The typical disclaimer is shown, warning folks about piracy. As it fades out, the drum intro to “World on Sticks” by Sam Phillips begins to play. As it continues, video clips of all the participants for the Triad Challenge are shown in the ring. Then clips of all the confrontations between Sierra Silver and Angel Kusanagi are shown as well and finally it fades to the Triad Challenge logo.  We see Elaine Bryant and Shelly Marks standing in front of the logo on stage. 

Elaine Bryant: Welcome to the Triad Challenge. I’m Elaine Bryant and with me, Shelly Marks. We stepped you through the Triad Challenge and introduced you to all the competitors and now it’s time for the challenge to begin. 

Shelly Marks: That’s right, Elaine. Tonight, 16 of wrestlings stars of the past, present, and future will converge to see who will win tonight’s tournament and win a shot at the Multiuniversal Championship, whoever that may be at the end of the night.

Elaine Bryant: That’s correct. Because besides all of our tournament matches, we have much anticipated Multiuniversal Championship rematch, pitting our current champion, Sierra Silver as she takes on the dangerous, unpredictable Angel Kusanagi in a rematch from the finals of the Tournament of Mystery. 

Shelly Marks: We met all 16 competitors in the Triad Challenge during the pre-show, so there’s no need to delay any further. Let’s head down to ringside and the commentators for tonight’s show, the lovely Christine Donahue and Biff Franklin and we’d like to introduce our Ring Announcer for the evening, direct from Dream Wrestle in Japan, this is Madoka Kawada!

The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: Thank you so much! A pleasure to be here! It’s time for the Triad Challenge! The following tag team match is a first-round contest for the Triad Challenge. Introducing first…

The lights go out, shrouding the arena in darkness as those opening beat to “Heart Of A Champion” bumps through the speakers. As soon as the guitar riff starts, the video wall comes to life with the BEHOLD THE KINGDOM banner while the back wall screen comes to life with a combined static and barbwire design.

Mic check, yo, man, fuck you
I got some coke in my sock and a couple rocks too
I got a bottle full of Ketel, drunk, pedal to the metal
Got some beef I gotta settle, but you gotta check the dentals
They don’t like me? I make the music I want to
These divas fucking need us, man, worse than their heartbeat
They’re digging up my grave, but these bitches gotta pay
And the price of admission, it ain’t never gonna change
It’ll end when I say it ’cause you’re wet when I spray it
And the more you fucking hate us, well, the more you’ll fucking play it, bitch

As the lyrics to the song start, the video wall switches to images of a woman in a hooded sweatshirt, sitting in a chair with a barbwire baseball bat being held vertical under one hand, in between her knees. Her hand spins the bat like a top as the camera cuts around to different angles of her in the black and white video. The final clip shows a closeup of her lifting her cold, merciless eyes to the camera before the Kingdom banner fills the screen again.

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade

As “I’m crossing out names” is heard, a black silhouette walks out into view in front of the static barbwire image on the back wall. The silhouette turns towards the camera from the distance and steps out onto the stage, wielding the same bat seen in the video. The figure twirls the bat lazily once at their side before resting it over their shoulder. The lighting changes just enough to illuminate the figure, revealing none other than Morgan Payne! She stares down the ramp with coldness in her heterochromatic eyes, briefly glancing around at the audience.

I’m absent-minded mentally, slaughtering all my enemies
I’m murdering recklessly, bitch, these streets ain’t no Sesame
Another notch in my felony list, I’m not wasting energy on this
I’m gonna win, I’ll be honest, that’s something I fucking promise
Godless so I’ll take the charges, spotless is my fucking conscience
God, this is so fucking pompous like Congress if I was in office
God, I’m just so damn exhausted, novices making me nauseous
I’m gonna win, that’s regardless, this ain’t no place for the heartless
‘Cause I live for the pain
The fight, the glory, the game

Morgan walks down to the ring intently but in no rush at all. The look on her face, cold and hard, never changes as she reaches ringside and ascends the steps before entering the ring over the middle rope. As soon as she’s in the ring, she brings the bat back up onto her shoulder and moves to a corner, climbing the turnbuckle and raises her bat overhead to the jeering audience.

I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s the dove and grenade
Compare me to none
Compare me to none
Compare me to none
I got the heart of a champion

Once she steps down, she sets her bat in the corner, throwing back her hood and removing her jacket, tossing it over the ropes to the timekeeper as she turns around, facing inside the ring and loosening up some.

Madoka Kawada: This is Morgan Payne! And her partner for this round…

Christine Donahue: Welcome everyone to the Triad Challenge. I’m Christine Donahue and with me, everyone’s favorite grouch, “The Voice” Biff Franklin. 

Biff Franklin: Look, I love me some Morgan Payne, but god damn does she take forever to get to the ring.

Lights Dim throughout the arena. A single orange spotlight fades in on the entrance. Jan van der Roost slowly walks out, a pair of orange gloves in one hand, a towel around his neck. He looks towards the ring, then walks ahead, with his head down. He stops, looks at his opponent or the referee, then heads to the steps. He slowly climbs the steps then stops at the corner. van der Roost places the towel on the turnbuckle, wipes his feet on the apron, and climbs through the ropes. He looks up towards the orange spotlight then puts the left glove on. The arena lights come up and he tosses the right glove into the crowd or places it below his towel.

Madoka Kawada: Welcome Jan Van Der Roost!  And their opponents!

The lights turn off for a moment. The dueling guitar riffs from Simple Plan guitarists Sébastien Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco from their song “Last One Standing” as the screen reads “#Believe” in a light blue font. With a solitary spotlight on the top of the ramp, Adrien Cochrane appears the moment Pierre Bouvier’s vocals begin to echo throughout the venue. He has the HYBRID Evolution Championship belt resting on his shoulder, proudly displaying it.

“How many times are you gonna try to shut me out?
I told you once, told you twice, I ain’t going to turn back around
You can say whatever, try to mess with me
I don’t care, I’m not scared
You don’t have to say you’re sorry, save your sympathy
With a friend like you, I don’t need an enemy
I would give you time if you were worth it
But guess what, you’re not worth it”

Madoka Kawada: From New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds, he is “The Dropkick King” …ADRIEN COCHRANE!!

Cochrane looks at the fans from the ramp for a moment, giving a smile as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring, hitting as many high fives and fist bumps as he can on his way to his destination.

As Adrien leaps over the ropes to enter the squared circle and removes his black leather jacket to expose his #Believe shirt, he leans on the ropes with his fist in the air to the sound of the chorus. He then hands the belt to the referee for safekeeping during the match.

“Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, I’m always going to be the last one standing
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, because I’m never going to give up trying
And now I’m ready to go, I’m here, I’m waiting for you
And I’m going be the last one standing”

Madoka Kawada: And his partner in the first round. 

Balmer walks out with a tank-top and denim jacket with skull patches on it, as well as a black ski mask with a skull painted on it. He drops the jacket and tank top at the entrance before marching to the ring. 

Madoka Kawada: This is “The End” Aiden Balmer!

Christine Donahue: With all the introductions finally out of the way for this match, let’s do a quick rundown as to some of the rules Splat uses for all their matches, including for the Multiuniversal Championship.  First there are no countouts in Splat matches. There is a 40-minute time limit for each match. If the match is not decided at that time, both teams will be eliminated. The winning team in each first-round match will go on to face their tag team partner in Round 2. 

Biff Franklin: While the referee is groping these wrestlers, checking for foreign objects, it will be interesting to see if any match goes over the 40-minute time limit because that automatically makes the final match a triple threat rather than a four-way. 

The two teams stand in their corners, working out who starts first. Aiden Balmer seems intent on starting which prompts Adrien Cochrane to just give an “as you wish” wave to the ring. He’s not gonna argue with someone so hungry to get in there. Meanwhile, on the other side, it looks like Jan Van Der Roost and Morgan Payne are discussing things a little more calmly. In fact, it looks like Payne’s gonna start and Van Der Roost is offering some of his veteran knowledge. He slaps her on the shoulder as she starts hopping on her feet, loosening up. Van Der Roost and Cochrane get out onto the apron. Aiden Balmer rolls his shoulders and nods his head, ready for war. Morgan Payne bumps a fist across her jaw a couple of times.

The bell rings.

Aiden Balmer comes out of his corner looking to tie up but Morgan Payne comes out with her fists up, ready to throw hands. They circle the mat, carefully watching each other as their tag partners for the match look on. Balmer starts taunting Payne to come to lock up with him. “C’mon, little girl!” He dwarfs her by about a foot and 115 pounds. Balmer keeps taunting Payne. She finally stops and straightens out of her stance. Very calmly and with a lack of amusement in her face, she turns her fists and throws Balmer two middle fingers and quite clearly can be seen telling Balmer to suck something that she doesn’t have. 

Biff Franklin: Morgan Payne is a feisty one, isn’t she? I like her already. Looks like Balmer likes her too.

Balmer’s killer grin just widens and he steps in for the lock-up but Payne shoots in to meet him, going under his arms and grabs one of his legs, throwing all of her weight into his lower body. Low Single Takedown brings Balmer to the mat and Payne immediately goes for a Calf Slicer but he pushes her off with a boot and sends her rolling across the mat. Payne pops up into a crouch and as Balmer gets up to his feet, she comes in fast for a running Sok Tong but as she jumps and cocks up her elbow for the strike, Balmer catches her around the waist, spins her around and just Spinebusts the hell out of her right onto the mat so hard she bounces a bit.

Christine Donahue: As much as I hate to admit it sometimes, someone’s size can certainly come into factor during matches like this.  

Aiden Balmer comes up to his feet with a roar to the crowd and a taunt to Jan Van Der Roost, pointing at Morgan Payne as she rolls out of the ring to get her bearings back. Balmer comes over to the ropes and Payne springs on him! Tries to anyway. She grabs him by the foot and tries to yank him down to the mat but even with her deceptive strength, big Balmer is able to brace his feet and he finally kicks her in the head through the ropes to get her off. Payne stumbles into the commentary table and Balmer follows her out. He grabs her by her ponytail and just slams her face into the tabletop. 

Christine Donahue: We might want to step back.

Balmer hoists her up overhead with a Gorilla Press and just drops her onto the table itself but it doesn’t give out under her 130lb frame. Balmer laughs and pulls her off, lifting her up again and tosses her through the top and middle ropes, back inside the ring. 

Biff Franklin: Splat doesn’t wimp out on tables. They get the kind that’ll survive an avalanche.

Payne hits the mat but immediately comes to and starts getting to her feet. She just makes it up as Balmer slides back in and starts rising. Jan Van Der Roost is asking for a tag but first Payne charges in at the rising Balmer and this time, she nails SOK TONG with authority! Her elbow comes smashing down onto the crown of Balmer’s head and he drops again. Payne contemplates going at him some more but all she does is grab the top rope and start stomping away at him, starting to curse him out in Italian before the referee reaches 4 and Payne backs off, walks over, and tags in Jan.

Christine Donahue: Jan Van Der Roost is entering this match for the first time. 

Biff Franklin: I’m surprised I never had any run-ins with the Rooster. Of course, he probably avoided all the places I wrestled. Most people did.

Christine Donahue: Did they now? Unlikely.

Jan Van Der Roost introduces himself into the match and to Aiden Balmer, lifting him to his feet and setting him back in the corner where he starts laying into his chest with stiff chops that sound with a SMACK each time he hits. Van Der Roost lays into him more with a couple of European Uppercuts before running to the opposite corner and coming back for a corner clothesline but Balmer comes out of the corner he’s in with a big boot, leveling the Rooster and going for a cover.



 He picks Van Der Roost up and throws him into his team’s corner where he tags in Adrien Cochrane. Cochrane gets into the ring and Balmer starts laying into Van Der Roost with hard rights and kicks to the midsection until the referee – and Adrien Cochrane for that matter – get him to back off and get onto the apron. Cochrane pulls Van Der Roost out of the corner and backs up a bit. The fans applaud as Cochrane extends a hand of good sportsmanship to his opponent. Rooster shakes out the cobwebs and accepts the handshake. The two circle around before locking up and engage in a rather impressive display of veteran chain wrestling. Van Der Roost and Cochrane engage in back and forth arm drags and takedowns ending with Van Der Roost going for a dropkick but Cochrane evaded and as Van Der Roost popped up to his feet, Cochrane floored him with a dropkick that was just heavenly!! So much that the fans popped and applauded for the man known as The Dropkick King.

Biff Franklin: Not gonna lie, they don’t call him the Dropkick King for nothing. 

Christine Donahue: You don’t say? You’re on a roll tonight.

As Van Der Roost works his way back to his feet, Cochrane decides to shoot for a big one and gets out onto the apron. Fans know what’s coming as Van Der Roost makes it to his feet and Cochrane springboards off the ropes, coming in for the CRESCENT CITY CONNECTION–but NO!! Van Der Roost scouts it and steps out of Adrien’s range as he comes down. Cochrane also scouts and is able to land safely on his feet but he eats a headbutt from Van Der Roost who follows up with a Running Clothesline off the ropes and goes for a cover.



Biff Franklin: We might have our first victory… or maybe not.

But Cochrane kicks out and Van Der Roost tags Morgan Payne back into the match. Payne gets right down to business as Cochrane makes it up to his feet. He’s heading over to tag Balmer back into the match but Payne runs in just as he’s reaching out and catches him under the arms in a Full Nelson hold and snaps the 190lb man off his feet, over her head and down onto the mat with a bridging Dragon Suplex!



Cochrane kicks out again! As he comes up to his knees, Payne starts laying into him with stiff Muay Thai kicks to the chest, rocking him in place. Cochrane holds his chest and keels forward but Payne pulls him to his feet and hoists him across her shoulders. 

Christine Donahue: I think Payne is going to try and finish this off right here!

The crowd starts going crazy as she pushes up, holding Cochrane belly up and goes for the kill. DAHNTAHN AFTER DA–NO! Cochrane rolls through the descent and lands on his feet. Payne turns and eats a magnificent dropkick that floors her. She hits the mat but pops up, running at Cochrane but he dropkicks her again. Payne pops right back up but Cochrane delivers another dropkick before coming off the ropes with a basement dropkick to knock her off her knees to the mat again. He finally has a minute to breath and backs into his corner where Aiden Balmer tags himself in. As Morgan Payne pulls herself to her feet on the ropes, Jan Van Der Roost yells for her to watch her six and she barely gets out of the way as Balmer comes in for a big boot but gets hung up on the top rope. Payne capitalizes and delivers a chop block to the back of Balmer’s knee on his grounded foot. She gets a warning from the ref to which she sticks a hand in his face and does the yapping motion with her hand. She obliges her tag team partner, however, and tags him back into the match.

Biff Franklin: The Roost is back in. He doesn’t seem to happy with what’s been going on in the ring, but he’s got a chance to bring it around.

Van Der Roost may not like his tag partner’s antics but it doesn’t mean he isn’t going to capitalize on it, and he pulls Balmer away from the ropes before taking the leg Payne chop blocked and goes for the Van Der Lock. Balmer reaches for the ropes but can’t get to them, however, Adrien Cochrane comes in with a clubbing forearm to Van Der Roost and breaks the hold. The referee starts ordering him out of the ring and Cochrane immediately obliges, hands up, and backs towards the ropes. Meanwhile, Balmer gets to his feet and goes running at Morgan Payne on the apron, trying to knock her off but she drops back off the apron and bites her thumb at him. Balmer turns back towards Van Der Roost and charges for a discus lariat but the Rooster jukes under his arm and gets behind him. As Balmer turns around, he gets a kick to the midsection and Van Der Roost hooks his arms behind his back as he’s doubled over, hitting his Double Underhook DDT known as THE CROW!!!!

Christine Donahue: This may be over!

Fans go wild and Van Der Roost picks the dazed Balmer up to his feet, setting him up again.This time, it’s straddling over his head as he flies over him. Flipping piledriver, a.k.a Van Der Roost’s DUTCH DEATH SPIKE!!!! He holds on for the cover!


Adrien Cochrane rushes into the ring to try and break up the pin!


He runs up but here’s Morgan Payne, also running in with FAUGH A BALLAGH!!!! Striking spear to Cochrane from Payne!


The referee calls for the bell. 

Christine Donahue: Morgan Payne with the save from the save and we have our first victory tonight. That match was amazing. 

Biff Franklin: I don’t know how you follow something like that, but we’re going to give it our best shot.  I’m not going to lie, that match could have gone either way. 

Christine Donahue: I wouldn’t be surprised if that turns out to be the best match tonight, but we are just getting started. We’re going to drop to a break and come back and hear from our winners.


The curtain flies open and Morgan Payne comes through, panting heavily. Her face, neck, and arms glisten with sweat under the light as she comes to stand in front of the logo display. She peels her hand wraps off and just tosses them; wipes a hand down her face to keep sweat out of her eyes.

MORGAN: “Water!!! Somebody!!! And a fuckin’ chair!”

A backstage attendant brings a folded steel chair in which Morgan snatches from him, unfolds, and plops down right into it. Another steps in and offers a bottle of water. Morgan takes it and motions a thanks to the person, funny enough. She cracks the bottle open and sips before pouring a bit into her palm and starts rubbing down her neck and face. She finally undoes her messy half-ponytail, freeing her hair completely and dunks a bit of the water over it, using her fingers to run it through her black mane and slicks her hair back before sitting up in the chair and leaning back. Shelly Marks walks over. 

Shelly Marks: “Morgan, congratulations on you and Jan winning your first-round match.”

Morgan Payne: “Fuckin’ told yinz we would, din’t I? What am I, a fuckin’ liar? So now what? Whatchu wanna know?”

Morgan starts to sip from her water, blue and green eyes right on the interviewer.

Shelly Marks: “Well, here in a little while, you’ll be back in the ring again for round two. This time your opponent, however, will be the man you just partnered with.”

Morgan leans back in her chair and just flat out laughs. Not a giggle. Not a chuckle. A malicious laugh. Almost maniacal.

Morgan Payne: “Roost! Ol’ Rooster! HEY, YOU READY ROOSTER?! YA READY FOR ME?!”

She tilts her head up, shouting at the top of her lungs, hoping the man hears her somewhere.

Morgan Payne: “Motherfuckers love shit like dis, don’t they? Da young blood goin’ up against da seasoned veteran? Man, lemme say dis right nah.”

Morgan kills the last of the bottle of water and tosses the bottle over her shoulder. She hears it as it misses the can and dings off of the edge, clattering to the floor. Cue, cute frown.

Morgan Payne: “Fuck!”

She shakes that off and continues.

Morgan Payne: “Look…I got all da respect for those dat came before me but yanno what? Guys like Rooster? They had their moments. Dis is our time right nah. Dis is *my* fuckin’ time! I din’t come here jus’ to make it to da second rahnd and get bumped off by da head coach and owner of Squires Wrestling Academy. You pump aht students after two months and send ’em on their way. Dun get me wrong, Jay Vee. I ain’t knockin’ how long your program runs for. What I’m knockin’ is dat motherfuckers come ahtta da Academy, callin’ themselves Knights and they din’t even get ya full attention for two months. You pumped aht ya fiftieth student at da end o’twenty nineteen? Check dis aht, Old Man. A lil lesson I learned from *my* old man? Quantity don’t equal quality. Ya run a class of what five to eight people? Lemme tell ya how I started my year off. I did some trainin’ too. I received da full, one hundred percent attention Connor MacNamara and Jason Van Owen. Two of da greatest mentors dat ever gave me da time of day. They took a tenacious, hungry little newblood to dis business and they cranked dat tenacity and hunger up to da point o’fuckin sheer bloodlust. Ya saw a bit of it just nah in da ring. Maybe ya been watchin’ previous matches o’mine but see dat’s an advantage I got. I ain’t gotten t’show da world much o’what Connor and Van taught me. Jay Vee, you may as well be comin’ up in dis match blind as fuck cuz you dunno what I’mma do. I’m almost like a new face to da business again. Completely un-fuckin-predictable.”

Morgan runs her fingers through her soaked hair, loosening it up from that slicked look to let it hang freely around her head. She tilts her head up as she leans back in her chair and cracks a grin.

Morgan Payne: “And nah, Roost…don’t think I’m exhausted after dat match. Ahtta breath? Yeah. I still got loads more in da tank. Dat’s da beauty of training with Na Fianna. We can go all fuckin’ day and then some. You got da experience on ya side. I got da hunger of someone who’s never tasted real success but I want. Oh, I want it bad. I can feel it, too. Dis is my night. Shit, dis is my year. I been checkin’ off people and goals on my list since da new year started. Slayed da Demon Knight. Dethroned da Dropkick King. Next?”

Morgan gets up out of her chair and walks up to the camera, getting right up into it.

Morgan Payne: “…Time t’snuff da Rooster….”

Morgan steps back, lifting her chin out to the interviewer as she leaves the interview area to cool off and get her mind ready for her next match.


Jan walks into the backstage area, mopping his brow with a towel.

“Elaine, as I pointed out earlier, Payne and the Rooster would be victorious and we were…but that was then…”

Jan tosses the towel off camera.

“… and this is now. That is the reality of wrestling, Elaine. Live the moment, before the moment is gone.”

Jan turns from Elaine and looks at the camera.

“Morgan, for all of your vibrant fervor, innate skill can only get you so far. Technique, prowess. intelligence, moves a wrestler past one obstacle then past another. Your skills complemented mine in our match together, but you are sorely outmatched and outgunned in this upcoming match. I have been working in this ring longer than you have been on this earth. I know more counters than you know moves, and as much as you want to parade around like the cock of the walk… there is only one Rooster that runs the Triad Challenge…. and it is not you.”

