The hearings for Attorney General is playing on the television behind Sue Ann. 

“You were involved in the prostitution at Kam Loon Restaurant?” asks Sue Ann.

“Yes,” Deliah simply says.

Sue Ann can feel this case coming to an end with the help of Deliah Loper. “Can you tell me who you met at the restaurant?”

Deliah nods, “I can. I remember clearly.”

Sue Ann Clark is desperately trying not to get too anxious. She looks up at Deliah and asks, “Who was it?”

Deliah’s eyes move from Sue Ann’s face to the television behind her, where Sue Ann’s father Stanley was just being seated. “Stanley Clark, the current nominee for the Attorney General.”

Sue Ann stares at Deliah as if she were in shock. She clears her throat, “Can you say that again?”

Deliah looks at Sue Ann, “I gave sexual favors to Stanley Clark, the same one who is being nominated for Attorney General.”

Sue Ann’s eyes begin to tear up, “Is that true?”

Deliah nods her head, “Yes.”

Sue Ann is at a loss for words as she has no idea where to go from here in this interview. She’s trying very hard not to lose it.

Deliah looks over at her, “Are you okay?”

“So you’re saying…” she starts to say, but she can’t seem to finish the sentence.  The prosecutor appears to be at a loss as she slowly reaches down and pulls out her phone. Swallowing, she can barely make eye contact with Deliah as she asks, “Would you mind if I recorded this interview?”

Deliah shakes her head, “I don’t mind. Would you mind if I recorded it as well?”

Sue Ann doesn’t answer as she swipes open her voice recording app and, with shaking hands, hits the record button on the screen as the timer begins.

With both phones sitting at the center of the desk, Sue Ann is silent for a moment as she tries to think of where to start, her mind is filled with all sorts of noise. As she tries to get it together, she still can’t look at Deliah. “When and where did you meet Stanley Clark?” she finally asks.

A solemn Deliah Loper looks down at the desk, “It was seven years ago. We met downtown. There’s an alley that looks like a maze, but at the end of the maze, there’s a room.”

Sue Ann already knows where this will go because she remembers being in that room not too long ago. “What happened there?”

“He was a filthy man. I was only 20 years old. That man was one of the wickedest men I’ve ever met in all my time working there.” Deliah pauses for a moment. “He was drunk, and he kept me there all night long. He was like an animal.” Tears begin to roll down the face of Deliah Loper as she tells the story. “He said I smelled nice.”

Sue Ann closes her eyes, wish she didn’t have to hear this story about her father.

“And then he started groping me,” Deliah continues. “After that,” she says as she reaches up to wipe the tears from her face, “I’m sorry.”


Dante is watching the hearing on a tablet in his office. 

On the screen, Stanley is asked, “You said you’d stop all forms of corruption within the city. Does that mean you’re innocent of any wrongdoing?”

Stanley’s face fills the screen of the tablet. “I’ve done my best to stay innocent. I will continue to stay morally upright as I fulfill my duty as Attorney General.”

Stanley’s face fills the projection screen in Brandon Tanner’s conference room. Brandon is listening to the words that come from the speaker as he just sits there.

“I will ensure that every form of corruption is eradicated from the city’s government,” says Stanley Clark as he continues to testify.”

As we pan away from Brandon, we see that every screen around the conference table also has Stanley’s face on it. 

“I will fortify the standards so that I can contribute completely in making our government fair and transparent.”

Suddenly, Brandon Tanner begins to chuckle, and it eventually turns into a full-blown belly laugh. He finally gets himself under control and asks, “Will you now?”

Stanley continues, “I will not receive any special favors, nor do I want to receive any favors.”

We see Douglas Frost sitting at his desk, also watching the hearing.

“Our city’s government is corrupt to the core, and it’s something that needs to be flushed out.”

Deliah looks up at Sue Ann, who still can’t seem to bring her eyes up to look at the woman. “You must not allow a man like that to become Attorney General. Please, do a proper investigation.”

Sue Ann is silent for a moment, and she finally looks up at Deliah. She picks up her phone and rises from her seat, “Excuse me for a moment,” she says as she walks out of the room.

As the door closes, a stoic Deliah Loper lets her eyes rise to look at Stanley Clark on the screen.

Sue Ann walks into the bathroom, setting her phone down and leaning against the counter. Then she drops to the floor as she tries to catch her breath. 

Douglas Frost is driving across the bridge. He’s speaking with someone on the phone, “Okay. Find out where Deliah Loper is and who she’s meeting.”

Dante has Deliah’s phone sitting in front of him, listening to Deliah and Sue Ann’s interview.  As the camera pans back, we see Deliah seated in a chair across from him. Before the recording is finished playing back, he leans over and stops it.

