it, only to realize that it’s locked. 

Sue Ann walks down the alley a little ways, while Douglas looks from where he stands. As he saw on the CCTV footage, he imagines Dante walking around the corner and walking into the restaurant. He imagines Spinet, Sinclair, and Loper walking down a smaller alley. Suddenly, as if something is clicking, his eyes go wide, and he turns back to the restaurant entrance. 

He reaches down and picks up a brick and begins to hammer away at the padlock securing the door shut. 

Sue Ann rushes over, “What are you doing?” She turns back towards the alley, “That camera is on all the time,” she says as she walks down towards it. “Maybe I can disable it.”

The lights inside the restaurant turn on as Douglas, and Sue Ann walk inside. Sue Ann walks in towards the kitchen and turns on that light, “This place is disgusting. How do they have a license to serve food here?”

Douglas shrugs, “When you are the hangout for crooked politicians, it’s not that hard.” He walks behind that partition that Sue Ann saw the Chief of Staff comes from last time she was there. Sue Ann follows him.

Douglas opens the door to the storage closet, ducking down to walk through the door, and Sue Ann is right behind him. There’s a cutout in the wall. Douglas walks through and sees the tarp that Sue Ann missed the last time she was there.  He pulls it to the side and steps through with Sue Ann right behind.

Dante is at home, nursing a headache. He brings a glass of scotch up and takes a drink as he stares at something on his phone. He chuckles softly as he stares at a picture of him and Douglas from years ago when things weren’t so complicated. 

He remembers the words that Twills spoke earlier, “He said he saw what was on the USB. He asked me if that’s why his brother died.”

The smile is gone. All that’s left is a sad look on Dante’s face.

Douglas and Sue Ann step into a corridor that appears only to be reachable from the back of the restaurant. Douglas turns the flashlight of his phone on and then looks both ways before deciding to turn to the left as they walk down. 

There’s no uniformity to the corridor. There are some walls made of plywood, some of brick. Others appear to be just sheetrock. Even the lights illuminating the hallway are of different makes and models, almost as if the place was just thrown together with odds and ends. 

They walk down and come to another crossroads, and Douglas goes to the right this time with Sue Ann right behind him. 

“It’s like a never-ending maze in here,” Sue Ann says. “Why is this even here?” Her phone chimes, and she pulls it out, pulling up a text from an unknown individual. She opens it up and sees a picture of the two missing Ellen Sinclair diaries. “Look,” she says, showing it to Douglas.

Another picture is sent with an entry from the diary that says, “Did Samantha come to this place? Who killed her? It’s really creepy here.”

One more text is sent that says, “Do what you can to find Ellen Sinclair. I don’t trust you yet, but I’ll give you more clues depending on how well you do your job.

Sue Ann immediately tries to call the number back but gets a message that says the number is not in service.  She looks at Douglas, “I don’t think these are from the killer.”

“Have you talked with Deliah Loper? The girl who came here with Ellen Sinclair?” asks Douglas.

Sue Ann shakes her head, “Not yet. I was cautious for Ellen’s sake.”

Douglas nods, “I need to meet with her.”

Tenta walks into Dante’s den and hands him a phone.

Dante takes it and looks at the text. It’s an entry from Ellen Sinclair’s diary.

Samantha told me about a place that Stephen took her that was like a maze. That’s where she met the men. She said she cried all night because of how scared she was. Did those men kill her?

A text follows, “Release Ellen Sinclair, or these diaries will be sent to the press.”

Dante glances up at Tenta, “Who sent these?”

Tenta shakes his head, “They originated from an internet cafe. We won’t be able to track it.”

“Is there anyone from Ellen Sinclair’s social circle who could do this?”

Tenta hesitates, then answers, “My only guess as to who would have sent these is Douglas Frost.” 

Dante considers this, “If Douglas has the diaries, he could use this to put pressure on me to release her. It doesn’t seem like his style, though. I have a feeling he would have come to me directly.”

Tenta nods his head, “I’ll look into her social circle a little deeper.”

“We need to find out who’s behind his, so you need to hurry,” says Dante.

