Brandon walks through his massive wine cellar when his phone begins to ring.  He looks to see who it is before bringing it up to his ear.

“What is it now?”

Douglas Frost knows that Twill is there. Get Ellen Sinclair out of there, now.” Dante Schumer tells him. 

Tanner finds that curious, “So, that’s why Sue Ann Clark decided to show up at my house.”

What are you saying?

Amused, Brandon tells him, “Sue Ann is at my house right now.”

You need to tell her to leave,” insists Dante.

“Why bother?” says Brandon. “I’ll just get rid of her right now.”

Dante’s insistence is heard through the phone, “You can’t harm a hair on Clark’s head. Do you understand me?

Dante doesn’t get to finish his sentence as Brandon hangs up his phone. Brandon walks into the secret room where Twill is watching Ellen, “We need to move Ellen.”

Confused, Twill asks, “Did you find another girl?”

Brandon leans in close and looks at Ellen on the screen, “This will be fun. Oh, and if Schumer calls, ignore it.”


Tenta dials Twill’s number as he stands in front of Dante’s desk. Dante is seated, hands interlocked as he looks a bit nervous that everything is about to fall apart. 

“Twill isn’t answering.”

Sue Ann walks down the long hall in Brandon’s house and disappears through the door at the end.  As the door closes behind her, Brandon peeks around the corner.

Sue Ann goes into Ellen’s room and finds it empty, though she notices the four cameras in each corner of the room when Brandon shows up behind her.

“Are you looking for someone?”

Sue Ann freezes in her tracks and slowly turns to face him.

She brings her hand up to her forehead, “I may have had too much to drink. I seemed to have gotten lost.”

“Is that so?” Brandon asks as he stares at the prosecutor. 

Sue Ann doesn’t respond to that as she looks around, “What is this place?” she asks him. “It looks like someone lives here.”

Brandon responds to her, his speech is slow and deliberate, “This is my personal space. I come here to get away from everyone.”

“You have this whole house, and you still need a space like this?” Sue Ann asks though she knows he’s making this all up. “I bet when you come down here, no one in the world can find you.”

Brandon hasn’t taken his eyes off of her since he walked into the room. He leans closer to her, “I promise you, no one can.”

As he steps closer, she takes a step away from him and asks, “Why all the cameras? And monitors, if this is just a personal space?”

He doesn’t answer her but walks out of the room, closing the door and locking her inside. 

Sue Ann rushes to the door and begins to pound on it. “Open this door!” she demands repeatedly.

On the outside, Brandon watches her on the monitors with a grin on his face. 

“Open up! Open this fucking door!” he can hear her yell from inside the room.  He begins to laugh.

Douglas pulls into Brandon’s long driveway and parks his car behind Paul Young’s car.  He grabs his phone and texts, “Get out of there. Twill is in there. It’s dangerous.

He steps out of his car and walks up to the side of Paul’s car, and tries to call her one more time, only for it to go right to voice mail. 

Paul rolls down his window, and Douglas leans over, “Anything strange going on in there? She’s not picking up her phone.” We see Carlos in the passenger seat as well, fast asleep. 

Paul starts to get out of the car, “Let’s go get her.”

“Wait,” says Douglas. “Let me go inside first. I can scope out the situation, and if something goes down, I’ll signal.”  

Douglas walks off as Carlos snaps awake, “What’s going on?”

“Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you if something happens,” says Young, with a roll of the eyes.

Douglas walks briskly towards the house and begins to run as he gets closer.  As he gets to the house, Brandon Tanner is already standing outside on the porch.

“Where is Sue Ann?” Douglas asks.

Brandon seems amused, “Who said she was here?”

Douglas isn’t having it. “I know she’s here! Where is she?”

Brandon is definitely in the mood to toy with Douglas, “Are you telling me she told you she was here?”

“If you’ve done anything to her, I’ll kill you,” Douglas spits out.

Brandon scoffs, “You’ll kill me? I wonder where she could be. I’m starting to miss her.”

Douglas grabs him by the shirt and gets in his face, “If you don’t want to die, bring her to me right fucking now.”

Brandon laughs in his face.

Douglas pushes him away and turns, and walks past him into the house.  The moment he’s inside, he begins to call her name, “Sue Ann!” He walks down a long hallway to an elevator, and as he disappears behind the closing doors, Twill steps out from around the corner.

Ellen Sinclair is somewhere bound and gagged. The light in the room she’s being kept is red, and as we get a better look, we see it’s a photographer’s darkroom, and Twill is keeping an eye on her. 

Twill walks out of the room, and Ellen looks around the room at all the creepy stalker type photos lined up on wire across the room.  Dozens of women. 

Douglas walks down another long hallway in Brandon’s massive mansion when his phone rings.

“Where are you? Are you alright?”

“A spiral staircase?”

Douglas moves on, and as he disappears off-screen, Brandon walks down the hall with a smirk on his face.

Douglas finds the spiral staircase and hurries to the bottom. He walks into the wine cellar, finds the door at the end, and steps through to the next long hallway.  He walks down to the door at the end of this hallway, but all the padlocks have been secured.

He begins to bang on the door, “Sue Ann!”

Douglas turns around to see Brandon slowly walking towards him.

“Open the damn door now,” Douglas demands.

Brandon pulls out a keyring and, one by one, unlock the padlocks.  As soon as the last padlock is off, Douglas shoves him to the side and steps through the door. He walks past the monitors and into the final room. He pushes open the door to find Sue Ann inside.

“Are you alright?”

She doesn’t get a chance to answer when Brandon walks into the room. Douglas grabs him by the shirt and makes a fist, “You crazy fuck!”

Suddenly, Sue Ann grabs his arm to stop him from hitting Brandon, “What do you think you’re doing?” she asks Brandon.

Brandon looks at her, “Are you angry? I was only playing with you.”

“Playing? Are you kidding me?” she asks, obviously upset.

“You were very interested in this place, so I wanted to show you what it was for,” he tells her.

“Of course I’m curious,” Sue Ann says to him, still angry. “I’m curious why you need a room like this in your basement. Why would you need a room that you can’t open from the inside that has four cameras inside of it that you monitor from outside of the room?”

Douglas is listening to Sue Ann, and as she speaks, he begins to look around.

Brandon tries to blow it off, “I could understand why you’d be confused about all of this. I set this up when I was having trouble sleeping. It allows me to record myself as I sleep to have it analyzed to fix my sleeping issues. Look, if I scared you, I apologize.”

Douglas stares daggers at Brandon, as Brandon looks at Sue Ann. Sue Ann grabs Douglas by the arm, “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Douglas gives Brandon one more look before guiding Sue Ann out of the room. As they leave, Brandon just smiles, amused at all of this.

Tenta pulls onto Brandon’s driveway, and Dante notices Douglas’s car parked behind another car, with the police detective inside. A concerned look crosses his face.

Dante walks up the walkway to Brandon’s house just as Sue Ann and Douglas are leaving. 