“She was composed at first, but after this, she became very pale,” Deliah tells him. “But, what if they find out it wasn’t me in the room seven years ago?”

Dante turns to look at her, “It doesn’t matter if it was you or not. The fact is that what you said happened in that room, did happen even if it was to someone else.”

“Can I tell you my request now?” she asks.

Douglas runs up the stairs to the prosecutor’s building. He bursts into Sue Ann’s office, where she sits, devastated.

Not reading the room, Douglas asks, “I heard Deliah Loper was here.”

“I don’t know what’s true anymore,” she responds, not looking at him. 

Confused, Douglas looks at her, “What exactly did she tell you?”

With tears in her eyes, Sue Ann looks up at Douglas, “Kam Loon Restaurant. He went there. He was a part of it.” She pauses for a moment before adding, “My father.”

Douglas looks shocked. He lets out a heavy sigh, “Have you verified her story? Don’t you think it’s odd that she came to you to confess?”

“Right,” Sue Ann says as she looks away from him. “It can’t possibly be true,” she tries to convince herself. She looks up at Douglas, “You’re right. He probably didn’t go there. It’s just another of their tricks, right?”

“Don’t believe anything until you have facts. They want to break you down. They want you to walk away from this case.” Douglas tells her. “Let me look into this for you.” Douglas turns and walks out of the room.

The tires on Douglas’ car squeal as he pulls into the parking lot in front of Spinet Entertainment. As he walks up the stairs, he practically bumps into Deliah Loper.

“What did Schumer promise you for that little act of yours?” Douglas says. “A lead role in a TV series?”

Deliah sighs, “I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

“Don’t you?” asks Douglas. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out his phone and flips through some photos, and then shows her a picture of herself walking out of Dante’s house. “You were certainly at his home. Do you realize I have the video that exposes the restaurant?  I bet he didn’t mention that to you. There’s no evidence that Stanley Clark met anyone at that restaurant on that video.”

Deliah looks at him with concerned eyes.

“Let me make it clear to you. If anything you told the prosecutor is false, you’re going to jail. I’ll make sure of it. It doesn’t matter if someone else asked you to do it or not.”

Deliah isn’t sure what to say as she seems at a loss for words.

“I understand ambition. But at least be smart about it,” he tells her. “If you can’t tell the difference between an opportunity and a trap, you’re the one who’s gonna pay.”

He doesn’t even wait for her to respond as he turns and walks back down the stairs to his car, leaving her to think about what she’s done.  She stands there for a moment, looking a little shook.

After the hearings, Stanley Clark arrives home. When he walks into the house, Sue Ann is there waiting for him, “What is it?” he asks immediately, not knowing what has transpired.

After a few moments of silence where Stanley sets down his paperwork on the table, Sue Ann finally says, “Kam Loon Restaurant.”

This causes Stanley to pause what he’s doing.

“Are you familiar with that place?” she asks him.

Stanley doesn’t look at his daughter as the words ring in his ear. He doesn’t respond.

“Were you there seven years ago?” she asks.

He finally looks up at her, though her red eyes won’t lift to meet his.

“I asked you a question,” she says.

After a moment, Stanley clears his throat, “Stop talking nonsense. You can go. I’ve had a long day.”  As he starts to walk towards his bedroom, Sue Ann begins to play the recording.

It was seven years ago…” the recording begins.

Stanley stops walking as the recording continues. Sue Ann plays it for a moment as tears stream down her face, and she can’t stand to hear it anymore, so she stops the recording.

As she finally looks up to see her father’s face full of guilt, she knows the truth. 

“It was one time,” he tells her. 

Deep in her heart, she wanted him to deny it. Deny it to his grave. But as the words fall from his mouth, her eyes show disbelief at first and then distrust.

“How could you?” she stammers out.

He finally looks up to look at her, “What you’ve heard isn’t the entire truth,” he says. “It was a momentary lapse of judgment.”

She quickly turns away from him, leaning on the dining room table, unable to face her father as the tears begin to flow more freely now. She reaches up to wipe her face with the back of her hand. “You’re the reason I became a prosecutor. I have refused at every turn to take the offers from the rich and powerful because of you!” Her voice is beginning to rise as she scolds her father. “Just like you!” she screams at him. She begins to sob, “How could you do this? How could you do such a horrendous thing?”

Stanley turns to look at her, though just barely. “I’ll settle the matter. I’ll make sure it doesn’t touch you.”

“Don’t you dare,” she tells him. “There’s no way I’ll be able to remain a prosecutor. Even if I wanted to, I can’t now because of you.” She snatches her phone from the table, “I don’t even have the right now.”