The next morning, Deliah Loper walks into Douglas Frost’s office. “Hello?”

Douglas rises from his desk and walks out to meet her, “Please have a seat.”

Deliah sits down and removes her sunglasses. “I told you on the phone I didn’t know much about Ellen. I’m not sure why I’m here. We aren’t that close.”

Douglas looks at her for a moment, then slides a tablet towards her. “If that’s true, why were you at this place?”

Deliah doesn’t seem too surprised that she’s on video walking near the restaurant. She looks up at him, “Just to have a meal.”

“Do you recall the name of the restaurant?”

Deliah thinks and then shakes her head, “I don’t. Sorry.”

Douglas doesn’t believe her. “You came here twice a month, at least. You don’t remember the name of the place?”

She doesn’t answer him, and so they just stare at each other for a few awkward moments until Douglas decides to ask something else, “You ever heard of Kam Loon Restaurant?”

Deliah shakes her head, “Not that I can recall.”

Douglas leans back against the couch, “How do you know Dante Schumer?”


“Schumer Construction. He’s kind of a big deal in this town.”

Deliah still looks ignorant.

“He was at this place you went to twice a month. You must have met him.”

Deliah insists, “I said I never met him.”

“Ms. Loper,” says Douglas. “If we don’t find Ellen Sinclair quickly, she could very well be the next murder victim. I’m sure you recall the murder from seven years ago. “

“I mean, I’m worried about Ellen, of course,” says Deliah. “But I really don’t know anything.”

“I don’t think that’s true. I feel like you just don’t want to tell me what you know.”

Deliah just stares at him.

Douglas nods, “If you think of something that could be helpful, give me a call no matter how small you think it might be.”

Ellen Sinclair wakes up in the room she’s been trapped in for quite some time. She sees a clean outfit on her nightstand, along with bottled water and washcloths.  She climbs off the bed and walks to the fridge, and looks inside. She opens up a wrapped sandwich and practically devours it while kneeling in front of the refrigerator. 

“I must survive,” she says to herself as she chews her sandwich. “I must survive, no matter what.”

She reaches for a bottle of juice, and then something dawns on her.  She glances up at the camera in the corner of the room. Then she looks down at the bottle of juice in her hand.  She suddenly throws it against the wall, and it shatters, sending juice and glass all over the floor. 

Ellen stands up, closing the fridge, and walks over to the mess on the floor. She finds a large enough piece of glass, pulls up her sleeve, takes two steps back, and looks up at the camera.

She raises her arm, takes the glass piece in her other hand, and touches it to her wrist. 

Twill is watching this all on a series of monitors. Her actions have piqued his interest.

He watches as she collapses to the floor.

He stands up and casually walks to the door with a sigh and opens it up to find Ellen on the floor. He closes the door behind him and slowly walks towards her. He can see the cut on her wrist. He kicks her gently, “Hey.”

When she doesn’t respond, he kneels. He taps her shoulder with a finger, “Hey.”

Ellen leaps up, pushing him backward, and rushes to the door, opening it wide only to find a caged door in her path.  She turns to look back at him as she frantically shakes the cage, “Let me out! Let me out!” she screams. 

Twill just leans against the wall and watches her. 

“Is anyone out there? Let me out!” she screams.

She looks back as she sees Twill get to his feet. He slowly stalks towards her. She turns and holds out that piece of glass in her hand. Twill pauses momentarily but then continues to step towards her. He holds up his hand and then reaches out and grabs the sharp piece of glass in her hand. His blood begins to flow down around her fist as she looks on in horror until he finally yanks it out of her hand then drops it to the floor.

He takes a step towards her, and she drops to her knees and pleads, “Please don’t kill me.” He looks down at her, she cries, “Please spare my life. I don’t want to die.”

Twill simply says, “I’m not going to kill you.”

Ellen looks up at him, “Please, just let me go. I won’t tell anyone else if you let me go. I’ll keep quiet until the day I die, I promise. Please.”

Twill kneels in front of her and waits until she lifts her eyes to meet his, “Do you want to get out?”

Ellen trembles as she replies, “Yes. I’ll do anything. Anything.”