“Isn’t it funny how we are all meeting up here?” asks Brandon, who walks up behind them. “I didn’t invite any of you.”

Douglas shakes his head, “I’m glad we’re here. I needed to check something.” He pulls Dante’s phone out of his pocket, “Seems like you’re in contact with Twill. Here’s here somewhere, isn’t he?” he asks Dante.

Dante doesn’t respond to him.

Douglas turns to Brandon, “Or are you the one who knows where that bastard is?”

“Who are you talking about?” asks Brandon. He turns to Dante, “Who’s he talking about?”

Dante stares only at Douglas, “No. I don’t.”

Sue Ann chuckles at the absurdity of it all, “I guess you don’t. You better hope it stays that way.”

Douglas stares right back at Dante, “Since you came all this way in the middle of the night, I imagine you have something important to discuss.”

“We are business partners, after all,” says Brandon, as if that explains it all. “But really, it looks like you two didn’t find what you were looking for. It’s a pity, really.”

Douglas turns to look at Tanner, “Don’t you worry. We have exactly what we need.” Then to Sue Ann, he says, “Let’s go.”

He walks right in between Brandon and Dante with Sue Ann right behind him. 

Brandon turns to watch them go, and when they’re far enough away, Dante tells him, “Get Ellen Sinclair out of here now. They’ve figured out that she’s here.”

“So what?” asks Brandon. “You think the police will come knocking through my door to rescue that actress? She’s nobody. Trust me, my house is the most secure place in all of Seattle. They’ll never find her.”

“They know you’ve involved Twill.”

Brandon considers, “Perhaps a swap would be in order. I’ll let Ellen Sinclair go, but in her place, I want Sue Ann Clark.”

Dante doesn’t answer him.

“You should have seen the look on her face when I trapped her inside,” Brandon begins to laugh, finding the entire ordeal humorous.  After a few moments, he composes himself. “Don’t you think it’d be a lot of fun to put Sue Ann Clark in her place?”

Dante is not amused. Not one single bit.

“Ellen Sinclair is still on this property somewhere. I know it,” Douglas says as they walk down the driveway. “That room you were in, I think that’s where they had her locked up.”

Sue Ann nods, “That means Twill is inside somewhere too, keeping an eye on her.”

Douglas lets out a sigh, “If we pressure them too much, they might try and move her.”

“That might not be the worst idea,” she tells him. “If we pretend we’re pulling out, they might feel confident enough to move her to another location.”

Twill pushes Ellen into the room again. He takes a look around the room and then walks out, closing the door behind him.

Ellen sits down on the bed, then lies down.  As she starts to get comfortable, her eyes open wide as if surprised.  She begins to feel the pillow, as there’s something inside the pillowcase.

And a cell phone screen lights up through the fabric.

She starts to look around but thinks to play it cool. She pulls the blanket up over her head and then reaches into the pillowcase to pull out the phone.

Right there on the screen is a message:

We’re trying to find you. No matter what, we will find you. Hang in there.

She swipes away the notepad and pulls up the text messages, finding Douglas’s texts to Sue Ann. She begins to type.

Outside the room, Twill is eating chips and watching the monitor.  Suddenly, he leans in close and looks at the monitor.  He stands up and walks to the door.

“My name is Ellen Sinclair. I’ll wait for…” she starts to type out. 

Twill opens the door.  

He walks over to the bed and rips off the blanket from over Ellen.

She’s lying there, pretending to be asleep.

Twill leans down to see if she’s really asleep. 

Ellen breathes deeply, trying to convince him that she’s asleep.

He continues to watch her for a moment before leaning back up. 

“You realize that was insane, right?” Carlos tells Sue Ann when they all get back together.

Douglas interjects, “She’s probably found the phone by now.”

“The big thing is that she has to avoid getting caught,” Sue Ann says. 

Paul holds up his phone, “I’ve got the tracker going now, so as long as she keeps the phone on her, we will know where she is if they decide to move her.”

“Anyone who wants to go to Tanner’s mansion has to take this road, right?” asks Douglas.

Paul nods, “Right. It’s the only way in and out of his place.”

“Do you think they’ll try and move Ellen?” asks Carlos.

Sue Ann shrugs, “We’ve stirred the hornet’s nest. I don’t think they’ll feel safe keeping her at Tanner’s place.”

Ellen Sinclair sits in her room, on her bed. 

Twill is standing in front of her, and he unscrews the cap of an unmarked bottle and hands it to her.

She takes it and looks at it. Knowing she doesn’t have much of a choice, she drinks it. As if she knows already what it’s going to do, she lies down.

Twill watches her for a moment and then walks out of the room.

As soon as the door closes, she reaches for a towel and spits the contents from her mouth into the folded towel then places it back on the counter. She lies back down and pretends to go to sleep.

Desiree is doing a little research.  She stumbles onto an article about Ellen Sinclair and looks it over.  She grabs the folder containing information about the seven-year-old murder and begins to look it over next. Something catches her eyes.

“Justin Frost handed over a USB to Ellen Sinclair while working as a delivery driver,” she reads aloud.  She notices the post-it attached near the bottom that reads, “The USB contains information to expose a prostitution ring. Justin was killed. By who?

Desiree would like to know the answer to that question.

Dante is at home sitting at his desk. He appears to have a lot on his mind.

Tenta walks into the room, “We’re ready.”

Dante looks up at him, “Ellen Sinclair is to live. Twill, on the other hand, make sure they don’t find his body.”

Tenta looks confused.

“If Twill disappears, the only other person that Ellen Sinclair has seen is Brandon Tanner,” Dante explains.

Tenta nods and turns to leave when Desiree walks in. Tenta moves around her to leave. 

“You’re late,” says Dante to his daughter.

She nods, “I know. I have a lot of work to do.”

Dante nods.

“Daddy? What exactly did Douglas mean when he told you to bring back Ellen Sinclair immediately?” she asks him.

Dante seems surprised by the question, “Ellen Sinclair? She was a girl in one of his trials. I knew the person that Douglas was defending against her. That’s all it is,” he tells her.

“Not a big deal?” she asks.

Dante nods.

Desiree smiles at her father, “You look a little tired. Make sure you rest.”

Dante watches as she walks out of the room. He’s not pleased. Not pleased at all.

Douglas and Sue Ann are sitting in his car. Douglas lifts his radio and asks, “We’re not sure when they’re gonna move her, but we can get back up if we need it, right?” 

Paul raises his radio and responds, “I have some officers on hold. We just need to say the word.” We see that Paul and Carlos are parked across the way. 

Carlos is monitoring the movement of the cell phone when he perks up, “Looks like Sue Ann’s phone is moving.”

Sue Ann notices it as well, “She’s on the move.”

Douglas says into the radio, “Once they exit the street, we’ll follow. Let’s try not to tip them off. We just want to find out where they’re taking her.”

“What’s the plan if they spot us?” asks Paul. “You wanna just barge in?”