Jan points at the camera.

“Your moment in the spotlight… is gone…”

Jan snaps his fingers.

“… and That’s The Way It Is.”

Madoka Kawada: The next match is one fall and is the second match in the first round of the Triad Challenge. Introducing first from Tijuana, Mexico weighing in at one hundred and sixty-four pounds, she is ‘LA BELICISTA’… ISABELLA!

As Sabaton’s “Resist and Bite” blasts over the PA, a large plume of smoke conceals the top of the ramp. The Mexican flag appears on the MacTron as a shadow appears in the lingering smoke. Red pyros shoot off into the air as the smoke begins to vanish, eventually revealing “La Belicista” Isabella’s figure.

As the 15-second mark rolls around, Isabella strides confidently down towards the ramp, giving high-fives to the fans and audience along the way. When “La Belicista” Isabella arrives in front of the ring, she slips in between the middle and uppermost set of ropes.

She then stands atop the same ropes she slid through. She clenches her right fist and raises it high up in the air. Her left, meanwhile, raises as she salutes to the EWC audience. After soaking in the reaction and atmosphere, “La Belicista” jumps off the ropes, lands gracefully on her feet, and turns to wait against the turnbuckle.

Madoka Kawada: And her tag team partner…


“Humble” By Connor 4Real blares over the PA System. Fuzz walks out from behind the curtain bobbing to the beat. A hood covering his head as he keeps his head out of sight. 


Fuzz leaps into the air, knocking the hood off of his head as he smiles widely. Extending his arms to his side as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. Pointing out to a few fans on the side. 

Fuzz: No you’re the best. 

A shit-eating grin over his face as he continues down to the ring steps. He climbs up to the top step and then quickly turns around to face the crowd. Fuzz holds out his hands and then gives them all a quick bow, and turns into the ring. Fuzz walks up to the ropes on the hard cam side and stands on the middle rope. Pointing to the fans in the upper decks and mouths “I see you”. Fuzz leaps down from the middle rope and walks to the corner where he sits atop the top turnbuckle. Paying no attention to anything other than the fans at ringside while waiting for the match to begin.

Madoka Kawada: This is “Fuzz” Shawn Warstein! And their opponents…

Going down Fighting by Unleash The Archers kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out Come KPN and looks at the fans who are cheering for her. Sparkles are coming down from the roof with KPN walking to the ring with elegance. She gets in the ring, takes off her robe, and taunts the fans clapping for her.

Madoka Kawada: This is Kelly Penkzee-Nelson! And her tag team partner:

The opening instrumental to “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis starts playing over the loudspeakers as the crowd starts bouncing along to the music. 

Dog goes “woof”
Cat goes “meow”
Bird goes “tweet”
And mouse goes “squeak”
Cow goes “moo”
Frog goes “croak”
And the elephant goes “toot”
Ducks say “quack”
And fish go “blub”
And the seal goes “ow ow ow”
But there’s one sound
That no one knows
What does the fox say?

El Diablo Blanco jumps out from behind the curtain dancing along to the music as the fans chant along with the chorus of the song. Continuing dancing all the way to the ring, El Diablo is high fiving fans all along the way. Diablo finally rolls in under the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring playing air guitar to applause from the crowd for the duration of the song.

Madoka Kawada: This is El Diablo Blanco!

With all competitors in the ring, the referee calls for the bell. Isabella starts out the match with KPN.   Fuzz and Blanco step out onto the apron.

Christine Donahue: It’s our second match in the Triad Challenge and this should be an interesting match. All four competitors seem to be clean competitors.

Biff Franklin: I would hope so. There’s a pandemic going around. 

Christine Donahue: I meant they typically abide by the rules.

Biff Franklin: So, you’re saying this match is going to be boring and I should go find something on Splat to watch while it’s going on?

Christine Donahue: Don’t you ever have anything nice to say?

Biff Franklin: I do. But there typically involved an exchange of cash.

As the match begins, Isabella starts off quickly with a go behind and she lifts up KPN and slams her on the mat. KPN is up quickly and Isabella pushes her into the corner, Irish whip and she charges in, but KPN slips out of the corner and Isabella stops herself.  

Biff Franklin: This one is starting off fast. We have a couple of very quick competitors in the ring right now. 

They lock up, this time KPN with a whip and high hip toss Isabella lands right on her back. She rolls to the side and gets up on her knee as she holds her back as the two exchange looks once again. 

Biff Franklin: These two match up pretty evenly, I’d say. But let’s see what the men can do.

KPN reaches back and tags in Diablo as Isabella walks over and tags in Fuzz.

Christine Donahue: Diablo has spent most of his career wrestling backyard style matches.

Biff Franklin: So, he’s an untrained oof, is that what you’re saying?

Christine Donahue: That’s not what I’m saying at all.  I’m not sure I can handle you anymore tonight. I’m almost glad this may be our last show together.

Biff Franklin: What? What have you heard?

Back to the match as Fuzz has caught a running Diablo and dropped him with a crushing spinebuster. He covers but only gets a one count before the masked man kicks out.  Fuzz pulls him up and reaches over and tags in Isabella as he holds onto Diablo’s arm and Isabella comes off the second rope with an elbow to the arm.

Biff Franklin: No one does this old school shit anymore. Love seeing that.

Isabella twists that arm causing Diablo to flip over onto his back and then she drops a knee to it and tries to clamp on an armbar.

Christine Donahue: She’s trying to submit him, but Diablo is quick to lock his hands together to prevent the submission move being applied.

Diablo manages to use his weight to maneuver Isabella onto her shoulders where the referee counts to one before she releases the hold. The two are immediately on their feet and Isabella tags in Warstein.  Diablo backs into his corner where KPN tags herself in. Fuzz quickly charges over as KPN is getting into the ring and goes for a big boot, but Diablo pushes her aside and eats the boot himself, tumbling off the apron and to the floor. 

Christine Donahue: He just saved his partner. That’s how tag teams are supposed to behave.

Biff Franklin: Are you kidding me? If they win, that move could have softened her up for the next round.

Fuzz looks down at Diablo, smirking but as he turns around, KPN leaps up and takes him down with a hurricanrana.  He staggers back to his feet and she kicks him in the gut and then tries to lift him up for a powerbomb and drops him right on his back.

Biff Franklin: Impressive power by KPN. I didn’t think she was gonna get him up.

KPN doesn’t let up as she walks over and pulls him to his feet and as she does, he just jabs her right in the eye. He creates some distance and then just superkicks her right in the face, as she drops to the mat. Cover.




 Warstein grabs KPN and drags her towards his corner where he tags in Isabella who comes in and lands a series of knees to KPN before hoisting her up on her shoulders.  KPN kicks her feet and drops behind Isabella, then just shoves her hard as Isabella is shoved right into her corner, she collides with Warstein, sending him to the floor. 

Christine Donahue:  Looks like Isabella was trying to end this, but KPN was not quite ready to go down!  

Isabella is pulled from the corner and lifts up and back, as KPN drops her on the back of her head with a high-end belly to back suplex.  She gets to her feet and as Diablo gets on the apron, she tags him in and he goes to the top.

Biff Franklin: What’s this? Some backyard shit? 

Diablo leaps into the air and lands a frog splash, hooking the leg!



Warstein slides into the ring, but KPN cuts him off as the referee counts…


The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: The winners of the match, advancing to the second round of the Triad Challenge, Kelly Penkzee-Nelson and El Diablo Blanco!

As the music plays, the referee is checking on Isabella, KPN and El Diablo Blanco head up the aisle.

Christine Donahue: That’s two teams advancing so far.  We will talk to the winners of the match right after this!


El Diablo Blanco is nearly falling over still trying to catch his breath after the tag match alongside Kelly Penskee-Nelson against Fuzz and Isabella. Gasping for air, El Diablo traipsed by Elaine Brant. It wasn’t until he got past her that he even realized she was standing there. He turns and drapes an arm over the side of her shoulder to keep him standing.

El Diablo Blanco: We did it my Little Diablitos. We did it Diablo Nation.

El Diablo turns, stands up straight, and looks straight at Elaine Brant.

El Diablo Blanco: We did it, Sister. Now I’m sure there are quite a bit of doubters out there as to whether or not El Diablo Blanco would persevere amongst a field of the most elite. KPN and I did it though. We beat Shawn Warstein; the long decorated Fuzz in what just may be his final stand in professional wrestling. We beat the tough as nails La Belicista. But what stands before me, Sister? I have to beat the one that helped bring me through the dance. I take on one Kelly Penskee-Nelson, Sister. I’ve already been through one hellacious match tonight and now I’ve got not one but two more matches to survive.

Elaine Brant: That is if you get through KPN first.

El Diablo Blanco: Take a look at me, Sister. I’m not even supposed to be among this crowd. I should be out in the stands taking all this in. Just a few months ago, I was wrestling in people’s backyards for no pay. Do you understand that? I was diving off rooftops, Sister. Landing through makeshift tables. You heard the police sirens wail and my ass had to be out of there because ain’t no one gonna believe a 34-year-old man is backyard wrestling with a bunch of teenagers for the “love of the game.” No way at all, Sister. But that’s what it’s always been about. The passion. Look at me. I’m blown up. I’ve got an epic dad bod with this gut I can’t seem to get down. I don’t have a six-pack. I don’t have 24-inch pythons. I’ve got my passion and I’ve got my Nation behind me. I’ve got my wife and two daughters at home hoping and praying I bring home a win in this tournament and everything that comes along with it just so that I can call it a day and no longer put my body through this week in and week out. There is no IF I get through KPN first. I’ve got no choice. I need to win this with every fiber of my being. You understand me, Sister?

Elaine Brant who, up until this point, has taken El Diablo as a bit of a joke can see the sincerity through El Diablo’s mask and hear it in his voice.

Elaine Brant: From my understanding you don’t have to put your body on the line to the degree you have anymore. You’ve had your weekly nine to five job. You didn’t need to wrestle. You’ve got this Taco Bell sponsorship now. You don’t need to put your body through tables or set yourself on fire anymore.

El Diablo Blanco: Don’t need to? Don’t need to, Elaine? I’m hearing a whole lot about you telling me what I don’t need to do and nothing about what I need to do, Sister. What I NEED to do is get out there later tonight when I take on the one and only Kelly Penskee-Nelson. The vitamins aren’t working right now. The prayers aren’t working right now. The Little Diablitos out there need their hero. They need to know that the everyday Joe can stand up and have a chance to taste success. What they need right now… what I need right now… I need some Diablo sauce. I need some flaming hots. I need some nacho cheese. I need the all-new Flamin’ Diablo Burrito; only from Taco Bell.

El Diablo snaps his fingers and a stagehand brings him an unwrapped Flamin’ Diablo Burrito. El Diablo takes a big bite and savors it for a second before handing it back to the stagehand, who disappears out of site.

El Diablo Blanco. Now that’s exactly what I NEEDED. You need to understand, Sister. I initially signed my name on the dotted line to join The Triad Challenge in hopes that I could prove to myself that I had what it took to transition from the backyard to the pro level. It’s gone beyond that in such a short amount of time. I’m no longer doing this just for myself. I’m doing this for GOAT Farm Wrestling for taking a chance on good ol’ El Diablo and training me. I’m doing this for Blood and Nations Promotions. They took a chance on me, signing me to my first contract when I was a proverbial nobody. I’m doing this for EPIC. They saw something in me and gave me the canvas I needed to bring my art to the pro wrestling world. There’s a whole nation out there I’m doing this for: The Diablo Nation. Each and every week they get behind me. They fuel me. They are the average Joe that I’m doing this for. Once again, you say IF I get through KPN.

El Diablo places his hands on his hips and shakes his head.

El Diablo Blanco: I may not look like the other talent you see in this tournament but I’ve done my homework. I’ve already shown that I can stand toe to toe with Fuzz and Isabella. I know my partner earlier, KPN, is known to play mind games in that ring and try to catch her opponents off guard. I also know she has a bum shoulder. If she thinks she can exploit my inexperience, I’m going to exploit that shoulder of hers. I will use it to my advantage and I will move into the finals of the Triad Challenge. That’s where we enter MY environment.

Elaine Brant: Should you move on to the finals of The Triad Challenge it will be a hellacious environment. The last man standing four-way match. You will need to incapacitate three other opponents in order to take home the Triad Challenge crowd. How do you plan on overcoming the odds?

El Diablo Blanco: We’ve got a vast amount of talent in The Triad Challenge. No one, though, can match my heart. It can be the Aphrodite Incarnate Atara Themis. It can be Aiden Balmer, Adrien Cochrane, Jazmine Davis. It can be War Queen Leah or The Highlander Bruce McLeod. It can be the jacked-up lumberjack Rick Dickulous or Mr. Rottentreats. Sloane Taylor, Kyle Young, Morgan Payne, or even Jan Van Der Roost. Every last one of those people I mentioned has been around the block a time or two. Me? I signed with my first company this year, 2020. I’ve got to work that much harder than anyone of those names to get noticed and The Triad Challenge is that launching pad. Diablo Nation – heed my words. The Triad Challenge belongs to El Diablo Blanco, Brothers. You all have come to know that the Last Man Standing is the man that takes home the prize. You’ve seen me fall off scaffolds. You’ve seen me lit on fire and hit Feeling Froggy from the balcony. You’ve seen me beat down. You’ve seen me bleeding buckets. You’ve seen me get back to my feet time and time again. Brothers and Sisters, El Diablo Blanco will win The Triad Challenge and he will move on to contend for the Splat! Multiuniversal Championship. The Diablo Nation will expand not only this universe but the multi-verse. Those Little Diablitos in the far off lands will have a reason to cheer. Those Little Diablitos will have their hero rise above the masses and show that they too can rise above their standing and be so much more. Bring on KPN. Bring on whomever else advances to the finals of The Triad Challenge. I may be a rookie but I’ve got the heart and passion of a champion. Tonight, the Diablo Nation will celebrate in unison as I became their Triad Challenge winner. Do you understand that, Sister?

Elaine Brant: Loud and clear. I’m going to let you get back to preparing for your match against KPN later tonight. I wish you the best of luck.

El Diablo Blanco: Thank you, Sister. Oh, and don’t be afraid to have a Flamin’ Diablo Burrito or two. I get them free. They say lifetime supply but I’m sure once they move on to a new spokesman those perks will come to an end. Just have water handy because those burritos are muy caliente. Don’t forget to Live Mas.

El Diablo winks at Elaine Brant and shoots her a thumbs up as he leaves the scene to head back to his locker room.


Shelly Marks: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m with Kelly Penkzee-Nelson who just had a hard match in the first round of the Triad Challenge…

Kelly walks to the set, wearing a T-Shirt over her ring gear. Her hair is up from the match before with Shelly shaking her hand.

KPN: Sorry if my hand is sweaty, I just got done my match against Fuzz and Isabella and didn’t expect them to take the life out of me.

She smirks with Shelly letting out a chuckle.

Shelly Marks: I’ll say, and I want to ask you a question about the match we just saw. You teamed up with El Diablo Blanco against Fuzz and Isabella. It looks like you two were on the same page the entire time. How does it feel to team up with a twenty-year veteran in El Diablo Blanco?

KPN takes a sip of water before speaking. She licks her lips before talking to Shelly.

KPN: You know – There’s a lot of people that I can consider someone that I look up to. There’s a lot of people who I can learn from and pick up new stuff with. El Diablo Blanco was one of those people I enjoyed working with. He and I mixed well, kind of like peas and carrots, chicken with broccoli with a side of lo main. I know, I’m making everyone hungry with this.

She pauses for a brief second.

KPN: However, he and I, we came here on this mission and we came here to prove that we’re not the ones to mess with. I warned Isabella and I also warned Fuzz. No MATTER how many years you have, no matter where you came from, we were coming in this match, and taking this by storm!

Shelly Marks: I was impressed with your match, but now it’s time to talk about the next step in going to the finals of the Triad Tournament….

KPN looks down with Shelly.

Shelly Marks: You and El Diablo Blanco are going against each other to see who moves onto the final round. How are you feeling going into this matchup against your tag team partner?

KPN looks at Shelly, clears her throat, and begins speaking.

KPN: El Diablo and I made a good team, but as they say, good partners make good opponents. I know what everyone’s saying. Why is this girl, who has less experience than El Diablo going against him? She doesn’t have a chance! We want the lady to lose and we’re on team El Diablo’s Side! I know a lot of people have been saying that. You want to know the reason?

KPN looks down and fixes her hair.

KPN: They don’t believe in KPN, and this is another case of Déjà vu yet again for me when I was told I would NEVER amount of something when it comes to wrestling. I would NEVER be great because I was too “fat” leading to my battle with bulimia. I would never be the best wrestler because I speak my mind out, which will not get me far and yes, you can ask the management with Girl Power Wrestling at the time who said that, or I would never be a face on the poster because of my face being ugly! That’s what I was told.

KPN looks at Shelly and keeps her eye on her.

KPN: But during my match tonight, I asked myself in my head “what if KPN and El Diablo Blanco would’ve faced off” What would happen. You see, I respect the hell out of El Diablo Blanco and got to learn EVERYTHING from him! Hell, I learn shit every day when I step in the ring, but seeing El Diablo with me made me wonder about all that stuff, and looked at what happened? We ended up winning the match together.

She keeps her eye straight at the camera.

KPN: But what was the ONE thing I said about Fuzz? What was the one thing I was talking about in my career retrospective? That I made people retire after I faced off against them! El Diablo Blanco, I have ALL the respect for you in the world, but there’s something I must do to make my name known.

She keeps her eyes focused.

KPN: And that’s defeating you, wait, that sounds very vague to say. I MUST defeat you to cement my legacy. I have waited and waited and waited for a chance like this for a VERY long time! From overseas, to GPW to CKP to Trinity to WWR to 5BW, and now this, this moment is the moment I NEED!!

KPN looks at Shelly and then back to the camera.

KPN: El Diablo Blanco, I’m sorry my brother, but I need to defeat you to make my name known even more.

She sighs before looking to Shelly and walks away for her match against El Diablo Blanco.

Shelly Marks: Strong words from KPN as she looks to defeat El Diablo Blanco. Will she do it? We will find out.

Madoka Kawada: This match is the third bout in the first round of the Triad Challenge. 

“Hello, Doves” appears briefly on the Tron in pink accompanied by Atara’s voice saying the same over the arena PA right before her theme hits the speakers. The crowd goes pops like crazy. Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of the stage as Atara appears from backstage in a full grunge walk to center stage right before the ramp. Posing for the camera, she blows a kiss before throwing off a silk robe to reveal her attire for the night.

She full-on grunge walks to the ring steps and stops at the top to posture once more for the fans before going to the middle of the apron where she blows yet another kiss to the camera before entering the ring very Stacy Kiebler-ish and awaits the start of the match.

Madoka Kawada: Introducing first, just entering the ring. Atara Themis!

And her tag team partner…

 “In Yo Face” By Insane Clown Posse blasts over the PA! Mr. Rottentreats bursts through the curtain riding a custom comically over-sized tricycle. The Pagliacci of Professional Wrestling honks the horn multiple times as he hauls ass down the aisle. He ghost rides the tricycle upon reaching ringside and launches himself to the ring apron with help from the ringside mats.

Treats wipes his boots off on the apron, then uses a ring post to swing around to the perpendicular apron to be visible on the hard cam. The clown spins down the apron, then comes to a stop in the center; spreading his arms out wide and leaning back against the ropes.

The Whole F’N Sideshow swings his left leg over the middle rope and enters the ring.

Madoka Kawada: Welcome, Mr. Rottentreats!  And their opponents, introducing first…  This is Raven Crowe! And her tag team partner. 

The opening riff of Shiroyama hits as a man walks to the stage. As the song plays, the man’s facial expression turns into a small smile before he points towards the ring, finger extended like the barrel of a gun. Then, as if pulling the trigger, he “fires” the gun before making his way down the ring. He takes a moment by the steps after making his way down, taking in the crowd before walking up, then pulling the middle rope down before stepping into the ring. As soon as Kyle Young walks to the middle of the ring, he stops, looks dead at the camera, then salutes.

Madoka Kawada: Kyle Young!

Christine Donahue: I was tweeting out pics of the arena earlier. It has a very old-school feel to it. 

Biff Franklin: Reminds me of home.

Christine Donahue: We have an interesting match up here. Two of these wrestlers compete as MMA fighters as well and it looks like they’re going to start this match.

Biff Franklin: I’m a big fan of MMA and Global Combat, so I’m looking forward to seeing what these two bring to this tournament. 

Rottentreats and Crowe have moved to the apron while Young and Themis start this match. The referee calls for the bell.  Themis and Young walk around the ring and then step forward to lock up. Young immediately clamps on a headlock.  

Biff Franklin: Going for the basics. Love that.

Themis pushes him towards the ropes, she drops down as he rebounds and jumps over her. She gets up and as he comes back, she catches up and brings him over, slamming him on the ground with a belly to belly suplex. 

Christine Donahue: Big move to start this match. 

Kyle rolls away from Themis before getting to his feet.  There’s another lock up and this time Kyle grabs the arm but Themis manages to reverse with a single arm snapmare and Young’s hands ball into fists as she drills him with a vicious spine kick and then seizes him in a headlock, dragging him to his feet, but she is met with a barrage of elbows to the ribs and Young hauls Themis off with an irish whip. Young ducks down on the rebound and Themis leapfrogs and keeps on running. Atara Themis comes back with a jumping roundhouse, but Kyle Young ducks underneath, seizes the leg and hauls her up for a Regal-Plex. 

Christine Donahue: Kyle Young is a veteran in this business, but Atara Themis is going to be a name to watch. She’s already killing it during her stint in Global Combat.