As if he’s not even talking to her, Twill says, “It’s annoying being stuck here watching you.”

“Where is Twill?” asks Douglas as he sits at Dante’s place. 

“Twill has nothing to do with Ellen Sinclair,” Dante responds.

“If he has nothing to do with her, why are you covering it up?” asks Douglas.

Dante looks at him, “There’s no reason to complicate matters.”

Douglas yells, angry now, “He’s the guy who killed my brother! Why are you hiding him from me?! Why are you preventing me from finding Ellen Sinclair?”

Dante remains calm, despite Douglas’ anger, “You know Twill is fucking insane, right? If you even so much as rub him the wrong way, everything we did…”

“Let’s expose it all now,” says Douglas.

Dante is stunned.

“Let’s just expose what happened that night five years ago and be done with it. I’m sick of thinking about it. I’m sick of it all. Why did my brother die? Who killed him, Dante?”

“Are you sure you can handle it if I tell you?” asks Dante.

“Just fucking tell me!” says Douglas.


Brandon Tanner picks up the morning paper and sees Twill on the front page. “Looks like something has complicated things. Let me know if you need my help,” he tells Dante, who sits across from him.

Dante shrugs, “No use crying over spilled milk, isn’t that what they say? Just clean it up and move on with your life. While we’re speaking of messes, it might be time to close down the restaurant.”

“Why?” Brandon asks as he drinks his coffee. “Don’t tell me that Douglas Frost has discovered it.”

“We need to be careful for a while. Things aren’t going too great in many areas.” 

Brandon looks across the table at Dante, “I’ve never been careful in my life.”

“You can’t just do what you want in this life.”

Brandon sets his coffee mug down and leans back, “Without the restaurant, there’d be no Schumer Construction. Are you sure shutting it down is the right answer?”

“Tanner Electronics also benefited from the restaurant. Your company got a second life and avoided bankruptcy.”

Brandon nods, “Exactly. Why would you close down something so fucking awesome?” He looks Dante in the eye, “You know what the real answer is, but you don’t want to admit it. We have to get rid of Douglas Frost.”

Ellen Sinclair’s wrist is all bandaged up. She only cut deep enough to force a little blood. She planned to escape, not to die. But she stands in the corner of the room, looking up at the camera. 

Twill stares back at her via the monitor as he shovels some chips into his mouth. There’s a knock on his door, and he slowly rises to walk to the door and open it.

We see feet walking into the room, and then Twill closes the door.

Desiree Schumer is unpacking a box of files. The top document proclaims it to be about the acute effects of methanol poisoning.  She pauses when she sees a document that doesn’t appear to be related to this case.

“2013 Spinet Actress Murder” is written across the front.

Curious, she begins to read through the file. As she gets to some pictures, her eyes go wide. She pulls out the picture of Justin Frost standing outside Samantha’s apartment. She slowly walks away from the desk and over to where Carlos is passed out asleep on the couch. “Carlos,” she says, trying to wake him.

Groggily, Carlos wakes and looks up at the young woman, “Hm?”

“These pictures,” she says, showing them to him. 

When Carlos sees what they are, he snatches them from her hand. “What are you doing with these?”

“Why are they with the case files?’

Carlos is a little sketchy with her about it. “They are related to the case.”

“Not the methanol case. These pictures are seven years old, and I know that guy in that picture.”

Carlos turns to look at her, “It’s Mr. Frost’s younger brother.”

“What?” asks Desiree.

Dusk has fallen, and Dante is standing out in his backyard, looking out over the city. Desiree limps towards him, “Father?”

Dante turns to his daughter, “You’re getting in late. Douglas must be working you hard.”

“Did you know Justin was Mr. Frost’s younger brother?” she asks directly.

Dante seems confused, “What are you talking about?”

Desiree thinks for a moment, “Do you remember? When I was in that accident that injured my leg? There was a boy who would help carry my bags for me. He died in a car accident. His name was Justin. He was Mr. Frost’s younger brother.”

Dante shakes his head, “I didn’t realize he was a friend of yours.”