Sue Ann storms out of the house as Stanley watches her go.

Sue Ann wanders in the streets of Seattle as dusk begins to settle in. 

She finally stops and pulls out her phone, and dials.

When someone answers, she says, “Mom.”

I heard you stopped by today,” says her mother. “You should have stayed for dinner. I was out grocery shopping when you came by. I would have liked to see you.

“I had to take care of something, mom. I’m sorry,” says Sue Ann. “Mom. Thank you for staying strong for the hearing.”

What a relief it’s over,” her mother says. “Your father was so worried about it.

“I know. It must have been hard on him. Please take good care of him, mom.”

You sound funny, is everything okay?” her mother asks.

“Everything is fine,” she tells her mother. “I’ll call you again soon.”

Okay. Take care of yourself and come by when I’m home sometime so I can see you.

Sue Ann hangs up her phone as she wipes away at the tears that have started to flow again.

A long while later, she’s nearing her home, having walked for a couple of hours. 

Douglas Frost has been parked there for a long time waiting for her. He sees her and gets out of his car.  She hasn’t seen him as she just feels too heavy to continue and sits on the curb, wrapping her arms around her knees and dropping her head on her arm.

Douglas stops when he sees this, now unsure if he should approach.

Dante is sitting at his desk at home.  He reaches into his drawer and pulls out a tablet. He goes through the files, opening a folder called Kam Loon Restaurant. It seems he has a folder for each person who ever visited the restaurant, including Stanley Clark. He opens Stanley’s folder, and a video sits inside. He’s about to look at it when his door bursts open, and Douglas walks through.

“Well, that was a coward’s move,” Douglas says as he walks up to the desk as Dante closes the table and sets it down. “It’s not quite like you, Dante.”

Dante scoffs.

“Is that the best you can do? Send someone to try and pin something on Sue Ann Clark’s father to try and get her off this case?” Douglas asks him.

“You think I’m just going to sit here and be taken down as a fool?” says Dante.

“I am guessing that Clark was looking into something seven years ago, so that’s why you got him involved in the restaurant.”

Dante shrugs, “I entertained him as I did everyone else. He’s no different from them.”

“I know you, Dante. You lured him in so you can have something on him if he gets out of line,” says Douglas. 

“It’s all business. We collect powerful men’s secrets, and in exchange, we live in a nice house, drive a nice car,” explains Dante. “Without exposing her father, Sue Ann will have to drop this case.”

“Do you even know what kind of father he was to Sue Ann?” asks Douglas. “How would you feel if I separated you and Desiree?”

“You haven’t gotten to her yet,” Dante says. “You might keep this in mind. Your feelings for Sue Ann Clark will get you hurt one day.”

“Don’t you worry, Dante,” says Douglas. “I can take care of myself. You might keep an eye on your daughter. If she ever finds out the truth about you, I can’t imagine a scenario where she accepts your shitty behavior.”

The two stare at each other for a short moment, then Douglas turns and walks out as Dante watches him leave.

As Douglas walks out of Dante’s home, Desiree is just getting home, “Douglas?” she says as she limps towards him. “Were you here visiting my father?”

Douglas nods, “I had to ask him a few questions.”

Desiree nods and then asks the question that has been on her mind of late, “Is everything okay between you and my father?”

Douglas seems surprised by that, “Does it seem that something is wrong?”

“You guys just seem to be a little tense around each other,” she explains.

Douglas changes the subject, “Do you remember my little brother?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I thought he passed away from a car accident,” Douglas says. “But I am starting to think he was murdered.”

Desiree’s eyes begin to tear up.

Douglas continues, “I just met with your dad to help me find out the truth.”

“Do you suspect someone?” she asks.

Douglas shrugs, “Not sure just yet. You should go inside. Your father is waiting for you.”

Douglas walks by Desiree, heading to his car.  As he walks by, she turns and watches him leave.

Twill walks into Ellen’s room with some food. Ellen is just sitting on the floor against her bed.  She doesn’t make any eye contact with him as he kneels and places the food next to her on the floor.

“Did they all die?” she asks.  She finally looks up at him as he doesn’t respond, “The girls that came here before me. They’re all dead, aren’t they?”

Twill just looks at her.

“No one has ever walked out of here alive, isn’t that right?”

Finally, Twill just shrugs, “I don’t know.” He starts to leave, but Ellen reaches out to grab his hand.

“You can let me go.”

Twill looks at her, then down to her hand. She slowly releases his hand from her grip. 

Ellen leans closer, “We can get out of here together.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I want to leave here with you,” she explains a hint of desperation in her voice. “Let’s leave together.”