“If we barge in, Twill will take all the blame, and Tanner and Schumer get away scot-free. We need to nail Tanner. We need to nail Schumer. For now, we tail.”

Twill closes the trunk and walks up to get into the driver’s seat of the car. He buckles up and starts up the car, and drives away from the mansion.

“They’re coming,” Sue Ann says as she sees the red dot on her phone getting closer to their location.

Douglas and Sue Ann both look up and see the headlights coming their way.

As the car reaches the road, everyone ducks down so as not to be seen.

Twill drives right past them.  Douglas sits up and says into the radio, “Let’s go.”

Douglas is facing the right way, so he follows first. Paul makes the u-turn and follows Douglas.

Inside the trunk, Ellen’s eyes open. Her hands are tied behind her back, and she has a gag inside her mouth.  She begins to struggle with the ropes that bind her wrists together.  Her wrists start to chaff, then bleed as she pulls on the ropes, trying to get her hands through.

She’s able to reach into her back pocket and pull out Sue Ann’s cell phone. She tries to lift it so she can see it, but the car hits a bump, and the phone falls from her grip to the floor of the trunk. 

Twill cocks an ear towards the back of the car as if he heard something, and he pulls over to the side of the road.

Frantically, Ellen tries to push the phone underneath her to hide it.

The trunk opens, and Twill looks down at her. Ellen keeps her eyes closed, pretending to still be out of it.  Twill leans down really close and looks around her, but finally is convinced she’s still out and closes the trunk.  

Sue Ann is watching the red dot, and suddenly she exclaims, “She disappeared. The dot’s not there anymore.”

Douglas looks around and then makes a turn.

Brandon bursts into the room, finding Ellen is gone. 

“Dante Schumer,” he says as he looks at the empty bed. Obviously, he didn’t approve of removing Ellen from the home, and he’s not happy about it at all. “How dare you take my toy.”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone.

Douglas pulls over to the side of the road, and Paul pulls in behind him.  Everyone exits their car, and Paul says, “I think the phone died.”

Carlos nods, “We may have to split up and go look for them.”

Paul and Carlos take off running on foot down the road.

Douglas looks around, having a sudden feeling of deja vu. Then he remembers.

This is the same spot where Dante caught up with him after the murders and offered him scotch on that cold winter night. The same fucking place.

Douglas suddenly says, “He’s going to kill her.”

Sue Ann moves over next to him, “What do you mean? Here? How do you know?”

“There’s a cabin nearby,” he tells her. “That’s where they’ve taken Ellen.”

They get back in the car.

Twill drives the long driveway down to Schumer’s cabin. He parks the car and gets out, and Tenta is there waiting for him.

“Where’s Ellen Sinclair?” asks Tenta.

Twill looks back at the car. Tenta follows his gaze.  “I’m done with that house for good, right?” asks Twill.

Tenta looks back at him and nods. “Yes.”

“Good,” Twill answers. He holds out his hand. “My money.”

Tenta lowers his arm, and a chain rolls out from underneath his sleeve, and he whips it around Twill’s neck and pushes him up against the car as he tries to choke him out.

Twill manages to get out, “What are you doing? Schumer told me to get her out of there.”

“That’s right,” answers Tenta. “We have no further use of you.”

Twill spins around and manages to flip Tenta over his shoulder and onto the ground.  Twill reaches under his pant leg, pulls out a large hunting knife, and then hides it under his chest.

Tenta gets to his feet and walks over to him, and Twill leaps up and swings at him with the knife. Tenta leans back to avoid it.  Twill moves closer, holding the knife in front of him.

“Schumer betrayed me? Is that it? That motherfucker.”

Twill takes another stab with the knife but Tenta blocks and kicks Twill’s legs out from under him. He kicks him in the head. Twill gets up, but Tenta grabs the hand with the knife and aims it to Twill’s throat. Twill tries to flip him, but Tenta flips him instead, grabs Twill’s arm, wraps it around his neck, and pulls hard. Suddenly, the two cars drive down the driveway, catching Tenta’s attention. 

All four get out of the cars and walk towards Twill’s car.

Tenta mutters, “Shit,” and stands up and runs off into the woods.

Twill looks up and sees them as well, and he gets up and runs after Tenta.

Paul notices them take off and runs after them, “Stop right there!” he yells after them.

The other three hurry to the car. Douglas tries the trunk, but it’s locked. Carlos opens the driver’s door and unlatches the trunk, and Douglas pulls it open and finds Ellen Sinclair inside.

“Ellen! Ellen!” Douglas yells as he taps her gently on the side of the face.  When she doesn’t respond, he yells, “Carlos!” The two help untie her and pull her from the trunk. Douglas carries Ellen towards his car when he sees Tenta’s car pull into the driveway and leave. He grits his teeth and walks up, setting Ellen in the back seat of Paul’s car.

Paul finally shows back up.

“What happened?” asks Carlos. 

“They got away.” Paul seems disappointed.


Paul, Douglas, and Sue Ann walk into Ellen’s hospital room. 

“I talked to the doctor, and she’ll regain consciousness after she gets enough rest,” Paul tells them.

Douglas looks down at Ellen, “She has to wake up.”

“Will she be safe here?” asks Sue Ann. “Shouldn’t we keep her somewhere private to recover?”

Paul shakes his head, “The name on the placard is fake.”

“She’s better off here where there’s lots of people going by. In fact, we should let everyone know she’s here,” Douglas tells them.

Sue Ann looks at him, “I have a few things I need to do as well, to keep her safe.”

“I heard the missing girl from Spinet Entertainment has been found,” Brent Koff says to Brenda Wright.

Brenda nods. “I heard that too.”

Brent sighs, “Sue Ann is going to run amok, so you need to tie her hands and keep track of her. I do not want her involved in this case.”

Brenda nods her head, “Yes, sir.”

There’s a knock on the door, and Sue Ann opens it up and walks in. 

Brent looks surprised to see her, “Aren’t you suspended? Why are you here?”

Sue Ann looks at him, “I need you to lift my suspension. Gerald Card is a kidnapper and a murderer. He’s on the run. We have to find him as soon as possible. Reinstate me so I can investigate.”

Brent Koff looks at her, “Are you insane? Do you think you run this department? You come in here demanding reinstatement?

“I didn’t mean to sound like I was demanding,” says Sue Ann.

Brenda shakes her head, “Still, you can’t just barge in here, asking him to lift your suspension. You have broken far too many rules, Sue Ann. Follow me.” She turns to Brent, “I’ll take care of this.”

“Be sure that you do,” Koff responds.

Brenda leads Sue Ann out of the office. 

In Brenda’s office, Brenda takes a stack of files and slams them down on her desk. “Seven years ago, I was in charge of investigating the Spinet Actress Murder Case.”

Sue Ann seems surprised, “Nowhere in the record does it say that you were in charge of that case.”