“You didn’t know this, but when all of that went down, I considered jumping out in front of a car. It was just too much to bear.”

Dante looks up at his daughter.

“Justin pulled me back onto the curb.”

Dante’s eyes start to tear up.

Desiree continues, “He risked his own life to save me. But, when I saw his picture in some files at Mr. Frost’s office, it seems like maybe he didn’t die because of an accident. It looks like someone killed him.” Tears start to run down her face, “He was so nice to me. 

A little later, Dante walks into his house. With a heavy sigh, he sits on his couch. 

Deliah Loper is escorted into Spinet’s office by Todd, just as Tenta is leaving. She stops walking and turns to look at the bodyguard curiously before walking in and taking a seat. 

Spinet sits down, and Todd does as well when Spinet asks her, “You’ve been asking about Ellen? Or that place?”

Deliah lies, “No.”

Todd asks, “Something happen?”

Spinet groans, “It’s giving me a fucking headache.” To Deliah, he asks, “What do you know about Ellen’s diaries?”

Deliah shrugs, “She has diaries? I didn’t know.”

Todd seems curious, “What about them?”

“She must have written about going to the restaurant in her diaries,” Spinet says. “I don’t have time to explain it all to you guys. If anyone comes asking about that place or those diaries, tell me right away. I don’t give a fuck what I’m doing. I need to know immediately.”

“Who else is looking for them?” asks Todd.

Spinet shrugs, “I don’t know.” But he’s starting to get suspicious of why Todd is suddenly asking so many questions. He leans forward in his seat, “Do you know something? You escorted her around everywhere.”

Todd gives him a goofy smile, “Right. I probably would have known about a diary.”

Spinet sighs, “Just forget it. Be careful—both of you. People are asking a lot of goddamned questions. Keep your mouths shut.” He waves them off, “You can go.”

Todd is the first to his feet to leave, while Deliah stays seated.

Spinet sees she’s not leaving, “What?” he asks.

“What happened to the movie I auditioned for last time?” she asks. “The one where you made me drink with those guys.”

“Oh, that?” says Spinet, somewhat annoyed. “There’s some sort of money issue. Just wait patiently. When they’re ready for you, I’ll let you know.”

Deliah looks shocked, “You said it was a sure thing!”

“It is! It is! Trust me. They’ll be filming soon. Though, they aren’t sure you’re young enough for the role.”

Deliah’s eyes narrow, “If this falls through, I won’t stand still. You know very well what I put up with for this role! How can you do this to me?”

Spinet shakes his head, “I’m doing the best that I can for you. Be patient.”

“If I’m not cast in that movie, I’m spilling everything,” she spits out. “I won’t be the next Ellen Sinclair.”

Spinet starts to look at her in a new light as he leans forward, “Was it you? Was it!?” he shouts at her, causing her to jump. He lowers his voice, “Are you the one using her diary to threaten people?”

“Is that what’s going on right now?” she asks.

Spinet just drops his head into his hands and sighs.

Douglas Frost walks the corridors around Kam Loon Restaurant, perhaps hoping to see something in the daylight he couldn’t see at night. He turns in one direction and nearly runs into Sue Ann Clark, who seemed to have the same idea.

“I woke up early, couldn’t go back to sleep,” she says. “I was hoping Ellen Sinclair was confined somewhere here, and I could find her.”

“You really are hard-headed,” Douglas says. “Once you set your mind to something. Same as always.”

“You haven’t changed one bit,” she tells him. “What do you think is going on here?”

Douglas is about to say something when something catches his eye. Someone down one of the hallways is trying to open one of the doors. The guy sees that he’s been spotted and turns and runs off. 

“The fuck?” Douglas says as he sprints after him. When Sue Ann sees him take off, she runs off after him as well.

The chase leads down different corridors, and finally, Sue Ann stops running and darts off in another direction.  The man, wearing a ballcap, so we can’t identify him, turns down a corridor, but Sue Ann leaps in front of him. Douglas grabs him from behind and shoves him against the wall.

When Douglas yanks off the cap, we see that it’s Todd. Both Douglas and Sue Ann seems surprised by this. 