Young hangs on and tries for another in quick succession yet Themis wriggles free, nails Young with a european uppercut and then gets the tag out to Mr. Rottentreats.

Biff Franklin: Well, here comes the clown. Not something I thought I’d find myself saying in 2020.

Rottentreats gets a big reaction as he marches right in, fish-hooking Kyle Young’s nose from behind. Rottentreats has the ref distracted with his “Got Ya Nose!” routine and he doesn’t notice the sneaky low blow, allowing Young to roll out of the way and get the tag to Raven Crowe!

Christine Donahue: First time in the ring tonight for Raven Crowe who was a last minute substitute for an injured participant. She has been doing very well for herself in WWA. 

Crowe runs in and obliterates Rottentreats with a short range Superman punch, getting a 2.9 count on the cover. 

Biff Franklin: Crowe nearly put down the clown! That was an amazing shot. Rottentreats got his bell rung good by Raven Crowe.  She’s gotta stay on him. 

And she does as Crowe hauls Rottentreats to his feet and launches him into a tilt-a-whirl.

Christine Donahue: Looks like she’s about to lock in a dragon sleeper.

Biff Franklin: Not so fast! 

Rottentreats is able to get in the Human Twisting Balloon.

Christine Donahue: Kyle Young charging into the ring, but he’s met by Atara Themis who knocks him out of the ring and follows him out.

Raven is trying to find the ropes, but she’s just too far away.

Biff Franklin: Kyle Young has sent Themis into the ringsteps.

Unfortunately, it’s little too late as Raven has no choice but to tap out just as Kyle starts to slide into the ring.

The bell rings. 

Madoka Kawada: The winners of the match, advancing to Round two to face each other, Atara Themis and Mr. Rottentreats!

Christine Donahue: I have nothing but respect for Raven Crowe who came in here a house of fire and nearly ended this with one punch. Rottentreats is a long time veteran with years to perfect his craft and I feel he is one everyone has overlooked in this tournament. 

Biff Franklin: Look, there ain’t no shame is losing to someone like Mr. Rottentreats and if you say otherwise, he’ll probably steal your nose.

Christine Donahue: We will be back with our final first round match.


Mr. Rottentreats stumbles through the curtain; dripping a mixture of sweat and Mehron clown white paint. In an attempt to catch his breath he slumps to the ground; sliding down the nearest wall. Unbeknownst to the Whole F’N SideShow, Shelly Marks is approaching. The clown’s panting and muttering to himself is hesitantly interrupted by Shelly Marks.

Shelly Marks: “Mr. Rottentreats, you and Atara Themis just squeaked out a victory against The Second City Soldier, Kyle Young & Raven Crowe to advance to Round Two of The Triad Challenge.”

Mr. Rottentreats one eye shoots up toward Shelly Marks; scoffing. The clown blows on a noisemaker only for the soggy paper to explode.

Shelly Marks: “In the next round you’ll have to face off against the woman you just tea…”

Mr. Rottentreats left gloved covered hand; interrupting Shelly Marks.

Mr. Rottentreats(off-mic): “A-tut-tut-tut!”

Treats attempting to hold back his anger motions for the microphone to be lowered. Shelly Marks obliges.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Normally, I wouldn’t need anyone to hold a microphone in front of my face. However, I’m exhausted! Kyle, Raven! I’ve got to hand it to the both of yas! You sure put ‘ol Treats and Atty through the wringer tonight. See, even though I warmed up for the Triad Challenge with a few one-offs, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve actually teamed with anyone; or been in the ring for that matter.”

Shelly Marks: “How was your experience teaming up with Atara Themis in the first round?

Mr. Rottentreats adjusts Shelly Marks’ arm; his eye darting up at her.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Well, Shelly Marks, it was quite the…”

Treats’ eye shifts side to side.

Mr. Rottentreats: “…Treat!”

Treats laughs at his own joke; Shelly Marks rolls her eyes to his response.

Shelly Marks: “After having what would be considered one of the best seats in the house. How do you feel you’re going to fare later on against Atara?”

Mr. Rottentreats reaches up, gesturing for help up. Shelly Marks begrudgingly grabs his sweaty, glove covered hand; helping him to his feet.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I’ll put it to ya like this. It’s going to be a rough one. Aphrodite Incarnate is well versed in the art of manipulating the pancreas.”

Shelly Marks: “You mean Neo Pankration, don’t you?”

Treats demeanor changes in an instant. Angrily; he continues.

Mr. Rottentreats: “THAT’S WHAT I SAID!”

Shelly Marks backs up a bit; Treats transitions back to a jovial tone.

Mr. Rottentreats: “She may take umbrage to this. I don’t care, though. She’s like me, but younger, and just not as skilled or perty.”

Treats folds his hands under his chin; seductively batting his only available eyelash.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I’m not going to stand here and ramble about my accomplishments. I’m not going to stand here and drone on about how I took WARPEDWrestling to the top of the proverbial mountain. I’m not going to stand here and stammer on about MY EYE! What I will do, however, is this.”

The Pagliacci of Professional Wrestling motions for the microphone and shoos away Shelly Marks; motioning for the camera to come closer.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I was given the greatest advice the moment I told my dear ‘ol dad that I wanted to step onto the mat for scholastic rasslin’. Your greatest ally, will be your most difficult competition. And at this point, Atty; you are my greatest ally. With your help I advanced to the second round of the Triad Challenge. You’re also going to help me advance to the final round, by being my stepping stone. Now, we get to lock horns, tussle even!”

Treats wipes his painted face.

Mr. Rottentreats: “My uncle told me recently, age is the ultimate downfall of anyone in rasslin’. Not ego, not lack of skill, or even lack of charazzma. See, the more you age, the more your body breaks down. What hasn’t broken down, however, is this rotten ‘ol brain of mine. Veteran wiles, eef ya weel.”

The clown’s white-glove covered hand taps his temple; before pulling a never-ending handkerchief from his left glove.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I’ve been told I’m the underdog of this tournament. If only they knew that since I could walk I’ve spent most of my weekends wrestling multiple times over; win, lose, or draw. If only they knew that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. If only the naysayers knew, that ‘ol Mr. Rottentreats has a plethora of tricks and treats up my sleeve! Until she dropped out, I was hoping to twist the bubblegum bitch herself up like a human twisting balloon. That way, when I make it to the finals of the Triad Challenge, I could brag about how I defeated two of the greatest upstarts currently rocking this sport to its core!”

The Whole F’N Sideshow sniffles; motioning a tear drop down his right cheek.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Since, Sloane Taylor’s Coulrophobia got the best of her. Getting a victory over you, my dearest Atty, will have to do. Rest up, buttercup. Rehydrate, and reset that mind of yours. Tying up with yours truly is a whole different ball game! Yo, Pat Kills All! Crowbar! Hugo Strange! Switchblade! The list goes on. This one’s for all of you! This one’s for WARPED!”

Mr. Rottentreats gives a thumbs up and a cheese smile to the camera. After nearly choking on his own laughter.


Treats feints handing the microphone to a stagehand; only to drop it.


Elaine Bryant is standing by.

Elaine Bryant: Waiting for Atara Themis after her match in the first round to get some words from her about her upcoming second-round match.

Atara walks through the curtain, she pauses as if surprised. Then she shakes her head and walks off.

Elaine Bryant: Perhaps a little too focused on this tournament to chat. We will see what she has come round two against Mr. Rottentreats.

Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is the final first-round match in the Triad Challenge. Introducing, already in the ring. This is Jazmin Davis! And her partner for this match…

As a chainsaw roars to life over the stadium speakers, red light bathes the crowd as it roars in approval. Rick Dickulous steps through the curtain, his trademark smile beaming across his face as he plays the crowd from the stage. Before heading down the ramp, glowing white, Rick shoots finger guns at the ring and a thumbs up. As he makes his way to the ring, he stops to high five fans and takes selfies with phones from audience members. Upon reaching the ring, Rick takes a deep breath, nods as he utters a few words, then steps up onto the apron from the floor, pulling himself up with the top rope. He steps over the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, again flashing a thumbs up to the camera before high fiving the referee and making his way to his corner.

Madoka Kawada: Please welcome Rick Dickulous!  And their opponents…

“Green Light Go” by Becky G fires over the PA System as The War Queen Leah makes her way out through the entrance taking in the crowd’s boos. Stoically standing at the top of the stage, Leah raises her War Queen W high in the air drawing in more heat. She slowly walks down the aisle as fans let her know how disappointed they are in her. Without acknowledging the crowd, Leah rolls in under the bottom rope and walks over to her corner. Leah props herself up the turnbuckles, sitting down on the top. The War Queen lets the War Queen W fly once more as the music cuts out. 

Madoka Kawada: This is the War Queen Leah! And her partner for this match…

The sound of thunder rumbles ominously over the sound system, lights flickering as though there’s a storm brewing before the bagpipe and rocking guitar intro of “Chip” erupts over the speakers. Bruce McLeod appears on the ramp and makes his way slowly to the ring, rolling his shoulders, throwing a few shadow punches as he goes.

Madoka Kawada: Please welcome, Bruce McLeod!

Christine Donahue: We have our final first-round match up right now and… wait one second.

Biff Franklin: They ain’t waiting around, are they?

Leah and McLeod charge over to the other side of the ring Road Warriors style and get a jump on this match. Jazmin was getting out of the ring when Leah just barreled right into her and she took quite a tumble to the outside and the duo turns their attention to Rick.

Christine Donahue: Going for the big man here. They shoot him across the ring and looks like a double clothesline, but NO! He turns the tables and clotheslines them both down to the mat. 

Biff Franklin: We may have an issue besides, as Davis is on the outside holding onto her ankle right now. 

A couple of referees are making their way from the back to check on Jazmin as she is untying her boot.  Rick turns his attention as he sees what’s going on. He walks over and grabs Leah and just tosses her over the top rope and to the floor on the outside.  Then as Bruce gets up, Rick just lays into him with clubbing blows to the back, several big ones in a row.

Biff Franklin: That boy has some mitts on him, don’t he? He’s just trying to turn McLeod inside out.

Christine Donahue: If Rick and Jazmin’s team were to win this match, I don’t know if Jazmin would be able to continue. We have a medic down here now checking her out, but she has one boot off and they are looking her over.

Rick is still giving Bruce quite a beating. He whips Bruce into the ropes, but Bruce grabs onto the top rope. Rick charges in and gets two feet to the face for his trouble. Bruce reaches over and tags in Leah and they together double suplex him before Bruce leaves the ring.

Biff Franklin: Right now it’s just Rick in there and this is the way to do it. Quick tags, double teams and stay on the offense. He’s a scary big guy and you don’t want him maintaining control.

Leah stays on the offensive by using a belly to back suplex on the big guy and then a quick cover that doesn’t even get a one count. She quickly tags back in Bruce who drops a knee to the forehead. 

Christine Donahue: Jazmin Davis has gotten to her feet and is moving towards the ring now. She still has her boot off, but she’s climbing up onto the apron.

Biff Franklin: Well, how brave is that? 

Christine Donahue: What a nice thing to say.

Biff Franklin: I was being sarcastic.

Rick is thrown into a corner and he explodes out and clotheslines Bruce. Leah enters the ring and shoulder blocks Rick, shoving him into his own corner where Jazmin makes the tag and comes in. 

Christine Donahue: She’s only got one boot on but she takes down Leah with a punch and Bruce with a punch. She whips Leah into the ropes and gives her a huge backdrop.

Leah lands hard and rolls to the outside since Bruce is still the legal person in the ring. He grabs Jazmin and whips her into the ropes, he goes for a back drop but Jazmin leaps over him and lands on her bad ankle. 

Biff Franklin: Best way to fight a cripple is to take out their crutch.

Bruce tags in Leah who springboards off the apron and NAILS Jazmin with Drop the Bomb, then covers.




The bell rings. 

Madoka Kawada: Winners of the match, advancing to face each other in the next round, War Queen Leah and Bruce McLeod!

Christine Donahue: Jazmin getting tended to here by our medical personnel. 

Biff Franklin: She’s got some guts. Not much in the brain department, but I’ll give her credit for guts.

Christine Donahue: You are awful. We have Round 2 right around the corner, so don’t go anywhere.


Looking sweaty, disheveled, and exhausted, Bruce McLeod is back in front of the Triad Challenge backdrop, and this time he’s flanked by the lovely and talented Elaine Brant. Smiling, she looks over at the veteran grappler.

Elaine Brant: Bruce, congratulations go out to you and Leah for making it past the first round. I know many of the folks I’ve personally talked to were quick to write you off-

Bruce McLeod: Course they were, luv. Am not the type who gets anything more than a footnote in the record books. Am no Rocky Balboa… no scrappy underdog with the heart of gold. Nae, am just the backbone of this business, the foundation nobody ever sees.

Elaine Brant: A solid foundation is crucial, though. Without that, the entire structure is unsound.

The Highlander taps the side of his nose, his smirk widening for a moment.

Bruce McLeod: Aye. So, if one must paint in familiar colors, I suppose the underdog will do. The perennial loser, perhaps? Always the bridesmaid…

He rolls his eyes.

Bruce McLeod: I’ve been lucky tae last this long in the industry – spin it like that, hmm? No target on me back, no attacks coming from all sides. Been able tae pick battles. Wage wars on my own terms and while the stats sheets don’t quite reflect that, I feel as though I haven’t done so bad.

Elaine Brant: And how do you feel that experience gives you an edge against someone as talented as your first-round partner?

Bruce McLeod: I don’t. It doesn’t. That’s… aw, fuckin’ hell-

He looks sheepish for a moment.

Bruce McLeod: Pardon the French, luv. The War Queen has a bright future ahead of her – the writing’s on the wall as far as that’s concerned. What happens out there in a few moments will have no impact on that whatsoever. Competitors like her… those with the raw passion, they leave behind legacies. They leave behind footprints on this landscape that others try tae follow… try their best tae fill.

Elaine Brant: And you don’t think you do?

Bruce McLeod: Wanting tae be the last man standing when the dust settles is one thing. Managing tae pull off an upset like that when the entire universe is dead-set against it? Ah, well… even I’m not so deluded tae think that magical moment’ll fall from the sky an’ let me walk out of this business on a high note, having finally won something that matters for more than twenty seconds to about thirty people. The fact that I’m here, luv… that’s the biggest honor. I appreciate that.

Elaine Brant: That’s an awfully grim way to look at it, don’t you think?

Bruce McLeod: Aye, mebbe so. But, as ya said yerself: I’ve got the experience tae back up the claim.

Elaine Brant: I didn’t quite put it like that.

Bruce McLeod: Potato. Pah-taw-toe. Amounts to the same thing in the end, no? Dearth of knowledge on the wrong side of the spectrum can go one of two ways, aye? This opportunity won’t be squandered – they never are. You watched me out there in the team round. Watched me step up, willing tae put this old body on the line… take one for the team, for the sake of winnin’. We did. The question now isn’t how much I’ve left in the tank or how much a win over War Queen means tae me.

Elaine Brant: Then what is it?

Bruce McLeod: It’s whether or not I can go down swingin’ against one of the best in the business. That’s always the most important question, luv.

Elaine Brant: Can you?

The Highlander chuckles and turns away, starting to walk off camera. His final words are flung over his shoulder, barely audible.

Bruce McLeod: Guess we’ll find out.


The scene opens up with Shelly Marks and War Queen Leah standing side by side in front of a Splat! logo behind them. Leah is still in her ring attire, between her tag team match earlier tonight and her upcoming match against The Highlander Bruce McLeod. Sweat still glistening off her forehead after the battle she just endured.

Shelly Marks: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, I would like to welcome one of our winners coming out of the first round of The Triad Challenge, she is the War Queen Leah.

War Queen Leah: Thank you, Shelly.

Shelly Marks: Leah, earlier tonight we saw you team with Bruce McLeod to defeat the duo of Jazmin Davis and Rick Dickulous. As a result of that win, you now face The Highlander later this evening to see who goes on to the finals of this challenge. What sort of mindset do you have going into this next match?

War Queen Leah: For starters, Mac and I knew what we were getting into from the get-go. He showed that he can more than hang as we took down that HGH pumped lumberjack, Rick Dickulous, and Jazmin Davis. Now the real fun begins. Mac is a hard-hitting, dirty bar brawler. He knows how to throw down when the throwing down is necessary. That’s right up my alley. I look around at the field of talent Splat! put together and I see them trying to get through the first round unscathed; end things quickly and conserve energy for rounds two and three. Some may view that as wise. Sure, it is wise. Where’s the fun in that though? For most of this second round you’re going to see people continue to go for the quick falls, end it early and move on. The only way my match is ending early is if my boot catches Mac upside the head early on and, well… we know that always spells The Endgame.

Shelly Marks: It would make sense to conserve that energy as the finals of The Triad Challenge is a fatal four-way Last Person Standing Match. You’ll want to stay as fresh as possible.

War Queen Leah: Where’s the fun in all that? I get it but I signed up for The Triad Challenge because I wanted the best of the best that all these promotions have to offer. Anyone that knows me knows that I want the fight. I want to prove myself each and every time I step in that ring at all costs. I didn’t get into the position I am by taking shortcuts, by sitting idly by while others just eased into their roles. No, I took every opportunity that stood before me and I seized that by any means necessary.

Shelly Marks: You have certainly gone from virtual unknown to one of the most talked-about wrestlers making waves in the last year. It seems every time we turn around there’s something major surrounding you.

War Queen Leah: I run with a good crowd is what helps that. It started with the Coven in MHW. It turned into the Kwonspiracy in NFW. The Triad Challenge, however, isn’t about any of them. Not about Coven. Not about Kwonspiracy. Not even about the Second City Riot Squad. No, The Triad Challenge is my baby to tackle. I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to tournaments. At OPT 3, I was eliminated in the first round. OPT 4, same shit. Back in Mile High Wrestling I was able to make it all the way to the finals in the Rise of the Phoenix Tournament but still fell to defeat. Tonight is about not just making it to the finals. It’s about winning this whole damn tournament and kicking off the Summer of Leah.

Shelly Marks: You’re going to have quite a bit of competition should you make it through Bruce McLeod in this next round. It is a last person standing match where you must keep your opponents down for the count of ten.

War Queen Leah: First off, you’re talking about SHOULD I make it through Bruce McLeod? Hey Mac, I’m sure you’re watching this right now. It’s all well and good that we moved on from the first round but you knew this day was coming. You’re brushing shoulders with the War Queen. I don’t back down from a fight and I’m known to overcome the odds. Time and time again people have looked past me and I know you’re a whole lot wiser than the rest of them fools so I’m gonna shoot straight. I know you’re not going to pull any punches later tonight in our match. Don’t expect me to do that either. It’s nothing personal against you. You’ve simply had your time to shine. Now it’s my turn. It’s my turn to seize the moment and make it mine. This world may be structured by those around us that choose to write their own narrative but tonight’s my narrative. You may consider yourself a tough as nails brawler that will go to great lengths to tire your opponents out but I got news for you. I can do this shit all day. Bring the fight because in the end you’ll just succumb to The Endgame.

Shelly Marks: Now, what sets you apart from the rest? Everyone is going around claiming they are going to outlast the others. They say they are going to make it to the finals and win. Why you?

War Queen Leah: There’s an array of experience amongst all the people in this tournament. There are fresh faces. There are people that have wrestled in a minute but stay in shape training the next generation. There are people that have their careers winding down. When all is said and done, I’m not concerned about what other people are saying about what they are going to do. They can flap their gums all they want. I don’t know what they are capable of or what their plans are and quite frankly I don’t care. There’s only one person I care about in this tournament and that’s me. I know what I’m capable of. I know what my plans to succeed in The Triad Challenge are. It doesn’t involve being a hokey clown. It doesn’t involve asking questions about someone’s mother. It doesn’t involve possibly going up against my tag team partner’s former trainer. They can all puff out their chests and boast about what sort of accolades they’ve accomplished over X amount of years. None of that matters when I know deep down I’ve got the grit. I’ve got the desire. I’ve got the fortitude that if someone decides they want to clock me upside the head with whatever apparatus they have in their hands at the moment I’m going to dig down deep and pull myself up with everything I’ve got. I’ve never laid down for anyone. I’m not going to do that tonight either. They’re gonna have to damn near kill me if they plan to beat me. Tonight, I’m walking out of The Triad Challenge the winner. I’m gonna get that prize and I’m going to get my shot at the Splat! Multiuniversal Champ. You’re going to see a lot more of me around these parts soon enough so you best be ready. I mean it when I say The Triad Challenge is the kickoff to the Summer of Leah and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. So you, Shelly. Your cohort, Elaine. The announcers, Biff Franklin and Christine Donahue. All of you better be prepared to throw dem War Queen W’s high in the sky come the end of the night because you’ll be standing in front of the winner. Then we’ll go back to the locker room, crack open some Claws and have a great night. For now, though, I’ve got to go take down a Highlander.

Shelly Marks: Ladies and gentlemen, The War Queen Leah. Good luck tonight. We’ll all be watching.

Inaudibly, Leah thanks Shelly for her time before walking out of the screen.

Madoka Kawada: This match is the first match in the second round of the Triad Challenge. Winner will advance to the finals. Splat rules are still in effect for this round. Introducing first….

Hollywood Undead’s “Heart of a Champion” begins to play once again through the loud system as Morgan Payne makes her way down the aisle, walking up the steps and ducks into the ring.

Madoka Kawada: Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina… This is Morgan Paaaaaaayne!  And her opponent…

Alice In Chains “Rooster” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Also advancing from the first round, currently residing in Atlantic City, New Jersey… Here is Jaaaaaaaan Van Der Roooooost!

