The Restaurant – Synopsis

For the past seven years, corruption has been on an upswing in the city of Seattle. Politicians are being bribed, blackmailed and bullied. When a witness steps forward, one who can expose the entire corruption scandal into the open, there are some who will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening.

DANTE SCHUMER owns a construction company. He is the focal point for all the corruption within the city. This has allowed him to expedite permits, win bid wars and purchase government property. He has an underlying motive for his success. He knows everyone’s dirty laundry.

SUE ANN CLARK is the daughter of Attorney General Stanley Clark. Some would say that her working as a prosecutor might be based of nepotism and she is determined to prove that theory wrong. When she stumbles onto some information, the trail that she follows puts her and those she loves in a dangerous path.

DOUGLAS FROST is a very successful defense attorney. He works personally for Dante Schumer, defending those that he requests. Schumer treats Frost almost like a son and Frost looks up to Schumer as a father figure. When information comes to the surface regarding Frost’s brother’s death seven years ago, the things he thought he know start to unravel. Frost will have to determine where his loyalty lies.

ELLEN SINCLAIR is a budding actress who works for Jenga Entertainment. Her apparent success is dependent upon her providing escort services to high ranking politicians. Her life takes a dangerous turn and she finds herself on the wrong end of some very desperate people when it’s realized that she could bring down the entire corruption foundation in the city.

DANTE SCHUMER JR. is the son of Dante Schumer. He has studied to become a paralegal. He becomes entangled when his father asks Douglas to allow his son to come work at his firm. Junior was crippled at a young age and walks with a pronounced limp.

TENTA is Dante Schumer’s bodyguard. He can be very overprotective of his boss at times.

BRENDA WRIGHT is the Assistant District Attorney. She is Sue Ann Clark’s direct supervisor.

BRANDON TANNER is the CEO of Tanner Electronics. His company was nearly banktrupt, however, thanks to Dante Schumer, Tanner’s company was able to overcome and has become very successful.

DALIAH LOPER is also an actress/escort who works for Jenga Entertainment.

TWILL is a thug that works under orders for Dante Schumer, somewhat off-book.

STEPHEN SPINET is the owner of Jenga Entertainment. As money gets funneled through his company by Dante Schumer, he has to provide girls for the underground escort service. He typically promises movie and TV roles in exchange for these services.

STANLEY CLARK is the Attorney General. Father to Sue Ann.

DETECTIVE PAUL YOUNG becomes the detective in charge of the scandal.

TODD is the right hand to Stephen Spinet. He takes it upon himself to ensure the safety of the girls of Jenga Entertainment.

BRENT KOFF is the District Attorney. He finds himself caught up in the corruption of Seattle.