Twill stares at her for a long time before rising to his feet.

Sue Ann is sitting in her bedroom on her bed. Her phone keeps ringing. She ignores it, and it starts ringing again.

A few moments later, she’s walking out of her home, where Douglas is waiting for her. “Why are you here?” she asks.

“There’s not been a hint of this in the news,” Douglas explains. 

“I asked him directly,” Sue Ann says. “It seems Deliah Loper is telling the truth.”

“So what?” says Douglas, “Seems like nearly every prosecutor was involved with that.”

She looks at him, “I don’t care if every prosecutor was involved. It doesn’t undo what my father did.”

Douglas shakes his head, “Can’t you see? The real assholes are still out there. Your father could have fallen into their scheme. Someone could have lured him there to make a mistake.”

“Is that important?” she asks. “He admitted to being there. Deliah Loper was 20 at the time.”

Douglas shakes his head, “Will you trust me? Investigate your father’s case. There could be a truth that you don’t even know about.”

“Don’t you see? My father took part in what went down at Kam Loon Restaurant.  He was one of the men who used his power to get what he wanted from those girls.” She is silent for a moment before she admits, “I still can’t believe it’s true even though I heard it from him.” She looks up at him, “I have no idea what to do now.”

For once, Douglas has no idea what to say to her. After a pause, she turns and walks back up the stairs to her apartment.

Stanley Clark sits across from Brenda Wright at the prosecutor’s building. 

“What are you going to do now?” she asks him.

Stanley looks over at her, “Once I become Attorney General, I’ll expose the entire thing. Please help me out until then.”

Brenda nods her head in agreement, “You stopped me from investigating this seven years ago. You made me a promise. You admitted to me that you were involved, and I couldn’t believe it. You explained to me what happened. You promised me that one day you would expose this entire operation. You asked me to trust you and give you some time, just like you’re doing right now.”

“I realize it’s been a long time since I made that promise,” Stanley tells her. “But thank you for trusting me.”

She nods her head, “I know how hard it’s been since you made that mistake. How heavily it has weighed on you. I have put together all the case files for this as you requested. When you are ready, I’ll get them to you.”

Stanley looks at her with determination, “The moment I get appointed, it’s going to begin.”

“What about Sue Ann?”

“She won’t stop,” Stanley says. 

Carlos drops a massive stack of paper on the table in front of Douglas, “Here are all the cases that Stanley Clark was in charge of as prosecutor.”

Douglas grabs the first case, and it’s the case from seven years ago. He flips over the top page and finds something curious, “Wait, Brenda Wright was the prosecutor for case of the murdered actress.”

Carlos nods, “She was pretty passionate about it too, from what I hear, but then it just closed one day with no reason. I have a feeling that Stanley Clark was behind that.”

Douglas nods his head, deep in thought, “Which means that Stanley Clark did fall into the Kam Loon Restaurant trap. It was probably planned for him all along just to get this case closed.”

“Well, done. Now that we have Stanley Clark under our thumb, his daughter shouldn’t be that hard to control,” says Brandon Tanner, who sits across from Dante. “If we had left him alone, this case would have been exposed.”

“There are no assurances that Sue Ann Clark will drop her investigation,” reminds Dante. 

Brandon raises an eyebrow, “Do you honestly think she would sacrifice her father to solve this case?”

Dante doesn’t answer.

Brandon begins to laugh, “I like her the more I get to know her. She’s bold.”

“She doesn’t have a weakness. Not like her father,” says Dante.

Brandon leans closer to Dante, “I feel like I’m falling in love with her. She’s got passion. I need to find a way to keep her by my side.”

Dante doesn’t like the sound of this at all.

Sue Ann is sitting at her desk, looking at the written affidavit of Deliah Loper when her door opens and her father walks in.

“You’re here,” he says as he walks over to her conference table and takes a seat.

Sue Ann exhales as she watches him sit and then slowly rises from her desk and walks over to sit down across from him.

“This case is out of your hands, Sue Ann,” he tells her. 

“You think I don’t know that? Every powerful official and businessmen in the city seem to be involved in the restaurant,” she tells him. “I’m just a lowly prosecutor.”

Stanley nods his head, “You should drop the case.”

“Your victim came to me specifically to press charges against you.”

“You’ll never get to the bottom of this case, Sue Ann,” stresses Stanley. “The deeper you go, the more there is to uncover.”

Sue Ann shakes her head, “There has to be a bottom to this case, and I am going to find it.”

“Sue Ann,” Stanley says, “Listen to me.”

Douglas knocks on the office door belonging to Brenda Wright and walks in. She was standing at her window, looking outside and turns around when he steps in.

“It’s been a long time,” she tells him. “Sit down.”