Jan Van Der Roost makes his way down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope and gets to his feet as he acknowledges the crowd and then walks over and offers a handshake to Morgan. She pauses for a moment, then accepts, then Jan goes back to his corner. 

As the graphic fades, the referee calls for the bell.

Christine Donahue: And we start the second round of the Triad Challenge with a one on one between Jan Van Der Roost and Morgan Payne.

Biff Franklin: Why’s that guy gotta have so many names? Can’t be a stage name. That would just be ridiculous. 

Christine Donahue: If “Biff Franklin” a stage name?

Biff Franklin: Of course it is. 

Christine Donahue: I should have known.

Biff Franklin: You think I’m gonna tell these idiots my real name? I don’t even tell my mother my real name.

As the two competitors circle each other in the ring, they lock up and Jan immediately moves in behind, grabs her around the waist, lifts her up and slams her down onto the mat.

Biff Franklin: Morgan Payne has all the spirit in the world, but Van Der Roost has decades of experience. I feel like this is going to be a school lesson here.

Morgan backs into a corner and then gets to her feet as she seems to contemplate her next move. She walks back toward Jan and they lock up and this time Jan pushes her into the corner and they stay there for a moment, as the referee looks to separate them but instead he pulls back and just chops her hard right across the chest.

Christine Donahue: I heard that. We all heard that.

Biff Franklin: Morgan Payne felt that. 

As Morgan grabs at her chest, Jan pushes her back and just lays in again with another and already her skin is starting to turn bright red.  He gives her one more hard one and she stumbles out of the corner.  He walks up and just victory rolls her for a one count.

Christine Donahue: I feel like that was more of a warning pin attempt than an actual one. 

Biff Franklin: He’s definitely trying to get into her head here at the start of this match.

The match resets as both competitors get on their feet and as they lock up, Morgan pushes Jan a couple of steps back and then she whips him into the corner, she charges in and nails him with a clothesline. 

Biff Franklin: Looks like Payne plans a little payback here.

An accurate prediction as Morgan unleashes with three devastating chops to the chest of the veteran Van Der Roost, welting his chest this time. Morgan cocks back for another big chop but Van Der Roost capitalizes on the oh so brief hesitation. He grabs her by the shoulders, throws her around into the corner, and starts chopping again. This time, however, he goes rapid-fire with them, chopping away, causing Morgan to practically convulse in the corner before he Irish whips her across the ring and almost chest first into the opposite corner.

Christine Donahue: Oooh! Morgan’s chest probably feels raw enough as is. Hitting that corner might have hurt!

Biff Franklin: She stopped herself but here comes the Rooster! Oh, wait!

Up and Over as Van Der Roost comes charging in at Morgan from behind and the Kingdom member hits the mat on her feet. Van Der Roost turns as Morgan comes charging in and stiffs him with European Uppercut! Van Der Roost is a little rocked in the corner. Morgan fires off with that loaded backhand chop again, then throws Van Der Roost to the mat, leaving him sitting against the ropes. The little spitfire of a woman wrestler runs across the ring to the ropes, comes back and jumps as high as she can.

Biff Franklin: Watch out, Christine! She calls this Yoi, Yoi–

Christine Donahue: DOUBLE YOI!!!!!

The commentators call it as Morgan comes down with a hesitation dropkick, brutally sending Van Der Roost through the middle and bottom ropes and to the floor.

Biff Franklin: You see the air on that dropkick?!

Christine Donahue: I did, Biff, but no time to ogle! Here she comes again!

Just as Van Der Roost makes it to her feet, Morgan grabs the top rope and slingshots herself over and comes crashing down with a crossbody to the floor. Morgan starts showing a bit of her merciless side here out on the floor as she pulls Van Der Roost to his feet and leans him back against the apron. She starts laying into him – ribs and jaw – with closed fist strikes right out of a boxer’s playbook. The ref warns her to get back in the ring. Morgan flips him off, walks Van Der Roost over to the security barricade, and slams his face down into it. She gets some boos from the sparse crowd in attendance but just smiles and opens her arms out, telling them to bring it in.

Christine Donahue: Fans here are letting this little lady with an attitude have it, Biff!

Biff Franklin: Don’t think she cares. She wants more! Haha.

Morgan grabs Van Der Roost again and goes to continue her assault on the ring veteran. She goes to Irish whip him into the ringpost but Van Der Roost shows his age-old resiliency and pulls off a reversal! He changes the rotation and sends Morgan at the ring post instead. Full force, unable to slow herself, Morgan Payne SLAMS into the ringpost, and her face bounces off. The impact sends her body almost wrapping around the post before she hits the floor.

Biff Franklin: OH! MAN! Did you hear that?!

Christine Donahue: MY! GOD!

Van Der Roost wastes no time and walks over, picking Morgan up to her feet. The crowd reacts in shock as the camera gets a clear view of blood pouring from her nose, over her mouth and chin. As for her eyes, they look nearly glazed over.

Biff Franklin: Oh that could be a broken nose, Donohue!

Christine Donahue: That’s a lot of blood, Biff!

Van Der Roost rolls Morgan into the ring, slides in, and goes for a cover. He looks like he wants it to end, even just for her sake but she kicks out at two! The crowd sounds a little shocked as Morgan doesn’t even look like she’s all there anymore. Van Der Roost picks her up and delivers a brainbuster! Cover! Another two count as Morgan kicks out with defiance! The camera zooms in on Van Der Roost’s look of disbelief and minor frustration. Then it cuts to Morgan as she breathes heavily through her teeth. Spit and a bit of blood from around her mouth sprinkling the mat. Her eyes are clearing back up but they look wild now.

Biff Franklin: Uhh…is she okay?

Christine Donahue: Morgan Payne looks like Jan Van Der Roost might have knocked the wrong screw loose!

But Van Der Roost decides to go for a bigger offense as he starts targeting different parts of Morgan’s body. Chest. Hand. Legs. He’s going into the Rooster Stomp! As he goes for the second leg, however, Morgan shows a second spark of life and throws her other leg around Van Der Roost’s grounded leg as he brings his other foot up. She sits up and yanks his foot out from under him, administering a front Ankle Lock, straight out of the catch wrestling she’s learned.

Biff Franklin: Look at that Ankle Lock! She’s got that baby in tight!

Christine Donahue: Can she force the vet to tap?!

But Van Der Roost makes it to the ropes, grabbing onto the bottom. Morgan holds onto the leg a few seconds more until the ref counts up to 4 and she lets go. While Van Der Roost is still holding onto the rope, Morgan gets to her feet and rushes in to stomp at one of his hands. The crowd boos and the ref warns her.

Christine Donahue: Payne’s gonna get herself disqualified if she isn’t careful. She does not want that!

Biff Franklin: She’s in the ring with a veteran, Christine! She’s gotta take it to him. Man’s been wrestling for a quarter of a century!

This definitely shows, too, as Morgan turns back to Van Der Roost and he explodes up with a brutal European Uppercut! Spit mixed with blood goes flying. Morgan stumbles back. She staggers back in. Van Der Roost rocks her with a headbutt! Van Der Roost comes off the ropes. Goes for a running clothesline! Morgan dips under it and explodes off the ropes for her own clothesline. To the shock of the crowd, the 130-pound woman knocks the 202-pound man into an inside out spot.

Biff Franklin: FADED LINE!!!!!

Christine Donahue: HOW IN THE HELL?!

Morgan rolls Jan over. Cover. Two and a kick out! She pulls the hair tie out of her hair and throws it in anger. She punches the mat, enraged as her black hair falls wildly around her head. Morgan looks down at Van Der Roost with a wild look in her eyes. She mouths something but it’s unclear. Her intentions are clear, however, as she crosses the ring and flips her hair back, squatting down with an impatient bounce in her legs, urging Van Der Roost to get up.

Christine Donahue: I think Morgan Payne’s getting a little frustrated, Biff!

Biff Franklin: Looks like it! But now she’s calling for the end! She’s gotta be looking for…umm…how do you pronounce this? Fouge ay Ballaj?

We hear paper rustling.

Christine Donahue: Faugh A Ballagh, Biff. I’m told it’s Gaelic for Clear The Way!

Biff Franklin: Morgan’s Celtic?

Christine Donahue: I don’t think so but Jan Van Der Roost might wanna stay down!

But no, Van Der Roost gets to his feet. He turns. Morgan comes barreling out of the corner like a bullet! She goes for Faugh A Ballagh, her striking spea–NO! Van Der Roost catches her with a kick to the midsection. He hooks the arms! THE CROW–NO!! Morgan slips one arm free and twists around to free her other arm. She gets loose! Kick to the midsection of Van Der Roost! Turns her back and sets his chin on her shoulder! Drops down suddenly!

Christine Donahue: ART OF RUIN!!!!!


Van Der Roost goes down to the mat but not all the way. He’s propped up on one arm, looking a little shook but he’s still in the match. Morgan’s not finished though. She picks him up and with a grunt, lifts him belly up across her shoulders in a reverse Death Valley Driver hold. The bloody faced, wild-eyed young woman lets out a primal yell and spikes Van Der Roost right onto his neck and shoulders!


Christine Donahue: COVER!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!





Morgan shoots up from the cover in disbelief as Van Der Roost rolls onto his side, shaking his head. It’s gonna take more than that to keep him down. Morgan realizes this and picks him up again. She whips him off of the ropes again but he comes back and catches her off guard with a crossbody block! Cover and a kick out! Van Der Roost gets back to his feet and as Morgan gets to hers he starts laying in the kicks! Stiff shots to the legs and hips of the young up and comer wrestler. After a moment, Morgan starts kicking back and it’s a trade-off.

Biff Franklin: Look at this, Christine! Veteran and new blood exchanging shots!

Christine Donahue: Rooster’s got kicks but so does Payne, look at that!

Van Der Roost and Morgan keep trading shots off, demanding more from the other but after just a moment of this, Morgan feigns waiting for a kick and when Van Der Roost goes for it, she grabs his leg, turns into him, grabs his head underneath an arm and rolls forward. Rolling Kneebar! She’s got him in the center of the ring this time and it looks like he’s about to tap when, instead, he manages to pry one of Morgan’s legs off around his and rolls over. He switches up the dominance and locks his own move in!

Christine Donahue: There’s the Van Der Lock, Biff!!! He found his opening!

Biff Franklin: Not good for Morgan!

It’s one of those instances where it seems like Van Der Roost has the Single Leg Crab on forever and as if Morgan might tap but she reaches the bottom rope, forcing the break!

Biff Franklin: This match is gonna continue! No way!

Van Der Roost pulls Morgan up to her feet and out to the center. He turns her back towards him and goes for a Sleeper Hold. No! Morgan gets one arm up to keep him from wrapping it around her throat! She reaches back again and grabs his head! Dips forward! Uchi Mata hip toss! Van Der Roost hits the mat but comes right up. Morgan hits the ropes. Van Der Roost throws himself forward into a dropdown at her feet. Morgan hops over and crosses the ring. She comes off the ropes again spinning for a discus lariat as Van Der Roost rushes to the center! He dips down, looking to catch her with a back body drop–no! Wait! Morgan stops suddenly! Another feint! Grabs Van Der Roost by the back of the head and DRIVES her knee up into his face!!!

Christine Donahue: OH!!!! F.Y.F!!!!

Biff Franklin: Can we say what that means here?

Christine Donahue: Let’s not.

Morgan grabs Van Der Roost, setting up for an Exploder Suplex. He’s got his own bit of blood showing on his nose now but he’s also got gas in the tank to keep fighting! He starts throwing elbows at the back of Morgan’s head to get out of the Exploder hold. Morgan lets go of him and is doubled over. Van Der Roost sees his chance! He stands over Morgan’s head and sets up for it! DEATH DUTCH SPI–WAIT, NO?! Morgan drops to her knees, deadweight in Van Der Roost’s grip. He frees her head, looking to go for something else.

Biff Franklin: He might not even need that piledriver, Christine.

Christine Donahue: Wait, Biff! Payne!

As Van Der Roost goes to pick Payne up, she drops back down to her knees again and this time she strikes! Closed fist uppercut, right into his midsection! Her signature Liver Shot! This gets more boos but it’s not exactly an illegal maneuver.

Biff Franklin: Was that below the belt?! Is that a DQ?!

Christine Donahue: It looked above the belt but it sure did some damage!

Van Der Roost is almost floored from the punch as his knees buckle and Morgan makes it to her feet and sets him up or her own piledriver; hooking her arms under his and lifting him behind the legs into a package hold. Morgan does this with a strained, exhausted growl to get him up before SPIKING Van Der Roost down on his head with a package piledriver she’s been seen using lately. She tilts him towards her, onto his back and shoulders and leans forward into the cover, clutching onto him in an exhausting act of desperation.







Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, by pinfall. MORGAN PAYNE!

Biff Franklin: Holy CRAP Christine!!!! What a match!!

Christine Donahue: You can say that again, Biff! Two generations clashed here but only one could advance! Payne is moving onto the finals!

“Heart Of A Champion” blasts through the arena as Morgan Payne catches her breath on her knees. Jan Van Der Roost makes it up to his knees next, one hand on his head; the other arm extends out with a hand to Morgan. She hesitates again before extending her arm out. The fans stir, almost booing as it looks as if Morgan’s about to hit the veteran with a ‘psyche’ hand pull but Morgan fights the arrogant urge to do so and clasps Van Der Roost’s hand in a hearty handshake between opponents.

Biff Franklin: Honor among warriors, eh Christine?

Christine Donahue: Even those we think the vilest of can show it, Biff.

Both bloody faced competitors nod to one another before the victor of the match takes her leave up the ramp, having her celebration during her walk to the curtain. Van Der Roost gets a standing ovation from the crowd around the ring while those at the ramp give Morgan a mixed reaction. Notably, one fan takes a chance to offer his solo cup of beer. Morgan hesitates at it then, for old time’s sake, she accepts the cup and downs it, shifting the reaction towards her in just a slightly more positive way. Then, again, like old times, she flips the cup over her shoulder, winks at the camera with a bloody smirk, and disappears behind the curtain.

Madoka Kawada: This match is the second match in the second round of the Triad Challenge. Introducing first…

“Go Down Fighting” by Unleash the Archers begins to play for the second time tonight as KPN steps through onto the stage and begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring.

Madoka Kawada: This is Kelly Penzkee-Nelson!  And her opponent…

“The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis as the fans pop once El Diablo Blanco hits the stage.  He rushes down the aisle and slides into the ring, once again doing his air guitar gimmick.

Madoka Kawada: Here is El Diablo Blanco! The winner of this match will advance to the finals of the Triad Challenge.

Christine Donahue: The official announcements are over for this second round and we will find out who will join Morgan Payne as one of the four finalists in the Triad Challenge.

Biff Franklin: I don’t know what the fox says, but I know that this guy drives me nuts. How anyone can be this jolly and not be Santa Claus is beyond me. Even Santa is only happy once a year.

The bell rings.

Christine Donahue: This match is officially underway and right off the bat Blanco wants to shake hands with his now former tag team partner.

Biff Franklin: If she were smart, she’d accept then kick him in this Taco Bell filled stomach.

Instead, KPN accepts the handshake and then they lock up.  Diablo pushes her back against the ropes. The referee tries to get them off the ropes and Diablo raises his hands and takes a step back.

Christine Donahue: So far so good in this match. 

Biff Franklin: He shoulda popped her in the mouth. 

Nelson steps off the ropes and the two start to lock up again, but this time she grabs his arm and snaps him over and as he rolls over, she drives a boot to the side of his head. 

Biff Franklin: Playing nice gets you nowhere and this tournament is for a shot at the champ, so it’s nice to see people taking this seriously.

She pulls him up and whips him across the ring into the corner and charges in, driving an elbow into the side of his face. He stumbles out of the corner and she drops him with a bulldog and a cover.

Christine Donahue: Not even a one count there as Diablo is still fairly fresh here.

KPN back on her feet as Diablo gets onto his hands and knees. She runs towards the ropes, leaps, and springboards off with a lionsault, crashing him to the ground.  She rolls him over for another cover.



Kickout by Diablo.

Biff Franklin: She’s gonna have to get nasty with this guy, I think and I don’t mean in a good way.

Christine Donahue: Biff…

Biff Franklin: What?

KPN is back on her feet already. She takes a few steps back as Diablo slowly moves to get to his feet. Once upright, she charges in and nails him with a spear. 

Christine Donahue: She’s calling it over right now.  Cover.



Kickout again by Diablo. 

Biff Franklin: Nelson is getting frustrated here. She realizes she has more fighting time ahead of her tonight if she gets past Diablo and she wants to end this now so she has time to recover before the finale.

She pulls him up and whips him into the corner, then charges in for the spear again but Diablo moves out of the way and she runs her shoulder into the ring post. 

Christine Donahue: I’ve been studying videos and KPN has a history of issues with that shoulder and she cracked it right into that ring post.  

Diablo pulls her from the corner and scoops her up and drops her down onto his knee with a shoulder breaker and he covers.



Kicking by KPN.

Biff Franklin: Seems like Diablo has also been studying some tapes.

Christine Donahue: They don’t do tapes anymore.

Diablo backs into a corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle and leaps off and lands right on KPN.  He covers again.



Kickout by KPN.

Diablo gets to his feet and pulls up KPN and drives her shoulder first between the turnbuckles once again into the steel ring post on the other side as she cries out in pain.

Biff Franklin: This is what I’m talking about. Gotta get in there and get it.

Diablo grabs KPN and pulls her free of the turnbuckle and hoists her up on his shoulders and drops down with a tiger bomb.



Th–Kickout by KPN.

He pushes her over and gets to his feet. He waits for her to get up and he runs the ropes and comes back with a knee — but no! KPN hooks him in and cradles him.


Two–Kickout by Diablo. 

He leaps up and does hit her this time with a knee. He grabs her arm and then locks in a disarmer on her bad shoulder and KPN is screaming as she kicks and tries to reach the ropes. 

Biff Franklin: El Diablo going for broke here and by broke I mean he’s trying to break her damn shoulder. 

As she squirms around, the tip of her boot manages to come in contact with the bottom rope and the referee begins to count on Diablo who releases the hold as KPN grabs at her shoulder, obviously in pain.

Christine Donahue: KPN is going to have to consider a couple of things here. If she takes much more damage to that shoulder and she happens to win, how’s that going to affect her going into the finals? The second thing is the remainder of her career. She’s already had issues with that shoulder.

Diablo reaches to pull her up, but she grabs him by his trunks and sends him out of the ring between the ropes. 

Biff Franklin: Diablo landed hard on the outside. They didn’t put any padding on the floor here in the Splatterhouse Gym Arena. 

KPN gets to her feet as she holds her shoulder. 

Christine Donahue: I think KPN might be trying to buy some time to shake some feeling into her arm. 

Christine’s comment seems to be true as Diablo gets on the ring apron, KPN charges over and knocks him back to the floor. 

Biff Franklin: She is trying to buy herself some time here. 

Diablo gets back on his knees and then to his feet. He glares up at KPN in the ring as he moves to the apron and starts to climb up.  Once again, she charges him but he grabs her by the arm and drops to the floor as she falls back into the ring clutching again at that shoulder.

Christine Donahue: These two are going all out. They know what a win here means and if I were KPN, with as hurt as she is right now, I’d be doing everything I can.

Biff Franklin: Diablo needs to really work harder on that shoulder and it seems he just might be. He grabs her by the arm and just gives that arm another yank and KPN is in a lot of trouble right here.

Diablo whips her into the ropes, he tries for a clothesline, but instead, KPN leaps up and drops him back into a crucifix pinfall! The referee drops down and counts.




The bell rings.

Biff Franklin: Now wait a second. That seemed a little fast for a count there.

Christine Donahue: Stop creating drama where there is none. KPN caught him by surprise and got the pinfall.

Madoka Kawada: Winner of the match, advancing to the finals, Kelly Penkzee-Nelson!

Christine Donahue: We have two in the finals so far. Morgan Payne and now Kelly Penkzee-Nelson.  We have two more matches to go before we know the rest of the story. We will be back right after this.

Madoka Kawada: This match is scheduled for one fall and is the third match in the second round of the Triad Challenge. The winner will go on to the finals.  Introducing first…

“In Yo Face” By Insane Clown Posse blasts over the PA! Mr. Rottentreats hits the stage and makes his way down to ringside for the second time tonight.

Madoka Kawada: This is Mr. Rottentreats!  And his opponent…

“Blue Monday” begins to play again as Atara Themis hits the stage and heads towards the ring. 

Madoka Kawada: Please welcome, Atara Themis!

Biff Franklin: This truly has to be a match of the beauty versus the beast.

Christine Donahue: Biff!

Biff Franklin: What? Look, when I heard that a clown would be competing in this tournament, I figured I’d seen it all. Seeing it all would now have to entail him going to the finals and actually winning this thing. 

Christine Donahue: Rottentreats is a veteran in this business, Biff. I am not sure why you’re taking him lightly here.

Biff Franklin: Because Atara Themis is an up and coming wrestler and MMA fighter. 

The referee calls for the bell.

Christine Donahue: This match is underway. They were partners in the first round and now they must compete against each other. 

Biff Franklin: I hoped the referee checked that clown for foreign objects. He might have a balloon animal or a giant mallet hidden away somewhere.

Christine Donahue: Just stop.

As the two lock up, almost immediately Atara Themis grabs his arm and takes him down and applies an armbar.

Biff Franklin: Oh shit. This is what I was talking about. It could be over already!