“It wasn’t official by any means, but I did it privately and then closed the case when your father asked me to shut it down,” Brenda explains.

“Was it because of what he did?” Sue Ann asks.

Brenda shakes her head, “It wasn’t to cover up his discretion. He said the time wasn’t right. And I trusted him that he would reopen the case when the time was right. Your father didn’t run from this case like a coward. I think it’s finally time. I’m entrusting you to bring this case to justice. I’ll take all the heat for it, and I will have your back.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Sue Ann tells her.

“You don’t need to tell me anything,” Brenda says. “I’m keeping a promise I made to your father, who I had great respect for. It’s time to finally do the right thing.”

Douglas and Carlos are meeting with some reporters for drinks.

“Look,” Douglas tells them as he pours them some more alcohol, “It’s the story of a lifetime. A young actress is kidnapped. She suddenly shows up alive, and no one knows who took her or why.”

One of the reporters asks, “Are you saying there are other girls like her who have gone missing but never came back?”

Carlos smirks at the reporter, “You already know the answer to that question. Yes, some never came back, and some even died. No one had the balls to cover the story.”

Another reporter seems very interested in this story, as they all are, “So when the girl wakes up, she’ll have quite a story to tell. It could very well unravel this mystery to the core.”

Douglas shakes his head, “When this story gets out, the entire city will be turned upside down.”

Carlos begins handing out some folders, “Here’s everything you need to know about this story.”

Dante throws his empty scotch glass across the room right past Tenta, and it shatters against the wall. In front of Dante is his tablet with the news articles written about the reappearance of Ellen Sinclair.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Tenta says.

Dante isn’t hearing it. “Find Twill and get rid of him now. Make sure you get that phone back.”

“We will find it.”

“We can’t let him get to Douglas like he did last time. So, find him!” Dante shouts. 

“I’ll find him, sir.”

Suddenly, Dante’s phone lights up with Brandon as the Caller ID. 

Brandon Tanner is sitting across from Dante in Dante’s office. “Why did you move her?”

“They were going to find her there, and you know it,” Dante tells him.

Brandon shakes his head, “They came inside. They found nothing.”

Dante is getting annoyed, “They were there because they suspected that you had her. They were going to keep trying until they found her. We needed to move her before they involved the police.”

“And yet, they found Ellen only because you moved her,” Brandon says. 

Dante remains stoic, despite Brandon’s childish tirade, “Listen. If they had found her at your home, you would have gone to jail.”

“What court in their right mind would ever convict me of anything?” asks Brandon. 

Dante shakes his head, “Do you really think you’re immune to the law?”

“I am immune from the law!”

“You are not immune from the law. Now, we need to get rid of Twill. He knows everything,” Dante explains.

“We need to get rid of Ellen Sinclair first. She saw my face.”

Dante just stares at him for a moment, “Use your fucking head, will you?”

Brandon seems surprised to be talked to like that.

Dante continues, “You need to determine whether you’re going to help me or fight me in this. Twill is the one we need to get rid of. If you’re not going to help me, then we both go down.”

Twill is hiding out in a hotel room. Using his phone, he’s scanning the headlines, mostly to see if his name pops up. After Tenta’s stunt at the cabin, Twill knows they’re out to put him down for good because he’s a liability. 

He spends a few moments looking at his contact list before he finally makes a call.

It’s evening, and Twill walks up to a car, opens the passenger door, and gets inside. 

Brandon Tanner is also looking at the articles being published about Ellen Sinclair. Without even looking at Twill, he says, “This is why you should’ve listened to me and not Dante Schumer.”

“I’m gonna kill that motherfucker,” Twill says. 

Brandon still doesn’t look at him, “Just find Ellen Sinclair and kill her. That’s all you need to do.”

Twill looks over at him angrily, and finally, Brandon meets his gaze, “Look, he wanted you dead because he didn’t want you to talk. For you to survive, Ellen Sinclair must die.”

“I’m starting to hate that girl,” Twill says.

“Once she dies, there’s no evidence against us. And don’t worry, you’re under my protection,” Brandon tells him.

However, Tenta is sitting in his car down the street, watching the entire thing.

Tenta walks into Dante’s office, “As you suspected, Twill met with Brandon Tanner. I followed him back to his hotel. Do you want me to go ahead and get rid of him?”

Dante looks up from his paperwork, “I’m sure Tanner told Twill to find Ellen Sinclair and kill her. If Tanner is implicated in this…”

“If Twill gets caught, he’ll spill everything. It won’t just be Brandon Tanner,” Tenta tells him.

Dante nods his head, then says, “For now, just watch. I want to see exactly what Brandon Tanner is going to do. We can get rid of him afterward.”

Sue Ann slides over some paperwork to Douglas, “Carlos did a little digging and found out that Brandon Tanner is the actual owner of Kam Loon Restaurant. Through a series of transactions, a great deal of money was wired to him as the owner of the restaurant.”

“So, in the end, Brandon Tanner is involved not only in the sexual favor scandal, but the death and disappearances of actresses working for Spinet Entertainment,” Douglas says, “But, he used Dante to handle all the dirty work.”

Sue Ann nods, “Which explains how Schumer rose into power so quickly.”

Douglas nods his head.

“So, first, we have to take down Tanner. Then we can arrest everyone else involved in the scandal,” Sue Ann says. She looks up at Douglas, “It won’t be easy to catch him.”

“Which is why we’re going to use the public to help. We need to disclose all those involved in the Kam Loon Restaurant scandal,” Douglas says as he slides the documents back into the folder.

Sue Ann considers, “When should we release the video?”

“Once we get Ellen’s testimony, we should release the two together,” Douglas tells her. 

“Hopefully, she’ll wake up soon,” Sue Ann says.

Desiree is reading the articles on Ellen Sinclair. There’s something that’s been nagging at her about this entire thing and how it might connect to her father.  Her phone begins to ring. The caller ID tells her that it’s Buddy.

A bit later, she’s limping into the hospital when she comes face to face with Douglas, who was about to leave after visiting Ellen Sinclair.

Inside the hospital room, Jewel is unconscious, lying on the hospital bed.

“Is she critical?” Douglas asks.

Buddy looks like he’s been through the wringer, “Her condition suddenly worsened.”

Desiree looks down at Jewel, then back up to Buddy, “I scheduled her surgery” This comes as a surprise to Douglas.

“Thank you so much,” Buddy says.

Desiree nods her head, “Try not to worry too much,” she tells him. “She’ll get better after the surgery.”

“The victims have decided to cooperate with the lawsuit. They’ve agreed to be interviewed. Whatever we need, they said they’d do it,” Buddy says. “This has really gotten them motivated.”

Douglas nods his head, “We need to get more aggressive with this lawsuit, so this will all be helpful. Once the result of the surgery is available, we will have some solid evidence to use against Tanner.”

“We will win, no matter what it takes,” Desiree says. Again, Douglas gives her an odd look.