Douglas takes a seat on the couch, and she sits across from him. 

“I hear you’re a big shot attorney now,” she tells him. 

Douglas nods, “I’ve made a lot of bad decisions to get there.”

“I haven’t seen you since I prosecuted your brother’s killer. I’m sorry it didn’t go well,” she says.

“I know you were doing what you were told,” Douglas says.

Brenda shakes her head, “I should have done what was right. Not what I was told to do.”

Douglas leans forward, “Ms. Wright, the day before my brother died, he tried to deliver a package that was meant for the actress that was killed seven years ago. He died the day after she did.”

Brenda looks confused, “That’s not right. He died in a car accident.”

Douglas just looks at her as she tries to piece things together.

She suddenly asks, “Wait, is your brother somehow connected to the Spinet murder case?”

“You investigated that case. Can you tell me why you closed it?” Douglas asks, not directly answering her question.

Brenda hesitates, so Douglas asks, “Does it have anything to do with Stanley Clark?”


Sue Ann is sitting on the long steps that lead down from the prosecutor’s building when Douglas walks down towards her after finishing his talk with Brenda Wright.

He hands her one of the coffees in his hand and takes a seat next to her.

“Wow, you bought me something,” she tells him.

Douglas chuckles, “I mean, don’t feel too flattered. It was ‘buy one get one free.’ You just happen to be the recipient of my windfall.”

“Really? You got my favorite kind. I’m flattered you remembered.”

“Hm? What? It is?” He shrugs, “I just got a free one. Must be your lucky day.”

She smiles and laughs.

“See, you look better when you smile. You were starting to look very scary,” he tells her.

“Why are you here?” she finally asks.

Douglas nods and sighs. Back to business. “Did you know your father was investigating the murder from seven years ago?”

She looks surprised, “He was?”

Douglas nods, “It looks like Dante Schumer set a trap for your father to try and get him to close the case.”

Sue Ann’s eye widen, “What?”

“After what happened to your father, the case was closed. I can only imagine that Schumer pressured him to shut it down. Look, we’re still trying to find out the truth about what exactly happened to your father. So, don’t get any crazy ideas.”

Sue Ann may already have crazy ideas as she walks into Dante’s office at Schumer Construction. 

Dante seems surprised to see her but plays it cool and asks her to have a seat.

“You don’t seem your usual self,” Dante says to her.

Sue Ann nods, “It’s all thanks to you.”

“It looks like your father will be appointed,” Dante says, ignoring her comment.

“You set a trap for him. You tried to destroy him because he was going to take you down. He was about to expose Kam Loon Restaurant. Do you know how hard he worked to get there?”

Dante looks at her as if he’s confused, “I’m sorry, I set a trap for him? I assure you that if I did such a thing, I would accept responsibility. Don’t you agree everyone should be responsible for their own actions? Your father chose to give in to his desires that night.”

Sue Ann looks at him; her eyes are still puffy from emotions. “Just you wait, Dante Schumer. I have no intention of stopping my investigation. Not until I put you in the fucking ground.”

“You can’t see how terrified I am of you, Sue Ann Clark?” Dante responds. “You fight and scrap until the very end. It doesn’t matter to you if you hurt your own family by doing so as long as the truth comes out, isn’t that right?”

“I would do it even if it hurt myself,” she tells him. “The basic principles of law and justice are that those who commit crimes should always get punished.”

It looks like Dante might say something but then changes his mind. “After living my life to this very day, I have come to realize that justice is the safety of my family. I hope you’ll consider this before you go too far.”

It’s dark out, and Sue Ann Clark is sitting on a bench when Douglas comes by.  He stops and looks at her for a moment. She’s looking pretty rough with swollen eyes and puffy cheeks. He walks over and sits down next to her. 

“I haven’t sat here like this in probably ten years,” she tells him without looking at him. “I spent all my time studying for the bar exam, going to school. Even after getting accepted with the prosecution, I barely had time to sleep.”

Douglas looks at her, “You told me you met with Dante Schumer. Are you okay?”

“He said to him justice is the protection of his family. Maybe he’s right,” she says.

Douglas can only listen. He has no idea what to say to her, so silence lingers until she says, “Douglas. I have no idea what to do now. I’m kind of scared, if I’m honest. I’m scared to death to investigate my own father.” She starts to cry again, “How can I destroy my own father?”

Douglas doesn’t answer. Perhaps she’s not expecting one, but he remains there next to her, just being there for her.

Twill walks into Ellen’s room and closes the door behind him.

Ellen is standing against the wall, and she turns when she hears him.

After a moment’s hesitation, Twill finally asks, “Do you want to get out of here with me?”