“I’m sorry,” says Todd a little later as they have all caught their breath. “I couldn’t trust the police or the prosecution. I needed to test you to see if you were trustworthy. If you could really find her. That’s why I sent those texts.”

Sue Ann isn’t convinced, “Why are you here, then?”

“She wrote about something that happened here,” Todd explains. “I thought perhaps she was being held here somewhere. I wanted to try and find her.”

Douglas looks at him, “Where are her diaries?”

Moments later, Todd is opening the trunk of his car and fishing out his backpack. He unzips it and empties everything inside, looking confused. He turns around to them, “They’re gone. I kept them in this bag all along. I swear they were in here when I left the office this morning.”

Sue Ann and Douglas exchange glances.

Riding the bus, Deliah Loper is reading through one of Ellen’s diaries. 

We see a cut scene where she witnesses Todd placing the diaries in his backpack in his car’s trunk. 

“Why are you out here?” Deliah asks Todd as she happened to be walking by. 

Nervously, Todd spins around. “Oh, I have to go somewhere for work.”

“The boss is looking for you. Something about Ellen,” Deliah tells him.

He rushes off at that news, leaving his trunk open like an idiot. After taking a peek around, making sure no one sees her, Deliah walks over and takes the diaries from the backpack.

Soon, Deliah is sitting in front of Dante Schumer.

“And you know who sent those texts about her diaries?” he asks her.

“I do,” she says matter of factly.

Dante nods, “So, why are you here?”

“Aren’t you the one who calls me over to that place?” she asks. “I saw your driver over at the office. I know you’re looking for the one sending the texts as well as the diaries.” She sets the diaries on the table between them and slides them across to him. “I read them on my way over here. I know she was to be cast in a web drama that you’re financing.”

Dante glances up from the diaries to look at her, “Is that what you want for this?”

Deliah pulls a slip of paper with some numbers on it and slides it across the table, “I would just like suitable compensation for a reward. Whatever you think this is worth.”

“Money?” he asks her. “You want money? You seem very intelligent and ambitious. You could have asked for anything you want. Are you sure it’s money?”

Deliah shakes her head, “I want success.”

Dante smiles.

Later, he’s reading through Ellen’s diary. 

I found out what Samantha was doing all this time. She comes to this place to meet those men. These strange little rooms at the end of this maze-like alley.

Dante slowly closes the cover of the diary.

Tenta walks in, and Dante looks up at him. “Kam Loon Restaurant. Shut it down. Now.”

Douglas, Sue Ann, and Todd as still walking through the maze when Douglas asks, “Other than Ellen and Deliah, who else is brought here?”

Todd shakes his head, “They are the only ones. They are young in the business, so easily taken advantage of. They couldn’t use anyone famous for this type of work.”

Douglas asks, “So on the day she disappeared, she was supposed to come here?”

“Yes. Please find her.” Todd asks. “She really doesn’t deserve this to happen to her.”

“Don’t worry,” Sue Ann says to him. “We will find her. Do you know who she was supposed to meet that night?”

Todd shakes his head, “I’m not sure.”

“Do you know anything about her coming to Kam Loon Restaurant?” she asks him.

Todd shakes his head again, “I don’t know anything about that.”

Douglas looks confused, “So there’s a room somewhere here, and that’s where she meets this man, correct?”

“Right,” says Todd.

Sue Ann chimes in, “I have an idea.”

A while later, a locksmith is standing in front of them. He scratches his head, “I’m not too sure about this.”

Sue Ann flashes her prosecutor ID, “I’ll take full responsibility.”

Convinced, the locksmith picks the lock on the door. It doesn’t appear to be the one they’re looking for, so they send the locksmith to the next door. Meanwhile, off at the end of the corridor, Tenta is watching them.

When that one isn’t it, the locksmith tries the next, then the next. Finally, Tenta hears Todd yell, “I think it’s this one!”  He doesn’t look pleased as he turns to go.

Douglas and Sue Ann run down to where Todd yelled from, and Douglas is the first to enter, with Sue Ann and Todd right after.