However, Rottentreats is able to scoot towards the edge of the ring, and the referee calls for the break, and the clown rolls outside. 

Christine Donahue: Whatever momentum Themis was trying to build right there, well it’s broken now. 

Themis telling the clown to get back in the ring and he holds her off. 

Biff Franklin: There’s no countouts in these matches but again, there’s also a 40-minute time limit.

Rottentreats gets up on the ring apron and Atara goes after him but he grabs her by the back of the head and drops down, clotheslining her on the top rope and sending her crashing to the mat.  He slides in under the ring and begins to put the boots to Themis.

Christine Donahue: Rottentreats has finally gotten some momentum in this match. 

He pulls her up and pokes her in the eyes as she staggers back against the ropes.  Rottentreats charges at her and they both tumble over the top rope and to the floor. 

Biff Franklin: Looks like Themis may have cracked her head against the metal guardrail on the outside there. 

Rottentreats gets to his feet and he climbs up onto the ring apron. He climbs into the ring and as Atara gets to her feet, he rebounds off the ropes, dives between the ropes, and crashes right into her on the outside.

Christine Donahue: I feel like everyone completely underestimated Mr. Rottentreats in this tournament, but he has put on a great show here tonight.

He gets up and we see he may have hit his head on the guardrail as he now has a cut over his eye. He rolls her into the ring and slides in and covers for a cover, but only gets a two count. 

Biff Franklin: Hold on! Atara Themis just grabs an arm and locks it in. 

Rottentreats flails about as she clamps down on that arm lock. He reaches towards the ropes, but she pulls him back away from it and flips him over on his back and she locks her legs around and just pulls back hard.

Christine Donahue: This one could be over just like that!

The pain etched across the painted face of the clown as he flops around on the mat until he’s finally able to place a big boot under the ropes and the referee calls for the break.

Biff Franklin: I really thought this one was over.

Themis pulls Rottentreats to his feet and whips him into the ropes. It looks like she may go for a backdrop, but Rottentreats comes off with a giant boot right to her head, dropping her to the mat.

Christine Donahue: She’s already hit her head once. This doesn’t look good. What’s he doing now?

Rottentreats is up quickly. He grabs her from behind and hooks a leg and lifts her up and drops back, driving her head into the ground.

Biff Franklin: Holy crap. Some kind of fisherman style belly to back suplex or brainbuster or something, but she landed on her damn head.

Cover by Rottentreats.




The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: The winner of the match, advancing to the finals! Mr. Rottentreats!

Christine Donahue: He’s going to have to get that cut over his eye checked out but he has some time as we have one more second-round match and our championship match to go. We will be right back!

Madoka Kawada: This match is one fall. It is the final match of the second round of the Triad Challenge. The winner will join Morgan Payne, KPN, and Mr. Rottentreats in the final match. Introducing first…

“Green Light Go” plays again across the arena. 

Madoka Kawada: This is the “War Queen” Leah!

Leah makes her way down the ramp and slides into the ring. She climbs up onto the turnbuckle and flashes the War Queen W. 

Madoka Kawada: And her opponent…

“Chip” by the Real McKenzies begins to play as Bruce McLeod walks onto the stage and heads to the ring.

Madoka Kawada: Please welcome, Bruce McLeod!

He climbs the ring steps and ducks into the ring and throws a few shadow punches before retiring to his corner.

Christine Donahue: This is it. The ending of this match will determine the finals of the Triad Challenge. Leah has been a rising star in this business and a busy one at that over the past year and Bruce is looking to make a statement after years in this business.

Biff Franklin: Unfortunately, there’s only room for one so which one will it be?

The bell rings and immediately these two competitors rush to the center of the ring and begin to throw hands at each other. After an exchange, Leah pushes him away from her and drives a boot right into his midsection, then she grabs him by the head and drives a knee right into his forehead.

Biff Franklin: Well, shit. This got off to a violent start. That knee has already opened up a cut over the eye of McLeod. 

Leah runs off the ropes and is nailed hard by a spinning back fist that causes her to stumble backward and fall through the ropes and to the floor. McLeod checks his forehead before stalking out of the ring and to the floor.  

Christine Donahue: These two are not letting up at all here. 

Bruce grabs a hold of Leah as she’s getting to her feet and he propels her forward towards the ringpost but Leah reverses it and Bruce crashes right into it.

Biff Franklin: If he wasn’t already busted open, he sure would be now.

The camera catches Bruce as he crawls up the ring apron and his face is a bloody mess.  The referee is encouraging them to get back into the ring but is otherwise helpless as Leah moves around the ring to where Bruce is.  She grabs him by the head and slams it down into the edge of the ring. 

She pulls him up and whips him across the floor and into the guardrail. She charges in after him but as she gets close, he lifts her up and over the rail and crashing into the first two rows of chairs, causing them to scatter and she lands on the concrete with a thud.

Christine Donahue: These two are going on all here, but I can’t help but question this strategy. You might need to save some of that for the finals.

Biff Franklin: You gotta make it to the finals. 

Bruce gingerly steps over the rail and picks up a steel chair. He lifts it high and as he brings it crashing down, Leah scrambles out of the way and he connects with another chair, immediately dropping it and grabbing at his hands.  Leah crawls over the rail and back into the ringside area.  She reaches across and grabs Bruce and pulls him over as well. 

Christine Donahue: The referee is trying to get these two back in the ring, but they have other plans. At some point, they’ll have to return, but until then the referee can do absolutely nothing about this unless one of them has been rendered unable to continue. 

Leah staggers over and pulls up the apron curtain to look under the ring and as she does, Bruce gets to his feet and charges at her and just crashes right into her causing her head to smash into the steel ring steps.

Biff Franklin: Looks like the War Queen is busted open now as well. The Splat medics are going to be working overtime tonight.

Bruce goes to pull up Leah, but she clocks him in the gut, getting some distance. She goes in behind, lifts him up and drops him crotch first on the rail as the fans in the building ‘ooooo’.   Bruce falls from the rail onto the floor and Leah pulls him up and rolls him into the ring.

Christine Donahue: At least we’re getting things back inside the ring. Wait a second…

Leah is up on the apron and it looks like she’s measuring him up for something. 

Biff Franklin: She’s about to drop the bomb… 

But as she flips into the ring, Bruce comes up and just clocks her hard the Blackout and falls on top of her.




The bell rings.

As Bruce just lays there on top of Leah the fans are cheering for that ending.

Madoka Kawada: Winner of the match and the final competitor in the finals of the Triad Challenge, Bruce McLeod!

Christine Donahue: What a match that was! 

Bruce is checking on Leah now as she sits up. They shake hands and the referee helps Leah from the ring as Bruce rolls outside.

Christine Donahue: We have our finals set now. But before we have that match, we have a Multiuniversal Championship match left to go. But let me give a quick plug for tomorrow night’s double header over at Splat!  First, it’s Galanos vs. Amauri in the main event of Global Fight Night 9 which starts at 9pm.

Christine Donahue: And after that, stick around as the “Fateful Five” returns to Overpowered Wrestling. All this on Splat tomorrow night.


Through a cracked door we can see Vaughn Ronie Jr. frantically pacing back and forth; an age oversized shoebox tucked under his left arm and a satchel hanging under his right. A SPLAT! Trainer cleans the wound over Mr. Rottentreats right eye. Treats sighs and calmly lowers his right hand down; starting at his shoulder.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Chill, bro. Take it down a few notches…”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “…chill, yeah. I’ll do that. Your brow is a literal neden!”

The Triad Challenge finalist chortles, wincing; as the trainer begins stitching his cut.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Atty really caught you with that knee. That’s o.k. though, I always come prepared.”

VRJ reaches into his tan satchel to retrieve a bottle of Mehron Liquid Latex; lifting it up and shaking it.

Trainer: “Yeah, Mr. Ronie, I’m going to have to advise against covering stitches with any sort of cosmetics.”

VRJ freezes in place; holding the bottle of liquid latex up. Treats glances at his manager and younger brother with his peripheral; mouthing “he ain’t gonna listen, doc” to the trainer.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Yeah, well, your stitches are trash.”

The trainer continues stitching up Mr. Rottentreats right eyebrow; resisting the urge to fire back about VRJ’s old tyme fashion choices.

Mr. Rottentreats: “So, what’s in the box, brizz? Is that what I think it is? Did you actually manage to sneak Papaw Dean’s boots out of grandma’s house?”

Treats lights up at the thought of wearing the legendary Mid-Atlantic grappler’s boots in the final round of the Triad Challenge.

The trainer trims the stitch above Treats’ brow; before turning to VRJ and nodding in the direction of the door. Both Treats and VRJ turn to the cracked door noticing Shelly Marks peeking in. VRJ lets out an annoyed sigh before exiting the locker room; closing the door behind him.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Can I help you, Shelly Marks?”

Shelly Marks: “Mr. Rottentreats was busted open by a very precise knee from Atara Themis in their sec…”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “…it’s called Judgement of Paris, Shelly Marks. And Treats will address it later. He’s being tended to by the top-notch SPLAT! Medical staff! Run along now…”

VRJ finishes sarcastically. Re-entering the locker room of Mr. Rottentreats; VRJ turns his attention to the trainer.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Now, that Shelly Marks is taken care of. I’m going to have to ask you to leave as well.”

VRJ shoos the trainer out the door; shaking up the liquid latex.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “No one is going to tell me I can’t paint my favorite clown’s face!”

Sheepishly Treats questions VRJ.

Mr. Rottentreats: “But, Vaughn. Isn’t that cheating?”

The scene slowly fades, the brothers Ronie laughing; VRJ beginning to apply the first layer of liquid latex over the stitches.


We go backstage to the Triad Challenge backdrop where we join Shelly Marks Marks and #1 Contender to the Splat Multiuniversal Championship, Angel Kusanagi. Kusanagi stands garbed fully in her ring gear and her sleeveless entrance robe; her hood drawn up over her head as she focuses on the ground, currently obscuring her face.

Shelly Marks: Ladies and gentlemen, we are moments away from our Multiuniversal Championship match and I am standing here with the challenger. We met her as Kuro Ryu during the Tournament of Mystery but the wrestling world knows her as none other than Angel Kusanagi. Hello, miss.

Shelley offers up the mic for a greeting. Angel just cracks her neck to one side and rolls her shoulders. Shelly Marks gives the camera a look. Great. A silent killer type.

Shelly Marks: Moving on then! Angel, we’ve become a little familiar with your career up to this point. You’re no stranger to championships. You’ve held the Sanatorium’s Demolition Title. You’ve gone down in New Frontier’s books as the last ever Women’s Television Championship with the most successful defenses at eleven. You had your eyes set on becoming the first-ever Multiuniversal Champion but as we saw, you were defeated in the finals by Sierra Silver. Do you feel as though this is some sort of redemption for you? To avenge your loss and to claim what you came so close to winning in the tournament?

Shelly Marks offers over the mic under Angel’s hood. Angel’s shoulders rise and fall as she takes a deep breath and lets it out as a growl.

Angel Kusanagi: Tabun watashi wa sō shimasu. Tabun watashi wa shimasen. Osoraku, watashitachi no dochira mo aite ga daredearu ka o shiranakatta toki ni, shierashirubā wa watashi o taosu koto ni kōun o kanjita to omoimasu. Kanojo no yōna gomi ga watashi ni shōri o shuchō suru koto o kyohi shi, karera ga tada saru koto ga dekiru to omoimasu. Watashi ni taisuru shōri, Shiera wa, anata no senaka ni tāgetto o kaku koto to onajidesu. Watashi wa tōnamento kesshō no yoru kara zutto shotto o narabete kimashita. Kon’ya, watashi wa anata no hikigane o hiite imasu. Kon’ya wa anata no shikei shikkō to nari, Multiuniversal chanpionshippu wa shin ni zokusuru basho to narimasu. Yoriyoi senshi no koshi no mawari!

Angel makes the motion of a title around her waist with her hands. Shelley looks at the camera, a little lost at the Japanese as she looks back to Angel.

Shelly Marks: Umm…I really am sorry, Angel but…we didn’t quite get that. Could you…?

Angel reaches out and takes the microphone from Shelly Marks, bringing it up to her mouth as she lifts her eyes to the camera from under the hood.

Angel Kusanagi: Nē, Shiera! Tonight…I take belt…but first…

She steps up to the camera and jerks a finger across her throat.

Angel Kusanagi: I KIRRU YOU!!!!

She hands the microphone back to Shelly Marks Silver and storms off-camera, headed for the Gorilla Position.


The scene opens up on a closeup on a silver luchador mask with a green lion emblazoned on the front of it. The shot zooms out to reveal Sierra Silver as the one holding the mask in her hand. 

Sierra: This mask was my key to success. This mask provided me a second chance I desperately needed. This mask… is Escanor, the lion sin of pride.

But for you, Angel Kusanagi, this mask represents failure. This was the last thing you saw before I pinned you to WIN the Tournament of Mystery as well as this right here.

Silver tosses the mask onto the ground and slings the Multiuniversal title belt over her shoulder, tapping the faceplate as she stares into the camera.

Sierra: You ran through that tournament with ease while I had to scratch and claw my way to the top. I was no match for you yet I still came out with the dub. And it’s been eating you alive ever since…

You just can’t let it go, just can’t accept the fact that I came out victorious. You attacked me in NFW, you put me through a windshield at Overpowered Wrestling. You just can’t handle the fact that I ruined your foregone victory. It just eats you alive, knowing that everything I’ve had since winning should have been yours. I got the fame, I got the fans, I get to tour around from promotion to promotion, representing Splat all over the map as well as raising my own stock as a defending champion. And what are you doing in the meantime? You’re doing to other peeps the same thing you do to me, jumping ‘em from behind like a coward. But finally, we’ll be getting a fair one V one.

So here we are,  back to where it all began. Splat presents: The Triad Challenge. Where Sierra Silver will put her title on the line against Angel Kusanagi in a rematch we’ve all been waiting for. 

But don’t worry, Angel. I won’t be wearing the mask this time. I want you to look into my eyes and know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s me, lil’ ol’ Sierra who beat you, who pinned you for the second time in a row. 

No jumping me from behind, no driving me into a windshield. Just you and me, in the middle of the ring. I’m not the same girl you faced in the tournament. I won’t barely squeak out a win this time. It’ll be decisive. I’m going to pin you in the center of the ring and show everyone once and for all that me winning was not a fluke. I have what it takes to be champion, and I deserve to be the first and only Splat Multiuniversal champion.

I’m walking into the Triad Challenge with MY Multiuniversal championship around my waist and I will be leaving with it over my shoulder. Ya girl is not ready to give this baby up. Not to you, Angel, not to Daniel Dream, not even to my best friend Tommy! This bad boy is going to stay in my possession until September 17th, where I become the Champion of Dreams and unify the two championships.

See you May 21st, Angel. Hope you’re training your heart out, cause lord knows I am. ‘Til then, stay silver, Sinners.

Sierra winks and covers the camera with her hand as the video ends.

Madoka Kawada: The following contest is for the Splat Multiuniversal Championship. It is held under Splat rules which state that there is a 40-minute time limit. There are no countouts. The title can change hands on an intentional disqualification. Introducing first, the challenger…

With two quick taps of a cymbal, the lights flash before Xandu’s cover of Megurine Luka’s “Angel Bullet” rips through the speakers of the arena. The rest of the lights go out, leaving the audience shrouded in darkness as an eerie purple light illuminates the ring itself. The stage and ramp are lit up with plain white lights, violently flashing in sync with the music. As Xandu’s first guttural shriek pierces the ears of the audience, the lights take on a more intense flashing, adding a purple hue among the whites. The crowd waits in anticipation as smoke fills the entryway as the roar of the lyrics flows from the speakers, assaulting the ears of those present. The camera focuses intently on the entryway as the inner lights come on and, combined with the smoke, give off an almost ethereal, heavenly appearance. The video wall is alight with the visage of bloody barb wire and the name “草由紀子”. The screen flickers violently as the first verse of the song continues on through the arena.

At the pre-chorus, the wall of light within the entryway is disturbed by the visage of a black silhouette. Then, as the main chorus hits, the silhouette emerges from the entryway, coming into view to reveal Angel Kusanagi. Sleeveless robe over her gear, with her hood drawn up over her hood. We see her expression though is, as always, cold and utterly hateful towards everyone present. Her mouth twists into an angry, disgusted scowl as she lowers her head but keeps her eyes aimed at the ring. Her battleground. Angel holds her position on the stage throughout the chorus and when the second verse begins, she shifts forward and begins her walk down the ramp. She completely ignores the fans in the front row, throwing jeers and boos at her. That which she sees as nothing more than scum beneath her. Angel moves methodically but with a sense of purpose as she approaches the ring. As she reaches the ring, she circles around to the opposite side of where she approached and stands on the apron, turning her head to sneer towards the fans again. Despite the sour attitude she gives off, she wipes her feet on the apron before entering the ring through the top and middle ropes at the return of the chorus.

Madoka Kawada: Weighing in at 125 pounds, from Osaka, Japan! ANGEL…KUSAAAAAANAGIIIII!!

As her name is announced, she comes to stand in the center of the ring, continuing to just glare hatefully at any and everyone. One hand comes up to unclasp the buckle on her coat before he peels the hood back and slides the garment off of her body, dropping it to the floor for the ringside attendant to take while she goes to her corner and uses the ropes to get some stretching in. Finally, she turns towards the ramp [or her opponent] with that ever hateful expression and calmly waits for the champion.

Madoka Kawada: And introducing her opponent…

Long live the reckless and the brave
Don’t think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung
So long live us

As All Time Low begins playing over the arena speakers, green and white lights begin strobing around the arena.

Sierra bounces out onto the stage to a loud ovation. Silver poses at the top of the stage, one hand pointed out into the crowd. She then waves her arms up and down in a motion to pump up the crowd

Sierra begins a fast-paced stride towards the ring, interacting with the fans at ringside as she passes by. She hops up onto the ring, wipes her feet onto the apron to show respect, then jumps over the top rope to enter the ring.

Breaking out of a town called Suburbia
I remember everybody always saying
“Little brat, must be crazy, never make it
In our vicious little world”
Still, I’m leaving

Madoka Kawada: Making her way to the ring, from Des Moines, Iowa. She is the Champion of the Splat Multiverse! ‘Sister Sin’, Sierra Silver!

Silver jumps up on each turnbuckle and poses for the crowd, one finger pointed into the air. She jumps down and makes her way to her corner. She removes the belt from around her waist and hands it over to the referee who takes it and shows it to Angel Kash who insists that it will be hers before the night is over.

The referee walks to the center of the ring and raises the championship high in the air as the two competitors wait for the bell.

Christine Donahue: I hope my voice holds out. This has been an amazing night of action so far and now we have this grudge match that has been months in the making. 

Biff Franklin: Angel Kusanagi has not been happy ever since losing in the finals to Sierra Silver and she has stalked her week in and week out, attacking her on the NFW PPV then again after the Overpowered match. 

The referee walks over to retrieve the championship and walks over and presents it to Angel to symbolize the prize for the winner of this match.  He then walks over to the center of the ring and holds it high in the air.  He walks it over to hand it to Madoka and then he asks if each competitor is ready and then calls for the bell.

Christine Donahue: This title match is underway. Winner of this match will go onto Action Wrestling to take on Carnivore who was also one of the Tournament of Mystery competitors who made it to the semi-finals.  Silver and Kusanagi are face to face now. 

Biff Franklin: You’d think to come into a match of this importance that Angel Kusanagi would have taken a few weeks off to be 100% but she looks like she’s gone through a war recently.

Kusanagi moves with a faint amount of gingerness in her step as it’s clear she’s not exactly 100%. With her entrance gear removed, multiple bandages and patches are seen in place to cover wounds from her matches in Japan less than two weeks ago. Silver smiles and sticks her hand out for a handshake but Kusanagi bows right up in her face and starts jaw jacking at her in Japanese. Silver may not understand her but she quickly changes her tune and starts throwing words right back at her, asking her if she wants some of this and to take her shot. Kusanagi gets so close up in Silver’s face, her lips are practically gnashing against her cheek as she continues to curse her out. Finally, Silver shoves Kusanagi back. Kusanagi steps right back in and pie faces the Multiuniversal Champion in response! Sierra shoves her back harder. Kusanagi responds by SPITTING in Silver’s face and the champion SLAPS the challenger! Kusanagi answers back with her own, demeaning slap to the face and in plain old English, can be heard calling Silver a “fucking bitch.” 

Biff Franklin: These two aren’t gonna hold back. 

The crowd starts to get stirred up with excitement for the evident bad blood between the two as they finally go at each other and each grabs a handful of hair. Kusanagi’s other hand grabs at Silver’s throat while Silver presses her palm up against Kusanagi’s jaw. They start jarring for position but Kusanagi being the bigger of the two, even if only by a little, powers Silver back against the ropes and into the corner. The ref makes it to a 4 count before Kusanagi and Silver let go of each other.

Christine Donahue: Wouldn’t surprise me to see Kusanagi do something shady right here considering her past actions against the champion. 

Kusanagi takes one step back, letting up on her opponent before she suddenly explodes into a cheap shot, kicking Sierra in the midsection and garnering a boo from the crowd. Kusanagi starts feeding her rapid forearms to the jaw. She leans her back against the turnbuckle and hits a big, knife-edged chop across the chest. Kusanagi grabs Silver by the wrist and attempts an Irish Whip but Silver reverses it, sending Kusanagi into the corner. Silver comes running in towards Kusanagi but the challenger hops onto the middle turnbuckle and dives forward, over Silver as she comes in, going over her and dropping down into a roll. Kusanagi comes up on one knee as Silver stops herself from running into the corner. Both women pause and stand, turning to face each other as the crowd gives it up for their athleticism.