Ellen gets her hopes up as she nods quickly, “I do. I really do.”

Twill lowers himself, so he’s face to face with her, “Even after we escape, you’ll stay with me?”

“Of course,” she tells him. “We’ll stay together.”

Twill is considering this, “No one can ever find out. There are a lot of powerful people who want you to stay here. If he finds out, he’ll kill us both.”

Ellen sits down on the edge of the bed. Twill looks at her, “Listen to me carefully…”

Brandon Tanner walks around the corner of his home towards Ellen’s room.  He unlocks the door and steps inside, and he sees Ellen moaning and squirming on the bed, in obvious pain as she holds her stomach. 

Brandon doesn’t seem concerned but asks, “Are you alright?”

“My stomach,” she tells him. “My stomach hurts.”

Tanner watches her to see if she’s perhaps faking.

“I feel like I’m going to die,” she tells him.

That concerns him. He doesn’t want his plaything to die on him. “Well, I can’t let you die now, can I?” He looks up at the camera and gives a wave.

A few moments later, Twill walks in. He walks past Brandon when he sees Ellen lying on the bed.

“She says she’s in pain,” Brandon tells her.

Twill looks down at her and asks, “Are you in pain?”

“Please help me,” she says. “It’s my ride side. The right side of my stomach.” She’s curled up as she cries.

Twill looks at Tanner, “If it’s appendicitis, it could be serious. Probably even kill her.”

Brandon nods, “Well, move her to the hospital. You know which one. Make sure you cover her eyes. No one will bother you there, but get her there without anyone seeing her.”

A few moments later, Twill is driving while Ellen is in the backseat with a blindfold on. He keeps looking in the rearview. “He’s still following us. We need to be careful. Once we get to the hospital and around many people, I’ll give the signal, and you need to run for it. If you scream for help, they’ll help.”

Ellen nods, “Okay.” She can’t see beyond the blindfold as Twill pulls the car over and says, “Now. Open the door and run as fast as you can.”

She manages to open the door with her hands tied together, and she leaps from the car and begins to scream, “Someone help me! Help me!”

She starts to run but then everything goes dark.

Her blindfold is removed, and she sits up and sees she’s in the middle of nowhere.  As her eyes become less blurry, she sees Brandon and Twill standing there looking down at her. She starts to get scared as she tries to scoot herself back away from them, but she can only use her feet as her hands are still tied behind her back.

She looks at Twill, “How could you?”

Twill just stares at her, “You think I’m big and stupid, right? You didn’t want to escape with me.”

Brandon bursts out with laughter.

“It’s obvious you were lying to me,” says Twill. His face is serious while Brandon continues to laugh at her misfortune.

Ellen starts to panic and cry as she tries to scoot further away from them.

Brandon walks up on her and kneels real close, “You were very entertaining today. Thank you.”

Sue Ann walks into her office. Someone had left the television on, and it’s replaying the hearings featuring her father. The sound is off, but the captions are scrolling across the screen. She remembers Dante’s words from earlier as well.

She’s so preoccupied, she doesn’t hear Brandon Tanner walk into the room. He walks right up to her side and asks, “Are you alright?”

Sue Ann quickly turns away, “Everything’s fine.”

“Looks like you’re going through a rough time,” he says. 

She shakes her head, “No. Not at all. What can I do for you?” she asks him.

“Oh,” Tanner says, “I was just visiting someone next door and saw your door open. How are things going with your father’s hearing?” he asks.

She doesn’t answer him, as it almost seems like he’s taunting her.

“If there’s anything I can do to help, my door is always open,” he says. 

“Thanks,” is all she says in return. Just then, Douglas walks into the room, pausing as he sees Brandon Tanner in Sue Ann’s office.

He walks right up to Brandon, but Sue Ann asks, “Why are you here?”

Looking at Brandon, he answers her, “I wanted to talk about Kam Loon Restaurant. But I can wait until you finish your conversation.”

Brandon stares at Douglas, “I was just leaving anyway,” he says as the two continue to stare each other down. Tanner finally walks past Douglas and steps out into the hallway. He walks a few steps and stops, “Sue Ann Clark,” he says to himself, “She’s becoming more and more attractive to me each and every day.”

Back in Sue Ann’s office, Douglas is watching to make sure Brandon leaves before turning around, “Keep your distance from him.”

Sue Ann scoffs, “He’s known my dad since he was a kid.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” Douglas tells her, “Keep away from him. He’s bad news. There’s some relationship between him and Dante. He’s creepy and strange so when I tell you to stay away from him, just take me at my word.”

Sue Ann asks, “What about the restaurant?”


“You said you had something to discuss about the restaurant.”