“She’s critical?” asks Brandon Tanner as he stands on the balcony of his office. “How long before she dies?”

“It seems she’s critical,” his assistant tells him. “If something happens, we will make sure to handle it discreetly. She’s at the hospital, so I was going to go over and have a look.”

Brandon waves him off, “That’s the same hospital that Ellen is at. I’ll go there myself.”

Brandon walks down the long corridor of the hospital. Ellen’s grandmother is just coming out of her room.

“Excuse me, ma’am, do you remember me?” Brandon asks. “I’m the reporter that came to see you about your granddaughter.”

The woman looks at him for a moment, and then her eyes light up as she remembers, “Of course, I remember. Thanks to you, my Ellen came back to me.” She grabs his hands and holds them, “Thank you so much!”

Brandon smiles at her, “Were you leaving?”

The woman nods her head, “I was asked to fill out some paperwork for Ellen.”

It’s perfect. “You take care of that. I’ll just visit her for a few moments if you don’t mind,” Brandon says.

Ellen’s grandmother seems very happy with that as she motions him to go on inside, and she heads down the hall.

The two guards don’t try to stop him from going in since the woman gave her blessing, and Brandon walks right into Ellen’s room.

He slowly walks towards her bed and stares down at her. Then, he slowly leans down and whispers to her, “I’ve missed you.”

Ellen doesn’t move. She is still unconscious, lying there peacefully.

His eyes travel down her body, and he reaches his own hand to cover one of hers, “I hope you don’t feel safe here. You aren’t safe at all.” He reaches up and brushes some of her hair with his fingers. 

Desiree and Douglas are walking down a hall in the hospital.

“Why were you already at the hospital?” asks Desiree.

Douglas shrugs softly, “I was visiting someone.” Then something occurs to him, and he stops walking. He turns to her, “Perhaps I should introduce you.”

Brandon is still sitting on the side of Ellen’s bed, touching her hair like a creep when the door slides open and Douglas steps in.

He freezes in his tracks the moment his eyes see Brandon touching Ellen. He rushes over and pulls Brandon away from her, “Get the fuck away from her, you shitbag!” he yells.

Brandon stares at him, “I was very worried about her.”

Desiree walks over and immediately recognizes the woman from the pictures in the case file, “Isn’t that Ellen Sinclair?” she asks.

“Aren’t you glad she came back?” Douglas asks Brandon. “Some asshole lunatic had her locked up in his home.”

Desiree looks at Brandon, and Brandon looks back at her and says, “I’m sure your father will be happy to hear she’s back, safe and sound. I hear they know each other very well.”

Desiree looks confused but says, “Then I’m glad she’s back.” Still looking at Brandon, she asks, “But what sort of monster would do such a thing?”

Douglas still stands between Brandon and Ellen, “We will find out soon enough who that monster is.”

Brandon turns his attention back to Douglas, “You’re working very hard on this. I hope you do figure out who did this to her. I need to go. I’ll be welcoming a new guest very soon, so I must prepare.”

Brandon smiles at Douglas for a moment before turning to walk out of the room.

Desiree looks at Ellen, but she has a perplexed look on her face. It’s as if she’s trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Sue Ann and Paul rush into the hospital, but Douglas is already in the lobby waiting for them.

“Is it true?” asks Sue Ann. 

Douglas just nods.

“It’s so creepy!” she says, “How dare he come here!”

Paul nods, “Given his behavior, I couldn’t even begin to guess what his next move is going to be.”

Douglas nods, “No matter what, we must protect Ellen.”

“I’ll make sure the guards know. I’m heading over to keep an eye on Schumer. Carlos will follow Tanner,” Paul tells him.

“If you see Twill, I need to know immediately,” Douglas says. 

Dante walks into his office, “You should have told me you were coming. I would have been here waiting for you,” he tells Desiree, who’s already sitting in his office at Schumer Construction.

“I just came from the hospital,” she tells him. “I thought I’d drop by since it’s close to here.”

Dante seems surprised, “Are you alright?”

“The victim in our methanol case collapsed,” Desiree explains. 

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that.” Dante seems relieved that it wasn’t his daughter who had to be at the hospital. “Is she going to be alright? I’m hoping this lawsuit will wrap up soon. You are working way too hard.”

Desiree finds that statement curious as she looks up at her father, “Are you hoping that we win the lawsuit against Tanner?”

Dante grins, “Of course. It’s my daughter’s first lawsuit.”

Desiree slowly nods her head, “After seeing her lying there helpless, I thought to myself that we have to win this case no matter what. I told Douglas that needed to crush those assholes.”

“It won’t be easy.”

Desiree seems determined, “But it has to be done. We have to bring justice for those who are powerless. We have to make the bullies of this world pay the price for their crimes. You know, though, I also saw Ellen Sinclair. She’s at the same hospital. I felt so bad for her. They still haven’t caught the person who took her.”

Dante is eerily silent at the turn in the conversation.

“Who do you think took her?” Desiree asks him.

Brandon walks into the room where Ellen was held captive. The bed has been made, and everything is cleaned. He is humming to himself. 

“Who will be the next to occupy this room?” he muses to himself aloud.

Twill walks into the hospital and into the stairwell.

When he walks onto the floor, he’s found a doctor’s coat and stethoscope. He also finds a lanyard but tucked the empty ID card case into his pocket. 

He walks down towards Ellen’s room, where the guards are, and they let him into her room.

As the door closes behind him, he walks towards Ellen’s bed. He rolls up the sleeves of the doctor’s coat and steps closer to find her sleeping on her side. 

He leans down, pulls up his pant leg, removes the hunting knife from its sheath, stands back up, and moves closer to her.  He leans really close and is about to pull back the blanket when she turns to face him.

It’s not Ellen.

It’s Sue Ann. “Hello.”

The lights come on in the room, and Douglas, Paul, and a couple of other officers run into the room.  

Twill immediately pushes Sue Ann down and holds the knife on her.

Paul tries very slowly to reach for his gun.

Twill notices the movement and pulls Sue Ann up, wrapping his arm around her neck and holds the knife on her. “Don’t come any closer. If you do, I’ll just kill her.” Sue Ann looks worried now. This was not part of the plan.

A little while later, Twill walks into his hotel room and calls Dante.

“I want to meet. Not just you, but with Tanner too. You both meet me, or I go to the cops,” Twill tells him over the phone.

Brandon and Dante are sitting in what looks to be an abandoned garage. It’s pretty empty except for a couple of stools which they have put to use. They haven’t said a single word to each other since they’ve arrived.

Twill walks into the room. He leans and picks up a tipped over stool and sits on it. “You both keep lying to me.”

Dante seems confused, “What are you talking about?”

Twill ignores Dante for the moment as he turns to Brandon, “Seems like you want to frame me for kidnapping those girls when I was just following your orders.”

Brandon just scoffs.

Twill turns his attention to Dante, “And if you kill me, then that leaves Tanner as the only one who Ellen Sinclair can identify.”