Douglas walks over and turns on a light. Compared to the dirty, trashy disarray outside, this room looks like it could belong in a very expensive fancy hotel. As they stand in the living room, with a high-end couch and coffee table, Douglas walks into the bedroom. 

“Is this it?” he asks.

Todd walks in after him and immediately spots the painting on the wall, “She mentioned this painting in her diary.”

Douglas is already thinking it when Sue Ann speaks up, “So, basically, Spinet is using these young impressionable girls to run a high-end call girl service, and this is where the deed gets done. Pieces of shit.  Then that means…”

“When the USB mentioned Kam Loon Restaurant, they mean this place. Whatever is recorded on that USB drive happened right here in this room,” Douglas says, sitting down on a chair with a sigh.

“These VIPs would come to the restaurant, not for the food, but sexual favors,” deduces Sue Ann. She slowly turns to Douglas, “So the murder seven years ago is tied to this place too. That doesn’t explain why your brother was murdered.”

Douglas already knows. “The package my brother was trying to deliver that day to Samantha was that USB.”

“He turned and gave it to Ellen Sinclair. Is that why?” she asks.

“He delivered the package. They must have thought he saw what was on the drive,” says Douglas.

Sue Ann’s eyes do wide, “Then, was it Dante Schumer, who had your brother killed?”

Douglas’s eyes are already tearing up at the thought of it.

Dante sits in silence at his office when Tenta walks in.

“They found it. They were there all night,” he reports. “I’m sorry, sir.”

Dante doesn’t move and doesn’t change his expression. Just tells him, “Get out.”

Tenta turns and walks out of the office.

Finally, Dante reaches for his phone and dials.

“It’s time.”

Brandon Tanner is waiting when Stanley Clark is ushered into the room and takes a seat.

“Sorry to call you here at the last minute,” Brandon says.

“What’s this about?” Stanley asks. “What’s so urgent?”

Brandon glances at his watch, “There’ll be someone joining us.”

Just then, the door opens, and Dante Schumer steps in. Stanley Clark does not seem pleased. He turns to Brandon, “I’ll come back another time. I have made myself very clear. I have no business meeting with him.” 

Stanley gets up, and as he walks by, Dante speaks, “I’m very disappointed. You’ve already forgotten about me and what I’ve done for you?”

Stanley stops and turns to look at Dante, as Brandon scoffs. 

“I think you’ll want to stick around for this meeting,” says Dante to Stanley. “For the sake of your daughter.”

That gets Stanley’s attention. 

Stanley walks towards the prosecutor’s office when Sue Ann runs him behind him, “Dad!” Stanley forces a smile. “What were you so deep in thought about that you didn’t even see me?” she asks him.

“Where are you coming from?” he asks, ignoring her question.

“Court,” she says. “I have a lot of cases.”

“Let’s go eat,” he tells her.

As she digs into her food, she looks up. “This is good. I’ve never eaten here before.” 

The waitress refills their water, “Your father’s been coming here for twenty years now,” she says. “Enjoy your meal!”

As she walks away, Sue Ann looks at her father, “You’ve been keeping this place to yourself for decades? I feel betrayed.”

Stanley doesn’t seem to be into all this talk as he asks her, “Isn’t your work tiring?”

Sue Ann pauses, thinking about his questions. “I guess it is tiring. Exhausting.”

Stanley looks at her, “Why don’t you resign? I can bring you in to work at my office.” 

She laughs, “Are you serious right now? Wasn’t it you who wanted me to become the first female Chief Prosecutor?”

He doesn’t laugh, “Is that what you want?”

“I might not be as good as you were, but I at least want to be someone people aren’t ashamed of.”

Stanley closes his eyes. This is harder for him than he imagined. He finally opens them, “All I want for you is to see beautiful things and eat delicious meals. That’s the life I want for you.”

Sue Ann can see he’s serious, and it’s making her uncomfortable. He’s not often like this with her. “You’re getting old. Eat.”

It’s pouring rain down at night. Tenta is driving Dante. 

Dante’s phone rings, and Douglas’ Caller ID comes on the screen.

Dante just lets it ring.