Biff Franklin: Nothing to take away from both of these competitors as they are giving it their all so far in this match. There’s a lot of bad blood here and I’ll give it to Silver for keeping her cool here in the opening of this match. 

The two meet in the center of the ring again and circle up once more. They step in for a lock-up with a struggle for dominance and Kusanagi gets Silver into a headlock. The two struggle some more and Silver finally manages to push Kusanagi off of her, into the ropes. Silver drops down to the mat and Kusanagi jumps over her, running across the ring. Silver hops up again and is ready as Kusanagi comes back her way. She hits the leapfrog and lands lightly on her feet as Kusanagi runs back in again. This time Silver scoops her up and drops her with a Pendulum Backbreaker! Right on a set of those bandages, causing Kusanagi to cry out and lay on the mat. Silver wastes no time and tries for an early cover.

Biff Franklin: Angel isn’t ready to go down yet. Way too early.



Silver wastes no time getting upset by the kick out and instead, goes right back to the offense. She gets to her feet and runs off the ropes, coming in for a brutal Meteora that flattens Kusanagi back to the mat. Silver catches the legs for another pin attempt but Kusanagi is quicker to throw her weight up and shove the 102 pounder off of her with little effort. Kusanagi is gingerly getting up, though, and Silver is back to her feet, pulling her up into position for a Suplex. She hits it, Vertical Suplex right in the center of the ring! She transitions it right into a sitting headlock sleeper hold, wrenching it in tight, intent on putting her opponent to sleep if she can but Kusanagi continues to fight against it, adamantly refusing to give up as the referee checks on her. She starts to fight her way to her feet, eventually doing so, and drives an elbow into Silver’s ribs, trying to get her to loosen up her hold. As she does, Kusanagi then shoves Silver into the ropes and goes for a Spinning Heel Kick. Silver ducks underneath and comes off the ropes with a beautiful Springboard Hurricanrana! Kusanagi hits the mat and rolls out to the floor! She leans against the guard rail.

Madoka Kawada: Five minutes have passed. There are thirty-five minutes remaining.

Christine Donahue: Splat has a 40-minute time limit on all matches including championship matches. 

Kusanagi’s had just enough time to breathe when Silver decides to come running off of the ropes on the other side. The challenger has to think fast so she runs up onto the apron, with help from pulling on the middle rope and as Silver goes for a Suicide Dive or what probably would have ended up as a Suicide Spear, Kusanagi brings her knee up, BRUTALLY into her face, stopping her and getting her hung up on the middle rope. Kusanagi catches another breath for a moment before stepping back on the apron and at the protest of the commentary team, she runs in on Silver and delivers a brutal SHOTO HIKARI!!! Silver falls to the mat and rolls out onto the apron, holding her face. Kusanagi sneers at her with a look of murder in her eyes as she grabs a handful of her hair and starts pulling her up to her feet. Silver doesn’t just take it, however, and she starts fighting to get free, throwing a back elbow into Kusanagi’s face. When Kusanagi lets go, Silver turns, unsteady on her feet from the Yakuza kick to the head but still manages to feed Kusanagi some forearms while Kusanagi dishes them right back. After having taken enough forearms to the jaw, Kusanagi gets fed up, bats Silver’s hand to the side grabs her by the face, and just headbutts her as stiff as she can! Silver sways, leaning back against the ropes to keep from falling. Kusanagi turns Silver so she’s got her back to her and – to the shock of the commentary team and audience – delivers a big Backdrop Driver right onto the apron!

Christine Donahue: Kusanagi is as vicious as I’ve seen her.

Biff Franklin: She did threaten to murder the champ tonight. I feel she’s determined to carry out that promise.

It’s Kusanagi now who picks Silver up by her hair and drags her on her knees, making her crawl a moment before she can make it to her feet to keep pace with the challenger. Kusanagi taunts her in Japanese as she brings her over to one set of ring steps to pull her head back and slam her face against the top with a loud BANG! Silver’s face bounces off the metal and she slumps down to the floor, sitting back against the steps, grimacing in pain. Kusanagi walks down the length of the ring outside, taunting the fans with more of her native tongue. They don’t understand that but they understand her middle finger. She turns then, running back towards Silver at high speed and delivers a BRUTAL Cannonball Senton – corner style – right to the champion as she rests in the corner of the steps and the ringpost! The voices of the small crowd fill the arena as they hear the impact again. Even Kusanagi has to take a moment to recuperate and it can be seen briefly that her back bandages are starting to bleed through as she gets to her feet. Next, Kusanagi walks over to a break in the security barricade and steps into the crowd section, grabbing an empty steel chair and folding it closed angrily with a SNAP! Fans start to protest as she walks back over to Silver and drives the rim of the backrest down into the side of Silver’s ribs. The ref leans out through the ropes, warning Kusanagi not to get too crazy with the use of foreign objects. This arguing gives Silver enough time to start pulling herself up on the steps and Kusanagi takes a big swing with the chair, SMACKING Silver across the back and sending her to the floor again. She tosses the chair into the ring, quickly followed by her picking Silver up and shoving her back inside. Kusanagi enters the ring with a hop off of the middle rope, a twist, and hits an Arabian Press into the ring right down on top of Silver for her first cover attempt of the match!




Biff Franklin: Angel seems to think she’s getting close to winning this match.

Christine Donahue: There’s plenty of fight left in Sierra tonight.

Madoka Kawada: Ten minutes have passed. Thirty minutes remain.

Kusanagi pulls Silver up to her feet again with the ref warning about the hair. Kusanagi more or less ignores him as she hits a Snapmare, snapping the champion over her shoulder into a sitting position. Kusanagi follows up with a run off the ropes, a fierce battle cry, and a basement dropkick, flattening Silver into the mat again! Kusanagi’s up again and comes off the ropes one more time, running back Silver’s way and hits an impressive Shooting Star Press right down on top of her. She hooks the leg!




Getting frustrated, Kusanagi picks Silver up and wastes no time in hooking an arm around her head and lifting her up so her legs wrap around her waist. Going for a CRADLE DDT and she NAILS  it! Rather than ponder going for another cover, Kusanagi goes for the chair she tossed into the ring but the referee gets in her way, putting his foot down about using weapons inside the ring. Kusanagi argues with him and pushes him aside as Silver starts getting up onto her knees. Kusanagi cocks back with the chair…and the referee GRABS it out of her hands, tossing it out of the ring. Bewildered, Kusanagi turns and gets up in the referee’s face, starting another argument. This leaves her open as Silver crawls up and hooks an arm underneath, going for a schoolboy rollup!

Biff Franklin: Silver trying to steal this!




Kusanagi manages to kick out and rolls back up onto her knees. Furious now, she rushes to her feet and steps in to start putting the boots to Silver before she can get to her feet. Kusanagi stomps and kicks Silver absolutely viciously in the center of the ring. When the ref comes over to reasonably ask her to let up, Kusanagi ceases the stomping and runs off the ropes, hitting a high Legdrop! She makes it up to her feet again, hits the ropes on the other side, and comes back with a Somersault Senton! She drags Silver over to the nearest corner and sets her up in a sitting position. Kusanagi crosses the ring and comes running back in, going for Silver Bullet and–NO!! Silver makes the escape out of the ring and Kusanagi is sent sliding out of the ring as well but she slams her forearm into the ringpost, slowing her momentum! Both women are outside the ring again and Silver has to think fast. She rushes up to Kusanagi and grabs her opposite arm that didn’t hit the ringpost. She twists under it, lifts her foot up to Kusanagi’s jaw, and makes her opponent EAT DEFEAT right out on the ringside floor! Silver lays out on the padded floor as Kusanagi bounces back off of the commentary table and lays out, sprawled not far off.

Christine Donahue: They are right in front of us. 

Madoka Kawada: Fifteen minutes have passed. Twenty-five minutes remain.

Biff Franklin: And plenty of time left, according to Madoka Kawada.

The camera captures close-ups of both women as they lay out on the floor, catching their breath. Sweat beads down their faces. Silver makes it to her feet seconds before Kusanagi does and grabs her by the arm she hit on the ringpost, whipping her back inside of the ring. Kusanagi rolls in and lays out on her back with some of her bandages coming loose. Silver makes it up onto the apron and hits a Springboard Crossbody right down onto the challenger!




Silver pulls Kusanagi up to her feet and hits an Irish Whip off of the ropes. As Kusanagi comes back her way, Silver steps in and hits a drop toe hold, sending her down onto the middle rope in a setup that gets the crowd popping! Silver calls for it. She hits the ropes and comes back for the 619–NO! Kusanagi finds another burst of wind and catches Silver by the legs and waist as she comes swinging in! Kusanagi pulls Silver back into the ring, having her up on her shoulder but it’s clear she’s trying to set up for the Boseki Driver. Silver kicks her legs, however, and manages to slip down behind her opponent! She spins Kusanagi around and goes for the Codebreaker–NO! Kusanagi manages to shover her down onto the mat, hard on her back before stumbling back. Silver holds a hand to her back and quickly works at getting to her feet! She turns back towards Kusanagi and right into a STEEL FEATHER!!! Silver falls face down onto the mat and Kusanagi collapses onto her ass, wincing from the pain in her body. A brief moment later is all it takes for her to crawl over and roll Silver onto her back, she hooks the leg. Cover!




Biff Franklin: That referee was a little slow on that count. We should have a new champ right now.

Christine Donahue: Why are you always starting something? That was a very fair count.

Biff Franklin: Says you.

Madoka Kawada: Twenty minutes have passed. Twenty minutes remain.

Biff Franklin: We’ve reached the halfway mark of the time limit, but there’s still plenty of time.

Kusanagi pulls Silver up to her feet again and sets her up for…perhaps a suplex? No! She’s going for a brainbuster, made evident by the way she holds Silver up for an extended period. However, this allows Silver to wriggle her legs and swing back down, countering into a DDT!!! Kusanagi’s head is spiked on the mat and it leaves her sitting up in a daze. Silver runs off the ropes again and comes in for a running, overhead neckbreaker! Kusanagi snaps back to the mat, holding her neck with a grimace. Silver picks Kusanagi up to her feet again and goes for the Codebreaker again but this time Kusanagi stops her from even jumping by kicking her in the midsection! Kusanagi goes for the Steel Feather again but Silver just manages to catch her by the foot and hits a Dragon Screw Legwhip, sending Kusanagi forward and onto the middle rope. Silver makes a quick decision and is already running off the ropes. She runs back in with a 619!!!! Kusanagi falls back to the mat. Silver calls for the end with her finger pointing to the air, getting the crowd behind her before hurrying and climbing to the top turnbuckle!

Christine Donahue: This may be it!

Silver comes soaring off the top turnbuckle! SILVER RUN RISING!!! 





The bell rings. 

Madoka Kawada: The winner of the match and STILL your Splat Multiuniversal Champion… Sierraaaaaaa… Silverrrrrrrrrr!!!

The referee helps up Sierra and hands her the belt, raising her hand and then goes to check on Angel, helping her out of the ring as the fans cheer on the champion.

Biff Franklin: Let me say this. Sierra Silver’s title defenses have been one lucky strike after another. But next month, she gonna have a tough go at it with Carnivore over at Action Wrestling. 

Christine Donahue: Sierra Silver has put down every challenge so far. Angel Kash, Keegan Ryan, and tonight Angel Kusanagi for the second time. I’m not betting against her.  We’re going to hear from our four finalists and then it’s time to close out the Triad Challenge.


The scene shifts backstage where we see Elaine Brant just now coming to stand by the locker room door with “MORGAN PAYNE” written across the plate.

Elaine Bryant: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here now at the locker room of Morgan Payne. As we just saw she has defeated Jan Van Der Roost. She will go onto the tournament finals, a Fatal Fourway to decide the winner. We’re gonna see if we can get a brief word with her before–“

The locker room door opens unexpectedly. Elaine Brant freezes for a moment as she finds herself “greeted” by Sativa Nevaeh of The Kingdom.

Elaine Bryant: “Oh! Sativa Nevaeh. Hello.”

Sativa just stands there, just staring at Elaine with daggers in her eyes.

Elaine Bryant: “Is umm…Morgan…?”

Sativa Nevaeh: “Babe! Interview!”

Sativa looks over her shoulder for something, then back at Elaine. She thumbs her inside and moves so she can come in. The camera follows Elaine into the locker room and just captures Morgan standing at her locker; her bare back exposed as she splashes water over her hair and neck. She grabs a dry, black sports bra and pulls it on before snatching a t-shirt out of her locker.

Elaine Bryant: “Morgan? May we have a word?”

Morgan turns around to face the camera and the interviewer. Above the scoop neckline of her sports bra, one can see the bruises across her chest from Jan Van Der Roost’s chops. Her nostrils are still bloody from one of JVD’s headbutts that caused an initial gusher during their match. It’s under control, for now. She’s also starting to sport a shiner under her right eye. Morgan grabs one more thing out of her locker, stone-faced and headstrong still.

Morgan Payne: “Whatchu want?”

She brings the object, a pack of Newports, up to her lips and pulls one out with her lips, swaps the pack out with a zippo, and sparks up the end before sitting down on the bench. Sativa Nevaeh comes to sit beside her but she’s not all who’s there with their group member. The entirety of the Kingdom, always supporting each other, is there. Morgan lays the t-shirt over one knee and smokes her cigarette. Yes, damn the rules of the building. On the other side of Morgan, Lluvia Cane sits down beside her, placing a kiss on her cheek. Behind Morgan, Lilith Meadows comes in with an ice pack and proceeds to use it in massaging across her back, neck, and shoulders. Newest member, Moe Renhuan comes in on a knee in front of Morgan with fresh hand tape and starts wrapping one of Morgan’s hands in white fighter’s tape; wrapping it over bruised and scraped knuckles.

Elaine Bryant: “We’ll make this quick. I can see you’re getting ready.”

Neither member has done anything per se but they still give an intimidating presence that has Elaine a little shook. To top it off, here’s Jasmine Matthews coming in with the rest of the girls. The Queen of the Kingdom just folds her arms over her chest and stares coldly at the interview crew.

Elaine Bryant: “First off, congratulations on your second-round victory. I can’t imagine it was an easy feat defeating Jan Van Der Roost.”

Morgan Payne: “Nah but yanno what? Fuckin’ did it, din’t I? I told yinz we was gonna make it past fuckin’ Cochrane and Balmer. Check. I told yinz dat *I* was gonna be da one in our rahnd t’win and make it ta da finals. Guess what? Double check. I snuffed da muhfuckin’ Rooster. A twenty-five year veteran in dis sport who ain’t no punk to roll eyes at. Some people still do and dat’s when they get dat ass whupped. Not me. Mm-mmh. Nuh-uh. Right Faerie? Nuh-uh!”

LILITH: “Nuh-uh!”

Lilith Meadows giggles happily behind Morgan as she rubs the ice pack over her shoulders. Morgan takes a long, tasty hit off of her Newport.

Morgan Payne: “Now where we at? Finals match comin’ up, n’at? You best believe I’m ready.”

Elaine Bryant: “Indeed. If you can make it out of one more match with a win, you’ve won this tournament.”

Morgan Payne: “IF I can make it out she says.”

Morgan “pffts”. The Kingdom chuckle.

Morgan Payne: “Lemme break dis dahn fer ya, chick. I ain’t just studied Cochrane and Balmer. I ain’t just studied them and Rooster. I looked over da entire fuckin’ list of muhfuckers who signed up for dis. Coulda ended up facing any one o’dem but here we are. So lessee who we got. Let’s get da shit ahtta da way first. Mista Rottentreats. Yo, on da real, how many o’yinz decide to wrestle and yinz wanna be fuckin’ clahns? We got fuckin’ King J in Hybrid. Headass muhfucker. We got Train Wreck Trent over in New Frontier. Mista Jinx over in da Sanatorium. Yinz are poppin’ up everywhere. It’s like Joaquin Phoenix put ahn an Oscar worthy performance and alla sudden you muhfuckers are getting more bookings.Yeah, ahnno ya got some titles from places. So what? I got a couple too. Ya also won Employee of the Month somewhere. Yo, they do dat shit in dis business?”

The rest of the Kingdom shrug. Hell if they know. Morgan sighs and shakes her head. Moe Renhuan finishes taping up Morgan’s fist. Morgan boops her on the nose, eliciting a smile from the youngest of the group before Moe starts wrapping the battered woman’s other hand. Morgan shakes her head.

Morgan Payne: “I ain’t worried abaht someone who paints up like Bozo. He likes to pull handkerchiefs out. I like to pull tendons loose. Who next? Bruce? Bruce McLeod of da Clan McLeod! Did I get dat one right? There can be only one? Too bad it ain’t gon’ be you, old man. You got da experience but I just proved I can beat someone with more experience than me. I’mma do it again witchu. You like to take it to da grahnd? Yo, dat’s my shit. I like scrappin’. I’mma plug da best scrappers in da game. Connie Mac and Jason Van Owen. There’s too many ta list ahff. Na Fianna, my dude. We’re made for dis shit. Gettin’ in there an’ fuckin’ someone up. Pullin’ muhfuckers apart like goddamn jigsaw puzzles and makin’ docs try to put ’em back together again. I’mma break you up like Humpty Dumpty and sahnd da fuckin’ trumpets for all da King’s horses and all da King’s men. They gonna come arahnd, look atchu and be like ‘damn, how da fuck we gonna fix dis? We can’t! Da Highlander got no legs cuz Morgan Payne took ’em!”

Morgan sticks her Newport back in her mouth and throws the deuces. She turns this into a middle finger and winks before taking the cigarette out of her mouth.

Morgan Payne: “Who’s next? Kelly? Kelly! Let’s talk abaht Kelly. Kelly Parcheesie-Nelson.”

Elaine Bryant: “Penkzee.”

Morgan Payne: “Huh?”

Elaine Bryant: “It’s Penkzee. Kelly Penkzee-Nelson.”

Morgan Payne: “Pfft. A’ight, sure whatever. Look, I ain’t gonna pull da whole “who da fuck is you” bit wif any o’these people but…tee bee aich, I had ta google all tree o’these muhfuckers ta get an idea. Maybe they had ta do da same for me. I dunno. I dun give a fuck. Kelly, you got some straps on your resume. So do I. You wanna add da Multiuniversal Title to yours. Alla us in dis match do. Spoiler alert, case you din’t know: I made it here ta da finals. So for you, dat ain’t gonna happen. Do I got somethin’ to prove? Yeah, I ain’t gon’ deny dat. There’s still too many muhfuckers here who think of me as a joke. Butchu know what? I don’t see any o’those muhfuckers in dis tournament fightin’ one, two, tree goddamn matches in one night. Whuppin veterans asses n’at. Kelly, you’re kinda a vet. You been goin’ abaht seven years nah. You got some mileage t’me, so hear me real good. You also got a bad shoulder. Yeah, ahnno abaht dat from brushin’ up on you. I already knocked two long time vets ahtta dis tournament. Before da night’s over, I’mma knock aht two more and a literal joke of a wrestler. I just got my ass worked over by one of da baddest muhfuckers to lace up a pair of boots and I still got some left in da tank. I’mma give it to da tree o’yinz when I walk up in dat ring, bruised, beaten and busted up. Yinz may not wanna believe it right nah butchu will when da ending bell rings and it’s MY arm dat da referee raises up. Ring announcer’s gonna say it lahd an’ clear. Here is your winner, Morgan Payne. They want a victory speech after? I’mma sum it up in tree words….”

Just as Morgan reaches this point, Moe Renhuan finishes taping her other hand up and Morgan snuffs out her cigarette butt. She pulls the cropped t-shirt from over her knee on and adjusts it. The neckline and sleeves are sliced off and the hem is trimmed to just under the hemline is trimmed to just above her waistline, but it’s plainly obvious that it’s a Kingdom t-shirt. Morgan stands up, sneering through a thin curtain of soaked hair as she spreads her arms out.

Morgan Payne: “Behold…The…Kingdom!”


Somewhere behind the SPLAT! Splatterhouse Gym Arena. Vaughn Ronie Jr. is the only occupant of the frame; walking a circle into the asphalt and nervously wringing his hands. Noticing the camera; VRJ skittishly begins.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “I gotta hand it to ya Atty, you sure do have some educated knees! Treats wouldn’t want me saying this for everyone in the building to hear. But, that cut above his eye could present itself to be quite the hindrance in the final round. Those guardrails…”

The Purveyor of RARE Professional Rasslin’ Paraphernalia anxiously rubs his chin with his right hand; checking his white gold pocket watch with his left.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Speaking of, it won’t be long before that bell rings and he steps into the ring with Bruce McLeod, Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, and Morgan Payne. The final four!”

Vaughn looks around penitently; making sure Treats isn’t anywhere near yet.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Truth be told. I shouldn’t have signed Mr. Rottentreats up for the Triad Challenge.”

A poof of smoke envelopes Vaughn Ronie Jr. It begins to swirl as VRJ wafts it away. Mr. Rotttentreats slowly rises up behind his manager in a fit of laughter.

Mr. Rottentreats: “PEEK-A-BOO!”

Vaughn jumps to the side; startled. Treats begins circling VRJ; tucking his thumbs into his wrestling promotion patch covered battle vest. The camera pulls back slowly; revealing the white, blood-stained, and patched jeans.

Mr. Rottentreats: “So, ya think ya shouldn’t had signed your dear older brother up for a tournament with such high stakes, HUH?!”

Treats and Vaughn are now left eye to left eye; VRJ nudges Treats back.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “…no.”