Douglas is confused and then remembers why he came there in the first place, “Oh, right. I was wondering if I could get copies of the case file. I think I’m missing some.”

Sue Ann is about to answer when her phone rings, “Yes, Detective Young?” Her eyes open wide, “I’m on my way.”

Douglas looks at her, “What?”

“It’s Ellen Sinclair’s grandmother.”

Sue Ann and Douglas run into the hospital and over to where Ellen’s grandmother is with Paul Young.  The grandmother immediately jumps up at seeing Sue Ann and grabs her hands, “You’re here. You promised to find my Ellen. Please find my Ellen.”

Paul shakes his head, “She passed out while handing out flyers in front of the subway. She is out first thing in the morning until late at night every day. The doctor says it’s exhaustion.”

Douglas takes the woman’s hand, “I promise we’re going to find her, ma’am. Please rest at home and let us take care of this.”

The woman looks to him, “You don’t think something has happened to her, do you?” She turns back to Sue Ann, “You have power? You have lots of power? Please find her!” she begins to sob uncontrollably as tears start to flow for Sue Ann again. 

Sue Ann is sitting at her father’s house. She won’t look at him, and he looks at the floor. “You need to turn down the nomination and then turn yourself in for questioning,” she tells him.

Stanley shakes his head, “Once I am appointed, I’ll reveal the case. Once I make sure the case is out in the open, I’ll resign.” He finally looks up at her, though she doesn’t look back, “Let me take care of this my way.”

Sue Ann finally turns her head to look at him. “No. You have no right to do that. You covered up this case in the first place. You covered it up seven years ago to hide your dirty little secret. How could you possibly take care of it now?”

Stanley is starting to get emotional, “You can’t solve this case, Sue Ann. There are people out there with power beyond your imagination who are involved in this case.”

“You’re no different than they are!” she snaps at him. “How do you expect me to trust you? I don’t care how powerful they are. I won’t give up. Decline the appointment. Resign your post.”

Stanley raises his voice, “You need to stop! You will get yourself hurt if you don’t.”

She yells right back, “I don’t care if I die!” She lowers her voice again, “I will not investigating this case.”

Stanley’s eyes are filled with tears as he knows he can’t stop her as much as he wants to protect her.

Sue Ann storms down the hallway at the prosecutor building with Brenda Wright at her heels, “I said stop!” Brenda yells as Sue Ann bursts into Brent Koff’s office and lays a stack of papers on his desk.

“I want to prosecute a corruption case that involves several high ranking politicians,” Sue Ann tells Brent. “Allow me to investigate.”

“No,” Brent simply says. 

“As a prosecutor, I have the right to investigate.”

Brent finally looks up at her from his chair, “Don’t forget that I am your superior. You report to me, not the other way around. You need my permission to proceed, and I deny your request. From what I hear, your father is involved. Why in the world would I let a daughter investigate her own father. It’s a conflict of interest.”

Sue Ann looks at him, “Fine. Assign me a co-prosecutor who will monitor me and ensure I don’t give my father any special treatment.”

“That’s not all,” Brent tells her. “There are dozens of prosecutors on that list. You’re trying to ruin the reputation of this institution.”

“I don’t work for the reputation of this institution. I work for the people of Seattle.”

Brent swings his chair around to face her, “You’re unbelievable.”

“The people who pay my salary,” she tells him.

“What about your father?” he asks her.

“Even if it concerns my father, I will do my job.”

Brent sighs. He looks up at her after a moment, “Fine. Suit yourself. See how far you can get.”

“Thank you,” Sue Ann says before turning and taking a step towards the door. Brenda Wright just looks at her. Sue Ann steps around her and walks out of the room.

Dante is seated in a restaurant when Douglas walks in, “You’re early,” he tells the man as he takes a seat. 

“Why did you want to meet?” asks Dante.

Walking in are the mayor’s chief of staff, an assemblyman, and the tax department head. Douglas looks up at them, “Sorry to have to drop your name, Dante, but it’s the only way I could meet with you all at the same time.”

Dante is confused about what’s going on here as the chief of staff asks, “What’s this all about?”

“Everyone have a seat, and we’ll get started,” says Douglas. He reaches for his phone, and after several swipes and taps, he puts it back into his pocket, but a few seconds later, everyone else’s phone vibrates. 

Confused, they all look and begin to play the Kam Loon Restaurant video that Douglas just sent them.

Dante turns and, in a lowered voice, ask Douglas, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

One of the men turns to Dante, “You told us he wasn’t going to be a problem.”

Another says, “There’s always a way to find solutions to problems.”