“Did Mr. Schumer tell you that?”

Dante looks over at Brandon. 

“As it is, it seems you both want to kill me. Here are the facts, all the girls who died were provided by you, Dante Schumer, from Spinet Entertainment,” Twill continues.

Dante isn’t really sure where this is going, “You were already compensated for that.”

“Then why did you try to kill me?” Twill asks. “Did you think I would narc on you?”

Dante sighs, “You’re an ex-convict who murdered someone. Do you honestly think anyone would trust you?”

Twill grins, “You’re right about that. I mean, it’s annoying but true. But motherfucking Brandon Tanner is the one who told me to kill them.”

“Do you only do as I tell you to do?” asks Brandon.

“No. I don’t.”  Brandon stands up and walks up to Brandon.

“Let’s not do anything rash,” Dante tells Twill. “I’m sure we can work this out. We can give you all the money you need to live comfortably.”

Twill turns to look at Dante, “Well, that would be nice. But I have a feeling the both of you will continue to try to kill me, no matter what type of deal we make.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a voice recorder, and turns off the recording.

Brandon begins to chuckle.

Douglas walks in, and Twill hands him the recording, “Seems that Douglas Frost had an interest in this conversation, so I decided to give him a call.”

As he looks at Tanner, Douglas smirks, “I could have sworn you told me you didn’t know this guy. It seems like the three of you are very tight.”

“You know nothing on that recording proves a damn thing, Douglas,” Dante tells him. 

Brandon lets out a big sigh, “What you’ve done is brought a knife to a gunfight.”

Douglas bobs his head as he continues to smirk cockily, “That’s why I’m going to prove this once and for all. If all I have is a knife, then I’m going to do my damndest to cut you. How’s that sound?”

Sue Ann walks in with Paul and some other officers, “Gerald Card, you are under arrest for the Spinet Entertainment murder and the kidnapping of Ellen Sinclair.” 

Dante and Brandon both seem surprised that she is there.

“Haven’t you heard?” she asks, “My suspension has been lifted.”

Douglas begins to chuckle.


We back up to earlier when Twill was walking into Ellen’s hospital room. 

He leans down, pulls up his pant leg, removes the hunting knife from its sheath, stands back up, and moves closer to her.  He leans really close and is about to pull back the blanket when she turns to face him.

It’s not Ellen.

It’s Sue Ann. “Hello.”

The lights come on in the room, and Douglas, Paul, and a couple of other officers run into the room.  

Twill immediately pushes Sue Ann down and holds the knife on her.

Paul tries very slowly to reach for his gun.

Twill notices the movement and pulls Sue Ann up, wrapping his arm around her neck and holds the knife on her. “Don’t come any closer. If you do, I’ll just kill her.” Sue Ann looks worried now. This was not part of the plan.

“Drop the knife,” Douglas tells him. “If you so much as accidentally scratch her, you’ll die too.”

Twill looks at Douglas, then the other men in the room, and finally down at Sue Ann, who remains stoic but is obviously in distress. 

“Goddammit,” Twill mutters under his breath. “I was only doing what I was told to do.”

Douglas takes a small step forward, “We know this. We just want to talk. Perhaps we can find a way out of this for you.”

Twill looks around at everyone. Douglas nods to Paul to get everyone out.

“Let’s go,” Paul tells them, and all the officers step out of the room and into the hallway. 

“I need you to understand, I’m trying to save your life right now,” Douglas tells Twill. “We understand you were the muscle. If you want our help, you have to let her go.”

Twill looks at Douglas, then down to Sue Ann, and finally, he releases her neck and drops his hand with the knife. Sue Ann slides off the bed and takes a few steps away from Twill, running her hand through her hair, knowing she’s escaped with her life one more time.

“If they arrest you now, they’ll pin everything on you. The murders. The kidnappings. Everything. Once you go to jail, you’ll never get out. Do you really think that Brandon Tanner or Dante Schumer gives a single fuck about you? You think they’ll get you out of jail?”

Twill stands up and takes a step towards Douglas.

“This is the opportunity that they’ve been looking for—someone to take responsibility for all of their sins. You’re the tail they’d gladly chop off if it means saving their own ass,” Douglas continues. “Am I wrong?”

Twill stares at Douglas then glances over at Sue Ann. He’s considering his options here. He lifts up his knife and looks at it for a long moment, then tosses it to the floor. Surrendering. He looks at Douglas again, “Now what?”

“I’ll defend you,” Douglas tells him, “I’ll say they instigated the kidnapping and the murder. I’ll say you were coerced. We know you weren’t the brains behind all of this. I could care less what happens to you. I want to put Tanner and Schumer away.”

Sue Ann finally speaks up, “If you help us get them, I’ll make sure to put in a good word for you at your trial. We just need you to step up and do the right thing. A recommendation from the prosecutor will go a long way to reduce your sentence.”

“But you need to make a decision right now,” Douglas says. “Are you going to trust them and risk getting arrested now? Or cooperate with us and do what’s right? 

Twill reaches up to scratch at his neck as he considers the offer.

We flash forward to the empty store where Sue Ann and Paul walk in to place Twill under arrest. He holds out his arms, and they cuff him in front of Dante and Brandon.

As they go to lead him out, Douglas tells Sue Ann, “I’ll come in a little bit.” For some reason, Twill finds this amusing as he chuckles before Paul leads him out of the empty room, leaving only Douglas, Brandon, and Dante.

“Just so you both know, I’m Twill’s lawyer,” Douglas tells them.

Brandon looks surprised, “Are you trying to tell me he’s the one who killed those girls from Spinet Entertainment?” 

“He’ll tell us everything we need to know very soon,” Douglas says, not buying Brandon’s innocent act for one moment.

Brandon seems pleased, “That’s great. Sue Ann Clark has worked so hard on this case. I’m glad to see her finally catching this awful murderer.”  Brandon rises from his stool. 

Douglas watching Brandon stand up, “We’ll be catching them one,” he turns to look at Dante, “by one.” Dante does not look happy at all, compared to Brandon’s creepy happy smile.

Brandon doesn’t respond at all. He just continues to smile and walks out of the building, leaving Douglas and Dante in the room alone.

Dante rises to his feet, and Douglas follows suit, asking, “Aren’t you worried? You and Brandon have been working together for the last seven years in secret.”

“If you find that I’ve done something illegal, I’m certain I’ll be interrogated,” Dante says.

“Exactly. You’re going to need to atone for your sins,” Douglas tells him. “So many innocent lives were sacrificed.”

Dante nods, “You’re right. Twill knows everything about this case. You know what else he knows? He knows what we did in that cabin seven years ago.”

Douglas gets serious. They stare at each other for an awkward moment before Dante walks past Douglas.

“I won’t resent you,” Douglas tells him, causing Dante to pause, “I made my choice seven years ago. I’m prepared for that. What happened that day has never sat right with me, and I’ll atone for my part. But Dante, you should be prepared to atone as well.”