Shocked, Treats roughly pokes VRJ in the left shoulder.

Mr. Rottentreats: “andwhy’sdat?”

VRJ rubs his shoulder; answering.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “You were a bit gassed after the first round. You were busted open in the second round, but you had that look in your eye.”

Treats turns to the camera.

Mr. Rottentreats: “my eYE!”

VRJ attempts to mask his chuckle; continuing.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “You had that look in your eye when the ref raised your hand in victory after eliminating Atara as well.”

Treats strokes his right cheekbone with a work glove covered hand.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Exactly what look would that be, Junior? Surprise? Doubt? Dog damn, I’m actually advancing?!”

Angrily shifting his eye left to right; Treats awaits his younger brother’s answer.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “No. It was pure passion!”

Treats begins bouncing excitedly; his back now to the camera. The back patch on his battle vest adorned by an eyeball with a turnbuckle through it.

Mr. Rottentreats: “DOG DAMNED RIGHT! PASSION!”

VRJ grins; pulling Treats into the crook of his arm.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “I haven’t seen you this happy since Sally was born. I haven’t seen you this driven since WARPED Wrestling embarked on the Murder Mitten Mayhem Tour! I haven’t seen you this hungry since…”

Mr. Rottentreats: “this morning when it took forever to get our breakfast burritos from that T-Bell Pop-Up?”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Not that kind of hungry. That hunger for greatness!”

A chortle escapes Treats lips.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Yeah, T-Bell is anything but greatness. Leave it to a Güero to convince them to have a pop-up shop.”

Nodding in agreement; VRJ Continues.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Speaking of The White Devil. KPN! The clown you see before you…”

VRJ smacks Mr. Rottentreats on the back.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Isn’t the buffoon that the white devil is. This clown righchere? Is a finely tuned athalete! This clown right here isn’t a backyarder trying to sneak into the big time! This righchere is the Triple Crown Clown of WARPED! The most eliminations in EFG’s BATTLEMANIA! In case you haven’t figured it out by now, he’s hashtag RottenToTheCore!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “tell ‘em, Vaughn.”

Treats begins wringing his work glove covered hands.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Morgan Payne! This ain’t Rock-A-Doodle! This!”

VRJ smacks Treats on the back of the head.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Is damn near one-hundred combined years of wrestling knowledge that was handed down through three generations. This!”

VRJ Smacks Treats on the back; the clown pushes his younger brother back.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Damn, brizz! Quit hitting me so hard. You’d think you were trying to replace me in the finals!”

VRJ chortles.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Bruce McLeod!”

Treats clears his throat; interjecting with a spot on Mark Hamill Joker voice.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Brucie, my dearest, Brucie. The only person in the Triad Challenge that didn’t underestimate yours truly, upon the announcement entry. Despite that, you’re not keeping me from purchasing a new jewel for my glass eye! See ya, soon Brucie!”

VRJ scoffs; rolling his eyes.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Really, Treats? You break your no Joker references rule after fourteen years, for McLeod? Just because he stroked your ego?

The confident rhythm of cowboy boots hitting the asphalt sneaks into the audio. Treats begins pacing a circle around Vaughn Ronie Jr. once more. Treats shrugs and lets out a cackle.

Mr. Rottentreats: “…pretty much.”

Despite Vaughn’s disapproval of Treats response; he carries on.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “The final four! Bruce McLeod, Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, Morgan Payne, and…”

Stopping behind his spokesperson, Mr. Rottentreats, wrings his hands; peeking over Vaughn Ronie Jr.’s shoulder.

Mr. Rottentreats: “…yours truly!”

Treats continues to pace behind VRJ.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “The Pagliacci of Professional Rasslin!”

Cocking his head back; Treats interjects.

Mr. Rottentreats: “…cut that one out.”

Vaughn smirks.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “The Clown Prince of the Cravate?”

Treats shakes his head in agreement.

Mr. Rottentreats: “yes, indeed.”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “The Harlequin of the Headlock!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “show you right!

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “The Whole F’N Sideshow!”

Mr. Rottentreats puts his work gloved covered hands together in a prayer position.

Mr. Rottentreats: “All glory to the Carnival!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr. points to his own left eye.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “’Ol Evil Eye, himself!”

Mr. Rottentreats freezes just to the right of his younger brother with a surprised, yet approving look on his face.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Four-way Last Person Standing match to win the Triad Challenge. Aaaand receive a shot at the SPLAT! Multiuniversal Champeen, whomever that may become the August Splatac…”

Treats jumps in front of his brother.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Brucie! KPN! Morgan! We’ve all had our fair share of leather and gold. We’ve all been through the wringer tonight. All four of us had to carry someone to the second round in order to prove that we’re better than they are. We all had to dispose of said albatrosses to advance to the finals of the Triad Challenge. A tournament format so unique, that if I was none the wiser, I’d have thought ‘ol Junior here put it together himself.”

Both men tuck their thumbs in the armholes of their respective vests; VRJ Grins.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Last person standing match! Winner takes all! As you can see, I’ve got my bunkhouse attire on.”

Treats shows off the faded blood splattered across the left snakeskin cowboy boot, jean leg tucked in; the glint of the tips hitting the camera.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Nice, right? They were my legendary grandfathers; blood is definitely from the seventies. I suppose you could say that I’m not clowning around in the finals. Nope! I’m setting out to be the bull of the woods!”

The Wicked Clown Of WARPED stomps his left foot down.

Mr. Rottentreats: “What happens when the most underrated, underestimated, underdog of the Triad Challenge makes it to the finals? Simple! The clown walks up the ramp leaving all three of you scattered about the Splatterhouse Gym Arena.”

The Whole F’N Sideshow smacks his work glove covered hands together; before adjusting the eye patch covering his left eye.

Mr. Rottentreats: “That’s right the Harlequin of the Headlock is going to hobble out of here as the Triad Challenge winner. Ladies and Gent. I’ve been kicking out at two since I was a child. I’ve been reversing life’s stranglehold as long as I could remember. Most importantly I’ve been rising up to beat the universe’s ten count since the day I shot out of my ma’s neden and choked the doc with my umbilical cord! Tonight!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr interrupts.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Mr. Rottentreats adds Triad Challenge Champeen to his shortlist of accolades.”

Smirking; Treats continues.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Quality over quantity, brizz, and winning the Triad Challenge would definitely be a quality achievement.”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Then let’s boot scoot and boogey!”


Elaine Brant: Ladies and Gentlemen, two rounds of the Triad Challenge are officially in the books with one more to go. At this time, I would like to welcome one of the finalists of the Triad Challenge Fatal Four Way, Kelly Penkzee-Nelson.

KPN walks up with a hair in a ponytail, sweat coming out of her forehead with a red mark on it. She’s also rolling her shoulder because that’s been an issue during the Triad Challenge and most of her career.

Elaine Brant: First off, KPN, I would like to welcome you back and congratulate you on making it this far in the Triad Challenge. Secondly, how are you feeling considering that you could be hurt in the finals?

KPN looks at her with a soft smirk on her face. She looks at her shoulder and she looks at Elaine.

KPN: Thank you. I didn’t expect El Diablo Blanco to take me to the limit. He’s someone that could STILL go for this long. I want to thank him for giving me the match of my life out there. Now as for my shoulder. It hurts. I had this injury when I was CKP Women’s Champion until the company closed.

She stares at Elaine

KPN: However, it didn’t stop me from what I wanted to and that was wrestling for my life. I’m not going to let this be the downfall of me losing this after I’ve come A LONG way to get here.

KPN keeps rolling her shoulder with Elaine taking a look at her.

Elaine: Now that the dust has settled, you will be facing off against three other competitors in the final match up. They are Morgan Payne, Mr. Rottentreats, and Bruce McLeod. How are you feeling going into this matchup knowing that once again, you’re the underdog going in?

KPN shakes her head again. Underdog. Is this going to be the new normal when she’s going to be facing off against big shot names?

KPN: Underdog? Are you serious?

Elaine: That’s what everyone is saying, Kelly.

KPN shakes her head, puts it down before putting her head on her hand. She looks back up.

KPN: See, every time someone calls me the “Underdog” I want to throw up in my mouth. Over and over, time after time, mountain over mountain, I have proven all my doubters, who criticized me in the past WRONG when I defeated them. They called me that because they don’t believe in me. I said that when I was facing off against El Diablo Blanco and I’m not going to repeat it again.

She looks at Elaine.

KPN: What I will say is in this matchup, there’s four different personalities with one purpose in this match. You have Morgan Payne, who’s sick and tired of being the laughing stock, you have Mr. Rottentreats, who’s a clown that has a purpose and you have Bruce McLeod, who’s the badass brawler, who will not take shit from anyone. And the funny thing about this? I’ve been with people like that, except facing off against a clown, but that’s beside the point.

She looks at Elaine, who chuckles a bit, KPN does too, though it changes to serious.

KPN: We all have a purpose in this match and that’s going on to win the Triad and Challenge for the Splat Multiunversial Championship. I didn’t come along way from when this tournament started back in the tag team match, I didn’t come through hell and back against El Diablo Blanco and I sure as hell didn’t sign up for this, only to lose this match!

She keeps her eyes focused on Elaine.

KPN: Morgan Payne, Mr. Rottentreats, and Bruce McLeod will NOT know what will be coming to them. They’re going to see a warrior, who is hurt, but not broken. They’re going to see a fighter, who puts all the self doubters to rest, and most importantly, they’re going to see a woman, who’s going to get the respect from EVERYONE in this matchup regardless of what they think of me.

She shakes her head while looking down.

KPN: I want this more than anything! I want to be known as the woman who went through hell to win the Triad Challenge and get a shot at the Splat Multiuniversal Championship!

KPN fixes her ponytail before speaking for the last time.

KPN: You will see, Elaine. You’ll see how badly I want this.

KPN walks away with Elaine looking at her.

Elaine Brant: Strong words from KPN. Will she go on and win the Triad Challenge? We will find out!


The camera catches up with Bruce McLeod backstage, standing in the hallway with one hand braced on the wall next to a large trash bin. When he turns around, looking startled and dragging the back of his hand across his lips, it’s clear that he’s just been doing something unmentionable. That now-familiar wry smirk curves his lips as one dark brow lifts and he tilts an open bottle of water at the lovely Shelly Marks Marks before taking a swig. He swishes it around his mouth and then turns to spit in the trash. He looks exhausted as he slowly turns back to the interviewer, raking a hand through his lank hair to reveal a gash on the left side of his face, right above his eyebrow that’s been secured with a butterfly strip – evidence of his grueling bout with War Queen Leah.

Bruce McLeod: Hello, luv.

Shelly Marks Marks: Bruce! How does it feel to be headed to the final round of the Triad Challenge?

Bruce McLeod: In a word? Surreal.

The scarred Scot chuckles and shakes his head, taking another slow sip of water before speaking again.

Bruce McLeod: Feelin’ a little… out of sorts, I suppose. Expected given the circumstances. I’d be lyin’ if I said I thought I’d be standing here right now, staring at the prospect of a finale match without Jan Van Der Roost or Adrien Cochrane. Nothing against Miss Payne. “Heart of a Champion”, aye? That’s what the music said… that’s what I thought I heard when her hand was raised. Just mean tae say those two fellas were pretty popular in the fan votes online, after all. Household names…

He trails off into an awkward silence, lifting one hand up to cup the back of his neck.

Shelly Marks Marks: I think it’s fair to say that you might be one of those after tonight, though.

The Scot’s gaze snaps back to her and he considers the compliment for a moment before dismissing it with a nod.

Bruce McLeod: Mayhap. If so, am certainly in good company.

Shelly Marks Marks: And from the look on your face, it doesn’t seem like you believe it. You’ve made it this far, Bruce.

Bruce McLeod: Aye. Even the stopped clock gets tae be right twice a day, now doesn’t it?

His chuckle is bitter, tinged with exhaustion.

Bruce McLeod: Well aware of how it all boils down, luv. It’s that little vignette from Sesame Street – remember tha’? “One of these things is not like the others… one of these things just doesn’t belong.” It’s me. Am no multi-time champion like Miss Payne or KPN. Am no face of a company, a hall of famer or the reason WARPED is still fondly remembered among those’ve us who know what it meant tae bleed the hard way. Aye… am never gonna be on the same level as the Clown Prince hisself – Treats is a legend. He’s given so much tae this business. Heart. Blood. His fuckin’ eye.

Shelly Marks Marks: With a career that’s spanned almost two decades, I could argue that the two of you are more alike than you believe, Bruce.

The Scot shakes his head.

Bruce McLeod: When I put my name out there… when I entered this contest, it was a joke.

Shelly Marks Marks: A joke? Please… explain?

He sighs, taking another swallow of water to banish the rasp in his voice.

Bruce McLeod: Was ridin’ high on the hog in CGW… waitin’ for the string of luck tae run out. It did, of course. Before the brackets were drawn, the company closed its doors, leavin’ me unemployed. No backing. Not a single accolade tae advertise. It’s hilarious, luv. This whole thing… makin’ it this far. If I don’t laugh…

He shakes his head, shifting tracks abruptly.

Bruce McLeod: My wife’s at home, pregnant as a house. She’ll watch this on the replay, am sure – hello, Cherry-love.

He blows a kiss towards the camera.

Bruce McLeod: My daughter’s with her fiancé, keepin’ him sane. Am here alone tonight. Headin’ to the final round with no supporters. No fans. No corporate sponsors or fair-weather friends. An inked contract for a company that hasn’t yet launched doesn’t mean too much, now does it? Nah. It’s just more of the same… small pond stuff. But if I can go out there… if I can be the last man standin’ against these three… then I’ll admit your praise has merit. When I’ve earned myself a shot at the Splat Champion, I’ll be satisfied I’ve finally done something right. Until then? Am just a scrappy little shyte from Glasgow who’s lasted this long in the business ’cause he never took a real risk. That’s what hangs over me head tonight, luv. Not a fear of failure or the doubt in my own abilities stacked against their collective accolades – experience is all relative. We’ve all fought our hearts out twice already.

She nods.

Bruce McLeod: The real kick in the arse is knowin’ I could’ve had this years ago…

He looks like he wants to say more but she cuts him off with a smile.

Shelly Marks Marks: Prove the critics wrong tonight, Bruce. That’s the best revenge.

It’s his turn to nod, a grim smile on his lips as he turns away, limping off down the hallway, his parting thought tossed over his shoulder.

Bruce McLeod: Nae, luv. That’s the best motivation.

Shelly Marks Marks: And we will be back for the Triad Challenge Finale match right after this.

Christine Donahue: Before we get the finals underway, Splat has already announced three Splatacular events that will be held in July, August, and September. We already know that the three main events will be all for the Multiuniversal Championship. However, we do have some breaking news. On July 23, at Splatacular Uno, we will also have a Spring Valley Street Fight.

Biff Franklin: Okay.

Christine Donahue: It will pit “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton going against “Ms. Myrrhder” Jansen Myrrh.

Biff Franklin: Oh shit.

Christine Donahue: Ms. Bratton recently joined up with Jansen and her team for New Frontier Wrestling’s most recent PPV in a Monster’s Ball match. However, in order for Ms. Bratton to agree to appear at that show, Jansen’s manager had to promise that Candi would get a one on one shot at Jansen.

Biff Franklin: Well, it’s common knowledge that Jansen Myrrh broke Candi Bratton’s leg back in 2018, I’m actually surprised that Bratton will be ready for a singles match. 

Christine Donahue: I am certain that Candi Bratton has been itching to get her hands on her niece ever since that fateful day. There will no doubt be at least one more match announced for that show as well as the other shows for this summer.

Christine Donahue: This is what we’ve been waiting for. The final four. Got a favorite, Biff?

Biff Franklin: I always have a favorite.

Christine Donahue: Care to elaborate?

Biff Franklin: No.

Christine Donahue: Very well. Let’s go down to ringside and to Madoka Kawada for the introductions of our finalists.

The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: This match is a four-way elimination-style last person standing match. The rules are simple: For this match, there is no time limit. 

There are no disqualifications. All prior competitors have been contained in the locker room to avoid interference. Falls can count anywhere on the Splatterhouse Gym property. When one person cannot answer the 10-count then that person is eliminated from the match and from the Triad Challenge. The winner of the Triad Challenge will be the last person standing after all others have been eliminated. Introducing first…

“Heart of a Champion” from Hollywood Undead plays as Morgan Payne steps out onto the stage.

Madoka Kawada: She is a former NFW Women’s World Champion. She helped defeat Adrian Cochrane and Aiden Balmer in Round 1. She defeated Jan Van Der Roost in Round 2… Moooooorgaaaaaaan… Paaaaaaaaaaaayne!

Morgan walks down the aisle. She’s very banged up with a swollen nose, and a few extra bruises here and there from her battles this evening.  She climbs the ring steps and steps into the ring and goes to a corner where the referee walks over and confers with her about the match.

“In Yo Face” by Insane Clown Posse plays into the arena as Mr. Rottentreats steps onto the stage.

Madoka Kawada: He is a former WARPED Evolution Champion. He helped defeat Raven Crowe and Kyle Young in the first round. In the second round, he defeated Atara Themis. Misterrrrrrrrr Roooooottentreeeeeeats!

Mr. Rottentreats comes down the aisle. He’s touched up his facepaint, but there is a bandage over his eye. He makes his way down the aisle, rolls into the ring and hops up onto his feet. He is directed to an empty corner and the referee joins him there.

“Going Down Fighting” by Unleash the Archers play as KPN walks onto the stage, still nursing her shoulder.

Madoka Kawada: She is a former CKP Women’s Champion! She helped defeated Fuzz and Isabella in Round 1. She defeated El Diablo Blanco in the second round. Here is KPN, Kelly… Penzkee… Nelsooooooooooon!

KPN walks down the ring, obviously still having issues with that shoulder. She also has a few new bruises that she didn’t have when the night started. She takes the steps and ducks under the top rope and enters the ring, going to a third corner where she is met by the referee.

Madoka Kawada: And finally…

“Chip” by the Real McKenzies play once again as Bruce McLeod makes his way onto the stage. 

Madoka Kawada: He is a former Twin City Wrestling Texas Tag Team Champion. He assisted with a first-round win over Jazmin Davis and Rick Dickulous. He defeated War Queen Leah in the second round. This is Riiiiiiiiiiiiiick… McLeoooooooooood!

Rick makes his way down the aisle. It looks like during the championship match, he got stitches put above his eye, but it’s still swollen and turning purple. He takes the steps, climbs into the ring, and is directed to the final empty corner where the referee gives him some instructions. 

Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentlemen, the Triad Challenge finale is about to begin! May the best competitor win!

Christine Donahue: It’s down to these four. One of these four will walk away with the Triad Challenge trophy, and two competitors will walk away with a shot at the Multiuniversal Championship during one of our three Splataculars that are coming up beginning in July. 

Biff Franklin: Splat is not making it easy for the champion, that’s for sure. They’re gonna make the champ fight right up until the merger with Dream Wrestle in September. 

Christine Donahue: Looks like the referee has given everyone some instruction about this match, though I imagine they are all very familiar with the rules for the last person standing match.

Biff Franklin: But has there ever been a four-way last person standing match?

Christine Donahue: I couldn’t tell you, but we are about to witness one. The referee is calling for the bell. 

The bell rings. 

All four competitors look at each other cautiously. They each stay close to the ropes as they walk counterclockwise around the ring. 

Christine Donahue: We’re going to try our best to call this match, but I anticipate that there will be far more action than we can possibly keep up with, so bear with us tonight.

Biff Franklin: Speak for yourself, I’ll follow along just fine, thank you very much. 

Suddenly, Morgan spins and jumps on Rottentreats.

Biff Franklin: Morgan ain’t waiting on no one. 

The sudden move startles Bruce and while his attention is diverted, KPN hammers him in the back, sending him out of the ring and to the floor on the outside. KPN follows him out as Morgan grabs Rottentreats around the waist and throws him back with a German suplex.

Christine Donahue: We’ve already got action on the outside of the ring. 

KPN grabs Bruce and positions him against the ring and just lays into him with several chops to the chest which almost immediately begins to redden. 

In the ring, Morgan whips Rottentreats into the corner and charges in, but he lifts one of his big boots and she crashes right into it.  He grabs her around the waist and lifts her up and drops backward, crashing her face right into the top turnbuckle. 

Biff Franklin: That’s not going to help Morgan with her nose issues right now?

Rottentreats spots KPN and Bruce on the outside. He runs the ropes and dives through the second and top rope crashing into the both of them on the outside side as the fans pop huge for it. 

Christine Donahue: Rottentreats has been all over Twitter since the start of this thing and he’s been claiming victory since day 1. Could this be his night?

Rottentreats gets to his feet and he pulls up KPN and sends her over the guardrail into the first row of chairs. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a chair. He takes a couple of steps and then leaps up and drops himself, with the chair underneath him onto the prone body of Bruce McLeod.

As Rottentreats celebrates his move, KPN rises up from behind the guardrail, grabs Rottentreats from behind, and pulls him back against the guardrail. 

Biff Franklin: I don’t think the back is supposed to bend that way. 

KPN starts to climb over the guardrail when out of nowhere, Morgan Payne runs in with some sort of drive-by dropkick that causes KPN to fall back over the guardrail and into the chairs behind her.

Christine Donahue:  I have no idea where Morgan came from but she totally took out KPN. 

Morgan hops over the guardrail and pulls up KPN and tosses her into the aisle and follows her over. Morgan grabs KPN by her long blonde hair and just pulls her towards a doorway. KPN manages to get to her feet and tries to stop Morgan, but Morgan just shoves her into the door as the door flies open and the two disappear behind it. 