Just then, Sue Ann Clark walks in with police officers in tow, including Paul Young, “I’m from the prosecution office. You three are under arrest for solicitation of prostitution and accepting bribes.”

Aghast, the chief of staff looks at her, “What do you think you’re doing?”

As she continues to give the Miranda, they continue to ask her what she thinks she’s doing. When she finishes, the officers move to handcuff and escort them out of the restaurant as Dante stares daggers into Douglas. 

“It seems Sue Ann Clark has gotten in over her head,” Dante as he sits at a large round table with Brandon Tanner and Stanley Clark. “She has arrested three high-ranking officials.”

Brandon grins, “I like her style. She’s got a lot of grit.” Stanley doesn’t like that comment at all as he looks at Brandon, who in turn looks back, “What do we do about her? If this gets exposed, you can kiss the Attorney General appointment goodbye.”

“You let me take care of it,” says Stanley.

Dante shakes his head, “I don’t think you can convince her.”

“I told you I’d take care of this,” insists Stanley.

Dante looks back at him, “She’ll probably lose her job before she gets to indict them.” Dante motions to a folder sitting on the table next to Stanley.  He opens the folder and sees several documents that look like news articles that state that Sue Ann was aware of her father’s involvement in the restaurant and condoned it.

Stanley looks up at him, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Did you even consider that once this case is exposed, who would be the one to take the most damage?” asks Dante. “If she doesn’t back off now, I will have these articles run all over the city. In print, the web, everywhere. Do you think she’ll survive the fallout?”

“Do you think I’ll let you hurt my daughter in this way?” asks Stanley.

“So annoying,” mutters Brandon. It’s obvious he’s getting bored. “Stop being stubborn and make this go away.”

Dante agrees, “Isn’t protecting a daughter the responsibility of a father? You need to make her stop now.”

“If you don’t, Sue Ann will be in quite a bit of danger,” says Brandon.

Stanley looks between the two.

A little while later, Stanley is walking down the sidewalk when he passes a newsstand. His name is on the headline of every paper, local and otherwise. He knows if he doesn’t do something, it’ll be his daughter’s name on the headline of each of those newspapers. 

Suddenly, as if coming to a decision, he strides off.

Stanley Clark walks into the office of Douglas Frost. When Douglas sees him, he stands up and walks over to meet him.

Brandon pulls over to the side of the road when he sees Sue Ann walking down the sidewalk in the middle of the night.  He gets out of his car and crosses the street to meet her.  She finally turns and sees him, surprised to find him here. “Oh, hello.”

Brandon smiles, “Hello. I wish I could say it was a coincidence meeting you here, but I was hoping to run into you. We need to talk about your father.”

Confused, Sue Ann asks, “What about my father?”

When Brandon doesn’t answer right away, something crosses her mind, “How did you know where I lived?”

Douglas Frost is going way over the speed limit on the freeway as he redials Sue Ann. Stanley Clark’s words continue to ring in his head, “Sue Ann is in danger,” the man told him. 

After the third time, he gives up trying to call her and steps on the gas.

He pulls into her parking lot, leaps from his car, and tries to call her again as he bounds up the stairs to her apartment.

He hits the doorbell, and without waiting, he begins to pound on her door. Frustrated, he calls. “Detective Young. Please track Sue Ann’s phone. I believe she’s in danger.”

Young runs into the office and sits down at the computer, “I’ll call you right back.”

Just then, another officer stands up, “There’s been a report of someone jumping off the Tanner Electronics building. They are calling for everyone to come.”

“Who was it?” someone asks.

“They said it was a prosecutor,” the officer says. Paul Young hears that and turns around in his chair. 

Brent Koff and Brenda Wright get out of a car as it parks in front of the Tanner building and walks up the stairs.

Douglas pulls up to the side of the road and runs up the stairs as well.

There are lots of squad cars with sirens and lights going off. 

Afraid he’s going to find Sue Ann has been hurt, Douglas is nearly in tears as he pushes his way to the front of the crowd. And officer tries to get in his way, “You can’t go in,” but Douglas pushes him to the side.

As he gets there, they are putting the sheet over the victim’s head. Douglas bends over, hands on his knees like he’s about to be sick as he begins to cry. 

From inside the building, Brandon Tanner walks out, and Douglas sees him. His sadness turns to anger as the two stare at each other. 

Then, Brandon smiles.



Sue Ann Clark   ARLEY KIRK
Deliah Loper   MIA FALLON
Dante Schumer   RICKY STANTON
Brandon Tanner   KIERAN QUINN
Douglas Frost   ERIC DONOVAN
Ellen Sinclair   HAYLEY FIEN
Brenda Wright  MELISSA AKI
Paul Young   GABE KHANE


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