The two men look at each other again. “Douglas,” Dante says, “I’ve never once regretted anything I’ve done. Not then. Not now.” Dante walks out now as Douglas turns to watch him leave. 

“I’m your lawyer,” Douglas tells Twill as they sit in the interrogation room. “For me to help you, I need you to tell me the God’s honest truth about what you know, what you did, and who told you to do it if I’m to have a chance in hell of defending you. Do you understand?”

Twill smirks and then nods his head. 

Douglas sets down a voice recorder on the table and turns it on, “So, start at the beginning. How did you become involved with Brandon Tanner.”

“Dante Schumer introduced me.”

“How did you become acquainted with Dante Schumer?”

“Through Justin Frost. Your brother.”

Douglas pauses as if not expecting that answer. “Did Dante Schumer order you to kill my brother, disguising it as an accident?”

“He gave me drugs. And a lot of money.”

“He also told you to kill the men who you were with you the night my brother was killed?”

“He said they were evil, and we had to kill them.”

“What about me?” Douglas asks. “Did he ask you to kill me?”

“He told me to spare you. Don’t you remember the day those scumbags died at the cabin…”

Douglas suddenly reaches for the voice recorder and shuts it off.

Twill doesn’t stop talking, though, “We were all in it together.”

Douglas wasn’t quite prepared for this to come up.

Brent Koff is pacing in his office when Brenda Wright walks in.  He doesn’t even wait for her to greet him, “Have you lost your mind? You’re a complete lunatic. How dare you lift Sue Ann Clark’s suspension on your own!”

“I handed the proper documentation to the court. Once I received permission, I lifted the suspension according to the policy set. I violated no rules, so there shouldn’t be any issues,” Brenda tells him.

“You didn’t violate anything? There are no issues?” Brent screams at her.

Brenda doesn’t seem at all intimidated by Brent as she tells him, “I think you’re the one with the issues, sir.”

“Excuse me? What did you just say to me?”

She sets a folder on his desk, “This is a list of all the investigation documents that you have illegally interfered with as well as a breakdown of folks who have been supplying you with money and gifts in exchange for you intervening.”

Brent looks from her to the folder, then back to her, then to the folder before reaching down and picking it up and looking through it. 

“It details every time you ordered me to cover up for you. It’s very thorough.”

Brent looks over at her in shock.

She continues, “I’m trying to decide whether or not to hand these documents over to an inspection team.”

Brent raises a hand and points at her, “How dare you!?” He stumbles over his words but manages to get out, “I can’t believe I trusted in you.”

“That’s exactly the point,” she tells him. “Why would you trust me if you were going to do illegal things? Did you think I would just stand by and let it continue? I let it go long enough for you to hang yourself. You may want to consider your next move.”

She turns and walks out of the office, and Brent throws the binder at the door as it closes. 

“How many girls from Spinet Entertainment died in that house?” Sue Ann asks Twill. They are sitting in her office at the prosecutor’s building. 

Twill takes a moment before answering, “Four, I think.”

“Four?” asks Sue Ann. That’s too many. “There are three victims.”

Twill leans over the table from his chair and looks at the photos scattered about on the table. He pushes a few to the side when something catches his eye. “This one. She died. He likes the feisty ones. Once they submit, he gets bored with them. Brandon Tanner, I mean.”

Douglas is sitting off to the side, leaning against Sue Ann’s desk. “Where are the murder weapons?”

“I wouldn’t keep them. I threw them all away.”

Sue Ann asks, “And who was responsible for finding these girls?”

“Dante Schumer,” Twill says. “He would meet with them.”

“Wait,” Douglas interrupts, “He met them in person before sending them to Tanner?”

“Right,” Twill says. He leans forward on the table, “But in Ellen Sinclair’s case, he actually changed his mind. He first wanted me to take Ellen to Tanner but decided against it. But Tanner told me to bring her anyway.”

Sue Ann and Douglas exchange looks.

The sky is a little gloomy this day as Dante and Brandon meet out on Brandon’s office’s balcony. 

“I’ve been summoned as a witness,” Brandon tells him, holding a document in his hand. “I think it’s time to head overseas for a while.”

“Twill’s testimony will be heard in court,” Dante explains.

“It won’t get that far,” Brandon seems confident about this. 

Dante turns to him, “Whatever you do, make sure you do it discretely.”

Brandon faces Dante now, “I’m trying to determine whether you are my foe or my comrade at this point.”

Dante shrugs, “Nothing lasts forever.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for us to survive together?

Dante doesn’t answer as he turns to stare out at the city.

Tenta drives the car up to the prosecutor’s building, parking the car, and moving to open Dante’s door. 

Dante sits there for a moment as if dreading what’s about to come before he steps out and buttons his jacket, and walks up the stairs and into the building.

Moments later, he’s seated in an interrogation room as Sue Ann explains to him.

“Mr. Card already confessed to us that you ordered him to kidnap Ellen Sinclair.”

With a look of confusion on his face, Dante responds, “I have no idea what he’s referring to. The accusation is ridiculous.”

Sue Ann had a feeling this would be his tactic during the questioning. “Aren’t you the one who kidnapped the girls and brought them to Brandon Tanner?”

When Dante doesn’t respond to the question, she reaches over and plays the recording from the abandoned store where Twill says, “All the girls who died were brought by you, Schumer.

Dante responds with, “You already received compensation for that.”

Sue Ann looks at him, “What exactly did you mean by ‘received compensation.’” 

“I couldn’t possibly tell you,” Dante responds. “He was talking all sorts of nonsense.”

Sue Ann scoffs and nods her head. “I see. So, what you’re telling me is that you had nothing to do with the abduction of Ellen Sinclair and the deaths of the actresses from Spinet Entertainment?”

“You’d be better off getting a psychiatric evaluation of Gerald Card,” Dante tells her, “You might want to know if you’re dealing with a sane person or a psycho. I feel it’s probably the latter.”

She leans back in her chair, “I was planning on doing just that. Soon, in fact.”

“I heard Douglas was representing Mr. Card. I’m a little concerned that if Douglas keeps digging into Mr. Card, he might find himself in a pickle.” Dante says, “For that matter, your father’s indiscretions will probably come out as well.”

Sue Ann’s smirk leaves her face. “I’m sure you know Douglas well enough. Whatever there is to find at the end of the road, he’ll get to the bottom of it. So, there’s no need for you to worry.”

Dante grins now, “I look forward to seeing what he finds.”

Sue Ann is sitting outside the prosecutor’s building on a picnic table when Douglas walks up and takes a seat next to her.  She turns to him, “Everything is okay, right?”

Douglas seems confused, “What do you mean?”

She starts to tell him about what Dante said to her but changes her mind. “I was just asking. Just be careful. This isn’t a lock just yet.”

Douglas seems surprised by her words, “You wouldn’t be worried about me, would you?”