Biff Franklin: We need a camera back over there. That’s the gym area here at Splatterhouse. Meanwhile, Bruce is getting back to his feet here on the floor. 

McLeod grabs Rottentreats and just tosses him over the ring steps and onto the other side of the ring floor. 

Christine Donahue: I promise you we were prepared for this. We have a cameraman heading back towards the gym right now. It looks like we might have a feed now. You’ll have to pardon us as we go split-screen. 

Biff Franklin: Hey, it was bound to happen when you let four fighters brawl anywhere they want.

The screen does in fact split as half shows Bruce McLeod dragging Rottentreats up a different aisle and the other half is in the gym where trainees lift weights, do cardio and other exercises. 

Morgan grabs KPN by the arm, targeting her injured shoulder, and yanks down, hard. Penkzee-Nelson cries out in pain, grabbing the joint as Payne advances. The Pittsburgh native whips KPN into a steel pillar then throws a HARD chop into the woman’s chest. KPN in desperation reaches up and jabs a thumb right into Morgan’s eye. Morgan screams as she clutches at her face and staggers away from her opponent. 

Christine Donahue: KPN’s shoulder has taken a beating here. But Bruce and Rottentreats have actually fought to the other side of the building into the actual fight training area. 

On the other side of the screen, Bruce and Rottentreats are trading blows as we can see there are a couple of MMA cages set up and a couple of wrestling rings in this particular area.  Bruce has Rottentreat’s face up against the cage of one of the MMA cage walls and just leaning all his weight into it. 

Biff Franklin: These two ain’t walking away any prettier than when they started this match. 

In the gym, KPN has picked up a medicine ball and just chucks the heavy weight at Morgan’s head, dropping her to the ground.  “Fuck!” she yells out as she grabs the back of her head.  KPN walks over to a treadmill and slaps the button as the belt comes to life and slowly begins to spin. She punches a different button and the belt goes faster and faster.  She walks over and kicks Morgan in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

Christine Donahue: I don’t think I like where this is going…

KPN grabs the hair of Morgan Payne and drags her towards the spinning machine and then gets behind her and tries to force her face into the belt.

Christine Donahue: Nonononono….

Morgan reaches forward and yells as she places her hand on either side of the machine to block her face from touching the treadmill. 

Biff Franklin: Gonna peel the face right off that woman, she is.

Morgan suddenly is able to flip over and knee KPN right in the ribs, causing KPN to have to release her grip on her opponent and they roll away from the treadmill. “You bitch,” yells Morgan as she lays in a few strikes but KPN is able to get her arms up.

On the other side of the screen, Bruce was kicked low by Rottentreats.

Biff Franklin: I guess you could call that a kick to the rotten treats, no?

Christine Donahue: Stop.

Bruce falls to his side and Rottentreats pulls him over to his head is just inside the MMA fighting cage. He pulls the door back and just swings it hard against the skull of his opponent and Bruce stops moving altogether.

Christine Donahue: Rottentreats may have Bruce eliminated here!

The referee starts his count.




On the other half of the screen, Morgan has picked up a 45-pound plate and has it over her head about to bring it crashing down on KPN and as she slams it down, KPN is able to scramble out of the way. 



Bruce starts to move. 

Christine Donahue: We really are trying to keep up with all these actions.



KPN turns to get to her feet, but Morgan grabs her from behind and just throws her back with a vicious suplex, KPN landing right on her head.

Eight.  Bruce is to his feet now as Rottentreat rushes in and grabs him by the head and he tries to drive it into the cage, but Bruce puts his hands up, blocking it. 

The referee in the other room is checking on KPN who is moving, despite behind dumped on her head. KPN reaches out to the moving treadmill to help her to her feet and as she gets to her feet, Morgan charges in for another strike, but KPN ducks down and backdrops her.  In doing so, Morgan lands back first on the moving treadmill and she is shot like a projectile into the back of KPN’s legs, and the two tumble across the floor.

Biff Franklin: What in the hell was that? I’ve never seen anything like that before.

With both wrestlers down, the referee begins to count.



But they are already beginning to move. 

Meanwhile, in the other gym, Bruce has battled Rottentreats down and he walks over and wraps his arms around one of the big heavy hanging punching bags and lifts it off the hook.  As Rottentreats staggers to his feet, Bruce charges at him and crashing right into him, smashing him into the MMA cage, causing the cage to actually come free of the frame, and the two crash into the middle of the cage.

Biff Franklin: Are you kidding me? These two are ripping the place apart. 

Over in the other gym, both wrestlers have been down but not to the point where a count needed to be made. Morgan is actually on her feet first.  She comes in after KPN, but suddenly KPN comes to life as she charges Morgan and spears her into the wall.  Morgan disappears into the sheetrock, but KPN stops suddenly and drops to the floor.

Christine Donahue: The wall now? What happened to Morgan?

Another camera appears and Morgan is laid out in the hallway and we see a big hole in the wall that she came through. KPN hasn’t moved. 

Biff Franklin: I’m not sure what happened here.

The referee is counting both wrestlers. Morgan is moving but obviously hurting. 




Morgan rolls over onto her side.



Morgan starts to push herself up onto her knees.


KPN still hasn’t moved.



Morgan puts her feet underneath her and slowly stands up.



The bell inside the arena sounds.

Madoka Kawada: KPN has been eliminated from the Triad Challenge. 

Morgan is seen standing unsteady in a hallway, brushing white chalk from her as the referee is explaining to her where she needs to go. 

Christine Donahue: Can we get a replay because I have no idea what just happened, I know we still have a match going on, but maybe split screen?

As Bruce and Rottentreats are inside the cage, a replay is shown on the other side of the screen that shows as KPN speared Morgan through the wall, her head connected with a hidden wood stud in the wall and it knocked her out.

Biff Franklin: Yeesh. That looked painful as hell. 

Christine Donahue: We have some medics on their way to check out KPN, but we can go full screen right now to the other gym.  Morgan is going to have to make her way over there at some point.

The screen widens back up as we see Bruce and Rottentreats battling back and forth.  Bruce grabs a hold of Rottentreats and whips him across the MMA cage. Rottentreats flips upside down and lands in one of the corners on his head.

Biff Franklin: I guess clowns aren’t like cats. They don’t always land on their feet.

Bruce picks up the heavy bag and struggles to raise it high over his head and then just drops it on the fallen clown.

Christine Donahue: Ouch. 

Bruce staggers back to lean against the cage as the referee begins to count.









Rottentreats pushes the bag off of him.


He starts to roll over, but it’s too late as the referee counts…


Again the bell rings inside the arena.

Madoka Kawada: Mr. Rottentreats has been eliminated. We are down to Bruce McLeod and Morgan Payne. The winner of the next fall will be the winner of the Triad Challenge.

Biff Franklin: That’s all fine and dandy but we have one competitor who has been through hell on one side of this building in Morgan Payne and we have another competitor who’s all the way on the other side of the building in Bruce McLeod and somehow in order to win this match, they are going to have to find each other. 

Christine Donahue: So, we are going to get these two competitors in the same location. Let’s… Okay. I’m getting word that we’re going to take a short break to allow these competitors to come together and we will be right back with the conclusion of the Triad Challenge.

Christine Donahue: Welcome back to the Triad Challenge. We have both referees trying to ensure that each competitor can continue and right now they are both saying that they can definitely continue. The referees are trying to at least coach them to help them find their way back. 

Biff Franklin: To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how these two are supposed to continue at this point. 

Morgan Payne is the first to finally enter the arena as the fans that are in attendance are cheering. The referee is leading her towards the ring meanwhile, Bruce McLeod has finally exited the ring room and is being led towards the ring.

Christine Donahue: At least we have both competitors in the same general vicinity now. 

Biff Franklin: Are they still capable of fighting?

Bruce’s face is a bloody mess he finally makes it down to the ring. The referee is finally able to get a good look at that cut, but Bruce pushes him away. The other referee is trying to ensure that Morgan is able to continue but she threatens him and he backs off. Both still on the outside of the ring, but at the ringside area, as they walk towards each other and as soon as they get within reach, they start trading blows.

Christine Donahue: There isn’t any quit in these competitors. They want to be the Triad Challenger winner. 

Biff Franklin: If you want to be realistic about it, this is their fourth match of the night and their second Last Person Standing match. Unfortunately, only one can be the winner of this match and this tournament.

Bruce takes a wild swing and Morgan ducks as he connects with the steel ring post and lets out a howl as he grabs his hand.  Morgan grabs him and runs him shoulder-first into the ringpost as Bruce crumbles to the ground. Morgan demands a count as the referee begins.


Christine Donahue: I sure hope he didn’t break his hand there.

Biff Franklin: Or his shoulder.





Christine: These competitors are exhausted. I can’t imagine this final match going too long.


Biff Franklin: It could be over right here.

Bruce manages to roll over onto his knees and with his good hand, pushes himself to his feet. He yells at Morgan to come fight him. Morgan’s nose has swollen now as she presses on towards him. She may be having some difficulty breathing through it as she has her mouth open.

Biff Franklin: That’s going to suck. If her nose isn’t allowing her to breathe, then she’s gonna be sucking for air. Breathing through your mouth is not ideal in this sport.

Morgan slowly moves in and tries to dropkick him, but he steps out of the way and she crashes onto the floor. Bruce flexes that hand a little trying to see how much use he can get out of it. He looks a bit frustrated as he reaches under the ring and pulls out a chair. 

Christine Donahue: That would probably be the tamest weapon used in this match so far.

He taps it against the ring post a few times and then raises it high in the air as he approaches Morgan to try and finish her off once and for all, but she lifts her foot and nails him in the groin. He drops the chair and leans against the ring to avoid falling as he bends over. 

Biff Franklin: Morgan trying to stay alive here as she uses the ring apron to pull herself to her feet. With everything they’ve been through in this tournament, they are both moving very slow here in this final round of competition. 

Morgan walks up to him and just gives him one more kick to the groin as his eyes bug out and he howls out in pain as they both tumble to the floor. Morgan lets out a cough as she tries to catch her breath and Bruce is in a fetal position nursing his groin as the referees both begin to count in unison.





Morgan rolls over onto her stomach and begins to low-crawl away as Bruce continues to lie there.


Christine Donahue: I don’t know what they do if they’re both counted out. Morgan’s moving but she’s not on her feet.



Bruce finally starts to move as he stretches out and looks for something to grab onto.


Morgan is trying to reach the guard railing.


Bruce reaches for a referee, but the referee takes a step back as they both reach…


Biff Franklin: There’s no way this match ends like this. After three hours, there’s no way this match ends this way.

The referees are looking at each other and as the two competitors continue to lie on the floor, they move in to confer.  Madoka gets up from her seat to see if there’s a decision. Once they decide, they begin to explain something to Madoka and she nods.

Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentlemen, the rules of the Triad Challenge state there must be a winner. Therefore, the referees have determined that the first person to their feet will be the winner of the Triad Challenge.

Christine Donahue: I guess that solves that problem. 

The crowd has come to life at that announcement. The two hundred plus fans began to scream for their favorite in this tournament as half seem to be supporting Morgan and the other half rooting for Bruce. 

Biff Franklin: Both of these wrestlers also heard that announcement and clapping and the foot-stomping and the cheers of these fans have awoken something in both of these competitors. 

Morgan finally reaches the guard railing and starts to pull herself upward as Bruce also reaches the ring apron and is pulling himself up as well. The crowd seems to get louder and louder as each wrestler struggles to get to their feet. 

Christine Donahue: One of these wrestlers is about to win the Triad Challenge but which one will it be?

Morgan is on one knee as she leans against the guard railing. Bruce is on both knees as he pulls himself upwards. Morgan gives one more desperate pull as Bruce also pulls and at the same time, they are both on their feet. Both referees point to their respective wrestlers, then look at each other and once again begin to confer with each other.

Biff Franklin: What in the hell? Are you shitting me right now? 

Both referees begin to wave off the decision.

Madoka Kawada: The referees have determined…

Christine Donahue: Who is the winner?

Madoka Kawada: … that this match must continue!

Christine Donahue: This is too much!

Both wrestlers are bloody, broken and they cry out in anguish that this match isn’t over yet. 

Biff Franklin: I honestly don’t know how much more these two can take at this point. This tournament was originally created over 20 years ago to test endurance and these two are being put to that test right now. 

Christine Donahue: At this point, they have both wrestled for over an hour in this tournament. How much more do they have?

Morgan is taking deep breaths through her mouth as her broken nose stops the airflow through it. Bruce is still nursing his groin as he leans against the ring apron. Neither has moved from their spot for at least a minute at this point. 

Biff Franklin: They’re gonna have to do something here soon. I mean, it’s not like they’re not trying or they would have just stayed down, but we do have to have a winner and no one is paying me overtime so let’s get to it.

The crowd inside the Splatterhouse Gym are stamping their feet in time as the two finally look to be ready to square up again as they move towards each other and lock up. They grapple as they stagger through an aisleway, though not the main one that leads up the ramp. This one leads towards the other side of the arena.

Christine Donahue: That door leads outside. 

The door is clearly marked Emergency Exit and as they struggle with each other, they push through that door, causing an alarm to break out in the arena. Security is quickly over trying to turn off the alarm.

Madoka Kawada: Do not be alarmed. There is no emergency. The wrestlers triggered the alarm accidentally. Please stay seated. We are working to get a camera outside, so direct your attention to the large screen. Thank you.

It takes a few moments, but soon the screen lights up with the scene from outside. Both wrestlers have sprawled onto the pavement. It’s dark outside but the parking lot lights have it lit enough so that it’s not too dark to make out what is going on.

The wrestlers slowly get to their feet and come for each other.  As they get in range of each other, they start throwing very slow, very ineffective punches at each other.  Morgan reaches up and thumbs Bruce in the eye. She grabs his arm and whips him into a pile of pallets that are piled up near a loading dock. 

Christine Donahue: I’ve never been an in-ring competitor, but I cannot even fathom how these two are still fighting at this point. 

The referee begins to count, but Bruce is already trying to get back to his feet as Morgan yells at him to stay down. She doesn’t wait as she moves over and grabs him and slams him face-first into wooden pallets which starts another flow of blood from that already damaged cut above his eye. 

Biff Franklin: I don’t know how many this makes it for Morgan, but she’s definitely catching her second or third wind here. 

Morgan is still struggling to breathe through her mouth as she grabs him and pulls him away from the pallets and towards an equipment truck. She runs him headfirst into the side of it, leaving a splatter of blood against the wall, and then as Bruce lays on the ground, she reaches up and opens the back of the truck.

Christine Donahue: I have no idea what’s going through the mind of Morgan Payne right now.

Walking back towards Bruce, Morgan reaches down and pulls him up and over her shoulder in a fireman’s carry. She staggers under his weight as she moves towards the back and with a giant heave tosses him into the back of the truck. 

Biff Franklin: I have no idea what she has in mind here.

Then, she closes the door and latches it tight.

Biff Franklin: I definitely don’t understand this strategy. 

She finds the padlock and she locks the latch!

Christine Donahue: What did she just do?

Morgan walks over and grabs the referee and demands that he count.

Christine Donahue: Can he do that? Can he count him out inside the truck?

The referee is shaking his head and pointing to his eyes.

Biff Franklin: This plan.. I see what she was going for but the referee is telling her that he can’t count him out if he can’t see Bruce. 

Morgan is pleading with him at this point to count him out. 

Christine Donahue: What do we do now? If she doesn’t let him out, how will we end this match?

The referees are conferring over this situation now, then suddenly one of the two referees sprint out of there as the other is looking at the lock on the truck.

Biff Franklin: I have no idea what’s going on at this point. Morgan is getting a breather.

Christine Donahue: Wouldn’t Bruce be getting one as well inside the truck?

Biff Franklin: That’s true. 

The first referee returns with some bolt cutters, but as soon as Morgan sees what they have, she rushes over and snatches them out of the referee’s hand, saying they aren’t opening the truck.

Christine Donahue: Morgan Payne wants Bruce counted out of this match. 

Biff Franklin: She may not be wrong. We could be here all night. 

The referee reaches for the bolt cutters and he and Morgan begin to tug of war with them when suddenly a loud bang startles them both.  A look at the side of the truck now sees a giant dent in one of the metal panels in the side of the truck. Another bang and the dent grows bigger.

Christine Donahue: Bruce McLeod is gonna find a way out of that truck one way or another. 

The referee manages to get the bolt cutters away from Morgan and she just falls to the pavement. Together the two are able to cut open the lock and open the door. The camera is there but as we see inside the truck, Bruce is nowhere to be found.

Biff Franklin: Are you kidding me right now? Where the fuck is Bruce?

Morgan gets to her feet and as she moves to look into the truck, from behind Bruce charges and nails her, pushing her right into the truck. 

Christine Donahue: There’s a door in the back of the truck that leads to the cab. Bruce came out through the cab of the truck!

Morgan leans against the truck and snatches the bolt cutters from the referee. She takes a swing at him with the heavy bolt cutters, and he ducks as they go flying and hit the side of the truck. Bruce grabs Morgan and drives her face-first into the steel of the semi once again, as blood begins to pour down her face once again as she falls to the pavement.

Christine Donahue: Bruce is all over Morgan now as he rolls her over, but she flips him off of her and lays in some hard punches to his forehead.  This match has been brutal for both of them. 

Exhausted, Morgan rolls off of Bruce and they both lie on the pavement. The referees move closer to check on them and as they begin to count, both competitors sit up.

Biff Franklin: How in the hell are these two still going? I mean, take an eight-count to rest.

They each struggle to get to their feet, but in their exhaustion all they can do is lock up and struggle. 

Christine Donahue: I feel these referees are close to just calling this one over. These two competitors have given their all, but it just looks like they have nothing left to give.

As the referees seem to be discussing what to do with this match at this point, Morgan manages a wild, tired swing which Bruce manages to duck. Morgan’s momentum spins her around and Bruce manages to grab her around the neck and pull her down to the pavement. 

Biff Franklin: Bruce McLeod making one last-ditch effort here to win this thing! What’s he trying for, it almost looks like a camel clutch.

It is a modified camel clutch, but he has his hands over Morgan’s mouth. Her eyes go wide as her mouth is covered and she tries to grab at his hands and pry them off her mouth.

Christine Donahue: Is this a legal move?

Biff Franklin: Even if this were an ordinary match, unless his hands are covering both her nose and her mouth, it’s a legal hold. But, her nose is swollen so she cannot breathe through her nose!

The referee is right there, watching as Morgan desperately tries to get those hands away from her mouth. With each passing moment, her struggle becomes weaker and weaker. 

Christine Donahue: I don’t like this one bit.

Biff Franklin: These two are tired. Bruce knows it and Morgan knows it. Don’t have to like it, but it’s a solid tactic.

The camera focuses on Morgan’s face as her eyes roll back a little as her hands slowly fall from Bruce’s hand.  The referee is pulling Bruce off of Morgan now.

Christine Donahue: Always safety first.

The referee checks on Morgan and then starts to administer the ten-count.




Bruce sits up and scoots away from the referee and his opponent.


Morgan’s eyes slowly blink open.


Bruce is using the side of the truck to get to his feet.




Morgan rolls over onto her stomach.


She puts her arms underneath her and tries to push herself up, but goes off balance and she falls back to the pavement.


The referee immediately calls for the bell as it sounds off inside the arena.

Madoka Kawada: Morgan Payne has failed to respond to the ten-count. The winner of this match. The winner of the Triad Challenge. Bruce McLeod!

As his music plays inside the arena, the big screen continues to remain on as outside the arena both competitors remain on the ground. The fans inside the arena are chanting “Holy shit,” repeatedly. 

Medical personnel arrive to tend to both competitors. Morgan’s eyes blink open as they try and set her up. Replays are shown.

Biff Franklin: Bruce McLeod found a way to cut off the air to Morgan Payne and rendered her unconscious. It was a hell of a play.

Back to the outside, both competitors are sitting up as they are helped to their feet. They are slowly walked back into the arena where the fans are on their feet and cheering for them both. As they get to the ringside area, the team helps Morgan start to move her towards the locker room when she stops them and takes a couple steps towards Bruce, grabbing him by the shoulder. 

Biff Franklin: What’s this?

As Bruce turns around, Morgan offers her hand and as Bruce looks at it, he reaches for it and the two shake hands and then Morgan is helped away from ringside and towards the back as the music suddenly changes to a piece of very disco-y type music as someone walks onto the stage with a large trophy.

Madoka Kawada: Ladies and gentleman, presenting Bruce McLeod with the Triad Challenge trophy, here is Fred Johnson, also known as “The Disco Kid” Freddy Fever!

A very aged Freddy Fever makes his way down towards the ring. Behind him, the Triad Challenge trophy is placed on a dolly and is being wheeled to the ringside area. Bruce is waiting outside the ring as Freddy approaches.

“That was amazing, brother. Nicely done. Congratulations,” he says as he motions towards the trophy and then shakes hands with Bruce. Fever raises up Bruce’s other hand as Bruce’s theme once again begins to play across the arena. 

Christine Donahue: That will wrap things up for Splat’s final full-fledged PPV, but don’t worry — Biff and I will be back in July, August and September for a trio of Splataculars featuring some Multiuniversal Championship matches and look for some additional title match announcements coming out of tonight’s event. For everyone here at Splat, thank you again for joining us and we will see you soon enough! 

Biff Franklin: I don’t get to say anything?

Christine Donahue: Go ahead.

Confetti begins to fall in the ring as Bruce and Fever are chatting as the We Are Splat copyright notice appears and slowly the scene fades to black before Biff can get another word in. 

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