Dante walks into Kam Loon Restaurant, and Douglas is already there with several beer bottles already scattered along his table. There doesn’t appear to be anyone else there.

Dante walks in, and Douglas sighs as he looks up and sees him, “You’re here. Why is this restaurant always closed? They should just close it down if they aren’t going to open regularly.”

Dante just stands there.

Douglas looks up, “Dante. You still have nothing to say to me after all of this?”

Dante takes a seat at the table. He reaches for one of the beers on the table and cracks it open on the edge of the table. “I guess I have nothing to say to you. I’m getting tired of lying.” He takes a long drink of that beer.

After he finishes the beer, he looks across the table, “Douglas. Let’s do this. Let’s just quit everything, open up a fancy bar, and drink like this every day.”

Douglas laughs, “Stop talking out of your ass.” Dante laughs then stops when Douglas continues to speak, “You can’t stop now. You’re too busy getting rid of people who can expose you even if you have to kill them. Why stop now?”

A tear begins to roll down Douglas’s cheek.

“Is that why you killed my brother?” he says, looking right at Dante. “He knew too much?”

Dante reaches for another beer and opens it up. When he realizes it’s the last one, he stands up, walks over to the counter, and pulls out a couple more. His eyes fall on the kitchen knife lying on top of a cutting board. He reaches for it, picking it up and looking at it. The light reflects off the blade and onto his face. 

He carries the knife and the beers back to the table, “Back then, should I have killed you too?” Dante sits back down and tosses the knife onto the table. “Then we wouldn’t have a day like today.”

Douglas just stares at Dante, “You’re probably right. You should have killed me. Then I wouldn’t be the last loose end in your life.” Douglas reaches for one of the beers and opens it, drinking it down. “All of this, just to cover your ass about all of this,” Douglas says as he indicates the restaurant. “Why’d you kill him? Why’d you kill my brother? What threat could he have possibly posed to you? He was a fucking kid doing his fucking job. You think he knew anything about what you were doing here, Dante?”

When Dante doesn’t answer him, Douglas screams out, “Do you?!” and slams his hands on the table, sending bottles to the floor. Douglas grabs the knife and places it at Dante’s throat. “Why did he have to fucking die, you asshole?”

Dante sits there, knife at his throat. He looks up at Douglas, “He died so you could become who you are today.”

Douglas throws the knife across the room and lets out a guttural scream. He turns around and punches Dante square in the face, sending Schumer to the floor.  Douglas staggers over, grabs Dante by his jacket, pulls him to his feet, and punches him again. He goes to hit him again when he’s grabbed from behind, and Tenta punches him in the face.

Tenta walks over to check on Dante when Douglas gets to his feet and tosses over a couple of tables. Douglas points at Dante, “You motherfuck–” he starts to go for him when Tenta steps in his path.

“Don’t,” says Dante to Tenta. “Just go wait outside.”

Tenta looks at Dante for a moment and then does as he’s told and leaves the room.

In his drunken state, Douglas staggers over to Dante, “Did you kill Ellen Sinclair too?”

When Dante doesn’t answer, Douglas tells him, “I’m going to find her. When I find out who took her, I’ll make them pay.”

The two stand there, staring at each other.

Ellen Sinclair is woken from her sleep as Twill opens the door. But he doesn’t come in. He steps aside, and someone else steps into the room. Ellen isn’t quite awake yet and can’t make out who it is.

With each sleepy blink, the picture becomes clearer and clearer until we finally see who it is stepping into her room.

Brandon Tanner and his creepy-ass smile.

Ellen starts to sit up as she recognizes him. He’s just looking at her. 

He kneels on the floor and looks up at her as she sits up.

“Hello,” he says. 



Douglas Frost   ERIC DONOVAN
Dante Schumer   RICKY STANTON
Sue Ann Clark   ARLEY KIRK
Brenda Wright  MELISSA AKI
Paul Young   GABE KHANE
Deliah Loper   MIA FALLON
Ellen Sinclair   HAYLEY FIEN
Brandon Tanner   KIERAN QUINN
Carlos, The Private Investigator   ZACHARY SEARS
Stephen Spinet  ROBERT MACK


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