Sue Ann chuckles, shaking her head, “I’m worried about myself. If you fuck up this investigation, I’m the one who’s gonna look bad.”

“I should have known,” he says. “You’re just worried about yourself. I worry about you all the time.”  Sue Ann turns to look at him, but he’s adjusting his tie, so he doesn’t’ see it. 

“Is there some other history between you and Twill that I don’t know about?” Sue Ann finally asks.

“That’s an odd question to ask out of the blue,” Douglas says to her.

“I mean, he was involved in your brother’s death. Now you’re helping him.”

Douglas shakes his head, “There’s nothing. I’m just trying to take down Tanner and Schumer. We can’t let Twill take the fall for those two jackasses.”  He glances at his watch, “I gotta get going. I’ll check in later.”

Sue Ann watches him leave as the words of Dante Schumer echo in her brain.

Dante Schumer is sitting in the chief of staff’s office, with Brent Koff and the chief himself. 

“The guy is a druggie and a criminal. There’s no way this goes to court,” the chief says.

Koff nods his head, “There’s really no evidence. There’s no doubt the warrant will be dismissed.”

“Issue the warrant,” Dante says.

The two men look at him like he’s crazy. 

“He confessed to the murder. You have to issue the warrant. There’s no way around it,” he explains.

The chief looks at him, “Will you be alright?”

Dante grins, “This has nothing to do with me.”

The other two men exchange worried looks.

At the courthouse, Douglas and Dante meet coming from opposite ends of the sidewalk. Douglas seems amused, “Going to try and get the warrant dismissed?”

Dante smirks, “This case is entirely circumstantial. You’ll never win.”

Douglas bobs his head, “Perhaps, but I’m very confident, which is too bad for you. Have you forgotten that winning impossible cases happens to be my forte? Stanley Clark, the actresses my brother. So many people have been murdered. Yet, you live this perfect life. It’s a little unfair, don’t you think?”

Dante lets out a little sigh, “Douglas. You’ll never be able to expose any of this. I’ll put my life on the line to cover it up.”

Douglas laughs, “Well, I’m dying to find out how this will end. It’s exciting, right? We’re just getting started. I’ll avenge my brother’s death and everyone else you’ve had murdered for the sake of power.”

Douglas walks on past Dante. Dante remains standing there when Tenta walks up next to him, and Dante tells him, “No mistakes this time. Finish this for good.”

“Yes, sir.”

Dante walks on.

“We have the warrant!” Paul Young rushes into Sue Ann’s office and hands her the document. 


“Yes. Let’s arrest him so we can interrogate him.”

Sue Ann looks at the paper and shakes her head. “This was too easy. I expected it to be dismissed.”

Paul shakes his head, “We were able to find the one judge that isn’t in Schumer’s pocket. 

“Oh my God, this is amazing,” she says. “We’re finally going to court with this!

Twill is being transferred back to prison as they lead him from the building to a squad car.  He’s loaded in, and the car turns on its lights as it begins to drive.  

Tenta walks into Dante’s office and hands him an envelope, “The interrogation is tomorrow at 10am.”

Dante takes the envelope and nods, “You can go.” Tenta walks back out as Dante opens the envelope and reads the summons inside.

Night has fallen, and Twill is lead into what looks like a boiler room at the prison. As soon as he walks in, the guard shuts the door and locks it.  Twill looks behind him and knows something is up.

Four men walk out of the shadows.

Sue Ann walks into her office when her phone rings.

“What’s up, Paul?”

We have a problem,” he tells her. 

Douglas’s office is flanked by reporters as he walks in and is immediately bombarded with questions.

“How much information did you get from your client before he died?”

“Why would your client commit suicide?”

That catches Douglas’s attention, “Suicide? 

Just then, a couple of men walk into the room, “Douglas Frost?”

Douglas turns around, “That’s me.”

“You’re under arrest for the improper solicitation of a plea deal and bribery.” The detectives step forward to place him in handcuffs. 

Carlos shakes his head, “That didn’t happen. What are you talking about?”

A reporter asks, “Is it true that you made a deal with your former lover, who is the prosecutor, in this case, to get your client a lesser sentence?”

“Did you or did you not have a romantic relationship with Douglas Frost?” Brent asks Sue Ann. He doesn’t even let her answer, “You told him to help you with this case, and you’d give his client a lesser charge?”

Sue Ann shakes her head, “I told him I’d give him a lesser charge if he provided proper testimony. Not for any other reason.”

Brent shakes his head, “You don’t have the power to offer that sort of deal without the proper authority, and that authority comes from me. I never authorized that deal. Your suspect has just hung himself. He left a note saying that you coerced him to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. He wrote that you and Frost were working together to get money from him in exchange for a reduced sentence.”

“I never did any of that!” Sue Ann exclaims.

Sue Ann is outside with Brenda Wright, “That explains how the warrant was so easily granted,” Sue Ann says to her.

Wright nods her head, “Dante Schumer has his fingerprints all over this. He needed a way to get rid of Card, and we handed it right to him. In the process, he’s struck a fatal blow to you as well.”

“Douglas Frost was arrested,” Sue Ann says. “Am I to assume that I’m next?”

Wright shakes her head, “I’m not sure. They may have just went after him so as not to tarnish the image of the office. They’re claiming that this was all schemed up by Frost. They don’t really have proof that you accepted his offer. But you can expect an internal investigation.”

Sue Ann throws her arms up, “This is fucking insane! I can’t cut a goddamned break!”

“Look, now is not the time to lose your shit,” Brenda warns her, “You have to be completely prepared for the disciplinary committee. If you get strung up by the committee, this case will never see the light of day again. And for Christ’s sake, stay the fuck away from Douglas Frost.”

Sue Ann just nods her head in response. 

Douglas is seated in an interrogation room with a detective across from him, taking notes on a laptop.

“The evidence that I made an improper request to the prosecutor and that I asked Twill for money in return for getting his sentence reduced, I hope you have it because if not, I’m going to have a field day suing your asses off,” Douglas tells them.

The detective doesn’t seem too worried, “We have Gerald Card’s will, written in his own hand.”

“And if I prove that will was fabricated?” Douglas asks. “If you’re going to investigate me, you better do it right, or I’ll embarrass the fuck out of you.”

“That’s why I’m going to do a proper investigation,” the detective responds. 

“Good. Until then, I’m going to exercise my right to remain silent. My hourly rate is way too high to be stuck in here,” Douglas boasts with a grin.

Dante is scrolling through the latest articles on the scandal. “Thanks to you, this has shifted back in our favor,” he tells someone on the phone.

He hangs up the phone and, with a grin, says to himself, “It’s a beautiful day.”



Sue Ann Clark   ARLEY KIRK
Dante Schumer   RICKY STANTON
Brandon Tanner   KIERAN QUINN
Douglas Frost   ERIC DONOVAN
Ellen Sinclair   HAYLEY FIEN
Brenda Wright  MELISSA AKI
Paul Young   GABE KHANE


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